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Badass Unscripted - Mindfulness


Hey, guys. Chris welcome back for another episode of bad ass unscripted in this episode. I wanna give you a little bit of an edge. I've mentioned it before. And you're probably not gonna like it. But here's the edge mindfulness. So already you're thinking. Oh, boy here goes new age stuff. Right. Nope. Here's the reason. Where I need you to learn the art of mindfulness because in any given situation if you react less or you react later you win when you get into heated exchanges. If you lose your cool. And especially if you lose it, I you can't win in any exchange. The person who is able to remain calm longer and remain centered is the person who shows up as the stronger leader. So when you're in the team room, and there's mutiny there's pure rebellion. There's mayhem fear and uncertainty of boiled up to the point where people are just losing it. And they're turning on you if you can't control your ability to react with grace logic and certainty and strengthen those moments you lose you lose their trust. You lose their. Allegiance lose respect that's to say nothing of negotiations with a client where you simply need to convince them try and experiment to believe in your approach to provide some kind of support that the team might need. If you can't make a case for those things, you just made your job ten times harder because if you were looking for support, and you didn't get it. Now, you have to find a way to proceed without the support that you truly needed see half, the patch bridge trial, turn it gives and work without it. And you've weakened your position you've made your job so much harder than it needed to be. But if you can stay calm in the face of opposition and remain insistent without being confrontational, oppositional and most importantly without appearing needy. You increase your chances of getting the support that you need. Of recruiting allies of getting the resources the budget, the price cut that you want in need because you know, it's what your team requires in order to be successful. If you can master those negotiations by staying calm and cool and confident you win far more often than you lose. So if you don't have a mindfulness practice, you need to get one because if you don't have a mindfulness practice, you don't know when you're about to slip and snap. You don't know when you're about to lose your cool. You don't know when you're about to panic and start making decisions in saying in doing things the jeopardize your leadership that compromise that aura of strengthened certainty that you project? People don't follow the lead of someone who appears unsure and out of control period. Think of it. Have you ever had a leader of boss manager who just blew their stack and lost their cool? Did you respect them? Did you want to be more like them? Did you wanna follow them? Did you trust them? Probably not. So have you struggle with keeping your emotions and your reactions contain? If you have stories that flow through your mind about what happens when you're about to fail when things aren't going your way, you need a mindfulness practice. If it sounds too new age for you. Remember that warriors in every tradition have some kind of meditation or mindfulness practice. Check your history. They all had some ritual something that they did just before entering the arena. A battle. To mentally prepare themselves for what was about to come to find that peace in inner certainty, but more importantly to detach from their emotions. So that when they're in the heat of combat when you're on the mat in the ring. You can separate what's happening around you from the emotions in the dialogue. That's happening in your head. And that my friends is the edge. Are you willing to try it? Try it for thirty days and see if it makes a difference. Go find a meditation app or a mindfulness app or go. Find a meditation studio pickup a yoga practice. Or if you're more comfortable spend time in nature spend time in the car. Figure out what works for you. It is different for everybody. And it's uncomfortable for everybody at first how ever sticking with it. We'll pay massive dividends. If you trust me. You'll try this. And don't forget to send in your feedback. And let me know how it goes. Guys, you owe it to yourself to sign up from a mailing list. So that you can get access to my weekly reflections and inspirations as well as advanced pages from my book field notes for the leader. You can get all this stuff at bats agile calm. You can also send me your coaching questions. If you have questions or comments you'd like me to address on the air. Tell me your situation in scenario. I'm happy to help you in an upcoming episode guys. Thank you for being true believers for tuning in every week for listening engaging. That us. I'll see you next time.

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