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Live from NPR news in Washington. I'm Jack Speer President. Donald Trump today indicated that social distancing guidelines have been put in place seemed to be working though we also said. It appears the peak of the corona virus outbreak. That is moving across the globe. Killing thousands is still weeks away. Trump's remarks come as the. Us Krahn virus. Death toll will move toward three thousand. According to the Johns Hopkins tracking site president also said Krono virus testing is starting to take place on a larger scale over one million Americans have now been tested more than any other country by far not even close and tested accurately trump that the mentioned that the US Navy Ship Comfort has arrived in New York to help with the increasingly dire situation. There president said the next thirty days. We'll be challenging. And he praised private firms and government agencies for their work in fighting the corona virus nor Governor Andrew Cuomo is doubling down on stay home orders and other social distancing guidelines amid the spread of the corona virus. Npr's Windsor Johnston reports. The number of cases have surpassed sixty six thousand in the state making it the epicenter of the outbreak in the US Governor. Cuomo is repeating his call for people to avoid densely populated areas and to keep abiding by the recommendation to stay at least six feet away from others. He also put out an urgent plea for healthcare workers from across the nation to come to New York to help. We're the ones who were hit. Now that's today but tomorrow it's going to be somewhere else whether it's Detroit. Whether it's New Orleans it will work. Its way across the country and this is the time for us to help one. Another cuomo promised that New York would return the favor to other parts of the country. That might need help later. He says field hospitals are also being set up to help ease the strain on local hospitals. Windsor Johnston NPR news. There were more than two hundred and fifty reported deaths in New York today. The biggest jump in a single day. Us stocks rose sharply amid gains from last week. Npr's Scott horsely reports. The Dow Jones Industrial Average was up nearly seven hundred points or just over three percent. All the major stock index gained ground on Monday with the S. and P. Five hundred climbing three and a third percent and the Nasdaq jumping more than three and a half percent. Investors are counting on the federal government's two trillion dollar rescue package to help both workers and businesses who've been hurt by the corona virus president trump announced over the weekend the social distancing recommendations that close many businesses will remain in effect at least through the month of April with few people driving and many airplanes grounded. There's a glut of oil on the market that along the price war between Russia and Saudi Arabia pushed the benchmark price of crude in the US to an eighteen year. Low barely above twenty dollars. A barrel Scott horsely. Npr News Washington Nasdaq was up. Two hundred and seventy one points today this is NPR in Singapore. The Supreme Court has upheld a rarely used British colonial era law. That criminalizes homosexuality. Npr Southeast Asia correspondent Julie McCarthy Reports. The ruling is seen as a setback promoting. Lgbt writes in Asia Gay rights activists in Singapore had challenged the law emboldened by India socially conservative country that decriminalized consensual gay sex in twenty eighteen but Singapore's high court reasoned that the loss safeguards public morality by showing society's moral disapproval of male homosexual acts and declined to strike it down the london-based Group. Human Dignity Trust condemned the decision and said it affirms that quote all day men in Singapore are effectively on apprehended criminals. The ruling comes as hostility toward the LGBT community rises in neighboring Indonesia and Malaysia or Islam can draw a punitive line on homosexuality Julie McCarthy NPR news. A Dutch museum is close to prevent the spread of the corona virus as a painting by Vincent Van Gogh was stolen smash and grab overnight singer. Lauren Museum east of Amsterdam says thieves are able to take the parsonage garden at New Enin in spring. Eighteen eighty four by the Dutch master sometime early. Today Museum director. Vaughn says the institution that houses a collection of American couple William and Anna. Singers angry shocked and saddened by the theft. The work was on loan. Its value was not immediately known. Granola futures prices fell to an eighteen year. Low today oil down. A dollar forty two cents a barrel to close it twenty. Oh nine a barrel in New York. I'm Jack Speer. Npr News in Washington.

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