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And at blogging the boys with me as always he's the man of the hour. He's too sweet to be sour, folks. My colleague at blogging the boys the Walter Matthau to my Jack Lemmon, the aren't Anderson saving my shit, talk and RIC flair's everyday follow him on Twitter. Mr. Tom rile, gay, and you can follow him on Twitter at Tom Robbie TB. So every time we decided to record, Tom. It seems like Steven Jones is the thorn in our side. He decides to start making deals with people last time we were here, we were talk. About the safety sin stuff that the Cowboys were visiting and Steven Jones goes and signs Georgia local on the Saturday. But right after we got off this when they announced that he was coming in for that. Visit. Yeah. It was it was. Yeah. It was so funny. Because the I literally was giving ready to shut down the laptop from recording with you. And they're the Twitter comes up. They had the deal done with a look at. I'm like, well, you could. Yeah. Yeah. And then you're like should we get back on? And I was like, no, I'm hungry. I'm in I'm tired of this. But anyway, Stephen Jones. Okay. But then anyway, they went and also pulled off a trade on Friday. Was it Friday? I believe or Thursday. They pull off a trade show. Robert quinn. It was Thursday. Yeah. This stuff is rolling along so fast. It feels like so much longer go than it actually was. Yeah. You look at what the Cowboys have done though, Tom. And I you know, I chastised them in. I got to apologize because they really got to work over the last eight weeks. You have to be ready for it. And it's I met I've gotten a lot calmer about it. The first week of free agency. I just kind of drift along looking at the little birds singing than the trees and ory about it. Because there's gonna be, you know, big huge multi year deals announced for a lot of people that in a year to most of them are not gonna look so good and accountable is just wait. And then they get all that I wave out that relate started talking to safeties. That's when they started researching stuff. That's when this whole thing with Quinn came up, which is just like. Yeah. That's a phenomenal move. That's the best move. They made. That's the move you. And I've been waiting for is best. Yes. A best movable while in free agency. I think and it because it was one of those little perfect storm things coming because you have a Miami Dolphins team that was in the tank just quite tank mode. They wanna tank. Yeah. They they want to use that money that was on a going out for Quin twenty eleven point eight million. And they wanted to get to not have all that tied up. So they wanted to move him. They wanted to get a draft pick. And if someone was talking about in essence because they kind of you know, had some money sunk already that they'd paid out as a paraded bonus. They essentially use that to get them another, you know, light draft pick for next year. So it's like they caught Miami. Would they were ready to move on? And they caught Quinn coming off the year. Whereas production was down because he was in the wrong steep. Yes. Which that's happening him twice. Yeah. And so he wanted to to come out and he wanted a one year deal because he knew that he could get as much now as he would like to get. But if he comes to Dallas shows out has a good year, then he's got a shot at one more. Good pay. Yes. Yes. It was. And that is a very smart d I just think of is very smart. On their part the way that they handled that they weren't the stars aligned. Everything was exactly what they wanted. They get a very productive pass rusher. Who will be a great off a bookie end if they can get everything worked out with DeMarcus Lawrence, which I think they will in which I think you wanna talk about later. But here's the thing. Tom that I wanted to touch on Robert Quinn. It's not that. He's another defensive end. He is the prototypical right defensive end the skip rusher. The guy that you rod Marinelli prefers the three four Outside Linebackers as his right end. That's what he likes is that type of player but plug plug them in on the right side that has speed to counter all of the consistent abilities in the run game and pass rush that DeMarcus Lawrence has now you've got a guy screaming off the edge. And that's what he wanted. And you and I don't think the Cowboys were intimidated by not getting Robert Quinn for longer than a year. That's what good teams want. They wanna make you prove it with them. And this is kind of four so people have been saying this is what Belichick has been doing all along. He gets rentals flips of for compensatory picks the next year and moves on he's you know, he is doing his own kind of Barney shopping, so innocence, maybe the Cowboys are catching up and also this one year deal was part of an overall thing that I was talking about before we got online. They Cowboys can side whoever the heck they want next year. Yes, they have got. I was looking at because I've got an article that literally is proof reading as soon as we get done with this to submit in twenty twenty the Dallas Cowboys have projected at this point the most. Cap space in the National Football League. Dow hang onto your hats folks out there. They are projected if the cap is at two hundred million which is going to be somewhere in that vicinity. The Cowboys will have a hundred in sixteen million dollars in free cap space. Yeah. That's that's a lot of Skrela as they say on the street, and you can you know, you can get, you know, the second year of DeMarcus Lawrence deal, whatever you need for a debt Prescott deal. Whatever you need for an Amari Cooper deal. Whatever you need for Byron Jones deal. Whatever you need for Zeke Elliott deal with the little bit of proper structuring and making twenty twenty the first appearance of those you can do them all still have cap space dot be worried about what you're kicking down the road and just go barely on into the post CBA will there the goading negotiating a new deal? Just waiting. To see what is going to be like then. But there is nothing holding the Cowboys back right now and all these one year deals that they just signed are important. Yes. And I'm glad you brought that up because I'm writing an article on blogging the boys about in spirit of the March madness. Which you and I are too busy to catch a game. So, but I looked at the final four teams to make it in the playoffs each year in the NFL and what they were spending in free agency. And you look at it starting in two thousand fourteen the patriots are in every single one guy. So don't be surprised there. But you look at what they're spending the total spending could be up there. You could see like the patriots in two thousand fourteen spent sixty eight million dollars the colts spit one hundred four million dollars. But when you look at the total guaranteed, they are all under that you want to stay under that fifty percent and everyone look at the patriots thirty seven percent the Seahawks. Packers twenty. Twenty-five percent. The colts forty-two percent. Now. You look at what the Cowboys did this year they signed eight players and thirty eight thirty eight million dollars is what they spent but only forty one percent Tom in guarantees. So you're literally and the average Tom of link of years, guess what it is one year deals. Oh, yeah. And I was gonna say did that include all of their own that they resigned bring BRAC. Yeah. Because yeah there. Yes. So you're spending you're spending money, but you're not guaranteeing a lot of you're spending. Your it looks like you're spending money is what I should say you're in. But you're really not spending terrible amount of money, your your spending it judiciously exactly exactly like the cheats last year, or the only exception. They spent fifty five percent of their cap, but they needed to build their roster because they were getting a little long in the tooth on defense and stuff. And then the patriots 2017 they spent fifty three percent. On in guaranteed money. But that's because they also had a lot of moves to make so you, but you look at that. And you say man, the Cowboys you look at their last spending since two thousand fourteen Tom twenty fourteen they spent six percent and guarantees, but they but it says they spent forty million dollars. Okay. Twenty eight million and twenty two thousand fifteen only eight percent Fifty-two million in twenty sixteen. Thirty seven percent. Thirty seven percent. The next year twenty nine thousand nine they've spent thirty eight million dollars forty two percent. And the average length of the deal is one point four years. You're staying in that below two year average in that's the way to do it because you don't want to give long-term money to guys that you don't know are going to pan out. And you look at what the Cowboys did Tom sign. Cameron Fleming that was huge getting Christian Covington low key signing tape on Austin Randall Cobb those two putting them in the offense. We've already spoken about Kerry Haider's a guy you really like. Georgia loca, they went with a guy that can play games instead of sit on the sidelines being injured and then Robert Quinn. I mean, they done some pretty masterful things. Yeah. And you can't say anything really bad about it. I mean, how that's why I'm saying I put my foot back in my mouth. I was wrong Stephen Jones, if you read my column on so sorry, I should've never said that you didn't know what you were doing. Yeah. It is. They they really got it to all come together as it has has set the table up. Not just do they have the whole plug. But I don't think they've ever been in a situation like this where there's no particular position. You've got look at at pick fifty eight or if they wind up somewhere else he you just looking for what player can help this Ross for more than anybody else. Yeah. You wanna get short term rentals? You wanna make them? You wanna make them have great seasons? Hey, if they have a good year, and they get paid somewhere else. Who cares because you are going to get a cop pick out of that. They're probably going to get a nice pick out a Robert Quinn, if he has a decent year, and they always got the option of giddy the market themselves, although they tend not to do that once again because the price is going to be drone or they don't wanna pay. But you know, they just have all the action. Yes. Yes. And so what it reminds me of Tom right now. It's like what I'm thinking about is that how you know everyone has talked about this team needs to load up around the young quarterback load up around the young talent. And they were had mentioned yesterday. Like, it was some huge deal that the Cowboys haven't reached any negotiations or even reached out feelers to a more Cooper's camp or Dak Prescott. Can't they're letting some of this stuff play out guys. Even though people tell you there are deadlines here. There are no deadlines right now. Yeah. And that's the other thing is that. You know? Prescott camp in Cooper's camp know that they're trying to sort out the DeMarcus Lawrence deal and once they get his deal done that boob. You know, they're going to open up another ten million or so and cap space, and that what the they can then turn around and start looking at the extensions on Prescott Cooper is one of those rolling deals. They just keep you know, signing rolling. So that the cap hit for right now is is lowered or kept in a minimum. Embattled let's just keep on signing stuff. I mean, it's conceivable with with both Prescott in or that when they get deals done the cap hit is going to be the same. Roughly as what it is right now with all the increased costs pushed into the future. Yes. And you know, I really like everyone says that cap hell is a myth. It's kinda half. True. I mean, you can get yourself into some cap situations. If you pay a lot of guys these long-term guarantees that are going to be, you know, get you in some trouble later on down the road. But the Cowboys are trying to avoid stuff like that. They're trying to pay a lot of the guarantees up front. Get the best part of these guys contracts right now, which is going to lead us to talk about DeMarcus Lawrence. But before we do I want to take a quick break. We'll be right back on the rooms. And the boys podcast. We are back. So before we went to break, we're going to talk about DeMarcus Lawrence. I I just mentioned that the Cowboys got Robert Quinn for a twenty twenty six round pick. No conditional picks. No any like that. They just gave them nothing got him for peanuts and bag of potato chips. You know, like, yeah. And he is a good player. This is a guy that is a former all pro this is the guy that's a former pro bowler. I know it's been a while. But he had a scheme change in with the Rams that sent him packing. And then he has a scheme change with the dolphins that sent him looking for a four three team again. So the Cowboys are hoping that he is going to be a much more consistent presence on that right side. And this is not this is about replacing Randy, Gregory. Yes. In the short term. But this is also about keeping Tyrone Crawford from having all that pressure of being a write in when he's really not that fit. And it's everywhere. One of the Cowboys signings including Quinn trae. But all the free agents on ings looked to be excellent value for the cost. Yes. And they came out Steven Jones came out, Tom. And that's why I wanted to get to here because Steven Jones actually wanted to reiterate the fact that getting Robert Quinn puts more like puts more motivation in their cats to get it done with DeMarcus Lawrence, and he didn't mention that the last time when they were talking about Alan Hearns. He never, you know, mum was the word Dez Bryant until it happened. But he it clear that he wants to get the deal done with DeMarcus Lawrence that this is an addition to not a guy that they look at trying to replace DeMarcus Lawrence because I think that's what everyone is fearful of. Yeah. I don't that's not the way that's not what the team is showing in. It's it's it's cards that that's you know, they aren't even bluffing about it. They they have made no talk about moving on. Lawrence. And I don't I think that their plan is to have him for, you know, three years because almost all NFL contracts when you come down to it nowadays there are three year deal. There's no nothing really tying player might say six five six years. But it's really you. You have an out at their like, that's just that's just all, you know, flash. And yeah, just to to look good, which is you know, that I've really wished that the NFL would get into having just let's have a guaranteed contract in which to go bike them all for about three years. You know, one two or three years skip all this long stuff. But yeah, because you look at the safety position in how like everyone says, oh, well, the Seika is our back. The Sates are getting paid not really folks like three hundred million dollars. Yeah. The NFL spent three hundred million dollars this year on safety's all but eight million to nine guys. Yeah. It's not it's not a huge. It was still a slow safety and how much of that was guaranteed. No not much at all. Yeah. Like one hundred and seventy six million out of three hundred and something. Yeah. Not not very much. Yeah. And that's just that's the nature of thing. And that's kind of why the NFL PA is probably going to be looking for blood as far as the salary cap comes. They're gonna figure. Yeah. Tom. What do you think about this DeMarcus Lawrence the rumors that were hearing everything that's going on with the situation about the shoulder surgery in how he, you know, Brian brought us said this week that he thinks that every day that he waits to get that shoulder surgery. It's not actually helping him in the negotiation that it's not very much leveraged for DeMarcus Lawrence to try to create even though I would, you know, applaud him for trying to create some leverage there. It's just it's important to have that first year on that deal. Yeah. And like you were like we were talking about earlier. You have to wonder how much of this is a reflection of the report that the agent Kanter just does not trust the Jones family, and there's some kind of bad blood there, which I'm not familiar with the history on. But apparently, they don't get along. Very well. Well, he's represented a lot of Cowboys in the past. Yeah. And you know, maybe he just doesn't like the fact that they tend to stick by their guns. Blazing lar- ball. I I don't know. But is he living is that influencing what he's doing is? He doing the right thing for his client, or as, you know, letting his own ego get into which I don't know. But overall, I just I feel like this is going to get done. And I think it may be exceleron a little bit as the Cowboys get all these other uncertainties cleared up that's going to allow them to focus a little bit more on. How do we get this done and sit back, you know? And I think they could I think they're going to. Mental. Okay. We'll be this price Boyd. They wanna stick to their guns on doing a five year versus a six year deal, which is is like if if it's five or six years, and I'm the agent. There's no way I'll let that be a sticky point because of that whole three year deal, it's really only rear contract anyway, who cares about whether it says five or six, you know, the changes wants to have a little more flexibility when that time comes, and, you know, they're making the bet that the he's not really gonna have six productive years in the NFL, which is smart money. You know as much as we hate to admit it these guys don't last that long. They have a narrow window when they can play. So yeah, I think that going to work something out and get the money done free up some of that twenty million dollar cap hit that he's got and move onto the next important deal. Like, I said I would like. It, you know, if you get what ball, I think that they're kind of goal is to see have, you know, something in place on Lawrence. Then something worked out with Prescott. Then get something worked out fairly soon with Cooper. I don't know if the restrictions are whether they have to get that done before camp started to where they stay from what I'm hearing the whispers, he's a happy camper. He's fine. Where he's at right now knows that they're they're working on they're going to work on that. And but I wanted to mention about the Lawrence thing is that the reason I don't believe that everything that's coming out is that you see these things happen with negotiations. All the to the. Oh, yeah. Agent is going to try to put pressure on the club by saying that they're disrespecting his his client, the then they're going to put out that the client feels disrespected and that the the next thing is that the Cowboys are low balling and somebody had mentioned, and I don't care who that the Cowboys had only offered him seventeen million a year. You know, why? I know that's bogus because they are. Franchise tag him for twenty. So if they franchise tag him for twenty you're not going to start the conversation under twenty. Yeah. That is just not smart. If you starting that conversation under twenty if you're really doing that. Then that means you don't really want to sign him. You know, you you buy the talk about seventeen million last year. Yeah. When he was seventeen million cap hit. But yeah, I don't I don't know. Like, you said that's part of the whole fog of this thing is that we don't really know yet. You know, we get reports we get sources, you know, we get leaks from the team. We get leaks from the agent, and yeah, I don't know. It's just it's all we're in the it's really with the most important positions in football quarterback pass rushers up there left tackle, they all those are positions that are based off the next guy type stuff now positions are like that running backs. Not like that. It's either you're good get paid. If you're not you get you kind of fall in line same thing with safety, but with defensive ins, they wanna get he wants to get paid like Khalil Mack. He has you know, he has every right to feel that he's near that level. I think they're hell boys. Have every right to feel that he's not. But they've got. Yeah. That's where you got to work out. How close we wanna come on this where they wanna give. And. Yeah, I I don't I don't know. If you you'll give it Khalil Mack that you have to look at the fact that is subways. You know, DeMarcus may not be quite there is a pass rusher. But is he a more complete in some ways is definitely he's a he's the best run defending deep air in the NFL. So it's like you've got two guys that should be considered on the same tier? And that's kind of where I think the Cowboys are going to have to come to. And you know, you've talked about deadlines, I think the important thing is what's the internal deadline. They feel for when they wanna get a Lawrence into surgery and have him on the recovery track. Get him on the field. I I would say it's before July fifteenth. Well, yeah. That's what I've that's what I think we need to know is what is Stephen Jones. Does he have a landmark date? He wants to get this done by which of course, he's gonna keep that card right up against the vest. And that that is something that I would believe is kind of a snack there, Tom because I don't know if it was like I said before I applaud his agent and Lawrence for trying to come up with leverage in a game. Where players don't get much leverage at all in under the CBA. But I don't know the longer you wait if that leverage is really exists anymore. It becomes more of a problem. Because like I said the Cowboys are going to give you the best deal that you're gonna get at all like, that's it. You're not going to get more from another team. It's not gonna. Yeah. And the other thing that people need to to stop. Remember, this is business. Yes. This is negotiation. If if you have a General Motors the Goshi hitting with a tire company to try to get a better deal for the tire that they put on say eighty percent of the certain model of car. Nobody says anything of this sticky a drug out, and they're just going back and forth over the last few dollars. That's just how it's done. But here because it's the NFL because we're invested in the re the outcome of these teams because this is all being done very publicly because the figures to boast of us same astronomical, the everybody is like oh my gosh. But that's just how it's done yet. You could see animosity and like you can say oh man there. You know, DeMarcus Lawrence is pretty upset with the Cowboys. Everybody's upset until the ink dries on the check. People. Yeah. And you know, you wanna see animosity look at some of the union ago, she Asians that have gone up with Eva the automobile industry in the steel industry and stuff like that yet. They get these done. Everything gets started back up again, and it goes on like normal. You know, it's just don't get too wrapped around the fact about the fact that this is kind of got little hard nose to the negotiating table. That's just how it's done. It's not going to have any real impact on what Lawrence does when he finally gets on the field. He's just going to go out there and play the game, and is very rare usually a player suddenly quit playing. Well, because he got paid that kinda doesn't happen. What usually happens is players get paid at the wrong time where they're just about to start sliding over that cliff. Exactly they get paid a little late because teams want to the app them for as cheap as they can for as long as they can. And I understand that. I. This is all a business here. And I that's why I'm not ready to panic with DeMarcus Lawrence stuff because I don't know how much of it is true. And how much of it is trying to fabricate a situation to where people will start making concessions. That's usually what happens in negotiation if concessions are made. But that's all the time. We really have for you guys here on the proof of the boys podcast. We want to thank you guys for joining us for another week. Hopefully, you know, a bunch won't just start happening as soon as we get off here today, but we want to thank you guys for listening. This has been the bruise the boys podcast and official podcast of blog in the boys Espy nation through the vox media podcast network and Hsi-wei media look out for apple and Android links in the coming days on Twitter, and all of our social media platforms. Follow him at Tom where I'll be TB. He is the bee's knees guys. He's he is the man. My dude follow me atmosphere. Sizemore and follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram at Bruce in the boys. Check blogging the boys dot com. For all these great updates and have a great Sunday night Cowboys nation. Brews in the boys is produced by Shwe's media and hosted by Michael Sizemore, Tom rile for more visit brews and the boys dot com.

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