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Episode 104: Thankful for Judge Judys Bikini Bod Glow Up


Working Interferences is intended for mature audiences since the hosts never grew up. Someone needs to be the adult Welcome working interferences with Josh Lynn. Dental advice podcast. The average dentist here is Josh Lance Razz. What is up welcome to the working? Interference podcasting the dental advice show. I'm Joshua Austin and I am last Timmerman Lance over the weekend. We had a little discussion over text. The possibility of maybe adding a video component to a segment of the show putting on Youtube. Something like that but Yeah I was wondering if perhaps maybe people prefer us this way anyway and and the would shun the video aspect but I thought it was something to talk about. Yeah we talked about maybe doing a snippet or something like that like that may may may WanNa suck people into the show Speak in so I'm all about sucking people. Yes like its second the man Oh to the show show. Yeah whatever change on you do a family pictures taken lance your go. Oh okay something happens to me. Every time I get a picture taken okay And maybe other people can identify with this maybe not. I don't know it'd be interested to find out. Are you like wedding photos. I don't know that story. I'm not I'm not a huge friends. Guy Friends Guy. Okay then sorry you tell me after I tell you what happened. This is what happened in Chandler. Okay I got a massive. Is it a much that I felt like boiling up. I hadn't felt it felt willing up the day before he took our photos. Of course of course of course kind of boiled around all weekend and on the way home I looked looked at it in in the mirror and my driver seen l.. Man This thing is it's almost just so this things almost ready for a little squeezing action. You know the best part of the apple is the poppin open. Dr Pimple Popper. Those videos are massive for reason. People love that shit show I saved it for you lance and I was all ready to pop this batboy for or you tonight on the camera they were doing. Then I pull up I fire up. It's an answer. The skype call answered it with cameras ready to do this because this thing is boiling up. Yeah yeah now. We're not GONNA do that. Yeah had I known that I was going to be greeted with the mother of nuts. I would've gotten a camera setup for it. Maybe next time for another one will pop up so I'm GONNA so to speak as soon as this thing is over. Be- aligning to the bathroom. I'm going to see if I can if I can paint the mirror with this. This this Gooey gooey insides everyone's for everyone loves it. Everyone loves popping his. It seems that way. Do you have a home remedy for every time you get something like that what to do to get it to go away sooner or come to a head sooner or both now so over the past year like one of the things I've done over the past years tried to take control of my skin a little bit and try to overtake better of it. Good for you so have done like the whole went to keells and got the whole like test to die where they test the moisture levels and so I've been using a Lotta kills products. I don't really have like once it. My whole sort of hope is to prevent it from happening but when I get one I don't really have anything that makes it go away faster Mr so. I'm I'm open to anyone suggestions. If they've got something that helps doesn't happen all the time. It seems like now like I don't get little ones which is cool but when I do get one. It's been they've the few that I've gotten have been like like beefy boys boys. So you're how you're what you're are you forty eight sure. How old are you forty nine? Forty nine do you still each sued zip from time to time and forty nine time-to-time. It's still okay. Jesus deliver good is it. It's it shouldn't wouldn't be. You shouldn't get back ache from something mundane and also gets it. It's one or the other right. Don't give me you like growing old problems. But then also every once in a while a t h problem and it's GonNa have a teenage problem. I don't want like Oh. My tailbone hurts from sitting on the floor for five minutes right. Yeah if I want to teach teenage problem I want to pick the teenage problem. Yeah no yeah. I'm trying to say I'm trying to say without without saying what I want to say. We may get into it in question to put it that way. We may get into it and question. I also texted you this evening and I wanted you to do a little homework for me right. It took you all about two seconds so I think I think you have it. Done is the season her recently. I asked you to write something down. I don't remember what it was but you had your no help for me at that at that point I don't remember. What are you talking? made the request like we'd already started or something. Mike paper okay. I was wondering what though was like two weeks ago. Wasn't a horrible horrible time. I thought we could rank our top five Thanksgiving food because it's Thanksgiving Week and for the first time ever. I feel like we've identified. Hey there's a holiday coming up and we know about it before we record the show so normal and we're we're a week late on these things but I do. Do you WANNA go one undefined. Or you want to go five to one. I think five one is better okay. Well I didn't really do them in order rank them you just listed five of your favorite so good. I'm not sure I could pick my favorites. They're pretty close. I could probably give him my one or two but the rest of them are all equals. All right I'll do my I will go down from five to one. Okay and then you just go through your list and we'll alternate back and forth okay so my number five is a good homemade yeast role. Throw the only year that my sister will make like homemade roles. Okay it doesn't do it every year so I'm hoping he does it this year but outside of that like it just doesn't make any sense like go through the trouble making a homemade okay. You're hoping this is one of your favorites yet. You're hoping that she's going to make it. I why wouldn't you just make the request assign. It's just because because that's because then you know it's just like she does a lot of other stuff anyway way and doing other and so I don't want to just like at on stuff. You can do the passive aggressive. Hey you know this is. That's the only way that we do things. Families Families say passive aggressive. But there's just something like there's no other meal of the year that you're going to take the time to do a homemade role that's awesome. Thanks giving Christmas. That's absolutely true. Give me one years all right a few years ago the very first time we ever visited Nashville. We we made our way out to a distillery and greenbrier had this Bourbon that Was Amazing we brought it home and we cooked a spiral ham and Crock pot with this bourbon and this ham is to die for all of our crew conservative Christian Christian people that I come to that they like devoured it. We're like should we tell them. The urban was in there. I think I think the alcohol cooked out outright. No no not enough not enough okay. I see I'm not. I'm not sure I have this same conversation me the other day about whether or not alcohol cooks out of something it depends on the method and I believe this one some cooks out but a lot still remains but it okay. Far the most flavorful him. I've ever had in my entire life so now let me ask you this. Because here's my take on him and this may be. This may be a hottest take okay. Ham is an accessory serie meat. I don't want him as a main meat agreed. And that's why it was adjacent to the Turkey. Okay good good good. Good as long as we're good on that every once in a while I'll run into somebody who has the horrible take that Ham and Turkey are substituted. No no no. No no they are not synonyms or homonym. 's or whatever you would call them they ham ham is in trying to think of a good sports analogy ham him as John Stockton. There you go but it doesn't like without Karl Malone in the Turkey rickie it. It just doesn't it's not nearly as effective. Yeah yeah that's that's a good way to put it and Ham. Is the John Stockton of meat. especially the way that we used to have the ham it was just a a a wedge Hormel Ham out of the can yet. No we're not even. Yeah that was fun and it was. It was too thick cut. And so you had had. It just didn't like it but then we did the spiral cut in the Crock pot with all this Bourbon said that it hasn't now it's Chris. Everything about it. Great Texture create great flavor. It's elevated itself to starring role number four from sweet potato casserole. Yep that's here's what ain't yet. Here's what I need and you tell me if you need the same thing and we'll cross off each of us have brown sugar cinnamon. Yup Layer layer that it's gotta have melted marshmallows on. Oh yeah okay. Because some people don't do the melted marshmallows and I don't know if that's a southern thing let's go to the melted but then you have to do the little flame thing like you're going to a crumbling so yeah toasted. Yeah get that out of crust Yeah Oh yeah. It's gotTa have that. It doesn't have that it's not sweet potato casserole rates. Yeah it's it's not that it's not the right thing exactly hit me with your Number four number four so a few years back. I think I mentioned this previously that years ago. We got the the oil fryer. We were frying Turkey and it was arrogant. I thought I was the best Turkey. Guy Somehow Holly came across this method. Had called brining the Turkey at Brian. And we said you know what not yours is good. We had a Pepsi Challenge of Turkey since so I did the Fat Fried One and she did the briand and everybody let me down gently as they gave their opinion lands. Years is really really good. You should be really really proud out of this so but to be honest. That's a big heavy but right after you should be proud of this bill but and but they weren't wrong the brined Turkey the way does it. She you know she brings it for at least two days in advance chance. She got this recipe of stuff. That she's so smoke and all the different social. Do this tomorrow this morning on Monday night. She'll do this Tuesday. I think she started tonight. But Yeah Yeah. Who who three-day Brian? Oh it comes out so good that I no longer Freia Turkey in a way some. Someone accused me of He. Isn't that like when you first get married and you go to the laundry and then you can do your something red with all the whites see. Destroy the whites and now you're no longer allowed to do laundry. Yeah you did this on purpose and I looked at my said. That's a really good idea but no I honestly it's too much Planning for you. Yeah my number. Three is deep fried or a Turkey. breastfeeds a great way. You can't do a whole it'd be hard hard to do a whole Turkey and a survey you need. Multiple circulator is and you would need a big sort of that to do it. I'm sure it could be done. We Sh sh. We got into the SUV enough. That went took a coleman camp cooler and a little hole in the top. So that you'd be able to split the suvey motor whatever that through it circulator. Yeah so that we can do really big items and that might be the thing for you. Do Yeah you know and then you gotTa sear the outside after the speed so on a big Turkey. That's even hard to do on a Turkey breast. It's much easier. Zero just turns out really great so a few times a year Andrew now Su Vida Turkey breast is we use the jewel soobee. There's a couple of different popular series. He's one of them's called a jewel J. O. U. L. E. Like the unit of energy and one of its one of them's called an an ova. That's the one that we use. Yeah we use it. You'll they're pretty similar and there's a twenty on the jewel APP. There's a twenty four hour Turkey breast recipe so so it's one of those things that we have to pre prep it because you generally generally get it Turkey breast from the store. It's frozen thought although you could put it in prison may take longer but thought then you seer one site you see or the skin skin side down for a couple of minutes and then throw it in the bag suv eating Savita for twenty four hours and then pull it out drain it sear the rest of it. It's it's it's the juiciest thing I've ever had nice from Turkey standpoint. Give me your next one. So we've had two. We've had to to You hit my battleships. Holly has this amazing family recipe style of deviled eggs and Bacon. Bits events in the devil days. So it's Thanksgiving's the same. We don't have those out on the or d'oeuvres table while everything else. That's it's happening. You know we we have like basically three meals. You got the the beginning phase. Then you've got the set the table phase and then you have the rest of the stuff while you watch some and football so that was the one of the early phase not a traditional. I don't I don't think you'd consider a devil egg a traditional Thanksgiving giving fair but I like it. I like the ingenuity and deviled eggs. Great you know. It's it's one of the things that I don't think I could eat like five of them. Oh I bet I could you could. Oh Yeah I think I'd have car that car ride home with Lances Five Devil Day. Luckily we're hosting so. There's no car ride home. There's no card Yuppie. Somebody's got to sleep in the bed with you. That's optional. How about my number? Two is pecan Pie. There's mine okay. So we're we're similar if if if it's a gun to your head and you've got to pick one to have a slice of to me. It's it's it's no choice. It's the pecan pie become. Yeah Yeah Pumpkin. Pumpkin is fine. It's fine but it's like I I just I need a very small. Yeah I need a tiny piece of Pumpkin Thompkin gelatinous just to say I've had some but it's it's more about about kind of pecan is is really where my heart is. Yeah my mom. She's out cutting slices. Aiwa a WHO wants to do and everybody else one of each and like yeah. Give me a sliver of the Pumpkin to satisfy. I had one. But yeah give me that big old wedge of the Pecan Pie. Yeah I'm with you now. You said Pecan Pecan pecan Pie guys thinking Harry Valley. I don't know that one. I honestly don't think I've ever seen a movie. Oh my God. That's a good show. You should see. She literally comes in a restaurant. She does she literally fakes it to prove that fake Pickett that he insisted no one's ever faked it on him and she goes yeah they have okay interesting. Yeah good show and one point they did. They were GONNA end up with that one. But I didn't think I was GONNA say she comes at a restaurant. Today was just coming around the mountain. I can tell you that. Yeah Yeah I hear that. Yeah when she comes. That's number one for me dressing. Yeah now do you do dressing or stuffing because they're different a believe holly makes addressing. Yes so does she. It's not inside the Turkey right right. See that's where you get into all kinds of food borne illness things right. There doesn't Cook in that bad. You have to cook it outside of that. Now let me ask you this What's the base for her dressing? Oh God I don't know hero okay. acorn breads the right answer. Okay that might be it. I don't know there's certain things is it. She's got certain recipes that are very very popular will not share. We have some of this issue of my family and at some point. Someone's going to die in the recipe is GonNa die with them and it has to be passed on so at some point like this has has to get passed on right. She's she's got it. It's available for that type of situation as well. She just doesn't want to go to events where people are bringing something and then someone brings it to and so so. She's given the recipe out. She got the cheese dip that She'll give out if you move. Oh I liked that qualification. You're moving out of state I won't cross paths with you find. The hair does so it's like A. It's like an area code. You have to move area code. Yeah Yeah Okay not just zip code. Yeah yeah you gotTa be far. I like it. I like it anything else that you covered on that that that I covered that using We also do discover when we did the Bourbon Ham. We also discovered a bourbon. Mac and cheese. Okay so I'M NOT I. How does that work because Mac and cheese the sweetness bourbon? I'm not sure does much for Mac and cheese. You'RE GONNA yeah you'll add that into the sauce and everything just enough to get the flavor but not to change the consistency of the cheese and such. But you're going to have these Bread crumbles or something in there to give it a added the texture as well. So it's not just and I think there's some bacon in there too so it's interesting it's it's been a hit the past couple Thanksgiving's as we. I had the dish out so okay I. I'm not calling me a little skeptical on that one. I'm not sure I'll bourbon and MAC and cheese together other than you drinking bourbon. NYU Eat macaroni and cheese. That's one way. Yeah Yeah it's happened to all of us at some point in their lands. This isn't advice. Show it's it's a shitty one. She's twenty minutes shit. Christ we answer your questions questions. We find an all this neat little facebook groups we at your questions from read it. We started up dentists and dental team members with their own unique brand advice. And please we need your questions. They are the substance we crave Mitch questions to working interferences. ITCHY MEL DOT COM. We don't want just any question do we. It's not this week. We don't want a bunch of boring questions like what's Thanksgiving food because we all know that cranberry sauce from a can the greatest Thanksgiving food of all time. We want the questions. It Gordon Christians in CanNot Answer. You think Gordo likes fresh cranberry sauce for you. Think he likes that like sliced from can now he wants the Green Jello. I think he likes the slice from can probably I just feel like that's his thing. It just seems like something Gordon so it would be into. I think you're right listener. Aa Rights my sisters being a real female dog. He used a different word. But I don't want to call it city I did some really nice veneers for her from a great lab and asked her to just pay the lab bill. I told her this way before we began and she said of course. Six months have gone by since I bonded them and they look great and she loves them however every time I asked her to pay the reliable she keeps saying stupid stuff. Like Ju remember when you were six and I dressed you up like a princess and you were so happy. Trolling around in your dress. All Day. She says many such things which true or not don't even matter. Now I'm pissed off and thinking about sending her to collections because he's planning on buying a new home in six months and I know this will fuck with that. Am I being a monster. have any of you been in a similar situation. What are the right circumstances to send your sister to collections? This has been a burning question my mind even before I did the veneers for the last two years to be exact. Thank you for all the time you put in to help us Dennis out. I fall all of your advice episode one and I might have fifteen board complaints against me but I'm looking to tell them the same thing I say. Every time celebrate the foreskin looking for many more years of. W I sincerely looking forward the Thanksgiving dinner La- Lance as far as I know only one of us has experience with potentially sending a family member to collections. Will I should qualify Fi. It only got as far as pre collect. I don't even know what that means. What is pre okay so we have a system where where we don't just jump straight into screw you you? Here's the collections agency. We we have Three forms and one is just kind of a shot across the bow. Saying hey life gets busy. Sorry you're we weren't a priority but you do US money Here's here's the information and things like that next letter you you get is saying. Hey this is gonNA serious. Now we haven't heard from you No good faith effort of anything and finally the third letter is look. You're totally ignoring everything. We're saying the next word will will come from the collections agency. Here's here's the copy of all the records of everything and now it's on. Its way so got as far as that with my sister. So here's here's the story more than one. You people have been asking me for this story because we brought it up. I think on episode one or two. It was really. We've brought it up by four time. Have we okay. So here's the story. When I bought my practice prior to me by the practice actually worked as an associate and during the associate time my sister decided to bring her and her seven kids and extended family to come on down and have me see them there two hours away so they made a big old track and so we had to take x rays? She didn't bring any x-rays she had nothing and so She had some insurance currence. But that wasn't something I mean. I'm a new Grad. I don't know anything about anything. And so everybody had full series of x Ray so I had records I look at things. Did a few fillings on several of the kids and Fast forward a few months. I buy the practice and at the right around the same time. amoebae the practice the guy bought from his son had come in and has some work done too and so we were starting to kind of negotiate and the the end was coming along between our relationship and Between the guy bought from and so my sister's account actually he was part of the other guys accounts receivable and his son was in my accounts. Receivable so I literally had to purchase chest. My sister's account from him to get it away from him because he wasn't paying him so now I have this hundreds of dollars of of everything and so we sent a letter. The the pre collect in guy was ignored. Got The second letter saying hey got ignored. Finally I got a letter. I think before the third letter saying kind of chastising me that I took fancy xrays. What the insurance wouldn't pay? Because I took fancy Nancy x-rays when she just needed normal x rays and I'm like now is air. Fancy extra fancy ketchup. Is that sort of I believe so. It's like the grey poupon. It's You know I have a feeling but she meant was full series instead of just routine by wings or something like she wasn't frequency delimitation prevented them from paying the whole thing. Or something along those lines but she didn't even making an effort to to pay me anything whatsoever and I literally you had to purchase the value of what she owed away from the guy that about the practice from so I felt pissed and sent the final Donald Pre collect ladder I would ultimately happened is then if finally when up the flagpole mom and dad heard about it and then I get a check. I'm not sure who wrote the check but the check comes in I got paid in full at that. Say please tell me the check. Didn't come from your mom and Dad. I have a feeling well. The thing is with my folks and injure indirectly they subsidized a lot of her life. So even if it was written in my sister's hands it's probably from my dad. Yeah that sucks so it never got so far to collections that it was GonNa Affect your credit or anything but the stamp was on the envelope ready to go does going to collections affect your credit. Can I feel like I mean if if collections tries to collect it and they don't I feel like that's when it would affect your credit right. Not just yeah not just sending if they S- if you send somebody collections and then they pay it. I don't feel like that would affect their ability by. I think you're right. I think if you ignore this collections agency then have to file experience and all that I think my problem with collection agencies and I don't have a lot of experience with them. There used to be this guy on facebook book who was like that was his thing was collections. He'd be in all the groups. I don't remember his name but he used a bit Moji Allot to like Taco. He would like have have this doug or something like that and it would like it. He would use that to like talk about bit Moji. Doug is going to talk about collections for your office and it was just like I don't I don't need my collections agent. Be Super Emojis. It's very strange. You're not a thirteen year old girl. What's going on anyway? I don't know anything about like she. I've never used one but I feel like I know that they take a huge percentage of whatever they collect it's a it's a fair forty percent. Yeah something like that. Yeah I hate that. They didn't do any like they made eight a couple of threatening phone calls that's it you're the one that did the dentistry. You're the one that all the stuff you have to. It's is the fifty percent better better than zero percent like we're not going to collect I. Yeah sure I get that I totally get that. I have a better idea especially for a family situation. Okay and I'm going to preface by saying I hadn't thought about this person in many years okay and I was at GM. The other day in this young woman was was on the television at the gym. One of the tease at the gym and I didn't recognize who she was and I went close to the TV. And I was baffled to see the judge. Judy has also has a slap in new haircut. My friend Oh slap in new haircut judge judys haircut before was like my mother's haircut and now she's had some styling done my friend some styling. I think you take your sister to judge Judy. That's probably a better way to go. You know it's GonNa be good tv you know it's going to be good. TV Oh yeah you're GonNa get all your money. You're on amd share half of it with the collections agent. And you get to be in the same room as the richest woman in Hollywood through drew. I'm pretty sure that Judge Judy is the richest woman in Hollywood. She's she's up there. She signed some pretty fat contracts. Yeah let's take a look here. Judge Judge Judy. She's the highest paid. TV host in the world. Do you WanNa have you WanNa take any guests. As far as how much money last year I know at one point it was a fifty seven seven million dollar contract. You're not even in the bright zip code dammit. Hundred and forty seven million dollars last year. Wow Judy Scheindlin. Wow she's got a one hundred and forty seven million dollar glow up going on right now with her new haircut they call that a glowing plants. Okay when when you get like a makeover and you look good after not looking so good. She's got the globe going. I'm just searched. She ran out. Judge Judge Judge Judy blow up up never had A. I've had many petty. But you've had a reverse glow up. I think you've had a rough down down because I've seen the pictures of you from like when you're in Paris and you're like hanging out with sonic sat on backwards. It looks like it's it's from collective soul video then I've I've seen you now and yeah it's it's I hate to say it lands. It's the reverse CLO- yeah judge. Judy got this full-scale Globe going on my friend. And so so oh. I just found a picture of Judge Judy. In a bikini it does have a cover up on like a Sarong. Yeah something like that. But it's like it's like sheer and she's got a white bikini on underneath breath and slap at Holy Shit. My friend like I'm surprised I would not have expected. I mean one hundred and forty seven million dollars by a lot of plastic surgery and personal chefs and trainers and all that shit and Damn Bro. Judge Judy Wow all right. Wow Wow wow I let me just figure I just want. I want our listeners to if we did video we'd really be able to Australia this judge. I'm just GONNA just type this bad boy in. Yeah you type in Judge Judy the bikini on immature on Google. And you will find a judge Judy and a bikini. Which is the question anything you WanNa find on the Internet? It is out there for the taking my friend. Are you looking am Oh there she is. It's not bad right. I mean it's definitely like older lady but it's like older lady who takes really damn good care of herself beaut. Yeah Yeah for sure yeah okay. Pretty staggering was not expecting. That was not expecting that yeah. Let's forgo collections A. Let's let's get you and your sister on judge. Judy and I feel like judge students. Just GonNa rail on your sister. Yeah I really do. Because it's obvious that she hates all women. I've seen her. Just go. Just go like four all out bitch mode on on women before good. And she's got this new hairstyle go and she's got the globe going on a little extra. Sassy your sister is going to go in there. Talking to this cross dressing story which I think is weird about you and I think judge Judys just GonNa going to snap off a snap off A. Who probe in your sister as she as she turns the knife. I think you're GonNa win and I think you're going to get all of it and I don't think you're gonNA share with Collection Agency and it's a win. Win and injure family was featured on judge. Judy which is really the highlight of any of any family. That's right little family reunion there on. TV What's not to love who doesn't love that and you can show whatever your thanksgiving. You'll have a good time and remember the time that you got to stand in the same room of Judge Judy and now that you know what she looks like underneath that robe a a imagine what that room. She's railing on your sister. You're staring at her in that robe and you're just imagine what's going on underneath that it's a good day Earth Day. Hey Lance yeah you got a website rank I do. I feel like you probably are are kind of like me. You probably look at like the analytics of your website every day. You notice like you get a decent amount of clicks on your website but then those people don't turn in two patients cents per se right and I always wonder like where all these people going like. Oh they come to my website and the what happens to bounce just Dano snap his his fingers and half of them just go away feel like. That's what happens a theory. It's a it's a great. It's it's not just a theory. That's a hypothesis assist. So I've started a new thing We've started using this new deal at at my office and it's something that I reviewed for economics on liked it so much. I kept it if you go to my website. You can do it on your phone. You can do it on your desktop. You do it on a laptop and you do I pad. You can do it on a razor phone anywhere any anything that you have access to the Internet go to my website Joshua Austin D dot Com Atlanta. What you look down in that lower left hand corner of the website you see anything special down there? I'm almost there. Why is my server an issues? Oh No no right in the middle of a library. We're GONNA do riveting radio very okay. So I'm looking where bottom left bottom left-hand side should be maybe a little green box a little green box down there. was that little green box a new patients book. Now I want you to click on Atlanta. What do you see a whole bunch of options? A whole bunch of appointments schedule widget allows you to let your new patients book an appointment with you for their new patient exam directly from your website. And guess what all of this happens to you. The dentist for free really no charge involved simply go to schedule. WIDGET DOT COM. Fill out the sign. Sign up button. It takes all of five minutes. You Need Your webmasters email addressed. They will email your web master little piece of code. That goes on your website. They install that code. You said it per profile and you you are up and going in less than ten minutes watch a couple of training videos on how to set everything up and you are good to go you can be allowing and capturing those leads that. Come to your website turning those in a new patients in the most friction less way possible nick about a new patient Asian or prospective new patient that comes to your website last. What do you think the odds are that they are looking at your website during a time in which you're open pretty good chance you think so? How many hours a day or open mic office but for others? Yeah quite thirty three percent chance that they are looking at your website. While you're open you're open eight hours a day. There's twenty four hours in a day that people are looking at your website because it's open all day. So what are they doing the other sixty see six percent of the time. They're clicking on someone else's website so capture them before they make it to another website. Game scheduled get them in the computer. And that's what schedule schedule which it can do for you again. Not Charging the dentist anything I know. It seems like it's too good to be true but I know the owner of the company and he's trying to build built his company a different way and he's doing so by building a platform that the entire industry of dentistry can use to grow their practices so check check it out schedule. widget DOT COM requested demo. Get it up on your website and allow those potential new patients to come rolling in scheduled. You Dot com cool all right ready for the next question I think so. Reddit user. Good ask journalist asks. Dentists are the cheers fund a lion when not being a dentist on. They seem it. I'm not a dentist and I have bad teeth. So I know them only as centers of agony but they look like they'd be great to nap. Ben also I am open to hearing any NS FW Tales of fund in dentist chairs. Yes yes I am lance our dental chairs fun to Lyon when they're not being dentist on Beverly Tears. Yeah I all right. Let's a few things. I'm PAT here. I have had staff members that take naps in the village been. They're totally cool. I've never done it myself but I have shit to do during lunch so I'm not taking a nap during lunch if I did I. I assume it would be fine but I prefer a couch or a bed for a nap. How many patients you have that? Say Wish I had one of these at home. I don't I don't wish I had a dental chair at home. We we have one of our shares. We've got the NASA approved foam thing. Where because we do some sedation and so I want you rolling out of the chair so you get kind of locked in the big foam mattress? That's sitting on top those. Those are pretty comfortable and I've had a few say. Oh I wish I could take this home. And it's more of a factor of the foam and not the chair. Yeah I agree I. I'm not saying they're uncomfortable but I'm also I just don't think the most comfortable things ever I. I was at COSTCO OSCO a couple of weeks ago and they have like the seven thousand dollar massage chair. I sat in it for a second. Yeah and it was great. 'cause were seven grand but it was way more comfortable than my chair and so I I just don't think they're all that great. I mean they're fine. What you really like is that they recline and they have a little padding? That's pretty much it and there's lots of different things you can do that. We less of a cost then. What a dental chair? 'cause I mean that that that massaging chair at Costco was half what a dental chair costs. And that's nice of chairs. They get so. I don't know I'm out on that. It's I don't need it to take a nap during the day. I'm not taking again an APP during the day. I got shit to do too busy. I The real key to this question for me is the next part. I love how they were super open about how they would really like to hear some Erotica about people getting the dentist. Yeah I mean. They didn't say it that way but they said it that way they said it that way. So I just have to ask Lance. Has It ever happened at the old office. Yeah the old office okay. Okay so I've got. I don't have a huge offset for opera. Tories I feel deal. I know at least one opera Tori. And I'M NOT GONNA say which one because one of my hygienist listens to this show and I want to confirm or deny that it is her opera torey or may not be her. Audrey Tori read twenty-five percent chance. I'm trying to think if there's ever been anything else besides that one opera Tori. I mean. Listen I don't know what the percentages are. You've got to Dennis here on this on this podcast cast and we're we're batting thousand the two of us. What percentage do you think because I sort of got into this on the threat on read it because because I was I I was? I'm just interested in that. That's the ADA's not tracking that. And so I'd love to know. What percentage percentage do you think of Dennis who own their practices have had a little fun in one of their chairs? Thirty percent. Maybe my yeah my take was about a third. Yeah that would be my thought that would be my thought you work with your significant other. I do so that would be a little easier that yeah that's sort of. Yeah when I was in in high school and in College Mauresmo College. I don't think it's High School Appreciative Freshman Sophomore College during the summers. When I come home from from college I would work in an oral surgeon local or surgeons office like scrubbing instruments doing set ups and that kind of stuff breaking down room's just the basic basic sort of entry level resistant? Crap and his office manager was his was his I think they were just dating at the time. I don't think they were actually married but There were rumors around the office of you. Know of of stuff During lunch hours and things like that which is a whole different level not reached that level before. So you know I mean that's I I just feel like I feel like it has to be. It's at least it's at least twenty percent and I feel like it's very potentially more calm. Ah Yeah I may have mentioned this in the in the chair or in the in the threat and someone mentioned about how uncomfortable that would be and I just don't. I don't don't think that's necessarily the case because the adjustable nature of the chair. Yeah I don't remember yeah just will. Nature of the chair really offsets a lot of problems. How how tall are you six? Four okay so there you just have you've dealt with those issues your whole life half of weird bending these weird positions thing uh-huh and the chair offsets all that because it moves exactly changes everything the Communist Sutra. You can figure out an aide X.. Chair absolutely in fact. I really feel like that should be eight x next foray. I mean we've got so so you know we've talked. We talked about this with girl boss Gerhard and a little bit about about chairs because we had a question about wait. A patient's weight and chairs and so we dove deep down into like the Teneo Intego. The sort of high end flagship dense wieser owner chairs. And you've got a WHO's out there putting massagers and all those sort of things in there and I think that may be the next sort of iteration is is some just hidden features in the chair. That normal patient couldn't find but that you know you knew is the owner and the dentist. was there that you could then utilize after hours. I would rather have that than a massage for my patients. What do you you think? Oh Yeah for sure. I hope your daughters aren't listening to this show Lance Metoo or your daughter's boyfriend who I think you you attempted to like shotgun. Bully him into listening to this show. Yeah I hope the last I checked. He's still had not listen but what's his name like. I say you know to give me his full name. Just give us first name Kai Sean top tie was okay. I know oh I know what thoughts are rolling around your head right now and all I can tell you is is just don't mess with Lance seriously early he'll end you who you easily and quickly and he's six four. He's got huge hands. And and not saying I know I experience but his hands can literally wrap around your entire neck and can choke you out a little bit so just be a little careful kyw. That's all. I'm saying. She's bill careful word of the wise poor guy. He's mortified bit. There's a lot of people. I'm sure who are mortified at listening to this as well. But Hey if you've got any stories about any NSF w stuff in your dental chairs good ass journalist on read it would love to hear it and hell. We'd love to hear two right. Ah Hell Yeah not a great Read it history here on good ass. Journalists have one of the post in the suburb of data. It which I guess is Dad's you should join added one hundred forty two thousand members. This is separated for DADS. I'll single dads new dads Stepdad's tall dads that you short dads and any other kind of dad. If you've got kids in your life that you love and provide for come join us as we discuss everything from birth announcements to Code Browns in the shower. I'm assuming that means your kid is pooping in the shower could brown. I'd go. Yeah Okay Cool. I hope I never have to find out about that There air one other post was father stay stories journalists request. Hope that's allowed hi. I'm a parenting journalist doing a piece for a UK site. Ron Collecting people's funds stories of father's Day whether from their own childhoods or as fathers in box opening the fun ones wants to be part of it. If you were upper sending a picture of yourself in your kids daddy trevor's relevant across well that'd be awesome policies have special requests is not cool fund adding tidbit to make up for it by twenty two month. Unfold has reached the point. Where when we're eating dinner show point to me and say daddy drink beer please? And then I have to have a big swig lovely stuff very proud. That's very sweet now. WHY THEY WANNA know why he's really into or she is really? I guess he because it's dad while he's really into like hearing about people boning and dental chairs a little strange range. Maybe that's how they made. That's maybe that's how we're daughter okay. Yeah I don't know who knows who whose turn is for Song Lisa. That'd be you okay. I guess that's kind of do it for tonight. It's a little bit of a shorter episode. What we said we were going to do and look at it now? We're right where we normally only two questions. That's awesome Just I don't know what happens man. It just always happens does it just always happens Share this with your friends. If you have any friends who are really into Erotica relating to dental chairs. Let them know about the show. I probably only show out there. That's really covering that subject. Probably uh-huh if you know anybody super indices thing and hearing about judge judys hot bod share this with them there this do this is four so we grow the show listener. Time how about subscribe. I tune stitcher spotify. How about rate and review? What your favorite number lance dancing a huge fan of five huge Fanta? Five hit us up on the web working interferences. A DOT com hit us up on all of the social bullshits facebook working unifrance lance funny ship for Denison not members twitter at which furnishes instagram at interferences. Let's found on instrument determine D. I found inscribed at Josh Wall stay. DDS Time for my song. Lance one time. I did a song that I hated. Remember that yeah I do vaguely it. Couldn't Hoosier hoosier. Yeah whose ear. Sure sure who's very something like that. Yeah he hated that song. I forget what the name of it was. Somebody cries power Nina cries power. was his woman shits okay to absolute fucking tribute. I saw. I have a song that I like but from a band that I hate you ever have a band that you just don't like lots. You don't like anything that they do and there's no other reason than you just don't I just don't like I didn't the first I ever heard of. There's a hated and I just never gave Obama chance okay. The Band is panic at the disco. All right first off. I hate them. Because there's punctuation in the middle of their name of their band okay because it's panic with an exclamation mark and then at the disco okay. I don't get it. I don't understand it wiser. Punctuation and middle it serves everything algorithm Rio three. What is three zero three? I think they had an exclamation there too. I don't know that band I don't need I don't need punctuation in the middle in the middle you WANNA punctuation at the end. I'm cool with that but but I don't understand it. In the middle. They had a song came out a few years ago that I hated called. I write sins not tragedies and it's the one there's something thing about someone's getting married and they just keep calling the Breida Hor just over and over and over in the song it's not for me to judge that's the thing that's the thing and I just don't understand the song I didn't like the the hook. I didn't like the melody I didn't like any of it and I didn't like the lyrics lyrics. Were dumb and so I just turned this ban off in my head. I Yeah I agree with you on that however however I feel like they're dumber than me And so I just tune them out and then not long ago on all nation on on serious they had a new song by panic at the disco called high hopes and I had like damn it. I like this song on. What is wrong with me so this is a song I like from the band I hate and so if you've ever had that before shoot us over some some stories about that because I love? I love hearing that because every once in a while a band I hate comes up with the song Oh here you sit three. Oh three I do not know. These people people there electrons music. So of course. I'll let you you. You might recognize some of the bigger hits. Maybe ten years. I'll take a look and see but for now it's panic at the disco. I just don't get it I don't get it lands. They don't get nine in the afternoon so enjoy this high hopes from panic. Attic for Lynch Timmerman. I'm Josh Watson piece. Stay fresh cheese bags and happy thanksgiving. We'll be guys have a great holiday audie piece around. It is oh the news. We wanted most experienced we wanted. aww Everything Momma said DOT com On breath into position as we wanted the Momma I said Kay and hey wait say sir I'm GonNa but I yeah

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