Lubbock County Democrats look forward + Atheists want to pray publicly in Lubbock


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And as always telling your friends, that's what we rely on here. Just friend the friend and word of mouth on other side at Texas wherever listen from. We appreciate you tuning in as we broadcast live on AM five eighty Lubbock. The most listened to platform in the region, perhaps the state whenever you count for all you guys who tune into our podcast pre sheets doing that. I'm your host Jay west Texas Leeson rolling along here from the racer car wash studios. Racer car wash voted love expense wash for five years running. Stop into one of five convenient locations for the best wash around voted the best wash around. Bob years in hub city, guaranteed racer wash dot com. Like coming up in this program. It's going to be a conversation Thursday, John Gibson, who is chairman of the Lubbock county Democratic Party gonna be joining us. What's the way forward? A lot of folks who are interested in listening to that is in John Gibson in studio. Get him just a moment. But here's one where we when the kickoff today, the atheists in the city of Lubbock gonna give the invocation. On Thursday night at the Lubbock city council meeting. This from Casey be d Lubbock read some stories. I like kacie b slant the best because it sets me up to hit some T-ball home runs here on the program. Dateline Lubbock, the Lubbock city council agenda Garner's some attention at times. But this week. It's not for what's on the agenda tool. Be speaking during the usual time of prayer known as the invocation. It was announced last fall at a local atheist group would be given would be giving the invocation sometime in January of this year. And now is set in stone that members of the atheist community of Lubbock that's an official group. I've not looked up on Facebook. But it's the atheist community. A Lubbock will be speaking before the city council. Members this Thursday. He'll be led by their communications in public relations director, Tracy benefit. Now, let me go out on a on a branch here in say, I bet she doesn't get paid very much as I say about liberals in the city Lubbock the chairman in studio may disagree with me more aborigines in Lubbock than there are real liberals. And I would think even the less atheists in Lubbock, but Tracy benefit to do the invocation. Quote. We know there's a lot of people in our group who have lost everything when they come out as atheists. So we want to de stigmatize what it means to be atheists said benefit benefits said she will use the time to invoke ideas, invoke invocation. Invoke ideas. Quote, we are most mostly going to be talking about how we need to come together. As a city, we are the friendliest city in America eight that's what's on the billboards can't descru- Benfield there. We need to think about every minority in Lubbock in thinking about how we can work together. So. So every minority is being carried under the banner of the atheists getting the I don't know what how minorities I'm sure if I reached out to a few of them. They would have a problem with being represented by the eighth easiest, but that's what benefits says we need to be thinking about every minority in Lubbock and thinking about how we can work together. The option of having an atheist give the invocation was announced back in the fall. This has had mixed reaction. Now, listen, it was announced back in the fall that the option would be open. I think. In call me whenever you may. But I think the con- the constitution of these United States gives that option I think that that was announced like way back in the eighteenth century that that option would be open quote. It doesn't really stick within the definition of an indication because it is calling to someone else. If you don't believe there is someone else than you're speaking into the air said Jeff MC Reich, pastor of wrought city church. Jeff mcbride. Following local politics as I do fancies himself on being a political thorny on all things. God centered MC right saying that they're just going to speak into mid air. But I don't know how wrong he is there than I wanna read the rest of this. And we'll break it down benefit explained that an invocation doesn't always mean. Prayer quote. Most people are familiar with a prayer being an invocation, but in invocation doesn't mean prayer those words aren't synonymous an invocation simply means to ask someone or something for help mayor Dan pope emits, it was even a little confusing for him. Quote, first question was I really don't understand who atheists pray to but the more I looked into it. My intuition is that constitution protected their rights in the end. He hopes the community finds a way to accept it quote. I think part of west Texas of part of the west Texas value system is that we are not judgmental. We take care of our neighbor. And we love our neighbor, whatever they may believe they Theus community of Lubbock will give the invocation coming up on Thursday, forty eight hours from where we broadcast live here. Thursday at five fifteen pm couple of things to riff on here. As I look through all this. I don't think that benefit is wrong. I think that she is right in that in imitation means to ask someone or something for help. That's intrinsically what an invocation is to beseech or invoke someone or something for assistance or thority. But. An atheist which means a non theorist someone who doesn't believe in something higher than they must be praying for ideals or principles or whatever the case might be. I know a lot of people who treat treat the constitution. As though were God that they're praying to thing or something not someone, and you know, listen, I'm pretty devout guy. I've got my shingle on the wall. I'm. I've done my theology degree in its Wesleyan, by the way. Methodists Wesleyan, but more Wesleyan Methodist, I don't wanna get into the weeds there. But I sat through a lot of public prayers in gotta tell you. I mean, just being honest with you raven on with you. I hear a lot of public prayers and lots of times, I'm holding my hand my head and my hands in ring among thumbs. Because once you get into public prayers, you get into the weeds of the Olivetti, and is as a Wesleyan as somebody who's trinitaria n- if we're gonna do prayers in this country. You know, I don't believe that the country was founded as a Christian nation. I think it was founded by people who had here to Christian principles, but Yay. Get in the public prayers. I think that there's a reason why we stopped doing it. Because I've heard a lot of good Baptist kids give a prayer before the football game. But, you know, also heard in those Baptists kids prayers is a lot of adoption ISM subordination ISM monarchism. And if you don't know what any of those 'isms are just go Google them. For me. The belief is. That you've got three persons of one substance in that's trinitaria, Missouri. That's the nice seeing creed. Those are the classical creeds, but you can hear a lot of prayers in here that Jesus the son of God is something other than the father of God in that creates a problem in. So I was talking to a the earlier who said no is there a law that says you can't have more than two invocations like maybe we can back up the atheists here in have our own invocation. I don't think that there is a log ins that. But how many people do you want giving invocations at a public meeting where all you want to get done is just the agenda that to me is the issue is. Well, okay. So you're going to have atheist prey than the Mormons prey, then the Jehovah's Witness pray, and then a Catholic pray and then the Baptist. Pray just to make sure that you get it all covered over. I don't blame the love, and I don't understand the voter cycles. And this is something that Ross. Ramsey our friend from the texts Tarim talks about I don't understand why there's not a bigger uproar about this. But the same time I'm glad there's not an uproar about this. Because nobody wants to go to a city council meeting and listen through thirty minutes of invocations. I don't for atheists. This is what I will say this the old far side cartoon to fleas. Standing somewhere one standing up against the follicle a hair follicle that looks like a big palm tree trunk coming out of the body of something. In one flea looks at the other fleeing and says, so he really believe there's a a dog in. That's what I think I think it takes a lot of faith to be an atheist, and whatever they might say, whatever they might invoke. I'm sure that they're going to invoke principles in for us to have the the better graces of one another. I'm sure that's the route that they're going to go but new day in Lubbock county in the city of Lubbock that eighty eight Theus get the invocation to invoke something or someone for assistance or authority look forward to hearing what they have to say, they're at the Lubbock city council. Somebody else who had looking forward to what they had to say. John gibson. He is Lubbock county Democratic Party chairman. We're gonna have a good conversation coming up those you who younger like I am wondering what's happened in two thousand eighteen is there even the possibility of viable two party system in Lubbock in the surrounding area. John Gibson, somebody good to talk to about that. We'll be in with John gives about ninety seconds from now stick with us right here on the other side of Texas will get him John. What? Some. The Jags all the stars up in the sky. So. In studio with us. We have John Gibson in. He is the Lubbock county democratic chairman preciado him making time to come out with us here. John gibson. Your your debut here on the show, tell us how your I'm doing good. I was on the road yesterday. And I missed your show has Daniel the millennial gut near the new digital studio. Or is he he's working on his working on? It is em- process right now some things to do in and out. Appreciate you checking on the progress of the show Daniel is in process, and if he's listening let that be motivation to Daniel that listeners are wondering what your progress is you got the ipad over there. Yeah. I need some the second generation. I have no third. I have no idea. I think it's the second. Yeah. I'm terrible with names. And so it helps if I've got notes. Yeah. You got twelve inch. That's when I run the program off of okay? Yeah. Got mon. But I got it in the a defender there. There by author box because I don't have young children or you don't have young children. I do so. Okay. So there there's a point of mutual concern. John weather people going to do let me give you my breakdown. My breakdown is that in you, disagree with me as you may. I think if Beddoe Rourke had not taken some unprompted unnecessary stances. He could have become the next you Senator now people read into in because he lost by less than three points. If he hadn't taken the stand that he did on the flag and kneeling at the flag. Then I think that he could had a lot more people come his way. But that was easy Pickens. Ted Cruz ran as ruthlessly in west Texas in rural regions of west Texas during Sunday night football, Monday night football of a a veteran who. Lost his legs stand for me. Stand. For me took a lot of cues that made me wonder is running for president as a run running for Senate. But we're guardless of that he still lost by less than three percent. I would think that as a chairman of an I'm just gonna say, you're chairman of the eleventh largest county in Texas. What your folks feel like in what you alike is the way forward, they're given the progress unprecedented progress since the state went Republican well first off I think there's a difference between what Beto did. And what some of our local candidates did. I mean, we gotta be honest locally. We didn't do probably as well as we would have wanted to given the fact that but oh made the showing he made you talked about Beddoes success or lack thereof barely missing out. I don't think there's ever any one thing that causes a politician to lose an election. There's usually multiple factors. I have complained some about this with respect to bed. Oh, I think that had he done what what's called the hero's journey. You do hauteur and fifty four county tour and got all these different counties. And then you come out of it, a new person you come out of it. And you say, well, I visited the cotton farmers in lamesa. And I learned this about. About this. And so now, here's my new policy point on this or I went to the timber farms and east, Texas, the sawmills, or whatever you come out of that. And you change your policies somewhat. You don't have to change a great deal, but you change somewhat that would have been beneficial. I don't think the the whole standing for the flag, and that sort of thing, I think that that would have cost him votes on the democratic side had he changed positions on something like that. But the chain. That's my question though. Joe that's just he didn't change. No. He took an unprompted stance. Right. And it it excited a lot of people. I don't think you can fault him for that. I think there's there's a lot of people on our side that were really invigorated by his stance. But I'm saying that had he gone and taking a taken a stance after doing his two hundred fifty four county tour where he says okay now, for instance, I'm gonna go ahead and vote for the farm Bill, even though the rest of democratic colleagues aren't vote for the farm Bill, for instance, that might have gotten him some. Or favorite west, Texas, didn't right? But he didn't. That's what I'm saying. Okay. You know, there's things like that. There's things like I know that millennials like to drop f bombs right and left, and it's cool for a millennial to do that sort of thing. But you know, it doesn't cost you votes to clean up your language. You don't lose anything. But you see that more as a liability to him than the flag stands prompted when you're only talking about losing by three percent. Every little thing counts. You know, you're talking about something with the flag that might have been a a a it's one of the things that you're gonna make a break you, and I don't think you're gonna get a whole bunch of Republicans to go and say, oh, you know, what I'm gonna vote for Beto. Because now he's or because he's taking a position with the fruits of the flag that I like that's the hard core. Okay. You're talking about the interest people. I think for the interest people you get some little a lady in Arlington, Texas, for instance, who's about. To be in a nursing home. And she hears this drop an f-bomb. She may like him. She may go boy, he looks like like, you know, Bobby Kennedy, and I like that guy. But then he says something that offends her will then she's not gonna vote for it or maybe post. Yeah. Exactly. Yeah. Pose? And and that's just sit you got west of I thirty five where he struggled. I think there are some people within the Democratic Party who look at it and go, well, he didn't get enough Hispanics out. Well, okay. Yeah. That may be one factor too. There are all kinds of different things that could put him over that three percent fresh oil. No, no one single factor. Did it for him? But there are a number of things could have tweet. My view is Hettie tweaked that children fit four county tour and heady cleaned up his language a bit. It would have helped me to make the case for him with with my contact with the people that I regard well in the circles that I run if you've got somebody who's out there dropping f bombs it gets really really hard to go to church and say, hey, this is this is the guy you need to be supporting people are turned off by that. Even though they may like the message, even though they may like a lot of the things he saying it's hard to get over things like that. Yeah. So John Gibson who is the Lubbock county Democratic Party chair. He came in this role. How John e been here since ninety three. So a lot of millennials. You could say I've been here longer than you've been alive. Yeah. But you came in. Roll hal. I sometimes question that myself. I have always been politically active in the sense that in the local people here know this. I was the youngest person ever elected to a countywide office in the Harris County GOP Harris County Republican party that was back when I was in college, my wife, and I were married at the time. When did you get elected to I was the I was on the candidate selection committee. Okay. So like, we've got this guy that we recruited run for district judge there in Harris County that he went on to become attorney general, and and you may know him, Greg Abbott. He's now in the governor's office. You know, that's one of our recruits Ted POE who was recruited for run for judge. And then he was congressman Dan Crenshaw just took his place. I think I'm I'm terrible with names in Crenshaw thinks dozen the patch cabbage. Anyway, did that head sort of a falling out in the sense that? It's the same thing everywhere. I think with the GOP too far to the right? They get a little bit. Theocratic all or you know, you get into these kinds of things where it's just pretty hateful and ugly. And I didn't like that. Anyway, came up here for law school American meal, shoe gal, and she insisted that we come here for law school and bought a house. And so that tied to Lubbock to where I wasn't going to leave and my wife has happy with that. And then in the meantime, I really wasn't really excited about the Republican party here in town because it seemed to be the same way what I'd encountered in Houston and was voting democrat democratic because that was where my values seem to be going. And then over the years, I've just been more and more to the point where I felt like I really needed to take more of an active role in the political process, and excuse me, I got involved the Lubbock Democratic Party. And like I said, they sort of know my background. And so everybody knows that. I'm something of a centrist when it comes to comes to democratic values and principles and whatnot. And and the party faithful here elected me chairman. So that's how you got here. Yeah. So here, so I wanna do only take a quick break. And then I wanna get him with you on what the way forward is. We've just talked about Beddoe in his imprint and the sort of gains that were made gains that and maybe disagree with me gains throughout the state, especially in suburban and urban areas, but not felt here. So maybe in suburban and urban areas they feel like it's best to go further into. Democratic platform dogma, but can Lubbock do the same in still get some results will give them with John Gibson on that is he takes drink water. We get into the break. You're listening to other side of Texas about ninety seconds. We'll be right back with you KRLD. Love. Do the sound. Jones. Fans knew. Have on the air with us. John Gibson who is the Lubbock county Democratic Party chairman people take offense to. Democrats being called democratic they to say, the Lubbock county democrat party talked to us about parlance there. I have no idea where that comes from people. Tell me that Rush Limbaugh is the one that started that I'm old enough. I remember the world before Rush Limbaugh. And and back whenever I was in college, the professors would complain about that sort of thing. I don't I really complain that it should be called democratic or democrat both. Okay. Because unlike what a lot of Republicans believe when you go to college, and you're in the political science department. They aren't all raving liberals, you've got conservatives in the political science departments to and I would have conservative professors that would insist that you call it democrat, and I'd have liberal professors, call it democratic you insist on just whatever comes out of my mouth grad democratic I get some of my some people will will correct me at times because I happen to make the mistake of saying. Democrat at times, but democratic Democratic Party. I I don't say democrat party at that sounds kind of silly. I would say Democratic Party. I mean, but it's it's semantic quibbles. I don't I don't get caught up in those kinds of games. Yeah. Okay. So I tried to get you caught up in that game. But you stiff arm there, John Gibson. But you are an attorney sure. Yep. Okay. What do you practice worker's comp? Okay. So guys mostly guys getting injured out in the oilfield. I've got an office. No Desa, and I spent a lot of time out. No Desa, but I love Lubbock. And this is where we raised our family, and this is where I wanna live. But yeah, the injuries the work is out in out in the oilfield. So so, but also you run out of DFW as well from time to time. Yeah, I've got an office in Fort Worth too. So okay. That to say, we don't have just some schlumpy sittin here. You know, it's not like it's not like there's a guy who just ran for Democratic Party chair who doesn't really do anything. I mean, you're an accomplish your accomplished within your profession. I'm. I'm blessed to have good clients that have given me some good cases and had some good success with that. So what's the way forward? John. Are we going to see the Democratic Party because you know, I say this all time we rave on in the program in always say, I'm non adherent. I'm not a devout adherent, I vote Republican, but I'm not a devout adherent to either party. And I think a lot of people listening program. I'm thirty nine people who are younger than me who if we go through and we look at the demographics and who's listening to the podcast. I think it'll show that the not devout adherents either in. I think a lot of people are wondering what this Lubbock county Republican party do. Now, we can critique Beto all day long. But in day moss by less than three points. Does the Lubbock county Democratic Party look that is cute run further to the left. Or run more to the middle. You know, I don't know with respect to the state party. I can tell you that here locally. I think that one of the reasons why I got elected was because I am more of a moderate. And I think that we were elected win. I think June. I think okay. So this is before all the November hullabaloo area. Yeah. But anyway, yeah. Here. Locally the problem that we have is. We've got thirty percent versus seventy percents. I mean, that's just the fact and we can slowly over time road that thirty percent or erode the seventy percent and gain numbers off the thirty percent. But what the Democratic Party here is primarily right now as a watchdog for the Republicans. And so yeah, I want to see my Republican legislators do well because I live in this community. And I like you I'm somebody who believes in the politics of place, and I want my Republican legislators to have success for the south plains. You know, Bob Duncan. I know Bob Duncan. He's a he's a good guy thought he did a really really good job state Senator is pointed at his campaign side. Yeah, you've got you've gotta sign here. There were times when I disagreed with what Senator Dunkin might have have, you know, legislated. However, I appreciated the fact that he was a statesman. We have local politicians that I don't believe are in the same class as Robert Duncan. And so therefore, it is the it is incumbent upon the local Democratic Party to hold our politicians feet to the fire and say, look when you go to a league of women voters breakfast, and you say that we don't really need to pay attention to renewable energy, for instance, when for crying out loud who said that. One of our one of our three put it that. Okay. One of our three said, we don't need to be paying attention to renewable energy fossil fuels is is where we're going to focus our attention. Okay. That's fine. But that's that's just. That stupid. I mean, Lubbock has more sunshine and more wind than probably anywhere else in the country. And why are we not going to go and pay attention to renewable energy in this area? The reason why that's important is tucked any millennial, and they're going to tell you man, my future's at stake. You people aren't paying attention to global warming and my future's at stake. And I wanna party that pays attention to environmental issues. Well, democratic party's gonna be paying attention to that. And but here locally, we're going to be holding our local politicians accountable win. They don't engage in that politics. A place, for instance, and pay attention to renewable energy here. Fossil fuels. You know, if you're down in Odessa fossil fuels are important fossil fuels aren't important in Lubbock county. That's we're the we're the pump jacks going low accounting. You don't see any what you do see your win meals, and we need to be paying attention to renewable energy here in this county. So anyway, like, I say. And I think that one primary function that we need to be engaged in is holding our legislators feet to the fire and making sure that they are engaged in politics place. The other thing is is I'm a generation xer. I'm assuming you are to somewhere in the. You know, my generation is nothing more than a placeholder for the next generation the millennials are gonna come along. And what we're seeing you. You had the the professor from tech last week that was talking about southern politics. He didn't talk about generational politics. And we were in the middle of a generational shift. Where a lot of new issues are coming up with millennials that need to be addressed. And one of the things that we need to be doing here. Locally is we need to be recruiting good candidates candidates. That are have character charisma, and competency, you might have seen Claire mccaskill have the interview on. I think it was dateline couple months ago where it was like the exit interview. And and a lot of the people in Democratic Party were pooh-pooh in her responses because she's more of a conservative democrat, and she was complaining about the Democratic Party saying we pay attention too much to identity politics, which I would agree. We do we need to get away from identity politics guards. What in what regards? Do we pay too much attention identity politics? Just speaking personally and not on behalf of the party. I was a supporter of injury white. I thought it was silly for the for the powers that be done in Austin to look at the at the ticket and go. Wow, we got a bunch of white, you know, bunch of white man on the ticket. We need to go out and get somebody who isn't a white male. Well, you know, we saw what happened with Luba Valdez just got a bum. Steer ward him, the texts monthly round of the poorest run campaigns. But still within thirteen points, and I will concur with you there chairman why? Still within thirteen points. She still came within thirteen points at sixteen points. Well, no, I mean, she got trounced by thirteen points, L K. Well compared to Wendy Davis. It's pretty good. I mean, that's my standard there. That's a last serious quote unquote serious candidate. And I appreciate you corrected me. But but again what we're talking about there. If we're talking about the entity politics run campaign. He even ran ads from this radio. They never asked me for permission. But they ran ads. Yeah. My show about what a disaster. She was right. No. I saw the ads. No. But that shit that was identity politics get away from the identity politics. Let's get character, competency, and charisma. Let's get candidates that have those characteristics. And who cares if they're black white Christian, Muslim, Brown, Latino, whatever whatever is praying. At the Lubbock county or Lubbock sitting, you know, if they got character charisma incompetence more power to them. Let's get them regardless of their gender. Any of that kind of stuff? We need candidates that have those qualities, and so part of what I have to do is is I have to identify those people in our community that have those qualities that also have the same values that we have in the Democratic Party, and we need to you know, we need to be encouraging those people to get involved and growing those people within the democrat. So you just said you personally speaking is that not a feeling within the the mainstream of the Lubbock county Democratic Party. No, that's not what I'm saying. I'm saying that I'm giving my personal opinions. And I'm not speaking on behalf of the of the party proper. You've had meetings since the election. Sure is that a fair sampling of what you're saying. No, that's that's my. Personal tirade that. I just went on. Yeah. That's not. So then I would think you as chairman or saying, hey, guys, we've got to begin to appeal to the middle. We have an opportunity here. And maybe that is or is not being hurt. Lubbock is a very unique place. It's it's it's a. Lubbock presents a number of challenges. We had one candidate in the last election who was dyed in the wool Bernie Sanders. Democrat we had another candidate who was more of a Jon tester much more conservative democratic candidate. Our are Bernie Sanders candidate lost forty percent to sixty percent are Jon tester style candidate lost twenty five percent to seventy five percents. But to be fair. Yeah. That wasn't just you're Bernie Sanders was in Lubbock, right? Your tester was in seven different counties. One of which was Lubbock county in that just a sliver. But the thing is is when you talk to the when you talk to the party faithful and party faithful are always the people who are going to be all the hold on. Let me just because what we're talking about his drew Landry right now. Okay. The tests candidate, right and everybody knows that that district is takes tech terrorists in it. Takes six rural counties to devastate. Right tech terraces in everybody knows anything about Lubbock. He might be listening. Suddenly tech terrorists. A lot of tech administration. A lot of tech professors much more nuanced area in just two. It's like a peace symbol. It comes down nineteenth university to Indiana intakes out like a peace symbol out on the south loop. And then takes in three counties to the west three counties to the east, right, but okay that for context go ahead to me if I'm. Lubbock county democrat. I'm not looking at sixty percent versus seventy seven because those districts are weighted in in a fashion that don't lead to the sumptious that might be being made. Well, I think that some people in Lubbock might look at this and say well are Bernie Sanders. Style candidates did so much better that where the party needs to go. I would argue that. Instead, we need to be looking at Beddoe and look at how Beto did statewide, and we need to be saying that here within the rural metropolis of of Lubbock we need to be fashioning a candidate that can win locally more in the style of a better Rourke, then perhaps a Bernie Sanders or Octavio always want call her Octavio detail because huge Houston Astros fan and Octavio doto tell with Astro. We'll see what whatever. I o c. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. So anyway, but yeah, I would like to see us move in more of a of a moderate direction. I don't think there's any secret to that. But at the same time, I do see why there are people in within my party that are more of the far end on the left. You know, a lot of people have been getting left out in this economy and. And even then it just like, I'm literally rolling my fingers through my hair is say this. Yes, you're my head saying there are classical democratic issues public education agriculture. Yeah. Medical access to health care. Right. The classical that you could run on run on strongly unabashedly in leave the Cussing to the side leaves the flag kneeling to the side and gain a larger audience. I one hundred percent agree with that get anything else we need to get in with you how I mean. I could talk to you about politics for hours. But but no there's nothing you'd have to miss a couple of your commercial breaks or something we can with. So how often do you guys meet in? If people are interested in joining in with the Lubbock county democratic process how. How can they do? So well with any to do is they need to go to our website or you can find us on Facebook Lubbock Democratic Party on Facebook. And just messages, that's easiest way we meet quarterly, plus a few more meetings throughout the year. In fact, we've got a meeting next Tuesday at seven o'clock if anybody wants to show up it's over the Democratic Party headquarters is over behind target on the south loop useless there in the little office park. That's there. So just cross to the south from the science spectrum right right right directly behind the science spectrum and fifty s fifty yard line. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Well, John Gibson. I appreciate you coming out and fill in some difficult questions. I wouldn't expect less from you. But I appreciate you doing that. Thanks for having me. I think that you're willing to talk about issues in ways that others aren't in. We appreciate your time going to get into a quick break here. About ninety seconds. Get back with you here on the other side of Texas close out the program tell you what's going on the rest of the week cliff Kingsbury gonna be head coach of the Zona. Cardinals was is happening get in with that and more as we roll along here on your other side. Yes. Agreeing though. Great conversation there with John Gibson Lubbock county Democratic Party. He is not a crazy, which is why he makes an appearance on the program and just hear the guy out in if you're about place above party in the wanna know what's going on John Gibson's. Good guy. Preciado him come in. And quite frankly, taking some fastballs. I appreciate him VM willing to do that in. If there are people within the Lubbock county Republican party dwindling and membership. I'm glad for them to come on as well. Help them glad to help them with their membership. I know that I know that the Lubbock county Republican parties like in full fledge moderating force, and maybe their pride isn't so bad that they can come on the program and have talk about why people all of a sudden they're talking about place in while. They're talking about fiber fuel in. And the food in just glad to have yawned because the old sticking points old talking points aren't working any longer the segment brought to you by Lubbock foul room, providing safe and secure documents storage to Lubbock and the surrounding area since nineteen ninety two for free and hassle free estimate. Give Lubbock foul room, a call Lubbock foul room dot com. Eight oh, six seven four four seven six six six today. Today, the Texas house names Dennis bond and new speaker on opening day this from the Texas Tribune. Gray fog descended on awesome Tuesday morning, but the scene inside the Texas capital was one of colorful festivities to Mark the first day of the eighty six biennial legislative session. Give props were there. Do this is Cassandra Pollick? Edger welcomers Walters. Excuse me. Alec Samuels ima Plata f- there at the texts Tribune amd, perhaps the heartiest celebration took place in the Texas house where lawmakers walked in hollered after the and unanimous election of state Representative despondent as speaker. Baden's election marks new era of leadership in the lower chamber for the first time in a decade, the Angleton Republican. In that's important Angleton. Because now the big state the big three are from the Houston proximity. The Lieutenant governor the governor and the speaker of the house Angleton Republican replaced. Former house speaker Joe Straus who announced in October two thousand seventeen they would not seek reelection. Strauss's San Antonio Republican was elected in two thousand nine held record tying five terms in the house is top seat. Five terms in tying. With mabul. We hear me pound Muhart. Pete laney. Whereas Strauss was known as a mild mannered leader Bonnin has developed more of a combatants reputation in the house. He seemed to lean into that perception in his remarks never seen the use in sugar coating things, I am a direct. I am direct in. I am problem-solver while makers praised his leadership ability in a series of speeches preceding, the vote state Representative Sephora Neha Thompson, a Houston democrat with forty five years of experience in the house juris standing ovation for her remarks enrich, she said Bonnin quote. As learned the ins and outs of the Texas house as well as anyone I've ever served. The new speaker pledge to keep the Texas legislature from getting quote caught up in things that don't lend to real results in quote, hashtag bathroom Bill. He named public school. Funding is his top priority. In addition to school safety, combating, human trafficking and reforming property tax collection. He went so far as to replace the drinking cups in the house members lounge with one's reading quote. School finance reform colon the time is now in quote, you'll be reminded that every day bond and said bonds election was hardly a surprise. He was announced here. He first announced he had the votes become the next leader of the lower chamber in November working behind the scenes to assemble the transition team into our staff to assume the speaker's office in closing remarks after asking for unity amongst house members. He gave a tearful tribute to his father recalling some advice from the elder Bonnin who passed away in two thousand seventeen let's be sure when we adjourn Sanni die. That's the last day of the legislature. We leave this house and the state better than we found it. There's a saying we have in Texas is Texas goes so goes the nation. Governor Greg Abbott praised him. And then there were other scenes in the Texas Senate, which were less important, shall I say in not of course, they were important but less newsworthy as what went on the Texas house. I wanna go on record in say, I'm rooting for Guinness Bonnin mall accounts rate, man, great leader. And may he give his members in that let in that branch on that floor the ability to vote their districts in may they both their districts ever, boldly, not for political favor, not four getting points on scorecards, but doing better made they to tag onto Dennis bond and leave their districts of better place in they found them may they do just that eight. Tomorrow on the program. We've got Ross Ramsey. He's going to cover all the scenes and sites from today. Also, our friend might bazaar. Did you know that they're putting Amazon Alexa and toilets now not into Elit, but toilets said are quipped with Alexa. This is one other nations hate us in. It's why we're so great. We're gonna get into that with Mike bazaar into the scenes and sites from today with our friend. Ross Ramsey going into Thursday and Friday medicinal marijuana discussion with Brandon Darby as well. As on Friday. We're gonna get into some rural populism if you've not seen just Google Tucker Carlson monologue, and you're going to hear him talk. Give critique of the establishment Rockefeller in Republicans with whom against whom I revolt daily on this program. And I thought that good monologue. Don't agree with all of it. But agree with a great bit of it. There from Tucker Carlson, and you can find it there as you Google it. We're going to be playing some sound clips from it coming up on Friday. But for now God to get home gonna get home. Great family above average dinner going to watch us some red raiders tonight in excited to do just that number eight taking on Oklahoma Braschi eight you listening to the program. Pre sheet your thoughts at Jay west skews me as j west Texas Leeson J other side of Texas dot com. That's where you can send your thoughts and critiques over heresy compliments in suggestions on the program. Read all those respond to all those. And when the thank you for tuning in and telling your friends again that you hang out on the other side of Texas until next time Ravon buddies Ravon will see next edition right here. AM? Five eighty Lubbock. It's usually. Stab?

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