Barstool Rundown - July 10, 2019


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Deal to who you're dealing with a team option yeah wrong with appreciate that I mean I'm being honest. fucking talented pushier get run for like two hundred grand. He'd be like Oh shit man those good deal the limited vacation time though well all right we start off with the All Star game last night. <hes> I tuned in played forgot it was on and off from the get go. I turned it off in the seven. I probably the opposite probably tune into the fifth. I saw one nothing to nothing over Hammer. The overuse it was so close should've happened. It was missed by a running. It was like all right there. I thought it was hard. Put a the the best analogy I had for last night's. All Star game was when you have a great weekend with your friends. Go out like maybe the pre games great go to a bar everything fucking hits. Maybe kicks back. Whatever it may be the next weekend you try to run it back sucks? The awesome weekend was a home run Derby and then we tried to run it back and we're like this is not work Shimmy. When when you see fucking Shane Bieber was the the what what's going on? I think that's how cooking for sure but I mean when there's nobody else to even like you know yeah you WanNa give it to the hometown guy but there's other hit two home runs. You gotta get nothing else in the All Star game what's going on inside is it's actually crazy. I guess as a pitcher that's you get that basically one inning right patriots one yeah. I think that was just it was three all star game. He blew everybody away and that it was like a moment so I guess you're right but I mean it was just like this is classic person who last name you can't really like the beeps what M._l._b.. Enchaine Bieber that's yeah I know that my brain is small mall but that is a bind star should living in L._A.. Today M._l._B. Classic that they it. I know people didn't like that. Decided home advantage for the world series put at least it meant something here. At least there was a reason to tune in that only that only pisses you off when you're like an American league team you don't have home field advantage decide that it's better to have it decide something to mean something right and so people are so just people as a whole so goddamn fickle about I didn't I don't think I did but maybe I did. I honestly I feel like it has to mean something because this is what we see every single year. This conversation happens why. It doesn't have more stars because away we'd speaking of that. Did you see that commercial. Start the show with what the Mike Trout commercial it was a parody. It was what like an S._N._l.. Writer would write to make fun of Baseball Baseball and Mike Trout and like the thing is I don't eat. I don't even know why I is the most out of my head watching. It's like I just like my mom. My Dad superstar man. I love this picture of him and his dad. He's I just WANNA play. I don't care if you'd like I don't care. I'm interesting just WANNA play baseball they shouldn't they should not let him make those things the Ammo I actually think he has become interesting because of whether we talk about him all the time and I was like requires at least funny moments and like vines where it's just like. It's something to talk about drought. It's and I'll tell you what I I've probably seen in. My lifetime live like five thirty. WHO's like I mean honestly I? They got hit over two lasted. I I've seen a live trout in my life. My folks I stay up to watch them like angels. fucking athletics. He is on the West Coast and that's where you this ball in too easy measures one allow or no suspensions whatsoever for bench clearing fights anything like that. If you punch someone you get to play the next day it doesn't matter doesn't mattew to shift the shift does suck. I know that we all also just fucking. I always whenever someone brings shifts. I always bring up when George was in the office and one of the best lines ever if they put a shift on me. I'd hit six hundred opposite field. 'cause I can't right right. I know hitters don't do that anymore. And it becomes the I actually do believe in the fact that the one with the launch angle and trying to hit home runs its its homerun strikeout walk that doesn't make for the best product when you're trying to watch action. You're not agree needs singles doubles guys run out and stuff so if you did both those things I honestly think baseball would be a million times better and maybe even give guys a little extra money. They win a fight really trying to turn it into the every the fifth inning of every game. There was a sanction fight on a call. Let's have these two guys the the if you knew it was coming. I got like like meet me outside the playground to have to being two players game. Someone's getting and if you want to charge the mound you can book opportunity will be the the three players series yeah. You don't know when the fire happened all three in a game a whole series if I was if I had a Bryce Harper contract I'd still fucking retirement. I'm GonNa hurt like bench every there'd be so many more strikeouts because I know I ain't playing against it and I'd be on the back. I did like that of the All Star game where like the talk of the weekend had been berliners comments about home runs and I love the it was the most strikeouts everything all Star game yeah switch. That's why couldn't fleeting those two things like you can have too many home runs and everyone's also string. That's Manfred says yeah Manfred said in response to the Berlin his comments Diane. I know our thing is we think there are too many home runs and too many which again I think <hes> she'll just have a change of baseball for that. I think they said that like the seams are are smooth or the ball smears order. It's like they're. They're throwing fucking. Everyone's throwing ninety five with fucking filth on the second page and. And what do you make contact that goes out faster. I think also people don't attribute enough of that to just studying these studying the so the game better with the ball you. You're not a truth or on that but they haven't they. He said that they smoothed the ball out. Yeah what do exactly the wind tighter bill in the middle pitchers are saying you can't grip it so those two together and then I do think like like a guy like Pete Alonzo's a fucking freak. These guys are huge. I I mean it's like the way you see the N._B._A.. Everyone hit these three pointers. Everyone can fly. I on six whatever three hundred pounds you can jump. These guys are also like we can play D- we can swing the bat that because guys are more freaks and even just the smaller guys have more a better are understanding their swinging for the fences so it's like a slap across loaded with information now. I know exactly what his pitches coming and I'm going to have the heat zones. Take a look. I know upper outside. I'm not even swinging just looking. She was a slap hitter and then he stood up in his is stance eight. Fifty six months steroids yeah that that was by the way. Did you see that Tom Verduci. Not that Clip Tom Purdue. She was like you've hit so many home runs and the first time someone's hit that many home runs that wasn't suspected of steroids and relics knocking that is God. Damn I saw the clip I didn't see I didn't hear the audio of it. That's <hes> we got this very very funny video. Maybe all time video I'd even say Gronk with the with the freaks of the internet or just all time what's the fact is named guy with the mullet. Does he have a name the fat guy with the mullet and attached and the chain and then long neck gronk was it takes a lot to scare a man was an rightfully so that thing that guy is he was so nice to grind manager or Camille or someone like give me the fuck out of here Grozny one of the most terrible geysers he's been in like countless hospitals with people who suffered from deformities and things like that as a first time yeah what the fuck themselves n._f._l.. Lor because this happened on Saturday I believe Gronk was throwing with Brady. The football field the wrong charity events well. No GRONK IS GONNA realize very quickly like he is Alastair because of football not because of wrong so when he leaves like no funds to Gronk but I don't be in a-list like you know superstar Hollywood guy I also GonNa be slinging monster energy long. I mean you're at the casino buffet with long from thinking Dude Komo News text football block player score touchdown that ring yeah and now it's like it's like hang out and talk and again one of those things too like how people are so like it. was everyone with wrong when he was injured and stuff like man fuck football like you've got you've got a million average you can be on. What are you doing to every time athletes? Like how many times have you said this athlete is going to be amazing in media or amazing that and how many ever media was like swaying crocodile. I don't know why could have been like a leading man. I love Grog. God Not a leading me they do. They're like oh well. How long was an action movies and what was the guy named the Raiders Guy <hes> fuck no not Romanowski no not positively the raiders faulk all right forget it? We Terry crews. Lou Al's Ada that Guy Lila al-sita yeah that guy was in a bunch of movies and they're like Ooh big rock is wrong. It'd be Arab criers in hand. He's he's an entourage as Gronk involves like subtlety and like he could have been he could have been superstar actor in the late Eighties Nineties Schwarzenegger bad movie Michael Bay those bills huge Bruckheimer those only exist as much anymore sex island exists. It's real and it's coming to America every year like once a year. Sex Island goes viral where these guys they on this thing like on international waters. Were you get to go away for the weekend. There's fifty guys hundred girls. Everybody gets at least two girls. You get all the drugs you want all the food you want and get the party and just have like an orgy and now they're bringing it to Nevada and the weekend so they put up with this trailer video and it includes includes the girls those are the those are the real girls okay. That's the thing I don't know like those girls look pretty hot and they run around and like thongs and they're sexy and then it's like you might show up and get like what really is there and it might be well now just to clarify again the girls who will be there exclusively paid. Yes I think so okay so that would lead me to believe that they at least somewhat attractive. I was thinking about this like I mean you show up to sex island in there fucking ugly girls I think the whole idea of false I think this is this is the commercial commercials sex sells. Yes and it's one of those things like a cruise ship like any vacation spot. You get there and you're like this. Little fucking people do a lot of money's ideas of nudist environment. Yeah I mean no one fucking sexy goes. Let's let's you know I agree. They're paid the pros and this comes you get a Hologram concert. You get to go horseback riding riding. I love that it was like girls legal. Fuck whores ores fucking drink. All you want. Horseback riding wasn't sold on the first go through the Deli Award. If I run a clydesdale around and this could be a pretty good time but Nevada is like no no this is crazy. We're shutting it down so if if even Nevada is like whoa you can't advertise drugs or legal like even like there are plenty of the world festivals on legal. Oh God videos say that drugs illegal. Yes video says that it's like the end of the video they have because when the international waters it probably is but when you're in Nevada you're in America drug. You can't say like drugs. You can say come to my house guys like do you want an open but you can't be like bring all the coke in molly you want the D._a.'s say no timeout a second that I try at the end they say like condoms or necessary or something like that. We're GONNA be in the Article sitcoms uh-huh Kanda strictly enforced strictly enforced condoms but also like if you say drinking and drugs are all like legal and it's supposed to be done and then you make you condom guess what what it'll be no sexual. actually i i am i just think it's fucked up they put out all this promo i think they're trying to piggyback off of this fucking creep jeff jeffrey epstein sex island that's immediately when i would hate burn it up yesterday plus e._s._p._n.'s sexiest got the pedophile who's going to jail and he has an island key would take people and so when i i've been reading about all this shit and he's just the heinous heinous criminal i'm pretty sure these sex island guys sex islands hot right now they they're really throwing it together it might be a happy coincidence for them i don't know in the sex islands talked about annually whenever they did i guess it was on the the d._a. did say like any there any underage girls there you're really in trouble which is another like that's almost like illegal drugs so you can't say that and also like to warn you about illegal underage girls could there better i don't know if you've got a sixteen year old girl yeah yeah i know the rundown brought to you by movement and b. m. t. <hes> they are our favorite watch company is now into the sunglasses game they got affordable sunglasses that looked sharp quality and quality <hes> high quality products and materials they don't fall apart like you know what the worst thing is when the the parts over your ears like flopped too easily the cheap ones always do that too easily piece of shit oh the worst so ambience equality glasses quality watches affordable prices <hes> they start like sixty bucks for the sunglasses and ninety five bucks for the watches and right now you can get fifteen percent off and go n. b. m. t. dot com slash rundown plus free shipping and free returns and the mt dot com slash run down the women's parade was today hamas fuck i don't care how big fucking julia football jillian football with out there and crush the parade was back doc in the building was afraid she was back at like ten o'clock there's a picture of took of julie football just surrounded by like fifteen fifteen year olds julie football what he has in the past asphalt three thousand twitter she came in today she was like she tried fireball for the first time today boy came in drunk and then thirty so i don't know i think they would try and i think the but i i feel like it's hard to have a parade that's not like a hometown team so if it's also i might get a little mix of commuters in new york city the streets are gonna be crowded at eight thirty no matter what you could say there's a pre going on literally every day there's something on inside larry's i was gonna walk through downtown financial i think john because i've i've walked walk in here the puerto rican day i walk through the i would have to i think it's further downtown this is tough uprated pull off like i'm not even the women's national team the men's team on the world cup that's what i don't think that maybe if you're is ninety degrees this i'm not showing up unless it's like the mets right that's right i i've only done one if i only ever of all the virgin had i've only i only did the bruins won it was parade fucking fun i think no matter what this would have been awesome excuse me down there today at a fucking good time i don't think so i think it was like kids were But I was at eight thirty in the morning John Bars on that parade route. We're GONNA work after he went down to observe the parade but if you went and like you were embracing. There's one sitting in a bar right now being like that parade awesome. Let's keep it going. I think if you if you were like on planet parade that's when you did that everybody did you can have yourself a day. You still have a day we can that. I like going to go on a bar crawl for the rest of the day if you're doing that. You're probably sobering up right now in your blackout as you watch the rundown come on in tomorrow. Tell us about your day. You just got home while late late last topic. Donald trump is legally not allowed vowed to block people on twitter so we're we're say that it's illegal to block people but it only for him. I think it's I I would Malik government if government government cannot walk on twitter so the one they don't understand what the story is. Why Donald Trump is blocking people to begin with what his his mentioned have to be just a mess all he but he likes at least occasionally quote tweet someone random and stuff like that? I wouldn't make like he he and Chris not you can have a very famous we like blocked thinks he blocks celebrities and shit like that like enemies walking randoms. He's definitely I've seen how thin that's that's if if he were to like I'm going to block everyone who said something mean about me on twitter. He'd have to block all twitter yeah so that's why I don't understand why he's like all right. I'M GONNA go down this path of blocking people. I just assumed someone who has anyone who has more than ten million <music>. Ours does not look at their mentioned. Give up give up. Don't it would be it would be absolutely interesting a conscious I think like I think he kind of the that's what he lists yeah. That's that is like his. He's famous for carrying about that so Gordy of course he's in there. I'm not saying he blocks with three followers. I don't know but like people I follow who were a couple of hundred thousand people. There are still like an off skip bayless Ellis's twitter game the fact that he's got two and a half million followers doesn't follow anyone he just uses twitter to just put his thoughts out there now that is so hurt murders like why wouldn't everyone just follow. Everybody put all just just just use it as well. This is a little bit like on the fourth of July during vacation but where I'd be like tweet the tweet back to the beach. That's how cocky because I follow people for material blogs topics she was going on when you were like all the matters is what comes from here. That's it yeah but at the same time he's just so famous that like he has producers who were getting talk about that. You'd be interested but also the point. I need someone so rich in writing to be so Richard I can hire someone to filter through the bullshit and just give me a stack of papers every day and here's what you'll piss you off. You don't have to see anybody in the meantime and you can talk about these little yes a little bit. Could you imagine getting like a national security briefing but for the Internet where it's like all right Sir here's your briefing today and it's like Gronk took a picture with a couple of weeks a couple of freaks. This porn started. This is like okay actually no. That's just what we are for the world that's true there are people who are like. I don't want to sift through twitter GonNa Watch down and Kevin and John Talk about things. Don't let those idiots suffer on the we're the soccer we literally were just realized that that's a really shitty way to really hurt did not feel good that just minimize my entire existence hundred percent. This job sucks.

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