Manny Franco interview - August 8, 2020


The man is with me now manny I, know it's a busy morning for you appreciate the visit and congratulations on being named the Industry Star of the week. Yeah. Happy to have you on board listen we heard the call of Tis law winning the Belmont coming out of that commercial break take me through that race that performance he was so good. Yeah you. Performing. So so easy and. A Nice large you know. Hopefully, everything goes there right way today and can. What was your trip like in the Belmont? Manny. Put me in the saddle with you. What was it like? We're looking for what? Time Food Lane close. And that what would we be break good. I mean. Bad. I get said bag on. Waiting for the moment to move on here what? What is it about this horse? That makes him so good. Because they, he does whatever you. To read I guess you know. into. A man. Not Making facial. Many. Jockeys have told me over the years manny that it's the horse that's underneath you that gives you the confidence when you get aboard. So what kind of confidence do you feel when you get a leg up on the law? All confident that he will all class. He knows when they're great day. Yes. He can prepare and not me. You know. I mentioned that huge win in the Belmont, your first Belmont ride, and now you're undefeated in the Belmont stakes that sounds pretty good too perfect. One for one How how big was that wind for you and for your career? What did it mean? that. Means a lot to me 'cause. You know I'm bouncing me I I, call my house. You know. Wing back that that'd be great over there. Means, a lot on how hold my career I like to. Do. You know go to the levers. He don't manny a earlier this year. I had a chance to be a Gulfstream and talk with John Velazquez and we talked about how he prepares to ride in a big race. I believe was the Florida Derby we were talking about. Get ready to ride in a race like the Belmont or like today's travers stakes. What's Manny Franco do to prepare? Right I'm thank. You know grace the diverse like. Like another you know but. Is Different because he's got big CRESA. Everybody's looking at you. So thank to. The bathroom. Do you. Watch a lot of film on the other film allowed to replace of the other horses that you're going to have to face. I've got yeah. you have to the reeboks no idea. Out there. They got back. All, right. So write the script for me for today's travers. You don't have to tell me your exact strategy, but if you could write the script and get the perfect trip, what's that GonNa, look like today I looking for for? The. Reader right. They're not far. Now we gotta think from the break. He's Jockey Manny Franko, Tis. The law, the heavy favorite in the travers today he's going to try and get the victory in that one fresh off that. Big Win in the Belmont Manny what is it about Jackie's from Puerto Rico you guys just seem to continue to rack up big wins and be at the top of the list you look at the Ortiz brothers and Johnny V. And now you're the next in line here. What what is it about? Jackie's from Puerto Rico? That makes y'all so good. You gotta go to school but. They are really really well. You have to in school year learning everything about. Race. Horses. And I think that's the key that school already. Did you grow up wanting to jockey. Nah I. I get to play baseball and. That's what I do before I had. I. Never GonNa. Be. Ago. So how did you get involved with riding horses then? Because I, follow my that fact you know. Your way. Heart says Goto dragging. And Young Like I say I follow him and. That way I get him. What position? What position did you play in? Baseball Charts. Did. You think you were going to play professionally. I Love I. Love Good. No I haven't either this mall. So that's why. I don't keep going. I think you made the right decision my friend I, mean almost fourteen hundred wins later I think you made the right call to be a jockey. Jockey Manny. Franko here on the Horse Racing Radio Network Manny listen. I. Won't keep you I. Know It's a busy day for you go enjoy the rest of the day in listen all the best aboard Tis, the law and all the horses you're aboard today, safe trip and go get it done. Thank as I. Can Find Me.

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