Sept. 20: Part 2 with James Neilson and Sid Priddle


The. Coast to coast in Canada across north. America. And around the globe on the World Wide Web, this is race line on the race line radio network presented by Subaru and race line is driven by the twenty twenty Subaru wwl Wrexham. wrx. Sti. The a typical sports cards by the Subaru VR's add the attainable sports car that's fun drive and by General Tire, anywhere is possible well. Away. We go. Again with another Subaru candidate presentation of your national radio. Motorsport Authority. The Race Line Radio Network I'm Eric Thomas host anchor still working on the home studio. We'll Weber our supreme commander in Race Line Master Control Josh Santos is back to make sure the entire network is plugged in and working for us this week the very latest covid nineteen results at news we. have. Even more detailed analysis of the Formula One season so far and headlines for the assistant editor at one specialist from inside track. Motorsport News Mr James Neilson after sixty years in the sport handling while just about every aspect of it since parental is retiring. So we spend a few more tales with said in part two of our interview Nascar Canada series champion Jason Hathaway talks. About how all the hard work finally paid off plus level few more entries and comments for the Subaru Race Lonnie mailbag Trivia contest in the race RAP NEWS NASCAR Cup Concludes Their playoff round of sixteen at Bristol while indy-car mix a street run in Music City U. S, a sofa race fans anywhere and everywhere powerful sport powerful radio. It's our twenty eight year on the Eric whilst. This is the race line radio network. This is not as You're listening to race line radio. Eric. Thomas Race Line on race line already network made us news in common, and here we go on the race line race rap latest results at news around Covid nineteen, and after more than a few consecutive weekends of being jam packed we relaxed. So's lately biggest sports car race there is gets his started a spectator twenty, twenty edition of Twenty four hours saw Toyota Kazoo racing complete the hat-trick of Windsor Kazuki Nakajima Sebastian Ramey and Brendon Hartley piloting the number eight to victory. Once again, third win in a row for Nakajima and boy me who triumphed in two, thousand eighteen and again in nineteen alongside Fernando Alonzo. On a second win for his replacement. Hartley following his porsche win in two thousand Seventeen Formula One the week off their next one on the twenty seventh Russian Grand Prix at Sochi Headline F. One race control dismissing criticism that they're to blame for that rolling restart wreck that wanted up six cars at Tuscany claim all were messaged about the procedure and the late late extinguishing on the pace car did not cause leader toss to get away slowly causing chain-reaction crashing behind him more on this later in our second guest segment within sidetrack news editor and F. One specialist James Neilson Nascar Cup, the night run Bristol Tennessee. Final race of the round, of sixteen, Kevin, Harvick's dominance continued holding off Kyle Busch of the final thirty, two laps for his second win of the play down fifty eighth of his career contact early punched a hole in the nose. The number four didn't slow him down a tall bottom for the points now eliminated from playoff contention Byron di Benedetto custer, and Blaney, those advancing to the next round of twelve Harvey Kyle and Kurt Busch Kessler Ski Hamlin Lugano Elliott. Tricks. Junior Bowman Dylan along with L. Merola and Boyer the around of twelve we'll kick off on the twenty seven and Las. Vegas they're not sure how Many fans are going to admit around C nineteen. They had about thirty thousand in. Bristol making some pretty good Noise Cup clippings, Canadian angle in this one got brothers racing and driver Daniels Suarez will part ways when the season concludes the team's president and CEO is, Canada's Marty gaunt a mainstay driver in the old cast car series gone brothers racing founded in two thousand ten and stepped up to cup and seventeen entering the Daytona five hundred that year after running a part time schedule for three years with thirty seven starts with a handful of drivers. Gbi. Are committed to a full schedule this season with Suarez bubble wallace. A rumored replacement, their NASCAR xfinity at Bristow Chase. Briscoe. Wins that Canada's Alex Thirteenth trucks at Bristol as well. Seventeen year old Sam Mayor Wins that Canadians not eligible for the playoff Raphael already tape Stewart freezing thirty-second had big ignition trouble the NASCAR panties series report brought to you by general tire anywhere as possible general tire dot ca click on the Nascar banner on the homepage to find the best generals for your vehicle. See Nine, thousand, nine, hundred skinned season. All done now Jason Hathaway crown the twenty twenty champion he told race line radio all the hard work by the. Team finally paid off, you know every year when you don't win, you're always hungry for next year in and year after year after. So finally we did it the fire you know the fire inside us with our team and our ownership and everybody you know it's still there weekend and week out those finally. Nice. To win the championship and they're bringing home to the HR shop, we'll have the complete interview with hathaway next week right here across the race line radio network into cars these guys off now until October second and third, the double header called the harvest grand. Prix. It'll be on the road course at the Indianapolis Motor speedway meanwhile frequent race long radio fashion board. Day thirty time race winner will tiller the number fourteen for a j foyt full-time next season the four time champ car was scheduled to share the number fourteen with iron. Man Tony. Kahn Charlie Kimball and Canadian rookie dot COM Kelly this season. But while doing some stuff savvy never really had an indycar run. But now that's sufficient sponsorship has been found. He'll do the final three indycar races this season tune-up. So what happens to kill it now? Good question foyt will run two full-time cars. Next year we're told still in the mix plus Tony Kahn who supposed to be retiring wants to do at least one more Indianapolis five hundred and we can add a street race in Music City USA to next. Year's indycar schedule Nashville Tennessee the August eighth weekend unique in that, the track will take the cars across a bridge in Nashville the first time in indycar history, they will race across a body of water bring your fishing poles boys the rally news presented by the Subaru. WRX WRX STI the typical sports cars world. Rally. Championship Rally Turkey Britain's Elfyn Evans takes it to fly back to the top of the world rally championship drivers standings his third career WRC win and the Canadian Championship presented by Subaru Am a fiftieth anniversary at the. Rally of the Tall Pines Bancroft. Ontario in November will be run without spectators stages and covert nineteen protocol in place at the Dungannon Rec Center headquarters and Paddock area restricted to essential staff and only four people per team including the driver. Crazy Leo early change was last year's Tall Pines winner world modal GP Masan Italy Maverick Vinyl as the six different race winner of the season. He pound after PETCO back Nye had an off with seven laps to go while leading on his way to a possible maiden victory heartbreak their drag racing Nhra. Gainesville Florida points leaders right now, Doug, collette it, and top fuel Jack Beckman and Funny Car Erica enders leading the pro stock totals faces in the pits while going concerns about the nineteen pandemic and continued safety measures to slow the spread of the virus. The Canadian International Auto Show. Toronto Canada's largest annual consumer show sports net five ninety. The Fan is going virtual in February of twenty twenty, one mass indoor gatherings still prohibited in Toronto and tightening down even more and the auto show wants to do their part to try and keep the C. Nineteen case numbers down the auto show annually attracts more than three hundred and thirty thousand visitors. We have often covered the show with live. HITS FOR OUR FAN Five Ninety Toronto affiliate you can check the auto show website for details on the virtual format seventeen year, we'll outlaw sprint car racing veteran Daryn Pittman. Will stop his driving portion of the sport at season's end to explore new opportunities on the business side of things. The AWASA Oklahoma native currently peddling the number eighty three for Roth motorsports as recorded close to ninety career outlaw wins in over fourteen hundred starts marital speedway Saint Catharines News Talk Six ten Katie coverage is rewarding teams and spectators that masks must be worn at all times while on property of Canada's oldest and longest operating dirt track merit villa's been running a very limited schedule and allowing about one hundred. Fans in the front gate as mandated by the up until recently, that's gone down. Of course, through a lottery that they stage every week on their facebook page with C nineteen case numbers and the Toronto Niagara Spiking. Again, there's the possibility the province could shut down the speedway and other facilities like it. Again along with other large group attractions, the other dirt track, we do business within the TB market ransom speedway across the river near Niagara Falls New York canceled their twenty twenty season entirely New York state one of the highest case totals in the US and that'll it for this week on the race, wrap your questions, opinions, comments, headlines, and issues in the news openly encouraged. Let's hear. From y'all as you continue to stay safe as you can share your racing opinions and theories with your fellow race fans across the network could win the grand prize in the Subaru Race Lonnie Mellberg Trivia contest we play in a few short minutes. Okay. Mr Weber. Let's fire off into the pit stop right here. But up next part with media legend and GM and the Canadian Motorsport Hall of fame Mr Said criddle who's retiring after sixty years in the sport that even more f one analysis with inside tracks own James Neilson. This is race line presented by Subaru for more Info and news on wrx wrx STI NPR's Ed Click Subaru Dot ca this is the race line radio network. This is Damon. Hill of becoming right back race line radio. We are Canada's national radio. Motorsport Authority we are the race line radio network. I'm Eric. Thomas thank you for spending some of your valuable time with us a giant of our industry that spans back to the nineteen fifties as motorsport journalist promoter, immediate coordinator broadcaster ambassador, and for the past several years general manager of the Canadian Motorsport Hall of Fame Hall of Famer Himself Sid Priddle is retiring after sixty years in the sports. So we get him in here once again to tell a few more stories here as part two with our very good friend Sid parental on race line radio eventually, God formed our own family operation and we did The MOLSON Indy and I guess the greatest pleasure was the fact that I had our son or daughter and even betty involved in the event and carried out on through ninety six. You discovered early on that the drivers in the sport personalities and you wanted to write about the personalities and that kind of made the articles a lot more than simply you know what happened at the race you got in behind that and you exemplify the personalities of the drivers I don't know if you're the first journalist ever to do that but certainly set the standard for all of us in the future where do you remember that transition in your head? Absolutely because and you're exactly right he said you dental the results are available what the heck's. Sir Focusing more on the background of the drivers. Then I moved over to the crew members and people involved in the sport that made it all happen and it did become a I think a far more interesting and saying what? One wants because results came across the wire regardless there aren't many drivers out there that we work with that don't get it. They all seem to get it. They all want to cooperate with the media. They all want to promote the sport to help sell tickets because they realize without the fan base there out of business, and you don't get that another sports, but you do in ours, right? That's quite true I think the. Other thing that the most signed the allowed me to do because it was not a race and It allowed me to expand beyond the sports people I mean those calm. The suit never saw a race never had any interest in going showed up at that event. So again allowed us to do behind the off the sports pages onto other things that helped mortar sport, grow and help to engage a larger audience. Legendary motorcycle journalist promoter media coordinator outgoing general manager of the Canadian Motorsport Hall of fame retiring after sixty years in the sport. Our special guests are very good friend on race lamberty a swing now, as our time is starting to erode a little bit here said to the Canadian Motorsport, Hall of fame Gary Meguid bringing that back to life again, and of course, we're general manager since two thousand and eleven. How important was it to the landscape of racing in this country to have the Canadian Motorsport Hall of Famer Eric. I think the biggest challenge we had was being a charitable organization was the very fact that we soon, realized that supporting financially bricks and mortar were We're not GONNA work. We decided to go the virtual route. Our dedication now is really focusing on past inductees, our induction ceremonies, which, of course, we still have really putting the focus on the website. What we felt was advantageous to this. It's reachable and. By anyone across the country so they can share within the honors of Canadian. Motorsport. Also opened up for a long time. It was Antero Drivers Ontario people go back driver's Quebec but now it's all across Canada were that are nominations have come from in fact, this year we had now are sitting on a total of over forty nomination. Wow, that's amazing. Your involvement with the Canadian Grand Prix and Bernie ecclestone calling you from the helicopter. Then tell us about that stuff because that's Montreal birdie first of all should tell you was very interesting to work for one of the things I will say is I'd never had a written contractor was all handshake and he paid his bills right on time. Anyway. He had to leave early and there was always his big one was the post race press conference and Birdie called me from the helicopter wanting to know if everything went. All right. Did I do it right I said, yes. Sir, and said Okay it's to know. Perfect perfect. Perfect. Said we're going to end it there because you have been a tremendous story teller, a tremendous ambassador tremendous laborer for this sport that you and I love so much and enshrined in the Canadian Motorsport Hall of fame after Sixty Years Six oh, years in the business. Deciding to retire our sport is richer because of your involvement in it in your family's involvement in it we remain good friends congratulations on a wonderful career. Proud to have known you proud to still no, you proud to have worked with you and we wish you the very best of luck in retirement and we'll chat down the line fairly soon. Thank you. I thank you and I have to thank motor sport for to follow that career. Wasn't me who decided pat? Thanks Buddy will take care. Thank you very much. Are there is a remarkable man in our sport to be certain retiring Canadian motorsport. Hall of Fame General Manager Journalists and media manager said priddle on Race Line Radio we wish sid the happiest of retirement he has certainly earned that. All right there. Well, let's put up another pitstop Xiaomi but coming up more entries and comments for the Subaru on email back trivia contests, and even more in depth examination with inside tracks James Neilson. This is the race line already network. System and builder, and you're listening to raise that radio. Canada's National Radio Motorsport Authority? Yes indeed race line radio network I'm Eric Thomas Checkup. Thomas. Tales. Columns an inside track motorsport newsmagazine. I'm in the current issue you can also view tales at sports net dot CA. So we go with the Subaru Race Lonnie mailbag Trivia contest of the grand prize pack to win. If you qualify by answering those Subaru Trivia questions correctly and your email commentary entries go into the brake drum with winter drawn at random. At the end of the on-track racing season saw the new qualifying question or the Newish one, the new twenty, twenty, two Subaru said sports coupe is also getting added engine power with Turbo hominy horsepower is the next generation two, thousand, twenty two said projected to deliver and I repeat the question. For Ya, the new twenty, twenty, two, Ruby ours is also getting added engine power with a turbocharger hominy horsepower is the next Gen twenty twenty to be are. Projected to deliver. Okay. There's all kinds of different ways of finding out. I will leave that up to you. You can use at race line radio dot ca though to connect you to enter the Trivia contest to win the prize pack that's Eric at race radio, dot ca capital E. R. A. The symbol at Radio no gap in their race lamberty ligament big word dot Ca Eric at race line radio DOT CA enter via facebook and instagram that addresses. Race Line Radio Network, the three words all squished together no gaps between either one of the three race line radio network for facebook and Instagram and on twitter the address there is at et race line at et race line. Let us now go to the mail bag and here she is right over here I wanted to get to this and I apologize once again to a frequent enter Is there such a word Paul Anton Dearborn Heights. Michigan a very good friend loyal listener has been. For since a year, they invented rope. From Dearborn. Heights. Michigan on. Sunday nights eight o'clock on am eight, hundred CK L. W.. In Windsor. He sent this note quantum while ago but I did WANNA follow up with it because I I did get hold of a very good friend of mine who now works in the Nhra he says Eric. Thank. You very much for your program. Appreciate all the efforts. Thank you so much. Always appreciate the compliment Paul Hope you and your family members are continuing to do well as you stay safe during coronavirus situation and right back at you Paul he goes on to say when the world of outlaws sprint cars raced recently at Knoxville Iowa the fans were invited into the pits after the racism normally are but this resulted in several will devote laws teams testing. Positive. For the nineteen virus also resulting in the end of racing for the season at Knoxville News Right the National Hot Rod Association as you all well know Eric part of the G A ticket general admission ticket they sell due to each spectator allows full to the pits as well as the grandstands a wonder if this is a good approach at this time giving the ongoing virus pandemic that continues right now any thoughts eric have thoughts on it and I as I said I got a hold of a very good friend of Mine Pat Cafarelli who I've known for doing work for years and years with with Indycar went away did some work with the NHRA she's back. With the National Hot Rod Association. She does media work for par and Don Schumacher, racing with drivers, Matt Hagen and Leah Pruitt and I asked her about that I said what about the fan access that is synonymous and famous for the Nhra no other sanctioning body allows you into the pits unless they charge you more for it. I said what about fans during this pandemic and she says E. T. it depends on the venue at Indy back in July August twenty, five percent capacity and social distancing temp testing at entrances and waivers and mass to get in had to be worn at all times. Yes. Fans had access to the pits but the autograph sessions or gatherings and. They had a few concessions at the nationals again in Indianapolis this month fifty percent capacity there was testing masks, but a lot of people not wearing masks and she was very disappointed in that and I can say that so you know the watch word is where the darn mask try and distance the best you can, and it's up to you ultimately, you know it's up to you to to police yourself and make sure that you don't spread this things we keep saying you know use your head to stop the spread. So thanks Paul for your your note also the Pat Capper, our good buddy for clarifying that send us your contest entries or comments you can use A. Race Line radio DOT CA to connect and at her facebook and Instagram Race Line Radio Network, and twitter at e race line. Again, just not to over emphasize it or hammer this home we can't say this enough the situation with with corona virus or the covert nineteen thing is really still out of control and you know what you you can get the sanctioning bodies and the tracks to tell ya you gotta wear. Your mask, but it's up to you ultimately decide whether you want to go there one and two you're gonNA. Wear your mask and not help spread this thing and I can't emphasize that enough and I wanted to just jump back in reemphasized that and of course, in Ontario and a few other places across the country the numbers are starting to spike again and the only thing you blame that on his people's Stupidity. And responsibility and I don't care. If you think that's too strongly worded, it's up to you to get serious with this whole thing, and if you're going to go to a race track and then on event, it's up to you to wear your mask and do all. You can to help prevent the spread anyway qualifying question to get into your chance to win. The prize pack between twenty two Subaru Zet getting added engine power. How many? HP IS THE NEXT? Gen. Ours is projected to put out. Okay. Okay. Let's roll another pitstop right here. Well, then we're back with more detailed F one season recap. James, Neilson from inside track motorsports news this race line presented by Subaru more on the sports google the Subaru dot ca slash. Zach this is the race line already own network. I disagree love we're coming right back. Race. Line radio. Peta's National Radio Motorsport Authority are twenty eighth consecutive season your across Canada we are the race line. Network networks last week and is gotten even stranger that's possible with formula, one is certainly is the shortened Formula One season lots of drama unpredictability and conflict and controversy. So once again, that's get some more focused analysis of the F one season so far welcoming back the assistant editor at F. One specialist from inside track motor sport use our good friend James Nielsen on Race Line Radio Majella was it's called the motorcycle racing track and the Grand Prix of Tuscany. Grand Prix as we've seen in quite a while there's been all kinds of of conjecture and guessing about who to blame. There's been various analyses of this. How did you see this? I cannot blame boathouse for for for any of that I mean he sets the pace. He's got to be the first across the wire sooners. Those lights go out. How did you analyze it James? Yeah I think it. Was a combination of things I mean you can't really fault the drivers of the back for trying to have the best start. You know there's definitely some overeagerness going on. That's the whereas as well. Eagerness and I thought they were getting off pretty slow and I, think that is unsafe. So I I do think it's a bit of the blame does Kinda should go all around but I don't. Think it's anyone particular person's fault I think sometimes that just happens and uncharacteristic of f one usually sloppy races are really the norm and the series for obvious reasons cal level. But yeah, that was definitely something that was a little sloppy. It's not standing starts versus rolling starts. That's not the argument isn't no you know it's the gamesmanship involved. We see this all the time when the safety is. Going off the guys will try to slow down as possibly as much as they can and then take off and try to create a gap. You know maybe going forward, they need to investigate a minimum speed that they need to be going. You know go from there. You know definitely there are times we've seen lots of times in all forms of racing where some guys slow to an absolute crawl. And you. Know you do you are ultimately like you see it all the time on on race starts in a bunch of series where you get that accordion effect into the first corner that's right and you know. So it wouldn't be hard to monitor their speeds. You know they do it on the pit lane they do it every in lots places. So I I I think maybe the times come for that because you really like you said, you know it's it's probably not voters as fall like that's just gamesmanship but at the same time. Wasn't really anyone in the ball either like can't really fault anyone for trying to get a good start young kind of what caused all that in the first place a little impatience you see it all the time I mean the indycar starts notoriously lousy for that because the guys in the backer breaking formation long before they're supposed to however, as you say, they may need to tweak the restart situation because you know that that was messy and it's just we're talking about it because as you say, it is so unusual to see you know that kind of multi-car wreckage especially on a restart. So we'll. We'll leave it there and figure out what they're gonNa do you know maybe you adjusted in the off season just after we finished our last segment James we knew we were guessing on where vital is going to go. It looked like he was gonNA head to racing point indeed he has replaced or will replace Sergio Perez at the end of the year he will team with Montreal Zone Land Stroll with a team is dad owns they're gonNA. Re Badge it Aston Martin. So all of that all of that prophesyzing came true at least with federal going to racing point right? Yeah. There was no surprise. I mean the musical chairs had started to fall, and there was only really one place that he could go to stay in the top half of the grid and that was racing point. you know obviously, Lawrence strolls proven to be ambitious since he broke in one and bought racing point. And you know the Aston Martin deals extension of that, and you know being able to land a marquee driver for the first year that new project is in line with the the moves he's been making Everson came into F one. What do you think that'll 's of future looks like I've always said you know the guy's not a four-time champion because he's been lucky. He's not had any luck at all and. We. We've talked about in detail Noah terribleness in the in his Ferrari. Era His career. But I still think I like the guy. He seems to be a very likable personality. He's got a lot of talent I. Still think he can win races and obviously Lawrence Stroll things so too. There's a lot of factors going on it for me that Ferrari that the car's not suited to him I don't know how much. The relationship deteriorated they're saying all the right things publicly, but you do see on those incidents on the radio for example, where you know there seemed to be some tension and frost bit disorganized behind the scenes and that's absolutely affecting his pace. It seems like they're engine is down on power this year as well. They look like they were catching Mercedes in that regard over the last few years and. It off a cliff again. So yeah, I mean I still think he's talented but at the same time, there are guys who peak somewhat early and don't really you know have the same level of competitive competitiveness later on their career I mean Canadian fans can probably see that was shocked mill new. You know I, don't think his. Performances were quite where they needed to be later on in his career where we thought they were they could be vis-a-vis his performances and Indycar, and in his early morning one career regardless of the quality of the car he was in just talking relative to his teammates. I mean there's a there's a lot to to learn from a guy like vital salons strolls got to be excited about the partnership. Yeah absolutely. I mean, it's one of those situations where is definitely going to be a number two, but he's number two and a team owned by that so. I I don't think he's going to have the same kind of worry that someone like stay navy albion as a red bull. Yeah. It's a good comparison. Yeah. what happens with Nick Latifi team gets sold Claire and Frank Williams are gone. We discussed that in our last segment. James but I mean I I would hate to think that the the young man, the young Canadian is GonNa fall through the cracks me. George. Russell's seems to be a guy that a lot of teams are putting a lot of stock in the star of the future. What happens to nick? I mean Russell's no not going anywhere. I don't think Look TV's a strange one because his dad owns portions of McLaren from not. From not incorrect you're right? Yes. But he also brings a budget I don't know where that budget is coming from. It's from his dad or from other sources media. But then you hear stories about how McLean is now downsizing like they put their headquarters up for sale, for example. With the plan to lease back I don't quite understand the economics of that. You know. Clarence their automotive side, this all their sports cars. That hasn't been doing very well, and it's worth a lot of layoffs and it seems to have. It'd be having a bit of knock on effect on the race team. The race team is. On the upswing yeah. Yeah, and it's a we're going to be talking a whole lot more about cost containment and spending in the next little while once we get this this season going here up you know after this year, you've got to open it. You can't. Prophesized because you don't know where the hell is. This corona virus thing is is going to goal, but you've gotta think after this wacky season in the way they had to schedule themselves and recover from this that you know how teams plan for the future when you don't really know what the future is going to look like. Well I think at the end of the day, we already kind of have A. Idea next year is gonNA. Look like because the the original introduction of the new formula. Has Been Put on hold so I I don't think it's going to really affect the behind the scenes stuff I mean obviously there's going to be an economic hit, but that's really that happens all the time regardless of a pandemic. So I imagine they're programs aren't going to change too much like you're seeing teams racing point had new equipment at Miguel I think stroll enough for Peres. So teams are still developing during the season McLaren had a new t wing at the back of the car. So I think the in season development hasn't really changed I don't imagine the the Off Season Development is going to change much particularly because you're not having to build those new to those new rules which have been pushed back. So yeah, I mean if this thing lingers in the next year, maybe that's where you're gonNA start seeing some issues of teams possibly pushing the new formula back again, and if not, then that's where you're going to see a lot of change because they're going to have to get prepared for a whole new type car that they have to be in. An. Unprecedented thing that we're working with here before we have to go I always ask you how do we subscribe to inside track motorsports news? How do we get that publication both printed in electronic? Gadgets go the inside track dot my dot ca you can get digital and print edition's delivered to your door. We're working on our latest issue. Now, our last issue just got went out to. Multi Matic's excellent start their first year running the Masdar Ellen. People are Daytona prototype program. That's the ball together good story took over from joost. So we've got a lot on that and you can also track news dot com, and of course, Thomas Hills in that last tissue, you just mentioned as well into project contribute to that James Thank you so much for the insight. Always great always good to have you on. The way this season has gone. I. Have a feeling. We're going to be doing this a few more times or former all done. Thank you so much. My friend. Talk to you tomorrow. Thanks there's the assistant editor, an F. One specialist from inside track motorsports news of course, James Nielsen on race line radio this has been an f. one season like no other bizarre indeed, and she ain't over yet. Okay. Well, let's work in that final stop. Then we're back for the last lap or next week show guest might and more. This is race line presented by Subaru Howard with a heart pounding wrx, sti for all things wrx good. A Subaru dot ca slash wrx is the race line radio network. This is gross broad and you're listening to race line radio. Eric Thomas Race Line across Canada on the line radio network white flag right there signaling more life to go in this thing. So here's what we're lining up for you. For next week, we'll ever two part interview with twenty twenty champion of the Nascar Canada's series or the NASCAR series. If you want Jason Hathaway plenty of hard work by the hackensack racing crew finally paying off as hathaway dominates the covid nineteen shortened season of Canada's only national racing sanctioned plus the Subaru race line e mail bag trivia contests. But when checkers fly, we say goodbye here norms race line thanks going to. Sit Parental James Neilson an inside track Motorsport News Jason Hathaway and Ed Hopkinson racing big thanks wellspring commander will Weber and Josh Santos, but they're operating pre and post production expertise. So from all of us it race line radio I'm Eric Thomas reminding you yet again to use your head to stop the spread brace line coast to coast on the race lawn radio network presented by Subaru has been driven by the Subaru wrx. WRX STI and be ours ad learn more at Subaru dot ca and by general tire anywhere is possible taught gel again next week right here on race line radio.

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