175. Bumper Boats: a calming meditation and kids story


The low our islanders. Today we are happy to share a favourite story and relaxation. With you before we begin. We want to remind the grown-ups who are listening that hundreds of be calm on our island episodes are available on patriots looking for a particular favourite story or a special meditation. Want stories about dragon. More episodes read by a male or female narrator. You can find just the right story and dot com slash our island now. Let's get ready to relax Hello our islanders. Let's see if you have everything you want to become on our island. Are the lights in your room. Dim are off. Do you have your favorite blanket or listening buddy before we begin our story. Let's relax by taking three deep dragon breaths breathing through your nose filling up your belly and then out through your mouth imagining that. You are breathing. Fire ready deep breath in and out again deep breath in and out last one. Fill up your belly deep breath in and out today the air will help you feel calm as if you arresting on a cloud. This is all pretend and you are very safe. You'll start by focusing on your feet slowly. Move up to your head and and by thinking about your entire body ready to find your cloud warm and sunny sky. The cloud is soft and fluffy like a giant pillow. The breeze circles you as you lie back on the cozy pile of fluff. Think about your feet focusing on how they feel your feet feel warm or cool. Has they float on the soft cloud. You feel the breeze. Washing between your toes does the win. Tickle the bottom of your feet let the cloud float you're up and brees like a dragon in and out focus on your legs. How do they feel let the cloud support them. Your legs are light and flooding. Just like your feet relax and feel the warm breeze world around you has the soft cloud gently rocks you back and forth and think about your back how does it feel relax into the fluffy cloud and breathe like a dragon in and out the soft cloud hugs and gently rocks you as you flowed in the air. How do your hands feel your hand is open with your fingers. Spread out allowing the breeze to circle. Feel your hands. Soften as they float on the warm cloud your body is light and calm hugged by the comfy. little cloud. Think about your arms. How do they feel. the wind. shanley swirls around them. Has you rest your arms on the fluffy cloud with your feet. Legs back hands and arms. All relaxing noticed the lightness in your body and float focus on your shoulders. Feel them soften as they settle into the cloud like a dragon and doubt the cloud. Hugs your body gently and rocks you back and forth can fourth think about your neck is relaxed soft. Feel the winds sway your head from side to side as your head rests on your cloud pillow. Enjoy the feeling of comfort as the cloud gently cushions here head. Loosening your jaw and your for the soft breeze world around your face and body relaxing you even more now. Your whole body is floating as the cozy. Clouds supports your feet. Legs back hands arms shoulders and neck. Relax and feel the cloud hug and rock you back and forth kim fourth wrapped in the area blanket as you continue to float. Let's take three more deep dragon. Breaths breathe deep in and out a breathing in through your nose and breathing. Fire out your mouth again. Deep breath in and out last one. Fill up your belly deep breath in and out. Great job everyone. I hope you are tucked in nice and cozy okay. I think we're ready to begin our story. Let's be calm on our way island. Our story today is bumper. Boats sunshine streamed down through the club's sparkling on the calm water. All the boats rested their slips waiting for their captains to take them out to sea for the day manny. The motorboat waited patiently in a slip next a weekly. The wave runner. The little wave runner was still asleep. Enjoying peace of the harbor. Manny looked over to see if teagan the tugboat and sandy. The sailboat were awake. Teagan was already out and about seeing if anyone needed help. Sandy was up to and she sighed deeply. What's up. sandy manny asked. It's a beautiful morning. The sunrise is beautiful. There's just no wind. I won't be able to sail with everything is calm. Sandy said then she realized this was the type of weather that manny preferred. The sailboats smiled and said it is perfect weather for you though. I guess i can trade off some windy days with calm days so you can have a chance for some fun to the motorboat smiled back and said we do tend to like opposite types of weather. Well we both like sunshine. Maybe we can hope for a sunny day. Sandy said as the clouds above drifted together. A shadow covered the boats. I'm sure the sun will come back out in a minute. Manny said with a little hesitation. The water in the harbor grew more wavy. I feel the wind. Sandy said i think the weather is changing. It certainly was wake was rocking on the waves now so much that he woke up one going on the wave runner asked. I think a storm is coming. Teagan is coming back already. The motorboat replied. He had spotted the tugboat rumbling. Their way it's getting a little rough out there teague and said as she put it over to her spot. You're back early. The sailboat said the waves are growing bigger and bigger and the wind is blowing stronger and stronger. My captain decided. We should wait in the harbor until the storm passes and then see if anyone needs help. Teagan replied her. Captain was busy. Making sure teagan was safe in her slip. All the boats were swaying now the waves and the winds moved them. The boats went up and down up and down as the waves rolled in the boats. Wade side to side side to side as the win whistled. Bi weekly smiled and laughed. He loved it. The wave runner usually sought out these types of waves. When he was playing today he found them in his harbor slip. Manny bumped into the soft fenders on the dock as the waves and winds stirred the waters. He looked around and noticed the others were bumping into their fenders as well. Every time of boat bounced off a fender. There was a squeak. Sandy added the clanging sound of the lines on her mast to the squeaks from the fenders sue. The once peaceful harbor was singing with the sounds of mass. Clinking fenders squeaking and lines humming in the wind Then the wind and waves slowed and the harbor grew quiet once more. The boast felt steady in their slips with the waves now gently rocking back and forth back and forth. Boats began to feel a bit tired. Manny and the little motorboat was snuggled up safe in his slip feeling cozy and warm in his covers. Manny thought all he had to be grateful for the little motorboat was grateful to have a safe place to arrest. He was happy to have saw fenders to bounce off of when the water was a little rough most of all manny was thankful that all his friends were safely tucked into their slips as well. He closed his eyes squeezed himself tight and then relaxed. The little motorboat took deep breath in doubt. Manny took another breath in and out then one more deep breath in and out his mind. Quieted and manny fell asleep hoping for a sunny day with some calm water to play on when he woke up. Thank you for joining us to be calm on our way island. Cnx time

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