It's time for Pumpkin flavors and new fall favorites Dunkin, and also some tough decisions like do I want to signature pumpkin spice is? A brand new Maclay, a new child take or Pumpkin. ICED coffee. Oh in the bakery do I WANNA Pumpkin? DONUT. Other people behind you in the strife through. Oh I'll take it all. It's all the cozy you grave at Dunkin. Pumpkin. Favorites and new fall editions new creamy without the dairy milk law days and the signature pumpkin spice is law day plus more. America. Runs on Dunkin price and participation may vary limited time offer. Go ahead rewarded. Not, you will be over keep that up your home. Bullshit No. The repair rule. Fifty One day I'm. Looking. Get to sadly. I leave off the. Top but you've got about five or six seven only one on is actually a decent guy. The rest allow fucking radius. IT IS A. Lot of money and beloved idiot love it. He got him to spin. We'll be talking about. The night. Then Luke bit also. Given a lot of people are really get mad tonight. We've talking about we're talking about to visit people. Hey so Who are those filmmakers one? Talk about the other one in a little bit. Completely, to Jewish directors up here, people don't like. Nazis. y'All a movie Nazis out there. It's going thought we would be. Folks. Welcome to the show. Looking at this like damn eight and one here. I guess no one wants to Adam Sandler chase him off. Are you sure on a Woody Allen? Maybe you don't have it set correctly. Oh, let me see I. Think I do all here. They here they come here they come maybe notification. Now there's no way they all showed up for master disguise and in stayed away for Huby. Halloween maybe too nice too much. Too, much too much sandler. Awesome. exactly yeah man. Happy Madison much happiness people at there. Hey what's going on? I was not showing you live on twitch. LOGIN. What's going on here? Are we not being shown live on twitches just yet man. What is happening? That makes them phone calls. Now you could. See. People said that they can't see us live here on twitch raid now. Let me go see? Did we not appear in the category? Yeah. We're GONNA category right here. Oh. Okay, I guess people just getting in now. People say we can see. You can see you. Okay I guess. Now, just play. What's going on? What is going on here? Some people say I did not get the usual the usual notifications. DID ANYBODY GONNA notification out there I'm sorry to get the show started slowly but I got make sure they're going at all. People say see you. Okay all right. We in the double digits. All right. Our thanks to kind of crazy out there. Okay there we are. All Right I. Got I. Just got notification right here. Yeah Somebody to say, yeah the only reason news because I got a notification from discord. No email. Email from discord nothing. Some people said I did. All right. Well people are given in here right now. We'll get people chance to get in here. Looks like people feel training at the moment. Now just got the notification. Okay. Alright. Somebody said Bitch start the review you waited. Do you really the Whitworth. Carlos. The Wet Lewitt Wolf. Come from. The WED wolves bits. Man. Wow. What ask We'll. Move. You. Let's just a big ass soggy wet as. Bit Fictional name. That's what you do how you doing today. Okay. People seeing the notification again in here now full worried little word didn't see people coming in. And chat fans get you. Know. Night I'm like I wish you. I wonder where you are. You missed it. Yeah I wish he would give me. I otherwise it'd be doing a show for nothing I. Watch Adam Sandler movie and be doing this reviewed nobody no. I gotta go your house. Put this. Put It all with this twenty people. Yeah. Where there's twenty people I'm out. What's your cut off? Man You know what ain't enough really for Adam Sandler. Yuppie seen it now I. Know, I've seen it. People need to hear here. Now watching this nothing sitting at home couch watching Netflix and Adam Sandler cinema draws my dogs and with me no Hell No. No. Could just if I if I could take over the debates right now coming in out move sit. Setup spent I I'm saying I. Would I would tell the whole world about this movie if I could be a billion and take over all the airwaves saw. Earth. Subtlest coming. Yeah, the budget of pandemic and all that. But what do you plan to do about these Adam Sandler movies? Yeah, exactly. What we're GONNA do about Sadler. Let's talk about this pandemic web talking about the virus called Sandler. Shit I got I. got that. Sad, love. Man. Let me see. Let's talk to Jeff here. We got. Adam Sandler he's already beat us to beat everybody here, and of course we got the. Okay. That's all right. Well, good. Got Them. Side bitches over here. Hey, Corey Makoko silk up in here I'M BILLY MR yesterday he's walking history pickles walk Nasreen pickles. A JAR pickle. Usually, people go to seven eleven and just get one. He's got a jar. This fool got a whole jar. That's rich I am. Yeah. Jockey. He must be on some Jews died. The Kosher Bill Diet. The Ashtray Bitch liles. Leo Silver the Glue Goes Guy. Read Cobra Stars. The Daddy. Hey. Sir How you doing? In. Marble. Are, as I called in one marbled clover. You doing. In, I got TA decipher all these names off I guess. I'll get you to. Let's see who going to go down I let me see. We Got Shelly Shell raising hell what's going on? In here. DC magnetic. Core. What is it? That's love this that Chicano Kid. Man. Doing. Onto Him. Yeah let's see about as on fired. No black might actually get you. Don't do me any favors me. Give me and take me away. Special Nice like this two nights. Happy. Madison is just too much man. You love it. Let's see deducts. D- dogs, lasers, I get you, Bitch. Tiger Goddamn is here. And is going to get all you bitches. He always does Adam Sandler I thought that was James Jim. Varney. As Ernest. Right, here yeah. No that's that's Adams Alibek when he had APPs. Right. So Adam Sandler. I never knew. We used to got pickle. 'cause I beg on the day he had APPs. PAG on the BG tension and then he got stupid. Due to? Somebody. Maybe. I'll do that somebody say you should dress up as the turtle. For Take a lot of work. Yeah. Putting together. Yeah. I don't think I could be turdly. Local submitted, better that is that'll help you going through the house saying that over and and over and get. Your tape today because I was thinking about it. Put Hot Coffee. You're. Grab. With. People. What is? That is that A. That somebody in a costume? No it's the real spiderman. Turtles. Fool over here. So. That was I didn't know this is like a Halloween costume and. It looks like the real you but. Maybe not I mean why fuck turtle mangled be was spiderman well, he had some photos earlier when he was with Stephen. Really Yeah people will put them in the chat. They're. There they are. Oh well, that's on the that's on the red carpet I. can see that like I'm doing wondering what the Hell is this. Maybe, that's going to be Spiderman next bill. I'm sorry Spiderman United early enough to get me. so you can't do that. No more down there. Brown face. Well let me see here. Was Gone on yeah. Good to see here. They say they've. been by radioactive turtle. Fall Spider Man. Spider man became bill you know you could pull off. You could put a turtle do better than I could because you got that shaved head. You can't shave you know. It's your turn. Your turn is every other day. To do something. Okay. Say Well, if I can get you there big as Turtle Jimbo Castille. Put. On, glasses. I save this. Glasses is walk around doing this. We could get in front of our three. Can get you that Alfred right there. Outfit I don't know maybe somebody got. Laying around I, mean back when the master disguise. At the height of his popularity. Everybody wants to be do. Y- ever having a master disguise lunchbox. At first. You're too old have a lunchbox. Make juice address up as a turtle turtle man. We'll see we'll see how it go folks house goal with Y'all here today. Good to see you. You're trying to get hype over here. Are we ain't cheap we don't get hyped. Unless you bring it to a certain level. So y'all can take it there y'all got forty, five seconds, forty, four, four, three, four to. John going to do about it. I'm thinking of y'all don't make it today on just might not even do the show. Y'ALL AIN'T SIRIUS Satellite a day. You don't want that you showed up for real. Let me see here I'll give just a little bit of time. Yeah somebody gave us the Jamie Foxx e Moat. Could put it in I. I. got it right before I was. William. Oh. Let me see here. I don't think L. A. Turdly enough. Actually man you got on his his Alpa Chino shirt. You'll have a lean. You have little leader. What are what are you saying is? You sort of moving. A little later died in. Jesus Christ. You could you stopped God damn? It's not it's not working and maybe if he had some clever jokes. We can abide the bad impression. Exactly. It's like you did a bad impression. You did the tire jokes already come with you add at worst jokes to it. Literally. Take it off and just go. Shit make. Mobile. Day. Was Gone. All the wisdom still here. Welcome everybody come. About trump. Off over here. I think they'll make it but you did. In death. Beyond say. Up in his. Body with the word. Got This was A. Young. Zohar. started. Today we gotTA. Change. Is Jewish bill meka's at everybody hates out there at the moment. We got. Juice. Halloween. And then we got woody Allen with a rainy day. In New, York. In Boise I thought you could talk with. Man Look at you ain't nobody hypocrites. Dom We'll talk about all. Twice Martin. Speaking with. Racist All. This trump was up one over there. Shirt on. Food. Oh. Oh. God Adam San Gum was Oh. Shit. I don't know what the hell that is but grandma can get it. Guida Saxophone Solo. Folks come on. Come on, get up the train join US join us today. Good to have you here. In case. You didn't hear all that. We've got a very Jewish chewy review. So Forte. It that not call it. Had To. Take Very Jewish Jewish show today some but some people don't like the flavor we got Adam Sandler. Like I said man. Would Happy Madison Movie You. Know we usually I'm not going to say with the biggest fans but every nine releases one whereas like you know what I was surprised by that it wasn't that bad is drew barrymore this one no, she's. So that's strike one. Great they're. Looking aren't high looking looking kind of? Yeah Man I don't know how you never know you never know. Let me see what else we have. With, I get you. I'm GonNa talk about all the women. bitching. Now, Woody Allen with the Rainy Day in New York and that is. Kristin DT Fan. Thank you. Thank you so much for that. Appreciate that. and. Also Galleno that with that Woody Allen Movie I, saw that we'll have a follow up with Martin. So you probably get a double dose of their review. I'll do it tonight just give you a quick rundown. I. Don't know maybe I can make a quick. Quick what I got to say, and then I'll be I'll be curious to hear what you have said that. And let me see here somebody say Happy Hanukkah I'll know if it's really Hanukkah is on the show today. The Jews we got. Around Christmas isn't. Came early didn't. Hannukah got here early and didn't it I don't know many all out of wakes. Up. or to the Bay Somebody said all right folks Go. Ahead. And Things, going here. I'm not. GonNa keep you out too late tonight. Will. Get into the reviews pretty quick but before we do that, i. got to tell you they tell you something can you hold on I gotta? Tell you some things. Let you know some things educate show. About going on here at double toasted, we got some stuff that we're going to be doing day. In. Let me see here. Go down here and tell you about some things that we have going on becoming up some of them coming up very soon it is Wednesday. Which means that. In. Just about forty eight hours, we'RE GOING TO BE DOING Our Buick Party. Oh. Yeah we got a party coming up. Well. Let me see here. I. Don't have the know-how the trailer. Ford. I don't think maybe. I, do Nah don't. So I'm just GonNa show you the poster right here we got the stuff. The movie that is The horror movie is, are you eating it or is eating you? habit-forming mind controlling life absorbing you can never get enough. Of the stuff. We'll see just how much stuff we can take on Friday we'll be doing that for the viewing party that'll be on double toasted dot com, but of course. You can be subscribed a couple of places for that. You can even you can either go to let me see if I can find it over here you can go. To double toasted dot com there it is right there. You can either go over there. If you're a scrap over there, you can watch the watch part of your party with us live are. Better yet. If, you are a patron subscriber. Patron is growing by the day. And we're trying to get to a certain goal with that. We're trying to get to two thousand dollars so we can start doing animation, but of course, with the three tiers, we have here you get all kinds of bonus stuff, extra streams such as the viewing party. Sneak peeks at some of the artwork that we're doing. Merch discounts on live shows me start that again. In Some other bonus content that will work in our. So. Please go with and subscribe if you can help us reach our goal. Of Two. Thousand dollars slowly. But surely getting over there as soon as we get their animators weight and he's ready to go. You'll he's under the waiting on you. I have been drawing some pictures of people. So we'll be showing that on one of the streams that will do this week I think on Friday will also have. Early in the Maybe that'd be tomorrow I you know put it up whenever stream on on that'll show you some of the artwork will work you. Yes. Yes. Tomorrow I WANNA see that your show I'll show you stay tuned brother. Also got some interviews coming up. Tomorrow. Get. Some good news and bad news for you. So. Good news bad news first. Banu start the good news that's the way it works. Even I don't know why because I you know I didn't realize until. It work better with the good news I. Okay. The good news is tomorrow I'm going to be interviewing the producer of back to the future. Bob. Gale Gale. Wonder what the bad news Juicy really is leaving. No. And what does it have to do what I? Know. It won't be live you won't be. Able to post it till later, I'll actually run the interview on Sunday but we won't be able to do it live. They they have requested that it is prerecorded. So that's just what we have to do. So Sunday will run review is probably won't be that long. It'll probably about thirty minutes. Some more good news coming up. In about a week. or at least a week from Friday I believe going to be interviewing. Another big legend yeah master animator. Guess with is. Oh. Many of the big ones. Yeah. This is one of the biggest biggest one of the biggest out there John Chris Jalousie. Thought That would. That would be remember me. Shit it'd be late. I've pissed off a lot of people. I WANNA. Talk No that would be actually pretty cool to taught him Dom blue some people put in there. Some people said Tom Todd McFarlane why you why you guess in Chat? Can you guess so you have a Don Bluetooth. Guindi Tarkovsky whatever some people that John K. You know what? Brad Bird is an excellent guests but somebody in the chat girls got your superfan Glen Keane. Talking to linking. The the son of a Bill Keane. Family Circus. When you said that I was like Keane. Family Circus that guy's dead. Okay. Keen on you. Okay. Animated the beast and all that stuff. So yeah, he was one of the biggest animators over. Yeah. So So. Yeah Man. Wow the beast Yeah. Yeah. He's done a lot of characters. No, but I know how much you love the beast? Yes. Yes I do yes I do I used to watch documentaries about? Beauty and the beast in. Used to be act of food boy when he was doing all the motions and etta maters is, of course, some of the best, very animated people to. Act things out before they do it, Cape Yeah Man. Yeah we usually let him time. So if out then we Get back. Somebody's the wait a minute. The Disney somebody said you may animate like yours. Yes. Yes. I would. No. I used to do that for the animators man whenever I didn't have time to look I. Layouts Ball animation and I used to get people Used to give people freedom to to to kind of improvise on something and I look little bit. But if I couldn't there was some days where if I could not do the if I'd have time to do the the the layouts, our simple videos, a myself, I say miniature ever put this shit out. But me doing this. Talking and gesturing. Bouncing, all over the place. No laughing I mean that sounds like you're doing what needed to be done to translate this now the people. Of the idea that video out there somewhere it is just sitting on somebody's heart. Barry Treasury not knowing what it is. Yeah, and if you put down to sound, it just looks like I'm going crazy. Those home is crazy people bid. Lou. What if you took that video and just put that on their grounds and sitting gross People think I'm crazy like if you ever got off. And doing the story on it and just stick some of that in that footage in slow it down. They always said he was. Corey Coleman used to entertain people and make them laugh and. Form of move reviews but who knew that job exterior? A darkness that just boil for years. You, you'd be the one. Always knew that. Shit. Until y'all today I'll tell I held them back as long as I could i. It was too much even for me. Get you. I'll get all your. I'll get. Oh Yeah. You better hope I never get out. You take. You say some shit to. Everybody asks me for years how come. You never got your friend he's threatened to kill me. I was scared. You think I didn't want to. You don't know twenty years of cost and fear. He He. He had a puff. Fifty. fucking around. scarface. Love People? Yeah. So those are some things that are coming up. Also In the show, we'll be doing some emails from you guys. You know because we take commercial breaks by while we take those commercial breaks. We usually like to continue the show and spend some time with you. Making. A show about you. So I'll tell you what you do. If. You. Could. This is for me. I'm on to you know help me help you put up the information for you. But I, need you pulp open the keyboard and type for me K. Cooymans at Casey. In Sif at dot com email. Questions, comments, Coppola's insults, input, and our advice. Hit US. Up on the social media twitter instagram. Am Face to the book book to face. Stipend Double Toaster. Taking wherever you need to go. If I'm too busy taking all of you. One emails Mr Martin founded on twitter and Instagram at Martin Congress four broke or. Thomas on facebook. Or look for us here in Austin Texas but only when the time is right Everybody wants to get up in the studio like we sit Airbud. Wait. Thing to get by vaccine ran McCarthy's window. Break your windows almost break the door down for swatch. Oh Man. Barricaded Bill. Yeah. Yeah. I'm wondering man he might have an idea right there I'll tell you. I don't know we're going to do about studio but I do think that once we get out the streets. We'd be able to hang around with these one way another sometime away so I would which is played by, but right now keep your at home. Be Safe. Time. comes. Let us know what your plans off. Cooman Gino Dot Com let us know if you are going to be moving to lovely Austin Texas are. Just past improve because one damn shoe. Safely. We'll be able to once again a day you do. See y'all been talking to chat. Enough of. People who sure upset about it At robot people who should get mad about their own people asking when this new show is. GonNa come up. People, the check he put. About stuff in. That show I've I've had to push it back. Thank that because I've asked him people asking. twitches producing the show for us and we've been going through a lot of stuff and I've been tweaking endure rehearsals and. Shit No. mccaw that tweaking Oh that's man. We about to get on should. Keep. Coughing man. You. Out. Oh Damn they're going your art. It's something happened to this pump spray. It doesn't do a missed anymore. Oh. Bars back you'll throw. GotTa be careful. Meaning me. Yeah folks. So there's still a lot of stuff to work with still a lot of stuff to go in there and Kinda again tweak. So people I think it's going to premiere on around the first weekend in November. Okay. That's what I thought. It was GONNA Premiere. Yeah. Yeah. This yeah. Yeah. There's a lot of stuff that we gotta do on a lot of stuff lot of stuff. So. Honestly I even think no, November's is enough time but we have to do about them because of his not by the time becomes around then we have to wait until January so. Yep folks you'll be sitting around in. But I tell you what be now now that it's getting close to that time announce this on. On every show. And I should probably make a separate email for this. So anybody wants to be a contestant on the show is time to start asking now. So we can start getting that ready We're going to have some guests come on some of popular streamers but and they'll be playing the game too. But in between, we're not getting guest on like that we love to get some the toasty zones so if you want to participate. In the game please do let me know you can. You can email me. I. At cool man's I'll look for that over there. But I'm thanking WanNa make another email address for so I don't lose any of your of your emails. One Guy I- readiness. These aspirin says, she'll be a contestant and we want to get people on discord. I think it'd be easier to get people on dischord and having a waiting. A in a waiting area before they get there. So yeah, people will have you on discord for that. So yeah, if you want to do it, let us know. And we'll try to get you there. somebody's about populous stream. Do you mean Julius? No. I. Really say yet but some people you know. Some people almost infamous in in a in a way so. We'll we'll let you know but you know them. Very. Well, in the world knows them. Let me see here. So yes, people some people saying on volunteer I WANNA get on. So you're not always K. COOMAN GINA DOT com start we'll start lining them up right now. So please let me know in. I'll start getting a scheduled together and let me know when to be ready because we'll have to call you a couple of times. We'll have to make sure all your stuff is working. Maybe a day before then we get you on the show will need to actually have you there early and waiting. So yeah, people just email me and let me know. We'll be glad to have you. On the what's going on my throat? Doing I'm doing. Okay. Just. Okay. Not great dogs little worn out. What's been stressful no. What's what's happened wouldn't work go talk somebody. Not yet. A Harder. Tom's a hard time. Man You know what? Let me go in? Get on with this show and get you out here. So you get some rest. Get back up again, push that build up the hill. I don't WanNa. Get some risks don't want to cause no stress. I'm bringing tiny tonight man Miss Really. No say that but now. You know what we'll see we'll see I'd. Say. I'm giving you all the a little bit less of the tiny earl because I'm starting to say I'm starting to save it maybe one particular show Mondays great time for that and It will definitely give Monday more of its distinct flavor and Trying to get people who are on discord discord but are on probably, patriots may have a Patriots Day and maybe a regular day for tiny earl. But we'll see we'll see how it goes day tiny day. Make. Holiday tiny narrow day. Here. Folks. Tell you what we'll do. Time Is. what? Tell you what? I will go ahead and get the show started. Let's get to show starring. After we're done, we'll do a commercial break. And then we'll have the next movie review after that. So let's see here. On all let me he wants to water. No He's got some water. Hey whereabout about yourself. You. I'm GONNA get some. Okay you as the the idea was I'm getting the awarded. Is A lot. Like that would be beyond you are you want some water? Well, why you're getting some bring bring one the METOO. Anyway. Tempted to do so Sir Thomas, how did you have one already? Already here because I had to watch two movies today to put me behind because. Point Having a day full of phone calls. Now. Sometimes this is kind of a light day from a lot of phone calls today to make. And then A. Two movies to watch and whatnot. So yeah, it was kind of a four days. I was running a little bit behind. But let's see here. You know whether changes in interest. Yeah. It's this stuff in the air. A little congested. Love no it ain't none Butler is a number hate all up in these nostrils right now. You know a lot of people I want say none but. You know begging my crazy days. I have some for. There no more but. Man You know what I know. The people. On my way to having no I. Mean but few addictions there. But Man, I'm telling you if you if you find yourself addicted to some just shifted in some that makes them more productive. Work my ass off. And Do some. Sometimes you sitting at home just doing a show and ain't even know it. I need to get my mind off. Get to argument wipe just rule. Hey everybody how you doing today. We are talking to. Nobody. All Right? Let's see here. Oh somebody therapist I did. I. Did. He never went to phrase that treatment though. My have to one day. Maybe not things. Pushed to. Walk the streets. I'm trying to do. Doing that for real. Careful. On the Lai be somebody. All those dudes hanging around Burger King out there. It is a gauntlet that make that turn to come over here. Oh, yeah. They got. Shit let me check guy to squeegee guys and another one. WHO's just he? Just they just give me some money. Yeah. Yeah. Many got all these people out there medicine these little shantytowns popping up just on corners now and everything. Bad. Out There Man Austin's got a bad homeless population out there. Honestly I think I've I saw in came with was L. A. or DC. And it's just like they got that going here. Okay. Bad An we're four months later it was here I see it everywhere. Yeah Man Yeah this is this they got all kinds of. Little shantytowns and tents that are going up now is like honestly the homeless people everywhere. A. Cost of housing. Way. Too High and bad traffic. Every city to America's Lane I. You know we got this problem this problem this problem it's like, yeah, it's everywhere. It's everywhere now. was. Austin got bad news everything I'm telling you Austin Tra well, not anymore, and that's one thing about the pandemic is slow things down here is creeping back on it is it is a little bit. But Now man it's. We got all kinds of homeless towns around here. I saw do is Parker RV under bridge and she's been this sense. Yeah Yeah. Stray animals missing. You know it's like. Straddle, populations gone down. You know why? People Cat's. meow mix over here A there's been A. Corners. Corners man like you just use the whole science on corners people people pitching tents on. Yeah. Yeah. tend to everywhere. and. People you need to stop at this. I needed like. Trying to play that religious. Because I've said that show we do one time I'll say it again may say one motown to its. Air By trying to play a religious single time trying to get people trying to Christians and give them money because they got a son assist God is good and I was like not to you. Well I guess what the Siamese it's like. God has been good to you. So you can afford to give something to me. I wish it would be like then. Because you should be able to look at me and feel how blessed you are. It does give. The need to clarify. Well. Signs. Should write smaller flip that shit. You say God is good to you. Help me. Yeah. Look, at that, and unlike that you may you may not believe. You're not a good spokesman. Yeah. So that's why because you know what? That's what you said I self said that they need to, they need to make click upset they get ya God is good. He's been all right to me if he's up there. Yes without even believe it. So what you do, you might as well, put this. Man. I ain't saying any worth the try but. It's always funny to me. God it. Good. Yeah. Well, what did you say? The less Larry's. Man Man man's cranberries good arrives are raspberry learn. To. This one is. Tolerable. Man Well you've. Got Yourself a raspberry. I. Didn't WanNa route around. Okay. Didn't know how quick you WANNA start. So I just grabbed the first thing I could. Okay. Folks. All right. Let's go ahead and get into this review right here. Boy I'm sorry I mean hate to make all the noises but hey, man at the time of year. Man I'm stopped oop right now. All. Right. We go folks. Let me clear up and then cough up. Let me BURP LOU bic. Up Mama Mess Right now. All right folks. Yeah. y'All know we about to do I'm going to tell you something man. which expecting with this review but I ain't fight. Nobody. Over Adam, Sandler? And I'm sure as hell ain't nobody. Albano Goddamn Huby. Halloween over here. That's just a waste of time and energy to do to do that by this point. 'cause you know because at this point. Sandlers like trump man you know this is like you've made your decision. Eight eight at this point ain't nothing GonNa Change Your Mind With Adam Sandler. If Adam sandlers funny. Voices never got on your nerves it ain't going to happen now. If you've never questioned why the dumb as Manchester he plays the other people he gets to play them why and every move they always get the hot chick. Other than just being, you know because they get more screen time. If you never questioned that before you start asking questions now. You know if a character farted. Just because they didn't feel I write a joke and you laughed every time they did those laugh. Not, no don't don't don't get coach it now keep laughing. You know you know you're going to do there may maybe they've evolved? Yeah. There was something like when they were younger and now they've moved on. But you know these. It'd be looking at that dazzling that goddamn funding. Know. WHO's The fucking child here Ted you embarrassing. Yeah Man. You know another thing is. Adams sailing besides everything just tell you look Adam Sandler and I just got y'all know this I read him and I. We we we birthday brothers man. September ninth that's when we both born. So you're not look at that means. I don't have to like everything that he does but because he's my brother acts up uptown. He's Family Martin. became so you'd have to hide him from the cops. I don't approve everyday he does, but you know what? He's still my brother man and I accept him for him. But I tell you what family still talk shit. I go fight nobody but I'm GonNa Still GonNa talk some Shit. You know about my brother over here and his huby Halloween. And also, let's be fair. I've seen I've seen almost all all not not not all of. All the happy Madison movies out there. No kidding. You almost just because of the nature of what we do. Yeah. And I've been surprised by a couple. Really Yeah. Well, we the we've gone criticized for some of the ones that they look by the waterboy which people say they say number two sequel today. Waterboy grew up to be even stupider than he was in the last movie instead of. Going out what he just fucked with people around town. With everything now. Trying to get people soup and help they don't want. Also, everybody loves a waterboy. Though Zoltan. Ask Xoan don't mess with the zone I liked that movie. I. Don't know why. But I really liked that movie man. So you know you never know man you might turn around. I never saw fifty first dates but I heard this. what's his name Oh, the wedding, the wedding wedding singer so. You never know you never know in now we have huby. Thing is you never know what this because with this, you have the care to Huby who means well, he ain't that he's not that cocky guy that just goes around making voices for what he does. You know there's no real explanation for no real extra and maybe he maybe he's not cocky but he's GonNa make an stupid voices and talking crazy and whatnot but he is. He's got a good heart and he's got it and he has a great heart as they say, he thinks about everybody but himself but people like God. Debbie's Huby I didn't ask you for your health. leaving. Look I'm all for live and let live. But you care at thermos everywhere. And get in everybody's business. I got a crack on you ain't nobody ask you for shit. Huby. Right Lebron only we've only asked you for one thing to leave us alone. You won't do it got debut Huby Huby whatever her name you won't. You Won't do Adult Board. Don't let Halloween come around. That's when he goes full Huby, I I love the conflicting ideologies of a man who loves Halloween but escapes care everything. Every goddamn thing he puts he puts the Halloween decorations up and turns around with. It, you put it up. What the he'll be boy be Halloween. Halloween Eagles full huby ain't nobody goes to governors. They scared a Huby I mean I get that it's a movie and they can do whatever they want. But showed his house I say, God. You've seen anything like that. Hasn't because the ball the craziest decorations he has. said. You know this takes place in Salem and Huby wants to go around his favorite day and he wants to go around and help people make sure that people are extra safe on Halloween and people just like fuck you. I never asked you. We hate you you beat. Every. Halloween. Chasing down the street and wouldn't weapons. For some people, it's like he just gives so easily I. CAn't help. Kim Helping. These a damn full. But this all mean might be different. This Halloween is a killer on the loose might be a werewolf down your. Dragon. People are missing and after all this is Salem. Who knows what goes on a town? Like this were the spirits of dead witches already pissed off. Half them at Huby. I've been hung and drowned but guy they put up with that food. He was living time volunteer to be it out burned to the stake get away from his crazy, ass. Ken Huby in a town at hates him Kenny. Actually keep an open heart and? You know put up with the bullying and still try to help people. Before they actually kill them. Because people out for blood or human enough this all know. They'll come around bring. It. They treat him at Salem witch trials is buried him and Milton. Let's go ahead and take a look. Huby Halloween, the latest Netflix Adam Sandler movie and we'll let you know. Let's knows this is different. From, from all the others actually of Happy Madison movie that we'd like, let's take the same. Bullshit. Goose. No you've got your costumes pick of the frightful festivities. were. Well get. More. Trees. than. Tricks. I don't WanNa. Fuck. I didn't ask. That's the Kinda Shit I'm talking about. People sick sicker him. Guy He in nicest guy in this town. I'm happy. Halloween where you can pass it to. You so much. Always has the nerve to look surprised. When he will realize people hate you. Looking Lou Puke. Poodle. Ren, tear When you keep you ahead. By Bacon Janney Library. Hey I heard a voice you knew. This. is going to have scenes like that because as much is trying to make you go like Oh poor Hugh Huby that you get you get those you. Know. He's a pest I think we're on the same scene because. You're going to hate me for about say about this movie. I'm sorry. Then recommends. Pretty impressive. Hello. He's been losers. Choubey do. Salem tradition. which care here there's Something off from this town. Can't you? Know. No his. Did Laugh at that. It's pull this. Guy Is a corporate will cohen in his mouth. That was actually playing. Salem PDA. Stay. When Shalem needs me when. What are you going to do Mr to block? Area so we. Thirty. Make. Sure. Every she did she teach. Jamie shaped like. Would you lose your thermos? Never happy. Growing as walking around even kids. Is he going to? Mill. Challenge school because he's got this. mandate. It tries to skate so hard between making mentally challenged but not call them mentally challenged people. He is mentally challenged. Don't give a fuck with no no no, he's not simple. Now he's you know he's he's he's not a socially awkward. No, he's fuck in mentally challenged. Sorry. But as long as they don't say it, it doesn't make the people a complete asshole exactly. You know the word they when mini challenge for this kind. Don't. Fuck you know. Anyway. UB. Should just cancel. Halloween. Immediately cancel the damn thing. This is some dateline NBC's. Strange. Is the best person I know. That's why you're hero. you know you deserve every time. Look, y'all. Until tell you I ain't trying to sit up here and debate with nobody convince anybody. I am arguing with no body. About to go off I'll I'll just say this they comes a time when you just had to admit that there's something that a lot of people that they like, but it's just it's just not for me. You know it's is not you? It's me. That's the case with all these. Adam Sandler movies man. This man has been doing this for years made millions crazy millions of dollars doing what he's doing ain't nobody about to tell him to stop true you know and but you know the. In when I watch these, even try to watch them up manager's listen. There's no winning with me. With these films right here. You know. Five minutes in my ready criticizing Adam Sandler man. I. But maybe because I've seen too many movies or something but I I'm I'm five minutes I'm like already is this. Is Way too predictable. Scene where it's a Got Some about a bike. Now. Believing that financed, growing air walking in the in the in the scene is going slow and then looking where they're going you know it's going to happen next. Just just. Crash and fall off the fucking bike we know what's going to happen. Just fall off the fucking bike. That shift like an eternity just like I know where this is going just crash fell off the Goddamn bike. Yeah. Because peewee Herman Dude. Thirty five years ago. Funnier. Thirty five years ago, and people have done it almost once a year ever since then. You know we know has happened. Just, fall off the God damn bike. We know what's going to happen this same class comedy right in. But then. Criticizing him for being predictable then he goes off and does something unpredictable. Crave all. Ready bellboys. You know that did come nowhere. Hey Look I got admitted. Comando Nice. Stupidest. Right I didn't see. Him Say Rocky Balboa style. I. I don't see how those things could the eggs an rookie eight, the RAW. Raw eggs but the whole vomiting projectile rock you took that. Shit like a man. And that's another thing we would. Who who does things that just I mean you know here's a nuisance where he goes if he ate there this traces of who will be there right? You just going around throwing up all over the town. Rookie bellboy. I. What did he do? That was no reason for that other than other than the Adam Sandler just spas nasty bodily functions finding it's an easy laugh. But core you say was unpredictable but you. Still complaining. Came to win with you. A. Stop complaining man you know this is not your thing. You know and all that is. All that is followed by another bike crash. Of fart out of nowhere fart that just. We're talking and he just fired and he just why because same reasons vomit. Because wine not because why not? Because because because easing the right in the joke. Is What has been paying me millions of dollars for all these years. You know you get more things like Kevin James introduced. With a with a purpose. Really horrible mullet right there just because that's a cheaper funny sight gag and plus also Kevin James are always right behind Adam sandlers Air Adam Sandler makes a serious movie, Kevin James Make Series Movie Adam Sandler get stupid again Kevin James get stupid again no enough. The camera had stayed on that Lassen you'd see Kevin Jane. This was good. I do. That let me look. Seems like. All. Is Humor Man. You know all of us just sight gags. That's all is just sight gags what for you know just to get us from A to B to laugh man, you know Hubei's mother play names squeal June squibb you who's funny I give you to Umass responding but he's always funny bona donor. You know that's a running joke in there is a growing ED IS A. You'll. We don't know what a Bona is. Yeah. We could just somehow pull Adam aside and say listen I. Know You're going to be you but it just the one thing I need you to stop doing is the running gags. Just just just make a movie with no running game this challenge yourself. Yeah. That's what they tell you what though. But this dumb shit do get some value that's a two for one right there. The shirt is a running gag in the Bona joke is running game. Hey I'll tell you what you know what all you like this crazy shit. You get your money's worth out of it. That gag is running like curly from three students. Won't stop. He just keeps the Buner Buner in area by just Negbi. Ekiji. I got a lot of burners to pick with US Leonard Damn all right man we get it. You Miller challenge man who ain't no sexy boundaries even though I don't know how the fuck you don't know all these US pulling the Boehner was calm at one time you know fucking up. Okay. All right. Well, there you go. Laughing at him I was like, well, he's not completely. People, have the tables have turned no I the. Very sneaky satellite. But. You know. That's say it's just picking US apart or you said that you know what this movie is you know who is for so. Was Why? Why? Why why are we doing this? Let's just go ahead and cut this short. Get to the inevitable. Some Bullshit Fuck you rain and call this a day man. But I'm gonNA tell you. Keep going because I'm going to do something. That I don't think I've ever done. With a Happy Madison movie that I've complained about as much complained this. I'm simply going to talk about the things that I actually enjoyed more than things. Then the things I didn't. Killing me smalls. Why why can't you be together he something We might. Just, give me a chance to give me a chance. I'm GonNa Tell You I'm GonNa talk about this because I'm GonNa, tell you that what I'm about to do here. Is Not going to make me look good at all. I might end up being the villain of this whole narrative by the time is done. The movie has heart in the right place as we've say, yes, indeed it does this movie is just one big long anti bullying PSA sure and away is. One. Big. Anti bullying message. Most people. Most people are going to. Root for Huby over here because what they see here. Is See this Oughta go get you because your CEO Yossi a poor ment- mentally challenged man who only thinks about others besides himself and he has a kind heart. And he's so sweet. And I'm here to tell you I didn't see that shit at all. Wassall was Adam Sandler. Playing one of these stupid ass characters again I see low Huby I saw Adam Sandler Dune stupid voices again. Play. On these dumb ass characters just being weird. Still Somehow as I said. Getting the best looking girl in the movie. WHO's actress? Name Julie Bowen Julie Bowen. WHO's loved loved loved not just like not just grew beloved this man. Ever. Since she was a second grade slow sees loved this man for forty five plus fucking years a dude man fucking up the town all this time. But why do why does she likes? Well, like I said simply because he's the main character, he's got the most green time. So my point is, is that no? They're looking at this is supposed to be anti bullying message is times I. I root for them bullies man throughout this whole. I enjoyed every bit of it. You mean one Mr Grinch I'm a grinch motherfucker right now man I'm about to burn whoville Graham. To Hell with still impresses I'm about to kill everybody who? Now man. I did not feel sorry for for Huby one bid. That's not a military man that's Adam Sandler doing what Adam Sandler does but I've come to look I've come to accept that this is Adam sandlers wacky world I'm living for our. You know that's fine but he's written. QB is such a way that he's annoying. He's confusing he's even creepy. Yeah. And I thought he got everything he deserved this every time because he'll be constantly throughout the to- you huby is trying to help people with people are saying get the fuck away from me. We we told you we don't need your help. You make things worse you weird. You bring on yourself I'm sure that there was a time years ago. Probably about twenty years ago they they pulled. Everybody said, let's be nice to this guy. You know let's just let's just try to explain to him how to handle himself, how to beat how socially fit in and let's let's help him and I'm sure he got him to fuck nurse like what the hell with this guy. You know the thing is. Adam Sandler's grown children characters. They're they're those kind of loners who? Who are awkward but they're, but they're really sweet or Nice to children or. And you're supposed to feel sorry for them and they are told they speak to people out there who watch these and feel like Oh that's me. The I misunderstood I'm a really sweet nice guy who just wants to help people and people treat bad for no reason. And they don't ever stop to be introspective to look and go like wait. This is what I think I look like. How am I actually affecting people and am I talking too much. Am I getting people's business? Yeah by we're. Missing. Social Cues than making people feel this way against me. Yeah. He's telling them like no, it's. Not You is all those people be an asshole and it's like, no, because this is you're right. This is one where you look at Huby and you like. This nice guy stuff I mean, you think you're nice. But you're in the way and people. Get this across to you and you're not picking up on. How people are like all right I'm I'm out of ideas. I'm GonNa just fuck with. Him. There was one day and I'm sure they everybody in town got together and like we try fuck this guy. We tried man we. would. Not Bad people. We've tried to help you. Started with a conversation between two people were one guy a little. Man Huby I hate to say anything but you know he just kind of I don't know I feel bad and I was like, no I'm glad you said something. Yeah, exactly. Yeah. Oh Shit. Thank. God. Man I'm saying I'm saying this for years man list there I thought I was asshole. Huby takes up police, police time valuable resources huby gets people's way we're not asking for him. Huby CISA ROD is spies on people. In his car binoculars on, he's he's across the street looking at people's windows. All the NIBA helping utility heath no Cuba's fucking weird man is creepy as hell. He's clueless. You can never people man. You know a I'm sorry. He'll be hold a job. You know you. That's true. Huby makes the paycheck. Cuban the home to death while humane that Goddamn stupid. You'll be just don't want to learn. But have a wrote himself set Adam Sandler road in such a way for some quick labs. You know that's the thing he's not. So Millie challenge that I had to feel sorry for him because. Adam. Sandler. wrote him this way quick gags. Yeah. So you know what? Every time was fucking kids with going on the street and throwing axes him and get him get his ass. That's what's so funny is they start out just throwing eggs. A. deadly. Weapons an excellent. I saw think go. Get that motherfucker get them get them I. was meant I was rooting for these villains. Never. Learned man as far as I'm concerned. Huby was the terrorists in his town and I enjoyed the movie. I. Enjoy watching them fuck with him man I go out. With him. I you know I may I may seem cruel may seem to bully here. So what man you know 'cause that's playing another character These all the Adam Sandler characters finally collected one way to get what they deserve. The joke. You get what? You're fucking deserve Adam Sandler. So the whole time. You know I'm only mad because up having a happy. Yasha. List. He'll be like you said Huby is written. He's confusing. We were talking about how Huby Cubeys Huby love Halloween man. Huby loves. Talks about how this is his favorite holiday. His favorite. With all the shit he put out in his yard. All shitty put out in the yard and everything you know this is. This this supposed to be his favorite Holiday Inn. Fool is. Scared of everything. I don't understand that he's how can this be as this favorite holiday he scared of all the decorations he puts. His own decorations. One the decorations POPs up in his that he put up he broke up with. You, put it up. was wrong with you man. Yeah, I that's the enjoyment I got from that and I don't know if that was the intention but that's what I look. I ain't GonNa lie to Ya man. I feel like a horrible person but I'd be one these people playing pranks and chasing huby industry. What there is that thing where people pick like especially when Ray liotta picking on him. He like. Man I know you got a life outside of Okay Huby an here. So why is it? When really picking on him? I'm not feeling bad about it 'cause I should basically like come on dude stop being a Dick but. Some, a bucket I'm not telling you in fact, he just got three Liotta? So much that you would just devote time to fuck it win him. Really, ODA is fighting the move that's. Where we have of him, I didn't get him but radio LE he lives to fuck with you. And they don't explain out of the reason for it and the thing is you can Kinda I really did like really the movie he had me laughing he had me laughing He's fight. He made me laugh because he's a he's a grown man. Successful successful assume for the way he dressed they're. Grown as man look like he might be a mafia dubbed. Everything. To fuck with me man he was something happens when him he'd like he strikes does girl he's like you know what? He tells the gross struck with you. I'm going to Hugh. And it's funny because it's like you know you you probably the worst all the bullies. Yeah. But it's just that I have you been the the biggest and the oldest. Because he's extra cruel man. But he's cruel for no reason. He hates Huber. He's yeah. He's. He's extra cruel like he does the stuff that makes you let. The Bullets run over. Looking. Truck and beat him up and yet. I wanted I tried track because he does. He does sit in any other move with been like that is not right like qb steady mobile whole little comes just kicks his ass. Even kicks dirt on. Whole it's a great. His father's grave and he's still don't give a damn. Like he said at the funeral. O Ub. Doesn't me forget about my father? was his man maybe because the shared his hatred, you'd. Get you brother I. Get you man. I, tell you I I did like. Some of the things in there that didn't always involve he'll be like it was something as they got me the St. Lucie me I just I'm just in love with do you see me man i? I like him a lot i. hear you saying the word like La over here. I know there's some things I did like, okay brother. Like a lot of. Man. I WanNa I. WANNA I couldn't keep it going because you bring up a lot of stuff that I liked like. All right. There's there's a lot of sitting in here that I think you'll be mixing WanNa hate this movie, but I can't. Well, that's the thing I would notice like you know what cause in the beginning I wasn't digging it all because it's Adam Sandler it's the Adam Sandler dump. Him doing voices him putting people in crazy hair. Yeah. Just just for the cheap gag. This physical gags that are just with a cheap gag, and it's just like man you just right off the bat you come with a with a kit you like Adam Sandler movie opened. Pain a list. Yeah. Okay. You're going to do this voice. You're going to do this voice here. Here's a WIG Kevin James Stick, that on you put on this beard. All right I hate that we have to do this but after a while, once it gets. And established that yacht really like or care for Huby. I start going you know what? Everything except Huby is actually kind of funny or is fun I mean it's not like laugh out loud funny. No, but enjoyable I mean even with like I hate I hate huby and if you behead if everybody was trying to be nice to Huby are they ignored the fact the fact that the whole town hates ub just cruel to him. I'm sorry that made me like right. I was with the town on this and then as things yes. Steepest semi man I really liked Uber semi and he was so likable as a neighbor. There's a twist with him to crack my ass up and it got me well. I mean, they kinda show some of what the twist is there. It's just funny that he's so much like his character in. Hotel. Church. But also the character he was and monster house where he's the neighbor in the house like, Hey, come over here. Yeah. Yeah. He says the number cracker but stable seamy he's just like. He was so lovable of skull with the man Yeah I just like may not like him. Another thing I like this? No you look in league. That ain't in Oh my God. Rob Schneider, not being all. I was like Oh. This is this is pleasant. We he's not gonNA. Know. I can't believe. Yeah. There's a twist with. Me and I actually liked it. I was like Oh shit that will. Kind of movie that was clever. Yeah. You know another thing was like okay. So Julie. Bowen is the the love interest and you go like, oh? Yeah. He's the girl is you know? She's in love with him, but he's actually got the time this time the girl the love is age appropriate. She's she's barely younger. That's true. She still stupid is moving and they were I guess he was Happy Gilmore. I was like, all right because I was like we were in. School together I look like, Oh, well, it's not that far. Yeah. Works I'd has one thing I didn't buy I got on my nerves. We the how just didn't like there wasn't even gradual fallen in love it's just like oh you being unlike. Again I I noticed. Wacky. San Leandro. That's one I can't get with. So many of the supporting characters. The SNL. Like Maya Rudolph was cracking me up Maya Rudolph and Tim Meadows together they. I I saw some complaints about and they said, they give a whole lot in there I actually. At first maybe they weren't being used, but their Bantu got better. When it was just the two together. Yeah. Just cousin's each other out I just be Shitty to we talk especially her. Yes she was. Like no, it would be something. She's sit around on. Cruel to. Somebody gets on the night you up. You know what and hit look. This is Adam Sandler doing certain things. It is a little refreshing I'm so glad that they not take another vacation or I know I mean less Salem which is popping off late then It might be something going on, but I was so happy that. They went on know cruise didn't go to any island. You know it was happy to see them actually feel like they were trying to make a real movie. This time. Yeah. I mean. Even you know the the little mystery of the escaped convict and they disappearing people like you know it's got it's gotta driving plot I'm kind of interested. To say this but I said you know what I wanNA know what happens. I mean look I didn't see him but it's gotta be better than Bouma dear. Jesus Man Yeah Man. That's that is the ultimate insult with somebody says, you know Adam Salem made a better halloween with. Bouma D did did not put nearly this much work in now almost almost they almost have the same plot. Like kids go missing and Shit, and they're trying to figure out what the mystery is. Yes man no this is better than this. Huby Halloween part one, ain't no part to yet. But probably what is better than BOO and one put together Yeah this is. They at least they got locations A. Tyler Perry had to spicy had a house and a field. At least they got locations here. Yeah. Yeah. Many. What's the? The Halloween. Not only sets but the the art directions actually pretty nice. Yeah You know there's a lot of there's a lot of cool Halloween decoration going off like one hundred house they have in their Oh. Yeah. Yeah. There was there was I i. Love the fact that they have one of those haunted houses where they scare people but he's asking their screaming so much. We can even do. You know that's the one. That is the one right here that that made me. Let me jump that. Made me mad because he over does it but this is the one. WHO Maybe. Lose my job. He. Disturbed Oh my God. Man. Okay I do wish she got scared. xactly. A little thing that impressed me a lot. Such a little throwaway thing but. His bullies at one high school kid that any kid his Freddie Mercury costume. Damn. That is that is genius right there. That's spot on his Freddie Mercury costume was funny and they did something with it. That had me laughing. Something happened where he got. The at the beginning he got sick. He's gotTa wrong at the beginning he got snatched in his teeth blue. Yeah. He's got cory. For those. SIEMIAN RHAPSODY Two hours. Yeah. Just look more real. They did a book. And that's all they. was done. The teachers stayed up air polluting, right? Now man. I really am impressed with the. With the design. It spills like some money went into it I mean it really does look like maybe Tim Burton came in and did some consulting I mean the only? Losing sorry. Ladies Laziness was really in Adam Sandler's performance. Yeah. Exactly, exactly no, he was the only one just doing the same ocean air way they tried to update game up except him and what's so weird is like the him. During her voice thing I think he does all the time like you said might as well have just made it the waterboy at least like just meg it that same character and then we'd have something to attached to it. It would make sense. Yeah. posted. All right another Adam Sandler. Voice Guy. Whatever is that there's nothing that distinguishes huby outside of the way people react to him. Yeah. I mean that voice he did I'm GonNa look this up voice. He did. He did that when he was doing when he when he gave a speech for an Award Hello Critics Association thank You I'm glad somebody recognized me. Man, you. Don't have to do this character. You can be Adams just once because even looking at Kevin James in this I was like you know everything he's doing here. Would work just as well. If not better. If he didn't win win all that that we and all that who was unnecessary he'd have to do that. This he's Adam Sandler was doing this shit when he was just giving a speech. I liked to have some words which you. ME. Talk to you real quick. See. What were you doing we? We don't have a reference point. Would it be known as the guys who lost? Adams. WHO WE Get my movie I had to live in my car outside of fucking Ralph's. Begging for nickels gig star in all SAMA had to do is get Ted Sarande stone in do avoid right this no. Maybe. That was marketed for the move. Maybe that is Huby. You Know I. I also give him credit for this taking place in Salem and he didn't do anything predictable, which is new are maybe when clever enough you know I don't know I don't know but I thought they was surely GonNa do something usually that gets. PILED ON PRETTY HEAVY From Sand anybody doing something Salem Salem Yeah. Even though shack had me laugh man I know right check is the weirdest cameo in here and it actually speaks to like Adam Sandler. It gets weird like that. then. It works. I was like damn even. Stephen. Shack is better than you may character because we laughing at shacks acting whatever but I was like shack is funny yeah yeah. Man. I. I look. I ain't saying this is great. No way get. fucked up. He not run with this nobody's I Adam Sandler. Now, anything. But I will say I will say this man Oh and his daughters within the movie too. Yeah. His wife he and his wife Yeah Yeah that was another funny gag to and up into saint? Costume? Yeah. Yeah. Just like Har hardly quit. To. was that last year where all the women were going out like that. Yeah Man. This is A. This is it looks is. I don't know if this is just a backhand complimentary. I'm grade on a curve or whatever. But he's not as not as bad as I thought it would be when Adam, sandler he when he? When he was threatening to give us the worst movie. Ever because he didn't get any love the Oscars for uncut gyms want to sell. I'll tell you this purpose was to give us that terrible. Worst movie ever made he failed he failed again failed a geek even do that right now he not maybe he's just waiting to go maximum standalone people maybe has unleashed. Where they get a load of meat. which actually makes me terrified. Is because I don't know what's next. This is the calm before the storm, right? Right. But I gotta say Man Look I didn't hate it actually thought. For Halloween. It's fun man you know. I'm not gonNa tell anybody that you hate Adam Sandler. I'm definitely not gonNA tell you to just run and watch this I nine because I I don't think there's going to be much for you to actually come back saying. That was good. You know I'm not gonNA be responsible for that become back and being mad but I, will say for me maybe my expectations were very low but. Maybe, it's because I'm in a spirit of Halloween and is captured. In a fun way. Because like I said, it was all the people around him who was doing a better job than him and the movie actually did put me in I would say that. Will Give us a rental. Is and that's perfect because. It's right where it needs to be at home. Yeah I you know you talk about low expectations I mean. You don't get lower expectations than happy madison seeing that happy. Madison. Blur come on and after just watching the master disguise, I know Mac expectations were much lower. And when it started I was like well. You. Know we go and yet like you it star winning me over the less Adam Sandler was in it and the more I embraced my hatred of Huby. And did my people picking on him and he he is not without his charm at some point. I mean if you really hate that character and then you couldn't get through this movie. But this times I thought you know what I bet you could do this movie. Almost as it is without Adam, sandler or with him but with the different director like say Paul Thomas. Anderson. For comedy but just you know more of an indie kind of Quirky Com. Yeah or even like a brought up before if it was peewee. Herman instead, he could work for all of this but. As I went on I was like you know what? As a comedy. Some things work some things don't, but it does work as a Halloween movie which seems to be its point and at a time when people are just like man everything's down I just WanNa laugh I just WanNa light laugh I was like It kind of fulfills that. It's a rental. For Halloween I would even say it's a high rental. Beyond that no, and if you if you hate Adam Sandler I, don't expect this to win you over. Teeth right there but he looks like Nigel from just like a Brown Nigel from the bears oh? Yeah. No. Well, somebody put it in there. Man they said look the way to get. Corey. Martin like an Adam Sandler movie beat the shot. Adams. because. That's how when I was eight. Came to the rescue get that bitch. Well, just like like don't you try to make don't try to make me feel sorry for this guy. For him no, you've spent a good until the moons. Look a lot of this is a bad movie until they actually get to the part where it starts to pick up doing those parts is bad. The town tried to beat the side of him and I was rooting him on I. was happy I was happy because man those-those Goddamn thermos jokes like can we stop please? No no like I said man they had. If they had actually ended this movie had before. I. Even got to the good parts of the into half of it and burn this fucking to the stake. I'd be like, okay that was a good movie. Luckily. There's other people here. Really. He's not in it much but when he pops up, he's funny. Or some some Shit He. Really, Brooklyn. Just really and a Rainbow Wig. Goodfellas. May Have got crossed. people. All right. He's going to do. We're GONNA take a quick commercial break. Because we need to and then we'll come back. I'll do that time reach emails. So people will take a quick commercial break will read your e mails in between and we'll be right back with our next review. I'll do a very quick follow up Martineau, Sunday we're doing a woody allen movie. A rainy? Day in New York. Yeah. Really did not think we'll talk about yeah. No Man I thought you I thought you I. Thought you already side are seen it? No, those two we got I saw. All right folks what tell you what we'll be right back after this. Right, let me see. emails, emails. Got To do emails Let me see I don't think everybody for. All the support. Aung. Patriot. So you guys going in and helping out with that. Hazel. Hazel has birthday requests. Hazel says, thanks reading my last email I. Love your show in. CanNot Stop watching you guys yesterday was my birthday and would love it. If you would do a move review and Adam Sandler fifty first dates since you haven't watched it fifty first dates is one of my favorite Ron Calms but I'm biased because. It was based in Hawaii, which is where she's from. Looking. Hope you guys have a great night stay safe and healthy where we got a lot on the roster right here. So I cannot promise. and. In particular reviews naming what's her name? That is Hazel Hazel. I could tell you that it is one of my favorite romantic comedies and one of my favorite Adam Sandler movies but you know what? I haven't seen it. So maybe there's a reason to watch it. Because everybody keeps telling me how good it is. Let me see here. Already got. What is this already got a couple of We've got a couple of contestants that want to be on the. Trivia show. Thank you for that. what else we got here. Somebody about fifty first dates. The Best Adam Sandler. Of course. Sarah there are no you. Harry Caray. Dot superfan fan here. Please do yourself a favor and watch fifty first dates. You don't even have to review. It is just a wonderful Palette. Lens, of Phil. I. Like the wish he put them. Is easily the best film he has performed in in. It's one of my all time favorite movies. I. Don't know about that. I don't know about all that Bush for one thing he plays the same adult in it he does and it's. Got Such a ton of heart. It does it's about the lengths our community will go to help a family. And the links of a man will go to full. Love. Has Tunnel. Last heart. And Ten second Tom was ten second time that occurred in the movie. That is it's the ultimate Palette Lens after hobble movie like this. You know this wasn't hard horribly actually actually got some laughs out of What was that movie? Something that Lennon title where the the wife woke up from a coma and had been some years, twenty years or so and and the whole family is trying to pretend like like time hadn't passed. You saw and I didn't I remember you telling me about it and it sounded good. And it got it. It was well reviewed. I saw it I don't know. I'd have to go back and check and see. You know what I could also do. I could also just wait and do this on Sunday with you. I don't think anybody's waiting for this review. On you know I can do that. Let me see here. brand chester. I do want to ask if you saw these batch crazy trailer, some manage to two people have asked me about this. All right. You know what? Maybe I'll take a look at. One of my favorite people is back. Mel Gibson Yeah. Certain. You had your. I'll take a look at his trailer back. It's fun to watch him now just to see what crazy thing he's get into he's GonNa Act Yeah. Man I in Santa. This trailer that lasts the hurricane. Juanita. Man. He's playing. A retired. Sickly dying asshole cop is like all right Sam he. With the recent cancellation of. Blown NETFLIX'S Dangelo Danilo. MINARD. With the recent cancellation of low netflix due to covert nineteen I'm wondering why they also quick to council. One of the best TV shows I am to buy was. Okay if they can't get into production because I was thinking like glow. They wouldn't cancel it for ratings it would have. Cost it too high your people want more money or people aren't available what this person saying I'm not knowledgeable in TV series production but can't just wait and put the show on hiatus instead of straight up canceling it considering is not even a network TV show was it was not pulling in the re says when the highest rated show. Was it costing too much. I. Mean. How is just? Whatever building they go in to in a wrestling ring. Or maybe maybe Because I don't know because I'm just GONNA. Guess. Maybe the production just can't wait. Yeah maybe. These actors got to move on. Yeah, that's what I was thinking like we can't just sit here in limbo. Tiger Gd says over here he says. See this him right there. NETFLIX's didn't think it was worth the cost to shoot it. Kobe. Oh. All right. So there you go. Oh, Shit okay I wonder why the state there on a yeah Jackson people lot heightened is going out so much is he falling asleep? Mike Pence. Also flouted. Flowers at the whole time. Let's see here. Right in the C-. Maven cre-. Even crazy respect tyler. Perry. You GotTa respect Adam Sandler to did not give Adam Sandler I felt that you did it did I in and say, Hey, I case in a man's making money. Why would anybody ask him to stop? But the but what Tyler Perry Tyler Perry I gotTA support period because I've always said you know Hollywood has a problem with. working with people of Color always am still do today to certain extent I mean, yeah. Talking about diversity and everything. But to see a a black man, actually have his own studio. And get his money I mean like I say this look it's just movies may hang on by me if he's making make money with movies in the movies that much more hate him I hate your moves you should not exist you know none I don't do that I'm reminded the best way you can you have an ordinance? She doesn't people probably. Well, we do y'all cost too much stupi silly. When we got our people don't we? Don't know. Let's see. That's what. I've said this before. Swollen thing that I really don't like about this. I do this because we'll just ended up doing this but. I don't like that idea criticizing all the time like I said, these people I hit created man. Yeah to spend a Lotta time working whether you like the Mnay. There's a lot of people spend a lot of time working on a movie and these people are creating I. Just Movies Man I'm not GonNa sit here in hold. Adam, Sandler's movies against him as a human being I. Don't Hate Adam Sandler I just talked about the film I. Don't like them but you know I I respect anybody who has a fans has a game got the business I in like I said they're they're doing critic, sit around and just talk to you. You know I'll be the first one to tell you I, don't feel happy about this all the time. I'll be right there with you. Yeah. You know. A. See here. Somebody said you want to be a filmmaker at one time and we were GONNA make another film between end up doing this and it's just kind of. Is. kind of feel better just fell natural. I and I'll tell you that's it today What I like to do something like that. Yeah. But not not as a movie, I wouldn't WanNa work with that at all man how would I like what I'm doing right now movies. Like with animation man I wanted to be animated my whole life and I started doing national. It's too much work. A little reward, and I won't I'm not happy with money I want attention you know I wanna be I, want some spotlight on me. So I said you mean, I'll work my ass off this whole time. I did all this shit people looking at it they don't know who I am. Not I'm saying is a bad thing. 'cause some people love somebody desk doing that job drawn all day that's a dream and they can do it man and this and I envy them. No, I'm I'm right there with you I it was why hate working on video games really yes. Yes. All this and it was like nobody's even GonNa know I didn't hear this. Yeah. I I worked on a game and I put it up housing put up before go deep with it but I did game design most of the design most of the game was a couple of things I. was was the production manager on those games so I are at least the art director most games in a I. Remember seeing commercials for one and I went to, I remember being in target one time in the shelf was full of boxes of those games and I was like I'm walking passes and nobody could give a fuck about what I did. Nobody's buying his Dan gain but. Nobody knows nobody knows I that that's not that means that doesn't mean a lot of other people. But as a creator, I would like to do things and just kind of just take complete ownership over you know. Yeah. Yeah. It's. It's a weird thing where I'm like, yeah, I don't feel comfortable being in the spotlight. But I do want acknowledged what? I did. Yeah, exactly. It was people saying what game it was A. Some you might not know it was it was a kids game was on it was on. I was working a lot children's games speaking to the wall Thornburgh Wild thornberrys. Thorn thornberry's game It was a game pack. was a wild thornberrys meet. The rugrats was working on different program. I started working on different Greg rugrats gained that did not get released. It was when they were teenagers home a guy that was that was the worst working. So long on a game that didn't at least get. Yeah. Over some legal shit. Our Man I worked on so much shit that did not get released. I worked on. I worked my ass off and we got. We finished in a never saw the light of day. It was a Garth Brooks Game Oh. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Telling you about that Garth Brooks garth. Brooks as a kid and it was for the it was two games. It was one four American holidays and the other was folktales. And, I did everything on that I didn't do the backgrounds but animated the character design. And we've I remember I was like Oh. You know look I don't think going to sell like gangbusters because we were just making like these. These games were like kids small kids. And I remember doing that and that shit was gone I. Did I remember asking how to the mistress of what happened last thing I heard was like Oh, they said hiatus right now is coming out a long hiatus. Yeah. We I guess we still hate this man. Was A garth brooks gay man it was him and his hound dog. Solving Crimes Garth Brooks man was. Going through there was like. It was. A bunch of Click ables it was going like you would play the. Like you it was almost like a moving story book like want to hear about Paul, Bunyan though it'd be narration about Paul Bunyan, and you'll go in and click certain things to finish telling the story. Yeah. A Rug. Yeah. RUGRATS teenagers worked on. Nap Man that's the first time in actually we got a sneak of. Of that show before anybody knew that they were doing a show about them as teenagers. So we were under You know we had a we call it A nondisclosure. Yeah. and. We couldn't say Shit and like I was going to be cool. We're GONNA be the first one put design here. Game never got never got released. But yeah, it was a it was a wild thornberrys game that I worked on and it was five different games and wine, and they would just kind of kid-friendly friendly ripoffs stuff. Although I. Guess They'd like what are you GonNa do this game like well about trying. Okay do it. yeah man. So. That is why I like kind of doing this. I, don't I. One time I thought movies would be pretty cool and I still do I would love to do something again like that but I would wanna work for like some studio I wouldn't acting I would not want to go to STU to To cast and direct and have been telling me. No, I'm just maybe fragile. May My Eagles who high? I'll walk out telling me fucking. No. A special personality that can do that and that's off. Yep You're right for that. Somebody say you're doing? The animation DT like the spill sketches well, I mean you know. I guess those kind of my, you know my my my comic. Sensibility is going into their and my animation sensibilities going in so I mean, yeah, the. It'll be a little different I guess like I said won't be taking stories who knows where that will lead I mean that's how we start out. You know you start out with something you just don't know how it works after. So we'll see how that goes man but yeah. I would love to do an animated series at one time. Can't say who can't say what it was for somebody even out there knows it. I was talking to someone about doing I still can probably get it done about doing an animation. Pitch. Animated show. All the stuff started happening here and I still have the script and everything for us on Mike. Now might follow through with it, but I just got real busy twitch came and was like a can you produce this? We'll have to produce his show and whatnot but I still might do it man Mojo thing is If it would be cool if we could get into animation animation is cool y'all love it. We'll get we'll do it on a consistent basis and we get enough money to where I don't know. Maybe there's some kind of way we can do some sort of series with it. I'm not saying network series. Tell you a series would be you and Ralph back she. Now. You told me not to do it. But now now I'm thinking about a wicked be animated where you could really go off on your retailing of things. We're just taking those conversations and animated. He won't like that. He wants me round back. She animated he he said I'm not doing the interviews on what I want you to do is do a documentary about me and help me get my grammy for the Song Nigga Man has what I want. I. Don't want you to go through that being embedded like that but I would that shit and watch it religiously. Over over. Just arguments between animating. Now the thing about it would be insane. That that would be. That would be funny. We I can. I can see how shit would just evolve it. We get. It we get insane especially if. His his technique. wrote a scope and putting. overlaying film. Film stock in a background. I could. See Shit I could see like like. Mation can see how that him him and I will arguing. Nesh it with. That would devolve into. Just the weird is crazy to mation with him and I just screamed at each other. Out. Now. See. John Kay's animation, right that's the only part of that thing that cracks me up all the time. Let me see here me. So some people have given us. In the chat. There it is. Somebody gave it to us. Let me. Let me download this. Mel Gibson's latest. Latest adventure latest craze as invent. Excuse me adventure. Got Them burbs going on that thing I was giving me the bubbly man. We gotta get him back out in the wasteland. Yeah post apocalyptic wasteland where he belongs. Who knew that he was really built for the apocalypse may we always thought that was a character now it's crazy to be out there fighting mutants shit. Let me see. Let me download this who. Enjoyed the Review Oh. Yeah. It's very good points man. Thank you. Thank you. Let me see here. So. Let's see. So people telling us Mel Gibson is bag. Craze as Mel Gibson his. Got This. Just. Sounds funny. It's the. You gotTA watch a trailer. With. Mel Gibson in it for movie called Fatman. That's the name of that's the. It is that based on the the old detective characters I don't know. Yet they should be a radio show called the fat man. He was a detective got jake in the Fatman Front No. No. But it was one of these things where they always say Dashiell Hammett's the Fatman. Dashiell. Hammett wrote the thin man. They can with Fatman and he was like, yell sue and they like what have we give you credit for it? Oh okay. I don't know. So you think more intelligently nine maybe. Give him a fat suit. Walking around. So. Let's take a look. Take a look at the Batman. Starring craze as Mel Gibson. Undue. Influence. Maybe it's time I retired. Still. Kisla near Blackman Beg away from me. She's pretty she don't. She don't know your girl. been you must be. Paying attention was going to over here in the states. Yeah I'm surprised as well you'll pat. Two holes in the slave. Wanted me. Loathing for a world forgotten. He's a shark I've done. I mean I guess if he was rolling around these halls music. Just finished shadow of. States military would like to procure your services is is one time deal Jim. Are you get the Fuck Outta here? Is this him as Santa Claus? He's the Fatman Batman. He's got a beat. He's out there and it looks like in the North Pole is a big boy I'll. I'm their first day at this is Mel Gibson is Santa Claus Kick Ass Santa Claus. Beating the shadow people. Oh. You're going to break your embargo. Yeah. My had to pass on. Are. You make the goal and the kids are well I. Hope. For young. Slave No you. Was Somebody. Gives close. Okay. How bad this all aluminium words you put out there I got to see this. Sure. I gotTA. See was happening. Looking for the Batman. Series. This what people actually think. Christmas. Is a far Simon joke. Its purpose his hunting. Kill some tax. There is a rising number of our youth making poor decisions. What Man's had sort has wrought the mold no one is beard. Shaving off deadman's spirit. Worker sure have healthy appetites swells live much longer than humans Chris say. It's a giving that keeps him Yup. Those Known hopes. The first. Job. Fat and jolly. Saying. Lips. No Man maybe he's he's turned over a new leaf. Maybe that's why he's been. So aggressive towards black people he's always one lead you always want to black chick this. Maybe maybe this isn't trying to get some forgiveness maybe. He's Turn out all the ELVES Jewish. You can their chocolate. Folly crossed over. You know what? I'll be man. Some black has chilled. Some black woman just killed him the fuck out. Got Us thinking this whole time. Come on you sleepy. Got His on you. S. Donald. Muggy wasn't blitzer Terry package clean off. Man Listen jokes joke. But that looks fucking stupid. And that's why. I love it just. She's rated onto. It is. Yeah. No, of course, it's stupid. That's why. That's why I. Love What you want us. You'll love it now just to you watch it. and. You Sit Nagel. We'll see but right now. I want this dumb shit. This is great. You wanted to get it. You want nothing to do with it. Okay. Know, we disagree to disagree on this. We want this right now. Now Look I would I would gladly say you were right when I say like bullshit but for right now I need to see for myself. This is striking me as one of those movies they show at a festival like fantastic fest and then the crowd goes crazy for it. He can barely hear the dialogue because it's screaming and everything. Yeah Man I'm right craft. Drunk right now. Okay Look I. Just loved that Mel Gibson is getting crazier. Mel Gibson is. Mel. Gibson is so crazy right now, he kissed a black six CHESA crazy here. To. Kiss. All right come on I could do it. One take. No Man I I need to I, need to see this. I. Need This right now. I ain't saying me and mill cool yet. But this will get you halfway we but you know. We we started to work things out. Here to do is just keep at it. Wear you down. A bad ass. Crazy. fucking. Santa Claus. Yeah. Fuck you. I won't that. Suck it's worth it. Man. I, love it. Because I I love. Santa Claus is bad as but I love like the kid here. We got this little kid who's ready to. See here. I love the kid is billenness's fuck. Yeah. He was the bullying A. Good Boys. Was He was that the one? Yeah Nagel. Full Villain. What the big man's had sort has wrought they mold. His beard I'm not shaving off. Did Man Spirit. Worker sure have healthy appetites why elves live much longer than humans at Chris. hard-drinking Santa. Claus. A no no. Bush's Santa Claus I like that man like that. Yeah people are you know? The other thing is that if they're gonNA, go right at are. kind of crazy shit and that's all right. I'll be I. WAS GONNA. It's GonNa. Be. Super Bloody. I mean, I'm not WANNA WANNA see blood just to see blood y'all know that. I love this to he's ready. Casino when I saw this as when I thought it might be PG thirteen I'm like they just go go soft some things number of our youth making poor decisions No shock the fuck that girl aggregate kidding. Yeah. Man I mean, looks like with the kids screaming getting the coal and like fuck you. All right. I'm there with this. Is just. Like that anything in his trailer was your look look on your face when you saw the coal realize you really was. It was like a little kid at Christmas. I'm the one that had. Oh Wanted. US. Just the right amount of silliness and makes me think our laws you take yourself too serious but serious enough to where you know. You you'RE GONNA at least approach it. Airbus be acting seriously nobody's going to be doing tongue-in-cheek Shit. No, it's GONNA. It's GONNA be a tongue in cheek movie where everybody is going to be playing it serious. Sure I. Love that kind of thing. Yeah Man I'm look I'm I thought I'd never say this, and this is why you just never say never because I was on that fuck mill gifts and training. You with the conductor I'll know about the put that bitch. He called me a pack of News I. Don't know if I can take that now looking at that. Gives us back. took. The weapon six. Now, wait to see that. Yeah put him in old daddy loves together. Gets all. Black. Yeah I ain't I I'm still. I'm. Still say Fuck Mel Gibson man ain't down with them. But you know like, fuck fuck him the man, but I'll do some crazy shit you. Ain't kidding he's insane ain't. No going back. So yeah man. Mel Gibson back on my Dick. Again Hong Kong. Be Hang onto ball's a little bit. We'll see when's it coming out they? They showed a date I didn't catch it. Let me see here. Oh, that's a good. That's a good question November seventeenth yeah yeah. Right around the corner this is going on digital you noticing all of. A Christmas shown that early November yeah. So Danny, McBride and David Gordon Green producing this. Oh. Yeah well, you didn't say that. Changes everything fat that does change things and explains Walton Goggin. Also, Yeah Lozano really support gives them much I. Wanna I just WanNa to get that straight but. Mel Gibson. Those guys I told you medicine people I can't support Mel Gibson committing a crime and everything you know. I don't know what his stance on things right now but you know I know I'm not on that. Cancel the I want I, want to counsel him I never saw. That some people say that about Mel Gibson and just kind of like Shit you say what you say I don't know where you stand right now. Now you say that Shit again is like all right. If I know the day you still there I can't do it this way too many times but Yeah, you know the day just like fuck? Yeah. How long ago? was that it was it was a while back. You know what? I mean yeah. And I still don't you know. Still think people still think Hollywood kind of turn their. Blind to this shit because he's kind of a Hollywood legend but yeah, I mean I should. So long ago it's some stuff. I just can't hold onto you know what I mean yeah. No. Way and Yuda to hold on a couple of things like a Riano feelings her own Polanski never seen anything he does I will never support him I'm again the walk that line with a craze as. J. K. Rowling I'm you know I'm getting like what she's doing? I? Don't I I I don't feel like I can support somebody who I just don't think you know who is actively out there give me misinformation has avoided a crime or something woody Allen Woody. Allen I'm still questionable about Woody Allen but Allen, he did his time in court. His life is what it is. Now you know in there's still no proof that he actually did some of the things that you've been accused that comes out I'm that motherfucker has gone too but yeah. So. Yeah, you know. Anyway. The, this'll be a good segue. It would be if I was doing it but I'm not going to do tonight I'm GonNa. Wait for Sunday Mel Gibson took you place would ever. Do this review you. Thank you. Damn PUNK is is, is meant droopy for a while. Yeah Yeah, we'll do the. We'll do the review on when I can do it with you. Okay. You know you talk about it twice. Sure. Sure. Sure. Yeah. So Mice and more email Laura do one we. Another email. Thank you for the Fatman trailer. Definitely will put that up. Acid as crazy Danny McBride yeah. All right. Yeah and McBride Brandon Joe. David. Gordon Green. All right. I mean, yeah. The the Halloween guys. ORLEAN with the movies being pushed back mostly to twenty twenty to tell you what I gotTa do a commercial break twenty two. Yeah Man. There's a okay. I'll talk about this folks won't take a quick break. We'll continue to emails and we'll be right back. After, this. With moves being pushed back mostly to twenty twenty two do you think they should just go to deep at thirty dollars like Moulin at this point is better than waiting a year more love your podcast. Thank you Julie I heard rumors. That are just read. One particular thing they said wonder woman might. Actually be going to streaming. Oh really yeah and they say that happens then that's you know. But James Bond is still slated for. April Twenty Twenty One Year right now right now, they just keep putting dates on there. Just a ding sure people know they got to. Give people hope. Then there's a lot of people who love data's now who on that thing like? Did. Not, make it through this dope. They may be coming back something better. Yeah it is of. The just not GonNa make it in the in the form that they're in right now. Sure. Yeah. I I'm mentally to myself up for it and then I just I just can't do it do what go to a theater I'll say I went to see tenant because I knew that they would have like special precautions in place because. The, the the the studio, Cher overseeing Nassar, and until you wasn't that bad but I don't WanNa. Do it outside of a screening you know I don't want to go on a regular day although I saw that on a team where I was looking at how they had People coming in I didn't. Look that bad. But that's a long time. Be sending this out with something. Those those bugs are in there. A long time to get to you brought up doomed got pushback. Did it yeah October twenty twenty one. Okay, they will come do was gonna come out this December. Under that one eyed at, that's not happening I know. They just put out a trailer for. For what was that called Free Guy December twenty second that is not happening. I'm telling you right now and they're not doing that. So. Yeah. Man I don't know what cinemas going on on the was going go. I do I do know that the suffering very much and I don't think it's going to the gun exist the way they are right now because I think is just an evitable that a lot of the movies that we took for granted as going to the theater not go theater anymore some of your bigger ones will wait it out. In the might just might have to go to stream. But there's also the question of productions get back on. So we can have new movies and programming YEP that is true. 'cause that's an extra precaution they have. There's so much TV. But eventually, those things are GonNa hit the point where it's like we can't make new episodes. Well. Tyler Perry is GonNa fix it. Everything's going to be animated. We'll see how it goes. All right guys. another talks toxic glorified romance on Fuck what is this hour? Hello DT gentlemen this is from Baena Davis. Hope you guys have phone with the show tonight and I hope you're all doing well and he's crazy times to make this even more interesting. I think I was wondering have you Heard of or even checked out. After we collided a sequel to after. I have not heard of that. Movie called after because man, this was a whole lot worse than the first one are even just as worse in my opinion if you haven't seen it the trailers enough to go what the fuck which I'll put it right up with three, hundred, sixty, five days. That's pretty bad at the case. Yeah, I was really pissed off about that whole thing whereabouts getting mad at cuties and nobody said anything about three, sixty five. Have you heard after? nope. either. Let's see here. Guys. a south special. They have you seen it. Not Matthew. White. Have you checked out the South Park pandemic special aired last Wednesday. They great on episode they nailed trump. It was awesome. and honestly think that hard to nail. You. Easing doesn't fish in a barrel shit right there. This is Kobe Karen. Kobe Keirin. That's the title of the. Email. From yesterday but he says the. Business. When it came cross this clip that was making the rounds online clip of hiring story of a woman was suffering the indignity of having to care about the once other people. That's right a Cova Karen went to hear how you guys felt about it. I don't know we have time to watch it. I'll watch it later because I've seen a lot of these I. Mean I feel about this stupid. I've seen so much bad. I can't say anything man. Yeah, you talked about before the name Karen, even came up. Yeah. This stuff is crazy about him and he's got no sense. incredible TV show. Sub, DT the idea of incredible TV shows intriguing to me. You'RE GONNA have the first two films a show that sees them growing up and maybe a third film where they're all adults it's kind of odd to have a standalone film for fourteen years and then a bunch of continuations but the characters are so strong it is it going to be not hurt Okay I don't know if that's happening. Finally. Austin what are you thoughts on bamboozled? Pay. Cory Martin hope guys doing well this week for my American Film and Television Class on taken this year. We had to watch spike. Lee's two thousand film bamboozled. It was the twentieth anniversary of win. The film was released yesterday and I want to know what your thoughts on the move on the movie if you haven't seen it. Thanks from DT twelve ounce Mouse Austin. You seem bamboozle yeah. A like bamboo that I was not really into Damon Wayans performance. Yeah I didn't like his choice of performing his what he chose to do with that voice, it's it's irritating doesn't fit everything else in the movie seems to be in one realistic universe in his one where you like wait sitting somebody point this out but besides that really loved the movie. UNTIL HE GETS THEIR THIRD ACT WAY didn't know what to do. Yeah. Like a lot of cycling. You feel you know what a movie fails if when they get to third act, somebody pulls out a gun. When it's A gun it's like all right now, you're looking forward to some shock resolution. That is true. That's a great way of putting it. Yeah I was interested in seeing this because this this was made I don't know they talked about this in your class. But one of the standout things about this is digital video was starting to big. And? People were experimenting. They shoot stuff on digital men and putting it on big screen in looked like shit on the big screen but everybody was trying something new. everybody wants to get into the new this new digital revolution that was happening with film. I was I was set to replace film. So a lot of people when in experiment with with the hopes of getting a head start Owen film went digital. And that was the mainstream. In Hollywood I WANNA to show that will make headlines. The huxtables. Jeans Jeans, revolutionary we can't go down again. The network does not want to see Negros on television unless they are food. The hell is. No nobody does quitting of a contract. Anyway, I get out of that I get fire and that is what I intend to do. I know you're familiar with minstrel shows variety shows like in living color right? That was DOH man tab. Room. Strokes show. We're going to need a little more money for this. And Friends Alley mcbeal. Amos and Andy we putting white actors black face where using black actors with blacker face. You know this is you even when it's on. You Watch it on a computer you can see the quality of it. Then, but they were able to blow this stuff up to like thirty five millimeter and tweak it and do some things to make better. This is why I don't like to show to in 'cause like. You know it looks like that accession year except without. Without the Hollywood money to tweak it out to look even better You know it doesn't. Yeah. You know what I'm saying you see this and it's already like you see youtube videos. Yeah Ray. Me May with phones that looked better than this. Only This fall right out man. Yeah Man. But I really like the movie I do. It's you know you have to understand if you look at it people say it looks like Shit. It was a product of his time and there was a train happened to a technical trend technology trend. That like the movie. Yeah I remember really really liking it and being mad that it went where it did. Yeah. You know now that listen to Damon Wins Voice didn't bother me that much like I thought I remember back in the delving. That's kind of weird I guess I got used to it. I guess he's trying to be you know pretty black man. I guess. But still was like it's off puddings yeah. Right guys that is it we're GONNA get out of here now. Thank you so much. enjoyed. Hanging out with you guys enjoyed the reviews. Policy here. Thank you guppy Kells. There's no blink man no, it is not blaming have better production until you then. Folks, before you go until you, you know we talked about a lot of things and we're talking about a major early Help US start getting animation going. Go to the patron. Support US over there subscribe and get get us to our goal of two thousand dollars so that we can start actually. Moving up but tell you. removed. We are doing this also to give you some bonus content bonus. Bonus streams. More stuff to watch extra access to some the material we have merch. Discounts and more. So, please. Subscribe and help us out or if you have an Amazon prime account, please ascribe to the twits channel. It's a free subscription that promise count that Amazon Prime Account and. When it's done, please renew it if you like. We like subscriptions over here too. I want to thank for Ron Tonight man for giving us ten subscription. Oh. Nice Farrand. Thank you gift at ten subscriptions. Thank you for Ron, appreciate that. Let's see here. Guys I want og chat is invincible coming up. Against kind of thing they've been out talking about but. that went by Fast Yeah Yeah people well. Tough. Bunny says jolly good show. Oh. Thank you. Ash Tray and thank you young. Young, Aloha young has great show. Thank you, guys. Appreciated thank you so much. Marble DC lover. Thank you, maim thank you very much. All you guys love you very much and we will see you guys on the next one. Whenever that'll be mine. Thank you. Sir You bet you and. I think that's it. Brighty. Stay tuned for the. Viewing party, we got going on mine. You're invited to that if you like. You got stuff going on towns. You say, eight their late thirty. To do it so I'll let you know. Put Your. Own. Got To put me on. Martin Napa Bomb. You GotTa put me on. A Rag? Is. K. Kuhlman. Dot Com, that's Casey. In. Still Julie redfish. What is going on? Bob. What is going on with Julia? An enemy. No. Man Some people just want to Jimmy Bird. All Right? Cool Man Dima Dot com. Hit US up questions, comments compliments, insults input in our advice. Also hit us up on social media twitter instagram and face. To face. And if I'm too busy out there, take email. You follow me on twitter instagram Martin underscore no fro or Lamont Thomas on facebook, and while you're there join outdrew double toasted San? Jose. Also, people doing in Austin Texas. But when the time is, right, we'll be going off the streets. Please when COM plans up Austin Melles commands Gino. Dot. com. And let us know you're moving here just simply passing. Everybody. I was it had a good time with you. Tonight we got we got to go. See on the next show tonight morning afternoon evening. You're listening to a watching this. Goodbye and stay Tosa. Pretzels. What chips lock who's the new Guy Fanta I think he's looking at me pretzels. You got it twisted. He's looking at me stopping salty chips. We both got a chance. He's coming over ladies high. You back at you handsome Fanta picked beef Jerky girl we're going to be here awhile.

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