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Is podcast is a production of the salem podcast network for more podcast like this from courageous voices of conservative reason visit salem podcast network dot com. This journey began at the age of love. He was introduced a hard work faith and family values however the struggling team. He wandered down the craft of least resistance finding himself jailed twice with a child. He had to fight rate by the grace of god. He attended an evangelical church and found that there was a better way. Jackson is my hero. He discovered that. Despite america's flaws guy used our founding fathers to create our constitution. It's divided exceptional. Nature is undeniable. Is this fake stuff about carl jackson. While the seed from south central is saving california. Three thinker from florida is in college. Accent is the reason i was born. Larry elder show with special guests. Carl jackson who again district who welcome back to the larry elder show. That intro gets me every time. Props sean props william. You guys didn't amazing amazing job on that. All right. the number call into the relieffactor dot com studios triple eight nine seven one seven. Two four three we are talking about the arizona audit that is taking place as well as how. The georgia secretary of state are a republican brad. Wrappings burger Really screwed up the georgia election. It's really as simple and sadly as bad as at the good news is there's a. There's a thing. Called redemption and republicans we will get to redeem ourselves in twenty twenty two. We do have to make sure that election integrity is a priority and here. Oh this prompts. Daily wire the texas democrats. So here's the headline. Texas democrats won't release a daily corona virus numbers anymore after ten percent of the members test positive. I think justice. I'm sorry i'm sorry. It's just one of those things that this is just poetic justice. This is just almost too good to be true. I don't wish any harm or any. Ilan anyone but After they staged that stunt This is just poetic justice. The texas democrats who fled their state to subvert. Democracy will reportedly no longer released daily numbers. On how many members have tested positive for the corona virus which comes as more than ten percent of the texas democrats who traveled to dc have tested positive for the corona virus during their time in the nation's capital poetic justice. Oh my goodness all right before. I get started. Let's go ahead and go to the line real quick. We've got darren in cleveland ohio darren. You've got the mike mrs. jackson how're you doing today. I'm doing great. Thank you all right. Thanks for taking my call. Really appreciate it So this is essentially just Wanted your opinion Watching everything that's been unfolding over the past you know year year and a half at this point in time and with the left essentially attempting to rewrite history. We've seen this before in other totalitarian regimes from hausa dog to the third rice When people are divided against themselves and essentially monitored for these types of things and demonized at what point do we not have a country anymore. If i agree fighting to save it is the only option here but are we destined to go through some really dark times that we haven't seen before. Yes honestly. I i don't. I don't think we're doomed. I don't believe that it's over. Are we going to go through some dark times. I think listen. The democrats will do everything in their power to remain in power. If you give democrats enough leeway cheat they will if you give them the opportunity to undermine your authorities american citizens they will and unfortunately as julie kelley mentioned and as i mentioned earlier in the program Sadly the rank and file your average democrat on the street believes that anyone that voted for trump is racist and a phobic. They have succeeded in turning us against each other. But i do believe that. The constitution is our mechanism to restore sanity. I do believe that if we can prioritize the our elections as arrigoni appears to be doing. And it looks like georgia's is finally Is finally doing the same thing. I think the constitution can withstand this. I think there's got to be enough. Freedom lovers out there that respect and love. The constitution revere the constitution enough to to share it to preach it. If you will to question people you don't have to get all up in people's face like barack obama said but i do think you have to start question. I really just don't believe a lot of liberals or democrats. I shouldn't say liberals but left district democrats which have become synonymous. Unfortunately i really don't think they think through freedom. I really believe that. I can remember one time i can remember one time i went to go get I went to get my truck repaired. I'll get back to these these audit results here but went to get my truck repaired and this was this was several years ago. I believe this was the first time marco rubio ran for senate and i had a marco rubio bumper sticker on my car and i went into this dealership to which i would never recommend getting your car fixed at a dealership unless you can really afford it but i i went there for one specific reason get in get out but at the the period of time that i was in there there was a black gentleman that was you know they have these. I don't know what you call them like texas. Or what have you that. Come up in ask you all these questions and basically they're in charge of your car repair from get to go. You know they'll contact you. Let you know if there's anything whatever may be so there was a black gentleman and he he looked at me he saw my bumper sticker and he straight up looked at me which is just disdain. Like oh you could just see it in his eyes like he he he hated me. You know and and And i saw that. And i was like yeah. Yeah checking out the marco rubio bumper sticker. He was at work so he responded his kindly as he could and he was like. Yeah yeah the the he said something like that threw me off for or or or something like that. I used to carry him. Perhaps i should again. I i used to carry. What the The the the achievements that the republican party accomplish for for blacks back from reconstruction all the way through the civil rights. Just in bullet points. I even made them in a flyers. In case i ran into to some people that have to debate and ask questions okay so i gave him one of those cards and then a couple of hours later i returned to pick up my truck and literally literally now this. This is a one off this. This hasn't happened before it didn't happen before it hasn't happened since but this black guy that just looked at me with such disdain. Told me this he said you know. I've been teaching my kids or my son. I'm sorry. I've been teaching my son. And if i recall correctly he was very specific. He said i've been teaching my eight year old son. If i recall correctly to hate white people teaching him that after reading that car he said. I will never do that again now. That was just a card on the republican party imagine if you teach them about the constitution the founders and everything that went into it. It's just bring in document. But i do believe that the constitution if we return to the constitution. It'll save this country but are we in dire times or things scary. I'm not gonna lie to you. yes they are. I never thought we go. This far left. I never thought that. So many americans would be duped by the left i never. I didn't think it was possible. I knew we were in bad shape. I didn't realize we were in this horrible shape but we are but we are. But i don't think we're doing we're doomed. I think you have to go local. I think you have to get involved in goto. Those school board meetings. Maybe maybe you have to run for a local office but if that's something you don't wanna do. Perhaps you're not cut out for. I would just say this start speaking. I'll see one of the tools. I believe that the left has uses. Just silencing us they've just silences we've are. We've voluntarily silenced ourselves. Bill talk about lgbtq rights. They'll talk about abortion. They'll they'll talk about all of these issues and then we shrink back because we don't want to offend now be bold be willing to share what you believe and explain why you believe it whether it's your faith in god whether it's your love for this country explain to people why because people just don't think through this stuff we're taught to hate each other based upon a After our name before a name when an vice versa. This is carl jackson and for larryelder. 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Wind william i So anyway thank you to all of you guys and again Remember the great elderski elect elder dot com elect elder dot com You can see this This hat tip Forgotten man you can see tax returns for all forty one recall candidates but not for governor Newsom so gavin newsom is not technically a candidate in the recall so unlike his challengers he is not required to produce five years of tax tax. Return that would be interesting to know. california exempts gavin newsom from the tax return rule applied to larry elder. Listen this is going to be uphill battle. these are left wingers out there. They're gonna they're gonna try all types of shenanigans and Larryelder has to have firing power. That firing power is often Donations in order for him to spread the message so go to elect elder dot com elect elder dot com elect elder dot com. All right getting back quickly to this issue on the arizona audit and then we'll go into georgia are so this guy doug logan of cyber ninjas the co cyber ninjas he explains the difference between what they call ev thirty. Two's and ev thirty three. So here's what he says so. Follow me here just to be clear here in the state of arizona. There are ev thirty two ab thirty. Three's now the ev thirty. Two's are supposed to keep a record of win. A male land ballot is sent all right so the thirty. Two's keep the record of win. The ballot is sent. And then you have the ev thirty. Three's that are to be recorded when the mail and ballot is received. So ev thirty. Two's for ballots. Are sent ev thirty. Three's for ballots that are received so there should be more. Ev thirty two percent then ev. Thirty three's that were that were received but there's no clear indication that the ballots were ever sent out seventy four thousand ballots. So he says we don't have a clear indication that could be where the documentation wasn't done right he says Logan goes on to suggest. Maybe a door to door canvassing to help explain the discrepancy in the voter registrations. He says when we have seventy four thousand of these ballots in question it merit knocking on a door and validating this information so solution may be to go door to door in that crazy. The irregularities revealed during the hearing amounted to hundreds of thousands of votes. Ask yourself how long has arizona arizona has been a somewhat reliably red state. If i recall correctly georgia the same thing you get. Arizona georgia wisconsin. Trump wins. And it isn't my goal. I know even some people wanna right stop harping on on twenty two. You better harp on twenty twenty. Because if you don't harp on twenty twenty you won't figure out how to fix things for twenty twenty two and to get things right. Figure out what you did wrong you can you can. Both you can do both. Actually you can go back and look at twenty twenty and figure out what went wrong so you correct what you need to correct an order to win twenty twenty two and that's exactly what we see some state legislatures doing and then you guys may recall this. Oh my lord. I know this. Get us all heated on fox. News called the election for buying i. I don't. I don't recall if it was like one percent to it was. It was an extremely low number and they called arizona for biden. Now at the time. I was sitting in the Fox thirty five local studio here in orlando and i was doing commentary with some other political analyst commenting on the election at the time and i can remember trump wins florida and in numbers trump wins ohio easily trump loses arizona. I mean honestly. I was like oh okay i i. It shocked me is shocked. Me but fox called it. I think that gave the biting campaign the momentum and all the cronies that were up to corruption and up to no good. Hey there's our window go go go go. Google pretty amazing. There were major discrepancies with duplicate ballots. As well so there was serious discrepancies. According to this guy with the counting of duplicate ballots which made it extremely for all the for the auditor's to conduct an accurate count so anytime a ballot can't be run through the tabulated because it's damaged for instance. The duplicates are made Better than run through the tabular again. And so logan explained that there were roughly fifty thousand of those twenty five thousand originals and twenty-five thousand duplicates. Here's the problem. Thousands of those ballots had no serial number so the manifest that the that the auditors received the listing that the auditors receive stated that the ballots were the originals. So the auditors. Get some ballots that they were counting and it was stated from the information they received. Hey these are the original ballots. But when they got the ballots they were duplicates. They weren't original. They weren't originals. Eighteen thousand people who voted in the election were removed from the voter rolls. Soon after the election did you hear that. In the state of arizona and maricopa county eighteen thousand people who voted in the election or removed from the voter roll soon after the c. e. o. of cyber ninjas said. They were on the voter rolls. They showed voted in and then they were removed. Now there could be a logical explanation for this. Those numbers are pretty pretty high. I want you to listen to this. Listen to these numbers. This stuff is this stuff is just shocking to me. What we're finding out another eleven thousand three hundred twenty six voters in maricopa county. Were not on the voter rolls on november seventh but mysteriously appeared on voter rolls on december fourth and were marked as having voted in the november third election. Did you get that eleven thousand three hundred twenty six voters in maricopa county. Were not on the voter rolls on november seven but they appeared on the voter rolls on his on december fourth and they were marked as having voted on november third. Nothing to see here. I think not. I think there's plenty to see here. We've got to get this corrected. We have got to find out the truth. What happened in two thousand twenty. Can't happen again. We have to restore our election system to cre- covert lockdowns restore that system and make it even better make it where no one has to worry about election integrity whether that's voter. Id or everything. Else is carl jackson for larry elder. We'll be back in a few. 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Dot org where's the sage. He's saving california. And now here's special guests. Carl jackson on the larry elder show tip forgotten man before we get back to the The numbers from the arizona audit. You know one thing that i do think we have to be concerned about and we need to call our congressmen senators democrats. We have to really start making noise when it's not on the tv screen. It's like you forget about it right but we still have a border crisis house. Gop report hits biden Dims on the border crisis stat show continued migrant search. I just want to reiterate some of this stuff. A new report by house. Republicans on the oversight and judiciary committees hitting both the biden administration democratic lawmakers for the ongoing crisis at the southern border just just as new number show continued migrant surge this according to fox the staff report a copy of which was obtained by fox news outlines what republican said is a set of actions that show the by the administration precipitated a massive immigration crisis. And how house democrats have ignored. Repeated warnings from republicans to the detriment of our safety health and rule of law after boats taken by president. Trump stemmed the flow of illegal migrants. Coming into the us the biden administration has not only reverse course a measure seeking to stop the influx of border crossings but has instituted permissive policies and incentivize immigration do non-legal channels again. Hat tip forgotten. Man all this is about is importing. The new negro vote. All this is about is importing democrats through the southern border. We need to make more noise including myself when it comes to the border crisis because we tend to forget that so when it comes to election integrity one thing we have to make sure is that. There aren't a bunch of illegal aliens voting in our next election. This is why we have to get involved. This is why Our constitution our constitution is a great document. But it's not worth a darn thing if we don't fight for it if we don't adhere to it so we've just got to get out there and work you know. Republicans aren't used to conservatives aren't used to being activists we go to work and we buy groceries and go to church and then we shut our miles. We just try to be decent god fearing kid. People doesn't mean we don't screw up we do but the left is actively trying to transform america so we have to begin to actively save america and whatever facet that is in and again for some of you that as simple as having a conversation with a friend family member neighbor that perhaps you had had before perhaps starting off with a question. What do you think about this. what are you think. Are you concerned about that. You know it doesn't have to be antagonistic. You don't have to be nasty. You don't have to be a jerk. But i really do believe that people simply don't think through this stuff before i go forward. We've got mike on the line from santa barbara mike. You've got the mike. I call i love and thank you. I appreciate you welcome I wanted to import the possibility of a. It's a distinctly frightening possibility. But i haven't heard anybody discuss it and it's impossible to find any reasonable data hundred because i'm the internet because i don't think there is any but the possibility is that the people that are spreading the variant breakthrough virus are the vaccinated and they and the unvaccinated run the risk because all the vaccinated people are operating creek. Cove it in other words. They're piling on the plane and restaurants and appointing the dishes that they're spreading amongst themselves and if they can do that they can spread it to the unvaccinated the people in the texas lawmakers the new york yankees teammates Out through the olympics. They they all have contracted the breakthrough a real possibility that they run the risk of spreading it to the under. You know mike it is a it is a fascinating point that you make listen. Let let me tell you what i believe. I believe this disease is going to have. Its way this virus is going to have. Its this virus is going to have. Its way i think this virus. Listen i'm not a doctor. Okay obviously you guys know that. But you know i can tell you that i contract cova the person that contract for mass distance the whole nine the virus is going to have. Its way. the good news is that it isn't as deadly as it was and that a lot of hospitals doctor so on et cetera. Know how to treat for it. Unfortunately this is just turned so political It's absolutely crazy. And i fear that people are destroying life rather than saving lives because even doctors have become political on this issue. But i can tell you. I took vitamin c. d. and zinc along with xetra mice. They easy pack Not ha- ivermectin and prenton his own for a steroid and wit and hours. I was feeling much better with any hours. So there's treatments out there. I'm not sure that that would work for everybody. But that didn't work for me and it was a great relief. Projects for larry elder back in a few free speech. Live here on. The larry elder show with special guests. Carl jackson a welcome back to the larry elder program This is carl. Jackson said nanny your special guest host for the great elderski. The number to call in triple eight nine seven one seven. Two four three. You can follow me on facebook. Carl jackson radio Twitter or like me on facebook. Carl jackson radio twitter at carl jackson. Show check out my website. Carl jackson show dot com. And also i forgot to give props to the man in the studio right behind me lou Who helps me out with all the technical stuff that he has to deal with before. I step into the studio. So thank you lou. I never give him props in. He doesn't but i'm going to do it anyway. All right just did it all right so another so again. I just want to reiterate this point because this was really fascinating to me when it comes to arizona election so you had another eleven thousand three hundred twenty six voters in maricopa county That were not on the voter rolls on november seventh but mysteriously appeared on the voter rolls on december fourth and then they were marked as having voted on november third and the november third election. Now the left would like you or like like everyone. I think we're crazy but is it possible that the democrats just cheat. Is it possible that the democratic party is moral tomorrow. I'm going to do a show on real racism perceived racism and fake racism and hat tip forgotten. Man he's given me a lot of stuff. Some stuff that i use for tomorrow and some stuff that i'll be looking up myself. But why repealing. The hyde amendment will kill black lives. This from the the daily signal now won't get into it deeply. But i just want you to understand that when it comes to the democrat party of today they're leftists. We're dealing with a corrupt bunch of communist. We're dealing with a bunch of people that i mean absolutely could care less about life in americans. If people don't care about a baby. That are in politics. I i understand. Listen don't fall under condemnation. i understand. There's some women out there You know that that that may have half the procedure. And i'm not condemning you. I'm not judging you. But i will say that abortion a baby is it's the the baby isn't The baby is in the mother's room but it's not of the mother. There's separate dna strand. So you know that but these democrats want. They're upset because they say the hyde amendment is under attack. They one more women to kill their babies now. Overwhelmingly black women sadly have abortions. That's not racist and these people keep anyway. I'll get into that tomorrow. I don't know. I i have these I don't want to go off on a tangent. But i'll get into that tomorrow real racism fake racism amd perceived racism and. We'll have fun with that show tomorrow all right. So many ballots bled through as well so the auditors also found that the large numbers are large. Numbers ballots bled through to the other side. Potentially impacting other votes other ballots. Maricopa county announced before the election that it would be using these Secure vote or vote secure ballots. They didn't allowing to bleed through through other ballots. But they did they did. They used paper thin stock ballots mostly on election day and the electronic systems that they were using an arizona. And and honestly i got i. I gotta be truthful with you. I'm just as outrageous. Upset with republicans. How are you not aware of this. How are you not aware of this. How were you not on top of this. This makes no sense to me. If you give democrats leeway to cheat guess what not. And then they'll lie and say we cheat that's what they do this or modus operandi projection. What they do they blame us for doing absolutely amazing to me. So the electronic systems haven't been updated since two thousand eight according to this guy logan of cyber ninjas the ceo of cyber ninjas any worthwhile hacker could penetrate and access the voter registration system our server within ten minutes. It was so outdated. I don't know what arizona was up to. i really don't know what they were thinking. I really don't know what they were doing. So i expect leftist act like leftists but it's time for republicans act like we love freedom to secure our elections and make sure this never happens again and that's why we need to investigate. That's why i feel like every state should be audited. We should know what's going on in every single state every single person. I don't care if you're in a republican democrat green party liberty. I could care less. All of us should know that our our our elections are secure that our elections are fair. We should we deserve that. Georgia's secretary of state explains why he's just now discovering more than ten thousand illegal votes cast in twenty twenty so during a detailed discussion with the federalist hat tip federalist representatives from the georgia secretary of state's office provided their perspective on new evidence suggesting more than ten thousand three hundred georgia voters illegally cast ballots in the november twenty twenty General elections so. It's possible the tens of thousands of people Broke the law. They violated section. Twenty-one dash to dash to eighteen of the state's election code and this particular code requires residents to vote in the count. This sounds like such a simple thing. doesn't it. It requires voting voters to vote in the county and which they live this. Vote where you live. Vote where you live unless they had changed their residents and thirty days so thirty. Five thousand georgia voters who indicated. They had moved from georgia. County to another voted in the twenty twenty general election in the county from they had moved thirty. five thousand. What trump lose that by. I think it was right over ten thousand. I'm not sure maybe. Twelve thousand thirty five thousand georgia voters who indicated that move from one county to another voted and a twenty twenty general election and the county from which they had moved. Oh man. I'm going to get into this more before before i have to lead today again. i appreciate. Oh journey to the great elderski elect elder dot com elect elder dot com elected elder dot com. This is carl jackson. In for larry elder. I welcome back to the larry elder show. This is your special guest. Host carl jackson coming to you live from the relief factor dot com studio. The number to call triple eight nine seven one. Seven two four three. You can like me on facebook. Carl jackson radio twitter et carl jackson. Show follow me. On karl jackson show dot com and for californians listening. You have a state to stay. You have a state to save so you. It's a two step process for those of you. That will be voting on the recall. I we have to pray and hope. That larry elder gets his name on the ballot. You know the the left or corrupt as all get outwit. Greasy gavin newsom In charge in the state of california. Got eric garcetti. And the county of los angeles so it is a two step process and that is i. You have to vote to recall. Greasy gavin newsom and it probably won't say greasy on the ballot but it won't say democrat on the ballot. So gavin newsom you have to vote to recall gavin some and then you pick the best candidate and that is larry elder and then california you may just save your state. You may just save your state. So i hope that is the case. We hope and pray. That larry elder's name kits on the ballot and he is fighting that For sure all right so going back to. Oh my goodness okay so going back to this issue with the georgia with the georgia elections. This is all of this stuff is the good news is all of. This stuff can be corrected. Unfortunately we found out when it was a little too late and honestly by the time that trump filed for his lawsuits. It was it was honestly too late in one case. Let me see in one case Trump's claims violations were never heard by a judge. and that's because chief judge of Fulton county chris. Brasher failed to appoint a legally eligible eligible judge to hear the case until a month after the lawsuit was filed and then they scheduled the trial for january eighth. And by that time it was just too late. It just wasn't going to happen just wasn't gonna happen Anyway i want. Oh let's take one more call. We got a very short period of time. So you only have thirty seconds. Nancy you've got the mic. Gotta make it quick though. Okay you're doing a great job. I work in healthcare for years and the democrat. Volunteers come in and to facility. I worked in about a hundred alzheimer's dementia patients force them to vote. All right nancy. I appreciate the call. Listen there's no way for me to prove that. But i can tell you that. I've read similar stories that nancy just proclaimed. Here's the bottom line folks. If we give democrats the leeway to cheat they'll cheap so republican legislatures and everybody that You republicans period conservative. If you can get involved get involved in any way shape or form. Talk to your neighbors talk to your friends. Talk to your family. Talk about freedom. The bible talks about talking about Talking about the ten commandments. Target about the laws talking. About god's goodness all the time talk about the constitution as well talk about the constitution. Talk about god. That's we'll save this country. So i will say and boat make sure we vote all right guys until next time. Don't worry doing good. This is carl jackson in for larry elder. We'll see you next time.

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