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Ep 40 | 'Joker' Is Trumps Fault!


Okay gotTA podcast. What's going on in America I am Graham Allen Melissa Allen I'm already on this thing okay all right so CNN reports right CNN verified account You know true news all right. CNN says the true of peel viewer who said that they thought that I'm not making fun I'm going to actively try to not interrupt you guys I lost my voice Saturday night and I've been recovering from it so this is this is what you get on this episode this is what it sounds like is responsible for the creation of the joker this is going to be a fantastic episode sit back relax and welcome to the newest episode of the Dear America retrieved man in the history of ever occupants Christian Bale I'm just saying and people are up in arms thank you guys for leading me into that Oh i apologize for cutting you off Missouri so I was written to the by invidious in there it is I mean invidious alright lies in its invidious validation of the white male resentment Tom is real I'm starting to wonder if I've done permanent damage to my vocal chords possibly and this is just going to become like my new I swear to you she did number one I'm bothered because I want to know their thoughts and number two I like monotone jake and Sweet Eliza so I super villain in the history of the World Hashtag makes sense to me how delusional do you have to be to say that a fictional character I'm pretty good speaking of Batman all right yes joker came out they said they really valued your opinions and she even said I also Love Your Beautiful Wife Lists is opinion and monotone Jay I'm kind of thing I'm going to make an active effort to not interrupt you tears day because I want you to feel like valued assets of the new joker movie lies in its individuals individuals is that the word I N v I D I o u s oh you are I would appreciate you not interrupting me all right anyway okay moving on no but on the series that helped bring president trump to power I guess about the joker movie yeah so president trump is responsible for the is because of the current president I mean think about that for just a minute it's a fictional it's not real and the movie is set back in the nineteen Oh wow wow you see ladies and gentlemen L. A. You Harp on me he's calling I will not answer it anyway I guarantee Superman the point is so how many of you listening to this remember when the Disney channel had like Disney original Louis or is it Halloween Halloween naturally more country you sound when you say Halloween Halloween elections when saying that monotone anyway happens going on this is our like introduction of normal life here for you guys so it's October which means that Halloween movies are in full of facts atman would have been a trump voter there's no way Batman would have voted trump all day la billions superman fi tag batman for life he likes the awkward silence says everything no it's not even remotely same ball move that would come out right so you had like the thirteenth year where that Dude turned into like a mermaid or something you had the luck of the Irish where he was a basketball player and he was like Leprechaun Smart House was one of my favorites under wraps was a good one my mommy mommy went the turn both done are you sure I'm trying to give you like that one. Two three counts chest pain Halloween Halloween Halloween following Halloween Halloween I say what does it matter Halloween opt everything and he said seriously guys that movie was awesome like pure quote unquote inflection like he was all lives in Halloween town which is like this place that you can only get two on Halloween obviously right so they don't know they end up going to Halloween town and then magic in there is again it's like Oh man this was a great movie and my son My middle son Gunnar I kid you not he seeing Aquaman he sees absolutely nothing elissa likes aquaman because we're able to watch that one with our kids because there's not a lot of a lot of Wayne it's favorite movie Halloween Sounds Country Halloween Hashtag America is it all right anyway it's about it's about this this family of witches right but but the kids don't know that they are witches because the grandma gallon whiskers guys we know but anyway so I'm going to make an attempt because I've got that two people are the day he's so upset sweet Elissa for a minute please sweet Melissa Yeah your turn would have been a little baby and light politically correct me up was why hate superman yeah I said America I hate Superman I'm happy it all out and stuff anyway if you were to watch it by yourself as an adult now you'd be like this is the dumbest movie I've ever seen the when you watch it with your kids you go and you see like the the things that they can't see it on mute yeah yeah so of movies and I know people are listening going you got lgbt Q.. Plus being shoved down their throats all the time what's the what's the what's The elephant or bear cartoon where they had the the gay wedding emergency strike you always see news stories of long lines of people in empty store shelves why are you always film when I do the ad rates the as yeah so I'm going to introduce them to that but the other day I introduced them to Halloween town Halloween I mean most of like the Spiderman movies has seen any Batman movies yet but I mean he's seen a lot of cool movies that movie ended and he'd stop I am trying to do an ad right now Eliza how dare you she is filming while we do this but there's no need to be part of that chaos which is Alissa not two day delivery disasters won't wait so why should you have you seen the walking dead come on Act Now and save seventy dollars on a a week emergency food kit when you go to my special website prepare with Graham Dot com my Patriot supply food kits last up to twenty five years in store and the possibility of having to deal with theme of food lines. Those that know what's coming are using today to prepare you should make a plan to ninety dollars it's better to have not need the need and not have go to prepare with Graham dot com prepare with Graham dot com neighbors did know that you're the crazy food prep guy but they're the ones that will be sorry when the zombies come out take action so you're ready for what's coming and save seven bridge and includes breakfast lunches and dinner or a few today and receive guaranteed two day delivery discreetly to your door because you don't what collected they're saying that the joker would have been a trump voter that's what they're saying that the joke the the the the villain that bat you know what I guarantee you I guarantee you in town how many Hashtag dear America if you remember Halloween town how Dadgum at J. Now I'm going you've never seen Halloween all there it says it right there monotone Jacob what it says in real life I don't know I guess I'm GonNa have to hands urinals in a one hundred and ninety five million dollar gender-neutral remodel of government buildings in our society Portland now Jessica my sister I thought you were telling me that you had this yes alright Portland and then they take away the urine which is one of the greatest assets of having male genitalia ever who in the men's bathrooms or a mountain yeah like my new thing right because yeah Jason Say no who is it that talks royalty Sam Elliott every every pop so if you have children I recommend that you introduce them to Halloween that movie and I can't recommend it or not upset about the urinal women that walk in there and look at the urinals you shouldn't be in the thirty people the truth is the truth is well we talked about it on I'm trying to have more you know movement in my voice here but we talked about it on ramp nation and what about the I can't indies overly about mental health issues no no what they're saying is that mentally disturbed individuals is what got president movie Elizabeth not there I get a text message and it's basically argue shoe that's appropriate it's freaking Halloween her family all right Well you know that makes you a bigot anyway moving okay this is a good topic for discussion have starting with building an emergency food supply and I trust and use my patriot supply their experts in emergency preparedness and have gear it's a channel movie it's like G. T. Disney channel movies though y'all children there are I was just making shots being good moment in here all right so this is breaking news alert like ads of ten minutes ago all right New York Times reports president trump must turn over eight years of his personal and Ooh time to look under the hood I don't I don't really know what it matters like the odds are just like most super-rich people he's been doing loopholes on his taxes that's how people are Super Rich Hello Amazon this is not news to me body so is this like their attempt to add something to impeach a president but newsflash you can't impeach president toys that was me quitter up the lucky strike so what are they gonNA urinals are discriminatory against people that do not identify as neither male female the other day what did you say Arthur again wasn't an author I said I don't know God saying I am walking finishes a great actor it's a movie who cares but let's talk about some serious things that are going on what Biden did what Obama did it starting to push me I mean I still believe in the constitution but at the end of the day it's like if you WanNa play dirty I don't care what he said on the phone call order it on Amazon prime to watch it she gets an email every time the Amazon because you know we've got to watch the kids make sure stuff right so we're watching I'm not a quid pro quo it was nothing like that it wasn't if you don't do this we're not gonNA do this it wasn't anything like that yeah dude what is going on you need to figure this out because if you don't figure this out we're GONNA have problems and if Ukraine really was with Russia meddling okay it didn't happen so what does it matter like the president should be allowed to have conversations behind closed doors right Samuel this this morning like with all the impeachments at the second whistle blower just came out and they ignore Biden all right like they don't care show there's a lot of little things that I want to get into in this you know we we already touched on the joker that kind of falls in this cancel culture corporate tax returns to Manhattan prosecutors a federal judge ruled an so Rosie o'donald and all these people and even AFC are like gosh well I mean if you watched it by yourself now it would be really weird and probably the dumbest movie you've ever seen I remember Halloween I'm just kidding Oh my God schoolhouse Melissa Finds Out Protective Order It on listening you WanNa talk about when you get married you get a new parent all right so all right I okay trump I mean this is what they do every time at both sides when elections coming is they just try to keep throwing dirt dirt dirt I mean it just it gets old on a nod or something I I am risks acting your voice on the show anyway all right so they have using it to reduce your listeners just got his cancelled because apparently they are helping people with their feelings because feelings matter more the restaurant period I'm peeing all over the seat in retaliation I am in retail you tell me I can't use a year well good have fun sitting in the information that can really finally set this put this thing the rest of two thousand sixteen and put some people who need to be in jail in jail stints in agreeing that out right the problem is if you use a quid pro quo kinda thing that's where but that did not happen right right no one is really upset like Zubi said on the last episode no one's really upset these are just people that are just like oh we gotta fix this doesn't sixteen stuff and the evidence is there Joe Biden was linked to it if that's there then it's like I'm not gonNA help your country out with military aid when I know you have they trump asked Ukraine to look into tampering and the election sure right which is perfectly fine well what is wrong with that Shen Fox and friends reports this cops for trump the Minneapolis police union sales t shirt supporting the president amid a uniform obviously not if he was buddies Bros. with Putin he wouldn't be releasing publicly for the world to see Oh yeah by the way I'm friends with your arch nemesis over here you it for something that happened before he was president you can't do that he'd be like well you know this guy this guy cheated on his wife one time three years for he got depression Oh president trump releasing that he's having buddy buddy comments with Ukraine is a direct slap in the face to Putin right Putin ain't happy seriously with you talking like this what about the Trans men so women who became men and dream their whole life of being a man and doing they not get ended league debunked the whole Russia collusion thing all this stuff right because Russia don't like Ukraine yeah they don't they don't lie like you know if you suspect that a country is our you've heard rumors that a country interfered in our election wouldn't you want to request there assist ban so what that means is the Minneapolis Police Department said that if you want to support trump or go to a trump you can't be in uniform in this is Jake's fault this jake has brought discrimination to how say words aren't real quick let's get into a sponsor speaking of Halloween the end of the world about that I promise you zero I mean so this whole trump was with Putin to Russia interfering in the election to live there trees I will say if I became a man that will be on my number one list of things to do dollars to have a penis actions I'm tempted to say I don't care if it's pro quo yeah it's like well it's not constitutional it's like I don't you're starting to push people away from aside symbol right that's the that's the that's the that's the military service uniform well police uniform represents the same thing the uniform to like not maybe not intentionally but influence people and when people see a cop Kinda messes like Oh cops are trump supporters you just can't be in uniform yeah right because because the uniform represents a completely unbiased and non picky being right you you have no preference either way when you wear that uniform and so by showing up keep it cohesive and unified all right moving on what are you guys got the Russia to leave the Setina about this I mean the military has been that way forever why it was made blatantly clear to us in the military you can go to any political event you want facial recognition stuff beautiful beautiful she's at Detroit police or here let's play videos people yes which maybe you're supposed to be a united I mean I've Kinda cops have their own rules that there's a lot of departments that won't even let you that I don't care and if he gets impeached he could still get elected in twenty two well okay so here's a thing to me I think what people don't realize I'm sorry I cut you off your state all I'm saying is that if it's true which I think trump knows it's true that they were all a part of the to that so this is an interesting one for me right like obviously people are upset about this to be completely honest I don't really understand the I don't know Hashtag dear America let us know what you know what you think about that I'm okay with it Jake what do you think I don't have a problem with it I mean you're almost using perations principle you can't you can't take from one and not the other I agree with that you're working obviously that's fine but why would you show up blatantly says that that white people shouldn't be analysts on facial recognition because white people think that all black people look alike the what why don't we just take all how much money was it two hundred ninety five million how `bout we revamped the homeless there then or how about we actually use it to help people but eventually it's going to start to come around and anyway it's all there is to it so all right moving on let's see Ooh this is a good topic for discussion as you know our analysts are highly trained and to say that they're not trained to do it because they're white that's highly insulted that chief serum saying it's it's breaking down before our eyes and again I've said it once I will say it again I was down in Houston I'm having this conversation with the all Republicans down there this will be the end of Biden when it's all said and done okay is still the firestorm of trump right this second away trump rally in your police uniform you are there for identifying that you actually do have a preference I get it I get that the people I'm just saying I see it all the time and I love them because they go along with it trophy I know train and for those of you listening on audio you'd go look at the video because she's standing she's talking to black people and the black dude standing next to her the second he says that he does like a like a like his head turns around like what and then the police chief who is black then doesn't interview and says disgrace into this she's not only just an idiot she is a terrible person issue obviously she's not looking out for people but even just trying to home to constituents are white I know right well it's like but just getting vote yes how this even they fired him qualified let's and he says the bigger question is what if I said something like that a black man and said you know all white people after registered sex offender participated in drag queen storytime that's happened a few I feel like that happens a lot of times and be explained to what drag Queen Means and what it is and all this stuff there's a video going around of a drag queen like strip show drag queens there by what a lot of people don't realize Democrats is that even by releasing the transcripts of the call trump as single what's going on in America I am Graham Allen in welcome to the newest episode of the Dear America podcast I have laryngitis and apparently trump chick behind it and people be like it's not it's not a public thing parents are choosing to well they the parents should be arrested I think it's crazy all right Houston library apologies apologies apologies while Houston library apologizes anyway and that's the difference right like if you're working at you will see you you're working and that's very identifiable right anyway awesome race regardless yeah but it doesn't make a huge difference so as you can hear to leave is racist in this she there yeah well first of all the whole drag Queen storytime thing is I don't even understand the logic black people look the same and she responds she's like I am looking out for my constituents they hired me to protect them Blah Blah she's idiot man she is in here you know what an analyst needs to be African Americans not people that are not because let me tell you know it happens all the time it's true again I think non African Americans think African American all of the same I've seen it even Macau's for people calling the light comes John Lewis John Lewis Elijah Cummings and they're totally of social media pages when you're definitely don't feel like you should I feel like that would be a easy way to to become super divided within departments and so I would think you'd want go to Taco Bell at three in the morning unless you're if you think that your six year old child should be read two by drag Queen Ma'am serious like the second you walk in Tosh Point Oh said the second you pull up to Taco Bell at three in the morning the cops should just arrest right because you know you're drunk thanks I get that one I don't see what the big outrage is the same as when we were talking about like cavern and kneeling I mean that was our whole premise is but it he signed with a plays out you're just wanting to vote look much I care about I win that police chief who was African American is looking at you going I should say some storytime right now the kids are putting like dollars you should automatically have a D H s case put against you for investigation period tell me you're good go ahead okay all right check I'm giving you your time Darker Awkward About Awkward I'm waiting on you to like me yes I said it and a minute that's just the way I feel I mean what is okay explain Hashtag dear America y you have to have drag queen dress why can a person not just go read to a child and I think the the angle is they're trying to make their kids I know what is the point I need to know what the point is what is the what is the point you're trying to teach your six year old child by I'm not I'm not sure completely awkward moment that's all we have for this episode and we'll see again next or baseball or homecoming pageants or or beauty queen pageants and stuff 'cause you were using your kids to project things that you never got lips do right right so if we can agree that the basis formulated around that is due to a sexual nature then what I would you would you say that's a fair thing to say pretty sure that's the whole point isn't that it doesn't have to do with sexuality and feeling sexy and sensual and all that stuff yeah that'd be kind of funny and nobody would really get upset but these are like five you know these are kids but even even that like I try to think back to when I was in high school four yeah you don't have to expose the kids to things to make sure that they're all right when they confront realize okay yeah here's I there's nothing wrong with it do whatever it is you WanNa do you put it in front of kids it becomes bad because it's wrong time in their life burn since it's Halloween Halloween and we're in the spirit who is wrinkles does anyone know what a cat the clown the point Other than sexualizing children explain to me what that does and the benefit of that what does that do to make your sexualizing children pushing agenda then we're using our children at twenty years ago people would throw their kids into like football right sexual I I'm not saying that you should throw stones at people that participate in drag that's not what I'm saying what I'm saying is explained to me dialed a child Wha- what does that do right you can't it is it is strictly for this culture where we are like even even in high school like it'd be kind of funny if they brought in a drag show for like a high school what do they call him the pepper preparation sweetheart for wrinkles the clown look he's horrified and they say he like comes in windows and like can you see it anyway but this is amazing combined smartphone technology with the industry's best laser bullet using your smartphone their proprietary apt tracks a laser bullet which fits your gun is the point of having it in front of children what is the point of that that's my point other than to sexualize children but that's my point you can be a person who has be looking into legend no it's like a legend and so goes through why why are you laughing straightened gutter all look out system right now get ten percent off plus free shipping but the offer code Graham train risk free for thirty days return if not completely satisfied but before literally correct we are that's not our job as parents our kids are not there to make us feel better about ourselves that is not that is not what they're there for all right okay all right let let's break it down even further okay is sex bad thing we're not talking about kids because no no no I'm not talking about kids if they pulled us in there to watch some drag drag quail and be worried to us we would've flip the tables over trigger function and more plus you'll save a ton of money on ammo go to target pro dot com that's the letter I target pro dot com offer code it's not the right place same frigging principle if you wanNA smoke I mean I think we can all agree that smoking is bad for you but if you're eighteen years old nineteen in Alabama if you wanna smoke by God that's your God given freedom and right as an American do so should you be smoking when you're ten years old right you see what I mean came out with a new song that you might recognize the lead singer of this go grande so there is a new Swedish death metal group they are climate activists and they just recently one hundred dollars to terrify these people are doing to like they're teenagers or adult children that it is kind of funny so they've invited him into the resumes Greta will detect exactly where you're shots are landing I target pro is completely safe and comes with a your caliber specific laser bullet and targets Oh you do go to the range and experience the difference take it from me dry fire training will develop muscle memory hell with target reaction speed sight alignment it's the wrong time right okay I'm not saying that drag is bad all right I don't agree with religiously and all that stuff but as far as freedom and being an American stick to the wall like Spiderman I've ever seen I got something all right before we do let's hit our second sponsor self defense is your God given right period and so dan initially he didn't come to her defense but he initially said you know I've had some crazy people and you know just sometimes in the moment anybody who this is apparently there's like horror stories of wrinkles the clouds clear to teenagers and children randomly metaphor really creepy so this legend this old wives tale has circulating so now amazing parents have told their children this can now hire a wrinkles the clown and personally clip I'm pretty sure it was a plant now but either way the thing that's most shocking to me this she didn't say anything right in fact she did respond to it later on in twitter she said we don't need to talk about it because this person's obviously mentally ill yeah you should acknowledge that they're mentally ill and but it's your responsibility to practice which is why I want you to go to your computer right now and get I target pro system this is the first dry fire training systems sobat thing no it's not right sex is not a bad thing should kids be having sex no there you go serum saying it's not a bad thing but you are things that you wanted to do right we'll today we are using our kids to project are witness more how morally superior we are and how is the way I'm sitting here we'd have been sneak it out the back window of the library go into the gas station or something fantastic parenting I have one it to me is that you just can't you can't squeeze in a no I like babies do you know what I mean I mean it's great she's already said she's going to have one less child said Dan is that had been you and so I said that we need to eat babies and you did not immediately rebuke that back it was the lack of Reno we shouldn't eat babies that did not come out of AFC's mouth at any point you be crucified you would absolutely be crucified because you're a conservative right and I I think that is the valid argument in that take into why not just go be able to read to a child without having to do this huge look at me you see what I'm saying like I don't understand why we had man story twenty one year old Florida man sentenced to ten days in prison after he overslept for jury duty speaking of crazy climate control people that you guys see the video at the AFC event or the ladies we start eating babies out of film that was said period Graham crazy people okay okay I'll see the woman at the Bronx Zoo who climbed over the visitor safety rails mm-hmm because of the climate negative one yeah okay her child's going to be cbd you WanNa go see rumors have come up that it was a point to like poke fun at AFC however and I had this conversation with Dan Crenshaw over the weekend museum that is it yeah so so there was a woman that popped up and said that the green new deal is not enough aw that some people say that we should start eating dead bodies but that's also not enough there's too much co two so we need to start eating babies to better c o two now the Texas chainsaw massacre juniors mask on he busted his guessing wrong over the going and these kids like listen people were like well we should be eating baby I mean no I'm serious man in so and so that's the interesting and and and I disagreed to a point of this so The thing that I had a problem with was not the crazy woman main weather she was a plant or not she's obviously crazy what the crap happens you gotta get lawyer you gotTa get all this stuff there ain't no what you just shot somebody so good for you buddy he'll asleep we'll see take all my that's so funny you find that the all Internet so inserted started dancing for the lion saying hi de Lyon it was recorded she was arrested for unlawful in Texas fend off the bank robber no I didn't see that it up Abilene police say this sixty year old woman thought off and on dazzle it but it was this article about this these people broken this guy's house and he's shot him like kill them straight up but it went back good whatever it is only this is not a drill today tweeted a groundbreaking revelation he says I'd still be running for president if I hadn't listened to Rick Perry trespassing she wasn't eating reminded me of my favorite skit Graham helped me who is it the does the lion skit Gotcha Okay Williams offense things like that like because they've watched a lot of TV shows is somebody breaks in your home you shoot them dead in your home clean shoot whatever the movies of which I responded with you'd still be running for president if anyone literally anyone would voted for you her awesome kicked legit email youngster all right eric swallow yes you just don't you know sometimes you just imma going okay please don't stab me you know kind of thing sure but then I me and Benny Johnson turned it around and we even if it's self defense that's one of those things you gotta call somebody you really gotta call that so a common misconception that people have from self would make fun of her but you should also put in there Asterix Hashtag save the Babies I stopped you know what I mean the other thing is like a lot of people bought it like Yep that's the kind of no now and you'll probably never get that gun back ever even if it is a clean shoot I was gonNA say speaking of self defense did you see the sixty year old woman aw yeah dancing for the lines well that's all that almost sounds like a a Florida man story climbing I have a Florida mm-hmm I had a four hour drive each way this weekend so I started listening to some podcast and what I liked to do as a like to listen to robber inside a bank wow the suspect forced the woman who is also an employee of the bank inside the building at gunpoint jobe than decided to fight back less low month or extreme so and I don't remember what state this was in but I I don't know why bring it to the show that's not what happens in real life you get handcuffed you're putting a back of the police car and you go to jail all right until they figure out odd cat I like to listen to people that I know and then a like Charlie Kurt Plug Charlie Kirk show love that Joe Rogan loved that Ben Shapiro from time to time I don't listen Ben Shapiro all arm but I decided to in a spur of the moment thing I decided to listen to Logan Paul's podcast impossible still think that Logan Paul has a responsibility because the vast majority of his audience our kids but he's not a kid anymore right UH anyway common common misconception is that if you even if you have a clean shoot then you just go back no live is what they're great you seen that video of the dad he takes the chain off of the chainsaw and he puts the like Mr Mr Johnson we'll need you to come by the station in the morning for a full statement they're like okay okay thanks to sleep they go to the next month has a lot of like pop icons Music TV and even porn star correal dropped out because he had like zero like no one I would have had a better shot winning running for the DNC nomination the nearest ours come on the show right and so I was listening to his Aaron Carter One and then it ended in the next one came on and it was red flag means you intend to marry your sister amazing it is like like flying proud porn-star that was on there and so I was listening to it and I was listening to how these people legitimately think about things right because the restricted only watch youtube kids Jake's team now because I'm yeah I don't think I mean we can't restrict anyone he can say what he wants to say but I do feel like since it is I'll just bit my gates okay. CBS News High School Teacher Tells Class A confession the sleep and that's what he got in trouble and so a lot of people are upset about that and again it's one of those things no I mean what relationships and all this stuff is supposed to be like and it just really got me thinking because I like listening to those kind of things relation only just this completely like like completely twisted upside down idea of this guy because he just went back to sleep I'll deal with that in the morning so we shop these days than India's goes back up to like seventy years old he goes back just goes all right well hold on I'm getting to it so so I will say this Logan Paul has grown up a little bit I will give him that I but there was he like I didn't click in the article because I didn't WanNa dissect it I just thought that was hilarious don't show first of all it is completely an an adult show there is no reason whatsoever of any kind any time that a person under the age of eighteen should all this to say that I actually didn't hate the podcast because it it really kind of opens up a lot of doors isn't it it caused a forty five minute delay but you can you imagine missing your alarm clock and then you get arrested for change as a little because it it shows you like the other side I think a lot of times as conservatives and Christians and all this other kind of stuff I mean we truly surround ourselves in our bubble which is great I mean awards okay all right By the time he was eighteen he sold seventy five million records himself you know errands house in wants to marry her sister so really quick i WanNa talk about something it's completely completely out there and how they think it makes it really hard for you to even figure out a way to communicate and relate right absolutely and so it was just an so I say I mean I remember when I was a kid songs and two he is like completely messed up I mean completely like out of his mind listen to this show however I found it really like eye-opening inciteful in cycle yeah to to list sounds like listen to the impulse and I'm not talking bad about Aaron Carter I legitimately am concerned for this dude listen musicians and stuff saying all this crazy stuff and supporting all these crazy people in office and everything but then you listen to something like this and you actually hear how these people talk person has a horrific relationship with their family completely broken lot of times do a lot of and and send to the people that are in these spotlights for whatever the reason what they think and what they feel like Aaron Carter was on there Nick Carter's brother from the backseat is what it's called impulsive in but impulsive because his name's Paul Logan Paul this discussion because I'm I'm on Logan's team we need to have that reinforcement of your camp so to speak right but if you don't listen to what these other people are actually saying and what they actually believed don't just talk about like the porn industry like everybody knows what the porn industry is but they were having conversations about this person's like you know they go will do you think you know that that there's merit behind some of these claims and Aaron Carter even says the whole family is torn apart and I mean he's just like paranoid the entire thing and in so again you start to understand why you see all these people agreeing with these crazy things like eat the babies and you know and healthcare for all the impulsive episode with Aaron Carter is like one of the newest ones like it's in the five most recent and I mean you truly here this guy all

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