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ESPNLA Mornings with Keyshawn, LZ and Travis HR 3


Whoa. Calamba. Red socks in a second, but I it is a hump day giveaway. Let's go to echo park and Richard Richard good morning. How are you guys doing? All right. If you get to go to see the Rams and the Packers, this Sunday at the Coliseum. But I, you got to answer the question who was the host on our show that came on and had a bunch of excuses about Dave Roberts and his decision making. Steve mason. The Packers Sunday going. Thank you guys. It's my birthday on Saturday. So take you. Thank you. Birthday, happy birthday, which is worth is brought to you by Jaguar. No, I don't think so. Congratulations richer who you taken. But it quick my son. Perfectly. It's his birthday on Saturday to Christopher, happy birthday. His birthday of Saturday's. Well, yeah, we have the same birthday sweet schedule that never mind. Graduates stay on hold and we'll get you set up. Take his kid on his birthday, hell of a birthday present, pretty good. Just son is born bail. Can't get better than that. Go see, Aaron Rodgers on your birthday. Get to go see the undefeated Los Angeles Rams on your birthday that's better than your son being born on that. Do something that you both enjoy better better? Yeah, whatever. Fantastic. Mikey, you've kind of down man, you kind of the dodgers. Eight to four is it was it this is this will put you in a bad mood, outdo? Yes. What. Tweet. Three run home or I grow above the Munster down the line and worsted no leads eight, four homerun would add Morteau Nunez off of Alex wood. Here we go again, how many times this movie. They need to just go here. You know what? They ought to tell him, won't you stay in the bullpen when a game is over, we got a southwest flight foot from Boston at like eleven stuff. But we don't. Business class room. Visit Lincoln extra. Oh, you Boston album. We hear. Wouldn't be put in a position if the skipper didn't put him in that spot. Yeah, we wouldn't even be sitting here ragging on him. If Dave Roberts didn't snatch by as fast and quick with a hook, why did it? We have no idea. We can't come up with the answers. I certainly would like to ask him on a down face to face. Why would you ever pull a move on a guy understand what the numbers say, an analytics, and here's the chart and somebody gave it to you text to you, whatever said, do this or I get all that, but try. I should be telling you Dylan. He's easy smoking hot right now. He just as the two guys, he's got one more better to face, whether he's right hand or left hand, who cares let him go out like that. We made -fensive errors. We didn't take advantage of bases-loaded opportunities, but at the end of the day, our ase gave up five earned runs and for his work. I mean, that's we can talk about. Would we want to talk to. Key. We were still trailing hills e five, four zip zip? No. Moore's zip, you've got extra innings far? More game is over, but you we was in. We had a momentum point. I get back. We get out of that any. We get our bats backup. We collect at one run and now we, we even get it. But to me, the bigger issue is about Kershaw and this is why you can make a decision and say, you know what out is what is not pitching anymore. The rest of this series bail. Can you say that about Clayton Kershaw? He's got the pitch, and that to me is the reason why he's the bigger concern because you're going to have to use them again and you don't know who is going to be what is going to have what is committed to give you for how long? I think all of that plays into win. You pull out a Pedro, but I think those are two different things. I think what what is the larger concern moving forward is one question and why did they lose last night? That's a different question because moving forward. Kershaw's the bigger question, but what happened last Kershaw did not pitch well, and as the resident Kershaw hater here as Twitter, I'm the one that's supposed to pile on you. You hate on using you angel. You look is what the defense did last night. They made some mistakes defensively, you look at the basis loaded production or lack thereof. That was a part of it. Yes, they lost that game last night because Dave Roberts decided to take Pedro Baya's out of the game who was blowing guys away, just absolutely Mon him down and he went in there and put Alex wood in who, again, this is not a euphemism. This is not hyperbole. This is nothing other than the fact every series that he's pitched in the postseason this year he's giving up a home run. So you know it's coming again and it took two pitches for it to happen. I, I'm not even saying, I know just to. Key. I don't know if I agree with you completely always agree. That's not true. I agree with you completely. In this moment where the you open your eyes man look at what's happening right in front of. I understand that the math says, if they have Denver's up, you want to get him on a left handed pitcher or at worst case scenario, and they make a move Denver's is out of the game. I understand. That's what the math says in over the course of a season. If you make that move thirty times, you're gonna get right twenty. The moment you have to leave. He's throwing a hundred leave him in the damn game. Yes, that is true. And the Red Sox to game one behind pitch hitting Edwato Nunez three home runs slam Nunez gave the Red Sox eight two, four lead in the seventh inning with a three run dog shot over the green monster off your guy. Alex would not my guy. And replaced rays rolled by Boston live from the star in this particular game because Kershaw could not out deal Chris sale in the beginning, he fizzled each got pulled after allowing base runners to start the fifth, which I'm okay with putting me in the fifth inning wasn't, you know, I'm okay with that. Both teams turn to their bullpens. So at that point, the Red Sox grabbed creek, Gabe Kimbrell pitching in one two and three in the ninth to close out the eight to four win game two, Wednesday in Boston. As you know, which is today plunged review against David price. I like our chances I do too. I do two hundred is a better pitcher, David price at this moment in their careers. I would take David David price got off the last the last game against the against the keys, the hiking Guichard, the aspirin, every. You get the data price early doesn't seem like a shaky type of guy. Give it up, give it up is very, he is just now starting to buck what has been a well established postseason trend for him, and I'm pretty damn sure. And I think you mentioned this yesterday. Travis that as soon as he starts so much shakiness. Oh, they're going to gonna turn on because they're used to seeing this movie play again. I like our chances. I know that you had a bad outing his last time out, but prior to that heat and a lot of ways have been our best pitcher and I don't. I don't foresee him, hey, you wanna slide. I think he's shakes off a bad night, gives us seven strong any in if we can hold the Bosox to three or less heading to like the seventh. I really like our chances, but I don't think it's going to have. There's a couple of number one, the Red Sox got eight last night's most of the dodgers have enough in any game in the postseason this your, that's how good this offense for Boston. They're going to score runs dodgers. You're gonna have to score offense was at our defense that allow those runs cutting, could've been worse. Eight runs, they got eight, eight, eight eight. They could have been worse. Travis. If if the ball that Bradley hits up, the middle gets through and that bowl was probably the hardest hit ball of the night. There was some loud out zones, so you're gonna have to score with them. I don't know l z in your situation. If we're, you can go seventy three. I'd take it right now put in the Bank. I think what you're gonna have to do is you're going to have to get him through five with whatever he can do, and then you're gonna have to piece it together because this is this is how you're going to have to match up with these guys. They're too good offensively. I don't know if you can give them a third and fourth look at the same guy. They're gonna get him. So I think you go into the pin early. You have to win tonight because here's what we can't do. We can't come in tomorrow morning, sit here and go, hey, the Red Sox wanted home. Now it's our turn to if they tonight more or less arap you're not going to beat them four times in five games, no, you're not going to happen. They have to win this game tonight. Condemned Robertson base for us as he still. Tonight as a must win. But I'd like our chances. Why? Because our ase gave of five earned runs in four innings. We rolled out our worst bullpen option. And yet we were still there line, they there for much of the game. So if you're telling me that we can have the worst possible pitching performance between starter in bullpen that we've had all postseason long still look back and go. We were right there. I chance to talk about the starter in the bullpen. Here's Dave Roberts talking about the offense and more specifically how the defense needs to be better tonight. I thought ofensive -ly we had a great game plan, and I thought to get sales pitch count up to get him out of there to get to their pen. I thought we did a great job. I'll fancifully we really did. It was just for me. It was just again, the defense on characteristics from our club, and I don't think the pitching line is reflective of the way the guy's through, you know, to beat a club. Like that, you gotta play cleaner game defensively. So Dave Roberts said something right there that Mace mentioned a few minutes ago this that the pitching line was not reflective of the pitching quality couldn't disagree more. We'll get into it next, I think actually caught a break. We'll do that coming up next which birthday angrily. Dry forty years ago today? Yes, this movie came out now. Travis. Yeah, I'm speed. This movie is called the whiz. Yeah. Yeah. And I saw I saw it so many times when it came out in my thought, and I just love this movie. And then like a few years later, I saw the original wizard of Oz, and I was like, mama, why did we do the wiz like this? I thought we had their regional and you guys stolen. Did it in black and white? Yeah. You flip the script. Do you know what happened? We made the, you know, the one with the crazy lady. Yes, we know what we is. Michael Jackson, you never saw the original. You never saw the rich, no one. We is Judy Garland over the monkey. That was pretty scary as a little kid. You see those monkeys flying around and grabbed her and the dog TOTO. Yeah, yeah, that wasn't good. Have you seen? We know. Wicked? No. Can I ask you really good before we move on? Yeah. Yeah. When you were young in junior high and elementary to get beat up all, it's not at all. Why do you have evidence of that? Yeah, I was the popular vote. What? What's your point? Why he got beat up because we were just hold on your being bad again, you know what that means. We were just discussing your issues. How many, how many pieces of anti you suck you into. But you see what he aimed for. He's got a preoccupation outlet. It out key target, John. No, no, not. You. Part of that. I'm not saying you just saying that made ninety eight drop him off in a certain particular he can fill out the proper payment. And then you know they were processing the administration office and then he'll address gotta be there. To be there. Shrin his paperwork. Let's let's go back to this. Let's let let's go back door. I wanna know if he got beat up before you guys start talking about friends at Dorothy and everything. That was Travis obsessed with Judy says, I just mentioned her name that she was, here's Dave Roberts last night talking about Clayton Kershaw performance or lack thereof. I don't think he had the fastball command that typically does missing up in the zone. I don't think it's lighter had the depth that we're used to saying and those guys to their credit, put some good at pets on them and. We didn't. We didn't play the defense that we do, and I thought we less out there and it didn't make clean job easier. Steve Roberts talking about Clinton Kershaw, not pitching. Well, you heard it a minute ago where he said it wasn't as bad as it looked at the defense kind of made it look worse than it was very quickly. Before we let me ask you a question in October's a cold in Kansas City. In October's a cold in New York City in October is a cold in Boston. Like we saw last night. Okay. Okay. Andy Pettitte pitched for the Yankees. Madison. Bumgarner is a member of the giants went into Kansas City and shut it down per chilling pitched for the Boston Red Sox in Fenway park and showed up, did it in New York. This idea, it's cold. The seams don't feel right on the curve ball. It's hard to get your bearings. All of these other guys went in there and did this this, this idea. Well, it wasn't as bad. Yes, it was. I think he can make the argument, but are those actually worse than. Look, these warm weather pitchers that we're talking about the same weather for both guys, but but but it doesn't. It doesn't. If you're not used to it, it affects you thought processing you thinking in the way you do things Curt, Schilling it, it messes up your routine when you're not used to the cold weather, I'm telling you it's especially like an art sport is a different thing is we from Tampa? We couldn't. We had a record. I don't remember exactly when it was bad. It was. It was like below forty degrees. Anything like below fifty. Right? Yeah, it'd just fine all start in and Lynch. You know, people use. Brothers. To Travis Davis is was a player. He's a manager. He understand the psyche of an athlete. He understands what you can say to whom we can say about whom when and he's saying if things he needs to say because he's gotta use Clayton Kershaw again hundred. Remember when he said what he said about grand. All he kinda was living more free with his. As he can say, what you need to say about about grant because he knew he had backup and that he actually could play an entire series without using again. But you can't do that in this scenario. You're going to need him. And so you need to say to him and Sony different ways. Hey, man, I still believe in you teens to believing you I get it. I understand why he needs to lie really say. I'm saying fudged obvious. Okay. Well, he's fudging the obvious truth. That's fine. What I'm telling you is that I've seen guys that have pitched inside Curt Schilling in and and Randy Johnson in a dome in Arizona. When they won the World Series, seen the same guys go to Boston and pitch in the cold weather. I've seen independent pitching Houston and pitch. Well, I've seen him go to the cold weather in New York and pitch. Well, I've seen Madison Bumgarner who pitches in California, albeit a colder, California climate. This idea that clinkers so he couldn't find his. No, he got lit up again. Got lit up. He certainly got lit up, but as we have Steve Mason on earlier and I asked him to think that it affected the outcome and a game. The weather will affect certain things. He certainly can't put it all on the weather. This isn't. It wasn't like it didn't snow. L. let say wasn't eighty below eight degrees. Nothing like that fifty. But it's still something you're not used to. It's gonna steal, not used to the light jacket. You can't wear. Fifty out there is different fifty out here. Definitely the out the field way. Then of course you've got Alex wood weather was fine in Milwaukee the yeah, the inside and Milwaukee Brewers, right? Any pitch they're academia was a little high. Biased goes right through two guys, boom, boom, boom, Drake out in here comes. Alex would Dave Roberts was asked, why did you do that four throw Tyler. Bias, and I had a couple of good looking strikeouts there. Did you just want to avoid Denver's and that's going to would talk about that. We talked about it with. With. PD throwing the ball well right there, but Deva's really good against the right hander and to get a guy off the bench and unions. I, I really liked Alex spot. I did. So he likes Alison that spot outs comes in, Alex throws his pitches. And then Alex, does this do what gets wet. Three run home or I grow above the Munster down the line and worst and no leads eight, four. Let me ask you. Alex would if everybody in Los Angeles, you me Chris Raj everybody in Los Angeles bus us George. Do if when Alex wood comes out of that bullpen in all six of us and everyone else in the no. Dame. Everybody in the city does I get? Dave Robertson was more about baseball than I do. He does. Okay, great. Everyone in the city goes, oh, no, it doesn't that mean something, but we used to mean something to three months ago. You know, who used to do that about the very same guy. You wondering why we took, oh page of by wavering. Pulse talk. I'm just taking. I'm just taking hedgerow bias used to be that. Do we going on man? Seriously? You bringing his dude out again and he used to get rocks and then he turned it around. And now suddenly you asking, why is he being taken out? Why do okay, fine. But why are we Gotcha why? Why are we waiting for Alex to turn it around in the World Series because he's blizzard. Let him work it out back next spring and Zona this about the Camelback talking about what I do. This camel. Real. Travis, travis. I think we all can. Made a mistake in bringing in would, and he doesn't want to admit to an NF. Okay, we'll only for him. He will not make that same at stake. Twice. I promise you. I promise you. I promise you same situation. It will be in the night if we were the same situation last night. If we are in that situation and I, it will not happen. I'm promise you. I promise you will not see would tonight I promise you. You said that at the end of the regular season, you said in the Atlanta series, you said it in the Milwaukee series and he's still here. He's not going to do it. He still here. He will not do it to get on a flight headed Boston, just yank him ear and just by the time I get the Boston, then he'll be coming here because they lost. So they'll be able to fly. We'll be passing air waiting for. No, he's not gonna do it tonight. He won't do it tonight kwacha to because you know how much takes you. Fast. Quickly. The Keyshawn Johnson raise on Rondo. He's sticking to his story. He didn't spit on anybody, and he has a theory for what responding suspended as well. You hear it next, happy birthday, happy birthday, you Canadian. You never let them forget. He's Canadian Aubrey. Having trading. Thank you. Thirty two to same age is Monica. Husband husband, Shannon, Brown, Shannon, Brown's, thirty two. Okay. We've me and Elsie had a sidebar going great for the year. We, we're, we're now. About that. It was. Him into. Around that. Slam dunk, Shannon for basketball player, slam dunk, this married to Monica. Baloney day too. His Drake birthday is brought to you by Land Rover, Jaguar, Newport Beach up to seventy three towards a c. over Newport Beach dot com. Land Rover, above and beyond who's baloney. Old. Maybe I've had it more recently than that. It's been ten fifteen. I haven't had a lie. I was in jail. When I was in when I was in youth camp, but that money from Jerry Jones. There's. That will be more silly. That wouldn't be me when you get. And you put it on the Skillet and the bubble up in the middle. And yet what's because all the fat start to come out and shrinks up and then like the edges around little burst Chris, it's not the end of the world. Isn't that bad? I mean, I haven't had it a long time, but of all the food, they're eating that's been considered like poor ghetto food. Baloney baloney was poor, ghetto food back to get it was I didn't grow up poor in the ghetto. We had baloney my house. Yeah, but show baloney was different. Thick cut. Yeah. You have to take. Are you have to come on to send us down to the local, go get two dollars worth of baloney. Iago picking up in general March. Go pick Meyer always hanging loose. You've ever have to buy Travis. You ever have to go to the store and buy cigarettes for your momma did not smoke. We'll see. You have to have a little Ray and little layer of plastic used to be around it when you had because he get that type of baloney. He got. Right. We actually went to the. Poetry. You got. Slice it then because all we got us to bucks pieces. They started getting. His fourth. More thick. It's real thick. That's baloney is baloney so hot hotdogs. That's been pressed flat. All right regime Rondo pretty accurate that it's the exact same meet. It's. Rolled flat. It's the same regime Rondo sticking with the story that he did not spit at Chris Paul. And he says that the reason that Chris, Paul got two games and he got three is because the league is catering to Chris Paul's quote, good guy image when deciding the length of the suspension. No, and yes. No, I don't believe that. I don't believe him when he says he didn't do it on purpose. I understand that it wasn't a microscopic assault or the pinpoint assault with his saliva. It was more ominous blow whatever's in my mouth out at you and some of it hit you. I don't think it was a surgical strike, but I do think that Chris, Paul's reputation probably saved him that extra games. Is it possible though when you look at the video, I'm not trying to be a home or anything, but is it possible you look at the video which really seeing is a guy who's kind of walked turned away from Chris and just kind of going not to spit at him purposely, but just the expression of like whatever he's just like, forget you. At. No, saliva. No, he he was still kinda cutting off and dry. So you really get a nice, you grin, but do you? I mean practice it, and I wanted to see. Fire off. From his mouth like that research and I just couldn't get the aim right. So is that good of a pointer? The not only can you pass with actor see, but he can shoot spit out of his mouth turning off to the side with such pinpoint accuracy or it wasn't an accident. I think it was more of a shotgun than a rifle. I think it was just, I'm gonna go with whatever I got here. What are these pieces of BB spit get ya then. Great. This is the way that I've been looking at this one I saw and number two, is there anybody that isn't regime on Rondo or a member of the Lakers that's in this. Momma? Okay. Think when you know everyone keep did, it was gross. He deserved he got. He got three games for sure. Yeah, he deserved what he got. There's no question about it. Actually, he really didn't deserve what he got because he should have been punched in the face Hort like really, really hot that little uppercut. He gave him at the end, but like out from the beginning, he should just suck right now in Florida. It wouldn't have it would have been overweight, but another talk about. But Chris, Paul wasn't about just thinking about image and just go had a big veteran guy. No, no key. No, I spit on me. Do I? I think most people would punch. You spit on me. I'm punching. You could do ninety percent of a specially gonna spit on me though. That's when you consider that. It was actually escalating to something, but this wasn't a real quick of a spent. No, this is your heated already. It was very similar to win. You know, run our tests had his incident at the palace. Yeah, he was already heated before that moment because he had a confrontation with lawless and soda. Right, but came soda. But why. Quicker because he was heated. I get it. But again, Ronn or test was about that that to your point, once once he got hit with that Cup with you. He was going to exactly regime Rondos the wrong dude. So Chris, Paul squared up to him rage on Rondo win how when Chris Paul has had his confrontations have they been at a lot of has been cheap shots where he's coming, where somebody doesn't seem coming or is it square up? And I'm going to go off as Sheikh shots, right. Oh, that's why he didn't know what to do when it was right there in front of him. It was right there in front of him and Ryan, he commended for him to fear process and he knew the guy standing across room was about it. You know what I'm has about it. I'm happy that that do that raise Armando duty, speak of that 'bout that life dude is our point. I don't need him doing it too many more Needham spitting on everybody, but what I need. What I need is what I need is a guy that I know to Luke somebody that when you come to the pain, the fourth quarter in the playoff game that you may leave something be all your all it really the pull me like Patrick Beverley we not have. We're having right pumpkin me like you did Lonzo game one clippers even doing all that. I don't even getting kicked out in the more because I need him kicked out anymore and you don't need. I don't think there's anybody that's in. Okay. I like what regime Rondo did, but what it represents, I think is what we're talking about, but it also spit on a guy he's willing to do whatever he needs to do. It also represents magic said about the players that they acquired in necessarily need. Three point is LeBron won a tough guys in any guys that has some sort of sum up to hedge some edge, and that's what we got an I'm for one in happy about him. Also happy to fact that Lonzo in his apps. Scence played well, he did. He shot the ball, will he played? Well, he looked like a starting point guard for a possible championship team, and I'm not sure championship teams win games, not Nissen old stuff time and time again to say, just throw it out there do know championship teams have losing streak. I understand people getting all like, oh my God, they're only three Lord of those. I'm like, or LeBron James has a three game losing streak which he's had throughout his career happens just because it happens in the beginning of season doesn't mean that it's worse than when it happens in the middle of the season. I am not my goodness. What is going on here? What I'm telling you is if they lose to the sons tonight I might become if sons tonight I'm a call up Luke myself and I'm have a conference call with him and rob and magic, and we're gonna figure this out. Yeah, I didn't know tonight is the one that I think e even your typical reactionary sports fan can look at this three star and saying. It's we got a long way to go smart one. You look at a loss to the Phoenix Suns. You've just had the first pick in the draft and who by the way, aren't a terrible. They're not a good team, but they're not tear team. Yeah, they got Eytan. They've got Devon Booker. They've got some pieces there so, but they lose code. This is one of the teams that you're supposed to be in the Western Conference tonight with call up Alex wood. Hopefully leave Alex wood and boss Travis. You ever looked Devon Booker on the internet. I have. Okay. Yeah. Why do you ask some reports out there? But. There's, yeah, John Gruden, Chris. Accurate. I have heard that. I have heard that three Jon Gruden stop. Jon Gruden has been taking the credit and the heat for the raiders and what they've been doing with their roster, but find out who's taking the credit. Now it's coming up. Next autumn wind is a raider like that. The raiders have won one game rate. Nothing right now. They've treated more players getting one game Comey trays of they may. They got rid of Cooper, they got rid of Khalil Mack. It's at least two. They traded for market king got sent out. Yeah, Michael Crabtree got sent out. Yeah, they've only won one game, but the quotes at the beginning of all this was out of town on that team. Well, they did have a lot of talented team raiders of course, but they, they did a day ago or a couple of days ago. Amari Cooper is in Dallas in, here's what raiders general manager. Reggie McKenzie had to say about it and pay attention to the pronouns. Here. I love Amari. I like everything he stands for, but I just felt when I got a call from Stephen Jones this morning, he put it on the table what he wanted to do. He wanted the player and he gave me the pick. I me me. I not. We not us not the organization, not the team. Clearly. He's taking ownership of at least this move. Well, he's taking ownership of the move because he actually was the person that communicated which Stephen Jones doesn't mean that he was the person that made the decision to move more. Why would he position at like this? And if he wasn't that he because he's the to say something. He doesn't have to say that he has to say because he actually. Made the call communicated which Stephen Jones in Cowboys. Jon Gruden didn't necessarily communicate with them. You don't think that they could. I, it's okay. He took the call so he could. But what he could have said, which would be very different, but he's not gonna throw John, not throwing Jonah, the bus. What you say is Stephen Jones called me and we got together and we talked about the trade and we decided that this was a good move for the raider organization. So we sent Amari Cooper to Dallas, and we got a first round pick back that's not thrown anybody under the bus that's making the collective that's making organizational. That's not what he did. It was. I knew me well, he probably in one another thing, he's probably sick and tired of Jon Gruden. John grooten you know, make it seem like he's doing everything. Nobody else is doing anything. That's probably what it is is. Well, that's what I. That's why I think it's interesting is because I do think that's what it is. I think that this was an attempt to establish some sort of territory in the organization that he can stay out of his own. Right. And it's and it's important, not just for this or. Organization. But for the next one he works in because he doesn't wanna peers if he's going to get run over by the head coach med where he goes. So what do you do? You didn't pry you get ran over about here. Coach on me, cut you off l. z. but I did. He got ran over body owner. I just got random owner, ran him over Mark Davis rainy moment. 'cause Mark Davis had him in charge it. Whatever reason he put John, he boy in charge. Yes, but the outside world perspective, Mark Davis isn't a one in front of microphone weekend and week out is Jon Gruden who's throwing reg MacKenzie over under the bus over and over again. So is important in public perspective that he leaves reestablish himself as someone who's not just getting bent over by Jon Gruden, doesn't it make it sound. Yeah, they, I'm glad they didn't catch that one. They're on other doing other move along with the show. Message when when. Davis made the decision to bring Jon Gruden. And with a Boston shirt on Davis, man, what you doing John. John. All of a sudden now you won't. He's parading that New England stuff all over the place. The other one, Dan dances. She walked when the cubs win stood. Now he wants to straighten. W flag got desktop is I won't even allow something like that. Go on in the building. I remember that day Dan came in hung, pin it from his little long, sharp nose. Here comes. It goes. Dictatorship Dan's coming. That isn't aggressive jacket that John's got on in how seriously it's not even that code around selling golf shirt with a little logo, putting it out there. Dictator coming in talking about his fandom, the commandant. What a great shape your noses, and that's all. Pit from it or anything? Yes, yes. It looks like a great hook. Does. Fine organization here. Everybody. We love everybody. ESPN Radi fishing with that knows way come out with some albacore. Yes, that is correct. Tasty, raiders the right. It'll bluefin in this. Where's the Mason in Ireland shows my favorites. We didn't get to go in the in the when you look at the raiders in these moves that they're making is certainly smells like tank or whatever you wanna call it, but they're not going to be able to replace these guys know. So you replace the bodies, but I don't know necessarily if you'll be able to replace to production, you say what more Cooper hadn't been very predicted. That's not true. Everybody. Everybody keeps grabbing on to the case of the drop sees. Yes, he gets paid as a professional wide receiver to catch footballs and he's dropped a number of balls in his short career, but not anymore than anybody else really, to be honest, we do second league, so yeah, people's. He, he had seven drops. That's more than everybody else in the league. Someone guy that's more than everybody seven drops wasn't. Sometimes they're not always real drops. They make. They make an attempt to catch the ball, but because it touches your hand voltron. Is not where you throwing the ball and it's clean and he just drops foot. Yeah, I gotta stop sitting in that message out there like, okay with the raiders society. Great, one Cowboys. Great. It is great picker for the Cowboys. But and I feel as if the raiders did as well as they possibly could do in this situation by getting a first round pick. But with that being said, if they had gone into this tenure with Gruden, knowing that they wanted to rebuild the prey could could've done better with the assets they traded away. But it seems as if as a back door sort of idea that you go into the season, everyone's in place and then slowly, but surely you start to deconstruct as a season goes on and you just kinda grabbing whatever's out there could have gone into the draft saying, we're getting rid of x, y, all. Why not? Because you look like a damn damn food. Now you damn damn damn food coming in Costa ten years walking into building January, talk about. I don't like the way this team looks even giving it a chance to develop the see what you have. Okay. Make that decision. Why can't you come in and said, look, I've been, I haven't been a coach in this league. Tears. Do follow in this league, do it. And I know I'm looking at this roster and it has some good players on Khalil. Mack is a high level player Mark Hooper's, but I don't have enough of them and I'm not going to be able to turn it around. Just them can't flip them for picks. I got started. I was fourteen to thirteen and three year before you took the job? Yeah, she got fired, but they fired him based on some, you know, a lot of bad, a lot of backstabbing goals on the NFL. There's a lot of, you know, I'll take this job. It's vailable all vocal shanty. I've always admired big if it becomes open. I'm not saying that John was the quarterback. Jon Gruden was probably Maquiavelian in orchestrating, Jack del reopen, put on the street. Yeah, fine, fine. But if he had, here's the even if it's a bad plan, if somebody comes in with a plan, you got time to execute. Doug. Oh, come me. We're not going to hire this coming into team tear up a team that was just on the brink of potential Super Bowl you if you knew that immediately you and Harney key. First of all, Mark Davis. The next thing that he does that make sense. We'll be. The first. So I if he comes in there and decided to fire a thirteen and three coach from two years ago, clearly he thinks there needs to be a move. He's not saying, hey, this guy's thirteen and three do better than that. This doesn't work, you know, do something. Sometimes a person could kind of help you make that decision speed the process? No, no, no, I'm not. I'm not arguing that I'm mortgaging that if you've decided to make a change, you've decided that what you are doing doesn't work because I need to do something different. So if that new guy comes in and says, what we're gonna do differently as we can get rid of all the good players in a tournament a draft picks, and we're going to start building this thing from the inside out. We can't just have Khalil Mack, Inamori Cooper and Derek Carr. We have to have more pieces than that people would have bought that that wasn't the message. The message is like, I told you from the beginning, he was gonna come in who's going to do things the way he wanted to after he could establish. This is his team. Now, all of a sudden he can blame everybody else coming in just coming off the street, trying to blame everybody. It's not gonna work. So now you move on. On Cougars gone. You move onto Khalil Mack gone. You floating Conley out there to be. On wins. He this season into of the year ended a year because now all of a sudden your quarterback is potentially going to be member. I told you. I said, you'll be neck on the good go. Does that you call this from the get-go call? That's what is their car was gonna fall out favors, did I not? Okay. Okay. Suggesting someone from gruden's camp leapt up the information that he had a fractured relationship. Had cried it. Okay. Let's here's what's going on. So there was a picture that I think we also for the weekend or two weekends ago where Derek Carr gets sacked and it looks like he's crying. He made the pictures and the video video made it look like. He was crying that he, we all know what somebody makes crying admit sneeze. It looked like he was crying. He says he didn't cry, but there's a story in the crash. It says he has fractured relationship with his teammates specifically because he was crying. Yeah, that's where we are right now. This is where we've gone with the raiders Amari Cooper gone Khalil Mack gone and their star quarterback key. You said he was the next guy that was going to be the bullseye. There's quote unquote, a fractured relationship because he was crying when he what we need is for ESPN to do with that video where the day with the Rondo video, we need to slow it down a different angles zoom in, and that's really see, because when you look at real time, it just looks like he's just made. Like her face, but it doesn't look like a, oh, God. Give me out of here. You do understand based on the numbers of from year ago, his numbers this year are better cars numbers, right when you look at it. Okay. But they're not right. They're not. Even though they tell you they are because of the mistakes that he's making the interceptions lost fumbles all of those sorts of things. But statistically people say, oh man, he's got better yards, better, better numbers meta presented. He's not playing better, but he's laying better. Let's talk about the crying. We actually to Larry's to me because he wasn't crying. Oh, what I showed you guys video. Let's get a vote. All right, we'll go around room. Travis was here was not crying issue. Yes. He wasn't okay. What was he doing when he was making that base in water. There was no water. It was hard. It was wet. Here's something. Okay. All right. You've never sweated before guys. Same h. right. Bharti know Ardy no, we know what a man who's crying looks like. We've all seen it. We've done it, but I could see what a team mates probably or saying certain things about him Phyllis way because in the beginning he was all lovey dovey with John, and he's a great coach, and he's this and the players sit back, look at it, man, come on, man, stop that. Yeah, already know that you, you fell into his trap early on. Gruden strap early on. You fell into it all the way back from the quarterback Cam, you fell into it when he was on ESPN, which, hey, man, you looking. Guy here you make sure you hit the wider to banana. All that shoot, man. They got a quote from Ben Rothlisberger man destroying this poor guy that being on Derek Carr, strongmen also cry. No, no support. Ask QB's. Look at the video say, hey, dog data crime. I'm not judging him if he cried the saying, oh, he cried. So he's this, that and the next thing I'm just does it look like he was crying? Yes, it made because I've seen what looks like when a person cries. It looks like. When you lose a game that you really fought hard to win, and you know it's over with you shed a few tears or you cry enjoy when you win big games. That means you sure crock as you get sacked, what if it's not just what, if it's the frustration, what is this. The bubbling up of all of these emotions. Because usually like if you hit your thumb with a hammer, you might cry because it hurts. It make one plus one eagles too, but sometimes eleven. It's a, it's a whole bunch of stuff that comes together and then it's a, it's a nothing thing that triggers it. Why are you crying? You gotta read the whole quota too much. This is p. in Los Angeles. You are listening to SPN listen. In Los Angeles. Quote, I think as men in general, we all need to show emotion. He said, I think there's a misconception that as men, we shouldn't show emotion, and I think that's wrong. I think we need to show emotion whether it's a movie if you want to cry. If his funny if it said, if you want to be around your girlfriend or your wife, just because you cry doesn't mean you're, you're a little less manly. I think that's a false narrative. Dude. Wean ask you about the notebook. Ask you about the Titanic. And then when she lets him going, though she promise you wouldn't go or at the door was a big door. That rose. I don't know about you girl the life jacket. Yes, he a girl don't let go. Susana, the man came out the a boat. We asked you about that been rothlisburger. We ask you about Derek Carr, CLYDE on the football field. You supposed to have your boys back. It'd be like, no, he crying and kept it move it. We don't need you to break down philosophical narrative about the cultural impact of masculinity in America. We need all of that. Now it makes me feel like he was crying because he was not feel like I don't need to go through the psychology of what makes us feel like it's okay or not. Okay to cry. If it makes you more or less mainly if you can express your emotions that we. I don't. I don't need. I saw the picture. I saw the picture and I looked like he was crying it. It didn't look like it did want to believe why. Travers key. I don't wanna believe now. Maybe I have talked to masculinity. I need to work out there. Maybe I don't wanna believe that the starting quarterback for the Oakland Raiders of all team got sex and started crying. That though I don't wanna believe I'm not worried about that. I know I, he didn't. I can't. I know he didn't cry because he got sacked. Have you wanna tell me like the dolphins quarterback crying or something just because he's on the dull. Fun, but the Oakland Raiders and being next time just he wasn't credit. Keep moving, didn't see it. I don't know something like that, but. But. All right. I man. Maybe he was maybe wasn't. He definitely was. I was last night when this happened. What gets with. Three run Homer to the first row above the Munster down the line. Boston leads to four got out of there in a heartbeat because Alex wood was the one serving it up and doesn't give waivers. He gives up monster shots, and he came in. He did what he does. He give a home run. The game was key. I agree with you. You said a minute ago? It was five to four, but it felt like the dodgers were one hundred percent in the game. They good. Good different times. It was coming back scoring off the bullpen. Pedro bias had them on the run. He had two guys pop pop to really clean, clean, strikeout, high fastball, nice entire smoke ninety ninety eight. And he comes out and says, give me the left-hander. Here he kinds o does that thing where reaches back real far and I know game over it wasn't over is the seventh inning, but it was able. He came over with. Like he saw get hit like, oh, it ain't going to get caught like Massu jumped off the bachelor. The light pole. I'm watching it. He got the basis in the corner. You know the base is lit up with the right. He hit the home run. They came home run. It came back to the male, the little a, what was black and clear. Two. The second he went to the bullpen in as he said, PD out of the game who was mowing guys down. You could hear a collective groan from the entire southern California area of, no, he didn't know alligators. Why? Why are we doing this? What is the analytic? Say, you have to do it left you on a lefty because it's harder for left. You hit a lefty, oppose a righty hitting lefty. They made the move they got, I understand what he was trying to do. He brought in would capitulate diverse, who's left handed Denver's. They decided to take him out. They put Nunez end the rule, say, outwit s to pitch at least one guy before he can make another pitching change. So he decided and you're forcing cores hand at this point either left on left, are you're gonna burn Denver's the those are the two choices. Yes, he decided to earn Denver's newness. It's three homerun. Dave Roberts got out managed in that spot what they should do in the future. They should put cameras down the bullpen so that the managers could actually. See what they look like warm enough. It's not that change their mind. It's not what? What do you need to see every time he comes in? He gives up a home homerun. We've seen, I don't need a camera. No, he's going to give up all run. I knew he was gonna give home run when he came into the game. But what tell me you used to be a pitcher? Give it up home runs. How did you guys do that? Do what this give up home runs like that we're trying to do it, but you just say, every time he comes in, he gives homeless. There's a little box in the corner. Every time you look up exhibit of home runs. If he knows he's giving him home, runs wanting to do something different than not up to them. Okay, you're you really ask him? Yes, I'm serious because he can't execute his pitches. I I know what not to do. I know not to leave a curveball over the middle of the plate. I know not to split the plate in half with a fastball needed to be in. I needed to be out any my curve ought to be down in a way my fastball to be up in. I know what I need to do, its execution. It's the same thing. Did you ever run out and say, I'm going to drop a pass? No, too many and my, but you dropped a couple in which the it's the execution. It's not game plan, execution kidding, execute and hasn't for a month. So do you. So you ever. Right here. Hold stuff. Do you ever try to fix it if you're him? No. Do you do you do you not during the World Series what you try to fix it? In a sense, you try to execute more effectively. You try to stay away from that pitch that they keep smack it? No, not to make it about me, but I was a curveball pitcher if I wouldn't throw my Kirpal I couldn't get anybody out. So I might hang on every once in a while. It gets hit over the fence, but I can't. If I'm a curveball, Lama curveball couldn't get anybody out. Right. Interesting. So I have to through my curveball, but if I'm hanging, that's getting hit too. But if I'm hanging fast, I know that's going to get. I know, man because whenever you pay for the, what was it the the the groundhog day. I mean them days back then and. Hogs boy, you did that curve ball left up there in that stadium. I tell you, I tell you what he has been dragging this guy all season long, and I just need to understand his God. Related. There's something going on. Okay. Help helped me because I'm looking because I was just curious as to the quotes that Dave Roberts. The. It would be some stand. May twenty seven twenty eighteen Dave Robinson. Alex would he didn't have it tonight? Right. Keeps going on and on and on. Here's the story. So thirteen twenty eighteen robbers places. Alex Ross strictly in the rotation, but he keeps in on. Whereas all strip Monette. Playing golf somewhere. I don't know. I don't understand. So I need to know. Was this like a young kid that you'd like mentor and you believe in, you know, like like the way that can make Derek. I'm looking for an explanation. Maybe Nick has Nick. Why did Dave Roberts do what he did. Nick, Nick, Nick doesn't know Nikki or they're gone. There is no explanation. I understand. Dave Roberts is the manager. He's got access to the numbers. He's got access to having seen Alex wood in the bullpen. Like you're saying, he's got reports from Mark Pryor's saying, hey, he looks pretty good. He knows what the math says, but when everyone in the world that's pulling for the dodgers. Uh-huh. Then, you know it's not just prior. Rather have him more. It's it was it was it cost him? The game Kershaw was not good. He got hit around hard that didn't cost him the game. The dodger defense wasn't great. They've made some mistakes, but it didn't cost him the game. What cost them the game last night was the decision to take out by as and that was the case because even five, four felt like it was basically zip again. I mean, we're, we're right there because the was shifting toward us just we had just closed the gap there and then all of a sudden BI as comes in, he won't bolt to out next thing. You know, he comes in and gives up the Jack all the way to the monster, just it. It made no sense to me, but the skipper decided to do it the way he wanted to do. And he's been making some questionable moves recently and they work. Some of them will worked out. They have they've worked out. So this one was a questionable move that did not work out. So what do you do moving forward with Clayton Kershaw? They're gonna pitch him. They. Five, but shortly I understand that Dave Roberts will never any start leash man ever say this look, you Darvish short lease. But when he this is this is the question. He'll never say it out loud. Dave Roberts Sam to send Clinton Kershaw, expect him to pitch percent. When when he's sitting up late at night, thinking about what can go wrong, he's thinking to himself. I have to go get him super early next, and I'm not talking for innings. I'm talking Mookie. Betts leads the game and just stripes GD not say one batter. The next guy comes up and stripes. Another one, all of a sudden the first time through the order. And I did the math last night. The first nine guys came up, seven of them hit the ball squarely. Yeah, you can't do that. You can't do that. If you gotta go with, if you have got to settle down down, if you've grown on as a manager from last season, if you grown it all from last season is to know that if you starting pitcher doesn't have it, you don't let them stick in there and try and work it out in the World Series. He did there with you. We, that was a big reason why we lost the World Series. I noted Clayton Kershaw means a great deal. I know that he's a legend. He's an icon. He's a, I bought a hall of Famer, but he ain't that dude. And if he doesn't show up again, get him out early, don't give them work it out because you need to give your offense time to catch us. So what happens. You. Reu- gets into trouble tonight. You leave him in or you take him what? It's a good question. It's a good question rush, but you know what you can work out housi- what home. Daddy. That's right. Okay, that thank you for that. But that's why today is hump day and we are this show of the people's. We are celebrating hump day wins and giving away tickets to our show to guess what to the Rams versus the Packers. For the Rams. Oh, this is just talk. I don't need your contribution. Wouldn't that get so anyway, more how to give. King, both the game where Aaron Rodgers is figures underdog of his life is actually going up to nine and a half, and we'll do that. Yeah, you're in third place. So we'll do the second place. The second most point anyway. How can you win? You ask, how do you win. Can't think of a question, but if you call eight, seven. Seven, ten ESPN and tell us that's the here. If you tell us who is questioning CPA, threes character. We mentioned this earlier on the show who is questioning, CPA, threes character. You give us a call and you can call a number seven to win tickets to the Rams versus seven, seven, seven, ten ESPN for your chance to win those tickets. And the answer to the question key. What do you do for you? Get in trouble. We'll talk about it next.

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