Pucks with Bernie & Panger Episode 14 Blues at home, more fighting, Gretzky all star game


Lot of momentum right now for the Blues Franchise All Star game a little over a week away. It's time for pucks with Bernie and Panger each week right here on scoops with Danny Mak Dot com talks to sports director. Martin Kilcoyne bringing you these weekly visits and we welcome aboard a couple to new sponsors. Let's tell you all about it as we bring in Cope twenty four and hand B and g tuck pointing winning a Stanley. Cup Isn't easy blues able to do it by having a great foundation. It's it's pretty simple when things start falling apart crumbling in Natalie looks bad it doesn't work B and G Tuck pointing has the same philosophy about your home or place a business. It's the reason they are the best in the bricks. Whether it's your home your garage your office building or your chimney you can have it looking new again with B G type. 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The top golf challenge so a target golf tournament From noon to four includes lunch and a hole in one competitions. And we're just looking to have a good time and even though it's February I can tell you top golf. It'll be heated. Aided out there. You're you're swinging from heated tease. That's right. That's right so unless the highways are closed down we will play and it will be fun. It's everybody it goes. There has a good time for more information on this event as well as this great organization simply go to cope twenty four dot com. That's cope. Cop Twenty four dot com teaching the kids of today to be the better parents of tomorrow and with that we begin the program presented by Marie Davila Senior Living Urban Chestnut Uh Fast Eddie's Bon Air Triad Bank and Greenville University. And we bring in the hall of Famer Bernie Federico in Bernie the All Star game being in Saint Louis as an alarm as somebody who's lived here. What does it mean to you? What do you think it means to other Blues Alumni? I just think it's a great way of showcasing. The city of Saint Louis. I mean now that we wanna Stanley Stanley Cup here in Saint Louis. I think it's even more special in Saint. Louis fans have been crazy about hockey for what since nineteen sixty seven a great start domain blues going to the Stanley Cup finals was the first three years and I leave. The following became amazing and now through the years the support has been so fantastic out to sea for the third time now that the Blues Get all star Game But they get one with a banner hanging. I think that's going to be really great. And I think the fans are really going to be excited about it and so many guys have stayed yourself included in some big name players players over the years. That are still here. What do you think it is? What's the appeal? What's the draw? I've always wondered is a little bit too. Just the embrace of the city the embrace of the fan base. That's Bernie's getting unconscious. Wanted to see if it was Bernard echoing what what is it that makes the connection so strong really hard question answer. I think we just love being here. I mean I mean for most of us I think we all for the most part come from parts of Canada where it's really cold and first of all going to Saint Louis Pretty temperate here in Saint Louis and I think I think it's a nice place to raise a family. I mean the Midwest the people are so friendly and I think that's kind of the the biggest thing to be an athlete in the city has been absolutely fantastic. People people are are so respectful for what we do and they treat us not only with respect that he gives us our space and they they treat us as part of the community and I think that something's Israel special. I mean then when you look at the schools are great here. I mean a great place to raise the kids. The values of the community are fantastic. So I think when you look at it as a picture I think Eddie that gets you at least say up to your here few months you say well this is a darn nice place to live and I think we. We're GONNA probably stay here even when we're done and David brought him and said I'm glad glad to have been here the first time the second time and now the third time and now it gets to be an all star for the first time in Saint Louis when they talk about here he loves escape and then I think we'll all you guys loved escape. What what do you think that means some guys more into the sport than others? Yeah I think so I mean I think David is a kidney candy store right from the start with David came here. It was really amazing. I mean here's as a kid that wanted to be out there all the time. I mean we used to have go to the Christmas party. The Skating Party that the blues had their for their players. All the players. Kids were out there. David Ron was out there with a stick with the little kids playing hockey. He just loves to play the game. I think this time the the David really hasn't matured much hockey player. I think it takes. Sometimes it takes a while for for for people to really really I guess reach the goals that they want and really the title game that you really need to play. I think David Right now. I don't enroll you want to call it the new NHL. That's what you want to call it the new way the rules are I think is really fits in David's game. He's very quick. Skater shoots buck very well. He he likes to hang onto the puck and do all these things. I think that he's really matured. And I think maybe is a reina. Riley has really been a good thing for him They've really hit it off their chemistry and and the way Craig Ruby Plays David David has learned not to take stupid penalties as we call them as he beginning last year and chief let them know that and and I think that he's now a complete hockey player and he's having the best year. I think that he's right now. One of the top players in the national hockey and you mentioned the newer. Nhl We don't have the fighting but we did see in that game with the Rangers. The Blues are going to get physical. They're going to push back. Do you have to maintain as a team that you can't become. Hey we'll they don't fight. Don't push back. Don't you have to maintain tain a little bit level of fear factor would let them know. You're not gonNA take any crap. Yeah you still have to police the game yourself. I mean the referees are there. They have jobs to do. And they hand suspensions which is called penalties but overall you still have to police your own game with someone does something that you don't you have to stick up for yourself and the rest of the team has to come and jump in. I mean that was not surprising watching. That thing happened. been son first of all skating into the zone. I think the Rangers were were. They were pissed. Because it's twenty seconds left. You know what go hold the puck in your own. I don't WanNa do. You don't need to come back in his own at all. So I think Trueba was sending a message and when he got locked in a couple of times. Been Sunday's what he's most of the turnaround punch cards. You Damn Dan and start them and then everybody jumped in. So I think that's always been the in in the game of hockey instill always should be there. I mean it's a physical game and it's a it's a game of emotions and I really thinking that even the band's enjoyed what happened at the end of the game I bet defense do miss it a little. I don't WanNA get too nostalgic. I understand things have changed but I do miss the Times where guys not to stand up for each other but just kind of that policing element. That's gone I would think and I want to speak for but you have to miss that a little bit don't you. I mean people go to the game. I saw golden fight. Yeah I really do miss that because I mean I think the emotions of the game has really changed so much because I mean the moment in a game could really change three or four different times in a game with a big hit or a fight or or a message being sent to the other team and I mean everybody. Every team had an enforcer. Everybody in the team was important. Wasn't there just to go out and fight right somebody. It was to send a message. The message was sent. It was either received. It wasn't received it was sent again. And a Lotta Times. You're behind three or four goals. If you had a fight started and all of a can you show your emotions and everybody together changed the momentum and all of a sudden you were maybe back in the game so those are the things that I really miss about the new NHL now. I don't think we see that. We don't see those ups and downs and yes there's goals three or four goals. Never leave anymore because of the skill involved but it's not from the emotion and I think that's what I think a lot Oughta vans myth. I've talked about the new ranks. It's hard to have kind of that home field home-ice feel that you had in Chicago back in the day or the Boston Garden Blues however however have gotten this thing going at home a great run. Is there a way that if you win a lot at home that teams here about it and it can become a factor. Is there a way to get that without the. The buildings are so similar now but is there some way to kind of carve out that reputation where people know man. We're going in there. That's GonNa be a tough one. Well the blue big kiss for that whether or not that is going to happen towards the the end of the year. I mean they have sent a message to the rest of the league that hey this is going to be hard building a win. And I think that's fantastic if you win all your home games and you had home ice advantage orange in the playoffs. You're GonNa Win The Stanley Cup Win your home getting so I think it's a great message suspended and whatever the blues are doing right. I mean they're doing a lot of great things on the road as well but they are sending a message. Just the buildings are all the same but I think this crowd is getting louder and louder. This count as having more fun I mean. It's whether it's Monday night or Saturday night. It's the sold out in in. The people are going crazy Roese and and I think that's just great for the home team the blues continue to impress the way the we're gonNA continue have crowds and yes it could really be a big factor when we come to the Klaus in the blues. Have home-ice advantage as you sit here. We're downstairs it's about to be a Monday night game. Eleven other packed crowd. Are you hearing from people. They want tickets. I friends of mine I said. Don't ask me maybe a few years ago we could find a couple of land around. We had a buddy at a bank. Somebody had A. Are you finding that to be true. Nobody has any extra tickets. Nobody wants to call them up. I I don't even Wanna ask for favors anymore. Because they're all sold out. It seems every game and the tickets are not easy to come by now and and really I had called earlier in the year and there was not available so call. He's done calling now. They have really stop calling. So I mean I I feel for that but I mean I. I think that's a Saint Louis. Hockey is all about right now. The balloons of done such a marvelous job as as an organization not only putting a great team on the ice but just the atmosphere the building the atmosphere around town. It's the hardest ticket down to get and I think that seems like would you want us as an organization to come back and test. Bernie's all star knowledge. He was there. Joe Louis he was there at the. We'll see what he remembers next. Great Urban Chestnut on board you know about their great fear and the Great Beer Garden hanging out in the grow they've expanded. There's just been the explosion of Craft Beers but boy goes way beyond their with urban chestnut. They have become part of the Saint Louis scene. I love that urban underdog. If you haven't Manhattan it's great American lager. Beer snobs out there. I get it. My wife is the perfect example. Not a huge beer fan. I rolled out a little urban underdog. She absolutely loved left. So whatever your palate is they've got a taste for you. You know about the Panger award presented by the good folks at urban chestnut every single huge hockey fans have really you can find their product. Now all around town whether you got snuck grocery store if you're at sporting event blues game how about at the zoo that's right. I had the Grizzly Ridge Koelsch the other day have have expanded. It's not just the great product. Great people behind it. It's it's more than just beer that you're enjoying the part of the move in Saint Louis getting things done and change in the whole area the Grove and if you talk about the connection with the MLS I think we had the big celebration with the MLS for the Lou that was at urban chestnut in the grove location. You can find them all around town. I started with the wingnut still love that moved into this wickel. Currently hooked urban underdog. Check them out neighborhood. Grocery store liquor store guaranteed all around around town. It's urban chestnut part of the Saint Louis Sports community since nineteen sixty serving the families of saint. Louis Morita Villa senior. Look at the corner are of Clayton and Wiedeman road. The beautiful found greet you for the twenty two acre campus full range of senior living independent living at the villa state skilled nursing memory. Memory care they have it all spacious dining room salon transportation around exercise in Pool. Private rooms hands on here. You're not a resident of Marita Villa. You are considered against Fred and Mary. Kiwis and their sons live on site. It is family run. It has that family. You've heard Tony and I talk about how this was home for the legendary red shades. For many years he was also on the board and help the original owners start Marie Davila back in nineteen sixty MARITA MARITA DOT COM. We suggest you go online and schedule a tour. Here's the owner of the world famous fast. Eddie's Bon Air Eddie Schoeller and hall of Fame Hockey Legend Brett Hull Eddie. Tell some friends about fast daddy's era and I just didn't have the worst describing Brett another thing problems for years. The words values. Are you know it's fun. It's huge. It's an adventure. Yeah that's what I was trying to say. This is more than a bar. I mean the coldest beer the best live entertainment everyone. Everyone knows about the great food but fast. Daddy's is far more than that. I'll tell you what it's kind of like I don't know anybody that's been to heaven but I bet you that part of describe to. I sure hope I get the ED studies experiences tough to describe all he knows. It is fun man. I tell you what better thirty five years and it explains itself. I don't know if it's good. It's heaven but it might be Kevin on earth. Well I would write it down in your notes and your Fulham because once you get home they experiences can be hard to remember. I've been all over the world and there's only one fast Eddie's bon air so if you're twenty twenty-one head over to Clark Bridge too fast spot air in all triad bank the neighborhood friendly bank located Franek on Clayton road. They're just west of Lindbergh road. Real easy access off highway sixty four. Get the Lindberg. And you are their founded in two thousand and five wide range of commercial and personal banking services and how about this actually a people behind the counter. People there ready to greet you ready to help you. Business owners looking to expand talked to the bank based in Saint Louis. Decisions Asians are being made here. A frustrating is that trying to get a loan for Your Business and the decision is made in New York the Los Angeles Not Withdraw Edmund. You could find out more at try. Hi It banking dot com home equity lines of credit five star rated bank three hundred sixty million in acids joke about tried banking dot com less than an hour from Saint Louis. It's Greenville University founded in eighteen ninety. Two this Liberal Arts Institution offers pre MED offers online student involvement evolvement. Yeah that's right. They'll get involved in local businesses immersed in the community a great little town of Greeneville Illinois less than an hour from Saint Louis. If you're looking to get away for college but they don't want to go too far. It's right up the road from Saint Louis. Great professors really a great experience. Kids involved in the athletics but again everybody is really really emerged in what they're doing on the campus at all times Greenville Dot. Edu for more information about this great institution in nineteen eighty. Joe Louis Arena. You're there is an all all star for the first time were you. Why did you take it all in What did I think I took it all in but I was very nervous? I mean it's very intimidating to be in a room with Gordy Howe laid Wayne Gretzky was it was just verse one and all the great players I played against growing up watching and all of a sudden. You're there and you're part of it and it was very intimidated. I was very wide eyed and it was very exciting for me and when Wayne was there did everybody no. I mean there was so much hype since he was little but did you know he's going to end up living up all the hype. Did everybody in the league since it even then day one. I don't know if everybody the height was there. There's no question of whether or not you could leave. It was going to do what he's done. which is which is unfathomable? They have over two thousand points in this league in his career but I mean he was heighten for him. The Great Gordie Howe was there. There was gorgeous last all star game so The whole height was about Wayne in about Gordian Gordian already proven himself. So it'd be but Wayne did after that first. All Star game became an ultra the rest of his career and it was pretty special. So I I really was was was really exciting for me to be a part of all that ever freak you out to look around here at the players club or in the buildings Wayne's here again I know he's got the Saint Louis ties but it's and he wasn't here very long as a player. It's sort of cool. That he has a connection to this franchise yet very flattering wondering. Actually go to the city of Saint Louis. Wain shoes chose to stay here. He's has a house here. I mean Janez. Obviously from here so it's part of their of their. Ah Identity is to be a part of Saint Louis but I know it's great every time he said I love the response and the crowd gets. I was actually surprised me was sitting in the middle of the stand the other night usually we told you take yeah top. Yeah exactly so but he. I mean waiting such a classy guy and to be a part of the really still bills still apart of the blues and he was very excited for lose to win the cup here. He loves it here in Saint Louis and it's great to every time that he's in town or at the nineteen eighty all star game. Jolo is six three Wales winning fifth straight win the whales. I'm sure you remember the score. You assisted you know who scored that goal. No Kurt Nielsen. The near the can't can't Ugh. I can't read my own writing I can say Nielsen Okay. You're assist hide the game two in the second period. Okay well I we. I believe we lost that game. We we were losing three. Okay okay next year Inglewood. You won the game. Do you remember the. MVP Nineteen eighty-one Igloo. I do remember that yes Maine Babich and Ludi and I were all all three. Three of US went to the All Star game. In fact Tommy Woodcock was our trainer and he was there as a as a member of the training staff. They were so it was very exciting. We got a chance to play against a win. And I I played with Eddie Johnson was on are we actually had the task of shadowy the triple Crown Line Dion Taylor and Charlie Simmer and we did very well against them. So we're getting we won. The game was going. Oh now I got four one Campbell. Conference wins so you snap the whales winning streak had five right very you learn things on this show I do I do but I didn't know what the scoreless let's do. This again. Live from the Kinda. I enjoy the ambiance here. People are one of the background noise. People you were saying. Hi to Bernie's they walked by. This has been fun. Bernie emigrate weak banks. Always a pleasure.

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