Best Spa Metric To Measure Real-Time Impact #617


In today's metric moment we take a look at what might be the best real time. Indicator of impact re-bookings bookings booking percentage is expressed believe it or not as a percentage and is calculated by taking the total number of guests who've re booked divided by the total number of guests. Now to be clear a re booking is something that for me happens immediately following the treatment not something that happens a week or two later. If the guests has revoked a week or two later that would be a separate. KPI which we talk about As a repeat guest or return guest but a re booking guest is one that has been so impressed with the service that they received. Today they WANNA make another booking right now. And that's why I say it's a great real time in real time. Measurement of the Impact August distraction because they've been happy with their service. They've revoked if they weren't they might going to think about it now. In terms of benchmarking. It's a hard thing to do because if you're in a city hotel for example way you've got guests only staying for one or two days. It's a little bit harder to get them to re book whereas if you've got guests staying for week then you hope that you could get a revoking out of him so it's a really hard thing to benchmark but what I would like to know from you guys. Is this something that you track. Is it a metric that you measure and if so how do you define a re booking guest. Is it someone on that has revoked before they left the spot or is it someone that read books within twenty four hours or forty eight hours. What's the cutoff? Mark that you use for defining revoking guest and do you think like do that. It's a pretty good measurement of real time impact. All right. That's it for that. I thank you for tuning in and I will be back again in tomorrow.

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