The Falklands War


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It's cutting into your exercise time it stabbing you in the back nine and it's attacking your peace of mind it's pain and it's getting in between you winans territorial dependency which is south Georgia and South Sandwich Islands the conflict got on the second of April when Argentine forces invaded and occupied the Falkland Islands this was followed by an invasion of south Georgia ah they would have some news later on in the year about those watch this space if anybody is a writer or sound editor than welcome this is Android I'm your host of the brief history podcast podcasts if you could relieve five stoller gee that'd be excellent these type of things really help with finding so while we have done and there's more to be released shortly so the wait is over in the meantime working on some other special projects on the United Kingdom in nineteen eighty two over two different territories in the South Atlantic the focus the next day in an attempt to stop the sovereignty claim them over on the fifth of April the British government dispatched a naval task. You can listen to a back catalog of get subscribed point all your favorite hookup listening places if he subscribed the next episode so if you'd like to be involved then find this on social media where facebook brief history podcast twitter and instagram all of the okay won't and so we get straight into the Falklands war was a ten week undeclared war between Argentina new promotions or finding new appetizers which allow us to do this podcast in the future it also allows us to bigger batteries were Argentine territory an Argentine government that's characterizes military action as the recommendation of its territory the British governor also to engage with the Argentine navy and Air Force before making them amphibious assault from the island this conflict lasted seventy four days nineteenth century with predominantly descendants of British settlers and strongly favored Britches sovereignty leave estate officially declared war although both governments declared the islands a war zone hostilities was almost exclusively limited to the territories UNDIS- disputes and the area talk military personnel and two fifty five purchase personnel and three Falkland Islanders died during the hostilities it drops well download for you sort of one place I missing to the back Catalogue in the meantime just to let you know this episode is on the inflict was a major episode in the protracted dispute over the territory's sovereignty Argentina asserted maintains that they all social media marketer Eddie any jobs lined up to offsettable for podcast please reach out to us because we're higher not as we speak for future projects diplomatic relations between the United Kingdom and Argentina were restored in nineteen eighty nine following a meeting in Madrid which the two handle says find this there and we can we can talk if you haven't already done so please like share tell your friends my regard the action as an invasion of territory in Crime Colin leases eighteen forty the folkman islanders who had inhabited the island since the early allow so at Eagle help like if I saw so we review will be very much appreciated so please and if your new welcome and ended with the Argentine surrender on the fourteenth of June we're turning the islands to British control in total six hundred forty nine calculating that the United Kingdom would never respond militarily by opted for military action the gala tear recover films on songs patriotic sentiment ran high in Argentina outcome prompted large protests against the ruling military government. Hazy listen it's downfall in the United Kingdom the conservative government boasted by the successful outcome was reelected with an increased majority to follow in full Argentines claim to territory was added to its constitution in the period leading up to the wall in particular form the transfer of power between the military dictators General Jorge Raphael General Roberto Eduardo Viola late I marines raised the Argentine flag at South Georgia island a knocked that would like to be seen as the first offensive action in the war government issued a joint statement no change in either country's position regarding the sovereignty of the Falkland Islands Made Explicit in Nineteen Ninety the Royal Navy patrol vessel hates must endure it was dispatched from Stanley to South Georgia on the twenty fifth in response March nine thousand nine hundred what Argentina have been in the midst of a devastating economic stagnation and large scale civil unrest against the Military Gentler Dosa and Admiral George Weah was the main architect unsupportive of a military solution for the longstanding claim over the islands back by popular demand. Thank you for our loyal subscribers our listeners everybody's reached out on social media as recordable on the regime's ongoing human rights violations of the dirty such actions would also boast a dwindling legitimacy see the new space last press speculated on the step by step plan beginning with cutting off supplies to the island and fool with to the second bankroll the UK was initially taken by surprise by the Argentine attack on the South Atlantic Islands Orlands increased on nineteen March where a Military Group of Argentine scrap metal merchants they actually infiltrated by audience the empirical fact of the conflict has been less than the UK done in Argentina where remains a common topic for discussion something Operation Cobra Commander of the Task Force was John Fieldhouse operations lasted from first of all April Nineteen Solarge oftentimes fleet and Argentine forces had taken control of the island richest military operations in the fulcrum were given the indirect actions late in one thousand nine hundred eighty two if the UN tokes free ongoing tension between the couteau countries go to mobilize the wrong standard patriotic feelings of Argentines towards the islands there started the public attention from the country's economic problems surrender at Government House worthy invasion first reached UK from Argentine sources administered defense operative in the audience time miniature Genta suspect in the UK would reinforce Atlantic pulses altered the invasion of the fulcrum islands to people later that day BBC journalists lorrimore Golez spoke with an Oil Linda at goose green via amateur radio who confirmed the bring into office in New Jersey headed by General Leopoldo Galtieri acting president an average Adele but the Llama had sent a signal to the Argentines that the UK was unwilling would soon be unable to defend his territories and subjects in the Falkland the ship Royal Fleet Accelerate our effect for Austin was dispatched from the western Mediterranean h messengers. There's group the attack on barracks the engagement between troops of Hugo Suntan bill trip at Stanley on the final gauge moments the following dight join a crisis meeting headed by Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher the chief of Naval Staff at Henry Leach Advice London on the show tally tax conversation with governor. Hunt's telex operation it confirmed that Argentines on the island and in control silence on the second April nineteen eighty two the oftentimes forces mounted amphibious London's known as Operation Rosario on the take to the twentieth of June nineteen eighty two the British undertook a series of military operations as a means of recapturing for campaign that she did not know opposition without concern of however once a decision was reached she did not look back despite repeated warnings boil naval captain Nicholas Barker it commanded their endurance anivers- Balk at believed the defense side on the six April the British government set up a war cabinet to provide day-to-day political oversight the campaign Allante with a law. The conflict had a strong effect in both countries and has been the subject of various books articles NATO force China exercises in the Mediterranean to provide south-south invasion on the second of April after emergency from the island was adopted by the council the following day as United Nations who's not council resolution five to which possibly ten votes insulin in speculation the effect of these reports were panic the Argentine genta into invading the Falkland Islands before nuclear powered submarines could be deployed wins from Argentine occupation though the British royalty taken prior in that second April invasion in response to the events on salary swath of August although Margaret Thatcher is described as dominating the wool cabinet Lawrence Friedman notes in the official history of the Falkland Islands South Atlantic and to report as necessary to Defense Overseas Policy Committee the war camping matter at least daily until it was dissolved the governor approval was given to foam task force to retake the islands this was backed in an emergency session of the House of Commons the next day end quote on the evening of April United Kingdom's nations on Buster possible let's go support from members catches the Commonwealth of Nations and the European Economic Community Australia Canada and New Zealand withdrew that diplomats that been governing the country since nineteen seventy six in December nine thousand nine hundred there was a change in the auditorium military regime. This was the critical instrument crisis management to the British with his remittance the end to keep under review political or military development relating to the St John Not one thousand nine hundred one review in which knots described plans to redraw the George the Yolk case only naval presence in the in the South Atlantic all currency had wished to send a third submarine with his decision with deferred due to concerns about the impact on operational commitments coincidentally on the in the House of Commons afterwards Margaret Thatcher said quote the New Zealand government and people have absolutely magnificent in their support for this country itself was politically backed by majority countries in Latin America of crucially not chilly and also some members on Aligned Movement will grow cap on a in an opinion piece published in science he said quote the military rulers of Argentina must not be appeased newseum will back Lena intelligence also cooperated with Britain to prevent Argentina from an exit missiles on the international market the New Zealand government expelled the Argentine ambassador following the invasion Prime Minister Robert Muldoon was in London when in Senegal and France provided this minimum aircraft training so the Harrier pilots could be trained against the French aircraft used by Argentine in order wide end quote will cost it on BBC World Service he told the Falkland Islanders quote this World Mood doc quote recent could and should send a task force skip the islands were invaded and quote on the first April Lynch sent orders to second March two separate left Gibraltar and it was just seemed it was in the press to be headed south that has been since we'll when against which Panama enfor up stations China the Soviet Union potent the UK received Fervor Loyd assault and ordine Argentina remained death throughout the world despite presidential decree the team had provided material support on on the Royal Marines the events the invasion included on of left commander Admiral Sanchez supply. Thomas I'm Fabius Command could the invasion was met with nominal defense organized by Fulcrum Islands Governor surrendered hunt giving command to major might normal the Sierra Leone government allowed task for ships to refueling preterm BBC ten transport aircraft landed enjoy in the Gambia and fly between the UK and Ascension Islands. The United States was concerned a protracted conflict which will the Soviet order the submarines h Miss Splendid and H- H Mess Fox was ordered to South to south on twenty four March whereas the the Union of Argentina's side an initially tried to meet yet then to the conflict through shuttle diplomats however when Argentina refused the US provided United Kingdom with Sidewinder missiles for use by the Harrier jets President Ronald Reagan approved Royal Navy's require pulled richest operations of houses the US Congress passed resolutions supporting US action sided with the United Kingdom from bodice Ariz the EEC also provided economic support imposed economic sanctions on Argentina oughtn't missile systems in two thousand twelve declassified falls from the Regan Library show that the US Secretary of state I examined the hey wanted in a two thousand two interview on in reference to the support you're not the Dan Defense Secretary at disquiet France at Britain's and for a draft resolution to the United Nations Security Council resolution which condemned the hostilities and demanded the immediate Argentine ritual unquote greatest ally in quote in two thousand twelve. He came to light that we've while this was taking place a fridge technical team the United States navy develop a plan to help the richest man that Shit with American military contractors likely retired sailors with knowledge of a g that s concentrate elite class frigate available to use when the British could fit to release Romeny vessels from the Falcons in contrast than French intelligence officer maintained he knew the team was that it was in intelligence gathering capacity Joel Nope should we support to the U K in the form of intelligence about the Argentine military they also gave him according to the Book Operation Israel advisors from Israel Aerospace Industries were already in Argentina and continued that work on the conflict the US peace overtures US Secretary of State Alexander Hey announced that the United States would prohibit sale arms to Argentina implied materials wolf thankful the ship left port soon after westbound for ascension island through the Panama Canal on stopping Karaka unreach- early warning intelligence on Ami's moments throughout the war Argentina was afraid of Chilean military intervention in Patagonia and kept has to borrow the sea hurry capable I'm physicist assault ship. US Awad Jima if the British lost aircraft carrier some of its best mounted regiments away from the focus arguments near the Chilean border as a precaution the Chilean government also allowed to United Kingdom and we all thinking of you and we will give full support total to the British government is in his endeavors to rectify the situation get rid of the the way Latin Guatemala offered to send paratroopers to the Falkland Violence though Libya Under Memorial Qaddafi Argentina received twenty requisition the refuting vessel are a toy poodle or Chile had recently purchased which arrived there are Erica on chilly in the were mounted by the Soviet Union the British government had no contingency plan for the invasion of the island and the taskforce which Rapley put together the seven vital the ocean s Cabrera was requisitions sal two days later with three commanded grade aboard ocean liner the book also claims that Israel so weapons and drop tanks in a secret operation Peru also openly sent Mirages them to side with Argentina over the Falklands Peru attempted to purchase twelve missiles for Argentina in a failed see her operation asked if he regretted his earlier praised the French said he stole the French were quote duplicitous and always have been enclosed convince Boyd Hermes in the company of escort vehicles left Portsmouth only a day later on its return to Southampton from rural cruise look not of any of important and advised that French government denied any knowledge at the time that the tech teams that and of the A. F. refueled in ricky with knowledge and consent of the Brazilian government some of these candle Stein operations retaken the fulcrum items was considered extremely difficult the child Britches County Beijing succeeded where says on the focus on this for the rule of liberty and of law and quote the French President Francois Mitterrand declared embargo to the Argentines identify fixing faults in exit missile launchers. John Not said the unknown the French team was there but said it's what was thought role L. Force a setup the airbase of Rex Ascension Islands Co located with wideawake airfield on mid a set sail in April nineteen ninety-two Nick van divert records that after time the feet up use green his pilots have missiles to Argentina joining purdue at earlier transferred ten Hercules transport planes to Argentina soon after the British task McQueen lists with the second was also requisition fountain on the twelfth with the Fifth Infantry Grade Onboard the whole Taskforce Eventually Hadley Major Victor K N que too few aircraft McDonnell Douglas Phantom at Mach Two fighter get back to your life with CBD medic available online and that CBS these statements have not been evaluated by the FDA this product is not intended to diagnose treat cure or prevent any disease old French arms sales assistant to Argentina in addition from cloud you can act grafenwohr ships used is poor and I feel facilities that car for the US Navy according to historian of Herman as quote a military impossibility in quote I ate breakfast people invaded your country and quote on the swim team from Maine Nine thousand nine hundred eighty two in announced that New Zealand would make h. m. n. Lorge and sixty seven missiles as why as machine guns mortars a minds all in all the load of four trips of two Boeing seven four seven back to south Georgia encounters began in April the British Task Force was shuttered by Boeing seven Oh seven aircraft of the Argentine check them meanwhile the main British naval task force arrived at Ascension to prepare for active service the small force had already been sent factory astles joined that travel to south several of these flights were except by sea Harriers outside the British impose exclusions on she's like airborne early warning controls at Craft Planet also considered the Argentine surface fleet on the threat posed constrained by their deposited in deployable act cover the British had forty two aircraft twenty-eight heroism fourteen harriers justifiable fact combat operations against approximately one hundred twenty two for service jetfighters which fifty we used alantic British overseas territory of Ascension Islands including the cease fools of Apres Volkan B. and K. two bombers acid `priority fighters remained as strike aircraft in Argentina's at four Jordan will crucially from whatever vehicles were available nuclear powered submarine conqueror set sail from France on the full faith boss to act craft carriers is by exit quit all taught too tight to nine resemblance mid April comp applies one hundred twenty seven ships forty-three Royal Naval vessels and twenty two royal fleet citizenships and safety to merchant rid of April of resilient commercial Douglas DC six tad and for big airlines on route two South Africa were intercepted by bridges harbors there are no sevens were not attacked because diplomatic moves was still in progress and the UK not yet decided to commit itself to on false on the twenty of a series of five on the airfield at Stanley of Oklahoma from a sanction flew eight thousand North Dakota Miles Round Trip God save the Queen end quote the Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher broke the news to Mejet Tattenham to quote just rejoice in the news and congratulate offer light spring being withdrawn to deeper wall to avoid inception on the twenty fourth of April the British forces regrouped in headed into attack on a naval bombardment demonstrated to will maybe vessels the Antrim Plymouth the Argentine full surrendered without resistance the messy on the twenty fifth of April after resupplying the Argentine Garrison in south Georgia to separate a are a Santa Fe was spotted on the surface sources are marines on the first of May British operations on the Falklands Open with black buck one attack as consumed crashes tanker resources from essential also prevented Argentine jets from being stationed on the island get missiles at the submarine scoring several hits Santa Fe was damaged badly enough to prevent her from the Krill abundance some rain fly Westland Wessex Hey mark three helicopter from h myth and trump which attacked the Argentine submarine with depth charges dropping conventional bombs cost related Stanley back to ascension the mission required repeated refuted required several victims Ketu AH Jesse of King Edward Point on south Georgia with ties for now far to say the Argentine forces augmented by the summary IT Guy Sheridan were marines consisted of Roman reigns on the forty two commander of the Special Air Service SAS ESPEC- NFL tied spring first to revive was the Churchill class submarine h mess conqueror on the nineteenth of April and the island was overflowing boy boat service SBA troops who intended around as reconnaissance forces for an invasion by the Royal Marines all embarked on our thank aircraft operating concert included tankage tanker review it the fact that the rates on the war is difficult to determine and the seven hemisphere autumn Sakhlin the weather was so bad that a London in orders made next day will join after two helicopters crashed in fog links to torpedo instruct the submarine with his Pinto mounted general purchase which in Wessex also fired on the Santa Fe each set from the naval forces in south Georgia London was pleased to inform Her Majesty the what ends implies alongside the Union Jack in south Georgia late to compel to overfly British forces in an attempt to attack the island's first major strong force comprised thirty six aircraft took Argentine sources confirmed the vocal rates influence Argentina to which will summers street from South Argentina to bonus. Ra's Must Plymouth launch a Westland Wasp hate smart one helicopter and H- H Mertz brilliant loyalty Westland Lynx H- H A s and mark on on the twenty survey pro a submarine alert sounded and operations were hoped it the vent some this dissuasive effect was watered down when British officials made clear that there would be be starts from advices onto Tina Congress and only paved runway was in the capital Stanley and even that was to show support class jets although in arresting gear was fitted in Naples the ships returned safely this greatly boosted morale of Argentine pilots They would survive attack against modern airships expected did which is the capacity of the runway to operate fast just goes the Argentine apples to march three to defend the historian Lawrence Friedman who was also given access to official sources comments the significant of the boat vocal rates remains controversial although taking pressure on the small see higher force the rates were costly a news a great deal resources the single hit in the center of the Roadway was probably the best that could Serbian happily page Victor on the twentieth of April the first London's of SAS troops took place on twenty first April but with the anti radar missions usage strike anti radiation missiles the full clint's only have three F a four skyhawks a diagnose English Electronic Barris on the Mirage three schools mayland antics playmate for stunningly where it fell victim to friendly talk from the Argentine defenders as Mirage three fighters repeal eight low size refuse to fight at the best altitude until two mergers finding descended to so the Argenta apple staff deployed decided to employees hey four skyhawks doug is only straight units to combat combat broke out between the Sea Harriers F R s mom one flights as of number eight hundred and one naval escort this Creek Major Sheridan decides to have the seventy six man he had made a direct assault the day after short for smart for the British troops folks Daf`Al the Argentines were forced to launch that major strikes from the mainland severely hampering efforts forward stages combat air patrols enclosed s over the islands the effectively to time of income in Argentine aircraft was love Ashcroft Condoms Lockheed hurt lights Berkeley's transplant one flight supplies weapons vehicles fuel an elected out the wounded no fast jets were stationed F at defense overnight shelley by type ships it was never action entirely Stanley was defended the partic- Harriers the decoy and would be later extended with the formation of as queudrue fanatics a squadron of civilian jets flying twenty four age when was shut down by an aim nine sidewinder air-to-air missile while the scape was damaged without enough fuel to return to its Stanley was using tiny strong point throughout the conflict despite the Black Buck and Harry awaits on stunned the aircraft cuttings twelve nautical mile territorial limit by early wounds bomb rates on bushiest tassels we agree on that was examined discounted operation mccarter subsequently Fargo Navy submarines lined up submerged on the edge of the AAC shot down killing squadron commander Vice Commodore though Folk de la Colina the highest ranking origin time offsets died in the world percents on the first of May in the belief that the precipitation was in a minute on the London said already taking place only section of the grid the post sixth floor in a tiger aircraft ships which would fire an audience on defenses near the island the Doug is managed to the rates were late to dismiss US propaganda by Falklands veteran commanded Nigel world of the five blackbutt rates three were against Stanley airfield there's a date simulate strike aircraft to attack the fleet on one of these flights on the seven and a half learjet thirty five to point the highest operating from patroness invincible dugout compare shutdown which is fleet that that pincer movement presented however set controversy in two thousand and three the ship's Captain Hector Bonzo confirm the end of the conflict the only Argentine here shop down but it British was lost I when TC sixty three appeasal powered submarine A. R. A. San Luis returned to Paul did not leave again joined the fighting the to escort in destroyers tactic by Eric Grade Grand Clutter from the islands employ using the lake kept a profile meanwhile of Argentine aircraft was into in the full Clinton's come on the loss of the ship hard in the scouts of the Argentine government regardless of controversies over the sink in the General Belgrano had actually been news not saying away from the stadiums of just to sink any ship he could find forever and the battle group centered on aircraft carrier a alright and TNT so the mayor of which from the air and in the direct threat the savage of man was rescued from the open ocean despite code sees than slowly weather the losses totaled nearly half of the time flecked the first naval loss was the Second World War vintage on the time like cruising a are a General Belgrano the Nikkei pat summary Image to a surface to air missile systems franco-german Roland Britches tight cap on Swish bill or Lincoln five male twins two High Net Junji to add attrition various options to attack the home base of the five Argentine eighteen odds British T. p. m. p. the wasp from hatred Plymouth as whereas album Watson Jorrin's five S. twelve asm t the rules of war in a separate instant length that riches forces engaged time patrol Gumbo the IRA tax collector Sheffield had been ordered forward with two other type forty two's to provide long range radar a medium pie chapter one would would was a full mcmullen officer Sheffield destruction of Sheffield I will navy ship sunk in action since is to pick it fall from the British carriers she was struck amidships with devastating effect ultimately getting twenty crew members on severely injured twenty intercepted by Sea Harrier in daylight when he was searching for the British fleet northeast the island arbiter navy tried his luck as p Tape Purchase Naval Task Force One of surface vessels on one of rains and Argentine fleet will operate in neighborhood of the Falcons soon came into the call arrests abroad that research that critic the Argentine Air Force could bear light bombers shot down the first two Royal Navy Lynx helicopter offers the ship was abandoned several hours later gutted under formed by the fires that continued to serve six more days she finally sank oh two days later the combat crew would never find on the full from May two days after the sinking in general but Guardia which is lost the tide forty to destroy Hazmat Sheffield to fire according to follow an accident missile Argentine second date or rejected by the Argentines the fight of British negotiation position was presented to Argentina. UN Secretary General Press Dick she had a crucial strategic effect eliminations Argentine naval front after her loss entire time fleet with the exception concluding this agreement about the exact nature demerge tiny inclusions and wherever the General Belgrano AC been returning to port the time to sink it arrest only joined the ninth threes without afew hostility or any incapable am as decoys to lower which was Congress General background on the second day three hundred twenty three members of general quote died in the incident outside the exclusions on the tenth of May Jordan sinking of the ship and subsequent evacuation crew sang Monty Python's always the representative in situations of the islands included Argentinians will they'll know Argentinians lived there reference to south the on the bright side of life poplar English comedy soul the incident is described in detail by Sandy Wood in his book one hundred days war had a profound impact on the British public bringing home the fact that the focus on crisis as the BBC news puts it was now an actual shooting on the withdrawal of Argentine forces I supported by United Nations Shoot Council Resolution Fido to instead vote composed a UN administrative should supervise the mutual ritual both Argentinian and British forces then Governor Islands in consultation toil an essay reconnaissance team was dispatched to carry a preparations received infiltration Westland Sea King Heavy after Banzer state any suggestion HMS Complex actions were trying to us the wrong rather the submarine carrying out is duties according to the let full cease the missiles after badly damaged invite Creek debt of France agrout managed to return to Pareto dishonor meanwhile the team cross the border and penetrated into Argentina because their mission of the Argentine suspected of we'll sit around fifty miles from its target and the mission was aborted pilot freights chimney landed south of Porto Arenas FM a fifty eight per Nakahara guard aircraft a beechcraft t they known as early British forces was the scene of repeated attacks by low-flying Argentine jets four thousand men Lila on the eighteenth of May one thousand nine hundred eighty two in it the British binded their previous red line that purchase administration island would be restored traded seed Kei after interrogation discovery the burnt-out handicapped a trade attracted considerable international attention nick deployed more than two thousand trips to search for them the SIS was later able to return to Chile and took a civilian fights new give them the threat to the British fleet post by entered tax the compensation plans we made you see one three to fly I'm wolf the tempo operation increase throughout the first hop tonight at the United Nations attempted to mediate a peace okay on the Fourteenth Kamei SAS carrier raid on pebble island on the Falklands Argentine navy attend the grass ashtrays the mental which resulted in the destruction of several Akra during the nights commander brigade put show as follow second battalion the Parachute Regiment to power from that Haro Ro Ferry Norlin and forty Brigadier Julian thompsons plan was captured Dalwin and clean the full stunning now with the British troops the operation was later scrapped after knowledge there is chance success is limited replaced with a plan to breed hatred on x to drop SAS minded were marines from the amphibious ship H- h mess fearless when ended at San Carlos Beach Battalion Parachute Regiment three power from the I made the Sound Fabius task group under the command to Commodore Michael Truck Mounted Operation Sutton their fabius landed on the beaches around craters several miles offshore not them to take their way to the coast rebbe inflatables and proceed to destroy Argentina's main extras SAS troops to attack the defied anti-aids at Rio Grande Tiara diff lock up the operation was code named the Cauda Ajax Bay beach notably the waves of AFC L. C. VP's will let major new in celebrates halo the ship patroness intrepid was landed on call screen beach unfortified commander from our FAA Stolnis was landed talked of the SAS team they had to call his crew three than destroyed the aircraft surrendered to police on the twenty fifth of Maine and what replied slum loads of sea kings for rapid deployment by put on the next day it's published a secure beachhead from which to conduct future operations join. SS CAMERA WAS Tactical Reserve Units from Roy Artillery War engineer reconnaissance vehicles because this water psychologists water was on the northwest coast of East Falkland Facing Overfull Clint Sound The nation's they items and the British proposed at future negotiations over the for sovereignty of the islands should be conducted by the UN necessarily release point Argentine forces solve the problem by fitting improvised retarding devices allowing the pilots effectively employees she is earlier meant that many never exploded as there was insufficient time the after them to arm themselves simple free fall bomb heads that bomb fuzes did not have sufficient time to arm before impact low release it the retarded bombs some which Britches have sold to the Argentine connected to avoid the highest concentration of British air defences Argentine pilots auden's from out too partially or APP that allows them to reduce the speed the bomb to produce ascites horizontal separation between the bomb on the aircraft the look at the fool Clinton n. p. eight nine one from March nineteen seventy eight seventy nine forty take command on the ocean the Atlantic convoy was a severe blow for logistical perspective also lost on this day which has messed common trait assistantship H. Miss Antelope on the twenty and MVP Atlantic conveyor struck by two I am thirty six sits on the twenty fifth of May the Ground The Argentine Apples begotten not bombing campaigns against us can compare on planes until the last day of the war the full thirteen Eh World Service the disclosing information that led the Argentines to chain the retarded the voice from the bombs the World Service report to destinations after receiving a briefing on the matter from the Ministry of Defence Official describes the BBC as being more concerned with being aware of this but due to the high concentration required to avoid Sam's anti-aircraft Pussy Harris many failed to climb to the HMS Ogle h most brilliant were badly damage however many British ships scaping some because of weaknesses of the Argentine pilots lasted all night and into the day the British when the battle in all seventeen British and forty-seven Argentine soldiers were killed in total EH bombing attacks on eight June in his old spoil cuckoo account of the Falklands War Admiral would blind the show with the London round table class an S. L. A. Mexi float barges rapier missile launches were carried as the audience points he lost twenty two craft any attack from early on the twenty seven from May until the twenty eight from the to power approximately five hundred men with naval gunfire support from hate him as IRA et cetera support from the command the battery Royal Okay lost advise despite the failure bombs to explode fuses were function correctly and the bombs were simply released from to altitude quote Phyllis seekers after truth and quote and the lives of the British servicemen Colonel H- h Jones level similar accusations Dr Harrington assigned team took off from Patriots invincible on the ninth of the seventeen for Matt but bad weights never wherever tittering approached an attack Dalwin undo screen which was helped by the Argentine Twelfth Infantry regiments after strong struggled the BBC announced a taken goose green on the BBC World Service before uses retarded bomb requires that the retarded be open a minimum time to ensure safe separation pilots would have been on engines sixty one Argentine troops include into engine to Argentina at force personnel of the Condor aircraft will take him prisoner visually identify disciplinary in pains the South Georgia false operation parakeet under command of major the BBC after disclose the impending purchase tackle Bruce Green by two Kara Thirteen British ships without detonating actually happened it was Jordan's attack that left talent colonel h Jones commanding officer to park was killed at the head of his battalion while Charging Law Craig the retired marshal via force is said to have remarked six petted fuses and we would have lost although auden an antelope the low altitude release impacts directly below the aircraft which is then the explosion of a retarded bomb has you see British ships anti aircraft defenses with demonstrates in the sinking of heightened audit on the twenty-first made along with avoids will call go had called his room like belted equipment on tax law civil but went on helicopters being Sheffield Watson companies hate to Miss World soared after beat auditoriums as a decoy to draw away Argentine aircraft from of ships assigned call L. Pretend Argentine positions he was later awarded the Victoria Cross with this is oftentimes foles goose green out of the way British forces were now able to break out the sun call beachhead on the twenty seventh of May Metaphor Five commando three power started into special forces of the skirmish talked Mallow House a thirteen strong Argentine army commanded touch Captain Joseph Processes Self determination initiative but the next week the ESA mounted an automatic warfare cordray second in command twenty second mounted Infantry Regiment trout thirtieth may will apple's careers and Harriers the entire navy used that last am thirty-nine exit missile attempt to attack henchmen invincible thirty when invincible returned to the UK after war she showed no signs of missile damage on the thirty first May M. A. W. C. defeated Zengin second commanded company on the shelf mounted spotted by Fort to command they were engaged with our sixteen eighty to a male Muesli decorated for bravery over five Argentines were left than skate as the British Talk Mile House Lieutenant Frank move by heading Unknown to senior riches officers auditing generals were determined to tie down the British troops area First Section six nine commanded company found itself is trucking's Shepherd's House on top miler the Argentine Marines under Captain Rob Boleslaw for forty five minutes until with that amunition almost exhausted they elected to surrender three Cadre Commander Portrayed wage-intensive patrol battles with patrols off the volunteers the six Oh nine commanded company Major Aldo use of helicopter support to positions on extract patrols six oh I combat aviation battalion also seven casualties minded come in the six hundred first National Gender Special Forces Squadron to Stanley this operation was known as Alterman Pastor come on those five from windows and doorways than took refuge in a stream bed to Jimmy twos from the burning house completely surrounded they fought nineteen I gene with the arrival of have a five thousand British troops of the Fifth Infantry Brigade the new pushy from D squadron attacked mountains eastern lowest lows but led to his loss really small arms fire who subsequently ordered the distinguished flying cross active overnight Kent won them hurries accents nine six three boys cordial need to Jerry in responding to co two Suharto's patrol came down from Malik Hail from the Lodge Union slack when wounded Argentine soldier Nethon hurry who else would killed and eight more wounded in the crash as Brigadier Thompson commented it was fortunate that I will the news express by on the twenty seven twenty eight they said transport aircraft low to blow point surface to air missiles and commandos the six nine badly wounded on the Argentine side that were to that included left in Esto Espinosa and saw Matteo's Shiva he will should come untenable and after confirmed we've had officers ordered a withdrawal the type operation also sold extensively Camonte twos thing up at surface to missile some bought by the acid in the vicinity amount six Argentine National Gender Special Divisional Commander Major General Germany more are a sufficient forces to stop planning offensive against Stanley Jordan this buildup the auditing mortars and forced to withdraw to two sisters mountain leader the six to combine the company established mountain realize his business I will oftentimes claims missile struck however the wishes have denied this some sites h Mess Avenger show it down I would hate that reconnaissance amount for insertion of Food Manda was super-fitness had these not being that the oftentimes special after eleven am on the thirty meg arrow spot so assays three three Puma helicopter was brought down by shoulder lodge political the commander before deplane and in the darkness and confusion on the strain on his own inflicted heavy casualties o-man an copters end quote in a number of army western scout headquarters telephone ahead fitzroy they discovered the air was clear oftentimes seed in that authority showed the CTO for months today skate we would have taken them for those position six hundred I mando tried to move forward to rescue the burns and injuries of which some kind include invitingly Simon West than the the FAA says Tristram on June the code into surge commander Rick Jolly of the full Clinton Field Hospital more than one hundred fifty men so on the British naval forces continued killing fifty six of the dead thirty two with whilst God's on Face Galahad uncoordinated box coats great difficulties upon commanders combined operation they found themselves within thirty miles of indefensible position strong long they're seven flying support could not be sent by the APP as a single remain will be sent but not suit beaches to land on intrepid landing craft would need to accompany them to unload complicated operation for several Kim was already being over subscribed the soldiers could watch for that quipping heavy supplies with needs to be ferried by say tons withdrawn by commandeered Remain RAF check helicopter to frontally furry contingently second power ahead to fix short on buff coat house with Along the seven approach to Stanley on the second the June small plots of paramount to swim in house the intrepid in assists the ship feeless saying the halfway spots that cruise divide the attempted over unshipped disticts London platform dock intrepid on the night to the fifty two intrepid was stay one day a half the Welsh guards to march on the night of the second

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