Savor Classics: The Gin & Tonic


Today's episode is brought to you. By the China brand, a premium disposable tableware brand. That's all about celebrating moments of togetherness. Have you been connecting with family and friends in ways like never before the China brand provides durable trusted products that let you enjoy every moment of your get togethers, traditional or not. Plates bowls cups cutlery to go coffee cups. They've got you covered. Disposable means easy cleanup, an uninterrupted connections with family and friends. China products are available wherever you buy your groceries, including delivery or pick up. Hello and welcome to favor action if I heart radio I'm Anne race and I'm Laurin, vocal bomb and today. We've got a classic episode for You about the GIN and tonic. Which is one of my very favorite both drinks and episode, because it has one of my favorite cocktail facts about cocktails that I probably of this backs the many facts. We've learned throughout this journey. It's one of the ones I use the most. That probably annoys my friends because they've heard it before and every time I'm like. Did you know malaria in the tonic insert story? Yeah. It's well. It's a good story Yeah, this. This is a very early episode back from a twenty seventeen and Yeah, yeah I. I usually don't drink gin and tonic. It's kind of like a treat for me I. I try to avoid sweetened sodas in in my cocktails. I'm more likely to order a Jenin Soda. Probably probably with some bidders in it, but and it is agenda tonic is is delicious. It's so shing. and I I know we've talked about it before, but I was. Jan is one of my favorite. Alcohol's now. It took me so long. Come to gin and tonic, I know it has are at least my friends. Tell me as a reputation as an old drink. But I never had that association with it and I didn't come along until fairly recently. And I just I adore it's. An and I know we've also said before, but we. From this episode we got to do two videos, not one but two. We got to make Gen with old fourth distillery. Our friends over at old fourth distillery and we got to have a nine am. Eight hundred twenty one bidders. Yeah, yeah, it was both were incredibly delightful. Those videos are still available I believe on Youtube and Other places as well. Maybe yes. And Oh, it was. It was really spectacular. Get both both processes not just the the having cocktails at nine am part. Of the way, no, no! It was fine. It was fine eighteen twenty one bidders is is shipping by the way, and they do really spectacular I'm not sure at the last time I checked. They're tonic. Syrup was sold out but yeah. Oh, they do a great great line, a better, really beautiful stuff. Yeah in the tonic, Syrup is amazing. It's so good and really really just increases year your capacity to put that that Queen Flavor into various other things. But yeah. The the GIN and tonic in general has been seeing a bit of popularity right now. especially in canned form like even outside of the United Kingdom. Off I know a canned cocktails in general are rising in popularity, especially in the US and Japan I'm sure you've seen all of those Seltzer which I am still a little bit perturbed by but that's that's okay. apparently after an episode of fleabag aired that featured leading characters, drinking canned gin and tonics, specifically from marks and Spencer marks and Spencer, GIN and tonic sales spiked twenty four percent. That's excellent. I love that I must have this experience. Immediately. Right Oh it's beautiful and I'm also seeing a lot of buzz about pink gin and tonic out of the UK and Pink Gin being Amgen with Angusta bidders added. Pets, because there's also. At the many food festivals. We used to attend when that was a thing. Oh! Always always I think it was beef eater would be there, and they would have like a pink, just everything pink booth. And I guess it was for their Pink Gin, but I always assumed it was sort of A. Sort of is but yeah. I mean it turns a lovely color. Pink and pink has been very popular color these past few years so. I don't know they also hand out I have. Several a pink fanny packs from. because. They give them out at these events. So I am the most stylish. I'm so ready to spend summer being so stylish in my apartment. Everyone's GonNa Miss L. Pants. I demand instagram photos. Oh it's going to be. I'm going to be so happening I want let around to see any style corner. Yeah, yes. Oh and and also I. Guess I guess after eight that that Nestle brand that makes the little the little after dinner chocolate. Yeah they released a gin and tonic and mint flavor. I think in Germany, but the packaging is an English. I'm very confused Interesting Yeah I guess all that too seemed like it was well reviewed. I'm struggling to imagine meant going particularly well in that combination of flavors but But you know. I'm happy if people are happy. We always want that law when I did my cursory gin and tonic search. I think the two things that stood out to me. was. One this Australia distillery accidentally. Filled bottles of what was labeled as Jin with hand sanitizer. Oh no, but luckily it was all fine. no one was seriously injured, but one I think. ginge anchor lifter of review that said it was horrible. Oh No. Oh dear, yes, but it all corrected. It was fine, and then not gin and tonic related at all, but made me giggle. A result came up. That said Delta is introducing. Beer and wine flights which. I'm very curious about, but also interesting timing. But Hey. Want your beer flight on a flight. Okay? Yeah, yeah, well I did see that. Yeah, they're. They're opening. their opening backup, because for a while. They weren't doing any boost service or drinks service I think other than maybe bottled water on flights, and so I know that they're opening backup, not cocktails, but beer and wine on flights now. but Yeah I don't know. Interesting? Interesting! oh, flying places I. Miss. I miss a lot of stuff right now. y'All. It's. Stuff for GIN and Tonic Refrigerator Oh, or did that later today. I do not Oh, I've been meaning to get some Gen. Time I've been on I've been on a pretty serious whiskey kick. Few Months Oh sure sure. No complaints one of the I do keep running out of fizzy water because I also am not going to the store very often and so I just my roommate and I just run right through it, so it's yeah. Yeah got to plan these things out I. We were talking about this before the the show. My very intense scheduler now is not my social events on there too right? What am I eating for the next thing? Gosh. Yes. but yes, so we have this episode about Gin and tonic for you and we're going to let former any and lauren take it away. Hello and welcome to fruit Steph on any and unlearn Volka bomb and This is the second edition of our cocktail hour. Yes, still no cocktails! Though Oh, no, we don't. We have water. Don't we do, but we did just come straight from a distillery in Atlanta that makes. And we sampled some of the June there we did. Away before lunch. That's true, but it was for work. Strictly research related purposes. And as old fourth distillery in Atlanta, and it was awesome. Yeah, oh. Yeah, it was. It was really really cool getting to watch the the process of how Japan gets made and We'll have a video on that out. Around the time that this podcast comes out. Yes, and this is probably the time when we should mention the cocktail we're discussing. Did on it, yes, which you might know from the from the title of the episode to Oh yeah, I hope so but yeah. It's always good to get that out there in the beginning Oh. Yes, yeah, GIN and tonic! Yes, that's what we're talking about today. Right or the G and T at thought so called sometimes also called GIN and tonic without the end, and right now it's having a bit of a resurgence, a little bit of a moment in the past couple of years particularly in Spain where it's sort of a national drink and borderline obsession. Really Yeah, they They have like a variation on it. That has more ice and a Garnish, and it served in a balloon glass. That purportedly enhances your ability to smell the drink. I have had one of these and it was lovely, and it came with one of those big. Ice Cubes Circus always make me really happy. Yeah, yeah, but then again as we found out as we find out every time we go on a shoot together I'm very easily entertained. Yes, sorry. There's bubbles. BOBBLE! The people working are like okay. We're in Thursday. We're enthusiastic. Yes, it's a positive. Yes, I think so at any rate, GIN and tonic Which I very much enjoy even just the regular way. Of course has long been go to in Britain where you can even buy it in pre mixed cans. Find slightly horrifying to be super honest. Yeah. I saw one of those that I thought. It was like it kind of looks similar to a FRESCA. If anyone's familiar with that. So I went to kind of examine it more closely oh. This is Shaun. Okay. Off. Winston Churchill once said that quote. The GIN and tonic has saved more Englishman's lives and Mayans. All the doctors in the empire, ooh, wow, and the new. York Times called twenty thirteen the year of the GIN and tonic. But the GIN and tonic has not always been this trendy summer drink. Yeah, more on that in a moment, but first what's a gin and tonic anti. Lauren I'll tell you it is a high ball. Cocktail is basically just an alcohol bay spirit mixed with a larger percentage of a mixer. And the alcohol base in this case is you guessed it Jen. What could be its tonic? The order of operations here typically is gin tonic lime juice if you want it, that's optional and ice. I've seen it in other ways, but that's mostly what I came across when I was researching this. Yeah, yeah, and then a lime wedge or twist to Garnish Rights, and typically they're issue of Jin teutonic somewhere between one to one or one to three and yeah the lime wedge. Important, but that's it. Yeah. I mean of course there's there's variations. Yeah, obviously, a popular ones put in. Extra Stara Angusta riveter. I think okay. We think meant and all kinds of tonic water things. There's yeah, whatever tonic you choose to put up there. Yes, there's so many options there. There's arterial tonic water. My boyfriend and pretty much everyone I talked to about it in London swears by fever tree, excellent Brandt, yet you can make your own tonic syrup, or you can do both and mixed together. Yeah, there's a lot of options there and since there are only two ingredients, and there's usually more tonic water than JEN. You want to make sure that you like tonic water. You're using if you want to enjoy your beverage. And it helps if you like the Djinn that you're using as well, yeah, this is a drink that I think you really don't want to get the cheap stuff and Personal note for me. I did not know I liked gin and tonics until fairly recently because I was just drink drinking terrible, terrible John and probably. An excuse I was one of those people like as like a fine tree. Tonic juice. Yeah, that was pretty cool. Patented, yes, yes. My favorite everyday affordable of choices beef eater twenty four by the way. And I did a tour of their. Almost very. That's not distillery. In London when I was there, and it was really really cool. It was really neat man. Yeah, I'd I'd all the distilleries down just from now on? It's all I wanNA. Do Go visit distilleries. I find. I wanted to put in that I find new Amsterdam perfectly acceptable, but of course nice jeans are Nice number three. London dry might be my personal favorite sometimes occasionally. I like alcohol. Yeah I. Mean Work with what you got but I. do think that this is. The drinks that. If, you can. Get something a little bit nicer like the one I said is only only twenty bucks. Let's not terrible. Not at all. but back to tonic water. Bright bars in the US has been criticized for using a soda gun. The quarter part and that stuff, according to some shifts or mixologist, it doesn't have quinine in it. It May, or may not it may or may not, which is a bitter ingredient that we're going to talk about a lot more, and it's very important. It's the whole thing it's what makes tonic water tastes like tunnel quarter, right and that's why mixologist suggest your question water out of a bottle, but that sounds to me like I should have just saved some bucks and ordered something else. Her made my own at home. Up to you up to you. And Yeah, the key to this drink is balancing this bitter flavor of the tonic water with the kind of. flowery, botanical herbal Irby kind of. Of Flavors of the Gen. Rights. And the key botanical key ingredient is juniper in the gym. Yes, it's the most prominent note it has to be the most prominent note you have to have Jennifer. This is very serious, and not just any. No, but easily, but anti is illegally. Okay, that is serious. Goodness Collagen? Yes, okay. But, but of course there's lots of other ingredients should makers us to flavor their products? All kinds of stuff? Yeah, Lemon Peel Coriander seed, almonds, orser, liquorice root an angelic seat. And are so so so so many my the one that I like they used T. I believe. ooh, Oh, goodness, yeah! And the GIN and tonic has been cited as an example of a food pairing tech meaning that the two ingredients tastes differently apart, and they do together, and this is because chemistry. Yeah, yeah, the molecules that give gin and tonic their flavor very similarly structured, so they attract and create aggregates that change the taste, yeah, more than the sum of their parts. Yeah so. How did all of this get started? Creek crushed. Yes, as you might have gathered from that Churchill quote, we largely have the British to think for the GIN and tonic, and according to sleet. There was a period of time when the GMT was quote as essential a weapon for the British Empire as the Gatling Gun. which is a big claim, big claim? Yeah, and it turns out that it's kind of true. Kind of. But. Let's find out yes, as with most things. The origin story of Jenn is a little difficult. To pin down, but a sixteenth century Dutch physician, Sylvia's Bull developed a highly alcoholic medicinal concoction called Geneva. He used the essential oils of juniper berries, which he believed was a curative and a circulation improver. Yeah. Oh! All of alcohol started out as a curative yes. Like Oh. Yes, this thing is healthy. We should definitely absolutely drink more of it right. The juniper Berry, which comes from a coniferous plant, has history of being thought of as this medicinal thing going all the way back to Italian monks, using distilled spirits flavored with juniper berries, as a not actually working remedy for the plague. Oh yeah well I guess at a certain point. You're going to try anything that you've got. That's true. I probably didn't make things worse. Maybe it did. I think I think at the point of the plague. You're you're not you're in trouble. Yeah Yeah. Yeah it. Might Amedee feel better I guess if you? One can hope. the story goes that the English first encounter jen, either during the Dutch war of independence during the fifteen eighty s or the thirty year war that took place from sixteen, Eighteen to sixteen, Forty eight, and they gave it the nickname. It Dutch courage origin a shortened version of Geneva. once William of Orange became king of England after the Glorious Revolution of Sixteen Eighty Eight. Popularity increased dramatically due to high tariffs placed on the previously more popular hard liquor of the day, French Brandy, which motivated the to find ways to make cheap, and they did they really did. It was so very cheap, and and was used again in medicinal kind of fashion, I it was used to ease hunger pains of warm against the cold. Distract you from brutal thankless factory work you know, and and give you a buzz great. You know. Get that positive. Fun Out of it to. also of distillers couldn't find or didn't want to buy juniper berries. They'd use Turpentine or other harmful. You should not be drinking this type things. Jin Rooms typically came with this sign over their door. Quote Drunk Penny Dead Drunk for two pennies clean Straw for nothing. But. The strawberries is usually soaked in comment. Drink responsibly kids. Yes, we probably should have said that at the top of the podcast. You're getting it now, yes. You've made it this part. Yes, in English June consumption would skyrocket in the eighteenth century, leading to an uptick of public drunkenness, followed by the gin craze at the time. Was the freak out along those more well off the morality of drinking gin by the less fortunate. And this is my favorite part of the retorted by the way it's like a haunted house. It was like you were suddenly haunted house because they had it like old London streets, and it was dark and there people screaming and crying. The sense. I hadn't thought about it this way before, but this totally sounds like like reefer madness. Yeah Yeah. It was really cool, but but I mean kind of at the time there were some terrible things happening because of the the the the cheapness and the availability of Jenn in seventeen, twenty three London, the death rate surpassed the birth rate and seventy five percent of babies died by the age of five. Mothers with newborns would give Babies Jin to calm them down. The MOM's themselves were sometimes addicted to Gin and didn't provide their children with much attention. They're giving that attention to the Jin Our or babies were born with fetal alcohol syndrome. And because women were more often impacted than men, Jen earned nicknames like quote, ladies, delight and mother's Bruin as that one is still around to this day. And some popular jen bars call that. Oh. And this is very important. The Jane. We're talking about in old London. The that's not today's Jin. No, no, no, we have improved distillation technologies safety regulations, which are pretty okay, sometimes, yes, and according to Vice Article, I read quote. The end of the eighteenth century was a throat searing i. read inning, vomit, churning hell. Broth Hell Broth Yeah Oh vice has a way of putting banks. I have to say a hell broth. I'm I might be hesitant to Imbibe Hill. Broth but I. don't know I kind of want to try it. It would depend if it was a halloween type situation. I'd give it a go. I mean I'm I'm at first anyway. I drink for drink mold this week. That's true we've had adventures. We have watched the videos. Well despite the fact that I would try hell broth, and certainly a lot of the English were apparently more than trying hell broth, not everyone was on board for all of this. All of this crazy Jin behavior, and the government had a few things to say about it, and we'll get to those after a quick break for word from our sponsor. 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Quote, Juniper, berries, or other fruit, spices or ingredients. Yeah so people just didn't add those things and therefore made what they what? They called a parliamentary brandy. And, Kinda. There was another Jackson they also people found a way around that one, and then in seventeen, thirty, four Judas, to four, killed her baby, and sold the baby's clothes to buy GIN which resulted in the Third Gen Act Prohibiting Cell Jen over two gallons, and enacting a stiff tariff of one pound per gallon on top of the fifty pound annual license fee required to sell it. and. This did a good job of putting legitimate sellers out of business and replacing them with corner sellers who peddled dangerous, cheap stuff that blinded or killed people because we all know, it's always really good when you when a government tries to crack down on. Several. People really like. It and the fourth didn't act also rewarded and protected informants. People who would tell the police give the police information about who was selling engine. WHO WAS DRINKING GIN? But informants had to know the name of the renter of a property selling gin for the authorities to act on their tip. So Captain Dudley Bradstreet. Captain Dudley Bradstreet. He sounds like a an upstanding gentleman, not really probably not He circumvented this in seventeen, thirty, eight by having a friend Rent House in London where he nailed the sign of a cat in the window and hit a pipe underneath the cat's paw. Catch Bradstreet got some food? Thirteen pounds worth of GIN and barricaded himself inside. After he had spread the word that the next day. Gen would be available from a cat in the alley. Be Your. Customers Place Koren's over the cat's mouth and the captain slowly pour gin from underneath the cat's paw and he did this for three months before copycats. Cost Him to move on but despite what you might think and what I thought, this probably isn't where old Tom Gin comes from, but it did lead to the creation of posts and mews houses where any WS Leeann. News idea yeah, yeah, where a customer wanting to buy Jen from a vendor in some secluded space with say, Puss and the vendor would say news. And reveal drawer, the customer would put their money in which vendor took and then pushed it back out, but now magically it had. MAGIC MAGIC! A great kind of Bajic But, but but the but the people would were not having this. No, they wanted their Jin they hit, and by seventeen forty three people were rioting in protest to these tariffs, and despite the Tariffs Londoners were consuming a seven million gallons of Jin annually by seventeen fifty. Jin Informers were killed on the streets, sometimes by mobs who. Seventeen, hundred social historian Thomas. Felling wrote in a political pamphlet about the destruction Jin was wreaking on what he called the quote, inferior people and he wrote quote, a new kind of drunkenness unknown. Our ancestors is lately sprung up among us, and which, if not put to a stop, will infallibly destroy a great part of the inferior people. The drunkenness I hear intend is by this poison called Jin the principal. It's parentheses if it may be so called of more than one hundred thousand people this troubles. Goodness. So, yes, the government kept trying the GIN act of seventeen, fifty one up to the costs of operation for Jin stores, either due to that or more likely the rising grain costs translated to hire jen costs for customers that encouraged them to switch to the cheaper beer. Consumption of GIN did lesson, but it was still miss. or Mr Popularity as spirits go in Britain. And I just want to mention here that there's a terrifying picture about the immoral stuff. Caused by Jin called Gin Lane by William Hogarth and I stared at it, discovering one horrifying thing after another fray long time on my sort a beef eater. Go go look it up if you're looking for something disturbing. It's oddly mesmerizing, terrifying will- William Hogarth Gin Lane. Check it out. And the negative connotation Jin earned during this gin. Craze is still around to this day, and in phrases like joint, drunk soaked bathtub, gin. Gin Mills in I've never heard the term June drunk by the way, but apparently this is becoming. Mean our emotional when you're drunk, okay? So that's that's Jin yeah. Now we should talk for a moment about tonic. We should. The other key ingredient. Yes, so the tonic that we know today, a sugar sweetened carbonated soda that's flavored with the bitter Tangy Queen is also a thing that originated as a medicine and specifically as a treatment for malaria. Now. Queen is a compound that occurs in nature, specifically in the bark of a large shrub and or small tree, called the Kona which is native to the indies mountains in South America. Unlike the same, Kona Malaria is not native to south. America the Spanish brought it with them during their invasion and colonization, starting with Christopher Columbus in the late fourteen hundreds. He's GONNA show every episode one day one day Christopher. And Malaria was a really huge problem throughout Europe at that time where it was generally called the Agu. Up through the mid sixteen hundreds. No one knew what to do about it. Folks would come down with this mysterious flu like fever that would come and go and would frequently cause complications leading to death. And a lot of people were doing this although it didn't help that the medicine in Europe was still focused on the humor's and popular wisdom was that you should bleed or purge a patient with issue. Other potential carriers where astrology of course and reportedly this one's my favorite, throwing patient headfirst into a Shrub, and encouraging him to disentangle himself faster than the disease could disentangle itself. How the disease disentangle it so because it's a it's A. It's like a little spirit that's hanging out with you and so if you can get up faster than the disease than you leave the disease in the Shrub, I see totally illogical completely. I don't know why I haven't tried this eye to get someone to throw me ahead first. Some I've got any kind of like cold. That won't go also Kyle. No ways, but in the sixteen thirty s though an Indian monk. Antonio Columbia I think wrote home about the powdered bark of this Peruvian tree that was working wonders for the treatment of Ako. Historians think that probably native peoples developed the secure in the couple hundred years they'd been dealing with malaria, and passed it on to the Europeans, but since I've been monk was getting excited about it. A Pope innocent at the tenth, had some of his people look into it, and over the next hundred years, or so it had become a major European import and a widespread treatment and preventative for malaria, because Queen kills the parasite that causes malaria. It turns out bully. Took a while for the British to catch on. Though because it's associations with the Catholic. Church freaked out a whole lot of Protestants. Oliver Cromwell's supposedly refused treatment with it, leading to his death in the sixteen fifties, although he does also had typhoid fever so probably to help the situation, none of those things now. But catch on. They did and the Spanish basically had a monopoly on the proven crops, so they made a mint. Legend. Has It that it was sometimes referred to as bark from the fever tree? I see I see. Yeah, meanwhile throughout the seventeen hundreds, your would go a little bit nuts about sparkling mineral waters I taken from natural springs, and then artificially produced through various carbonation processes. It was a health trend and also physics fun but these healthy sparkling beverages were sometimes called Tonics and Johann Jacob. Yes what that SCHNAPP. founded the first carbonated water manufacturing company in Geneva in seventeen eighty three. Sparkling water aside in eighteen twenty after decades of scientists searching for the compound incident Kona that makes it such an effective medicine. These two French pharmacists by the names of do it for me Anne Pierce, Joseph Pedophilia and Joseph Benami, Kevin Tall. I think. That's all see. That's a lot better than I would have done. the the two of them isolated a clean and set up a factory for its extraction in Paris. And this made it possible to eat slightly less tree bark, while attempting to not get malaria, which share a lot of people were very fond of. Meanwhile as this was happening, the Spanish colonies in south. America were fighting for their independence, and afterward they would attempt to control the lucrative sin Shona Industry by limiting or flat out outlawing the expectation of seeds and cuttings. Plants, but despite the price, all of the conquering empires, including the British were on board with Sin Kona, and Queen and used it to start a radical malaria in Europe throughout the eighteen hundreds, however, malaria was still huge problem in the tropics which is largely where the conquering empires were getting their conquer on because of sugar and other stuff sugar and this all came to a head in British run India during the early eighteen hundreds of people were taking daily doses of cleaning to prevent malaria because it's so bitter, folks were starting to mix it with sparkling water and a little bit of sugar, and thus tonic water was born. which brings us to the GIN and tonic? I it brings us to a word from our sponsor. I. I'm Bertam Date Thurston. I'm a writer, activist and comedian. I wrote a book called how to be blast gave a Ted talk about white people, calling the cops on black people for no good reason and feel like we're having a moment in the US right now. You probably feel as to. When officer Derek, Chev and killed George Floyd something in America broke. Where this moment goes! We can't say yet, but right now. Something big is happening involving race and in particular policing. So I'm going to try to explain it. From, the covid connection to WHO's allowed to protest to what de-fund the police actually means. When. Mitt Romney the man who tried to keep Barack Obama's. That can turn away from. US. Join the black lives matter March. WHEN NASCAR FANS, the confederate flag when Donald Trump of all people encourages cops not to joke people. We're having a moment. You can listen to. We're having a moment on the iheartradio APP apple podcast and wherever you get your podcast. Back! Thank you sponsor. Okay now that we've got a GIN. We've got our tonic. Where did the idea of mixing them come from? Well, it was kind of Mary poppins situation. A spoonful sugar helps the medicine go down. Around Eighteen, twenty five British soldiers in India started adding Jin to their daily required Quinine, tonic water, and also as an added bonus, the British news squeezed in some lime juice to prevent scurvy, and this is the nickname for the produce slimy comes from. Oh, I! Know I should have guessed that a long time ago. I feel very silly now. Okay, that's fine. by the eighteen forty S. the population in India was using in fact within seven hundred tonnes. In Kona per year to fight to fight malaria there, wow. And in eighteen, Fifty, eight, the British, took over governance of India from the British east India. Company following the violent support revolution also called the Indian meet Ni a bunch of other names, too, but those are. Those cover the basis with more British soldiers and their families, in India than ever the demand for tonic water increased, which led to harass bonds creation, the first commercial tonic water that same year, which you can still buy I've never heard of it means, and that led to Schweppes the Indian Queen Tonic in eighteen seventy, and both of these went on to find success outside of India in Britain as well, meanwhile Charles Ledger. Ledger an Englishman who became an pokka farmer in Peru, smuggled Sin Kona seeds out of Peru to his brother. During the eighteen sixties because at the time, it was still illegal to export the trees. Are the seeds break? He actually had a history of smuggling. He also smuggled a pokka out of the country. It was just a smuggler, apparently better at it than Han Solo. He didn't get caught. That's right. How Vergamo, GIN and tonic episode. anyway the British government would not by these these seeds that he that he smuggled out, but the Dutch government would end did and they said at plantations on Java which was one of their colonial outposts. And so by World War One the Dutch pretty much dominated the coining trade, and by the end of the century they controlled ninety five percent of the world's supply. That's quite quite large percentage. This epitaph reads by the way Charles. Ledger he gave coining to the world. And the GMT was also thought to play a role in world. War Two when the Japanese forces took over Java and all those in coconut plantations which equalled most of the world's supply in Nineteen Forty Two oh, according to Amy Stewart's book, the drunk botanist to protect absolutely want to read. The last American plane out of Indonesia had four million crain's seats on board, but to no immediate avail because the trees would take too long to grow to be of any use during the war. But that didn't stop the allies from planting trees in Africa same time putting scientists to developing a synthetic replacement. And both succeeded to this day Africa grows natural coining and the. Synthetic version is used in some prescriptions because it's still used as an anti malarial. And for some other things, but that's different episode. Entirely it is, it is that's pretty much the history of the GIN and tonic. We obviously. As always had to shorten it especially. We didn't talk about how you still thin or can it do that? Future Yeah Yeah, yeah we should. We should definitely do a whole episode about more. More Jin things. There's really quite a lot. It's such a base alcohol that there's quite a lot to say about it. And we also just today as we. As we said, got to go. See it being distilled. So this is new knowledge that's percolating in our brains. It's true we do have a few closing remarks. Yes, including. I! You can make your home using Ikea juniper berries. You have to and other botanical And I know. A lot of people say that JEN is basically flavored vodka and it. I mean that's true. Yeah, IT'S A it's a neutral spirit to which juniper berries have been added to. That is the definition of Jenn, yeah, so I have to say. I was surprised when I was like. How do you make June and they were so many recipes, too, just like. Cheap fraud cutting for berries and I was kind of like at that point. Maybe by just having Jin, but I'm all for trying things. Yeah good, it could be great. Yeah, if you want to experiment with with your own flavors, then absolutely do it. Yeah, I. Mean I I want to put t in some GIN right now. It was good. Yeah, Tana quarter glows under black light. Because of the cleaning in it. Yeah, so that's a really fun. Halloween, trick. If you. If, you want to make a cheap halloween decorations. Just a toss him queen some in some vases and. Let him go. I thought you were GONNA. Say like throw it on the walls. Clean Up. That would be very effective. That would drive pretty fast. Okay and finally. Here's a quote from Douglas. Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy Oh. This is so delightful gay. Yes. These pronunciations, but we'll see. It is as follows. Eighty five percent of all known worlds in the galaxy be they primitive, highly advanced have invented a drink called gin and tonics are Jean to. or John Doe Knicks. Or one thousand or more variations on the same phonetic theme Douglas, Adams, yes. And that brings us to the end of this classic episode. We hope that you enjoyed it. If it is something that you like, we hope a gin and tonic is in your future Yes and we as always would love to hear from you if you would like to email as you can. Our email is hello at Ripon, dot, com, or also on social media. You can find us on twitter, facebook and Instagram at saver pod. Saver is production of iheartradio. Four more podcasts, heart radio visit the iheartradio, APP apple podcasts, or wherever you listen to your favorite shows. Thanks as always tour Super Producers Dylan Fagin and Andrew Howard things to you for listening and we hope that lots market things are coming your way.

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