The MMA Beat: Episode 226 (UFC 237 & Bellator 221 Preview, McGregor-Cerrone, Lesnars Retirement)


You're listening to the box media podcast network. It is Monday. I wanna stop Monday Jesus. It's Thursday may ninth two thousand nineteen brother is that kind of week. This is the may beat sorry everyone. My name is Luke Thomas memory fighting dot com. Siriusxm you to the gentleman to my left any cigar from fighting, and then iceman himself Chuck mendenhall the man in the hat from the ringer as well as fighting if you've noticed I look and sound dubber the normal 'cause I had my stupid face operated on about two days ago. And I can't breathe very well. Hopefully, I don't start bleeding on air. I didn't lead to bad this morning. But it's been a rough around here. I think it's awesome. That you showed up man condition. Didn't want to. But sometimes it life when you're an adult you gotta do things you don't want to do. But here we are here on things that I do want to do. I wanna watch you two thirty seven which is going to be Saturday. So let's start there gentleman. I will start with you thirty seven it's going to be in Brazil. It's going to be headlined by rose NAMA Yunus taking on just drudge first time that a straw, weight title fight has had led to UFC carbon. Here's the funny part about it rose Nabi Yunus beat twice that was convincingly. Although one was short one was long right up to that point the consensus. Best raw we never really seen and yet heading into this contest. She's the underdog she's the underdog against the woman that that said grit we ever seen beaten Dallas. Why is rose the underdog? And what do you make of that? Well, we know in may styles make fights right? So just just out of enemy matches because you beat somebody doesn't mean you can beat the person that person beat right? So I think I think there's a few things to consider here one she's going into enemy territory, which is something that we don't really see with champions. You know champion. Defend their built territory. So we says. Of course in Brazil. We know that this is this is not just like fighting in the UK or anyone else Brazil's, specifically a hard place to find you know, the food's different right hotel. Sometimes they'll have sauna. Sometimes they'll have like the adequate to cut the way, you know, the crowd itself can be very hostile as well. Plus, I think you know, there is something interesting about the style. And I think rose number Eunice on Monday went on the mayor. She said when asked her opponent, can you compare to Jessica androgen, she really have anybody to compare it to she said, she's a pretty unique challenges. So she is seeing a new look I still wouldn't label her as an underdog. But you know, if that's what the bedding lines have asked. You know, what they are is? Yeah, it's really interesting, right. Because I think the J series should have boosted her stock. But I guess maybe it's just one of the situation when you break it up into you know, how to gamblers, but anyway, it's all based on some kind of perception maybe people feel like she just had Janas number which is a big number to have. But maybe the. They wanna see more out of her. If you look at it to that. I will fight against us sparce. You know, the way she was worked in that fight. I think that somehow lingers it's always the first the first thing that somebody processes when they watch somebody. I think that just kinda lingers over her career. So I I don't know. I I really think that going to Brazil a big factor in something like that. But I think it's also kudos to her for just being so strangely unorthodox in her own head to just do these types of things. I don't know if the you'll see incentivized or how they incentivized her to go fight in Brazil, and basically give Andre the emotional boost like that. But it speaks to kinda rose nominee Unisys mindset of how she doesn't want things necessarily catered to her. She's been very different and how she handles her career. She uses spa she didn't seek it out. Just her the way, she operates is just very different different mindset. And this is just one more chapter for, but I think the betting public this the way Vegas works. I think that they probably it's a perception thing and right now on price seems like she has more more things in are. Favor. Look at the story of on drudge here. It's pretty straightforward. She's been a contender who she changed weight classes yet. A couple of setbacks yourself against Janecek, but has since then just been on an absolute unbelievable run the consensus clear challenger for this title. Now, maybe that will change with some other ones coming up the food chain. But right now, she deserves it. But for me what I look at rose trying to think like what the story of this fight is Chuck it seems to me like this is not about popular gate, not not this time around. This is about as we noted going to enemy territory taking on people are going to be taking on a contender people think as a pretty decent chance of beating her. This is a an opportunity for validation when you think about what this could do for her career, you share that sentiment of mine. Yeah. I think that are you talking about rose. So what does she think that she benefit? She's able to go in there, and basically duplicate what she's enter last three fights. And those two against you nj I think that puts her on a different different level. I don't think you'd see her as an underdog regardless of the situation and our next fight. If that's the case. But I think it goes a long way, I think that it's just one of those issues too in one entitled fights there's just there's still just enough of a of a suspicion that maybe we're not seeing everything yet. I think that that lingers out there. So I think that this fight especially going against the momentum that you just mentioned because Andre has been just a buzzsaw, and I think that goes into it to the way she's beating opponents and then to have to face her out there. It's not not to compare. You know, the, you know, the therapeutic use exemption that be to a Bill for. But all those guys that went to Brazil back in two thousand thirteen and just got wax. It almost has a feel of that. Like, you're being kind of fed the state under the door situation where you're like h show up and phase androgynous lock it up and everybody shoot on. Shoot on catch the bloods. But it's it's it has that feel to it. But I have to admit that's what makes it kind of romantically fund is to see rose have to go against the odds in that sense. Yeah. I think to your point this is about validation because if you think of strawberry right now, really the most successful straw. We'd right now is engaging just out of title defenses, right in what she's done. Yes. Unis's the champion, but you know, defeating Jake back to back. It's the same type of opponent. Right. We know this your string without shaneco, which has been on jayjay as well. So right now, we know that she can beat on Jake. But we don't know if she could be the straw Queen. Right. I think if she gets past just gonna dry all the sudden, she starts getting into conversation with Jason where okay, maybe she can be one of the most successful strawweights as well. Do we think that the UFC comfortable putting this fight in Brazil in part because they they want to go to Brazil? But to get back to the lingering suspicion you're talking about. It's like, okay, she could prove this. They will put a hero bigger car. Yes. I agree. And I think that like what you mentioned before just her being the first straw, wait champion-to-be on, you know, the main event I think that that's feats to where they're add on that too. I think that that potential is still there when you went back to the original impressions we had Rosen. I'm eunice. She was being compared to Ronda Rousey at the time who was doing all the stuff in the she was on tough. Right. And so she's coming up. I think there was like the sex that you would do it. I don't know if we have fully saw it was almost like her losses kinda stood up more than our wins. Even though her wins have been completely impressive. So this this one I think is it's it's fee star star power what they wanted to be also speaks to the opportunity they want her to seize. I think to go in there and do that. And what about drudge we missing something here? Part of the story. She has been watching the embeds of doing my research on this when I saw the cow. Downs. I was following a career for some time. She's an interesting character. But I don't know that we know at least all the American states have things a whole lot about it. What part of the narrative, am I missing here. I don't I don't know. I mean, honestly like that's where it's confusing, right? Because I think I know rose Nahmias more so than I knew on drudge going into the fight. I really don't know. I feel like everything we've seen about Andrea is what makes her dangerous, but I don't feel like I'm missing anything about her. I just feel like she seems like she's got a head of steam, really. That's really what it seems to me is she she's she's super legit. I mean, her skills she stands out from any other straw because straw. It's usually one fifteen that's that's pretty low in weight. But for some reason, she feels like she's. She's very, and I think story wise like, you know, she doesn't speak English. So at least stateside here, you know, the UC has always had a tough time marketing, those kind of fighters. Although is who he is based out of his crazy win streak, and and what he achieved in the sport. But from a story side of things, I mean, we never really got that side, you know, from the UC are let's talk about the Komeda vet here. I want to move the war topics today if we can and the Komeda then you've got Anderson Silva taking on Jared Kennedy. Scale of zero to one how pumping. I would say like three next four. Okay. Let me ask you this. Let's start this way. What is the U of C doing with with Anderson Silva have no idea? Why are they booking him? This have no clue. This is this is extremely bizarre. I mean Anderson Silva at this point at this point Anderson Silvo can do either to put them in a fight against somebody. Like is. Right assign you where you can use their profile, and I don't I don't really. And this is no, no, I'm not throwing any shady to Jerry Kennedy. I'm just calling things how I see it. I don't really see the it factor in Jeddah Kenan near at least not yet. Right. And then you're putting Anderson civil against that. He should be there in two type of fights either. Again, like a young prospect like is right assign ya or maybe like a beat doorbell, obviously, he's now won. But like somebody another old dog has a big name. And all of a sudden that car feels like it has a really good Komen event and this overseas jerrycan doesn't feel like a combing event to me. It's just a weird fight to to book them in. I don't know. What else I can say about that diminishing returns thing because after losing data Sonya, and I think that even that Derek Brunson fight it wasn't the greatest showing? He wanted his only win. I think unless it's six legit win. I guess the the Nick de has fight was overturned. But yeah, the last legit when he's had like six years or seven years, it's ridiculously long time. But it's just a minute returns. Because each time he comes back there. I read brought Okamoto's piece about this should be a story does fights this. Because what else are we doing? This should be some kind of hook as to. Why you're watching this fight? I can't find the hook on this one either. I I when I made it I was like what are they trying to do is this a fight to get him. Correct. Again to get a win and then launch towards something. Was there a plan in place because I really don't understand what a win against Jared Cananea really does for him at this point. And he so at a touch so drastically at Italian Anderson Silva ways talking about Conor McGregor. I feel like it's we're in two different orbits now. Like, there's the collective idea. What's going on in a million? And then there's Anderson Silva's world. This is super super super fight. And I'm like a super super super fight. This fight has nobody wants that. Nobody wants that fight at this point these fighting these guys like he knows he's passed it. And so he's fighting these guys almost like a charity to the fans that's an exhibition, and we're just lucky to watch. He's dialed into some self-importance. That is just not the reality of our times. It's like, I get it. The guy was a goat. I mean, he still is. I think if you look back it's hard does not call him. Maybe the go, right? There were a couple of guys. But I'm like at this point in time. Given all the checkered stuff that has happened him over the last months years and being like forty something years old. I'm like, I think he used his position more than the fans do at this point interest. I think that's the truth. I think that's the this. This feels like if you're playing like the UC game you just pick random characters. And then that's the kind of like that shows up has no story to it won't was to your point something that you mentioned interesting. He feels like he's doing just exhibition matches just just for the fans charity thing. But I feel like that works in certain match, for example, Israel to sign. You was down to go technique for technique and compete with him in that level. Don't feel like Jerry here is that type of guy you're going to be like I'm gonna use my power my speed to do that, man. That's just not the type of. Three round victory. If jerk had is kind of, you know, your your basic, you know, bring the lunch pale and beats them across three rounds. What does that do for anybody? That's the problem. I like I like when there's a future to a fight like there's some kind of springboard or something's happening there. I just don't know. What it does? He goes in there and Knox Anderson. So vowed I think that boosts profile little bit. But if he just grinds out a victory. I'm like. Has I think I'm not making up your has a flair for the dramatic. Sure. You know, he looks in accent certain way, he's starting to put himself at risk. But also jeered Kennedy. I remember this distinctly I had him on my radio show, and he was asking for pizza recommendation. So buddy of mine has lived in New York City since nineteen ninety eight and he gave it like this list of like, the New Yorker would know. And then Jared went and got a slice in Times Square is sort of like that's the best place on earth. He wins the fight. Get to be had here probably pretty handily. But he does it pejoratively. He just kind of relatively ordinary guy. Yes. There's nothing wrong with that. But in takes away from a narrative that this larger significance it will ordinarily be there. He's not going to be the us Anderson Silva's a catapults anywhere. That's the thing. That's weird. Right. Like you. If it's a guy who has he's kind of, you know, the the radars beep anonymous, he's approaching like is about it's on it makes it a different kind of setup that one made sense on that level that this one. I just don't see it. Yeah. I guess what you want to maybe see is the it's the same thing. Every time you're like, well, maybe we'll see some vintage flashback of the old Sinn Sova in there, and we'll get nostalgic about it. But obviously, I don't know beyond that emotionally. That's kind of the that's the end of it. You know, this is this is a weird match. Let me this way. What can can your reasonably get from this? Let's look if it goes there. It's like a three round split probably not much because there are just bodies him like a round. Two. I think maybe we'll have to wait and see how the fight actually feels. But I feel like if that does happen. The storyline would more be like, wow. This is you know, watching Anderson. So in this situation rather than while look Jerry cannon near look at what he just cheesed again. We'll have to see how the five plays out. Maybe is very competitive. And you actually pulled off the win you go out. You're super legit. Right. But it just I just it's just not set up to feel that way. I feel like in this situation. It's either Anderson civil looks, great or Anderson. So gonna look really get the feeling. Thanks. He's one went away from being able to call any shoddy wants yes. Which is the most bizarre of it. Also, if he wins, you feel like he's going to revert back to the way he used to be where he's like, I want this guy, and that's going to be a public thing, which is just even beyond awkward. Yeah. He he knocks out Jared Kenan near the I wanna fight McGregor talk. At least from him. Anyway, I don't know. Over the masses. I'll go start this way this way, Ford any other fight of the card worth or at least capture your tension in some capacity or another. I mean, you know, Volkov's ski they could act that kid has been you know, I every time I see him. I'm more impressed. And you know, you could talk to them as a very down to the four and former rugby player, I think he's you know, he's got a lot of unpacked star potential. I think he's I think he's got more charisma probably realized on like, I'm really to see how he handles the biggest of his because this that's the perfect setup for a fight right guy. Who has you know, enjoy Zelda who's all of a sudden back. He looks a little bit more like himself. And now he has to go through this crossroads with this guy. Who's coming up? Let me ask you this actually both of you this one a lot of people complain about the matchmaking this long with like, why are they matching up Josie against the sky? Like alligator Volkogonov, whatever happened was we've dusted at max max is still the featherweight champion and Josie wins. Again, y'all he's the consensus number one contender. He's already not just lost twice. He's been stopped twice. Why would you have see book against the guy who would be a fresh match? Up for max Holloway. What do we make of this? Yeah. I'm with you. Now when I thought when this was booked it was poor matchmaking. I think was Aldo as long as he remains featherweight. He's going to be a cancer to that division because he he is the outside of max. Oh, he's the best period. I mean, he's been destroying everybody. And I mean Volkan Oscar has a solid chance. I'm not gonna say he's going to go in there and get smoked, but it's still pretty risky because you got a nice contender. You got somebody. That can offer a nice nice questions into meth always match up because he hasn't verse somebody like Vulcan off ski and all of a sudden you're putting him against somebody. That's very risky fight, and he could potentially lose. So I don't really get the matchmaking this one it could be a little bit matchmakers reading the tea leaves a little bit looking back at the Jeremy Stevens fight with Aldo or maybe more Klina where both guys started off a lot stronger than it ended up obviously, although showed the guts in vintage form by coming back and winning basically looking great in the end. Maybe they look at this as a little kick of the ice floe. All right. We're going to send him on his way by putting off. In there. You know, what I mean, it might be a little bit of that. Do you like Volta to win? I do actually I just think the kid is. I think you're talking about. This is on an upward trajectory. And I think that he's probably going to be the best form he'll ever be in this white. I would be surprised if he came out, and he looked sluggish or anything like that. Obviously, he's hungry. This is you know, I think he's going into enemy territory knows that. I think that the setup for him is probably a big deal. And he's I feel like you're gonna see the best version. Maybe I'm underestimating Volkov ski. But I feel like although has already received that look, and you know, shot to Alexander Lee who made a point of this life chat. Hello beat a prime Chad Mendes twice. And I don't know if prime chatman is as good as prime Chad Mundus. I mean, he already got that Luca facing a really really great wrestler that puts on a lot of pressure and also has really good striking. So it's a tough match forum. Yes. I also know that that was also a prime Jose Aldo. He's a little past it now. But it's a very tough match. I have get hit though. Although so it's like, I I can imagine a scenario where he just takes one early on. It's just. Just always chose gone is gone. It's not what it was and against the guy, by the way. Acceptable leaves it out there. He has yet to get like knock thou he's been hurt. But he hasn't been like knocked out quote, max Holloway, put a beaten on him. I mean, you're right. He wasn't. He wasn't unconscious. But yeah, those were some it'd be from. Yeah. I mean, look look how he's look. Yeah. It's the P F L season from MIR when she throws them she hits them with the earth. She wants the whole world to remember. Her name Olympian Kayla. Harrison leads the first ever women's one hundred fifty five pound division. Ray Cooper, the third baby fighting his cousin. But he says he's going to knock him out champion, Lance. Palmer says nothing like this has ever happened before. In m a professional fighters league is enemies only sports league with a regular season playoffs, plus six world championships in one night. Thursday nights are eminent nights beginning may ninth live at six thirty PM eastern on ESPN plus and on ESPN two. Beyond say, Arianna Guerande and Drake are talked about ad nauseam as celebrities. But there's one thing that's rarely discussed their music on switched on pop. We go deep into the sounds of pop music to explain what it means how it's made. 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What about you any other fight on this card captured maj nation for one reason or another what I'm gonna go way down the line and say Bech Kohei averse is eat any. Has been booked like five times. Is that the new versus toady division? Has been booked already like four times ridiculous. And always something happens either end, and you know, not gonna would finally it's happening. I'm curious. I'm here for the best go hysteria. Christmas. She's got a little bit of it to, you know, be like, yeah. That may world misdemeanor. Be and things like that. And it's funny like they're all the fans are like no who is by. Then that was like the most replied tweet. Yeah. She's she's a bit of a troll artist. This one I'll pick the the sad story here clearly going because Jay ped-. So we had to go there. A lot of knowledgeable talking happy. Yeah. Yeah. Happy about it for the big is a lot of people have said, you know, what is doing? It would be Japan. Remember Japan is still living with these are reported documented, but they are still allegations about, you know, marital abuse, and and drug use to get how much that's true how much of his not. I don't really know. But certainly there's a cloud over him. Danny. What is he going to do with BJ a few wins? What are they gonna do with them? If you lose this. I hope they stop giving him vice in what way or the other one way or the other. I think BJ pension retired years ago. I mean, he I think after that second second loss of Frankie Edgar right when you dropped the one forty five I think we should have been done there. But you know, he he always he kept fighting. And here we are. And you just hear these reports again, they're, you know, reports like you say shit. But like, you know, it was his ex raid said, you know, Hughes's camps the states over and that's very worrisome, and we know for example, Ferguson had a bit of. Some, you know, mental mental issues and the UCLA to step in. And he said something like I'm working with the solve this out. I hope I hope that the UC does the same would be J pen. I these are just like you say Sion's, but you look at his age you look at you know, he hasn't won a fight it almost a decade. Now is ten nine years that I hope that you have seen steps in there'd be like BJ. Let's figure this thing out. What you want to do because I certainly don't want. See, I'm I'm gonna watch just because it's on the card and look at the end of day, you kind of do wanna see what happens, right? But you know, as a fan, I'm a fan of Japan. I don't wanna see them continue your back in the day when Dana still did his scrums, you know, advice and things like that. I remember this is clear as he was talking about BJ and being one of those guys is like he just doesn't know what to do with himself is not fighting on a training camp. He you know, you fear that he's going to get up to no good. He's going to start doing stuff that he shouldn't be things like that. Like, he was talking about a friend. You know, they would slip into that a little bit. And it's funny to see it's funny in the in the weird sense to see the time play out. And basically, we're at the. Same spot. Well, what he was saying years and years ago, and I think that that really is the case, you know, I think that you just look at it. And I don't think he knows what to do outside of fighting. And unfortunately, his name is intact. Like, we know who BJ Penn is really, you know, what we remember him will always remain there. But we're where he's at right now in life is just very very difficult. And it's weird because it's fight game. You don't wanna see guys that you kind of idolized for fan like fans idolize take too many beatings. It's just it seems cruel at some point. It's also scary. I mean, recently we've seen his generation there's been a few articles that have come out Venderley Silva as open CT above loose. Overall was the recent one we also know about Hugues as well. Look, you know, he is of that generation. And he he he did so well his career they never really took that punishment. He never was never knocked multiple times or anything like that. But nonetheless, we know how brutal. The sport can be men. I don't wanna see them in one of those because click we'd is still capable of veteran. He's been around. He's going to know how to handle himself in a fight. We've already seen him against Dennis Seaver who was basically an older guy on the way out of the UFC and he couldn't be deceiving. And then they put him against hall who's a BJ J guy who wasn't really like the biggest threat to like pound face with his fist. And that fight went the way. I'm just like, I'm not sure what we should be looking for in this fight an exit. That's what it is that a few times. So I hope if if it goes the way we fear I hope that we really. He does go through that exit door and any thoughts about how it will do on paper view. There are some reports Jerry Bader over at his new project wizard had said that you have C two thirty which one six yet. Was it two hundred nine thousand hundred ten thousand a lot of different ways to evaluate the successor lack there. There's a threat by John Nash. I encourage everyone to. This was probably gonna do real bad. If I'm guessing thirty six way more intrigued than this card, and it was domestic the mystic. That's the big issue. Right. Because even you'll see some of those UC's Aldo one was at UC one forty two. I don't think it the very good numbers. Chad Mendez, even you'll see one thirty four which was their return. I don't remember doing gangbusters. So my thing I think that you're right. It has it's it seems doomed to be one of their one of their loans go out there and save fifty thousand about right something like that. I mean fifty thousand was just a core. Like it started there. Right. It used to be that was there's fifty thousand no matter what. So I don't know. So this is not the newest news. We did get chance to talk about. I don't wanna spend forever on to talk about it. Because it relates to this paper view news. So Brock listener tells you see he's not going to compete anymore. Although that's not quite true. When it would melt reporting Fairleigh Meltzer says that Brock wanted a flat fee of a certain number and you'll see said, no. So he said see you wouldn't want to be. And so they're going to go with DC versus stay to the big takeaway from this story, we evaluate everything is what what's the what's the number one lesson that the US should may not be as public about a kind of dream fight or novelty fight in such a way. Because what basically happens is like, hey, guys. Look, there's a Maserati that we're going to put you in Iraq around Mazar. And then like, Nope. You're going in the Tra what saying that's what it feels like in the end because they the the for the first, and then you get the second thing. And I'm like I feel like that's the buzzkill field. Of that is what strikes me immediately. If you get past that, and you think of it from an insider stamp went where you're basically, you know, this is a good fight. Right. Like, you're like Cormet, you knocked he knocked. But you know, he caught him to. And you're like, I don't think you saw the best mutual. I'm sure that they they do it again, maybe has a whole different outcome. There's still tons of doubt over that fight ended obviously holding the record for most defenses. And all that probably deserves. I know that we've talked about all the stuff a million times. He could make the case deserves to be there again. And I feel like that was probably their next fight. The other thing was those domino effect because they could if they if they're not waiting around for Brock listener if there, and I know that there was like this back surgery for gourmet and all this that would complicate it. But if they're not waiting around for Lessner John Jones was there. I mean, he's fighting these other guys they could have made that fight and been promoting that for July. You know what I mean or something like that? But because we're waiting on Brock, and we're you know, we were fixated on this. A lot of other things were altered is it good or bad. The Bronx mix. I think it's for for you. We'll for me was I think it is bad because I did I wanted to see that fight wanted to see DC get a big payday and walk away with a big fight. But man, I think this speaks to like how the UC is is handling business now because I wonder how many big fights we're gonna get because we saw kinda McGregor. You know, trying to make a comeback and all of a sudden that's been halted GSP retired wanting to fight again. And now Brooklyn doing the same thing, you know, with with that flat fee that they're getting from ESPN. They don't have that incentive as big of putting on these these big massive fights. And that's going to hurt the sport. Let me let me push against for just a second. Bring us up to me. And I had thought of it this way. But it's worth considering. I have made that argument, and I do think in general, it is true time-to-time, however, ESPN has got to be saying, right? If you don't want to bend at every interval, you don't have to exact, but at some point we wanna see Connor on at some point. We wanna see Brock where somebody. At some point. They do have to bring a big star through this. They not one hundred percent. I mean, they have they have an obligation to bring in subscriptions in in big numbers to be a Spion. Plus, but I would say that incentive is is a lot lower now because it's not strictly hurting their pockets. You know, whereas they have to put on big fights. Because that was exactly how they would make revenue. So yeah, there's some truth to that. But I think, you know, it's nice to get that up from payment, right? And I think Curtis blades put it put a tweet out that I think encapsulated everything pretty was like if you rock Messner holding out the division. But I think that goes a long way to the as well like, look, you just kept waiting for this guy and kept dangling this this fight. And now, we're not getting it isn't it's a huge bustle Brooks really going. I don't think Bronco going. No. Especially Meltzer thing is correct. 'cause usually pretty good about keeping. Low balling somebody. Does it sound like? The guy office. He does this a lot. He does some version of this kind of leveraging game and take it or leave it. And then he goes to makes the money. And then they'll go rose. I think he resurfaces again, also hashtag retirements. You thought about Brockton wanted share once you guys thought about it because I was out for variety reasons when the whole thing went down, and what is Bronx. What's that? He's done. I don't think he is. But let's say that he is like what would it be to me Brock has been like a mirror to Emma may to let you really see whatever may really about certain capacities at every interval. So he came in on this boom period, and you can you can read into the boom period of through Lessner. And other was a pro wrestling crossover on how big pay per view was at the time. And how important it was to be a big strong athlete a heavyweight at that time that's not necessarily the case anymore. But it was then, and then the diverticulitis thing I don't think there's any real analog for but his return at UFC two hundred and how did the work because they you saw to air and every interval his career. You can understand 'em a better by watching. How may was affected by him? Yeah. For better for worse by the win. True. You guys agree with that thought of that? But that's actually very true. He has literally been and right there for all of these things that Roussel. He's that Roussel. Yeah. And it's also because he hasn't been consistently fighting bright. So it's not like we've saw progressively things. Changing. He's literally stepped in different comes these bits. And so that you can see the change moving moment. I wonder if he's going to come in the US CNN, that's the next one. Again, it would sell you a lot about the growth of change and everything else. It's kind of funny in that regard. I'll start a little to. We haven't talked for a while. I feel like we got built or to twenty one this weekend. It's an interesting weekend for Biltmore, Danny is for two different reasons. Let's start with tournament. One. There's the tournament that was would take on MVP has this tournament petered out a little bit. What do you mean? Exactly. So does leave. I think fought what eight months ago for the first time. He's facing MVP. Maybe folks don't think it's that competitive because they really liked Douglas Lima, maybe didn't really know Douglas Lima. Maybe it's a lot of factors. I'm not here pooh-poohed tournament. Tournament is great. I'm not pulling the fight. I think the fight is grants. But she it's a tournament. Like the guy's got to where they got. I just I don't see a lot of chatter about it. I think this car has flown a little bit on the raider. But it's also there's so much going on in the world of may right now that you know, it's hard to stand out. But this this is a great tournament this something I'm really excited about because fans for the longest time, we're complaining and crying about how MVP wasn't getting any legit how they wanna see him. Get challenged. Will you got the chance? Now, we got the chance with Paul daily. But I feel like that didn't really scratch the two. Well, no sudden Douglas Lima, you know, he's gonna put it on VP. So at this point and the he's what thirty two years old. You know, fourteen fights into his career. There's no more catering. There's no more prospect building this is it either your legit or you're not we're gonna find out Saturday if he's not guy, and I feel like you can do kind of do the same thing you're doing. Is you're selling the Barrett tournament the merit to me. I'm asking about to what degree has it maintained visibility by virtue of its own strengths. I think it's I think there's an argument that has dwindled down a little bit and convinced you're convinced to convince me, you know, what I mean. Yeah. I mean, there is some some interest lost because how long it's taken to the layout album. Yeah. And it doesn't help also the champion ROY McDonough with those comments that came out that also, you know, you want to see a fired up ROY rather than like, hey, you know, I don't know if I have it in me anymore. So yeah, I think it has petered out part of it is Douglas Lima never seems to attract for whatever reason diehards critical. I we just don't like make him an event. We don't circle him. I don't know why it is honest. If you watch him fight who so go is so good. And he's literally like an assassin the way he approaches it, I find him vacillating in that sense. But for whatever reason he has not translated. And so he's been, you know, white as quite as usual. I think the bigger issue was that daily MVP because I was there and that building like sagged and died by the second was not a storm. It was not. And I mean, I think that for some reason why he was like watching the flowers in the garden Wilton die all at once. And I for whatever reason this is carried over I've not many people are talking about. If m VP had gone in there and just smoke ball daily. I there would have been a lot more chatter about this. But he he just didn't do it. Also give it some time. Because right now, we have this. It could be very exciting. Could be a good fight. And then in June. We have you know, racy McDonald's. NYC cart has turned out to be nominal looking forward to that being here. I just I'm not again, I'm sold tournament. I love it idea tournament. I think the fights not have gone that great. But the people who are there should be there. I just don't looking around. And I'm like out like, I don't see people chat about it too much that takes us to the main event. This one actually has captured a lot of attention. It's a chip chip fight. If you think about it, right? If I'm not mistaken it is. Although it's a weird we're way, but it's a grudge match, man. Right. Right. Oh, the pit bull brothers at all Patricia pimple. And whoever runs with Twitter cat has been hammering might Chandler four years now, Mike while his brother believe twice they fought. Like thirty times it feels like he's always going as a pit bull. The Hatfield mccoys show. Do you like how I say? I love how egregious you're love. It's a little bit war one-sided than it is mutual. But the fact that Chandler has the winds and Patrizio has the animosity it makes an interesting tension. You just start with the fact that a partition is raised right? Like, they couldn't have faced each other. And that's that was one of the reasons when he's fighting for Triki, he's not gonna treat out and Saint Louis, and you know, the other guys barking at them, you know, you're like, well, you guys can't fight. But here you get past the partition, and you realize that there's a revenge factor. Right. Like, this one guy wants to avenge his brother against this guy who took a soul put it in a jar on his bookcase for a while. And I'm like to me, I love those. I love those setups. You know, the they're a an organic feel of bad blood. Always translates to a good fight. I feel like and Michael channel. Let's this to these are two of the first bell tower stars there guys who are or through and through though, the guys there have been there the whole. The whole way and there's an element to that Chandler should win. Right. Like Chandler's who he is. But he ever so often takes his foot off the gas and loses this kind of fight. So we see with going back to the we'll Brooks series. I thought there was gonna smoke little Brooks didn't. And then, you know, the the Brent premiss fight. So I think that elements doubt plays over just a little bit too. And that adds something for me, the bad blood is was really capturing my attention. I have this clear picture of like when when Chandler knocked out Patrice de. And then you just you just see Patrice you on the case. They're just going back in front of me. Not that his brother in front of them. I was there. There the cage Hector heckled him. And then Lynn immediate of us called himself a dog owner like whoa. This is super intense. And I'm looking forward to it. And like you said these are two bell tour. Oh, jesus. It's always nice because it feels like sometimes the big fights Beltre's able to put on his because of names from some other organizations. This is this is one hundred percent tour, and you know, it's nice to see the belts were brand out there. Also, it's kind of interesting that both UFC Biltmore tour within a couple of months of each other or having a featherweight featherweight champ against lightweight champ. I suspect though, max was a really big featherweight. Patricia was not a really big. So he's not he's not by any means a small one. He's far from big named Chandler is an enormous field like count of Monte, Cristo revenge and taking blood or it doesn't matter the size of he just wants to go exact revenge. Let me ask you about. What aspect I had Michael Chandler on our on Monday. And I. Asked him about it because something really sticking out to me Patrizio has been out there. Just absolutely beating the drum that Michael Chandler's PD's now to our knowledge that is not true. And I asked him about explicitly. He said, it's absolutely not true about it. Okay. I asked to is there any Barrett to it. Because a lot of media will be like, how do you feel about it? No. Is it true? Is it true or not true at all after his answers? I don't suspect it, but I had ask she denies it. And then I asked him different question. Which was do you feel like your reputation has been stayed by just getting out there and say these kinds of things, and you don't really have. It'd be all you can say, no, it's it's like highs appeal to beat your wife. Right. But I didn't be my wife feel wife. Like us. What is how do we feel about fighters accusing each other things like this? And how do you cover it when it is? Essentially kind of baseless. So if in the end, it came out the Chandler was cheating or is doing PD's. I guess you'd be look back on this. Well, he was trying to tell us we warring, but he was trying to tell us, but because it's unsubstantiated. It's just kind of out there. I always feel like this. This kind of thing is a bad look. Yeah. Because you why you just that's I mean, they're very little very few things that are below the belt. But this is one of them we start making stuff up. That's the cases you can't just start making stuff up about somebody. I mean, it's just people always say like, oh, we'll Cody was saying about TJ, and it all came true. Okay. A lot of it came through. But you could go down the list of people who've accused the other person at none of it has come true. So I I was I was battling with this. I was like how are you supposed to cover this? You know, I don't really know yet because you kind of have to cover just because it's part of trash off. Right. But at the same time, it is about look not only for that fighter. We're just for the sport in general. You know? Yeah. So. We got to be careful in stating that look, you know, these are claims channel has never failed any drug tests and kind of be very clear about that. I know here we are talking about Chandler with drug. What for the fact that Patrizio brings it up? We would probably never bring his Michael Chandler, right? Like, he's a guy who's been nothing. But loyalty pellets thought opportunities he goes into Dopson, you know, this this kid and has this whole like feel-good story going on. And yet we enter we end up talking about them in a way that or speculation of something substantial it's really weird. The fight game is very strange and how it works. But it's says you man, the power you have of microphone just kind of repetition. If you just keep saying stuff, eventually it sticks. Somebody here's the he wasn't that guy. Then you get busted for dis. You know what? I mean. It's just it's one of those those strange setups. But I don't like it. I don't like, what's what's the where are the Mounties? Then if somebody's going to make up stuff about you know, or if you say something like that will where's the evidence? True. If you're going to come out with these claims, I would have to support him rather than you know, this is you don't need evidence to make claims. That's a good point. Yeah. All right. So then that takes us to discuss too brief. Chuckling illness one Kleiner cowboy so cowboy winds de defeating allied to look at some of Cowboys wins Dallas to win stands up there as one of the. Yeah, this is designed for him to lose. I think what do you mean? Well, I mean the times he's faced guys like this. I feel like the guys who, you know, maybe are at the top or near it, or for whatever reason. That's when he has dropped the ball. Like, he's he beats the guys who are kinda usually the the the up incomers like those the processes able to beat them. He's able to kind of you know, discard some of the the no names the Matt Brown's the guys who are the brawler that he's able to do that. But there's a guy who just seems to perio- sometimes he'll he'll fight down. I don't know why he just doesn't show up in the moment. So this it was telling for him to go beat Iaquinta. This was a big one. All right. So then it gets to this question of like should he face Conor? Let me get your temperature on this. Would you like that fight? What do you love that fight? Guess actually the better question. So I love I love any idea that Conor McGregor would fight one of these guys like he certainly one of them at this point. I like they they've had you know, they've had multiple moments where we've contemplated going back to that. What that big go big event or whatever that was back in the day. They've been kind of added since then we've had many times where we've contemplated it. And I feel like at this point Cowboys throwing couldn't put himself in a better position to get it. And so at this point, I hope it happens. I don't know if I would say, I love it. I love it as much as if gates you fought, you know, something like that. There's there's a couple of fights they can put together. But yeah, I would like to see it. I just wanna see right to stop flirting with the idea and actually book it, but at this point, I'm like, I don't know. I don't even know what McGregor like he you hear Dana white. And he says, he's negotiate. We're gonna have something in the summer that would make sense, we'll probably want so I hope for Cowboys sake. And I think that that's a winnable fight also for Conor McGregor. I think it makes sense on that level. I love. Let me ask you this talk about a little already given what we talked about with Brock. Do you have concerns that they will not be able to make a cleaner and cowboy fight in terms of ESPN money the plus thing on yards? Yeah. Of course. I think it's very possible that it doesn't happen. But I'm not I'm not too worried about you know, how the negotiations are gonna go down because Conor McGregor is not that champion. The ball keeps rolling with Habib defending his belt against us Emporia against whatever else comes up this year with the Brock situation was that Brock brought wanted to fight the champion saw the all of a sudden, you know, you guys like Francis and guy JD, yes, where very deserving of fighting for that belt waiting and having to take other fights that they probably shouldn't have the champion would have been active right on. So that's my issue with it. But look this fight is not clogging anything up. So you're gonna take your time to for whatever. How long's it takes it takes to build, you know, do it. But I'm I'm all for Budweiser property offer. I mean back in the day when he was. Fighting Nate Diaz McGregor. It didn't make complete sense, obviously, the circumstance that put them together. And then it became the series in off kind of went on as many aggressions. But I feel like this is a fight similar because Nate DS to me was like a, you know, anti anti man, he was kind of joined forces with Connor at the right time. And they were actually kind of fighting the OC together in this weird way. I- Sironi is kind of the opposite. And that sense. He's more like the company guy, but he's similar in terms of his approach to the fight game. Like the way he fights the brings it every time the way he kinda just no nonsense it, and I I love that aspect. I love guys are like that. You just wanna see a guy going there doesn't matter. What Connor says to him tries the rubble, you know, what I mean like you're going to go out there, and he's going to fight exactly the same. So I like that setup. Also, something I mentioned the something that you see needs to get better at his cloning their stars. Like this Cody. Yeah, at this point McGregor is is is, you know. I mean, it's he's thing. But he's also like a platform for other fighters to boost their profile just like or like, Ronda Rousey did to Holly home. Right. So you need to start matching him up in in in fights where you know, the beside can get you know, some benefit. So like, no Mogomedov, right? Exactly. Look at them. Remember, Lutely, he became all of a sudden, a huge. Just from that rivalry with Conor McGregor, and you know, Conor McGregor doesn't have that many fights left if he's gonna ever return. He's have tour three I don't see them having like a six fight career at this point. So put him up against other guys that have characters that you know, that you can potentially get out there and and putting big cards. Let's make a bet if they make it what actually asking this way. Bigger prediction. Do they make it or not happen in this in the summer? I'm gonna say it does say doesn't say doesn't bed. I'm not I'm Betty does it happen in the summer. Oh, it could happen fallish. I think. I can say I think it happen. Yeah. Yeah. The timeframe me right is like the slippery slope wondering if you wanna go before Habib in September or after right and a party feels like he wants to go after an interesting way of thinking about it too. Yeah. He also has to see how that plays out because it doesn't Emporia you know, manages to get that title. He has a Hillary fought beat Dustin like, I don't think he maybe he should I don't know the he particularly fears that matchup at any particular. But all of a sudden, that's a you know, he can he has more of a claim to get that fight. Then Habib rematch writer for the true. Another brings us to another lightweight that I wanted to discuss here. That's Tony Ferguson now there are indications this week. Pardon me, gentlemen. I'm sorry. There is just blow my nose on. There are some indications this week that Tony Ferguson believe, bro. Commode who reported it that twenty we talked about it hit changed management rooms he was with paradigm. And now he's with Balaji, and she met with you see officials, and while nothing has been formally announced it appears like things are very much moving in the right direction Danny for a comeback yet. Do you feel from the outside looking in that enough He's been crossed and is have been dotted that you feel comfortable and again, it's not our choice. But we're just observers wondering aloud do you feel comfortable with the idea of him returning to the cage? Given what we know about the struggles. He's been fixing. I do I do, you know, there's a few signs out there that one he was we know that he was working with the UC to, you know, get the help that he needed in to his wife dropped the restraining order that that she had, and you know, they're back together. So, you know, those are those are all good signs. Also, like, I don't think he's going to take any fight. You know, any? Any quick fight. It's going to be probably a nice build up for his return. So yeah, I think I'm comfortable with him returning to the cage. And I'm sure he's going to get a bunch of tests in whatever commissioning decides to fight under right? So yeah, I'm fine. With return? You gotta almost trust the system a little bit trust the officials that are. I mean. What it is. You've got to trust them that they're doing the right thing by him. And then you got to watch him. It's basically it's similar in a weird way to win mass Holloway was going to fight obviously. And then showed those weird signs and they had the call the fight off. Yeah. Which was at which fight anyways. You know what I'm talking about? That was befell fight or. Yes. I'm sorry, Frankie. So we had to see him. It was weird. It was weird to contemplate him fighting in when it finally happened. And we saw him go through his fight week. You know, he's a little bit of an Accenture fella. Just like Ferguson. They have their, you know, their idiocy crisies. They're very different kinds of guys. But we saw we go through his fight. We can on soap. And then look great in there. I think that that's Ferguson's blueprint. He has to just go through his we'd be the be who is look good in there. And then we'll put that aside. I think that it's going to take that sort of thing. Then you gotta distrust, the officials know what's going on. Then we here's a part of the is hard about trust of the officials letting guys like Penn fight your legs, drew, you know, obviously BJ Penn. Well, I don't know. Is that a guy that should be fighting right now, there's a lot of questions like Jesus, man. Like, it's a different question. I don't I'm I'm with you guys. I kind of feel like whatever reason I feel soothed concerns are largely assuage think also part of I think I think it's fair to compare that to the BJ situation, but there's also key differences there. Like BJ fight skill wise. You know, he doesn't belonging there anymore like fight skills. Right. So why exactly twenty years, and you know, he's a killer. Right. You know, he he's history. What is guy so utterly unqualified at this point, which is a legend, but he's not currently competing as a top tier lightweight computer mean he's far from that. You're a little guy like that compete. Who else are you gonna let compete right? You're gonna be like an I get I feel like. Two things. Give me pause one. Is that toady is so much more visible than BJ at this point so wrong with Tony it would blow up more. So that gives me like, I think you've sees aware of the optics of it. Right. And then to eventually his wife has really there was a video put out you guys are watching mixed. Molly wapner missing I it's a guy who sounds like I don't know like a Cody island guy who sells hot dogs or something. I don't know. But he's super smart sibling gets a he. 'cause that's the narrators voice. He makes e two videos. Yeah. But they're, but they're long form, and they happen after stories almost over and he made a point. And I thought I was absolutely true. Which was Tony's wife went out of her way to make sure that toadies reputation was not sullying this by noting her initial public statement that he's a great father, again husband were just working through things to your point dropping it. So all of the response to Tony was hey, get well sued, man. Yes. Versus BJ who ever has been secretive and quiet, and you know, behind the seeds, this is kind of out in the open. So to me, it feels like checkup my wrong, a little more transparent a long little trivia. And it helps that he kind of came up. Hey, guys, I'm gonna seek the help. I need just doing one little. I haven't really heard much from David in. And it's almost like they're sneaking them through these cards these days, and I'm like, it's just an odd. But it is it is it similar in a weird is, you know, like in spirit, but it's it's obviously a completely different setup for this. I agree with you. I think the scrutiny is so big on a guy like Ferguson. So they got to be right. The fights the he is at least the orbit of our dusted Bieb. I know Connor you know, what I mean? Like, that's a lot of media. Those guys H E, right? Which is nice. He's not fighting any prelims. And he thought about who he should fight. That's the problem with light with division right now. It's so close to that question. It could be gauged. Damon? I mean, it won't happen now. Now, there's no easy way to make it unless he somehow slips in there. Somebody gets hurt whatever. Yeah. That'd be the weirdest thing for of Ferguson to finally get the fight with her Maga made of after somebody falls out. He goes in there. But that's one of those situations where I wanted to see that fight just because of the styles. I think he's got the weird unorthodox is sort of almost intangibles that might give the the trouble. I would still have to sit up obviously, that's not happening. So you can take any of those other names, and I'd be fine with it. But I still want to see that one. Yeah. I think if I were twenty I say, not just wait. I mean Habib been poor. You're supposed to fight in September. Right. Look. Poor. You didn't show up for the ADS Vike? He has some issues we have hasn't showed up to other fights as well. We know how crazy a sport is. You know, we know how they UC machine they always have to keep rolling. So guy could fall out and then. Thing you know, so ridiculous. I think that that's how manga may will fight. It was never saw it coming all of a sudden they'll be fighting. Feel in he'll fill in. I know this unpredictable. Basically being the setup for those guys. All right. So the takes us to the final topic before under the radar PF L makes debut. ESPN tonight. Now, it's crazy about it is this is supposed to be PF L twelve I think and in the press release of the call you fill one because there's a new season, Luke mono. Yeah. PF L twelve season too. But okay, how do we feel about going on ESPN Danny feel like it's gonna make it? I think so I think this is a great move for them because he's great. Yes. Well, the season's over are they anywhere of a different place. Really what it comes to attracting a fan base? They will man because he SPN is. It's the sports fans platform, right and sports fans are used to certain order certain hierarchy, right and soccer. We football. You know, we sports fan are custom to a certain rule set in in certain pattern where they can plan out and see route for their favorite team in this case favorite fighter with the. You've see do you see I work on this time. And I sometimes have a hard time following the sport, you know, because there's so much happening so much to consume with PF L pretty straightforward. So I think if you're sports fan, and look you're not like super into fighting. But like you find it entertaining. I it's an easy thing to get into. Okay. This guy's fighting this guy. There's a point system is easy. A follow. So I think this is a perfect platform for them. I dig it. And I hope it works. I really do. Because last the last season I felt like a got it did what I wanted to do right leg. A couple of guys who were recyclables who are able to get in there and win this. And there's the one guy at Utah, Sean O'Connell he the way is now a commentator exactly this season. So see how these things kind of pay for it. I I was religion to see if a lot of people would want to join the fuel fell after the last season because you do see these millionaire these guys cash in the million jacked up, and it is priced by me. It hasn't worked at Zac like that they brought in the few names. But I feel like this visibility gives them a little bit more. I feel like it's a nice second step, obviously, I think it's on ESPN two, right? But still a very big step for them and the visibility. I think might help it because there was a lot it picked up steam last season when it got toward the final like we're talking about it then but we were not talking about it during the season. It was very much sorry. Yeah. Sorry was very much just filler. Yeah. And then you're right in the playoffs. Yeah. You're like. Oh, okay. Well, at least this season hitting the ground running with this. And it'd be it'd be cool to see like what they're able to do with. Kayla Harrison start living. Let me get to that. So like I disagree fundamentally with the idea that sports fans want to see a tournament. I don't think they would get in the way of turnament. I think it depends like anything else on the nature of the tournament itself. What I do think is going to be a big test of the ESPN platform is killing Hairston if they could just find a branch for her to walk over is gonna be a star. It seems like one of the most obvious things ever other than do. They have of way to get her across because she's got everything they could possibly want a cool story at background, you know, she's a basic to interview like, you know. Ferocious competitor like the whole nine. The can they find to fight. To fight again earth. She's fighting even with a substitute. I don't know who big dogs fighting our little dogs fighting, but but kill Harrison, she's fighting the Russell particularly jacket, right? Like, I knew that attention to that to me. It's like they gotta find names determined makes them to your point. But it's about getting the brush off some people like the Cerro Kaufman's who are champions in other leagues. And even. He was. Even though it sat at least he's a name. You're throwing into this mix that they've got a right because who who serve out and finds somebody named Morgan fryer. I think are freer I'm Shasha pronounces her name. But nobody's ever heard of this person. I feel like most of them were would work figures. But I think that that's what you gotta start. Yeah. You gotta make them. You know, I if you're creating the division for keilor's, and you've got to the those you have to create all the concerns, and everybody's gonna come to the one thing. I'll say I never thought it'd be sports cared about World Series of fighting. I'd never thought they cared about the PF L. I do think that ESPN cares. And so that to me is a bit of a difference there. All right. All right for our last segment before you after the beats I've now for under the radar, and there have been a bunch of stories was one story kind of float around there. The either we didn't talk about today. Kind of interesting worth at least mention start their worker way for it. What do you got? All right. So two guys. We haven't heard from an a longtime both signed fight. My boy who's been a handsome went for five years or something basically recluse who you know, we we've found out about through the tough series and had some fights. But he's kind of a recluse a very eccentric guy. He's returning to Louis painting. I believe and maybe in South Carolina. I can't remember Greenville, and then and also Gobert Melinda. Who? Two thousand seventeen forgive as hiding in plain sight a lot of times with all his analytical work, but he signed on for a fight. And he's the guy he's fighting Arnold. Alan is I had my because he's very quiet five in on the OC. The only reason we don't talk about because he fought all of his fights in Europe. It's it's one of those weird doer dicey situation against a really tough, dude. So those guys it's good to see them like the old names. Crop back backup. Mark Monday or former colleague reporter ESPN two Erin PICO switch training training Albuquerque under Greg Jackson. That's pretty exciting news because I you see a guy like people, you know, four into soap promising, but he's had already. You know, two major setbacks. You wanna see them kind of switch camps in and get different looks. And you know, how we can get the best out of him. And I feel like this is this is one of and I feel like over, you know, book you'll regret Jackson wings. They can do that. They can they can there's so many experienced guys because that's what he needs. We know he skilled he just needs that experience, and hopefully they can they have to be excited to be. And you know, they love those types of projects. He just seems. He's got that wrestling mentality where I'm going to show up, and you know, work, and yes, coach I'm going to put in the work. And and knowing how skill those guys are like, it's pretty exciting. I was gonna do that. What I think the second one. I would bring up is. It was a boxing fight. Did you guys watch the canola photo dissolve? Oh, I didn't get a chance to see it. But I heard design was quite a platform. Do they royally after that up? Yeah. Here's the thing about if you watch billets dissolved you would be like, oh, that's more or less the Biltmore experienced, which I'm accustomed do. They really did a really bad job. Like, the the the shooting of the fight from a camera position was five but not good. They messed up dago Jacobs's intro. They ran the house music go back to go back to stop restarted. Now, I'm gonna watch the fight. You can't hear the there's no Mike of the ring. So you can't really hear the punches land on does the best part and to make bad as worse. I do like bride Kenny and Sergio Mora more than I've actually had both in studio. They're great. But they were kind of I think you're exaggerating. How much they were advocating on behalf of Cannella, but they they they did a little bit. And so here's the funny about it. Sergio Bora, criticized by Daniel Kobe on Twitter, Sergio Bora lashed out at him, which I was kind of interesting. Here's the thing. I wanted to bring up it did six hundred thousand of yours domestically and point worldwide, which they considered to be a success eilly break that up because it doesn't sound like TV numbers. But they're getting us benchmarks for what they're looking for keep that thousand domestic with Millward worldwide. But they got very happy with that. So there on the. Gresham out there on the I don't know. But the main the main event was w Bryant cancer, Joe Bora, and then then Chris Mannix. Oh god. And then had the after the the fight analysis. And it was who's the dude who got fired from ESPN for leaking info on Virk or. Yeah. So like that right. So he does own hired him, and he was interviewing Sugar Ray Leonard purolator head on like bright, white pants. There was a blinding me to watch. All right. And then in the back the DJ was playing like terrible like black hole sewed remixes. So loud, you could not hear what they were saying this thing I'm gonna to go watch the whole thing desert has a lot of work to do for their boxing production. Biltmore it'd be like show village seems to be ready to rack, but that was rough. All right. We appreciate you guys to again, I believe we're back next week. But I gotta see whatever is happening. Hopefully by that a look like a mangled idiot. Who's been in a car wreck at I like, I'm envious chasing speaks to your your fortitude to show up here in full. Just want bigger paychecks. Okay. Enjoy UFC two thirty seventy two all the coverage you'll need with. A gimme crews who is down there it resil- enjoy built or to twenty one. A Young's is exactly the folks on the ground there as well. So we got you covered right here at fighting. We appreciate you guys watching for Chuck for eighty. I'm Luke until next time hands up should download them fly. This is the maybe. Everybody. Neil Patel editor and chief of the verge in. This is the verge cast. I is the flagship podcast is the verge every week. We cover the latest in tech news reviews. We took a critical look at what is going on now. And next in the world of tech show hosted by me, our executive editor bone, not your friend and Paul Miller. It just feels like there's something wrong with all computers, though. Don't you think that sometimes we do that on Fridays and on Tuesdays interview episode IV been talking to all kinds of influential people in around the world attack. 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