S2 E18: AOC, TCM, Pelosi, Jerry Nadler's fat head and more!


This is Dennis Miller option, your source of opinion stories in laughs from comedian and inactive est Dennis Miller and his guy Friday, Christian Blat, what's up Hiroshi? Let's light this candle who, ladies and gentlemen. Dennis nor a pob was watching Abbott and Costello. Little boy. Oh my God. I watch buck privates. Which is their first film that they front. I think they're in something called one night in the tropics where they do who's on. I imagine. That's how hot that thing was they were able to shoehorn it into a Gauguin painting. One night in the tropics. It's like. People fire dance or something in a village. Who's on first breaks out? But. The warble in his voice makes me laugh, very hard Lukasz. Delo. And you know, they always talk about the straight man, but your main man's here. Your squeeze some. So clearly, I have that nickname. And by the way, Christine you cutting it so close here getting I wanted to start around four minutes ago near walking in the door, literally a minute and a half before we go on the air when you and Heather little afternoon, delight or something. So you think that I need a minute and a half for that. Tiny tiny sky rockets in flight. After known. So what they're from Starlight vocal ban. The little river band who sang that to to. Hey about what I did there. That's stuff is seamless, man. You don't notice it. Now, there's going to be a time down the road where I'm long gone. Yes. The same. But no longer talking to you. And you're gonna remember hanging fucking guy cross room is so tight with now on even motion to me Rainman over the remember when he I thought he wasn't funny, but he was. All right. I'll see it one day. I'm sure listen, look at main drudge headline they discovered a evidence of a completely new human race just in. I did see the headline. Yes. The just why she's it's also an asshole. Who to thank it. Way back. They find some new Uman species. Get them. They were in the Philippines. Dennis doesn't that make sense? We were supposed New York was supposed to be underwater, the sheer Cording all the main scientists gore. Jake Gillan hall. Which which one do you trust more? I know who I I see. So we find a new Uman species. I'll bet. Are true genius is thinking that we're the most important group of people in the history of planet when it turns out where the dolts so. Yeah, I'm sure we, hey, maybe they find it when they were using that drill bit to core down in the ice. So they can tell you when Taina sors got the runs. I believe that science to where they core down. And then they put a chart up that looks like bulkheads sitting on United in nineteen seventy one where they had that carpeting on the the bulkhead that was all oranges and. Oranges and Tope some bright, shiny mittens. I'm sorry. I'm just singing to piss oh one guy. I've all right. What do we have guest today? The guest is you, and I and the listeners dutiful why I'm going to I'm going to drill down. I see everybody's saying that now and interviews can I drill down on something. Yeah. I guess, but I prefer us. We another question. Well, that's what I meant. And get a job. Oh, I'm sorry. That's what you realize we were in a Duke weighing oil platform fire fell. I thought we were just doing Cuna. Remember, I wanted to do is show for Christian, and it was rebuffed out of hand where it was guests come on each week from different walks of life. And they all interview me, and it's a and q. I love that idea. How quickly was that ship that I think you said it's called a and then before you got the Q out. They were s I always thought it was kind of a funny idea. It's a, hey, flip that hoe. On its head anyway, food, and you anytime you hear anybody starting to sentence anything happen. They've got nothing. Nothing's going to happen. Congratulations, a BB Netanyahu and see just popped the cork on a new missile. Christ when you live in it's like knots landing if everybody had got hit in the head with a wrecking ball. You're in not called aside. And what you're gonna get the the guy who soft on that? Thank God that who's in their five five terms now. And I think that's the record necessarily the record. Or no, gene, gene. Mark lost twelve game lead two weeks out for the Philly that I think the record but other than that congratulations to Netanyahu. And I hope you light up some monster later today. Just let them know you're still in charge, right? When you send an ask kicker missile. What are they really fi- environmentals? What do they do? I mean, they've got them. I think I know the Jews always played coy with the with the atomic weapon. You have the atomic weapon. We have blintzes blow. Blintzes jewish. Yeah. Are you Jewish? Yes. I'm the only Jew named Christian member my old theory that the one ever I've had a show I exclusively hired juice dodge Christmas problems. Because I there they celebrate something different where it's like on the twelfth Dave Christmas, but would drills and stuff on the twelve Hannukah Schlomo got for me. Second. I'm on the something here, you know, all the Arabs when they're in New York. They're they're rerunning fiddler on the roof there and all the visiting Arab businessmen. Go sit in the front row and scream jump. That's a whole different thing for them. It's like when I went to the Zona Hawaii. You know, all of us were looking down into the sea. You know, watching the last of the I don't know, I guess it'll go on forever. Nothing gone forever. It'll be interesting to see their gas leaking up. You know, if you've been to the Zona, I have not still petroleum leaking out from its hall under you. Bubbles up. So you can still see that. We're looking at that in tears and all the Asian tourists are pointing up into the saddle the mountains they came in through them saying we get a separate tower here. Just for today. Just like maybe not have the bilingual signs here on the Zona. If you were Japanese people, would you understand that? Yeah. When you say, I'll give you that. I'll give you that. Because we don't want you, you know, Hawkin those planes, they hawked on and Chinatown Hiroshima, you know, where they fly a little bird planes. Were they whip them? They do two loops I had about we don't want those in her Oceana. So I can understand where they might want. They might want to not Gringo Hiroshima. And we might not want to put on the is code Asians this week. What isn't? Yeah. I know. It's a it's consistently been Asians for for a while. Now Asians was on though. No, I I mean, I think you can still get away with it. It's not like like American Indian is out because you want native American instead. But there was a time where American Indian was fine. Yeah. I never know when it changes because sometimes it changes the things I don't even understand like like, I said dwarfs is out now little people's in. And, you know, thinking, that's so condescending that'd be calling Asian guy Pacific Rimmer or something, you know, where he'd just say. Hey sedation. All right. Look at Trump. He's got an speech here looks like he's got berry Linden lighting. Do you have a TV on? I have on. On Fox News channel. So I must not have on the same thing you on FOX business on Fox News anymore. Well, I can watch out so liberal isn't a more liberal than MSNBC. Now, I watch at Smith once in a while and think well chef is on right now. I I would I always have it on mute. But I do see the the lighting now on President Trump there in San Antonio. He's definitely got the recognize and full effect. No. Some wildlife is that where he's on San Antonia. I'll be there soon. Maybe that's why he's there. He's three years. We're meeting up for secret rendezvous, I was missed June nineteen eighty four. All right. So we're got no guests today. Listen to some of our voicemails, maybe somebody has questions on their last time. I asked Christian asked the crowd through Christian Christian axes an impasse like spa gland. His hands on the Horta. Gene ages, and I ask if people preferred guests shows are no guests shows naturally. Christian. Did the Solomon Esq thing where he said, I think they like okay good can here. Can you job this Eric Stoltz needle in the my heart revive me after I fucking boring answer? But. Who these guys with Trump what's going on here? Trump many presidents haven't done a lot of things they should have exactly he really went out on a limb with that one. Well, listen, he people hate them. Because he does he checks a lot of boxes people. You know hate that. But you gotta give them that. The guy is an active cat, and God knows if I was him. I would do a celebrity death match Klay mation with Morgan spurlock spurlock was anti Mickey D's. Then this guy is a walking talking revival tent for the joys of McDonald's. 'cause is an absolute beast. It's gone by on three hours of sleep a night. Right. Yeah. I think that's about right? You ever seen him look tired? The only time I ever saw him. Look a little dissipated as when they came out with the no collusion thing. Because I think he has to hold himself in some sort of rigidity to not have his kids. Get Secker punched. You know? That's always hanging over his head. So that night when they said there was no collusion. I do. And there was no further in. Minutes that was the key thing and he didn't have to worry about his kids anymore. He did look a little lawn. As in Williams out on the nothing funnier to me one Williamson somebody's making a coach and point. On the five. And he does the quizzical upturn palm look. Yeah. He's he's always he's always got the vapors like like eighty five year old Broadway Waren hope diamond around her neck in the lobby the phone blew that. They Murph the surf check dinner, so. John ropy Lewis shot. He's no he'll still my sparklers. All right. Christian. You wanna feed me stuff? I did our ads already gonna meld those, and we're gonna have to say oh Turner classic movie festival this weekend, very excited for I'm heading down after the show, a little cocktail party. And by the way, why? Way back when when they invented the word cocktail was at like code for you know, getting blasted and getting light simultaneously. I think at that point it meant that you were going to eat some chicken d'oeuvres. I'm just trying to think cocktail what does that about? Maybe somebody can. Fuck if you send in an explanation next week. Maybe you can send an explanation on our voicemail thing and Christian I forbid you from reading it. But I'm gonna look it up here. Come not doing anything. Oh, most in the podcast. This is fine. This is what people tune in for me type here. I gotta lay the Mike Don for so you believe my mic stand so tall. I can't use it or I have to sit up straight. So I have to take it out. And I have to lay this down like, you know, Monty hall and a quail loot. To something Bill Cosby came up with. No, thank you might be right. I lindsay. She she came up with the term cocktail. Now. Here's the thing. I was watching the Colorado triathlon. The other day, it's twenty five mile bike ride one and a half mile swim. And then a twenty five mile run in a hundred twenty-five mile bike race. And they were in the latter part of the bike race. And they come to those tables that they used to pass up orange slices and water, and it was little chilly this year. So they couldn't get any volunteers. They had conscripted sort of a brace gang. Some gets out of the local penitentiary system Cosby was one of them and he's handing glasses of water at the rest. Stop and immediately after drinking all the people were Ryan the women especially writing off into the mountains, really deranged. Just tried some joke about Cosby and liquids. Where did that go? Okay. Cocktail derivation look at that. You're right Dennis. It's about clock and tale. When did cocktails originate, why is cocktail sauce? How cocktail got its name. This is from somebody who's miss- misspelled saver av. E we trust them. I don't I don't see why we wouldn't keep reading Holly came to be called clock tales. It's like twenty pages long. Can't they get the word? Cocktail remains one of the most delusive. Why is it called? Sorry, folks. I can't read this. It's a big exposition where they could've just put you know in one word what what happened there. Well, the problem is that there are many theories as is what I'm trying to do obviously with the morning cock growing, right? And the tail of the cock. I'm reading something that says it came from a French word called, I'm gonna push coca tear. See? Okay. Hey, hey, hey, there is something called reverse arouse -ment your. The sit here with a woman putting me in harm's way. Don't you ever talk to him saying Kaku? It's my my favorite, Sarah. Connolly movie is the cockatoo. Great. Shota for Calley. I said Sarah, actually, meant Jennifer Connelly, what happened to me with Billie. What was Billy Campbell? Was he the Rocketeer? I'm sure that was the porn derivative of that movie right now, he's like, you know, like what was the poor paddle here with the wind. Cockatoo Bill Campbell there. Oh unum. Bring me hand relief. Oh, that's a Neil diamond diamond and strikes in saying that they're never in the studio yet what this is what the world has comes on watching the screen. They've got guys coming up to talk about the banks. And they're saying here's what you make. And here's what your average employee makes have you seen this this morning. I have this guy's being grilled by a woman talking about how he's overcompensated and you're thinking who is more overcompensated than these fucking morons in the house of representatives. Where everyday they walk around leading life that even Bank CEO's don't imagine, you know, protected in the car they had never have to do anything. They've got a bunch of minions chasing than done hall. Granted they're not in for millions. But they're in for enough. And they never have to pick up a check as long as they're in that job, and she's talking to him about how how dare you make this much more. And I'm thinking that's what I wanna do. I wanna talk to Jenky the guy who Greece's the ATM at the Bank, and I want him to take over for a day. Yeah. God forbid, I have a CEO and their who started his Jenky and trained and eventually became a C O after twenty years. I wanna get the guy just started and say, hey, we're we're we're we're shooting being there. You wanna be Cianci Gardiner for the day? Come in here. We're going to match some head funches together or head funches. Wait a minute fungible heads high sharks? I'm looking for a twenty five thousand dollars for fifteen percent of Mike fungible heads. Have you ever wanted to be a spy Eastwood? Mark Cuban's in on. He knows. He knows. But, you know, of course, the guy in charge should make four I was surprised. It was only four hundred fifty times the guy. Yeah. That does seem a little low. I just saying what is this whole thing. Coming down to now that we're gonna shoot everything absolutely everything in modern American life through the fuck up prism is is that what it comes down to is. You know, like I said these kids they're in high school. They take a second and sometimes third language Mandarin. I'll be working. Take a sports, you know to sports things one intermural. I gotta be in student United Nations take up an instrument if he ano- and they get a week off. They gotta fly to Yucatan and build a domicile for somebody. They've never met and risk being hit with a blow. Dart corroded artery all to get into one of the big five schools, and then they get out of the big five schools in this shit. Had ninety year old Bernie Sanders. Standing that, Tom. They're gonna make the same as less who took two months to make a penguin figuring and shop class, really. So I went to Warton I'm gonna make what less did. Thank you. Yeah. Good. Let me sleep in. Anyway. Musset that much. Sometimes I have more than four jokes can use. It. You don't that to me? I can think of three off the top of my head. So sure have or basic templates I work off of right? And I drop in periodically. Like, I threw blow gun corroded artery that one. But that's an old rubric. Isn't it? I think so. Yeah. But everything new is old again is anybody taking tumor. I don't think so I see on every commercial on. I'm wondering how I've got by with it. And I I some the other night and my stool looks like the head crossing guards belt member the orange belt. Yeah. So the tumor has made my stool the. Fell more. I think that guy just call you. In a biological. I'm anna. Have an orange stool to sit on. Right right, next to sick, high sharks. Harvest. But for ten percent of my new company those stole stole. Let's seats have been the same for so long house about sidling up the bar Scoble one of your favorite cocktails taking to do stream the stole stole. I mean, we don't just like it. We love it. Thank you push a few chips in and let's growl together. Listen, I'm not telling you anything, you don't know texting and driving isn't just a dangerous problem. It's deadly. And if you drive all distracted, you're three times more likely to crash, but far too many people still don't recognize the dangers. Did you know that when you send receive a text take your eyes off the road month five seconds at fifty five miles per hour. That's like driving more than the length of a football field with your eyes closed. Life is not an out Pacino movie down in the village between two thousand twelve and two thousand seventeen nearly twenty thousand people died in car crashes involving distracted driver, and if your own safety isn't enough reason to stop driving while distracted. Here's another one. It's also illegal. That's why cops are writing tickets anyone caught texting while driving. They're doing it to save lives. So remember if you text while driving, you will get caught you drive. You text you pay paid for by nitsa. All right. Let's see a Cossio Cortes dressed up like a Batman villain today. What is that? Yes. I believe she's the lesser known villain. The blueberry does she have a bow by the whereas she straight lesbian. I'm no her. My understanding is that she's straight. And I think that her boyfriend for lack of a better term. I think is actually also on Twitter, but you know, ever since the dance video I realized that I it was going to be hard for me to follow her. So she was dancing on one of her tweets. Oh, no, no. There was they they there was like an on earth video of her dancing on a rooftop in college as so. That's like thank God. Nobody took a photo of me on that airplane shirtless. Be on a rooftop ask me some things about the world Christian. I won't I won't deny you knowledge. Have you man? I know, bro. By the way, TC I'm festival this week. Yeah. I got off that for second. Tonight. I go down a little cocktail party was depress where I revealed at my foundation, the Reuss Wayne foundation. And then let's see tomorrow night is when Harry met Sally premier I walked the red carpet and try to stay out of ice shot with rob Reiner. Sure detest me, then let's see above Friday night. Ileana Douglas, and I at the Roosevelt hotel poolside, very cool. Introducing the nineteen fifty six film the opposite sex, which is a musical technicolor version of the women from nineteen thirty six play. Written by Clare Boothe, ironically, before she well, she one of the few women who got married and became a loose woman. Get in Clare Boothe loose. What I did there. I do and Ilian. I have a good time. Introducing that one young daughter and that by the way, ironically, played by a young woman named dasher. I forget her first name. I wrote it down the E S C H E R last year. I enter -duced them and the young girl who screams them in that movie is the aforementioned, MS dasher. Wow. Since she was so young. She also is in bad and the beautiful where she plays the young girl who screams when the cat people are after. In the fake film within the film that is the bad and the beautiful. So that's three sightings. I've see. I looked her up. She lives in Burbank, and she's only seventy two years old. Wow. And I I called T Sam. And I wish and surprise the people in the crowd and bring her up, and they said they cannot track her down so perchance when will this podcast go Christian tomorrow? It'll be Thursday April eleventh, if any of you have a neighbor for chance, and I think I let me see they have really tight analytic charts here. Yeah. I've gotten negative to podcast on letters in Burbank. So if either want to introduce people. No d'echouer, MS dasher, go over and tell her to come into the Roosevelt and let us kiss the ring on her that night, but seventy two now and in the last two films, we've introduced poolside which is such a quirky thing to me the next morning at nine fifteen I introduce when worlds collide with the star Barbara rush who is now ninety two and that'll be exciting for me Saturday night, if you're anywhere near Cal Lutheran university, which is out I believe near cow Methodists and not far from Cal Ramsey just past former Nick come on. I'm introducing Gary Sinise. Who's performing they're doing concert for the troops. That's I think five for fighting will be on before him. And then I under do such Garrett around seven nine. And then back into town and Sunday night. The great comedy writer Ellen's y bell, and I will be introducing talking about buck privates. The first Abbott and Costello film as I said that they fronted and that leads us them to do forty six films in sixteen years. Imagine all these guys are churning these out, and I did not know as much as I should about them. I enjoy them. But to me, it's kinda like they're the two students. You know, same sort of dynamic have got an idea. Well, let me Hitchin have of the ball hammer first, and then you can lay it on me through the slobber. So guess who turns up in buck privates in a minor part as a chef sham powered really crazy shampoo. Howard of molar cheese molar cheese, next Lukasz Delo comes off, like Ralph Richardson, he so demure. So that was an interesting citing and the end or the Andrew sisters are in it. Breaking out boogie. We'll keep you go. Boy. And I'm telling you, Patty Andrews, just a superstar. No irony. No, nothing. They weren't the McGuire. Sisters exactly as far as LA LA, but such talents and paddy Maguire does such a groovy presentation of boogie will bugle boy, and you can see it's their rock and roll. Then I mean, so funky and weird. And she she she manages do all the herky-jerky body motions while she's dancing, but it's connected to her like her face in a way. Whereas everybody else is concentrating so hard on the steps you can almost hear the years wearing and her faces off in wild fund tangential Ville, and but she never misses a step. She so grew him big fan. I know much about the Andrew sisters. But I wonder if any limit still probably not too too old at that point this film from. Nineteen forty one. Put out as I said, January thirty first scant ten months later, Pearl happens. So this whole films like sort of a, you know, Bowery boys meets the military. But at the ten months later, the film's obviously have to get a whole whole whole lot heavier. So that's my final duty there. And I'm looking forward to my weekend to TC 'em film festival. Come on on if you are in the area. And if anybody has said knows, I think any may be piggy denture. If anybody knows Peggy desert in Burbank, tell her to give me a call or how our friend our Clint Howard lives in Burbank, and he's live there whole life. So I'm actually going to text him everybody. Yeah. So I will see if if he might know where I'll watch yours weird. Life is read in variety Tamara Clinton how or restraining order by. For actress paid for more like the other way around calling me at St. hanso. He's brother call the police. He wanted to be Drake Tron yet. Oh, Christian you still on the chronic? You know? Everyone kids we all. What is what do they call twenty? There's a number four. Lizzy just rights you sick. Anti Christian light stick out of your hands raven. Today on the Andrews sisters, and yes, Patty. The most recent pass away was in two thousand thirteen Maxine in nineteen ninety five. But surprisingly Laverne she passed away in nineteen sixty seven at the age of fifty five. Yeah. Wow. Well, they were tremendous and the two others seem to know that the one was special in some way that you know, they had that same look on their face where you just sense the pips weren't coming forward. I it's it's it's zeppelin look. Yeah. I think there was a movie about background singers called eight feet behind her something from something about feet from stardom or something. Yeah. So yeah. I didn't have quite behind somebody. Right kristen's. Right. I I didn't have you know, I was nowhere in the ballpark saying eight feet behind where it's back there ball yard while you. Yes. Ever recall is always say we played softball once. Then whenever I do a joke. We'd got the lunch or something. I just go out. Hang with him Kosters like Costa's bulldozer. He's the coolest and I'd sit there. I'd tell joke. It would fall flat once on cost would look at ago warning track power. Eight. Oh, hurt her deeply. I gotta call him. I haven't seen. God. I can't believe the people. I don't see for a while. And it just. Hey, you know, I'm socially defect, but you hung out with gecko over the weekend. It's such a fun time with Michael I thought how I not talk to him. There's no, right or anything. It's just I always feel like I'm bugging people. And I know Coster I call making now pretend ical. Find out that his number has been changed. I told you that he told me that the the scene with Susan serandon member she says something like what do you like any ticks off? I like frozen lines of you know, all that that originally took was taking place in a. A black. Bravo. He told me. Wow. Okay. Where he was sitting at a piano, and you know, just unwinding on the road in the minor leagues and singing that to or saying that to a black pianists that sounded like such a groupie thing. I don't know what happened to it in the transition. But it was like a honky tonk sort of thing and he ended up saying it to her. But that movie to this day. I don't know is that the best sports movie. I mean, I wasn't natural the other night. It's there it's there. But yeah, it's hard to come up with another one. Like, you know, there's some that are maybe might be more fun to watch major league or bad. Yeah. Bears. But as far as an accurate what one would assume. Yeah. Would be an accurate depiction of life in the minors. I gotta say that the bull dorms there. And when you know it killed me in the naturally other night is the guy who ROY Hobbs replaces as Michael Madsen who turns up in a lot of things he said wargames and the turn the key sir at the opening sequence. He's the right fielder in natural. And it's funny. How would fail that is? Because I had forgotten that through the way Hobbs finally gets in is it gets in one day because they're trying to discipline Madsen because he's being too much of a, you know, high falutin so Hobbs he gets in belts the cover off the ball. And but they still put Madsen back in the next day because they feel. They've motivated him now. And indeed they have he's got two hits in the first seven innings somebody hits along flight or right field mats, and is now on his source chasing it because he knows Hobbes's sitting there ready to, you know, Lou Gehrig him and he runs right through the wall and kills himself. You know, it's funny thing for the, you know, the movie when I think back on the movie, I think of it as being a beautiful. Yeah. And elite. What is that word Chris elite elegy E L L E G AC allergy and quite beautiful. And quite you know, almost like field of dreams that sort of thing. And it has this funny cartoon moment where he runners or while he coach through the fence and the next day. The headline reads he's debt and they're celebrating on the field. And that's how Hobbs gets in and Randy Newman. What was he thinking without soundtrack? Oh my God. It's so starring isn't it. Yeah. Especially just for me compared and contrasted to I don't know all of his other work get out. Get out. Parody of LA big at the Laker games. They still play dodger games when they win. I think that was misconstrued the same way. Born in the USA was just right, exactly. And celebrating you either instance. But I have to say that I think the naturals up there with the well the Bernstein was. I think it was over there's two Bernstein's and one of them back to back roads. And think it is over Bernstein wrote yet is because Lenny's the guy who was big in New York society, and we're Bernstein back to back rights themed from Agnes int seven which is about as robust as gets. I radically ends up a cigarette commercial, but at some point about going for life and then to kill Mockingbird next. I mean, that's just crazy. But Randy Newman, certainly I've got that up there with the Lord's Arabia soundtrack, which is just stunning. A lot of the Hitchcock ones that are done by the guy we discussed the other day. I blamed on his name again. And he did to Herman Herman. Yeah. And Bernard Harman, and then oddly enough, there's a sleeper hit here and vite Michelle grand. I stations abra is beautiful a rousing opening number and mutiny on the bounty has a beautiful, and I think Michelle grant if you go back there's a groovy film called by shocked to me called a couple beautiful girls from well, there's the umbrellas of shor Borg with the nerve. And then there's another groovy when cushion you gotta look it up for me because it has Gene Kelly in it, George secures. I know the sun's unlikely young Catherine Deneuve of her sister, and it's called the pretty girls of and then at some other city in France jock. Demi D E M Y S. I'm telling you folks, this is a sleeper hit. There's a loose assemblage at the beginning that is very rim. Menace of like all that jazz when they pull those disparate threads together to Georgie Benson's riff at the beginning. Everybody's stretching you see them. Sweating stretching nervous getting ready for the audition. And then all of a sudden from nowhere. You just hear Benson kinda coming in sly on the bag of boom. Would it do boom, boom. And it kind of happens. There's an extrapolated version of that at the beginning of this shocked me film, where everything sort of pools together at the beginning of a location shoot in the small town in France for a movie company, and it is so groovy the way they enter town to it. And then unpack to it. And then get their start to get loose for the shoe. It's it's really stunning. What what does it? Call the young girls of Rocha fort Roach for. Yeah. Roche word couldn't give it a higher recommendation groovy cool film that is so reminiscent. I when you see it you'll know where the who the kid who did LA La Land because it's so much that Damon. Now, that's Damian Chazelle. I think as we can tell he was a big shock Demi fan because it's it's got a lot of that in. All right stresses a worldwide epidemic. Mike, we're working longer hours. What's your podcasting where inundated with the constant news cycle? We're more connected than ever before. And sometimes you wonder if the internet is allowed us thought come together as one in realized there might not have been a reason for us to come together as one stress as a part of life, but it can very easily affect our overall wellbeing the stress anxiety, many people can feel exhausted during the day. But then it's time to go to bed to wire to fall asleep. 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Get unlimited access to all of coms content today at com dot com slash Miller. Get calm and stop stressing. I'm just riffing here. We don't have a guest today, but we can take some Christian. I'd ask that we get any phone calls about whether they prefer guests or no guess we don't have any of those just yet. Wow. That's a big sign have. Well, have to hide it. That's we have a lot of voicemails. But we don't have any on that. So I think when you do we don't have we have that's being pro. We didn't get any ask you question. Nobody even dance or I don't know that people have have heard that. What does this game of thrones thing as good? I don't watch it. I don't have no idea tuned in twice as people fucking in the small of dragons back. What what what is it? You know, it's dragons and fucking. Yeah. Yeah. And and lots of insight like dragon movies. Sure. I don't mind, you know, fucking movie here and there, but. You know, that whole thing I'll rescue you from the big reptile. And then we'll use it as a to get off. Now fantasy say, hey, hey. We have a ton of voice mails about Jimmy Connors. I think that's what we were buried under few. Well, yeah, they tell you find a new species of human. If two is an asshole you did. That's one joke. I've written for I wanted to tidy up on. AOC's boyfriend. He is a web developer named Riley Roberts, and I see a photo of him. He's a ginger are. Ours. Read are are are you a oh. See what I do. I see what you did there. So give me some of these a Jimmy Connors interview with fantastic man, do that a lot. So that long-form here view what a treat to have you guys two point each other as friends what what monumental? Thank you experience. I'm just hoping those no gender reassignment surgery down the pipe for this guy. 'cause we lose them on our side. Just Connors Jimmy Connors. And this is your best show that I've something about Jimmy would have meant. She is if they do gender reassignment surgery on him. They're gonna add a second, dick. Gotta guest. He was awesome Fava's. Listen to you guys. Got it on pretty good Dennis. I've been listening to you for many years and really enjoy the podcast even the singing, but I wanted to call and just congratulate you on that Jimmy Connors interview. That was nice work, man. I mean, I know your friends and that had to make it much easier. But to hear him relaxed just talking to a friend talking about the tennis days, it's a very real thing. And it really gave a a good look into the minding at you know, peerless champion. So in some ways, I think it's the best in some ways the best work that you've ever done. Nice job, man. Kristen hold for second. Can you make a j peg or em fuck or whatever they called and send me one because I'd like to play that for Jimmy. That'll mean a lot now. I will definitely send you Jimmy's one of those guys. Always I told you once that I can't tell that start. Sorry. I would betray somebody. But sometimes these guys are in lockdown mode. You know, as far as they're not gonna give it up that they they really, you know, once you feel at fact that, you know, listen, Jimmy love the fact that he answered the call, you know, what I mean, it's just he's a he's a bit of a tough guy. But you know, when you talk to he told me, and this will blow your mind that Wimbledon's locker room was so small that there were times that he'd go out for match, and he'd be sitting back to back like shoulder blades shoulder blade with board talking because he and Bjorn or friends, and then the guy would come in and sit time, and they'd have to get up and walk. Can you can't? That's beijing. He said there were times in the early rounds when he'd be sitting there just look at the guy was talking to him. He would even talk to go say, I just look at. Then it's time is the, you know, the guy would just keep sitting there because he hadn't been on Wimbledon centre court yet, you're gonna go. How he wouldn't get into people's heads. I'm telling you, he's whatever out with. I think he's we might be the same height or maybe an inch shorter of it blows my mind used to watch him. And thank you know, he just had such a commanding presence. But I could just see him looking at a guy and kind of in his head to the point where the kid listening one. We have to go out now. Anyway, those voice most because I'm digging this. And if you wanna leave us voice mail, you can call familiar number eight six six five on nine seven two six eight. Yes, that's eight six six five nine rant or you can tweet at Christian DMZ or at Dennis DMZ and use the hashtag Dennis Miller option. I love approbation. Is appropriate. Zapper Bachchan mean praise. I think it's a preate Shomar. I realize how much fake edition is their work for faking. Fainting. Eddie, fainter, the king and his court the softball pitcher. And I'm refinering. Wow. Look at was this Theresa May believe so it just showed maybe getting their Schwere on. Yeah. Oh, yeah. I mean, it's a good year for her common hot on the runway there. And by the way, I was watching hidden voice the other night, and they had a scarab beetle that I'm firmly convinced is Morgan Fairchild. You know, the show he can't quite tell who with something about the scare beat is manic. Mannerisms reminds me young Morgan Fairchild. That's thanks something. How this vote? As the good Jimmy Connor interview that needs to be a one thing bringing to them. And I wanna hear segment on John McEnroe how he back very used to go at it. I loved it. I grew up with guys, and he is one of my heroes as with McEnroe in your use out statements, so create it. I just got done listening to Dennis's talk with Jimmy Connors. And I was quite a tennis nut it when I was younger and has some great memories. But that was that was a great interview. This. I'll right. That's we gotta play those Jimmy he'll like them. I will say he won't like it. But I'd like to present you can let him decide how much he likes. We did a six mile or yesterday telling you we got to the top of this peak. That's as close as we come to going straight up. And I was I thought it was in good shape for the day. When I was a pretty fast pace even said some Mansfield today, we went up the hill. And I just I almost didn't make it to the top. And he's not even breathing. Heavy. I get up full-bore gasp lean over fuck. Jimmy. Don't you ever breathe heavies? I'm breathing. Heavy as you. My grandfather said never let the other guy see do it. So he he won't breathe through his mouth. He breezed through his nose because he didn't want. He said if you're playing somebody and my grandpa, he said, hey, calls him pops pops always said, if you they see you breathing through the mouth, it gives them a a little extra juice to go against you. Because they think your guests to he's if somebody's gas. They look across the net. And you're just standing there you have an open your mouth yet. It freaks them out. So that's that's his play going up this hill. Like, I said, I'm bent over them, Ron Jeremy and myself, and he's not even breathing having. So believable. What else is up in the world Christian? Let's get a lot of Terry. Is there any do have a phone call? Somebody hates me. I don't think we have any of those today. But always keep those there. Are there? Not do. I like them kind of in a way them for particularly needy moment where you need the praise, and I make sure that you get a little of that just to keep you in your place. But somehow was a turn off. I know fun Lindsey won't open her mouth to laugh when she bites little than lives. No, no. What what else is willing there are bigger headlines than but this one caught my eye? A Caroline Kennedy has referred to Nancy Pelosi as quote, the most important woman in American political history as Pelosi has been named recipient of the Kennedy libraries profile in courage award. Sure. But she's a woman. Saying. Quibble about. That's yeah. Sure. That's like valedictorian in summer school, right? Jerry Nadler has gone after Bill bar as a lawyer is. Imagine getting so thin that everybody realizes your fat head you fat. Fuck head. Jerry Nadler's the guy who won't pay Jimmy and goodfellas, where's the bad drug one my money. Fuck. Put a phone quarter. And. Good as Liotta when he starts laughing. Oh. Chris. The kills me as Liotta ever do. It of us. Probably because I know is is works so much. No. Would you bring up your favorite photo shoot of his youth? I am told that because I thought about where you live. You take taken the back end money on goodfellas and outfitted their housing complete southwest year for install magazine sitting at a table and over his shoulder. There's a huge Coyote pink with light blue and yellow spots on it. It's got its head tilt it back in its howling at the moon may really gone. The wife has gone so far to the south west the another Guevara would've asked for rewrite and Liotta has got gotta look on his face. Like, can you believe this decor? If you believe this is my yield on goodfellas, I'm living in a roadrunner cartoon. Funny. Look, it's the same. Look feel call and says on his face when an ranking singing against all odds or the Bernie top as space shatner's mass occurring rocket man Leo's at the table. He loves his wife. Obviously, I don't know if that ended up being his wife, I'm not sure won't be crafts or anything. But the look on his face is Christ be anymore, married. Bad the courses choice. What else is? Well, let me finish the thought on Jerry Nadler, he has characterize Bill bar a biased agent of the president. And he vows to go to court to get the full mother report. And you know, now, there's not the only one saying this. So that's why a bar speak. Finally, then he seemed cool. Have you seen him seems like, you know, an attorney general type I mean for for remember thinking that the listen be careful what you wish for because I think Barr yesterday at least said that he believes that Trump was spied on. And he might start looking into the other thing. I heard an interesting theory today on Limbaugh, I don't know the he bought it. I don't know that I bought it too. But what happens? If Muller is a straight shooter and their stuff in that report that does not make put Hillary in a good light. Yeah. Because I really can't believe and I forget how it's been pooh-poohed. You always notice things that seem obvious. Eventually, they get you called in not right? That's the left kinda edges it back to the point where edges it back. They work thing. You know, how you do a chart where your finger goes down one column and over one column sure they do that thing with the edging back. What you're talking about versus time horizon out and eventually they reach across. Series of boxes that were they're able to call you and not a paranoid. Not. And they did that with the thirty three thousand emails, I really can't believe that didn't turn into just a big thing. And I forget what the reason is. Now, they say they're all yoga they've been where if you just say thirty why were thirty three thousand emails around a Kate. And the look at you not want their insistent, not one of them had anything to do with anything. And I just think man, I do believe this was like, obviously, it's fall short. But Trump still in. I think it might work against anybody else. I would have hoped they wouldn't have played card against a guy like mitt or Jeb. They probably wouldn't felt they had to because they were going to get in there and bend over backwards be one of the guys, but with Trump, I guess they really have to push all the chips in. But it just seems like as close to what was it called in seven days in may Comecon. I think there was probably some telegrams going back and forth about who they were picking in the in the Belmont because they're the Preakness because this really seems like it had some juice from the FBI and the OJ, and you know, when you see Strachan page going back and forth about plan. B I guess this was planned to completely besmirched guy, and I guess at some point to get him impeached, and then they got to the point where they realized that they weren't going to have it. Now they're backing off impeachment. But I really would like bar just to go back and who who green lit it. And did it have anything to do with trying to say, hey over here to get people to stop looking about? Why when somebody had subpoenaed thirty three or all the emails thirty three thousand of them were just white outed. It's it's crazy. Thank can't imagine. You know, they always say flip at the other way. I agree with most of them. But I think this is a fool's errand. This is what they want us to do. They flip it the other way. And you know, they're master Tory about that the you're right. You're right in their heads not lie. You're right. But it didn't because we didn't because we've got Chuck Todd in their partners hair, which may five times during an aunt, you know, covering for us. But so they're they're to our guys megabyte for me to give it up completely. But now, I would like if bars amenable, I would like to find out what happened those thirty three thousand emails because I know if it had been done by anybody Trump, they'd have Trump in calories Rocketship setting them back the mid explosion krypton. Cal. My boy got like you do the show just for me jump up here. Jump the sardine. Has this day? Not gonna go into town that I keep tabs on the time. Yeah. Well, we have enough time. If if well, let's do one more you got a question or voice Moore, something we're up gotta get down. And do the TC. I'm festival. I don't wanna keep you from the TC 'em firing rapid here on bass. Here's a t shirts exciting 'cause he's a genius booze ripped. Every he's late to because car won't start. Oh, by the way in Warren in worlds, collide. It is so fun Christian. You know, it's nineteen fifty one film, and the it's one of the film's doing at the the dashboard on the spaceship makes a freezes, you know, like Prius looks like a time machine compared to how simple it is. And there's always that great moments science fiction films where keeping the ship's equilibrium is predicated literally on strength on the pilots part. Pulling the talk. Yes today. Like when the fat guy goes down to the Titanic. He's just thumbing it and breathing up against the tuggle and taking you know, he cracks his knuckles a gun. Take little Scott camera inside the bows of the ship right now. And all ends to do is touch. It a little back then when you worked at toggle you had to pull in the record like your Vasa Alexia or something powerlifting to get a going and then right behind him on the wall. John d'or the plays the pilot who looks sorta leg Richard Denning, Danny Kaye. He's pulling on at the. The ship of. Going down to the snow Planas like landing an aspirin and over his shoulder. You see the precaution. Casey doesn't pull it up. They got a regular fire extinguisher on peg board on the wall. It's the spaceship that saved the planet. I love it's beautiful. It's like Leno stall stopped on plan. Nine from outer space is seeing the earth calendar. March is a knowing not on Britain. All right. I got arrack. Bye. Bye. Thanks for listening to the Dennis Miller option exclusively on Westwood One. Dune into new episodes every Tuesday and Thursday on the Westwood One. Westwood One dot com and on podcasts and remember to rate review and share until next time. That's the show and we are out of here.

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