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This marketplace podcast is brought to you by. Indeed, are you hiring with? Indeed, you can post a job in minutes set up screener questions than zero in on your shortlist of qualified candidates using an online dashboard get started today at indeed dot com slash marketplace. That's indeed dot com slash marketplace. Fixing machine known as OPEC, I'm David Brancaccio in New York, the organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries OPEC is a cartel at fixes prices for a living which is illegal in so many other industries. But now there's a bipartisan move in congress. That would let the US sue OPEC for this behavior. US oil companies don't like this. But President Trump might my colleague marketplace's Nancy Marshall genzer joins us from Washington. Nancy? Let me say it again. It's a cartel. That's right. It is OPEC's sets oil prices, but it can't be charged in the US with price-fixing because it's protected by sovereign immunity. Now, congress is considering legislation that would eliminate that immunity. What's the Bill? Well, it's called the no oil producing and exporting cartels act, or no pack, and it would authorize the Justice department to sue OPEC members for antitrust violations. So OPEC could be. Charged with illegal pricing. Now, the House Judiciary committee has already passed the Bill and it was introduced yesterday in the Senate chance could get through congress. It has a chance it has by partisan support. The question is will President Trump's sign it? The president has been supportive of Saudi Arabia, a major OPEC member, but he's also criticised OPEC. And at one point he accused it of ripping off the world, and what's the oil industry's view here? The American Petroleum Institute and the US team of commerce say OPEC could retaliate if the Bill passed remember when OPEC control supplies to increase oil prices that also helps US oil companies because they also get to charge those higher prices. All right grew oil traded in New York is down three tenths percent. Fifty two dollars and thirty five cents a barrel. Now. Moving onto the food and Drug administration. Putting Walgreens on notice this week after it was tracked illegally selling tobacco products to underage buyers over the years chains like right, eight WalMart Dollar General have gotten in trouble for this CVS got out of tobacco sales about four years ago. Marketplace's Eric barris reports the FDA says twenty two percent of the Walgreens stores it's inspected since twenty ten we're selling tobacco products to minors. And this week the agency filed a complaint block a Miami store from selling tobacco products period for thirty days. Robert Proctor a scientist story. And at Stanford says performances so much money is is to be made of cigarettes that that's why the you know, it's like a second addiction by the time. The FDA moves to ban store from selling products like cigarettes and chewing tobacco the stores already. Been find many times Andrew the Lancy a public health researcher at the university of remote says stores like Walgreens and Rite Aid. Are easily accessible to minors and can create a false impression a place where you're, you know, purchasing products to benefit your health that you are confronted with tobacco products behind the counter seems to normalize it. The FDA says it will request a meeting with Walgreens discuss things like employee training and additional enforcement. Walgreens said in a statement that it's taking steps to eliminate the sale of tobacco products to minors America barris from our place, the stock market, the footsie, Nixon London is up a single point. Dow futures here are down four tenths percent each. I'm Shepard from Lincoln Nebraska, and I listened at marketplace several times actually every day because it's got the economic news and developments of important to me donate to marketplace. So that it can be available to everyone and ask her hope you'll be join me in this effort. Thanks to join Shepard. As a marketplace investor donate online. Marketplace dot org. This marketplace podcast is brought to you by Kronos known compliments you in their paycheck is correct. But make one mistake, and you risk alienating your entire workforce. With Kronos, they make sure your payroll is done, right. The first time from punch to paycheck embedded checklists. Simplified were close a single source of truth. HR payroll talent and timekeeping in one unified system all with a proven implementation approach and simplified transparent pricing. Learn more at Cronos dot com slash payroll. Kronos, workforce innovation that works. Calls are growing among Democrats to expand Medicare the seven hundred billion dollar program. Mainly for seniors might be a route to universal health coverage. Blake farmer of WPN has some views from Tennessee poll show Medicare has remained popular among sixty million enroll es were mostly seniors. Mindy Bates of Nashville whose middle aged with a pre existing condition would welcome the guaranteed coverage. She's been fighting an aggressive form of leukemia and had to go without insurance. For the Affordable Care Act. This could go away, and I would become one of hundreds of thousands of people who would be in the same boat Medicare for all would basically end private insurance and establish. The government is the single payer Senator Bernie Sanders says his plan would save the healthcare system money overall. But once that he says, it would still cost the federal government more than thirty trillion dollars over a decade that price tag could explain why democratic presidential hopeful Senator comma Harris has floated a more incremental idea like letting people buy into Medicare Medicare for all is a non starter from any outside and within the healthcare industry concerns. We have is it dismisses the progress we have made Lauren Crawford shaver leads hospitals doctors and insurance companies in blocking the effort. They wanna focus on widening coverage within the ACA like making sure holdout states expand, Medicaid, which primarily insures people with low incomes law. Lobbyists frame-they're. Their concerns is protecting patients, but they're also defending their prophets Medicare pays far less than commercial insurance. Chip Kahn had the federation of American hospitals. If providers and doctors received only Medicare payment for all their patients, frankly, many hospitals wouldn't be able to keep their doors open, though, not all hospitals would dismiss Medicare for all. We find it intriguing Rebecca jolly represents rural facilities in Tennessee disproportionate share of people without any insurance. I think having dependability in reimbursement is attractive to a rural community for sure. Decent pay through Medicare looks pretty good. When the alternative is no reimbursement. At all in Nashville. I'm Blake farmer for marketplace. If details are worked out today about four hundred twenty-five Sears and KMart stores could stay open preserving forty five thousand jobs for now. Sears chairman Eddie Lampert yesterday. Got a judge to agree to his? Five billion dollar rescue attempt. The alternatives would have meant an end to Sears critic see Lampard as the major reasons here's was in such a mess and of painted him as either a robber baron or a naive. The bankruptcy judge address Lampard billionaire hedge fund manager who telephoned into the core proceedings. The judge told Lampert to do right by his remaining employees and other stakeholders and avoid becoming what the judge called the cartoon character conjured by his detractors, executive producer here is Nicole Childers. Our digital producer Miguel. Contreras engineer, Brian Allison and David Brancaccio with the marketplace morning report from APM American public media. This marketplace podcast is brought to you by. Indeed, are you hiring with? Indeed, you can post a job in minutes set up screener questions than zero in on your shortlist of qualified candidates using an online dashboard get started today at indeed that com slash marketplace. That's indeed dot com slash marketplace.

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