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Hello that welcome into the show. There have been many words both written and spoken about the name uh saga of the the last few months. Are you ready for a few more will we. We're going down that path. I'll hundred marino check. It has slop craig burley at the provider of many more words in many more definitive words also joins us. Julie laurent who's just a three thousand word article summing up the entire name us three two thousand jews. How long did it take. You don't answer that. Let's get to the heart of what you wrote. It's up there on e._s._p._n. N._f._c. dot com and the suggestion that after all that there was never really a serious offer on the table for neymar from barcelona really really that's the <music> dust the whole context of a few on the whole thing about it is that in the end it looks like and we know now the boss so so now whenever really able to afford him and tried and good for them for trying i guess but it's like you are going to the limbaugh guinea car dealer with money money only to buy a ford escort at some point. It's not gonna work. You could try to check in your kind your wife's car and your whoever else shaikha sky even the old maserati. It's not gonna work. You're never going to be able to for the limbaugh guinea. It was exactly the same and there's a point where especially play like name. Are you know regardless of what he's been doing the last two seasons in p._g. Regardless of the injuries is one of the best and biggest plays in the world. You just can't go and like a wheeler dealer trying to make a deal on the on the cheap all trying to bargaining the dido anything like this and and g and our paper even quite simple. He wants to leave peers happy for him to leave. You can leave on their terms terms but because they don't want to lose too much money or because they want to do that also works for them. Buffalo now want him back in many respects so let's do a deal. The deal was never ever leave a near near getting an interest in any one of the main. Themes of your article suggested that leonardo auto for p._s. She was one of the main reasons that it didn't get done. I do wonder and we will never know. Obviously what would have happened if leonardo hadn't gone back to paris jason if antero ricky who is not really the solve tough negotiator this kind of strong character that low nowadays and certainly never really fell ease in the role of being the sports like leonardo es and was in its first but the club were between twenty seven and twenty thirteen so coming back. I think changed the whole dynamic or at least allow the dynamic of that deal because in front of them bosra hot someone one who knew exactly what he had to do. The qatari set him okay. He can go but we can't. We can't get done here. You know it has to also work for bryce. We can't just having bought two years ago for two hundred and twenty two million euros and letting him go on a cheap for two missing kids fifty million fifty million in euros and maybe it'd be more later that doesn't work like this and i think now though was very strong enough and intelligent enough to make sure that every time in that negotiation he who's the strongest player that strongest position and they felt you know if he doesn't leave then we still have a very good player on our books jobs. I want to bring the boy next point to you. Wrote wild at neeman was angling for his move away lengthy chance with his teammates who were trying to persuade him to stay stay and now he is going to stay. Do you think that team and those teams again a welcome him back with open arms. There's no doubt about the dressing racing room. I mean it's not rocket science if you ask them. Do you have a better chance to do well in the champion's day with name all without name. Our name name is based. I mean everyone would say of course you know in babe's shoots fun of neymar or the brazilians or the south americans. Maybe a power from an instant kevin big funds of name all. There's no doubt that when he's based when he had the attitude when he's positive when he's happy he's an incredible player and he's done incredible things for g fifty. Two one goes into as much as it's. It's an incredible ratio so they'll hope does the name on that would turn nine be coming back into the team and find playing saying again and so yes. The problem is defense how they will come in when they will come back. We know that when he meets the first game the banners and the the insert from the very extreme so that would be interesting to see but from the dressing room point of view from thomas point of view. There's no doubt that they are very happy. Nowadays they staying. We'll get to the fans that graphic stuff every email velocity months from our producers komo off stuff at least see read your email. I'd sometimes at the nose up lights taught how to read three thousand worlds without reading glasses jillian south dakota. I read i was reading a full blood though this leonardo stuff's interesting how he's more a hot bowl character the boscell never really were in the game bailey didn't wanna go all that stuff and we have to go back and he's not the only show in town no because because these there and more importantly. I don't know if there's any article talked on is arguable the star intone anymore folks because kellyanne elian imbaba not only has he kinda lost. This ability is lost the support of the fan base. You won't rightly solos the support of the dressing room. Why would you can get a good player but can get your arm around them and say listen. Get your head down. Help is oh. He's not really the big star anymore. He's been superseded by this young brilliant french guy while he's been doing all the nonsense if you're a teammate in that locker do you welcome him back with with open arms the couple of things that teammates don't do one you don't get involved in other players negotiations and contract and money situation every player takes care of their own and and you respect that as a private matter the other thing that you don't do is turn away from good players right because those guys help you win games now. There are a lot of things that you can put up with a lot of things that you can sweep under the rug and then a lot of things that you can you turn your back on when a guy comes in and gives you a better chance to win games that matter and in the end. I think that's where neymar has to come in play in games. Then matter have an impact in games that matter because if you look back over the last couple of seasons in games that matter neymar neymar either has been injured or has played well and that in itself is one thing that i think teammates will say okay all right. It's great to have you back now. We need you to baldo plato. We need you to be the name mar that we think you are and that you know you are but you gotta show it out on the <hes> so the teammates one thing gills. You're already brought up the fans sets. It's quite another ultras. Were pretty hostile towards name. N._p._s.'s first home game in the season. How's that situation going to unfold the question now obviously with international break. We won't know a couple of weeks and and you'll be interesting because it's not just these transfers saiga here and the fight they wanted to leave a lot of players want to leave their clubs and ended up. Staying and things are okay with the funds. There's a few issues that are bigger than that the first one the most recent one. He's when he said that he's biggest memory always best memory in football was famous night in buzzer. We've buster and i guess b._g. Eighteen ramon tida obviously when your ps you trial u._p._s. Defined and you hear your number ten ought to be your best player saying that he's best memory was two six one and giving you the biggest humiliation in your cubs history. That doesn't go down well. The fact is and we've talked a lot on the show by is that in the last two seasons there's been a lot of incidents involving name on the page of the pitch attitudes <hes> behaviors and all the stuff showboating anyway the for some of the fines again go down so well they the fine with cavani the pie dot nights was in favor of seventy nine february neymar the name they were chanting was one of the one of name on. I think if you produce those things together neymar himself as law things to get forgiven four by the which wasn't p._s._e. Fines and and you would have to work hard to rebuild up solve breath relationship with defined. That's going to be easy. It doesn't mean it won't happen. Pays just not gonna museum might take time shack it. Does it matter if the fans don't forgive him. I think as a player on the field if you're booing in letting their feelings there in feelings be known. I think inevitably i lead over time mm-hmm. It has an impact on the player on his psyche. The trouble is i mean football's. A results get put together some good performances. I'm sure he finds it appreciate that the difference between the funds lines and the players whereas the players willing to accept a lot as long as you continue to perform with the funds is a far more fragile relationship unshipped. They're happy to see you play well happy to see us score goals but it only takes one indiscretion one poor freeze to the media and they will tune very very quickly and once he finds to on you and they're ready. Have it's hard to get them back on your side. Well i have absolutely no sympathy for whatsoever so ever because he has brought us all and sales so sordo making get by and you can not about football club who paid two hundred hundred twenty million forum to do a job for him and he and we can all have our opinions about french football and tight almost years and blah blah blah but he choice always to go a french football. He chose that route to go to paris with money with to be the big iom right. He chose this road royd so he can he can. He's made his bed. He can lie on he can get back out there and he can do his job because he's done nothing but treat the french funds finds the fringe players in the league has some little game show that he's going to be part of until he gets us on the big move and he hasn't got so i i have no sympathy for form he can get back out there and he can take the abuse from the funds and i don't necessarily agree with ho far it went and some casey's he's but it can take whatever read it comes has way and he's going to have to suck up and he's gonna have to play. I'm gonna toward the next couple of weeks ago to be really interesting. Especially the international break week because imbaba's and judd we see when when he comes back because to craig's point nimmo left boston on him because he didn't he no longer wants wanted to be in the shadow of the messy. When we come back from international break he may very well find himself imbaba shadow and give the new saddening of cardi. Cavani comes back to full fitness. Miss is going to be a really interesting dynamic in our dresser. Well token ave cardi jill's house and how's it gonna work it cardi happy neymar cavani academy caddie endless so many options cow yeah yeah. You're right many options. I started to to find the best the best formula you'll receive them all together. We know that especially. If you add an held him to the mix we've tried to do a formation that dusted the one that you see on the screen. Now there's enough monroe county on it obviously <hes> but too much have to hold my colleagues who caveney kevin who has one year left on his contract who's out a few injuries in the last six month and if he can't he comes back to full fitness again with the right attitude and scoring goes for then you would have big chance to be assaulted that and then i guess play human and bobby pin them on one side the mario on the other side and and going to fulfill to you. You've got loads of options. I mean the permanent scores. They usually do that way. It was more to have balanced team and defend better than what they've done. Especially in the champions league. They're not few years so economy is probably a good signing again if he has the right to choose but it doesn't resolve all the issues and the flow that we've seen these team especially on the two hole having in the last year or so what is really intriguing alley. Is that locker room. I mean don't we'll give out combustible yeah and we just we just saw line opened with julian and saying that it got these not playing all right well clearly really mount kind of the has done very well in dealing with that in the past and never mind we're not even talking about his agent and his wife who becomes a central figure anywhere aware then he goes because of how influential she is and so you cannot take a godly without taking one and the truth of the matter is that she has been disruptive and monica has been disrupted so if indeed that's i know i'm already planning how many weeks go by how many games go by when when he got those on play until there is a blow of what we know of we is that the blow up is coming. It's just a matter of time if he doesn't feel like things are are cater to him now. That's one economy now. We're talking about neymar who you have to cater to him as well and who maybe feeling like wait a minute. Why are they bring in another third player. When i'm here scoring goals and then there's imbaba who has injured but when he comes back from the injury he's a star that craig is talking about. There's only one ball by the way yes surveys. There's only one the trouble has told me can go over. Well have in depth but you have to have players that are prepared to accept tipped. The rotation does not one of those four players i think will be prepared yes and law and games in france and they're expected to win some of them against the law of the table alarm around one one tournament them risk in this game. I don't think i'll be an issue when against the champions league stuff and hold on the real big stuff. You can't go before please. Jewish said they haven't got the balance to play such an attacking team so something's going to give not smith. Thomas took was problems going to be joe's is going to ask you. What's your sense of to call. Does he have the tools to deal with the situation. I don't know i i. I wish i could say yes but he looked. He looked really lost. In the last few games the defeat are and i mean was was really bad from from from him and he's coaching during the march on only starting lineup. He looked be lost. Maybe it was defied. The whole name saga was very destructive for everyone at the club and including him in the dressing room of that maybe he still doesn't know even more than a year after you arrived why is best eleven as well as best formation is even because he keeps keeps changing all the time and everything the last thing that we it's only county and one is low and although himself as a very good relationship with the holy condie clan and i think that would help a lot because if leonardo saw views is the guy who woods magdalene between one and the clad ed between ecology and to hold the also being much dan so reassuring everyone and make sure that there's a lot of piecing dressing room then it could work. If if you can't do that is more than allies right at some point is going to blow his decision making gills along easier at the other end of the kayla nervous suriving ariella going in the other direction. Derail madrid has to be a huge upgrade doesn't it it isn't a great and to hold to be fair to him. We've never narrow a fine and i think a lot of players i that i love either so i was always a very promising player. He the under twenty world cup with with our great generation of players born ninety-three like poke by for example bay never really kicked on from there and we've seen him making mistakes last season and the season before and this season as well and and clearly he was not good enough for what we are hoping to achieve one day which is winning the champions pins league and and with the money they probably would have even try to get even someone bigger or better than novice but they're finding kim says with a better keep it in their hearts with saudi second. Go keeping says you'll recall as well and all that will feel much better equipped in doc position than what they were for days before check. You love that costa rican. Keep on you i do. I think killer now without question the most underrated goalkeepers football. I think we have one of the best football no <hes> they've been looking for for for quite some time to win the champions league three times right. I mean the thing you have to say okay now is he was a perfect fit for real madrid on on what they needed when they needed him to be on you. <hes> two years ago i i was in that i think he will kutu are as a goalkeeping might be a slight upgrade on kale navas know all of a sudden you look at kuchwara and what what he's doing since arriving early blinn abou- not anywhere near as good a fit and they won't and we we see hokey lanao perform in paris but at madrid a- all we've seen of killer navas in european football without question for me one of the best in you know we on this program raising concerns about the defense yesterday but in that department tom that's that's a massive upgrade. Isn't it great. I'm surprised that typical two hours putting in front of them <hes> for real madrid. I think you know he wasn't for periods last season and decided to go with him but i actually think nevada is a goalkeeping courtois so good sign them from me. No qualms alley not at all and if your caterer now as the question that you ask ask you go to the has the airport melody way two pairs say what did i do wrong right. Why am i having to leave. What is it that i didn't do that. I didn't bring to this call. Now have have to go to p. S. g. but for him is a move to a place in which he's gonna play. He's going to be appreciate it and we will look back to their decision and thinking wait in a minute. We were busy chasing that. We'd the hair were busy chasing and all the while we had a goalkeeper here all all he did was sleep this team to three champions title. Sometimes you don't understand where the decisions are coming from while talking the champions league jewels got a relatively straightforward draw nigger. Yes they have around madrid. A gallon tanks orion <unk> the the two giants of course will be heavily favored to get through. What do you think they still possess. Arguably to the don't five plays in the game and indian name are the the automakers make them sixth favorites to win the champions league behind you a real madrid livable. Ah manchester city but julian it has to be still the main goal for the season right. It has to be all <hes> at least there has to be better than the last few seasons you know and nothing this semifinal will be the objective. They're not ready to win even with name all by his base even combat pay firing thing like we've said before the shoes over the balance of that team i think as you shoot defensively as well on the food bucks for example. I don't think that weather played on the rise. Whether that's get al mooney young young akbar or even the left with bow nuts or whoever else that's that's not good enough and not what's great in golden and certainly you would win them games. Even in the champion's league still don't think they're ready and i think the odds reflect exile and i would even put poverty at the head of them in those by munich probably level but yeah they there for me top eight without a doubt. Let's see if they can go further than than than the quarter-finals okay great stuff joe's free thousand words going read them at e._s._p._n. Don't pizza walter will be reading them. He will also joining us. Just johnny got a tweet offset when he was three and from that day on he was hooked all he wanted to do was golf golf. He'd be on the links before school after schools. All he ever wanted was to go pro and then one day when he was holding his grandson and thinking about his twelve handicap. Johnny realized it us might not happen for him but you know what did happen for him. He switch to geico and saved a bunch much of money on car insurance so that was good and so was hanging out with his grandson. These sarah awesome podcast cost latest edition has dropped me gap and nikki. I'm sure chief amongst the subjects of conversation was the incident in cantieri three of course involving out romolo lukaku shack. I wanted to get your thoughts because the italian f._a. Have announced today that is going to be an investigation underway vocabulary but this is a club schalke escaped censure many times over the last decade or so. Do you actually think this time he's going to be different. I can only we hope and and if this time is different because it follows so hotly on the heels of the moisture ken incident of of just a few months ago on that incident moisture can somehow was reason for it and his celebration which is somehow rather ridiculously added to and as a result here we are yet again talking about the same club reshoot abusing another black player this time around so now the italian efi ancog louis boxed themselves into a corner in that they have to do something to address the issue. They can't continue to keep the players as they've done. In the past i find the statement put out by calgary hall largely disappointing where as as vocal as they are about doing things and changing things the final paragraph is all about about the unfair criticism of south indian and calgary fans so awesome. They're the ones who who've been victimized here for me. Maybe suggest josh where their defense is. Good too and i hope nobody is blindsided by well. It remains to be seen what the italian f.a.s.t investigation will on earth and walk. The course of action will be if you were the head of the italian f._a. Want sort of punishment. Do you think now needs to be handed. You you have to go with a points deduction on a partial view of the stadium defined. The section of the crowd where the research chatting with was coming from and six strong action is needed because of the incidents not just moisture can ditton me back to samuel eto montanari. Something has to be done at at this point just fine. A slap on the wrist is not going to do it has to calgary brought the <hes> <hes> the families in general as part of their own defense they have to be they have to feel the wrath of the inaction or their own action action and the rooms of the minority as it were a three point deduction for food defense with the pasha closer to the stadium it it happens again six points and tag closure and continue to double down in in that regard so you close the sexiest stand directly behind the gulf coast calgary can take the bill by the homes here and take some initiative by identity we talked about in yesterday's show think was by the cameras at the games and the commerce at the stadium and with modern technology they should be able to as a club identify the individual's right and bundy individuals for life and then they tell an f._a. Deal with thunell but at least take something to talent f._a. And say here's what we've done. Is you said last year that had nothing. Here's what we've done. We've identified the culprits and they will no no longer be returning to the stadium. They are banned for life and if anybody else wants to go down national racially abusing again we're gonna do some similar on top of what's what's similar to that point though the buck does stop with the italian n._f._l. Here you we can get involved. Being a member feature can get involved if there is an action in any department. If there isn't serious action by the italian by cartridges with by the italian uefa can get involved. They can get involved because ultimately it's the those governing bodies that oversee and all and they are adding to the action and the the reason why racism continues to be a topic in two hundred nineteen thirty lessons to be learned from the way it was dealt with in england. I know it's different time and maybe towards the end of the time you guys playing. We still a problem listen. It's not going to go anywhere anytime soon and then yes england still has some issues but i think england continues to move the game forward in that regard what you have seen and i've been a part of an in england is the educational campaigns that are centered around around football shooter. Susan recently red card which involve with oh kick it out which is another aspect. I think you can go in terms of enabling action. If you have also made a point in the past that you can hand on fines own huge fines parts of parts of which were suspended on on the understanding that you go off to the offenders and advocation of campaigns around racism us you show you're satisfied yeah those criteria as a football club then you don't have to be the vast this big some of you find their ways to do these things an ultimate time whether we talkin about england soccer here in the u._s. all calgary yet again kind of acceptance or complacency around the issue as you will see it festival yet again. You have to stay on top of these things regardless of whether we believe we're moving in the right direction at points deduction. Let's see if the italian ain't f._a._a. Take your take your advice. Shanks needs to be wants to need day day. Gabrielle mccarthy's musings <hes> always available has plenty to say on the subject as well well over on the e._s._p._n. N._f._c. dot com all right. Let's talk into a little extra time. Shall we thanks once again for all your questions and tweets. Some of you are shedding a few tears for the closing of the transfer window. Peter is not prepared. Let's let it go just yet once he wants to know. Did you ever worry whenever harry harry redknapp got stopped by report and spoke spoke through the window might be off to another club and since the transfer news close the schenker have any great harry transferred a stories and agreed harry chat well as a few floating around not sure my lawyers would love you to repeat he was busy. You have depends on the issue at hand correct. I if you have a lot of these specialists john easy easy onset to the first part of that question wrong wasn't no trying to window when you were a corporate us right ooh bing bong yeah. When did it come in ireland. Remember when we were in england. You could move anytime via. I moved up with a monster. Some that's my made the move in resemble nine thousand nine yup to back the county primarily from celtic so the voice of new idea. I wanna say early two thousands now or something something because i moved to ninety nine in december so it wasn't too those none six well. I thought i thought no not for the two thousand six it was. What about your team your lawyer. I'll have to consider them. My i'm having a confirmed to threes when it came in so i am talking about the glory years of transparent <hes> it seemed to involve harry redknapp jason maloney changing the subject <hes> wants to know the best game ever lost as a play is such a thing but i guess the feel forced forced to onto on what what would it be playoff two thousand. I want to say four thousand three with the l._a. Golics two thousand three with the galaxy aleksei against san jose earthquakes where we were leading our four nothing from us the aggregate. Oh we've lost the infamous fire fall we were we won. The first i came to nothing. We were leading the second game. Do nothing however if away goals have counted as a way goals do then we would have gone away would've gone thrown. I wanna wake believe has come to be known as the san jose ramon todd that's. That's what it's come to be known as the the p._s._e. Dr ali's lawyers. Did you have a good. I play on the newcastle-liverpool four threes. Oh yeah one one of those two or three of those yeah through the middle one on and did you have anything to do with the goals. Probably four one past blew it to be honest. I'm paula scored the fourth <hes> that's all. I remember craig scotland england euro aeroplane too well but we won he won but he lost wh why bring them. Thank you in brazil go. Ali bacteria and i was clinton wasn't light. We bought brazil and lost what we gave them. A game on. We lost ten ongoing wanna jumpings but l. dangling game was boys yet. That was probably the hottest take they've added. They lost two now. I mean because obviously such a buildup for lightning agron win england scotland called the winner qualifies the for euros for the playoffs estim- custom kevin keegan's image of the ogden to know pokes goals goals and then we'd be one don hutchinson as you remember and then david it's seamen made up ten point safe from diving header near the end it just hang on the line in enough otherwise it would have been going to extra time episode clinging on clinging on that angle hamas about yeah. He just wanted to bring that up. I was talking to one of the english journalists from the way upstairs after the game i because i know most of the english guys have been played down there and they said that kevin keegan had just been to the press conference and talked about england engelen wynonna euros and he said we've just been cleared off the pocket. We don't we didn't just be one. No we have them doing and they didn't come close to winning five years awful yeah pretty much into keegan wants to win. Win is craig. Actually i should correct mikhail here went off aw craig and steve going to get their own podcast like gavin jewels could burn crack. Everyone's doing it. Why here's how it works with a group. I'm hoping not putting well jennifer. I'll make sure we don't go out there and lay other busybodies a hands-off for things that we don't need to be done right. Paw take off the e._s._p._n. A._f._c. joe podcast. We don't go. We don't go looking like other very very busy people for things to do. When we have a job. Don't go looking for things that would take you off. The gulf goals meanwhile while contact. Sorry give me while that's not the end of request extra cream cream. Villi material cottage loved his tweets video when he's the boiling point the shale not by life company by me. Can you just reach the boiling point and asking for extra things to do and then when they give extra thing to do you say new tax as you know every week awhile and then i switched off the watches mean tweets video area currently i. I haven't seen it on youtube that or the boys just do not very original said there are some that you said you wanted to do. Some mean tweets again the the boys. The problem is not original content <hes> for what was i going to say no all right <hes> funny boiling one point two yeah yeah might soon start was in serious. This planet was to get some advertising around to get someday sponsor however it was slated you too controversial to get your boiling all his points out the window. Bring it back for a youtube. Channel does not a boil in the bag rice company. That didn't step up to the well actually marketing yo uh presentative. Hey here's uncle ben's boiling deaths alley. You've it just with a bunch of your ex teammates the the crew reunion funniest teammate and one <hes> <hes> well. You've gone back to columbus crew frankie hejduk. I don't know if he's the funniest but he is an interesting character. Whoever knows frankie hater notes exactly what i'm talking about <hes> <hes> surfer dude who happens to play soccer hit yeah i say and and this is the name that people may not be familiar with but going back to philadelphia and there was a guy by the nick zimmerman who was great with impressions and at that point we need to be happy sure jeff sessions including one of our coach at the time. Peter novak was outstanding. <hes> <hes> chagga join mccoo. You remember it yeah he was when i never knew never knew what you're going to get the job but he was good he was good for not latino is free you can do a street of chris brown's the on yes. It's just your shop quick dry really good for our good good suggestion really good. Oh you remember for his glory days which was swindon all right. Glenn macho swindon glory is go hand in when we asked about shocking the point you know say oh. He couldn't catch anything. I can touch uh-huh craig anyone well yeah bring to mind yeah john spencer orients benny now <hes> chelsea used to destroy people threading joe's heart the law honestly. There's no nobody was spared john. You're a funny guy go in me. He then went into management here and this is a picture of him as as a manager because even though she isn't anymore we should we should <hes> we shall avis used to rip the boys and address movement was my assistant coach in houston loosen and then to still ripping yeah. <hes> hector finally brought this up. <hes> previously did allie shed a couple of tears in columbus this weekend at the gathering of the legends well. It was great a lot of love a lot of appreciation as i say look don't j. does not impressing the background. I really the truly not impressed as to when i came home and realize you don't love me nearly as much at home and they didn't call came to scotland once on the coleman trade with better. Actually it was hamilton home. Tom stadium embezzling the dog here how stadium as it's an old dilapidated stadium and behind the goals those a supermarket hell l. where people can actually watch the game with a right. It's a policeman up. There might have said something. That nearly got me in trouble but the policeman iniciativa n._j._i._t. Washington go anywhere there was a dog and the dog was the thing that dog was fishing says the games buds games. Is that the dogs. No people go to reprimand a reprimand talking scottish football football up on my where which is a critique. That's followed you did say about the police. Officer was multiple robberies. Don't hamilton is i believe the superintendent was technically. You got told in my ear. No more jokes about the game can help shot so you shed a couple of days and the dog shed. A couple of pounds is going aw alright yeah. He's your <hes> you extra time for today. Suggests it will be one tomorrow. If we get questions that we will quietly confident. <hes> peter walton is on tomorrow by the way we'd be on extra time but he will be on the show.

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