Detroit City of Champions Episode 13: Potsy The forgotten genius of George Clark Part 3


You're listening to the PODCAST DETROIT Network visit www dot podcast detroit dot com for more information. Nineteen thousand five the Lions Win the NFL Championship the Detroit Tigers take a world series the redwings bring home mode standards. Joe. Lewis. Begins his rise to world domination. This transforms the motor city into Detroit sitting chanted. DETROIT, city of champions the podcast we are diving deep into the nineteen, thirty, five season and all the things around it the lions. Tigers. Red Wings thirty other championships. A trilogy of books written by an Incredible Guy Oh. That's awful. Nice to say Charles Ableson Charles I'm Jamie Flanagan and we're just GONNA have to put Charles I gotTa tell. You. Matt. Fox's over there. Running the board. I'm pushing buttons and the highlight of my week used to be. Tuesdays and and having some Bourbon with with Matt on our show. The Man Cave Happy Hour I've been replaced now I have to hire. Now I have to highlights of my week. Because Matt still here. He's like a banks. But, yeah no so Really look forward to this me too I. Love Your a great you. You've collected a an amazing collection of stories to be super redundant and. I just. I'm enjoying enjoying unfolded because I know nothing about nothing about nothing about sports and because once or twice you kind of like skull to me a little bit. You're like Oh did that sound harsh I'm like, no 'cause I you know what? I'm saying dumb stuff because I don't know what I'm talking about. So I. I do I felt that was sometimes I get tense. Can definitely people that know me anyway that's watches show that knows me yeah like sometimes I'll go I'll be something that. Triggered No. There's no. Heaven or hell get a hold for making that point stepped on that crack there. But Yeah. So we're going to keep our eye on the on the chat rooms. So if anybody is joining us live on facebook 'cause we throw this up on facebook feel free to comment make a comment. The show will say, we say, Hi and. Afterwards we try to, we try to go back and watch that people commas. As they go up on Youtube and up on the social media's. So we appreciate you listening taken the time giving us a listen if you're listening at somewhere. Watching it on Youtube. To. Favorite. Hit the subscribe button comments likes everything you like the show it really helps to comment and share and Send it send the link to friends or whatever in. Every everything like helps because. We're trying to bring back this this forgotten story that. You. Know the whole thing you know the overall show is about the about the story itself but there's as we've shown, we're on episode thirteen right now. Right and it's like we haven't even dented it. Even. Put a dent in this thing, and it's like and I've actually been trying to summarize each of these components and trying to. Kind of rush through a little bit of it. Twenty or thirty episodes on just the Tigers. And we will we can go back we will we will. We're. Not. GonNa run out of stock. That's insane. It's almost I mean it literally as analysts I, mean, there's You can just see from a lot of these stories that I mean it just it's such a there's it goes so deep with the different people. Each of these people have stories each of the teams as stories. And there's just so much to really dive into in I mean as we're talking about policy. Clarke. Today. This is episode three of Possi, Clark, the coach, the line. To Detroit and But. We're not. We're not even going to be finished with potsy this week, we're going to be doing one more episode at least on him. Because he's such an important figure in saw. But yes, I just I'm just really excited because. I've been the way I've been presenting the story for the longest time has been. Just like when I do art shows or I'll do I've done a lot of law library talks or we do a presentation every year at the Detroit, a stork museum. On April Eighteenth Champions Day, and so I do a lot of stuff like that and a lot of times. It's like you know maybe a half hour maybe an hour sometimes I talk, but it's usually just As, you see so much information always gotta be condensed into whether it's a two minute pitch to sell a book or twenty minute thing for quicks slot for some kind of A. Series of you know sports talks or whatever but it's always got to be something. I've got a condense everything small amount of time in. So that's why I love this show because it really is a chance to explore all kinds of different stuff in You know there's there's so much to explore, and that's what we wanted to do. But because you said, we kind of rushed through the Tigers a little bit and I I look forward to revisiting. So we will. Just kind of rolling around me on a on a holiday or an anniversary A landmark date in the in the. On the calendar for the Tigers back and revisit we have. In, we want to go back and revisit the players. We're going to do much deeper dive in each of the players at some point. So. Yeah and then he just let you know today is actually the hundredth anniversary of the founding of the NFL. Today Oh today's in twenty There's a more important. Highly appropriate topics we're talking one, hundred, one, hundred, one years two, thousand, nine, hundred, twenty so. I I saw some of the NFL dot. com today repot up saying it was the one hundredth anniversary and it was because I knew what needs nine hundred twenty s when the NFL was founded. Okay. Yeah. So there today actually as of our recording day here in September. Seventeenth. Constitution Day halfway to Saint. Patrick's. There you go? That's your calendar. Far, away. You are from Saint Pat's I was to tell you. It's an important day for me. Yeah. Say Patrick's. Patrick's year. Stop I. DON'T I don't go out on Saint Patrick's everything for you as measured around. Patrick's Day plus thirty five. Minus Eighty two like. All based on your calendar. Completely it is. Very. It's very green. Stuart Stuart says Hades glad you're the big man chances. Big. Name Dugan Big Stew, I worked on mackinac island. Great friends. I was actually on your website W Detroit city champions, Dot Com. There's a lot of information out there You know the previous podcasts this shows that you guys have had to go back to the beginning of you know this, the venture that you guys are on no I'm actually starting what I've been sitting here for every single one of them but I find myself going back to episode one and relearning because just so much information that you guys are. It really is there's so much and. We have you know the I think the actually the first few episodes we did go a little bit of warp speed through some of the stuff, but we will come back for just feel to. Take, our time and go through it. And there's there's so many different branches off that. We can take to talk about these other teams, the Chicago bears. Yeah, all this different stuff like we're gonNA. Mention this guy named cliff battles for the Boston Red Sox. His. Now as though you with the Washington redskins back, it was a Boston and he's got his name's GonNa come up. But there's guys like cliff battles that nobody's ever heard of listen was named cliff battles. Like. The Great. He's like a tremendous running backup power speed runner like. His name is battle like nobody's ever heard of them said, there's so many different off the topics that we can do off. But that's why I like about the screenplay for the movie too is that you know I wrote the screenplay for the movie is like a Netflix's nine part mini series and there's so many like like I wrote it. So to introduce all these different or not all but a ton of different. Characters that the lions and the Tigers everybody had to face for towards the idea of potentially imagine an entire series were like the first. The first season is the city, a champion story, and then you meet all these different carriers Babe Ruth Lou gehrig. Bronco Gerski, all these different degree bay packers of this time and then you start doing offshoot episodes maybe a one off episode maybe a three part episode whatever it is and and you focus on all these just various topics from sports history I. Just think it would be like the coolest show like you know like a period piece set in that time. Those are some of the most some of the biggest sports movies ever are the ones that like conjure nostalgia. Look back like this was we're going to get to the center Cinderella Story Yeah. The Cinderella is another thing. Nineteen thousand five hundred million dollar Hollywood yes. Just one thing like imagine entire series and that's what. I'm saying like there's so much different stuff. So we're here we were. We were with the spartans in Portsmouth. And they're they're taking names and kicking some but yeah. thirty, three, thirty. So thirty one potsy takes over the spas and they and they brings in nineteen new guy. Yeah, and so we completely cuts with thirty guys also roster through the big. I've never heard a ten then reduce reduce the roster. Twenty six, twenty seven, and then and then brought in nineteen new players, and then it was talking about nine guys ended up going with the team in one, thousand, nine, thirty, four when they became the lions and then it was another i. think it was five. Backup I think it was five that that was with them in one, thousand, nine, hundred, five when they won the championship. So it was a major overhaul. In nineteen, thirty, one when he first takes over his first head coaching job professional any completely guts this team completely revamps it and then hits on all these stars that became like I mean literally like the central components of these teams I mean for the next you know however many years. So the Tigers win the pennant in nineteen thirty four. Yeah. But that's a little bit the head of where we're we're we're we're starting out with this story. Okay. All right. So I didn't know if that was. All right. So that's still for that. Where we come in tonight. So nineteen thousand, nine, hundred, eighty, one potsy takes over the spartans and immediately the team becomes awesome. Yeah, it's. thirty two we talked about last week show they were in the nineteen th the first. NFL. Championship game. A hockey. Arena. PORTSMITH SPURT SMART. Data. Yes. So Important in the Portsmouth was like you know early NFL history was a lot of smaller. You know is really a lot of Ohio mid Western type you know million in all these different towns in. Ohio. Also, like you know your small towns like Green Bay, it wasn't like nowadays. It's like all big cities New York and Boston all this but but back then like. It was like a lot of smaller towns in Green Bay is a residual of that the last city that was from that era of like smaller towns that but they were just so successful they really built up a file like a cult following their. Butts. And it's crazy because if you actually look at the populations of NFL cities like you'd look at the list, it's like seven million we all like. Their population I don't even know what it is in Green Bay it's like I. Think it's like eight thousand and okay like really small. But every other lists like seven, million, six, million, three, five. Six thousand and then the but then you look at their the crazy thing is their attendance per game. It's like been sold out for any game all eight, thousand, eight, hundred, thousand, those people at the stadium but. Around Game. Every. Every year for like I, think since the sixties in the Season tickets are impossible anyways. So yeah, nineteen thirty, nine, hundred, thirty, one positive over the SPARTANS. And they'd take they become awesome in the nineteen, thirty two, the SPARTANS. Go to the NFL championship that First Nfl Championship game which leads to massive changes in the NFL because the NFL's. Who have so that they can have a championship game every money money money. Exactly. So it had like a world series of football so to speak. The NFL champion numerous new rules come into play as a result of that racketed gov. you can just look back at the last episode GonNa see all the different rule changes again of it, but it was a significant thing to happen and then in nineteen thirty three. the spartans were good but the but the problem was is that their best player Dutch Clark and again Dutch, Clark was the elite of the elite Nfl I mean he was one of the main guys posse discovered in nineteen thirty one. Potsy. Sorry. Dutch Clark was like I mean, he wasn't a PA-. Whereas Bronco Gerski was like sort of like Shaquille O'Neal of the football that time like he was just in like unstoppable power like they nobody could not tackling one on one. Just he was just overwhelmingly powerful type of player, but Dutch was like incredibly fast shifty smart. He was he was like the they acquitted him like Napoleon on the field like absolute. Just a brilliant field general just increase just incredibly smart on the field like. He was Dutch was elite in like I mean he wasn't powerful at all. But again, in every other way, he was an elite player and so So anyway. So that's what soul. The core player on the spartans and with the you know with numerous other great players of course but. But what happened was is that at the end of nineteen, thirty, two Dutch got this job to go be a coach yeah, Colorado College and then. When he was when they went to the NFL championship game, which again was like an impromptu game, then the college wouldn't release him from his contract and so he couldn't make it back to the spartans got beat and then the following year nineteen thirty-three, he did not come back for the season. With the SPARTANS. So without Dutch, the teams basically dropped, they still finished in second place, which was very, very competitive. In fact, there Glenn Press. Now, who was you call them really their second best player. Glenn Press now was there became their number one guy and led the League in scoring was like I'm just you know he you know he did what he could been dispersed finished in second place but so anyways. So Ninety, but nineteen thirty three is the final is really the death knell of the Portsmouth spartans because the city it's again one of these smaller towns and the Great Depression had absolutely ravaged Tom the city. So badly that again, they were just there basically exchanging shares of stock for two two players, not even exchanging giving shares of stock in lieu of payment to these players in shares of stock are might be nice for the future but but you know you can't eat shares of. Stock To Pay Your bills you can try try put them in your shoes. where? Share stock for yeah. For my pillow and I really six two. So. anyways. So this soul. There's a there's I have a quote in the book that talks about this and I wrote this whole scene in the movie the scene at this scene in the movie really is the introduction to the lions in the in the in the in the screen player in this movie is this is that? The team was about to completely fall apart like they were like we're not making any money potentially GonNa get mangled on the field you know what we're not getting paid for potentially getting mangled. A lot of these guys are great. They could go to other teams potentially. So that's in. So potsy, this is where really the labels have. Also the genius of George Clarke Because Potsy keeps this group together I mean he didn't still such like they. They call it a in a spirit decor whereas these players are you know they feel like if I'm not gonNA play for Potsy, enough I'm not gonNA play with these guys that I consider my brothers then I'm not even gonNA play it's not it's just not. It's you know it was fun while it lasted but if I'm not playing with these guys that I'm not playing anywhere. So that was the first thing the second thing was that he was able to not only create that but also to keep them from just completely saying okay I'm done you know like I'm not playing for anybody else but I'm also not playing for you 'cause I'm not getting paid. Also. So. Like he was able to say you know you're not getting paid I know that this socks or whatever but we are but you know we signed on to play this these fans are counting on you. You know what fans we do have you know counting on us in Seoul. We get. You know how you know we can't just abandon our organization. You know what I mean. Let's go out. You know like winning some games and stuff and saw they did and he kept this team together. They played the entire season like the last few games that even get paid and saw but but nonetheless, the writing is on the wall that this is for the Portsmouth. SPARTANS. And now comes nineteen, thirty four in. This is where we're really WANNA. Go with this episode is focused on one thousand, four at thirty four is when we make tiger make the move that tie Mickey Cochrane comes Detroit, all of a sudden things start to look you know start a pop off in Detroit Tigers, and of course, baseball season comes SHERP four boys of summer they're exactly. So summer is rock and Indie. In the Detroit. Detroit in the nineteen, thirty three was this like you know great depression ravaged area. The Tigers are terrible. There's not there's really no sports to to to get into. Religious Garwood is the only big sports name the Tigers are absolutely dreadful but in one thousand, nine, thousand, four, everything changes. The Tigers are awesome. You know the the they're coming out of the gate with Mickey Cochrane they got all this swagger and sold. There's so there's a radio, the WJR radio owner George. Richards. Sees this. Sees this great thing you know the Tigers going crazy and then at some point I wrote it in the screenplay where he basically. I can't attest to the veracity of this but the idea was that he knew he sees that the that the Portsmouth spartans this great team. Are Folding. And so this is a great team. And he gets aside this this idea what if we transplant this team to Detroit and they're they're competitive on the field just like just like the Tigers, are right on it. You know maybe this is the NFL failed at least three times prior to this sometimes, you see the number four, but it's like a franchise that was like the same franchise but they failed at least three times prior to this to establish an NFL team in Detroit and saw here we are like the these are the great the times they failed was in the roaring twenties, and so here we are in the Great Depression and here's an opportunity they're looking at going. Well. If we can. If we can bring the straight team here if we can associate them with the Tigers. Then we might be onto something able to establish an NFL team and I got a radio station that we broadcast the Games and that was the genesis and so when the to the lions. I did you put that? You have that photo that one with the the lion jumping over the through the hoop? Yeah. There we go. That is the newspaper. Maybe we can see if somebody's listening to it. What we have on the screen is a is a newspaper from the Detroit Times where it's it's a cartoon picture of a lion jumping over a value. Yeah. He's jumping over a goalpost and George Richards is A. Cartoon Picture of George Richards Holding up a plate showing the New York giants first game of versus versus Lions on September twenty third I'm so but anyways so I also be it's too small. Even read if you do if you can't see it on the screen. So I'm GonNa read. So I wanna read the quote that is up on top of the article so you can get a a sort of a better idea. So here is. So George Richards was who who, again, he's the owner of the WGN radio okay okay. Yeah. All right. That's funny. I was just I was on a call today. Right with because I work at the local pop station here Detroit and ninety, six three to DVD. We're owned by Cumulus and and our sisters as in Wjr. Yeah. upstairs, and so we were all I was on the Mitch Albom and Paul Smith and Frank Beckmann Sandler all. In a in a big zoom today which album he looks like Al Pacino. I'm like Mitch. He's not kidding I. I didn't say Paul W Smith actually said Look Porn Moustache. I got. A lot of these. It's interesting because a lot of these things that exist today. Yeah. They have some you know. This station. All the same and all this stuff you know like the movie you show that clay ball that stuff dates and you've got the Fisher Body Company is putting out the first. MLB movie with sound all these different things I mean there's connections with the past that are you know? More than just a lot of the story is the roots of. Of of these institutions that are in Detroit to this day. But so anyway. So here's the quote. So this this article comes out the came out July twenty second nineteen, thirty four at this exact moment, the Tigers were two games. The Tigers had a to gain there in first place and they had a two game lead over the New York Yankees there in first place. So this this is the the exact amount. So this article that there's a little bit the first. The first paragraph. So so you can see if you can't see their other says, program team here is named the Detroit Lions. So this is the article introduces the arrival of the Detroit lions in the very first viewers by Bert Walker for the Sunday Sunday Detroit Sunday. Times. So inspired by the spirited fight, the Detroit Tigers are making for the American League Baseball Championship sponsors of the Detroit Professional football team decided to call their entry to the national. Football League the Detroit Lions. Call this team the Tigers perhaps, but that might create confusion. The lion is the monarch of the jungle said site Houston Vice President, general manager of the team, and we hope to be monarch of the league it our ambition to make the lion as famous as the as the Detroit Ball Club has made the tiger. So so there can be absolutely no doubt based on this quote that the name Detroit Lions was based on the idea of the Tigers in one, thousand, nine, hundred, four there can be no debate. and. So that's what I'm saying like the tie, the lions arrival of the city you know they're they're associating with this Detroit Tiger France. Why would you not? Co op too. Yeah and so but here's the but this is what? It's worth mentioning about this article So there was a new NFL team coming to a city in today's Day and age does pick a team that a city that doesn't have a team currently I don't even know anyways imagine. Land No. Trust me Cleveland all say the same thing back to these rights. Let's not even. That's not even go there but like I say they but anyways. So the magic city doesn't have a football team currently and they they in. An NFL team is coming into the city. How big a news would that be huge biggest thing on there is right all the wall covering this article comes out on page twelve. This article I, actually see it on the top of the page twelve they're announcing an NFL team comedy. Detroit. That's the level that the NFL was back in this time. Okay. It was like especially like something with the Tigers going insane you know. The first eleven pages were probably Detroit Tigers related. Just found a coverage, but this is going to be a recurring theme with this with his Lions Club where they came in the city hoping to latch onto the you know like you say, the lack of a better concept, the coat tails of the tiger and they found a much much rude awakening, which was that you know that you know they they're the team was going to be. Associated with the Tigers by name, they're hoping to associate by deed and then you know their best player. Dutch. Clark lured out of retirement for nineteen thirty four was billed as the Thai Kabul football. We actually have show up that that other picture with the sports stamps. Oh. Sports stamps. To pictures next there. So you see the sports stamps right there where it's got Dutch Clark and tycoon this. Was Nineteen thirty six but you can see how the you know the consistency there were there was a It was there was the idea was there's a new ty Cobb in Detroit, but he doesn't play baseball. You GotTa Come Watch lions game to see this new the next tied, the new Thai cobb Cobb football, and so that's the idea is trying to associate but the problem was again is that the Tigers were so wildly successful that they were that they the lions had arrived rise up to incredible heights just to get past page as well not. Just to even get on just even get in the same newspaper Tigers. A recurring problem for them is that the bar of expectations because the Tigers was raised. So high that the you know this was a very talented team they were fully capable of doing it but it puts you know what I'm saying like. A lot of times this team comes into city in like Gee whiz. I. Hope we do well this year. Let's put on a good show for the new fans guys but no, this was like they were they did not play. Well, if they did not compete for the number, you know for an NFL championship then nobody cares city this is becoming the city champions you're either a champion and your. Page three behind the Tigers or you're not and you're not even in the newspaper. Also, anyway. So that's that's the that's the stage is set. and. So anyway so the lines coming in one, thousand, nine, hundred, eighty, four, and. The immediately they it's again we we talk about the lured Dutch Clark out of retirement. I was GONNA say Clark by God Dutch Clark back in the George Richardson this ownership syndicate, they spend fifteen thousand dollars. That's it for lines and the they pay all the back salaries of all the players. Nice. Well, it's good. But so at fifteen thousand Mickey, Cochran was purchased for one hundred thousand. They got the whole team for fifteen thousand mile. That's what's crazy is like it just shows you the difference like just one player in baseball. You know the granted the hall of Fame Player, versus? Fifteen thousand dollars for this. Awesome. ALTEA is. So anyway. So they bring them in the Dutch Clark retirement they make him one of the highest paid players in the NFL which lures. Goes a long way towards a little. You know obviously learn out of retirement and another thing Another thing that they do is is Allama second I got to Is. is this is what this was. This was just of make sure I get the right Second Another thing that they do which is. Sex. So Dutch areas are here. So so another thing they do is Is, this is what's this is what's even I think. As fascinating as anything that's sort of coming for is nine hundred is, is the also get a player named check. Bernard, from the University of Michigan Okay Okay Chuck Bernard I was I don't even have my notes written down prepared for him, but Chuck Bernard is one of the most dominating college football players of all time. Okay. Chuck Bernard is awesome in like he led the University of Michigan I? Think it was two undefeated my Nelson from to nail it down but it's like look up Chuck Bernard his his statistics are ridiculous at the University of Michigan he's I mean he's easily one of the most decorated college football players of all time. Okay and Chuck Bernard so he signs with the lion. So. Like this is like basically like a number way, they didn't have the draft back then but to get shot Bernard, he's a senator he plays senator and middle in basically when on the flipside. Nose tackle Middle Linebacker on the on defense and so because he basically just flip around on on from your offensive position to the to the. Defense but anyways Chuck Bernard Getting Chuck, Bernard was just like a coup like it was like so big this is like a number one overall draft pick type of thing. Okay. So to get him was just huge because he can sign with any team, but he stayed locally signed with he signed with the Lions. So you've got this guy from you van this one's couple national championships even Gerald Ford played with Chuck. Bernard and they ask them like who is the best guy who believes like Chuck Bernard was the greatest player ever seen still to this day. So anyways, alliance get him to anchor this because they. Have, to you know you'd have you know players would substitute. And so they they already had all world center in Clare Randolph, and now they've got Chuck Bernard who is rumored to be and they the at this time. The. College they have college, All Star. Verses. NFL. Championship game. In the NFL championship would play in a game. In Chicago against the College All Star Squad. So imagine how cool that would be today. Imagine a NFL champion like an NFL champion comes in like the chiefs for instance would play a squad of college. All Stars you know this upcoming season because achieves just won the super bowl. Then they would face off against the college all stars in the college all stars would always give a good account themselves. They were good and it's way but anyways Chuck Bernard Plate in this college also team and he was like played against Brooklyn Gerski because the bears had won the previous year and he was sticking Broccoli Gerski by himself. Nice. which we've already talked about this a month Steve US because. Yeah you could not attempt to tackle him one I one, but Chuck Bernardo's out there stick and Bronco Gerski that's like they're like we gotta get this guy bears have been such a handful for the lions for the Portsmouth Spartans in they do they sign him so anyways so Dutch back. You Got Chuck Bernard Coming Off University of Michigan. You know what? I mean. There's exciting for those that are actually following the NFL, which is you know you're you granted smaller than it is today and much more but they're the optimism for this team was like dude, this is we're going to be they're gonNA be good. They're gonNA be real good, and in fact, they were very good in fact, they were so good. They weren't they went on scored upon the over seven games of the season. They won their first ten and they got they were unschooled upon for the first seven games in. So there's numerous records that were that are associated with this with this Lions Defensive, team? So, this just throw a couple if you look up. Defensive Record Sri Nfl this the nine hundred eighty four lines are peppered through with all kinds of different records like least amount of third quarter points and all kinds of weird little stuff like that but some of the bigger ones. is so they had seven straight shutouts. Okay. So I'm GONNA list you. There's only there's only a handful of teams that have had shutouts seven seven straight shutouts ever you got one, thousand, nine, hundred, twenty and nineteen twenty one akron pros. So the first one, thousand, nine, hundred, and twenty, one, the first year, the NFL. So Nineteen Twenty Akron pros had five straight shutouts the one thousand nine, hundred, twenty, one, Akron pros had eight shutouts. In an so and so then you have the nine, hundred, thirty, four, lie alliance. With seven shutouts in after that, there's not another team that has even anywhere near the the nineteen seventies Saint Louis Cardinals have three. Okay. Nowhere near seven. In. One, thousand, nine, hundred, seventy, six, thousand, nine, hundred, seventy, six, steelers have three. So to this day like there's no. So technically, the nineteen twenty Akron pros have the most right but. You. Know I mean not nobody's since the one thousand, nine hundred didn't know how to play. Well, I don't want to dismiss what they did in nineteen seventy-one because semi could save you the same apply the same logic to anything we talk about. Thirty four they didn't know what nobody knew what they were doing. There's still playing against competition that was at least in the pars them. You know what I mean it's. In their day they're playing against. Competitors of their of their caliber. So like I say to dismiss them of that era based on us. Our story is nobody cares I. saw. So many ways you've got you also day the the lions have the record for the most consecutive games without allowing a touchdown. So that's seven that's facts. Right so that even knew that even eliminates the twenty one akron. So most consecutive games without allowing a touchdown with seven, that's still the record Since, one, thousand, nine, hundred, eighty, five, the most games without allowing a touchdown is five with the nineteen seventy-six steelers two thousand series tied at. So nobody's even come close to that seven games. and then also the fewest rushing touchdowns the fewest amount of rushing touchdowns. In a season with only two two rushing touchdown, they give two touchdowns on the. Entire season. That's tied with the nine hundred, sixty eight cowboys in the nineteen seventy-one. Viking. So that's. So. Yeah. So that's actually. Yes So it's a few as mine they're tied is like a three way tie so that's I mean those are just and there's if you look it up the defensive records NFL history, you'll just see the the thirty four lines are just peppered all the way through and you'll even see on offense you'll see a couple other ones. So still even being that. Good. They're they're still they're still like page five news though yeah, they're like. They're like well, yeah, actually I that's what I mean is like they're they're still there basically relegated and I actually have a great quote to here to just here's another great example of that of that concept is it. So this this article comes from I actually met I've actually met by the way I've actually met Chuck Bernard Junior, he'll get his son. Yeah, and I've also met the the son of the of the of aid Kushner who is the guy? Who's the quote that we're gonNA eight Kushner was the Kushner was the was the equipment equipment manager Dr For until he died in sixteen daddies did. Sandy, he only played thirty four. Thirty, four. Yeah he didn't play with them and thirty five. He wasn't with the champ but he came back. He came back. He lived here afterwards. Yeah. Must have loved the city for so anyways years this quote here page three, fifty through. So So Eddie Kushner was the like. Basically, like he was a trainer, he was a trainer and equipment guy for the lions in. So anyways. So this quote, this is a rare cold. You're not going to hear this anywhere else except right here in this book because this was unpublished. Published recollections by Kushner because his because again, I met his son and his son had this this saw lions trunk like a wooden. He was some his dad was very proud about being part of the lion. Bob In, the lions this time and he had a trunk full of all this stuff that he donated to the NFL to the NFL. Museum is like I've got a picture of the trunk I've got a picture because I've got so much stuff in here. He lets you go through it I know he had already donate but I did get a copy from the NFL. Copy from the he just don't like I just met him and he's like Oh man i. wish I met you a little bit earlier. I. Just donated. We'd have we'd have. We would have the power over giving us. But. But anyways yeah. So you know. His his son was you know his son is tremendous news and he was really cool and helped me because the NFL when I tried to open up when I tried to get that because he had all he, he'd all those unpublished recollections of cameras from the time. So I tried to get a copy from the NFL from their archives near Lake who are you? Where's your credentials we are which major media are you with I'm like do they just donated it like last week? Let me get a copy of the record you and him or the only people that know the nobody knows about this. Is GonNa. Yeah. So anyway. Through, his son through abby sign I was able to get a copy of those unpublished recollections in. That's where these from. That's why you're not gonNA semen any other bookie separate here. So. This is what Regino we're. We're talking about the attendance of these lion's games and so on. So here it is right here. So the smallest suicide because near the smallest crowd to see a lion home game was was the second game played in Detroit in Nineteen thirty four. It was a Saturday night affair which we won six nothing in front of a crowd of eighteen hundred paying customers. There were more fans in the stands, but they came in on paper passes everything was tried to make the. Club look like it was catching on most folks most folks know that the first seven games we played one by shutouts. Still the crowds kept away in droves end zone seats went begging at fifty cents a ticket, which is like nothing I mean even fifty cents, fifty cents like it went the end zone seats went begging at fifty cents a ticket. So they trying to if you look back at all the records for how many fans were these games, the numbers are like nine, thousand, twelve, thousand. But the numbers where he says even so you can even hear out of his own words he's saying you know everything was done to make it look like we were big but we were nothing I mean we were small know and so on. So anyways, yeah. So that's that's the situation they're doing phenomenally, but they're also doing it at the at the at the same old because. As we mentioned in a previous episode, we spend Interior episode of the newspaper. Their first game was comes right when the Lai, the Tigers are clinching the pennant. You even showed in. This is two days later, Lyons when they're the new NFL team wins the first game two days later there's. Not even a mention. I'll up now look at. What about yesterday? That's all you? Yeah. You got your you've got your little box score in the newspaper. So anyways yeah. So but but nonetheless, the lions are are the newly born one, thousand, nine, hundred, four lines are kicking. Rear end man is kicking. Purple Yeah. So I'll just go through a kind of a little list a couple of cool things. Here's another record this I had to write this down to make sure you mention this. Is that in the third game of the season right after the art this. Because she was talking about the second game, the third game of the season is is on October seven is on October seventh and it's a three nothing victory over the packers. Now that three points they scored in that game was a field goal kicked by Glenn Press now who've already been mentioned but really by you call them the second best player in the Lions. And so anyway. So Glenn Press, now kicks a fifty four yard field goal. Okay. Just to put into context how how big that field was that field goal stood as a record and NFL record until nineteen, fifty three, she's that was the longest field goal in one thousand nine. How long was it? It was a fifty, four yard fifty. Fifty more. Impressive. Great. Yeah. It's a great distance fifty four yard kick. So he kicks off to win a game three nothing against the packers. Okay and so so the packers they beat the packers that record stood until nineteen fifty-three. On his name Burt Reichen are car fifty, six yards and nineteen fifty-three but it stood a lions record until nineteen ninety, five with Jason Hanson kicked a fifty six yard what stood as an NFL record I actually remember that time I don't remember it because necessarily I, was into this story at that time but I remember when Jason Hanson broke that and I remember thinking to myself that's a long God long nineteen, thirty four. Sixty something years. And who has the record now? For the lion. Yeah It was it. Prater Crater has. The are really good field goals. They better. They better be. No, they've always seemed like they always have like the one thing. They always seem to have Eddie Murray or anybody who Jason Hansen as they always have like an elite field goal kicker or like an elite partner. They do some guy that can just drop a ball and like the one inch line you know like I wish they had signed kick delicious just so you. Know that is. A Youtube Star that was like kicking balls with his he'll villain like sixty five yard field goal making it look like he was just. He was really he was like from Sweden or something and he was amazing look when you go look up kick Alicia. Amtel you when you watch him, you're like, Oh my God this guy is the give me the greatest NFL kicker you get you get to. Your opponents forty, five, fifty. Yeah. Just give it to. Kick. This guy is kicking field goals from the highway. Like. Looking over this crazy. Oh, is amazing. Great Great Little INTERJECTS THAT KICK And they did sign him. They didn't I remember when they signed him I was like, yes this is the best signing. Yeah, but and then they didn't even they caught on and they meeting he was in the he was in the expiration this spring the. preseason game. But he never actually made it into a real game. It was very different when you have nobody running up. That's true. But you think that they could have done a little bit of development or some other team would have picked them up and really made some of right right right. But anyways yeah. But the lions literally always had great kickers I mean all the way back to nineteen thirty four when you got Glen Press Nell boot Noth- fifty, four yarder. The beat the packers three nothing. So anyways, that's that's definitely worthy mentioned from this season. And then I also have another quote from game five with. Game Five. So this is a great quote because it this is this is. This a quote that has Mickey Cochran and Jo Jo white sitting in the crowd and this is Jo jo white from the Tigers telling talking about this psalm about this team. So, Mickey Cochran jo-jo tiger. Day off had no the season was over by the. Shares was over. Yeah. Yet worlds here. I told her seventeenth is when this quote So this is so say this after they're on the world series, but they're take take a break to watch a game before they all went south to you know to their hometowns. But anyway there's but this is a great because it really dives and we're talking about Policy Clark and I love right because it it kind of it kind of it kind of gives a verbal. Paints a nice verbal picture of this of like the precision of this team. and. So anyway. So this is so this quote comes for the game five with a lions beat the beat the Boston redskins twenty four to nothing, and so the soul I'll just reiterate it right ahead so. Joel White Detroit Tigers Center fielder a little hollow hollow-cheeked impeach from having his. tonsils shirt I must mean must have had his tonsils tonsilectomy or something okay. So Gioja, White a little little hollow-cheeked and Pete from having his tonsils jerk. Sat in the stands of university betray stadium and watched open-mouthed as the Detroit Lions shut out the Redskins when it was all over Joe Joe, rolled his eyes and remarked admiringly ain't nobody GonNa get them lions ow. I've never seen such a football team I watched father Lumpkin told a ball. Down in Georgia but lump just looks like one of the boys in there I'm going down home to Georgia and give me some give me some shooting. I don't WanNa see anymore football games. This season I've done seen all there is there ain't no more, which is just Joe Joe's quaint way of paying tribute to excellence making Cochran manager of the Tigers was there too and he got as much of a bang out of the game as Joe Joe. So the headed for the. Pair of Lions Fifth Consecutive shutout victory. The lions were about as near perfection as it is possible for one team to appear in a competitive contest, it was a fifth consecutive game that they have played without having their goal line crossed that not only is it record for the National Football League. But in this day of wide open football, it can be cataloged as a miracle. Even Lille McDonnell who was an original line man? Didn't think Pasi Clark's Pat could keep the redskins from from scoring points. They not only kept kept the reds from from scoring but captain from having the ball long enough to count the laces and the redskins are not the kind of football team that is shoved around that way every night in the week now with the backs like Ernie pinker cliff battles and Doug wycoff operating behind one of the biggest and strongest lines in football. So. The next to the passage here Detroit Detroit the last word in grid efficiency. The lions have all have about all that any coach could ask for including superb kicking flawless, blocking fast and loose ball carrying speed and precision. Most of these lines of play together for three to four years. In the finished product on, you've deter last night was just about the last word in gridiron efficiency once the lines took the ball on their own twenty, seven yard line in crossed the goal line in exactly a half dozen plays on that March they use about every sound offensive measure in the book selected with judgment and execute with marvellous precision. And the final passenger snapping precision make lions perfect team. Clark is only one of a dozen similar stars with the Lions showed last night earning cadel Glenn press now Frank Christianson in Lumpkin. Baxter. Gladdened the heart of any coach when you have them on the same team and clicking like the Lions Click last night, you're very near the perfect football team, the line function in a manner. Worthy of these great backs, there was a snap and precision to the things they did that one never sees a college gridiron. intercollegiate football may supply more glamor and excitement than the professional game. But for artistry and sheer competence, it will never equal the performance of a team like the lions. As Joe Joe says it is difficult to see how anyone is going to get them out. So it really kind of. Precision excellence I mean. This great football team. And and it. It talks a little bit about college being a bit more popular time. Yeah. Than than the pros and he's actually talked about it in that where he's. The college game might be more popular in that, but it's got nothing on this pro game because when he's saying like when you have these these guys all season, you know they're all former college stars in the watch them operate the way that they do. You know I mean, he's just he's spell he's like painting. This picture in this cool thing is Do we have a picture? Do we have some of the older picture on the shelves but I had those old? Shoulder one with the with the with the with the. Show the one with the the numbers on it keep going up going up one. Down One picture from your there you go that one. So that right there is right out potsy Clark's book. A book off. A diagram play single wing offense, and you can see in that picture anyway, there's not watching unfortunately if you have to buy the book. On, this is actually just out of the I I watched it on Youtube. This is the first book and you can see. The ball carrier going through the whole and how every player is just like. The I mean it's a C-. It's like the Red Sea partying and there's a player coming out with a funnel to run through. So that was like the that's the way that like the textbook way that play runs now flip to the next one down one and over to the left that one. There you go. That's what it looks like in the. Game Okay Oh look. So you can see I mean this is like I mean this is an in game fold of this is an old you know this is taken off of a microfilm. So it's not great as image, but you can just see those players all the machine like precision of this team that's a single wing offense in action and saw. I mean you can see it is like the precision of that team and sold that, and that was posse. Clark football was the bears remorse a brutality type of a game in the packers were more of a the packers. Surprisingly we're more of a passing team can even though that the the they had. Arnie herber in some of the. Johnny blood and some of these great great packers players they also had. They also had some great running backs too but anyways they. Clark Kinkel like literally we can do an entire episode and Clark Kinkel for the packers. You're talking about one of the Great all-time NFL studs that never gets mentioned. He's one of my favorite players but anyways but he was a packers are running back and but anyways they. You can see like this parts of the packers, more of like a passing team like more of a combination passing in running the bears were just brutality just pure brutality and the in the the lions in. Portsmouth, spartans were precision precision was just discipline discipline discipline discipline. He alludes in there that the lions players were monsters that you know that that Father Lumpkin who is the number one star when they're fan favorites will Clark does Clark. was their best player but Father Lumpkin was there was there like fan favorite like he was the most popular player on the team and all this in so anyways is you know he's lumped just looks like one of the boys in their. Almost, say, 'cause Lumpkin was a big guy that's. Just kind of blends in with the rest. But like that's not entirely true because the lions like some of the guys like there's a guy named ox Emerson for the for the Lions who guard guys like I'm bigger than him. I'm five eleven to you take off. This guy. This guy is. He plays right next to Tarzan Christmas and is one of the biggest guys Mutton Jeff what type of thing? We're one guy small one guy huge. But anyway. So you know they had some smaller guys on this team so it was more about the precision. You, know about the everybody knowing exactly what they're gonNA do operating at the size that matters. That's how you use it. Exactly. Just making sure I got that you hit that right on the. Bud So anyways so we can kind zip through because we had to run yeah we've got about five five six minimum hang in there guys. Yeah. So anyways so anyways, I'll get game eight is when they're streak is finally broken okay and it's broken and the very first quarter on a forty yard touchdown pass from Jokela Dany to Heart Vaughn okay. So it's in the first quarter the they score the score the Pittsburgh pirates. Score score a forty yard touchdown pass and what's interesting is. So I got a great friend of mine named Tom Uric who had loved to actually bring the show at some point and he's just an absolute like he loves he he he he recorded a series of interviews at the Lions Golden. Huddle which was it was a fiftieth anniversary of the Lions I championships. This is one, thousand, nine, hundred, five. Recordings, and so there's there's like nine or ten lions players there, and so he recorded got the recording. Yeah I've got three quarters play some some point I would love yet I. think it'd be cool I'll just get you listen and yeah. But it's a very least. We can give you a copy and then you listened to him there's somebody want to hear. But anyways. So on those recordings they were joking on there because they were talking about when Split Dany threw that touchdown pass to heart Vaughn broke their strain so they were all there they're all like all buoyed we show them then. We put our feet on their throats game. They won this game indeed, the score plays out forty seven. and. The rest of the game he goes with they're actually on the tape saying Oh man, we hammer the Pittsburgh. Mercy. We gave up one that's it like they were furious because they stop their streets so that so that street comes to an end and game eight but not without penalty to the fires. And so anyway. So they keep winning gay wind game nine, seventeen to thirteen over the Chicago cardinals. Game Ten they beat the Saint Louis Gunners forty, two seven and then but then here's where here's where all basically falls apart. So, there, at this point ten and all round one, every game go all the way. So all of a sudden this is what's interesting is out of sudden there's this idea that maybe detroiters who've lost this heart wrenching world series in one, thousand, nine, thirty, four, granted a month or so earlier. Sure. But that maybe there's like a constellation. The NFL. NFL. Championship. Nfl Championship US cool. Thing kind of getting interested in this a little bit. Yeah. So the in. So there you know the coverage actually can see it in the newspaper it starts to ramp up a little bit but all of sudden the rug is pulled off, money them the game eleven they lose three to nothing to the packers, the team that they'd beat three to nothing earlier in the season tit for tat. Three. Was Exactly. It was A. Barn burner. Yeah. So anyway. So November twenty, nine, th. So just three days later is the first Thanksgiving game. Against the bears. They lose sixteen to Nineteen. By three points to the bears. So they lose the first Thanksgiving game and then just the Thanksgiving game, and this is worth a nice little aside is that the Thanksgiving game was the genesis of the brainchild of George Richards Right Wjr radio who had connects all through the industry, and this is the first football nfl pro football game broadcast coast to coast, and so he sets up the syndicate across the ended. This first Thanksgiving game is broadcast across the country as we still the lions still playing the Thanksgiving today today and you know what I mean like you talk about origin story thirty four is the first. Thanksgiving game in the Lions Win I'm sorry they beat that's. The rug from the field. No duck and noser knocking back then. Ellison's the evidence on it. And then and then game thirteen. So they lose against the bears in in game twelve against Thanksgiving but that loss eliminates them from the champion for many championship create. Two losses eliminated from the championship consideration and then the final game against the bears they lose against the bears again, seven to ten they had not beaten balance going into after this these two loss to the bears that that made it so that the the lions had not beaten the bears since I'm sorry that franchise it was the Spartans, the spartans and the lions combined had not beaten the bears since nineteen thirty one, this is all. Happening in one, thousand, nine, hundred, thirty, four, thirty, four. Yeah. Now they're streak of losses to the bears extended. Now they haven't what since nineteen thirty one, they lost the nineteen thirty, two NFL championship game to the bears. The bears are like now like now they've just beat them not the first Thanksgiving game to eliminate them and they to rub salt into a wound they beat them in the final game of the season to you'll see. These. Are The insult anybody that's Alliance Fan. You know a newly burgeoning lions fans go on what the hell happened. You know we were doing. But now they're awake into this idea of the rivalry, the rivalry with the packers, the rivalry with the bears because they just pull the rug out from underneath them and they're on. They're going with the lions are good. They're real good but they still haven't got past these two packers and bears. It's what they have to overcome these two teams. So this sets the stage for them in one, thousand, nine, hundred, thirty, five. So this is. This is the Do we have time for one picture? Sure. Yeah. Hey throw this up there real quick start with the next week but otherwise, we'll actually the picture with Dutch Clark the big headshots. So that, right. There is one of the most iconic photos in NFL history and you can see why I mean just look at the I'm sorry for any of the viewers at home that are that are listening. But if you if you if you Google the American football player, you'll be able to see what we're talking about Dutch part the the the title, the photo was so iconic that it was given A. Name and it was called the American football player and it captures Dutch Clark in sort of a Roman gladiator type of on Roman gladiator look I? mean. It is just the perfect and actually say it in this that photo that's on our screen is taken out of time life magazine from what's the date I got on here for that that that came out this I first appeared in the Detroit Detroit News. The Detroit News. In nineteen thirty four I forgot what day that was but where's the date for the? I'll put it on the bottom of the of the of the picture. Let me see what is it. You can the person can see it but than I can't. Or thirty four, but it's twelve twenty, eight, Thirty, twelve, twenty case that was the time life magazine. So right after Christmas one, thousand, nine, hundred, four that photo was seen across the country by in the time life magazine and saw it says in the photo the perfect football face and sold that photo right there as we were already talking about, you know bringing the Dodge Clark was there tie Kabul football, and so this is this. This photo is seen by a nation of readers who made again, they probably are looking at football's second or third class sport as well, and now they all here that there's a team called Detroit. Lions. And so the brand just that this image was massively responsible for beginning this brand is like any NFL team that continues here is going to forever be the lions. Establishing this national presence, just a simple photo and I've always loved that like it's a great. We can finish the season with this last little call because this is a quote by Dutch Clark where he talks about this photo of him getting his picture taken in this. Yeah. So So. The sexually page four, zero five here for those will be reading along at home. Page four or five. Well, you got a nice and blown up in the book to yeah. Oh. Yeah. This. Is Yeah in it. Photos done by a guy named William Consul Okay I've got an entire section in the book about William Council photos some of the most iconic photos in Detroit sports history are taking. There's a picture Tuykov. Third base that is willing console like any pretty much. Any early nineteen hundreds iconic photo of Detroit sports that you've seen like every book consultation that was council that did it. He was that good. There's I mean he was an incredible photographer. So. anyways. Swear. So here's the quote. This is by Dutch Clark it comes out of out of a book they throw him back up there. It comes out of a book called Old, leather and written by Chris Willis, and so this is Dutch Clarkson won words I was treated well by the Detroit fans and press wants during practice we had a photographer named bill console from the Detroit News Komo. He was taking photos story. Well, he took a photo of me from the side, a profile shot I was just I was just kneeling on the sideline. Watching our defense run a few drills bill just snapped. It turned out. Wonderful. It was in the photo section in the newspaper got a ton of requests for the photo. It then appeared in life magazine. I don't know whether he thought it was photogenic or what he came out again and must have snapped one hundred more but he never had a good one like that. I one it was just something that happened. It was just like he was more and there's so many I've actually now candid. So that's not really. It's just one of those photos. It's kind of like the flag like the GM photo where they took that picture of the flag. Captured the nation like I wouldn't say this was anywhere near that. But this photo. This like I mean you can just catches the time. It captures ups like that photo like I've done a lot of graphic stuff with that in fact, use it for the cover of the SCR st episode of the screenplay. You just can't help you I. Mean It's just an unbelievable photo captures an era. You know what I mean like the guy looks like a Roman gladiator. Does saw, yeah. I mean that's like I say that photo did a great deal to spread the brand of the Detroit lions so that story and a lot more that photo and a lot more all inside the trilogy of Books Detroit City of champions in the website is also Detroit champions Dot Com. So, Jamie Charles Mad Fox, we are please you spend some time with us for these stories. We'll be back with another one next time. So until then be well cheers. I GUESS

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