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Worked as azoff to become one of the most famous wrestlers of all time, we're gonna take care of business tonight. And that's the bottom line. Now, he's dumb eating the world of on demand audio and he's doing it for the work in man. This is a bad good out of the full miniscule. The bullshit off my brain. This is Steve Austin on league. Steve Austin show live currently I don't bake recharge and batteries, but just because I am recharged batteries. We still got business. Take care of. In the meantime, we'll be playing some of the most requested Steve Austin show classics that have been locked away in the archives. I got a great one for you this week. And here's my producer shown to tell you all about it readings and welcome to another classic episode of the Steve Austin show. It's producer Sean bringing you episode number sixteen originally, titled shower mishaps and fan appreciation, although ongoing to retitled this one Steve Austin falls in the shower original air date may thirtieth two thousand thirteen this is a somewhat famous episode of the podcast and very early on its run where Steve talks about falling in the shower and almost mortally wounding himself. However, he was very lucky to not do that and goes on to the scribe how that will not happen again. And how he's going to be more safe in the shower. So for you folks out there for some showers safety tips. Listen further. And you'll be enlightened also Steve talks about going to buy some tampons then he goes on to read some of your emails, the emails that he gets at questions at Steve Austin show dot com as well. As takes a few phone calls from the listeners, be sure to get your questions in while Steve is on break. He will be checking those I am certain to have some stuff to talk about when he gets back from his break questions at Steve Austin, show dot com is that address. All right time for this day. Steve Austin history today being February twenty eighth I got the right date this time in nineteen Ninety-three, Chicago, Illinois, I'll give you one. Guess what happened in one thousand nine hundred three? Oh, I can't hear you. Okay. W W tanking champions, Ricky steamboat and Shane Douglas defeated Steve Austin and Brian pill. Illman I'm certain as match will be continuing to happen. Well into the month of March because those teams did futile lot and the early part of nineteen Ninety-three in one thousand nine hundred four in Atlanta, Georgia at a WW Saturday night taping at center stage, Ricky steamboat. Defeated then WWF champion Steve Austin with Colonel Robert Parker view disqualification in a non title match when Colonel Robert Parker gotten the ring and with steamboat then chopping Parker Austin and accidentally hitting WWL world champion. Rick flair when flair tempted to make the save as a confusing sentence to read apparently the stipulations were for this match that the winner would earn a title match with flair at spring stampede nineteen ninety four and I believe Steve went onto wrestle the great mood at that event. If I am correct in one thousand nine hundred ninety eight in Winnipeg Manitoba Canada Steve Austin cactus, Jack in Terry funk, defeated triple h and the new age outlaws and finally in nineteen ninety nine in Dayton, Ohio Sonko, Steve Austin and mankind defeated the rock and Kane in DOE d q match. This was a dark match at a Sunday night heat taping. My information came from pro fight db dot com and the history of WBZ dot com. 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This movie has a super talented Vince Vaughn, who's incredibly funny in it. There's also Nick frost love that guy in shown of the dead. A main man the rock is even at the guys doing it all fighting when my family is an honest and hilarious portrayal of what it takes mentally and physically to succeed in pro wrestling a true under. Dog story that critics are calling funny heartfelt and inspiring. It's unique experience tells the story of a talented tough woman who changed the game and one hilarious family. Do not miss fighting with my family in theaters everywhere right now, check it out. Steve Austin onto Liege. True story almost died recently. How did you almost dynasty? Did you hit by car at a building almost all on yet piece a metal from the sky airplane? What was it? That was no that shit. I slipped into got damn bad tub and almost busted my head open. Now think about it folks if outta slipped down into bat Delvin busted, my goddamn head on a piece of glass with a sharp edges in my shower, though would have been a real shitty way for me to die. But it damn near happened. And out of all the things that anybody ever remembers a Steve Austin, I don't wanna be sitting around saying or got them tell me again how Steve Olson met his demands will so misled Dona bar, soap, but his reaching down to pick up his krona stick as over tea kettle busted, his head on a sharp edge in bled to death. Oh shit at damn near happening. Here's how it happened. I was in the shower scrubbing up sob- in my eyes and try to reach for my square on a stick. Normally, I got a little clear matinee. Like, a lot of people have is usually a clear, Matt or it's one of those white ones with the little suction cups on the bottom of it keeps you from slipping in the shower will I had one, but that little motherfucker was folded up on the side of the of the bathtub so mile easy. As was too lazy to pick it up and put about the at the bottom of the bathtub, so almost lifting kill myself. So I started thinking to myself, man, I'm a guy guys are stupid, but guys are tough. And macho to at least when you come from my neck of the woods, and but you ain't got to be tough and macho to do this. I started thinking man, I've gotta make the shower a little bit more of a tough environment. Little bit cooler mega cool factor to it. Because always enjoy a good shower. You know, it's all dirt and shit off. You don't from going to the gym and everything I'll probably take a couple of showers a day and safety being paramount. I might as well remodel a bath, my bathtub and make it, you know, deck it out. So it's like coolest motherfucker to go in there, not just to get cleaned. But as a place. Hang out as well. So I started thinking I got to start with the floor. I and little clear suction pad gimmick, it's but it ain't cool enough in a tough enough. So what I figured I was going to do. I'd get my pocket knife. We all carry a pocket knife. Remember that earlier shows when I said every guy must have a pocket knife. I'm gonna get my pocket knife. And I'm going to get a mud grip tire. And I'm used that pocketknife to peel the treads that mud grip tire. Maybe something like a BF Goodrich, all terrain TA or something like that. And lying about him that floor with that mud grip that way, it's tough. I ain't gonna slip and I feel like a guy then while a matted got address at some chip a little bit more, right? How about hanging a gun rack in their shit. I'm know who keep my guns in there because they'd roast up, but I can keep my scrubber on a stick there for when I'm really dirty. I get one of those barbecue steel scrubbers. You know, talking about most look you don't talk about mo- shit. Don't you gotta have one of these mother fuckers in your show. What else can I put on my scrubber on a stick? I can also put a scope on my scrubber on a stick that way. I can really put the curls. Here's all that dirt on my body from head to toe. I'll put the crosshairs audit hill up with that me out to twelve my miata. What's my miata scope that me out to four by twelve by fifty scope, we just came out with for the brokers. Go ranch. I'll dial internet fucking soap and scrub the shit out of it till it comes off then what else can do to make some it's even more cooler mo-. I got it. I got it. I will matter CBS and that mother fucker amount of CB just in case of emergency. I can see it right now. It's going to happen. Like this gonna shower. Get some soap in Mayes. I take a tumble. I reach up and a grandma Mike Bracken one nine break one man fallen and I can't get up. What you twenty good, buddy? I'm over here on three sixteen gimmick street. I need you to stain nameless. Mo- that could save my goddamn love. Couldn't it have an a CB in the shower is a great idea. We're gonna do care your cell phone in there. No, you can't take a cell phone in show or going gonna make the motherfucker quit. I got to our phone thought taking a shower Esco to break down got to CB backup. There's going to be about fifty to one hundred truckers out in front of my damn house. Trying to carry me to the hospital. It's going to be beautiful thing. We're gonna have a convoy convoy to get off his dumb ass to the hospital. That's all the customization. I've come up with on my share, folks. It's bullshit always trying to teach you some some some stuff on his show told you if your pocket knife, I told you to put a spare key yet in front of your house. Now, get you lazy s go heat. You want him little suction Cup. Gimmicks. Put it down, and you and your shower or you bet up. So you don't follow him bus you little head on. And you can also folks if you want to keep on this upgrade, and you shower making this shower a little bit more of a manly thing. You can Email me your ideas for making a macho shower two questions at Steve Austin, show dot com. Any kind of comments you got folks just come on and send them to question. A Steve Austin show dot com. We got to showers and my wife's got the good shower in the master bedroom. I gotta have my separate shit. You know? So I go into the guest shower, and that's where I got to step into the jacuzzi tub. And it's got the heavy sliding glass doors if he slam on no some bitches too. Hard you always scared. It's going to shatter. So if I would have slipped down shower, busted, my Cabeza damn glass. It would have busted in a million pieces shards of glass coming down into my jugular vein. It would have been so damn bloody. I would have done it for sure. I haven't met him my CB yet. I couldn't call the truckers to call me for some help Saad have been fucked. You know, what let's listen this shift subjects I wanna tell you about a story. I just had a major trip to the store the other day. First of all I wanted to cover my my bathroom story. And we talked about truck drivers how we got. There have only because we call them for help. And let goals golden record here. My love truckdrivers good, folks, hard work, folks. Let's talk about tampons recently. My wife asked me to go store. Buy tampons, and you know in wife wants me to go store and get her some tampons whatever I'm gonna go store did them. And it's always it's always strange when you get this request. Because probably I'm a pretty old, dude. I mean, I'm forty eight years old. But I've probably only bought tampons like three or four times in my life. And maybe one time for my mom, and that was back when I was a little stupid some Mitch, you know, and then you're Maris's hill. But so you know, my wife wanted to bonds. So what am I gonna say? No, no, I loaded my dumb ass up in my Bronco put her she in air and went down to the store saga shopping cart. I'm gonna go and get me some shit there while I'm while. I'm there to get some beef and some chicken and stuff from diet. And that's okay better. Go check out tampons and I go. To the feminine hygiene section and dude have you bought tampons lately have you seen the options? There's a ship pile of options. I started looking around there and back in the day. I mean, you went to that little section like like five or six gimmicks. And that it was what it was and scanner this some looking for all the stuff, and if they can there's so many options is driving me crazy. So I started thinking to myself immediately. This was going to be a damn skit because I'm enough to tell the story because it's true. And so I started taking pictures of my with my iphone of all the different tampon options. And right lo and behold when I started looking for the tampons the correct ones because you probably if you ever bought them, you know, if a chick ask if your wife as for certain brand specific day upon you came bring the wrong, some bitches home because she's going to send your ass right to store because that ain't what she uses. So I started taking pictures when I started taking pictures all of a sudden here comes all the women just like some more. Shoot him in a movie. Okay. Stays looking at the Taylor pods. Everybody drive with your shopping cart and look at him like he's a fucking asshole. And I got my camera on I'm taking pitchers in this one lady came by about twice, and I can tell by the way, she's looking at me that she thinks I'm a piece of dirt. I got a camouflaged shared on. I got flipflops my grungy Brown shorts to save shit. I wear every day, and I'm taking pictures and all the tampon boxes. So then every time you not about another twenty minutes shopping to do every time a passionate store. She's looking at me like I'm a biggest piece of shit in the world. I felt bad about it. But I want to go back. These tampons because I got this computer open in front of me. I got a new iphone? So when it got my new phones, my pitchers didn't transfer. So I'm looking here on the damn website. I got like a hundred options here, you got Tampax Pearl with the plastic applicator unscented Playtex gentle. Glad kotex you click. Walgreens perfection tampons got gentlemen. Glad you got a pro pro comfort, non applicators. You got applicators. You got more unsentenced stuff Tampax radiate, radiant, Walgreens, professions sport, tampons Pearl. Tampons Procup for non applicator tampons natural balanced, natural balance security, tampons security summits, come with a lock Goto, what got maximum hygiene products, organic cardboard, applicator tampon soon as come with the applicator or the non applicator, you got the super absorb the regular absorb it. Moxie tampons and scented then you go into the winged and unwilling the panty liners. There's just so many goddamn options out there mo-. I was bamboozled flabbergasted confused what to do. And there's so I finally pick the ones that I thought were supposed to be the ones I ended up buying around once, but these ones that I started looking at I started looking inside the box because that had cut window in the front of it, and these are like red and blue. Blue and green and yellow as like party flavor party colored tail bonds like balloons at a birthday party and up thinking what enough fuck is going on here. His like there's a party for the pussy, but the pussies closed down. It's like Clark w Griswold taking the family to Wally world in the movie vacation. And they get there in the Meuse says soaring, folks parks close, and so there's this big fucking party. Nobody's invited his mother Fugger. And I don't know where to shit a one my watch. So Finally, I pick a goddamn box is thrown box. I drive home. I can't forget the buying process. When you buy tampons. There's always that little gimmick thing. Because if it's lady checking you out when she knows, you know, that the wife is having a period in, you know, she's cool about it. Because there's something you know, that is what it is. But then when you see the guys checking out, you know, you don't want that motherfucker know, you take some tampons home deal lady, you know is. You know is just is just ain't cool. So you know that motherfuckers thinking well, fuck ain't get no Posey. So you know, it is what it is. They're just kind of that kind of like when he's grabbing those to check them out or grown to scanners. Like, hey, how how about them Cowboys this year is he Romo can put it together that mother fucker? He's accurate. He's a good quarterback. But he shits the bed at the last bucket. Call Sunday tampons going to bag used out talking about mother fuck it in. Anyway, what they need to do if anybody's listening. There's only about six hundred tampon manufacturers out there do this for me. Do me a favor somebody package a bunch of these tampons and an OD green box and OD green and black box military style. So a guy can go in and buy a box of tampons and look cool and tough about it at the same time being a hero for the lovely wife at home somebody please do that for me. All right, folks. Acid enough talk about dying in the shower truck drivers and trying to buy. Tampa on for your wife. Let's move on to bigger and better things and talk about you fans and make this show work like a sum bitch. I wanna go to the Email read a couple of emails got a couple of statements and edge a few questions and just get on with it in general high. First question's from Ruben over in Corpus Christi Ruben says as Steve glad I discovered this show. Success started list, I've been rewatch and some classics, and I've always wondered when two men or face to face mouth and off to one another are they actually speaking. If so what's being said use laughter delivering the stunner you get in your victims face. And just let them have it always wonder what kind of stuff you used to say, thanks again for the show. It's always great to hear your voice. Thanks for writing in. Ruben. I appreciate you. Listen to the show and when two guys are face to face normally, man, they could just be talking bullshit to each other talking about the weather where are you going to go after the match or they really might be in it and kind of mouth and off to each other and kind of promos style if the Mike. The microphones not there. It could be anything under the sun. There were so many times our standing face to face to a guy. I might just be bullshitting with him telling him some of the most ludicrous bullshitting world, Oregon act to be talking about, you know, maybe something I was thinking about or direction I wanted to go on a match. But normally it's just it's just it is what it is. And it's it's a little bit of show biz. It's a little bit of filler. And as far as what I said to the people stone they were land on a match. Normally, it was just a lot of foul mouth. Four letter words and Kalama smelly some bitch and all this other stuff. I'll just kind of, you know, give them the what for after I gave Metz Donner, and it just kind of me the show biz part of it talking trash after and it really was trash everything came out of my mouth was trash. Here's one. Let's go to an Email. They came from rich. Rich says he loved to hear the stone cold beer story. I remember reading the story in our local paper, the Rochester democrat and chronicle about you invents Turin the Genesee brewery here in Rochester was Genesee brew. You're going to be the home stone, cold beer. Absolutely. It was we were man we were already through the product research and development and limitation of Mr. where two cubs the research and development on beer. I'm your guy love beer, and I love to research beer. So we had already gotten through the artwork we'd already decided on how the beer was gonna taste. And I think if I remember correctly it was about the time or they want me to do the job for Brock listener. And Atlanta Georgia, and I told him I'll see your ass down the road. It was a bad departure on my part a really bad decision. Probably one of my biggest regrets in my pro wrestling career, I should have handled that situation a little bit better a little bit smarter. And if I could go back in time, I damn sure would have handled a little bit differently. But I'd had a gut full. I said what I said and that pretty much kill the the that pretty much was end of the stone cold beer before it actually got started. But yes. Genesee brewery was going to be the place that brewed are beer. What was I thinking? When I told a WWF to kiss my ass. Well, I guess that's just the way I'm wired. It wasn't. I again, I'm not the smartest some bitch and world. But where I was at the time. It seemed like the right thing to do as I look back not so much. Here's one this is coming from. Oh, mark. Hey, steve. I'm a huge fan of the podcast. I'm a twenty three year old living in a UK. And I'm stuck in a rut. I have great family. Great friends. Good paying job, but I'm fed up of doing the same things every day in advise how can change things up. Well, listen, man. Hey, sometimes grand is a grand, and you know, with the economy being what it is. I know here in the United States. It's a kind of sucks ass. So if you got a job you lucky to have that job, and you got to do everything you gotta do to hang onto that job. So do all I can do is tell you keep your nose to the grindstone try to pick up a couple of different hobbies didn't really, you know. Take out of your Email that you're looking to do different kinds of work. But for the most part sounds like you got a lot of great shit going on with a great family. Great friends manage two-thirds life right there. So got to pay the bills got to do what you gotta do. Just pick up pick up a couple of new hobbies or something do to keep listening to the Stephen and show. We'll entertain you're asking keep you out of the doldrums before we go to the four we go to the phone lines. I'm going to answer one more Email here and this comes from Josh he says, hey, Steve love the show. I mentioned it known about the physical train, and it goes into being a WWE star. How y'all kept your body's going after taking beatings every week. And what it takes to come back from injuries well limitation something you get out on that road. And it's a rough some bitch. You gotta take care of the guy that you're in the ring with and because you know, the key to a great career and anything is longevity. So when you get out on road, and you've been out for three or four weeks at a time shit starts to happen. Your time and gets off, you know. You know, not every land and could be a perfect landing. And sometimes I mean, you know, you get beat up and you dragged out, and you're you're mentally tired. You physically tired you beat this read. But it is what it is. And I always tell people when I was on a road. I just got turn into a zombie. That was my job. I went to every single shot. I made all my town's. I was the first guy to build on. I was last guy out. And you just go to the pace is because there there there comes a there's a pride with being able to stay on the road. I mean, you work hard you work hurt because that's just what you do. You can't take yourself out of a story line. If you take yourself out of your spot someone else is gonna take it. You're not going to be making no money. If you're sitting on your ass in house, you ain't getting paid. So you go to the gym. If you get hurt she ice, it these days, they have trainers going around with these guys they didn't when I was around guys would try to take care of each other. I remember one time I hurt my dam neck somewhere in Kansas City and Harley race, eight time world champion one of the most respected. Wrestlers in history of pro. Wrestling says okay, come here kid, I'll fix you Harley says lay dammit table saw laid dente back and he repsonse towel around my neck, and then he grabs a towel with both hands. And he Yanks at some as hard as he could almost rips my head off my body. I swear to God it scared. The shit out of me. He says okay, kid stand up. So then stand up Harley gets behind me puts me in a full, Nelson and jerk stay shit Ademi. And I swear to God lightning bolt shot out of both hands and both feet. It was an electrical impulse. If someone would have it on video. You would have seen it scared. The flying shit out of me. Well, kid to make you feel better to do it again. No, no, hardly. Don't fucking touch me. You know? Of course, you know, that was harder race. I didn't say that to to his face. I said get hardly I feel a lot better. I'm good now. Walk gross the Dan through gotten a quarter and sold the shit out of it. Anyway, does gotta turn into cower practice and help each other out and Harley meant all the all the Harley meant well. But I thought he was gonna cripple me. But you just do what you do to get down the road. And with that being said, let me get off as Email. Let me get done reading. Let's roll in some phone calls and see what you folks got to say, the iphone ten are is here at T mobile, and there's a whole lot of love like taking those perfect new year new you portrait mode selfish. You're going share? It's the best way to stay connected to everyone you'll heart most in twenty nine t so get ready to fall in love with by phone ten are on T mobile. The most loved and wireless. Call one eight hundred t mobile to learn more or visit a store today. Alexa, isn't the only one with breaking news. Make sure it hang around at the end of this podcast for the latest breaking headlines on the AP news minute. Hello guys semi fighter jail. Senate. Check out my podcast. You're welcome. With jails fun and every Wednesday and Friday right here at podcast one. We cover the latest in mixed martial arts and everything else. Going on in the world of sport. Listen free to your welcome with jail, son and exclusively available at podcast one dot com and on the podcast one app. If you love the show share with a friend and leave us a rating and review. This is the AllState on. Steve all over here. All choked up. What's happening? Hey job in Portland, Oregon. Oh, Joe for Portland, Oregon. How are you? Steve greatest an honor to speak with you. I have a quick question. I wanna know your thoughts and opinions on people kissing Hass in the workplace kiss in the workplace. I tell you what it never was my Cup of tea, but nonetheless, it's commonplace like, a motherfucker, you know, there's going to be a lot of people who are gonna try to do that to get up to the top. My approach has always been the work your ass off to get to the top and watch your back side. Because there's always they're looking to stab you in the back or kiss her ass on the way, the top and drop a bunch of dimes on you. So it is what it is. You got to be smart about it. Keep your cards close to use sleeve you in a workplace don't drop a whole lot of four one one on anybody in my my method, and the method that I preach is hard ass work. Don't kiss ass. No. By the same token. Be smart about it. Does. Be belligerent and be an asshole about it. He got to play the game to a degree. But I always adhered to the fact of being just clearly transparent on there to do the best job. I can house that. I completely one hundred percent agree. I appreciate you answer me, speak of the devil. I gotta get back to work right now lunches over go for it. Go. Thank you, sir. All right. This is Steve O's to got over here. Jonathan how about John pretty good. My question for you is if you were an new and up and coming wrestler today, which wrestling school, would you try to attend man? That is a good question because I really don't know the current for one one on a lot of the rest of the schools out there. But if you do you do diligence and do a little research and find out some of the people that these cats have turned out or the basis of their program what they're preaching. There is it chain. Wrestling is learning how to take him up as a storytelling promo. Knows as a character development. You don't wanna just joined some fly by night schools. Teach you how to join jump off the top turnbuckle. So I don't know any right off specifically, but you'd have to do some research before you found one. You got gotta med to gaze. All right. Steve Austin, how are you ever go? Steve Austin, the Dow is talking to this is granted for Mayland wanting to say, this is a great experience for me to talk to you right now. And what's happened to Brandon? You've gotta question yet for do. I wanted to know if you were a cowboy fan, first and foremost, man, I tell you what kind of float around on the NFL and if the Cowboys get their shit straight. I could you know, say I'm trying to cowboy fan, but you know, I kind of float around from program to program depending on what the head coach is doing what the players are doing have. They bought into the system. You know, my problem. Dallas is I think Tony romo's named quarterback my shits at the most inopportune times. So when I look for leadership on that time, I can't say that Tony Romo is the clear-cut leader on a defense ball. I can't say that. I see a tried and true defensive leader. That's what I think they're lacking on that team. And I think, you know, Jerry Jones love agai you. Gotta you gotta let someone else make some decisions, and I think Jerry. Jones has caught up a little bit too close in it. You know, Romo just got one hundred dollar contract. It's going to be it's gonna take him. I got a hell of a lot of work to try to live up that hundred million dollar contract with that being said, I just read in the newspaper that he was going to spend more Peyton Manning like time in the film room. And you know, now, this is what six eight years into his career. Hey should have been doing from the get-go? So I think he's kinda finally understand what the game is all about. And there's a way more mental approach. He's got all the physical tools. He's inherently accurate. He has a quick release hit another strongest army in the world. But he condemned share throw. So he just needs to do some brainwork on spot on. I think feel all right, man. Take care die Stevo mansard answered phone here who got on the land. Colloton candidates are how you doing Nazi about, sir. Thanks. So I'll see your rays of all time. And I really appreciate you taking the time to answer my question. Well, why don't you question also on? I remember your question about relationships and NBC Beijing having broken up with a girl for about three years, my first and only girlfriend, and probably is I I was the one that screwed up relationship and I found out way too late. She moved on dot married. A few weeks ago found out on my birthday. So for my hero. I was hoping to get advice on how it can move on to the can't stop thinking about her. You said this into question. Steve Allison, show dot com. Dan, you I did, sir. Yes. I read it. It was kind of hard. I'm glad that you go because it was kind of a hard question to answer just off piece paper. But, you know, quite honestly, I thank you might have blown it. You know, I think sometimes, you know, guys guys a stupid. I'm a guy I did a lot of stupid shit. So what I'm telling you come from all my fuck ups from my experience. Sometimes you got a real good thing. And you don't realize it. Then you fuck it up. They find somebody else, and because he was in that asshole mode for as long as you were or not paying attention to the real details of what was are the dynamics that were going on in relationship, you shit the bed that person has done moved on. They had those memories of who you were not who you want to be now that you've decided that you're obviously, you're the guy fucked up the relationship. So, you know, they always tell people from what I've learned from my relationships, and I'm not shitting on you. I'm just telling you where Ben you can't have you cake and eat it too. It won't you get into a committed relationship a committed monogamous relationship with the person you gotta be tried and true straight up honest address all the issues not sweep anything under the carpet. Sounds like you let let a good girl. Get away. So right. Thank you so much really bring. She hit it. And you know, hey, hopefully, come down to Canada one day. I would love to meet you get my championship belt fund. I really appreciate it. Good at in. Here's a deal. Don't know. You know, you're going to get over this time heals all wounds. So designing in their next one. You find trader right? Do you know do your do diligence and do your part of the deal and realize if you've got a good one realize what you got good luck to you like a whole weight? The Mattel to where you come in from Cheryl, I'm from Egypt. You got a question for me today. Yeah. I would like to know. How does it feel like being from them Indian this thing and stuff? Okay. If you do I miss it. Yeah. No, no. I don't miss it. I mean, you know, every now, and then I think about it still like to watch it on TV every now, and then, but I got I got a bunch of good memories of it. But I tell you what after you've been there done that and minute to house for a little bit and get Daggett blood. It's it's good to be back home. What was one of the most pivot bad? I think I want to focus on my acting career. And just kind of enjoy the bike cares. Manatee wet. I appreciate Culinan. Yeah. Me too. Thanks so much. All right. Steve Olson who got on the other end of the land. I want you to get Harry, you know, the the office what's going on over. It's hot very hot. Where are you going from Texas what part of Texas east, Texas and long deal long view? I used to live out there when I was in Kilgore hall and drilling mud for summer job. Oh, really? Oh. Yeah. My brother went there to Kilgore junior college. And of course, we're not play football over in south of Houston. We go up there and get our ass whooped and east Texas by junior college teams. Well, that was my question. Are you gonna come to eat sexes? Anytime San because there's a lot of people that want to see you and meet you and coming down east, Texas anytime too soon, I tell you what I don't. I don't think I'll be over there anytime in the near future. I can't think of it. I like spend most time down here in south Texas at the broken skull ranch. And we're getting ready to do a couple of movies. I think in New York area and a couple of months that's going to take me through the summer. We're looking to shoot shooting a pilot for another reality television show and then right before deer season, we might try to sneak in another season a redneck island. If it all goes, well, so I think it's gonna keep me tied up and not able to make neck of the woods. I see that. They got you busy. Well, I'm trying to be busy keeps sending him bills in the mail. And I gotta keep working to keep paying him to have things. The bills would stop coming here. But tell the postman stop bringing in motherfuckers to the house. Coenen? Appreciate you. Listen to the show. I think Texas. Hey, Stevo, and what's happening all up too much. Oh, another day man of the day. What you got today? You got a question. You wonder I a lot of people saw this past Monday. They'll follow him and introduces new crying so secret human, Paul him. It has a little bit of a history. I was wondering who were you expecting to to come out of new crying on Monday. That's a good question. I wouldn't watching the show. I was traveling or doing something. I haven't seen the last few. In that role. But I could just say this ended up being what hittings kids, right? Well. Yeah. If he's related to carry heading, then he's got a damn good chance of being somebody in this business and on top of that. If he's with Paul Heyman has got another good chance of being somebody in this business. So he's got genetics in his got good smart people with him. And I think a lot of Kurt heading. I think a lot of Paul Heyman. So with this guidance with the right push. Maybe we'll see what kind of success. The kid has never had any interaction with what we now know factual no kid came along way to too long after I got outta ring. But we'll see what it does if surrounded him with good people, and it comes from good genetic. So I wish him out of luck in the world. And appreciate your phone call. Thank you, very care, man. Joe? You got Steve O's two new got on line. Hey, Chris from heaters over a New Jersey. It's raining over here. Thinking rain all all hardened wet need to send that down south, Texas. We've been in a drought down there. What kind of question you got for me today? That can't my question is what what are your top three? Favorite movie of all time favorite movies at all time. Just off the top of my head show shank redemption, cool hand, Luke and Jeremiah Johnson, you've never heard any of those are eight reduction in cool hand, Luke heard the third one Jeremey Johnson. Starring Robert Redford back in the day turned into a mountain man after it was the city slicker. So that's one you most definitely must watch. Jeremiah johnson. Oh, yeah. Definitely check that out. Well, take care of dad damn rain over in jersey. Thank your, man. Thanks for. Let's do the show as tvos. What's happening? Davis Jason from Ohio. What's going on in Ohio, Nelson may and just enjoying the weather in vacation time whereabouts knew how you Amish country. Where's in it? Mid central Ohio kind of halfway between Cleveland and Columbus Cleveland pleases went again, kidnapped three women, isn't it? Yeah. I'll tell you what I let get on a goddamn airplane. Come up there and whip the shit at that guy. You talk about ignorance son of a bitch. Crazy shit house rent. They need to take it some out and put one behind his ear. I agree with you, man. I pay to see that one. What you got for me? Get a question. Yeah. To see if there's ever any real heat between you and the wrath and remote and hard head your few girl or physicists, all good. You know, good workmanship. And it was just a chance to work to keep the fans excited, man. I tell you what that would know Masha there at all you got two kids Buchan for the number one spot man coming from the run. I. Had. I can't I can't never say that that was number two when I was active. So in my eyes, I was always number one. But there's never any animosity love been in the ring with the rock, great chemistry. Great guy, a hard ass worker every single night. And when you're talking about the business of anything, but particularly anything in a professional wrestling professional sports, you're talking about extreme individual competition. And it's, you know, survival of the fittest survival of the best and survival to those who can stay healthy. And so all those things wrapped in the one. It was a great story line for, you know, for people just to watch both of us go through our paces different angles people were feuding with and it was like, you know, a double shot anytime you went to a WWE card. Not only did you have all the other people who are hot and on fire. But you got to see stone cold and rock on many of the same cards work in two different matches. Or if you got lucky work at a match together and having a lot of fun. Chance of maybe getting him on the show some day, or if you guys still talk or not we we we we well taxed about once a year or something like that. He's been busy going his direction. I've been going my direction if he could slow down for a second love to have him on the show. Awesome. Brother. I appreciate the taking the call. When you go down to Cleveland. Stop a manhole, and then some bitches ASO Castro and walk and dry for me. I meant catch you. Hey, what's happening? Steve austin? How are you? Hey, thanks for taking my call. Question for my man in the world, and that some points, you've got to be deployed. How did you handle one distance relationships during your wrestling career? This is relationships. I'll tell you what man man deployed that's a whole different ballgame. Nestle that's serious loan distance separation. I wish you guys all the best. Obviously, I didn't handle it too. Well, I got three divorces. So I think you barking up the wrong tree for guy like me to give you advice. I just it's going to be hard. It'll Ila certainly test a metal of your relationship. The love the commitment that you have for each other. And that's the bottom line. I don't really know what else to tell you. But. It certainly won't be easy. Thank you for taking my call. All right. You love and hope she safe. Thank you. Bye to Steve Austin got on in Atlanta over my name's Reggie, what's happening. My question for you is I was wondering if you would consider wrestling with the WWE again anytime soon, and if so who would you want to wrestle now? I don't have any plans right now to step it back in the ring with anybody. I got my hands full doing what I'm doing having a good time. Every every now and then I'll check Monday night, raw or smackdown. See how these young cats are doing seemed like the shield is doing well. It'd be it's see what happens with the cart Haning, son. But far as my plans to get back in the ring. I don't see any on a near Raza. Okay. Well, I appreciate the question. Thank you, very much, piano. Steve Austin, high see this is Tony from northern California. What's happening? Tony. I was gonna say first off your interview JR. You have the other day was great that you brought about the fact that he was from northern California really enjoyed that. People knew that going to give me a question. Yes. My question to you is when in nineteen Ninety-six after the king of the ring when you did you said Austin three sixteen is I just blank, you know, you're behind wanna it on the radio. But when you said that and there was a religious backlash about it. How did you feel in to you? Did you have you didn't have obviously didn't have anything against religion per se as part of the character. But when people came at you against you saying that, how did you respond to that? And then the the wrestlers such Shawn Michaels now turn their lives around with Christianity had it. They sort of resolve that with you. That you would say you said that in the past. I never really had any backlash over it. You know, I don't know if the company back in working debit MEF did, but he'll I remember right then when the whole Austin three sixteen thing was going through the roof, and I was pretty much hottest thing on to feed. I'd be walking through airports and preachers that were traveling and people like that would ask me from autograph, and they were never offended by it. So some people that clutch at bible pretty damn tightly that an in are funded by anything. Well, then maybe they were offended by it. But I never meant it as anything sacrilegious anti religious or anything like that. It's just something that popped into my head. And I said it had great success with it. I remember and just as a kind of parallel this when I first came into the company they had zero plans for me, and I came in as the ringmaster, and I came in when air pushing Marken Riveter and a bunch of guys Marc Mero and they were marching dis shit out. His guys didn't have any place. For me. And finally the guy who running the merchandise stand. I just turned into stone cold Steve Austin. It was right after king of the ring. Finally, the office sell that I was heating up and they needed to do something or they're you're gonna miss the boat. And a guy comes up to me and said, Steve they finally wanna do a t shirt on you. You have any ideas. And I said you got damn right. I do get Austin three sixteen put it on the front of the shirt put in a skull on the back and carve in stone cold like it was carved in with a chisel. He goes, okay. Steve I'll pitch to the office. So Jimmy pitches idea back to the office, and I get a call from Vince McMahon. And Vince says, you know, Steve, I think that's goal is kind of undertaker's gimmick and back in you never did want to infringe on anybody else's territory. And I said when I don't think it is. He said, well, if you call them and get clearance from taker that I'm cool with it. So I called undertaker up dropped the four one one on him and asked if it was cool and Mark undertaker being as cool as he is. Because amen. I got no problem with that. And that's how I started off the first Austin three. Sixteen shirt and skulls would be implemented on basically all of my shirt Japhta that but it started with that three sixteen shared in his far as Shawn Michaels. Go goes agai that found God fan religion and found a strength and a pillar to believe in. I commend him on that. But I make no apologies for who. And what I am a when I represent I appreciate the question. Welcome. All right. Steve Austin, what's happening. And you're from San Antonio, Texas, a little town south of it against Somerset, Texas. Have you heard of it Somerset? Yeah. Drought. Their all time on the ranch. I well, I was just wondering a couple of friends of mine, we have a backyard wrestling federation called extreme showdown recipe. I just wanted to know your thoughts on that, wrestling and dinner a lot of stuff I've seen is pretty damn hazardous. You know, if you're just out there, you know, having fun, and and trying to learn the business or if that's it's ever going to be man. I got no problems doing whatever you wanna do. Just be careful. When you start jumping off shit and doing stupid stuff that you can name get hurt at that's dangerous element. But as far as entertainment or a hobby. I got no problem with it at all network all about like, we could require gathered on to give the people like the best show Potter. Well, you know what? I mean. Yeah. Yeah. Everybody talks about choreograph and just be careful with what you do and have fun at it. And obviously use commonsense don't do anything to damn stupid and enjoy yourself. Definitely. I'm big fan of just heard Jim podcast take that. I'll keep getting y'all snake cool down here in Texas. Thanks for the call. I'll try out here. And if he thinks you bellow is Steve Austin. What's happening? Hey, what's up? Steve halo, just kicking it over here in north Hollywood, California, right outside. Well, I guess I'm in Los Angeles man, shit's going crazy over here. But it's a nice cool day. I'm in a studio taken calls from wonderful people. How to hail you? I'm great, man. I'm talking to my favorite wrestler of all time. And I'm listening to hard from being at the Mark out right now. I. They really quickly. I'm not gonna bother you with my resting marking out by one say, thank you. Thank you. Thanks for everything. Hell Shipman a good time. Doing that job. Brought best job I ever had appreciated you watching some benched yet. I'm going to get to my question is I want your thoughts on the Brock listener going from mixed. Martial arts going from professional wrestling to make more than your thoughts on that how he did in his endeavor. Because obviously, it is really rare to see guy go from professional wrestling to make smarter than being debt successful in that world. Day one. And yeah, you don't see that. But you know, Brock is a special individual with superhuman genetics a- guy came from wrestling background. So that was are in his blood and in his brain. And you know, obviously made that made the obvious graduation from that into pro wrestling, which so many do, and then, you know, kinda got a little bit sick of the business maybe sick of the travel and who's going to try to play football. And you know, Brock has a size and strength to do anything in the world that he wants to do. But when you're trying to play football against people who played football all their lives and are just as good or cutting just as big that technique that they have from the experience is going to kind of win over. So if Braga played football as a youngster more and really focused on that more. So than wrestling, I believe he would have succeeded in professional football. So anyway with the background that he had called up nee and a white got into business with UFC. I think the guy was tremendously successful, obviously, his pay per view numbers speak for themselves and a couple of bad ass fights got caught up in a couple of you know, when Frank MIR tamped tapped. Amount that damn ankle lock. He was in some sla- ju just said he was in slobber knocker to quote JR. And then to kind of, you know, run into all the physical problems had with diver ticky lattice. And I think that's what cut his career short there. I don't know how many times we really saw a one hundred percent. Healthy Brock Lessner compete. He's a very special human being and then just decided to segue back into the business of professional wrestling maintain that who that high profile, which he still enjoys but kind of be a little bit easier physically own his body. So I think the guys kicked ass at every single thing. He's done. Well, according to Paul aiming we've never seen a healthy Brock listener up until today. This is a scary thing and eat it is. And I wish him all all this the health in the world and a great upstanding run in a WWE. Thank you very much. Appreciate you come racing for me. I don't want to. I love you, man. You're the you're the man. Thank you, man. Hello. You got Steve Austin? What you get to know one celebrity that you've been all strata. No. You know, what I can't say that? I have you know, maybe if I met John, Wayne or Elvis Presley, Michael Jackson, but never met. None of those cats probably the coolest guy our meal, maybe the guy that I would have to put the top of that list. I got a chance to meet Andre the giant at center stage in Atlanta before you know, me dad, Andre was kind of on his way down. He was on crutches discount after that back surgery that it had and all the issues that who's having from a medical standpoint. And it was it was it was a goal in a dream of mine to meet Andre the giant. So I'll probably have put him at the top of that list. Well, thank you. Thank you. All right. You guys Steve Austin what's happening team. Kevin from New York. Kevin from New York. What's the word? Yeah. Do you have any heated that one when you know since he got you neck injured, then he never called to say or something man, bygones are bygones, I was lone time ago. And you know, sadly, Owen is no longer with us tragic accident that he had there in Kansas City at Kemper arena. You know, did I feel some animosity for a while? Yes, sir did. And that's just the way it is. But you know, things happen in ring things happen in life. You can get mad at things for a little bit. But after enough time has gone by just gotta let things ride and move on down the road. And I moved on down the road yet. Thank you. I appreciate your time. You got it. I just Devaux st- and coming back edgy. I tell you what it's been a good session two questions. And I appreciate you folks collar. In pre she sport on this show ever since his show's been on air. It's kind of been a combination of a lot of things, and I still continue to not want to define this show or put it in a box. Follow any set protocols. Sometimes it's interviews sometimes it's horsh shit. Sometimes it's being in Mexico without any internet. And you gotta make up a bunch of goddamn stuff about flies, and wrestling flies and all kinds of horse shit. But it is what it is. And I enjoy doing the Steve Austin show. I appreciate all the feedback. You guys been giving me you could send in your feedback any kind of questions it account remarks. You got two questions as Steve Austin, show dot com. Appreciate everybody listening to the show. I did this show for you. And as a way to say, thank you very much. I'm saying thank you very much mother fuckers. Conference Gaqo for sporting, Nevada guest. Go to Geico dot com. Fifteen minutes, you could be saving fifteen percent of mole car insurance at right? Save hundreds of dollars on car insurance at geiko dot com. Extra money in your pocket. It may just be the most rewarding thing you do today. All right. Give it to go home huge lips wrap it up of this week. Make sure you check out podcast one dot com. Subscribe to the Steve and show. So you don't miss any of these classic episodes while I ride off into the sunset. I do want to throw out a couple of plugs. I still got a beer, it's the bad ass. Broken skull PA the finest opera United States of America. And that's the bottom line made by us. No Bruin company, you could find Brooklyn scope, yet, whole foods and total lines you'd live in Kelly. If you ain't Kelly you probably SO, well, and if you're looking to get a bad ass pocket night. I forgot to four you cold steel broke, his skull knife, cold still working men knife minimum Amazon store Amazon dot com for slash shot force last evolves. And or go to the coast deal Nasr website and check out all their bad ass. Mavs? Also, one more big shout out to all my sponsors to make his show possible. That's how I'm able to bring his show to your free twice a week, please support them because they support us. For more info, check out the podcast description to this episode for details. Oh, Samo social media Twitter Instagram at St. Boston Bs are folks I'll be back soon. But until my name is Steve Austin, I will get your ass down the road. This has been a podcast one production. 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