J.J. Watt to the Cardinals and Moves That Could Change the Outlook of the 2021 Season


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The newly redesigned santa fe h track all wheel drive capability intuitive tact and safety features to get you where you're going with confidence with personalized style. Doing your wet. It's an suv. Bill family fun in mind. Proving that out together is truly better. Family focused features are key with dynamic safety features such as dual blindspot. You monitor to keep protection. A top priority. Learn more about the santa fe by going to hyundai usa dot com It nfl show partner podcast network. I'm kevin carter joined by. Noel prints yati this. Our first regularly scheduled tuesday off season show. It feels really good. I'm excited to get going coming. Because i feel like we haven't potted together in a bit. It's been like basically since the super bowl. Yeah it's in. The interim every franchise quarterback got mad. Jj watt switch teams. Alex smith got cut. There's a lot to talk about lots going down. But i'm very excited. I'm excited to do these tuesday shows with you because i feel like we're going to have some good like offseason lackey. Who's the most happy quarterback right now. Like i kind of feel like there's just a lot of tension and a lot of things can be worked out with every franchise quarterback is any tom. Brady is the only guy who's just like at one hundred percent happiness right right. But he's not right like tom. Brady is just still mad about his draft scouting report. Like half the franchise. Quarterbacks are mad at their gm's format of their off it's of line the skill guys whatever and then the one guy won the superbowl. Who was on. What a three million dollar boat a couple of weeks ago looking. Great lull will drunk He's just mad at thirty one other about that happened in late. One thousand nine hundred nine. There's less than that all right so we have a lot to get to today. We're gonna get to the watt news and how within this changes anything if it does a renegade tour needle mover sort of using the watt signing as a guidepost to to what players would actually swing a team from good to great from bad to good whatever it is. I'm just the free agents or the guys who could change teams that we think would do the most for particular team And then we're gonna get into couple of the news items Alex smith getting released by the washington football team. A couple other things. I'm blitzer with the. Jj watt signing because. I think that this was a bit of a surprise to go to arizona for two years. Twenty three million dollars guaranteed thirty one million dollars overall. I think that a lot of fans some media got on board of idea that he was going to take a pretty insignificant contract. Go chase a ring and buffalo or cleveland or green bay and it turns out that j what wanted to do with. We'd all wanna do which is Take the most money a Play on a pretty good team at edward came out yesterday and said that he wanted to go play with the good quarterback harlem. Murray is that and live in a very nice place Arizona is a good place to be nor when you saw this news which was broken. Baiji watt himself with a picture. And this is at some point you to watch play into the. Jj watt bit but he. He broke it by putting a cardinals shirt on and lifting weights and putting a photo of himself online When you saw this news nor you thought what. The first thing i thought about was that he'll be playing with chandler jones and i think that's important because you talk about the conversation leading up to this movement and how much speculation. There was that he would go to the bills. Somebody ready to really be a serious contender. Right now would prioritize. Maybe at the cost of how big contract would be playing for a team. Like that. And i think what gets underrated when we analyze. How a player might make a decision like this is who their position mates are going to be. And how that's going to impact their ability to perform well and what kind of situation that they're going to be in because for both of those guys they have an opportunity because both of them are incredibly good players incredibly good pass rushers but who have significant injury histories. Both of them have an opportunity to take a little bit of that pressure off of each other probably diminish their double team rates a little bit And also change that defense so that they have to rely on blitzing a little bit less. And then we find out and this is of course speculative and silly and potentially completely insignificant but they'd been messaging on instagram abou- was if you come here. I'll be your private chevelle. Cooking meals. And jay's laughing and it's all cute and whatever like that's horrible but i think that type of thing matters not just in terms of scheme fit what they'll be able to do when they're actually playing together but i think that's really significant and it's not more significant than money like somehow we always eight just people wanna get paid for their work then easiest thing in the world is to tell somebody else to take less money and it's never easy reflective of some of house. Someone's going to make a decision like this especially because it's just really hard to figure out who's going to win a super bowl next year right like i guess if he'd gone to if he'd gone to like the bucks. You're kind of like yeah. Okay well whatever but it's also really hard to win the super bowl two years in a row like the books probably aren't gonna. This ruled actually good. Now that i've said that tom brady is just gonna be pissed absolutely crazy. He's hoping that he's clipping that. For his tb. Twelve pump up video for this time next year. Football players know a lot better than we do. Sometimes that these things are hard to predict. I'm also thinking the other thing that i'm monopolizing this discussion but the other thing that it made me think of was an. Jj watt is more accomplished player of course but when jahic gakugei went to the vikings. I'm trying to learn the lesson of how much that swayed. My opinion of the vikings in that moment. Which did not turn out to be astute analysis. I that that pod discussion was not us from last year. That was a deepfake right. Yeah exactly that was that was. Jj watt on the palatine. That was that was k- jay kevin and nora. It's funny because i think it was funny. Because we i think i picked the packers when that division the entire time. That didn't sway me. But i did think that that i thought the vikings were just a frisky team and i thought that the dock way Natural be true. They end up getting good value for down the road. But but that that's separate discussion. Okay so the challenge jones. Jj watt fangs. interesting I'm with you in the sense. That i don't feel amazing about arizona as a franchise I don't love their coaching situation. Although cliff has i of feel like there's a because cliff immediately exceeded our expectations I kind of put a moratorium on criticizing him. And now i'm kinda back to cooking's berries is an average kosher best okay. And he's the lifted. Worst koshen worst worst. Coaching the division. And all that stuff okay But i think they have talent. And i think that kind of like what you said. There's a real opportunity here for for arizona to be a sleeper team. And i don't know i fall. I wanna take a step back here. Because i think that there's a lot we don't know about what this offseason training camp is gonna look like right and i don't know i mean the whole thing last year for me was teams. Can't make these usually because you need. Ota's trying to molest up. D smith a couple of weeks ago. Said there's no. Optimism is going to be in person training camp this year So i don't know. I i think there's so many moving pieces about whether or not teams can get better mystery. Shnell way on that are still unanswered with what in particular Obviously he is not what he was as a pass rusher and he's never going to be again because he was one of the best pass rushers in the history of football. He's getting old. That's fine Our franchise mcdonald a piece on usa. Today yesterday basically. I think you've is what was sixty eighth or something in pressuring among defenders last year. Knock ray but what he can do is play the run and when he can do is get to the quarterback at a decent enough rate to where he's not a total waste there but maybe effort the guys talk about this. Maybe his future is more interior Inside you know. Obviously the texans moved around a lot now was that was part of his His success over the course of his career But i think fit. I'm with you. Entertainer jones thanking only help one thousand one hundred and forty two combined pressures which the most among all active pass rushing duos. I will caution. Sometimes we get into. I remember when shack joined the celtics. Big headline was. I think the celtics was like the most all star appearances in history on one starting lineup. Or whatever. and it's like well that's just because they're old and betsy. This isn't that good But i do think that they both had something left in the tank. And i do think chandler jones is still it can still be premium. Tier pass rusher So i think that this matters. I went back and forth. The money is a little too much thirty. One million is probably six seven eight million dollars more than i would have given him. He gets a little bump for being famous. I'm fine with that. Thirst significantly worse contracts and football given out because guys are a bigger name than they are player. I still think. Joe walking. Contribute to a team Yesterday when the signing came down. I said you know what this isn't going to matter the nfl and twenty twenty one. I'm i'm coming around on the cardinals being an interesting team but i'm coming around this signing mattering I think it's a good signing for both sides well so they're in a brutal division rain. They go eight nate last year in a brutal division. So if this ends up mattering to me has a lot to do with. If they get some other things right if they can make their offense a little bit more stable more explosive potentially add some speed. Become a team that can really compete in that division. Then that's when you come back around to. They had to overpay for it. But it's good that they added a jj watt. It's good that they blitzed thirty eight percent of the time over the last three seasons. That's a lot. You're putting a lot of pressure on those guys by doing that. Maybe if you change that formula a little bit and other things are going right and you need a lot of things to go right at the same time to succeed in that division. Then you get to the point where you can start accomplishing what you actually want to accomplish. Maybe you need an upgrade in your coaching as well to do that. Jj watt alone is not going to win the cardinals a super bowl or get them there. Have them make a significant playoff run. Or whatever like the lesson of the gakuen thing is one defensive player is just not gonna do it for you but if other things go right then. It's good that you did this. So i guess it's tvd to me. But i can see him making a difference down the line okay so this accomplishes one other thing. It's totally separate our. They did it but it is. It is productive. It's going to drive. Russell wilson crazy. It's going to get the russell wilson ten percent angrier. You might add two more teams to his list. He might say. I don't i still don't want trade but i decided to more teams. That's what russell wilson might be. Because they obviously the seahawks often divine has still been a problem for essentially you know. I don't know four or five six years now. Something like that They need upgrade now. Because if this wasn't already the case and it should have been They should be on on red alert in seattle. That there's going to be a lot of great pass rushers in this division coming at them. And if you didn't know that because chandler jones is already there or donald was already there You know it now so it is. It's going to be interesting to see how the chess match goes. But i know that when russell wilson that tweet he probably did not enjoy himself. That's all i don't wanna trade. But here are two more teams. That i would be traded to is some peak russell wilson shit and i absolutely love it. The other thing that that has. It's incredible. it's it's so that guy is always on brand and has kind of the weirdest brand in the world. And i really respected and the strange way. The other thing that it does that has nothing to do with the arizona. Cardinals is that putting him with deirdre hopkins gear. It also makes texans look really bad worse than they already did. And that matt needle was hard to move. I thought it was really funny yesterday. We're like wow deondraye. Great recruiter I dunno i think money and arizona is probably number one number two. I'm sure and not houston and i'm sure gendre. I am sure that that helped but okay. There's other reasons to go I would also say that seeing the money in the market for. Jj watt and. I understand that there's other considerations here. I'm a little surprised at ambika shouldn't be at this point. I'm a little surprised. Houston to try to get something for them because you could have done a situation where. Jd walk picked his team and he's still got a mid round. Pick if you're willing to pay thirty one million dollars for a player you're willing to mid round pick as well and i i. The whole thing is with houston there. I'm trying. I'm done understanding it but it's our job to try to understand it I just don't understand. Why a guy would. i don't know i again. I tried to try to under trying to understand. Houston it's like at this point. It's like You know it's one of those movies where there's more fan theories than there are like the director putting thought into it. You won't santa. He ever have like the. They'll always be like you know. Go on some read it for a movie. And they're like here's twenty-five theories in the director will be like i put thought into that scene. It's isn't stay on. This is not stanley kubrick here. Okay jack easterby is not stanley kubrick. There is no plan on detroit's trying to read into this. When i was in high school we had. I took a class where this great teacher. Who would always try to get us to have like a video conference or whatever with whoever wrote what ever book that we read and it was like. I'd like sort of discovered that. I liked writing in that class and doing so much like close reading all these theories and write these essays and have like whatever every single time. We talked to the person who wrote the book. Like we'd all be shouting out our ideas about what was a parallel to what and the author would always be like. Oh yeah. I didn't think about houston. I reject the premise. That is our responsibility to explain. What's happening in houston. I think that is not. I think they're like we're going to recruit a crack team of scientists to come on ring around joe and do some really heavy duty research like i. Just don't think that one's happening Yes it would have made sense to try to get some draft capital in exchange for him. 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It's these are realistic. Moves okay mic. We are assuming here that dak prescott is going to stay with the cowboys via franchise tag or something else. We're not going to make unrealistic mussa received. Hey solve the pants. Problem got aaron rodgers. Were not racking and do that. We're going to realistic moves. That could change the outlook for a team for a division. Whatever we wanna do norah. What's number one. My first needle mover is wide receiver allen robinson to the miami dolphins which would be. Okay expensive right yes allen. Robinson is the best receiver on the market in a good free agent class for receivers but to me. He is worth the money. The dolphins really badly need to upgrade their passing attack. They're ready to be a contender in my eyes and that is actually regardless of. Who's playing quarterback. There's still unanswered questions about if that's a dijon favorite destination or if it's too or whatever is going on but in either case that's a quarterback upgrade for our guy alan robinson and it's gonna cost upwards of twenty million dollars a year. I would think. But miami's still got a decent amount of resources to spend. And i think this would be a real worthwhile move to pair him with devante parker and just have a real one to threat there. What do you think of that choice kevin. So i'm in agreement with that. I actually have one new movers. As allen. Robinson to the colts which i'll got to in a second I this is obviously suggesting that allen robinson is not get tagged or tag traded or and this is seems more unrealistic by the day that the bears come up with a long term plan to keep him there for four years even even tagging him would be eighteen and even that is really hard for them to to figure out how to afford. Attacking trade might be a realistic possibility for them but financially it would be it would be tough to see him sticking around in chicago and also don't really know why he would want to. That's another reason. I think miami would be a good destination. Why would you not want to live in miami after dealing with that. Yes that's a great point. The the tag number is around eighteen. The estimate on track is around twenty And so he's gonna be a big ticket item for anybody and he's going to be the priority of your off season when you're spending that much money okay So i think with the dolphins and this ties in actually to another one of my of my needle. Movers they need something and that could be number one. That could be to shawn watson. he's not needle mover. because that's obviously it. That's that's the needle he's the needle. He changes everything he goes there. The one team. That's in position that desha would go to so desha watson was in miami for the canal fight over the weekend. Obviously that's a place people wanna live it's a franchise that has a lot of building blocks. It's a team that i i look at. I look at the sean situation through. What teams could shawn watson. Make legitimate kant. Let's say conference championship contender. And you're one. The dolphins are that team. Yes to shaw watson could take a team almost made the playoffs last year and get them to the gym game and is absolutely happen And they wouldn't have to see. They would be giving up draft capital they'd be giving up the lambie tunsil picks back and and a few more picks and maybe maybe a defensive player or two but there would still be enough for them to get to the at least the game and the who knows from there and so but failing that they need to just go all in on what they have and upgrade the weapons. And if they don't they cannot get shawn watson. there's an either or thing here from me. Where if they're not gonna upgrade. The quarterback t need upgrade. What the quarterback has so for me that would probably be it and allen robinson or drafting jomar chase at three And going from there. So i think the skill guys are are the most important thing. If you're not gonna get shawn want if you do. Get to show watson having roms ridge would be obviously amazing. But it's it's not you know you don't need to prioritize that necessarily you can ask designed to win with devante parker. That's exactly right. That's exactly right. So what else can i say about the cold. so zach. Keefer of the athletic covers the colts and has a great job. Said this week that the colts were in frown robinson. Last time he was on the open market. And the chris. Ballard is not known for taking big swings like this but it would definitely be something that helped them and when i think about carson wentz and i think about that incredible twenty seventeen eagles team. They went all in on weapons. And you know. I think that there's probably a pretty good debate about why there was such a spike and carson wentz's production Yes even release it usa. Today's written to basically he was never as good as we thought which actually might be a better explanation than he discreetly forgot about football. But i do know that when he was at his best he had a weapons released an enough good weapons that it was an elite supporting cast. And i think that with frank reich. I think you gotta get 'em something and i think l. robinson would be the culture one of the very few teams with money to spend this year. Obviously they're going to have some extensions up because they have a lot of town on the roster but they could afford alan robinson. And if you've got to be open market i think they. I think you need to do something like that. Take a big swing because carson wentz is not gonna win on his own. He's not like we're talking to john. Watson carson wentz is knocking on his own. He needs some help you need to. You need to recreate the two thousand sixteen twenty seventeen eagles here and go out and get him a wide receiver. Who's gonna make him better. And there are a handful of those guys in the market and obviously listen the receiver death in free agency. This year is really good. Where that's juju. Whether that's allen robinson the receivers everywhere and the receivers in the draft and this is something. I've talked about this for eight years now. They started covering the league. But they're still how good receivers everywhere because of the way the sport developed because of the seven on seven leagues because the these guys all got ten thousand hour rule stuff and the quarterbacks and wide receivers developed way ahead of linebackers and cornerbacks and and right guards and all that stuff That's separate podcasts. would say is. We're seeing it. Now when we see how deep dra- the draft is and we're seeing how deep free agency is but if you wanna premium guy right now you go without robinson And again if they can't get him. There's other options out there. But i that's the big swing i would try to take. That's a really good segue to my next one which is another one of those receivers not quite as big of a swing but not abundant either to the colts I gave them willfuller and slightly more modest rate than going after robinson. Although that's not you know he's not gonna come cheap but maybe you're talking about fourteen fifteen million year instead of upwards of twenty totally in agreement with you that carson's is going to need support there to succeed and what i really like about. The fit with fuller is that he's not the contract that he's going to get is not purely based on production. What is going to be based on more than anything else is speed. Just that trait is really valuable. And is what teams are going to be looking for whoever ends up getting him and in an offense there that i think is really smart. Really well designed is also uses. Multiple tight ends uses. The running backs uses size. These big players pretty effectively having that change up with a real true field structure. I think could be really interesting and really effective so i would love to see him go there or and this would be financially a little bit more difficult. I think he would be cool in arizona too. If you wanna just keep sending everyone who's ever put on houston texans uniform to their own cardinals but my first choice is the colts Especially because yeah. I mean do i not getting any younger Michael pittman junior is pretty young but probably needs time to develop so i would love to see them get a receiver. Obviously allen robinson would be phenomenal. They are but be slightly less expensive option. That i really like is willfuller for the colts. So fuller was the highest grade wide receiver in twenty twenty pf. I thought it was inching. How often and how close the the packers got training for willful or last year and i understand his cap limitations but they could do that. Obviously the packers have had had some interest and that would fit in the for offense and that would just be something if aaron rodgers is as angry as he seemed in january and he should have been angry. Because i feel like every franchise quarterback should have say or or whatever it is he was looking for. franchise quarterback should basically be able to run the organization. If they want okay hold on yes and no. Aaron rodgers got a shout out from jodi foster during the golden globes. Like you're fine air and you're fine i. I looked into that. I was surprised. I didn't understand that until i read that there. They they jodie foster's obsessed with aaron rodgers. but they never met yeah but she also may be introduced him to shalin with late or something. It's really have never met. is this. This zoom thing was zoom. Happy hour I don't know. I theories but i think there is. Let's let's let's take that offline will state that offline the jodie foster stuff Okay so i think that will four is a really intriguing option And and i i'm with you. I think that the cartels might be a sneaky option there There could be a situation where fuller just gets a bunch of money from a team that has room to spend it and it doesn't before does not end up swinging any would-be contender and ends up playing in kind of a wasteland which is totally fine on. If i was a free agent. I would just go where the most money was is. But you know the fact that the texans not tag was not a surprise And i think that there is. I from what social media looks like yesterday. The texans were unhappy with it. But i also think that players are unhappy with it but i also think the texans players with everything right now because they're gonna go ship so there you go again analyzing the decision making houston texans. We're just not going to do it by the way. I always think of forty times with wolf war because and i wanted to bring up this thing that daniel jeremiah said really quickly that forty times are going to be totally irrelevant going forward because of all the gps did you see this yet. Others was fascinating. I just won't talk with us for one second. Because i think the we're going to understand how to quantify speed going forward then it's gonna be really fascinating to see because i just you know two years ago a. Gm told me that a defensive back that they ran good forty. And i thought he played slow and the scouts. Saudi play slow and there was a little bit of a debate and they went to the school. The school gave them their. Gps times basically. How fast they're moving on the field. It confirmed they played swallow and then a stayed away from. Actually that is actually not particularly good In the nfl right now even though he was thought of as a pretty good prospect but who knows that's gps or not. and so. i think there's there's just a lot there. with with speed and football is going for them. I'm fascinated by. This is totally aside from the wolf. War thing i i just wanted to bring it up in the gulf war thing is is is the fact that speed is probably when i look at. I don't know ten fifteen. I saw yesterday with with washed ball team. There was a story that was like watch. Football team needs speed like needs speed and the fact that a guy just the bucks on its beat. The bucks were all set speed But i guess you would say that The fact is going to be better ways to quantify speed. Going forward is going to be a game changer. in in future offseasons. I guess. I'm i'm cracking up. Because what's the what's the quote that they show at the beginning of talladega nights. Where it's like america's all about speed hot nasty bad speed. Eleanor rose gasps. That's the nfl right now. Yes you're totally right though. Especially because okay. So it's it's really obvious why you should covid speed but you also look around the league right now and there are a lot of that have quite a bit going for them but everything is just a little bit to horizontal right. Because we've had these this push pull between. We have more mobile quarterbacks who can get sacked less often using their athleticism. They can take some pressure off of offensive lines. Which like i dunno. Go back five years. We were terrified about dolphins of line pipeline coming from college the split to either. Nobody knew how to do it at the nfl level. And all the quarterbacks were getting killed and everything was a big disaster. Well one of the major reasons Teams have figured out ways to get around that is everybody just gets the ball out so quickly but what that leads to. Is that having something where you can build. That into deep shots is harder but also really really really important. So there's just. I mean there are so many teams where you can look at it and go okay. That's a pretty well designed offense but if they could add a field stretcher. And i i really circle arizona with this. It would make a huge difference so i actually think the more that we're talking about this. I'm talking myself into willful. Are having a really really interesting market. But we'll see. It's also super weird because of all the covid stuff in the salary cap but miz discussion has convinced me that he's absolutely one to watch. Yeah it'll be. And i do want to say one thing with the ones into stuff is that i don't know of wentz or two of twenty twenty wants. I don't know quite frankly if they'll ever have productive seasons in the nfl. going forward. Because when i was a disaster last year and tua was just okay last year. And i have been the case about two other. The josh allen thing is spooked me to the point that i'm not going to declare anyone a bus and i would say going back to the jared goff thing i'm not going to declare anyone a bust And to a showed enough. It's now this is not to did not play golf like last year. He showed a little bit. He does didn't show you know as much as justin. Herbert or somebody like that But what i will say is i mean this is just when you give these guys the weapons whether it's allen robinson or will four or whatever it is you're just making it easier on bam and you're making it easier on the infrastructure like listen the reason that the eagles were able to win the super bowl when out in two thousand seventeen was because they built up that infrastructure So i don't. I don't think there's any guarantee even if you give out. I mean poor allen robinson. Wouldn't it be the worst thing in the world of finally gets to choose destination free agency with a good quarterback in mind gets there and the quarterback is just somehow still bad. Poor guy i when i when i was putting together my notes at first. I wrote down nick trubisky for whose quarterback was last year. Which i actually think i'm gonna stick with but to your point about to if were spooked on that i pound the table on this but the lesson potentially has something to do with the receivers that he had around him in college. So yes if even a smidgen of that translates to the nfl that to your point is evidence for the value of going all in on these guys. Because if you don't have them you're it's just really hard. We're now doing that with mac jones as well. That's separate discussion. That's coming up later. Actually on the show. I get next guy. My next needle mover. And that is trent williams returning to his team. The same script forty nine so in his new deal That was signed a couple of years. Ago was restructured Trent williams cannot be franchise tagged what he can do as you paid a boatload of money because he is one of the best players in football full stop so number one in pf grade For for tackles his blown. Block percentage on both run blocking impasse blocking is around one percent. I don't know the full metrics on that napa. That sounds pretty good That you ninety nine times out of one hundred. Have a good block if your job is to block. He's gonna make a ton of money. Probably twenty million dollars. Laremy tunsil reset the market on that. You saw the david jerry deal this year. The reason i think that tuncel is making forty four thousand dollars a day right now. I just wanna say because we're taking a lot of air time talking about things that are going very badly in houston texas one thing. That's going very well. Is that laremy. Tunsil is making bank every single day. Laremy tunsil played it perfectly. He played it. Not only that but the the best part was when laremy tunsil found out the offer that was going to miami and he was like. Yeah you gotta trade. Me is definitely like i might be the smartest person of football i think laremy tunsil might should should pull a jack easterby style coup and be running the franchise i would trust laremy tunsil significantly more laremy. Tunsil negotiated his own contract. He was on the phone with bill. O'brien being like you're gonna pay me an incredible ton of money. Yes laremy tunsil a in laramie we trust even with the also. The gas masks was kind of cool hissed. he's like a. He's like a thirty for thirty short. Minimum potential. Well is a really really interesting guy. Who can bankrolled you. Imagine i re. I'm we'll move on in a second. I care about this. Because i wrote a story about it last year. But can you imagine going through that experience where you think that you have your entry into the nfl. All set up. And then something that. I guess you can argue that. When he put the gas mask on it was in his control to do that. Or whatever but something totally random that is in part outside. Your control happen screws it up. And then he has this weird complicated entry into his professional career. Rough start figures it out turns into a really good player and then seizes control back through this trade contract negotiation. All of that. Like laremy tunsil is thriving and i love to see it. A long thing happened. It was my literal first day at the renner. They had sentenced to the draft Maze nine they want. We were sitting together and the the absolute chaos in like the media and team area when that happened was because i think there are a lot of teams. Obviously that were just like they were going to take him and then he just started slipping. It's it was is one of the most fascinating things of the last few years just to have that happen during the draft. Anyway laremy tunsil thriving. He's making forty four thousand dollars a day. He's the only person who knows what they're doing right now. Aside from shawn watson last thing on that he also probably made ronnie stanley us ten million dollars because he became the top tackle prospect in that draft like immediately after the gas mask thing and so made a little bit of extra money on his rookie contract and then because laremy tunsil moved the market with his extension helped him again so send that man fruit basket. That's so trent williams has to be deal. The number one thing maybe even above right now unless there's a quarterback that shakes free john lynch in cal- shanahan. She just be focused on bringing back. So as i said he cannot be franchised These the kind of guy that creates a hole in your line that you have to do five things just to to to make up for it. sign him. I think that when he gets to the open market is going to see a lot of money. I don't think you know in a in a normal year there would be a team that may be says. screw it. we need to tackle. Here is just an ungodly amount of money. I don't know in the covert salary cap. That's going to happen Even if new tv deals or signed like that there's just not enough money to go around right now in this free agency period You know. I remember that the story and this is kind of separate but if you remember Detroit brown signing and when oakland at the time It was basically like they were getting ready for free. Agency and then. Trump brown's agent culture brown was like frequencies over dude like guess how much the writers offered you and that that tends to happen sometimes when you reach the open market is you get you to a point and then some team. You're not expecting calls and says oh. Here's ten million dollars a year more than anybody else. And i think that trent williams at thirty three years old he's gonna probably want four year. Deal I don't know if that's gonna happen but in it's conceivable Anyway the forty niners. If they don't get trent williams we'll take a huge step back In everything kind of. I think they're the type of team even with jimmy. Garoppolo bounced back year. I mean all you have to do is not lose. Half guys over two week period In new york and and things that have been fine for them. They're so competitive last year. i think that there will be. I think that the forty niners are when we're talking about bounce back candidates probably in a couple of weeks here. I think that they're no worse than number two As far as teams that were bad last year there could be good next year. And i think trent williams a huge huge piece of that. It is so rare. You know nick. Wagoner who covers the team from For espn breyer bench as well. It is so rare for a player. Like trent williams to reach free agency. It almost never happens especially one. That's that's in the thirties. You know andrew whitworth and jason peters or kind of the guideposts here as far as guys were able to play long time. It's not like trump was gonna fall clip here at age thirty eight thirty three So i think he's a great player. I think you should be the focal point. And i think that it's it's a sneaky. This is the definition of needle mover for me. Because of trent williams somehow gets out of san francisco the entire division changes because now all of a sudden the niners have a problem with with offensive lines. And now we're talking about going against aaron donald. J. j. watt and chandler jones with their problem and so he is a huge huge huge chesapeake free agency. An an something to watch All right what's your next one mine is an. I'm looking around here just to make sure that our buddy ryan shazier is nowhere near the vicinity. Zuma's i i am bracing myself for that eventuality. Bud do pre to the ravens ducks okay. This is interesting to me because the ravens. I actually read a couple of days ago about matthew judah may be going to the titans and the rivalry there there are some the pass rushers almost like receiver. Here were so many guys. We're going to change teams but also there's there's just a lot of because the afc. North is such a nasty in general such a competitive like rivalry laden conference like there might be guys who switch seems to teams that they used to. Yeah and this could really be one of them. Because okay so the ravens are could be losing merit top four linebackers from two thousand twenty jude on gakugei buzzer and mcphee. So there's a need there. I also just think what bud dupree is such a ravens player. And it's so. I say that because we're used to seeing him as a steeler but he's so good at so many little subtle things right like he's not going to just win one on one all the time but he's gonna get pressure. He's going to push the pocket. He's good against the run. He's versatile he smart and that's totally that is a baltimore ravens linebacker like to a t. You've never heard one more fitting than that except that we're used to watch him play for the steelers and i just think that they are smart organization. That's going to know how to value a player like that even with okay. Some injury history. He's had some advantages just by playing with other really great layers in the front seven there but i trust baltimore to kind of have finger on the pulse there and they have a needed the position. Plus they'd like to stick it to the steelers like what could be better than that. I am so he concerned. I've seen some smart folks say this offseason that pass rushers coming. Acl it's not an immediate impact. So i think with with debris just something to watch that. If you're putting. I think bud dupree is not gonna commander a ton of money. I'll look up the the estimates here. I think you're right as much that he would fit on the ravens Look up the market value here. If you're i guess his market value what would you guess late. Sixteen okay so spacek hasn't met eighteen. Which i think is a little high. Yeah i do too. I'm i'm factoring in that. This year is weird. And i think as a player who it's not always and this is my life's not fair it's not always great and free agency to be. The does a lot of things well guy. Well they're going off. Facts of frank. Clark makes this. This is their comparable player. So frank clark makes twenty million d ford seventeen. Eric armstead seventeen dairy. Smith's sixteen point five. I thinking more of his area. Smith sixteen window as you were. So i listen again the free agencies crazy. I don't know but i'm just saying that. This doesn't seem like the year where someone's going to say. I need this and listen. This goes back something we've talked about. talk with. She'll there's going to be a lot of bridge contracts. maybe he gets eighteen. But it's just a two year deal. Maybe it's two years thirty six and maybe it's that because teams aren't really sure what's going to happen with with with the cap but but not only that but there's gonna be a spike in two years or one year depending on how i'll goes back bud dupree once you get out into the open mark and we saw this with the nba where the smartest players and a smartest agents were gaming towards the free eight. The agent periods where there was money to be spent. And we're going to see that. If you think that trent williams you get twenty million dollars this offseason wait till you see what he could get into years. When there's one hundred percent return for every single television deal it's going to be unbelievable. And so how that comes into the cap whether or not there's a spike whether it's smoothing all that stuff that that that's a different category. What it will say is that the cap rose ten million dollars every year from i think twenty thirteen to twenty twenty basic until now and yeah and that changed football. And we're gonna see a similar thing. We don't know what the actual numbers will look like what we're going to see something similar with that. And so i think if if you're a bud do pre maybe you take it to your seventeen million dollar deal sixty million dollar deal and try to figure it out later or if you're not competent in your aco maybe take more long-term but th that's that's why free agency so fascinating because it tells you where the league is and it tells you what's going to happen and for me. I think you might see these shorter contracts as a as teams knowing what's going with the market's going to look like and twenty twenty three and players knowing as well so like a one year deal in baltimore right like to here in baltimore all right. That's the way the league is going. I lump to mind together. So i don't have a third one But you know solving the dolphins something. I deeply care about. I think to shawn watson has to go to the dolphins. Okay so this is. I'm glad you said that because since you don't have a third i'm gonna flip something back on you that you said that you ended up towards the beginning of this podcast. Which is that. Sean is the needle what is single. Most and we can extend the parameters of like what is actually going to happen a little bit. What's the single biggest potential swing. Is it to sean to miami. Is it russell. Wilson to the raiders. Yeah be like. I was surprised that the panthers were not on russell. Wilson's list because everything we know about the panthers and the something simmons antibi- last week is that they're gonna try to overpay. That was the the david decker will quote move mountains for a franchise quarterback. And so if you're if you're trying to get out of the situation wouldn't you go to a place. It's going to do everything they can to get you out like. I don't know if the saints had the capability to do that right now Or the cap space. I don't know if the bears are kind of in a similar situation Is he not have the cat space. You say that now you say that now now. I'm putting my freaking foot down on their done. Cut off you say that now. And then they add donald russell. Wilson had alan robinson somehow to and bud dupree on a one year bridge contract. And you're going to be eating your words. Have you ever been in an argument with like some really dushi person who just whenever you say something is going to be like. I'm going to play devil's advocate. There that is like what there is a group of saints fans. Most saints fans are lovely. But i wrote about their salary gap yesterday and i'm like they can always they always have the comeback at the ready of like well. It hasn't mattered up to now. And i'm like yes. My entire point is that it matters now. it didn't matter before but it matters now and also matter with the clown anything last year. I'll say that thank you thank you. You can realistically of all the moves that are more likely to happen in two thousand twenty. One desha watson to the to the dolphins is is the biggest swing. I would say russell wilson. I think we still have a ways to go on that particular drama. But i think he stays there for at least this year and then aaron rodgers is obviously staying put and i think that the teams that have called. I think we've seen the reports. It just just hasn't gone anywhere. So i think to shawn's number one big one and i think it happened to some. I think that they realized that it has to happen. A john maclean. The texans be writers said the five teams of called so far. We're still in a holding pattern where no one is. No one is is neko's area in those guys are not calling them back. 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I think if you read the beat writers think that that was seen as as aggressive posturing to the football team And a couple of days later he's released. It makes a lot of sense for me. Go to jacksonville Urban meyer was obviously is college coach. You know. I've talked to people around. Urban talked about dan mullen and they talk about how i how pivotal alex smith was to all of their careers and all of their lives because he was the guy we're really popped. And without alex smith the whole utah thing doesn't happen for urban. And then the whole florida thing. The whole ohio state thing and hold. Jaguars thing goes napping Obviously he's very good coach and something happened but it wouldn't have been that So it makes sense that he'd be able to go there. And also you think about alex. Smith alex smith took the urban meyer offense before anybody else and was able to have success in the nfl. He was the first. Urban meyer quarterback cessna. Nfl and if urban meyer is whole gimmick your is blending his offense with the nfl. Alex smith guy you. You would want being your second string quarterback by trevor lawrence. That's really smart chicago. Maybe another secondary option where he could be with matt nagy. And there's some lack of clarity on whether that would be a backup role or what which might be attractive to him if he wants a better opportunity to to play and not be sort of tasked with grooming trevor lawrence. I will say jacksonville is. The is the obvious one. The other thing. I wanted just prepare people for as we go through this free agency and all these these great destinations and exciting teams and whatever. Everybody brace yourselves for every free agent to go to the jaguars and the jets like. Just just get like what. What if he's just like i really want to do. I'd like to set up my family for many generations. And and i will take playing with with sam darnold for a year. That's fine for may right right like we should just be ready for that. Because for instance the jaguars have eighty two million dollars in cap space. So the other feather in the cap of of alex smith going there is like they can. They can hand backup quarterback a decent chunk of change right now and not have it priced out of adding guys to support chabot lauren's or whoever the quarterback is but it's trevor lawrence. Not a lot of teams are are in a position like that so i just want everybody to dip their toes into understanding that. There's just like everyone's going to the jaguars and the jets. I will say the another bad team with a lot of money to spend is the new england patriots now. I didn't say it. Because they was trying to get through a podcast. With by the way will will fuller Market value is sixteen point. Nine it put him with cooks. Amari cooper and stefan digs who all makeover fourteen lanier. So that's it so me might might be what you're looking at again. Maybe some of these guys and obviously the suspension may brings the price down or whatever but kevin. I've got a midweek doug for you. Is that to what compared mack jones alabama cornerback who is rising on some draft charts to tom brady and he was on a yahoo sports podcast and he said i would say he's a slide kind of athletic person. He's a more mobile. Tom brady. he's a more. Which lake birdie okay. Is he more mobile. Tom brady in the sense that he's more mobile than tom. Brady and plays quarterback. Because i guess you can't argue with that but like you do this. This reminds me a little bit of when so. Aj mccarron became the bengals starter. You're andy dalton. Went out when they ended up playing really well and who's gonna start a playoff game and aj mccarron quote. Was you know tom brady was a backup to and it's like well. Yeah literally tom brady. Was this these are facts. These are facts. You're back up and tom. Brady's a backup. But i think it kind of ends there I'm an agreement with you. That yeah mac. Tones can can run on a football field and he can throw a ball field. But i don't think he's. I don't think we're there with mac jones. I will say this the. Pf guys made a really good comparison. I think it was saying monson. Those guys were basically like if if aj mccarron not to bring up aj mccarron twice in the same the same segment here but if aj mccarron if as you mccarron were given these alabama receivers would. He have graded as highly as mack. Jones did this year. And i keep thinking the answer is yes and they do too. I just think that. I think the it's really hard to separate mack jones from the fact that he has a receiving core. That most guys would that somebody told teams. We'll take away franklin. This is the two of thing yet again. And sorta by corollary. The josh allen thing i just may biggest takeaway from this is that we need to just stop doing tom. Brady cops because i think the The relevant detail. Here is that mack jones was born in nine thousand nine hundred eighty eight so unless he was really cranky as a one year old. He's not still pissed about things that happened in one thousand nine as tom brady clearly is and that seems like a really relevant detail in kind of how how these pathways are are likely to develop. I think sometimes people are want to say to describe someone as a more mobile. Tom brady when they really are trying to say he's more mobile than tom brady. True without being really very important But you know what. Let's reframe this discussion. Because i don't want it to be all negative and sad. That's a nice thing to say about your friend too. Good on you sir. nice. Yeah i i. I'm with you on the to. I mean i think that the two of the mistakes. I made evaluating to of our part of the reason that i'm shading mack jones. A little bit it is the unanswerable question I'm glad that. I get to make low stakes comments on podcasts. Actually have to make the decision on a quarterback this year all right next nugget. Tom brady knee surgery He's supposed to be out several months according to one of the boston globe. Your old buddy. Art our current buddy. You're old co worker. Our current buddy. Ben so ben says a couple of weeks ago that when it all comes out about the true nature of brady's injury that will quote bill brady's legend even greater and then bruce arians says that he's looking at about june and then tom brady says one of the next five months So this. Tom brady knee thing. I don't know how big of a deal it is. Because i don't know what he's going to miss if anything and i don't know if there's not as he's not going to be able to go to where exactly able to do is his workouts in may and june or whatever. You spend a lot of time round tom. Brady is the fact that he wouldn't be able to be normal. Physical self in the off season a big deal and he'll be fine. I think he knows what he needs for his body at this plant. I also think that. And i guess i'm kind of going to contradict myself year a little bit but tom brady spent so many years in an environment that he created for himself but also had to do with how the patriots do things where you don't really take a lot of time off and there aren't veterans days in the same way that there are other teams and us on your own time quite often and then he goes to tampa and it's different and there was that story. Where in the middle of the season he was asking arians. Hey can i take. Can i take a wednesday off. Can i take a little time here at aaron saying do you want chore. Do you wanna take mental wraps or do you want to just not and brady's like i just need a day off. This'll be last time and aaron's is kind of like doesn't have to be the last time dude like you can take more if you need it and he starts to learn that maybe the cost associated with that for him at this point in his career might have been different at different times in different places but that that rest is not a bad thing. I have a hard time feeling in my heart of hearts lake. A couple lost months of you know throwing on air and working with those receivers for having a whole season together is going to up the degree of difficulty from coming in last season with everything that was changed about that offseason when he didn't know those guys and figuring it out that way and if you recall they won the super bowl so it worked out pretty. Well i've always been of the opinion of citizens podcast many times with so many little details. That tom brady wants to get right and all the stuff but after this year i now disbelieve. Nothing matters except having. Tom brady doubt the it's true. Patrick mahomes in most situations definitely definitely true with tom. Brady So i think he'll he'll figure this out in the bucks'll figured out All right we'll more nugget them throwing in here. That's not actually here Campbell when asked about who has the final roster decision to in him in new. Gm brad home said quote a true alpha knows. When it's time to concede he ex dude. Dan campbell kinda rules. I'm in on. Dan campbell me too. I love dan gable. I'm on honestly dan cable. Do you wanna come to the wringer. Nfl show i think he might. Attacks turns electric. I dunno dan chaos attack somebody who can get that answer and we'll get this figured out all right. Drew brees workout video. Oddly times a lot of people think maybe was because russell wilson set. Put the saints on his list. That drew brees did a weird kind of signifying these not done yet. Workout thing All signs point to drew brees retiring the structure of his contract. Now points to that. The words of the saints have pointed to that Over the last couple of weeks He signed a television deal whenever he's ready to leave which indicates at the very least that happening sometime soon This workout video do anything for you. It's fine and here's what i wanted to tell people. And i don't mean to be breaking news on this podcast. Sometimes people indicate things on the internet that are not reflective of the truth or reality. Now that's and. I think our breeze just invented that. Actually it's the first time in breezes. The first guy to misrepresent himself online online. Yeah but there's a first time for everything the up this is it for and this is it. We're going to have to wait until june second. June second is the day when this will likely be official but i post workout videos until then that would be so funny. I think he should also. Did you watch that video. Because there's a a large portion of it not that it's very long. There's large portion of it where his trainer seems to be like maybe he's like going pushing the slap in the wrong direction or something because his trainer just the drew go to the black go to go to the thing over and over again so it made me wonder if he was like running off in the wrong direction or something but yeah. I don't know we'll see if he just. He just throws one of these against the wall every week until june second retires and everyone feels silly but again you can't trust everything you see online kids all right. It's been there nfl show. I've been sick. This entire nora has just admirably Let off the hook. When i can't talk this has been gr- amazing. Everybody's got to play her. it sometimes. kevin did an admirable. This is my this is my is my flu game as a as producer. Isaiah said i will say that The one time. I was genuinely so because i can talk now. So it's totally fine. After the super bowl last year the niners game i was so sick. I was so upset. It on the podcast. 'cause it was on There's no way to avoid it And i was just on every single like our drug imaginable and maisarah sitting there and We just got through it like thirty minutes and everybody. At the end i got like maybe ten tweets of people because so stuffed up. Who thought i was doing like a joke. Impression of patrick mahomes. They were like where you were doing. Like mahomes his voice. And i was like no i was just really really sick and so luckily i could talk and everything was fine. Well you sound like yourself a help. You feel better kevin. It's fine really appreciate pushing through the night all right. Check out our nfl. Big board show on friday with danny hyphen standing kelly and special guests roger sherman as they breakdown trade ups for quarterbacks in the last ten nfl draft nor you were on that show last week. Yeah it was super fun. Those guys rule janney heights. Had one of the best takes that. I've heard in forever about how brown's history is fake and i'll never get over it so highly encouraged people to listen to that show. It's just it's going to be really great. Great dudes great. Show listen to it. There's been the nfl show on the podcastone now.

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