The Bill Bert Podcast | Episode 18 w/ Bob Saget


Hey everybody! How are you welcome to another edition of the bill or pod cast? Today, we have with us. Oh, Jesus, judging already that fucking face. What is the biggest? This guy is bigger than the Hollywood. Sign these. Same Monster. Both good and bad in this business, please. Welcome Mr Bob Sang. Thank. Please hold your applause to the end. Those warrants in the background acknowledge. A bunch of Shit is a Rodney Dangerfield statue right there got word for that, and that I got inducted into the TV Hall of fame right there, because further video show for people get hit the nuts. My gone on. My God can tell you that that show that show I'm being dead serious when I want my. My first time hanging out with my wife on a Sunday at her house when we first started dating, she put on America's funniest home videos now as a comic I was like I'm going to watch this I. Don't I don't need to see this. I got a high level of says humor. She's like no. This is the greatest show you ever watch. America's funniest home videos and Bob I saw one with this black dude was a white guy dressed as a as a scarecrow with the Halloween candy in his lap, and like a cheerleader comes up, and then the guy goes, Lou and Agila goes. And this blackbird comes up. I never say I used to watch this every day. It made me laugh. Black Dude comes up. He's got. On he's talking about some some construction work. He's got lined up reaches in and the white. Guy Scarecrows. The Black Guy goes. Knocks him unconscious. fucking dying laughing didn't win. And Graham good ones never won. It was always the city one of the maybe in the fucking stroller gay. You know why because they didn't let the ones win. That were international, so they would buy those and they do like a trade like cards. They would trade videos, so they wouldn't fly somebody from Sweden 'cause. That's expensive, so they only domestic or sometimes Canada clips. That show is really groundbreaking as far as that was sort of like youtube before youtube. Show all those videos. You know fail army and epic fail whatever the hell they call it like. That was sort of took from your show. And everything online. I mean everything I look at. Things put on. INSTAGRAM is not hits and just people. Pants fall down there. They have to scramble the signal of their deck. That's how I see Pena's anyway when I would go into locker room, everybody's a scramble. That's Australia or WANNA be so bad. I WANNA be straight. Now Right. Now you can get a show. You can get your own bathroom or something. There's a lot of movement in that direction. Finally came out and now you're, you're crawling back in well, you know I I did Fuller House if that's not doubling down on that. How crazy is it though that that one of the cool things about you? When when when I first came out to La was like you were the full House Dad, and then you would get on stage and talk about contests and contact. I didn't say Kinda lot only only about exes. No, I didn't do that I. Really didn't say it, but you know, but you would. You would curse the lot and everyone. Kerr's did good. Today if that was today, meaning, if you on full House now, and that was the hit kind of family show and you went on stage and talk. Course you get cancelled the fucking second. Like Jeff Carlin, he's on like the number. One family show the Goldbergs so then you got to double-whammy Jewish family and and it's a hit show and he gets on stage in says says whatever he wants. You know and goes out, but it's not like Blake I was blatantly doing dig joke after Dick Joe. Bill knows bill knows. And just imagery for me. It was like hitting a by news blocks habits at as a template. For my entire career, as far as writing closing, bits and stuff like that. You GotTa go Dick. Joke, you know. You Guy. I've ever seen to be able to stain it. Though lot of people once they get into the deck, joke thing, it's gotta be towards the end of. Or else there's nowhere to go, but now with Bob. Endlessly exploring every fold. It's a through line. Watch area, every vein every avenue every vessel. Well rotten. That's not true. He's also incredible. Musician Plays Guitar Grady things a little bit. He's got all kinds of awards. You takes compliments well. I'll be benefits for people as much as he tries to be edgy. As a big old softy in there. Well. Fuck Outta me one time. We did a college together Bob. Do you remember this? And, I know we did. Where was it? It was in New York and You paid me five thousand dollars to open for you and I. Remember getting the check in the like you got onstage. I go back. There's an envelope I get to check and I'm like holy. Shit this. How? How Young I was I thought I got your check, so it's like I went up to you and I was like I think. They gave me you're checking. Mine's a lot bigger bunny. No, but you were really funny, and they only see on tape and stuff, and then they said. How's how's this and I know he's great, and but it is a mistake was supposed to be five hundred I was I took a loss, but Social Awkwardness right and I knew it would come out eventually. In a situation like this podcast King? But you know something you all the painting him by forty five hundred bucks and I'm sure. He told twenty thousand people, so that money came right back to. You I've I've told everyone how you overpaid me. I remember as I remember. It was like the biggest that was like five thousand dollars when I just had Georgia that was a game changer that was like okay. Rents taken care for three months. I mean that's. Two things if you give me a good intro bringing me on stage, I. Never Forget it. If you paid me well I'm never people have paid well, you doubt Shit spreads like wildfire with other comics. Like Me Very happy that I did that because I would never do that today. because. There's no way I mean you're you I have to ask you Bert does drive in thing. Is it on hold or are you doing it? Go? I think everything's sold out, so it's June July. That's your summer. You're going to be doing drive INS, June July I'm doing drive in movie theaters and stand up at drive in movie theaters. I think I got to travel with the stage, so we bring the stage with us. Show start at eight and It's GonNa. Be Fun! I like I think it's going to be one of the things Mar- you look at it and you go, we'll never. I'm never going to do this again. And now's when it's safe, and it's a way to do. Stand up so. I'm kind of excited I like trying to front tyrannous of it is what I like, you know. Yeah, but you look like you're grizzly. Adams, right now I mean you're there and I have A. Question. I'm sure you've probably talked about it. Your stand up, but you do you shower in full clothing? Do you, do you sleep? Fully clothed, and the only when you're working, everything comes off. Of My shirt on I. put it on just because I. Like the corner razzle-dazzle it. Right keep them guessing. A. Drive ins out there. That's been on my bucket list to go. See I, like I wanted to take. My wife is like one or two left in the La area, and I always wanted to take my wife. No! There's only one now after last night. There's only one. No. They're popping up. They're all over the place in a students I announced. It started hitting me up everywhere and so we may add some shows because. It's I. Remember seeing. Doing two shows shows late, show starts late. You got to do it when the sun sets. You got it you can't. Son's got to be down to start the show and and it should be interesting. You know I I I. Hope I hope they're fun shows. Up on the screen. On the big screen and on in front of the screen, so re cameras yourself then you got people shooting at three cameras, so it's like you're watching a special. And then all the All the audio goes right through their FM players on their into their cars. I love this this to me I. Love Shit like that it's. Like I used to do a show called the collins sick to work. Contract work, so I go and do radio from eight to ten drink on air, and then I go right to the comedy club and tell everyone radio work. Don't go to work and I come to the club. They'd open up a club like eleven and we do a show at noon, and that was the funnest fucking shows I, would ever do because everyone's day drinking. That's like saying. HOW HAMMERED DID PEOPLE GET BILL? People got so fucked up. I the last one I did was in Tampa. I gave Sa- girls number out on stage, and then and they were chanting the machine and I just I. I go I'm not doing it and I walked off. Don't remember getting paid I. Don't remember getting home all I. Know is I wake up in a house. Right been our life I wake up in this house and I'm looking around and Mike who's fucking house Mayan I go out a no one's in the house. It's a really Nice House. No one's in the house and I'm sitting here going I. Don't have my cell phone I. Don't know where my cell phone is. I don't know where it is, and I'm looking at this house and all of a sudden I. See a picture, my sister in this house. It's a picture of my sister. When she was a kid, a look around also door opens. My Dad walks in. My parents bought a new house. That's fantastic. WHAT THE FUCK! Where are we? He goes. Oh, we got a new house I. showed it to a bigger drunk. I was like Holy Shit. And the and the question to that answer is. How do you make a comedian? Exactly wakes up in his new house and doesn't know it with his real parents. Hey, opened, invite to either of you guys. If you WANNA come out and do one of these drive in movie, theater shows Shits and giggles. Where is it that we're doing June twenty-fourth in Charlotte than Tulsa Than Indy and then Fort, Collins and then I think we're going to keep adding them, I'm just gonNA. Stay out on the bus. OUT HERE IN LA. I. Got An offer from then is there's something like that I would do that. I'd come in and do guest set, and then give you the intro and I get the same check I paid you right? By the way I'm GonNa be getting mantle thing. I would do Tulsa. Yeah. I Love Oklahoma and I also love that city man. What is it the? With theaters is at. The Brady Theater. Shit. There's also promoted. There had this old Cadillac. Let me driving around before the show. Thing was just like you know. Floating on a cloud that suspension. Everything was messed up, but it was. It was amazing. The Oklahoma Bill to be like the opening scene to the outsiders when they hit pony, boy and Johnny drive-in. When Dean del Rey Open for me out there he went to the I was tired. He goes dude. He's the outsider houses down the street it's. to Go see, and of course I didn't go. That came before the show. How was he is always killer? Say. They should just feel like you. Just Dean can. Nobody can sell your shit like Dean del Right so by for our listeners out there. is in Malibu I. Believe Rolling his own cigars are he started a wine vineyard or some shit? I don't know what you're doing, but it definitely looks like I was just like you know. The rioting and stuff I thought you just. You just left there something that looks like Gilligan's island. It's beautiful here. We're right. Were like five minutes from the beach up in the hills. It's your with your wife. I left her at home. I just thought I'd get away. Leave your at home. Right near. We're all the trouble is I actually got a rental right on Fairfax. Hopefully that something now with the girls in the my wife. Pick some stuff up at canter's and bring it to you in Malibu. The wait, where are you guys at? I know were bill. Is Bob where are you close to where the riots are going now? I'm up on that. Not yet am up on the west side of a hill. Yeah, it's been crazy man like. So upsetting as been so upsetting and yet. To get into it is. My favorite thing at all is white. People explained to black people how they should be failing and how they should be handling this as a very like. They know what they've gone through for thousand years. You know what you're not the problem I mean. At as a person I had the same problem is human. Beings would rather win. Then get to what's right and everything's broken up into teams. Everybody I always say that he's trying to win. People just want to be. They want to be proven that they're right. They don't want the truth. Yes, and everybody does add the hardest thing in the fucking. World is to get out of your own head in realized that some of his experiencing a life different than yours and actually listen. And and the person telling you it's really hard for them to explain their life without the other person feeling like they're getting up. Finger pointed at him. It's it's It's a major defected in a humanity humanity. Yeah, so until they because I feel like. Both sides should be able to sit down. And talk this is so much signed to thrust it into this thing that we all in our own ways of created. Over, sure we're either where either of you persecuted as a kid I was. No I was not the nice actually from my skin tone. Why I wasn't out orange. My hair was, but it was just sort of standard bullying. Over by the COPS for having red hair, but I definitely got a couple of towel whippings during gym class. It's about how. About how rough it got for me! Now I was I got bullied, but not I mean just like regular kid like whatever the. Say like are pretty easy in life like I am example of white privilege. I think. I was in Norfolk. Virginia, and people threw rocks at my head and called me a Jew and it happened a lot and I'm Presbyterian so i. don't understand but. Obviously I am no Jew but I Bags. I brought my ex wife. That's the advantage of doing this in your office. Look? At s seriously look that. Married it. was between those two years. Actually that haircut is what I look like when I was in the fifth grade. Being head, being red headed is probably it's like it's like no one stands up for redheads, but redheads are taunted their entire out. It wasn't as bad south park tipped it over. That episode in for I I was already into adulthood, but they were the ones. They brought it to the forefront. That they've made it like mainstream, and then all of a sudden you know. Like that Ginger Shit. no-one said Ginger. Like no one said that Shit. Like when I went over to. Torn in Europe is the first hour you're ginger agenda. That me. Thank you got ready? Hey, ginger, I'll all right all right. I did sound derogatory. Over there. As much as over here then it seemed like. Some kind of just called me a fucking pussy something over here just as everything just seems to take on a little more of A. Nasty or tone I don't know when it travels so off. Easy, just red-headed. Bullshit like that, but I didn't have an overly complex once that South Park episode came on like that sort of kicked it into. You know it's weird like you have really fun with the Internet. Like how fucking childish people are in how much? That bullying thing really didn't go away as much as you just became an adult. You know not to do that but you get on the Internet and it's just like if there's any way to attack or humiliate or go after somebody that's in a less larger group. It'd just done from the obvious all the racial shit. To anything you know so where you're. You're kind of the example. You've influenced me a lot of because. I'm doing a Lotta material, but. Explain those pathetic awards behind you. One of them is your mother I actually had a replica of of where you came out back there. But always healthy APP that get you through some lonely nights. Yeah, you got. To take them up your MOM's ginger, but I was just. Is that ginger from Gilligan's island? Is that what that is between ginger and Marianne, or is it like one hundred five hundred years old? I. Don't know because. She's a betty was from Archie. Comics, but this I don't know anyway what I was GonNa say bill is your show. Sag It was from full House. He had to say that. I get full House Paraphernalia. If you WANNA lunchbox or a t shirt what I was GONNA say was you're so amazing, if an unlike this onstage especially, but if someone throws one rocket me I throw thousand back. I get like a catapult. I mean if you verbally. That started off as a compliment from me and then quickly just went to all about Bob. Right I haven't had time for therapy bill, but you're. You're to me the master of just not putting up with Shit you just so it's coming through such a real place I. Just I really just look up to you a lot. Cause you. Make me when you're eating for the overhand right here, this is. Go Ahead When you pee on me I'm always looking up to you, but what I'm saying is. So good. In Burt would agree. Don't you think maybe the? Mailing. Esther oppose so he's trying to drag you into this shit, and he's just I think Brentwood agrees trying to throw it to you. It's hard for me to throw a compliment to bill and. Because you won't accept it. But. My Wife's naked you WANNA see hell yeah. No I mean. A Got, one, for you, so what my wife's about a week away from having a our second kid. Congrats, you're the dad, you sure I don't know well. We always get tested. We have sort of an open relationship threat though. I made her these these cheesecake. Peanut Butter cheesecake brownies. Ignore peanut butter cheese brownies. They're actually fucking delicious. So making them as taste, I'm like this is going to be fucking. Great out maker, some sweets or whatever help her up. Like I'm not gonNA eat half the track I'm trying to make myself out to be a hero. Here I'm going Bob Sagging here. I make this fucking thing. And they tell you to line line the fucking tray with aluminum foil, and then spray them. I guess we're these parchment paper, but I just find parchman taper just catches on fire, so I go fine. So I do that all right and they finally finished. It's like eleven thirty at night. Go to eat one, and it's the worst tasting thing I've ever had in my life. I know. I reminded me of this time. I ate a burger when I was shit faced at a patriots game, the head layer fluid all over because we thought we had it lit, and then we put the Burgas on the fire went out. We were hammered, just spraying it all over. That was that I'm a case. I was like Nia. Don't eat them. They're the worst thing I. Ever made. I don't know what the fuck happened I. Put a thousand pounds of sugar. Taste bad and the next morning came downstairs. I saw that slice that I had taken out and I saw the aluminum foil is one tiny piece triangle aluminum foil. Cheap aluminum foil to during the pandemic I can't get the good shit. You know it's just like this X. scale. It rips in half. It was that light I ate a piece ten for. If you have fillings. You're dead if you got metal fillings now. Do. Not Tell you it was like stuck somewhere between my throat, my stomach for like a day and a half. I finally got it out of there, so you should have called me. I. I'd be happy to get anything out of your throat. Sure you would. You're so handsome. Jesus Christ. You just always has to make it fucking uncomfortable about the way. I love your wife a lot. You Know A. Little bit too much. Yeah Yeah your wedding. Hey Bob I'm a question. Where have you lived in? La can started in palms, a single apartment across from a furniture warehouse, and I was GonNa go to USC Foam School, and then I moved to Hollywood couches across the street, and that's how he moved up to the next level. and. I moved to Hollywood. I lived on Camino Palmero down the street from the Magic Castle for all I knew the street, and then I lived in the valley, unsupported with all these shiny shirts when he goes on stage and headlines where the same sure you wear for twelve years. We got fifty black shirt's hanging in the fucking closet. You know and then and then I moved I moved to new. York to do a show that I got fired from. And then I moved back. I moved a lot. I'm living of houses in online. I started renting and then I could afford one. And I got one in the valley on a Valley Vista in Sherman Oaks at that was my first house that I could afford that bought. And then I moved to the Palisades and then got divorced and then rented for awhile now I'm in another area. You know some undisclosed spot. Then how about how about you know? I started thinking like 'cause you know. Everyone's talking about moving out of La and I was just thinking if I could live anywhere in the world, where would i? Mean meaning I didn't have to live in La. Why Bluer talking about leaving La. Because the in Krona virus and. I hope they always leave. Out, and is too many people great. They WANNA act ones acting once. Shows. Come back. Everybody's GONNA come out for pilot season. That exist anymore. No, but I used to have a friend, and he used to come out every year from New Jersey for pilots season like he was migrating geese. I do floral and I went. What but you have to be here? You got to be here all the time there. Wasn't a more policies. There's any time now it's like. I developed something and they're. Come the pilot season, and I would be so excited for the first two weeks the weather, the change of scenery, and then the the fucking the suddenness. Of how difficult the city this is delivering! We're kicking about ten days like everybody when they talk about a tough city. They always talk about New Yorker. I can make Derek and make it then I always found new. York because I grew up on the east coast I found it way easier. Because you could sort of escape the business when I came out here I kinda did know how to do that and there was just something about. The weather, not changing out here. If you were in a bad place in your career, you've got into that groundhog day like Holy Shit every day seventy two degrees smoggy every day every fucking day and I used to play that. What was it? The La Comedy Club went out and been Tara. No it was, it was as astor, my west of moral five off the one on one. WHO's the only place after while I could get stage time and they were going through a bad time, and there wasn't a lot of people coming out to the club. You know. They still had fucking all these old headshots up on the wall. Super fucking depressing. Sorry. I'm sure minds up there. But I I used to go to Newport they had a Newport beach. They had the laugh stop and there was one in Houston and That's where I met Kennison because it forbid him to go to the comedy workshop because of his kind of material. And as a result, when I met him, and started hanging out with him, before he came out here, he chained himself to a telephone pole, and put himself in a diaper like Jesus, and put a crown of thorns on his head with fake blood, dripping down his eyes, roll back, and they put him on the front page of the Houston, Chronicle Arts and leisure, and then everybody started talking about him because he'd been a you know the faith healing business, and then he moved out to La and I introduced to Mitzi. It's like I. was. As Fun I do. That's like a huge moment in. Stand up comedy you entry. Kennison glazed over and and I just didn't vote on anyway anyway long story. Three twins later. But. As Ba- triplets, but he. He I also introduced me Rodney Dangerfield and so we were on the same young comedians. Show that Rodney hosted and I did. Fifteen minutes did pretty well as we say. Accept people that go at crushed I don't know who they are I guess they're doing really well and then. And then Sam on did fifteen minutes, and then the the room. It was dangerfield's in New York. Final thing on HBO I had three and a half minutes Sam had fifteen. said the Rodney. WILL WHAT THE HELL IT GOES! I can't help it man. I Love Sam too much. There was no more time for anybody else. And he was he was right. Qassam was doing the whole bit. About can't feed the kid you know. Cameraman's got a sandwich. You know the starting to handle that on that. You must have been pissed though I was hurt that I was the guy that would get hurt, not pissed because I couldn't get posted right. Well scribe me do a D. I tell you. So much easier if you fox somebody over if they get mad if they get hurt, that's brilliant because you'll cherry them on man I hurt bugs. And Rodney FO- bad about it because he was a you know a neurotic Jewish and he told me I. was your fuck man. You're you're Ju. You're neurotic, never going to be happy. That's tell me when I was like twenty four I right to ron next. Have, a good set, man, Rodney like I wish I had gotten to meet him. He He was interesting guy. He loved pot smoked every day. said he didn't he didn't care. Who knew what he wanted on his tombstone You know that he loved it. He loved to help young Comedians such a hard time and he had. He went through hell, I mean he. And then he was Jack Roy. And, then a club owner gave the name Rodney Dangerfield. and. Cohen is such a fucking great name. Jacob Cohen Although Rodney Dangerfield now is Rodney. Dangerfield is immediate. Danger. How did he come up with that? The club owner did it came up with I. got it your this. That's his version and when I met him I was in the comedy store in La Hoya. and. He walked in and that weekend. Bruce found. A Funny Guy Friend of Mine and Robin was there all weekend. And I was like the Middle Guy around all of this insanity, and then Robin would a gone after me, and then a Rodney would go on after him. And roughly when I met him was in Lacoste cleanup from drugs. which was a spot near San Diego a drugs and booze, and every you did everything you know. And he comes in, and they're like Humana. Have MERV. Griffin show. You're fucked up I like it and he goes. You're funny. You're fucking funny man. That's all that matters. I I was supposed to clean up and go to the cost of, but I can't do it. No Booze. No COPEPOD, no pills I can't do it man. How Fuck, you must've said twelve people before he said it's no, no, no pot. No pills is one sentence. You would be a Hashtag. and. We became. Friends came to the comedy store condo where we stay. Did you guys stay in that? Young I stayed there. Letterman one time brought his dogs and there were fleas in there ever since. So they and they never, they never defleaed place. Mitzi didn't bring a service so there I the Itchen in the bed there. But Rodney would hang out and we became friends and we stayed friends A. Officiated! Strewn I was friends with him for. My? God, it's thirty, five, thirty, forty, some crazy. How many years how old? Past eighty four. Then he should he shouldn't have. To live in that lifelock that. Eighty. Four I can do eighty four if you can booze and partying until eighty four. Hundred you guys know you guys know comedian? Al Vinnie Mark. Now Mark I east coast guy he's got. He's open for Ronnie. He's got the beacon first of all. Do a dead on Rodney, and he's got some of the greatest stories about him. One of the ones I remember as far as like. Him Smoking Pot. Every day was when he would be working in Vegas Rodney had a one hitter. And Be Walking through the Casino, and he'd had like two or three open an axe, and when he wanted to take a hit, he'd be like all right. Boys get around yet around like a semi circle, and then he'd take a hit when he was done. It'd be like all right. Bring it up. Bring it up. Would just. Bring up. You know what you WANNA. See something cool. I have to go get. It would take me one second to get you WanNa see something cool. Just set up alone. Yes, to be my Dick this something. About Bob Sangha, walking away from camera in his house like. A reality show, let's see. The last thing, so people can look at Your House okay stare at my desk, okay? Wait there. Talked about me. I mean club back then. Okay, here we go, this His widow gave me. This box. This is his pot box. RV ON IT! said this inside of it. Is His cool shit, this is. Inside of it. Is Rodney's pot pie. No fucking way. These fucking pot. I also have here 'cause I've done these SCLERODERMA benefits and bill. You've been kind enough to do it. Bertram and ask you to because we try to help people. This is a fucking awesome picture. Wow, my God, join the problem with that picture is love. It's but otherwise. Who's WHO's on the far far right? Is that Tim Allen Tim Allen? Robin Jon Lovitz Rodney Dangerfield. WHO's to the left? That's you. Guy Over here is me. Turn your head to the site. Side that is just look at the. Left side. It's not GonNa work in a lineup, but I don't think that that's you. It is not you at me, I was like senator from rape teeth. That's what I got something better. You're ready. You're gonNA fucking love this. His wife gave us. We have never shown to anybody, but you guys asked about him, and I'm on the inner sanctum. I got a bottle and I talked about it in a in a special. It's a bottle of Rodney. Dangerfield Viagra. Wow Oh my God. It's Dangerfield and it says. It says Viagra. Talk about not giving a fuck. He didn't even go. Go I can alias. I know right. It's weird. GotTa have these pills? My not going up anymore. Okay and. Have you ever smoked weed out of that thought out of that bull? We does not agree with me, but I. if I'm going to do it. It's going to be out of that, but I'm gonNA proudly cleese's. Lease. Invite me to that. Okay. Maybe? That's what we'll do. The drive in screen. What Bill I'm sorry. I was GONNA say that. If you smoke out of that, some comedian meets native American like Peyote for. Something, wow and bill I was influenced by him for Dick Jokes. If you listened to him, he would just go. Do a tight fifty man just fifty. That's all you gotta do and his. It was all Dick Jokes it. Was You know it was a joke? Sometimes you'd hear. Did someone else say that? But it was a rodney joking shooting. Having sex at my age is like shooting pool. The rope in a that's. All all ditches, and then he'd committee of his said if he was having a good set, which is most of the time because he was just. Gun He'd go. I'm fucking funny all right? I would love that uncomfortable. That thing where? The thing, he would do with his mouth. He just looked like he always think he was getting interrogated. That's how we looked at life. He would tell me that to stay alive as a comedian and if you're Ju- like that's how we looked at life, he would be like getting out of Germany during World War. Two is you too tight six minutes for the guard at the border. And if you're funny, you get out of Germany. If, you do a good six minutes takes men sick, but he gave me three on the special. WHAT THE FUCK! But I was close with him, and he was a big influence as as was Richard. Fuck it at the store. I was like twenty two and. Hanging out with Richard in the ended up doing a movie with him and he was. Crazy. The Toy critical condition. Where he's in the, he's in a gown. He's going like this. He's he's a fake doctor. A convict escape and he pretends he's a doctor, and it had great actors in. It had Rachel ticket and Joe Montana and Ruben Ruben Babe's blades. Who is almost a president of Panama and Randall Tex Cobb, and all these weird eclectic wonderful people and that's has a great imdb. Does. Good movies raising Arizona, wasn't he and that oh? He was a way. Does I knew that is? Yeah? He was also in. Those Chuck Norris Movies about getting the POW's back. They. He's a good actor I literally called Michigan Action, mission and action one two three of something like that. Yeah, and obviously the nicest guy like fucking nights so nice. You know I I saw last night late night. That was on. That is a perfect movie for what it is. What about Bob? A, what about Bob is great fucking movies? The way. Bill Murray and Richard Dreyfuss play off each other in that movie is just it's. It's genius, and there's not an ounce of fat on it. I was totally engaged. And old man I started dozing off to the NFL. I fell asleep at three minutes, and like it's over any says because it's so fucking tight. We every time we eat. Apparently do what Bob does when he eats, he's like M-. and my daughter will start doing it with me is. Anytime a joke you can hear a joke in a movie or in stand up, and then it plug into your life, and you can just share it with your family, and it'd be like now. You're running joke. That's one fucking I love that Shit. That movie is interesting because it draws you in in a way that kind of analyzed this does in its its own way years later, but then the third act or one about Bob goes way over the top 'cause, the mania and then arose of Bill Murray is like. Ten Eleven, but it really works is some. Really unusual that it works at it's that crazy it it's. One of my favorite comedies. Yeah, besides besides the the Pete Davidson movie that I have yet to see. I tried they'd sent me as of an email bill and there were like. Hey, if you'd like to watch this screen watch like to watch a movie, Judd appetite. Pete would like you to watch it and I was like great i. want to send a hundred fucking emails trying to get to get screener. That is the one movie my wife is dying the fucking see. Mine to whatever they did with that trailer, it's been crushing and everybody seems to be wanting to watch it so. It's you know there's also the family trailer is a lot of bill. Burr on June twelfth, and then the wealthiest dries up. Not I. Don't have anything after that Oh things. Don't hit billy boys going back to his parents house. Sure. That ain't happening you. You're super craze. Elite built talking about the movie for a little bit. I'd love to hear you talking about. I, it's. I've seen it. It's great I think it's might be judged. Best Work and I had a massive panic attack before I didn't. Why? I. I have a tendency to find look too far down the fucking road. I get overwhelmed. You know I had this big part. You know there was. A bunch of stuff in the in the role that ad never done before, so it was outside my comfort zone. I was leaving La and where I live and all of my shit. And, now I'm not going to see my Ba- fortunately. They came along, but you know the deal. You still working twelve fourteen hour days so. I had that comedian like I. She just do stand up. fucking do my Dick. Jokes. I get my money and then go home and I just thought could sit down. that. Why am I trying to do this? Every time I made one of these and then fucking Aquaman port seven comes out berries whatever movie I was in. And I was just away from this massive panic attack. and. You know. My friends and my wife talked me up the fucking legend all right and then went down to the first day. I had a good time. I didn't get fired and then it just became like this great hang. I, just had fun and all the firefighters and actors. We all bonded just breaking balls. Before we went on during the scenes after. And then Pete Davidson just sort of set the tone where you know he was there. I left last and if he could shoot you out and get you out of there. He would do it. which is really unprecedented behavior by some number one on the call sheet? Because usually you know, they do all their coverage. And the the lead jumps in their sub and fucking leaves, and then everybody else is hanging out and he was just. He was awesome. Because of his life he has so much wisdom at such a young age because of the hardship, and you're playing is I. Mean What your plan is. Dad, man, that's. fucking jerk off. I'm playing. The distinct Steve Buscemi is dead. Now it's Shannon. Oh he told me was skimming. Your House. Right now I'd take one of your awards away from Utah. I Love I love that that moment is the my favorite moment. Burgas bills a serious that he's playing Daddy. His Dad in the movie now. That's the whole point, not as daddy's fucking his mom. See who told me were. I'M NOT GONNA. Tell you somebody that we both know. I was misinformed. Yeah, well, I mean it's a answer. Quick trailer. How how would you know I? I knew I well. You know the story is that his dad dies on Lebanon, and then you see him with him. It would be really that's also now. What happens real? I thought it was based on his life. It is, but they took nine eleven aspect out of it because that will spoiler alert. I mean no, it's. Actually talked about it in interview, so I'm not, it's. They took that element out of it, so we could sort of avoid hatfields and mccoys. Of. George Bush will have to Bill Clinton do this red tie blue. Taya's screaming and fucking Yellen and all of that Shit, so they just sort of like. You know I think they just WanNa made it something that you know you can go in and watch in in. experienced the story where I think like nine eleven when something that were everybody experienced number. He has some sort of. Sad emotion connected to I think it would have been a little too heavy was kind of brilliant moves to take it outside of that I think it's so funny. The way I heard it is that his dad did on nine eleven in the movie, and that you and him bonded and then find Bin Laden. But I guess that's not what happens. That is what happens, and you just ruined the second act. A truth is I. Heard Bill that you play in Latin in the movie. That's not true, but when we meet Bin Laden, we actually hit it off. So becomes this weird thing. We started playing cards and afterwards. We know that we have to kill him. And you know. It's one of those gainful like am I gonNa get past. The ominous country in your in that country. Are we going to get down to the human thing and? I hate to say. We chose Patriots as. A would. What's what's what's John Appetite like as as a director as he like super great job bill, or is he? One of those guys like looking for moving on that means we got it. I I never had said look. If we're moving on, we got it. How fucking Needier you onset? Somebody said that to you. Right there. That's lever moving on the cameras. We've given up on you. Know. He was he was great and he never GonNa get you moving on moving on. It's costing US money. act. Well loop him I did I did have a show runner. One time on a pilot come to be at like two in the morning. Elliott Gould told me I should ad Lib Right, and so I add lived at two in the morning. It goes playing blind guy's got. He's blind with a dog, and he's standing behind me and and we can't get this line and Elliott Gould just goes. I'd ad-lib fiery you and so I do an ad Lib out, and everyone laughs all the executives still there too in the fucking morning. COMES GREAT, great great! We're going to do it one more time and then leans migos, your fucking me in the asshole right now and walks away and Elliott Gould. Still playing the blind guy goes sorry. I have a civilised story. We. What is it there Melissa Story I fucking? I was doing a movie and the scene wasn't working. In the lead was going. This doesn't make any sense. My character wouldn't be fucking standing. And if he touched me, I would fuck it. Take my gun up about doing that issue. So this tension. Because they know they, Kiki can't just fucking rewrite the scene. It was pretty intense fucking thing. So. Anyway the leads he starts Improv. And he's talking to me, saying Shit that isn't on the scripts on like I. Guess we're in Providence. So we go back to one and action and I come in and start in. The whole fucking thing falls apart. And all of a sudden hatchet man, the fucking big time produce. Iowa let's try one more. And then. He slowly just got right in my grill. And barely above a whisper, he just got my face with fucking. Don't you don't fucking in Providence Bucket? You say what the fuck is on the fucking Patriot the fuck. You think you are just. Like fifty bucks in my face. And I was just sitting there going like I was kind of smiling at first thinking, he was joking. And he was A. Then you think you'd like? Why didn't she yell at the other guy? He was also improved. He's a big star right long story short. My head I'm like what the fuck I hear. I'm a comedian. I don't need this shit. Nobody's yells. I haven't let anybody yell at me like that. Since my dad way back in the day. Dude I was up to like three in the morning. Thinking about this shit, all the shit that I wanted to say and I knew I couldn't say anything. Because, he was the powerful guy, and he was going to tell the story, and that was going to be true, so I didn't say anything. And it ended up being a great thing because that guy ended up hooking me up just straight up hooking me up with the partner movie like a couple of years later, and I got to know him, and we hit it off, and he was one of the coolest funniest fucking guys ever. It was just a bad day on set. And I was in his sights, and I did that little thing, and he fucking took his day out on me. But you know what I kept. My mouth shut. They took it like a man. Adam. Now, I love the guy that's fucking. Hilarious is now I? Love the well when you go to that shit together. It's an emotional thing. It's like you. You're actually You don't hate me. You're really good actor. Really good and I mike bide our mutual friend. Directed you in black or white with 'em, you played kosters, brother and if people haven't seen that, you see that movie bill I mean. I did I fucking love that movie I. Love That Movie I. Forgot Bill was in it. Bill Bill Creeps up in every fucking movie I'm was talking about a movie I go. Do you ever see that movie about Gary Hart? And he goes I was fucking it? That's the movie you lived in. Disappeared the character that you don't even know it's me once you once you put a little mustache. Ooh, where where did bill up? Did you love? Boston accents still all up in the mix. 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Real well, it's it's Monday it aired. Aired decode aired. Really call it. It's up. What are you saying? Least have loaded? It's a loaded. It's ejaculated into people's faces and ears and. Bill the of it. Is He rips me a new one? Because you? Basically I know you gotta do a spot Bor but bill basically told me what my act was. He says your act is nothing more. You WanNa. Say it or can I save bill? You want me to say it. You know I was just joking I love you. I didn't take a minute Bob Bob did I hurt you. Know I, love you fucking. Say That when people when you make fun of me, it makes me feel like you love me. That's how fucking sick I am mentally. But you said I love you so much I hate you same here. I love you so I. Hate you so much right now. He said my act is nothing more than all the lines on full house. They wouldn't let me say and I take those lines in I say fuck around him. He said that's all my act is. And I've thought about it. 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I was pretty. I was pretty green at that point so I learned a lot of things. Sense then where I used to be really just like this is. And we're doing this and I would know all the lines, and then and now I'm doing this. I wasn't looking at how they all connected. Park of this person that I was playing I. Tried to learn how to do that a little bit more, but it doesn't show in your new role work, but the thing about black or white. Is You were so maybe that inexperience made you so vulnerable to be able to play his brother and his lawyer I mean it was just something really special and Kevin known a long time haven't seen him in a long time, but he's really is a really good guy. I wasn't his brother. W were no, and you weren't Davidson's father. Do enjoy my acting performances, but they never quite understand. Who? You are related to whoever I'm talking to, so they just see you know you're good, but they don't know. You're so out of character that they don't know who you're playing. Wait somebody recently. One of the guys over Barstool, sports. He fucking Toby Watch. The movie in loved it and then asked Hey, did you do this in the movie? I go yeah. I thought you watch is I can't remember. So it's either something I'm doing our everybody with the cell phones up to their heads for ten years before he got the hands, free devices made no I went to a screening. Mike invited me of a rough rougher cut of it and neo was there I was with with your wife. And me. Fit into. I was with your wife. Kevin Costner like I wanted I feel like I know him. I feel like A. Bull Durham in fucking tin, Cup or to my favorite movies that define who I am dude and field of dreams. Come on. Yeah, at dances with wolves for fuck sake I made. I. I hate to do this, but I did the groundlings with him before right after before American Flyer came out, which is one of his first big ones that was got him noticed, and he'd been cut out of the big chill. He was the corpse in the big deal. The other one FANDANGO. Yeah, sorry. I always interrupted story finish story. I always do, but we did the groundlings together. And, we did Improv workshop with Barbi. Benton hefner's. Lady for a while. And? And every situation they would was such a good actor and he had to deal with the moment so much that did you the exercise? We hand someone a ball imaginary ball, and you'll receive it and you whatever energy you're getting from the other actor. You're taking the ball, and then you give it to the other person. Someone comes at him and gives him this ball, imaginary ball and the energy from this other Acuras keystone cops and Kevin does holds the ball. And he doesn't know what to do with it, he can't. He doesn't know what he was getting. This guy, Gaza lunatic, and then he finally disliked disfie- was literally four minutes. Grease is holding the all everybody's other guy I mean and I'm like you're amazing. You're so good, and then we made out and got a hotel. Did! You have drinks with him bill? Went bow fishing. What We went both fishing. After we rat went out and I got a fishing license. and. I went out with him and like three or four other people. We had a blast I dismember those guys, those Cajun dudes. We've fishing at night in flashing light on the wanted to like a Darah Darah. and. Let the thing go. Then, we got some fish ate. It was delicious. In yeah, he was like a yet. A Guy's guy, definitely a guy's guy in Really you know I think he has seven kids, so we definitely had that fatherly vibe or Cooking kids. Yeah, I have many. Kids, so he has like yeah. He's a guy's guy outdoorsman hunter father. From the very beginning when I knew him when I was close to them, the Kinda guy he was from the very beginning, always knew what he wanted to do very convicted what he wanted to do. Period it was, it was going to do it his way, and that is how he does what he does with passion and I had just gotten a show in new. York on CBS, and we stayed friends for awhile after the groundlings, so he did the untouchables. And so he calls and says I WANNA take you to the premier. And he took his wife at the time, the mom of some of his kids and my wife at the time the mom. My kids and he picked us up at our partner New York in a limo. And he comes in to the premiere. Any puts his arm around me and introduces me to diploma and Deniro, and here I am you know in nineteen, Eighty, seven on CBS morning program, and he's The star like definable movie. Not just for his career but period. And such a loyal guy, such a such a good never forget that kind of. Guys Guy Friendship Loyal Guy. He's an interesting type of movie star because he isn't technically an action star like you think when you think male movie stars, you think like Schwarzenegger. And and stallone, and like those guys, Bruce Willis he's like an emotional, but not a ROM com. He's like an emotional movie like almost like a a sports. Without being an like you know a sports movie star. It's like the love of baseball I mean they kept telling. Don't make another baseball movie and he's like Fuck It's the script that matters, and it's the story, and then he's also a romance star because he's a good looking guy, so. It, probably bill's going to go through I. Think after this Davidson. He's GonNa. Get A lot. You'd be bill. You would be amazing, action, Star. White Whale! What's your? What's your movie? You WanNa, do is it action is it Straits Stan comedy like meaning like like slapstick comedy. Tommy boy. If the if the studio said You could make any movie you want your bill. We're we'RE GONNA put one hundred million behind it. What's the movie you make? What. Well. Ready or next when I just roll with Ben Tesla. Now I kind of like I like to comedies at I like doing dramas so anytime. There's a movie that has both which is why our our TV shows breaking bad breaking Goodfellas, two of the great dark comedies, I. Happen so recently. The movie that I saw the last couple of years. That I absolutely fucking loved. that had comedy and drama in it was. The Nice guys! That had. Gosling and My God I was on the treadmill the other day and my God Oh, my God, who Schemer Ryan Gosling by the way I'm on the treadmill and I see nice guys like what the fuck is. This I don't know anything about it. Turn on Ryan Gosling. It, the very beginning and he was like. Crying laughing I ended up recording the movie and I'm like this movie is. Russell Crowe the next one I. Thought Your father. Two minutes I haven't seen the whole thing though both of their performances in that movie and then the guy who plays the bad guy. who gets the blue paint. Ruin it for people. You have to see that movie and then the stuff that Ryan Gosling does. He's such a student of comedy. Bentley. A hundred percent. To like Avenue Castillo routine where he can't talk and he's doing that this thing. Physical comedy that he does, he knows everything about comedy. And then the way he can throw away a line or like I was blown away and then Russell Crowe is just so like. He talk about Guys Guy I. That's one of my favorite performances Russell Crowe's ever done. And I loved his leather jacket. Was this shit so? If I could be in fucking movies like that that have like that are funniest hell, but there's also like you know there was. The stakes are really high. There was a lot of drama like those are the perfect. Perfect movies. You'll do it do it. Here's your question if they said they could go. To remake one movie. They're like we WANNA. Do a remake any remake two star in it. What movie do you want to remake? Is this my question yeah you star in. The Passion. Because I want to be beaten and I I have a complex that I want to help everybody. Was a great answer I'm. Not GonNa. Say That al.. I'll yeah, yeah, but fist scare me in all all forms, no matter how they are. We're whatever position they're in crying game. Oh! That'd be so cool I WANNA be revealed. Yet kiss of the spider woman. That's what I WANNA do. Maybe maybe deliverance, but you run it backwards deliverance. Just This the one scene. Teeth come out and you hear that sound. I don't know about remakes. I mean I have Jimmy Stewart Complex. You know, but all the great stuff he did that'd be. Jimmy Stewart after talking about suck at some rednecks deck in the fucking woods. I didn't say that. Right in the sound, Effects Alvin, sorry. Fact that can be applied to anything. Maybe the guy stepped in something. To be a future fucking Supreme Court justice I'd stepped all your past in you. I think you should do like a more evolved forty-eight hours type of thing and just blow the screen up like Eddie did with with some actor that you just think is the shit. You know some great. Actor. Nick Nolte. Bills Nick Nolte, I'll be but what if he's wrong together bill. You guys should do it together, and you should try it at the drive in. The Workshop. I would like any movie that you do. Wait wait. Your character gets cool old car. Fletch I'm I'm in on that I would? I would love to remake fletch like flinches, one of my favorite movies ever, but it stinks that Chevy Chase isn't. A nice person ruin hates him. Well I, directed him in dirty work. So, he was really easy to work with, and we only had him for a week. We also had Chris Farley for week. That that's that was the sweetest of all people but Chevy was nice until I showed him a a clip until shown screening in New York of the film in it left out one bit that he did. He was not happy about that, but I didn't have any trouble with them, but I've heard that also. We I WANNA. Talk about norm. Bob I know. I know that you love Norman I fucking love norm. I think norms. Maybe one of the an American treasure. He is one of these people alive I think advertising. and. We are talking about possibly trying to do a sequel, and we got some permission of the big Jesus, but we're not there yet, but with at you both have to be ended if we do it, so that's all there is to it 'cause. 'cause funniest people. We need norm. Norm is regarded by most funny people to be one of the funnier people alive. And we've had some real interesting shit happened together. It's A. Dirty work, so it's a year with McDonald. And, it's like entertainment. Tonight was there while I was directing it and it for the cameras. He goes a whispering in his ear stuff giving him some notes goes. Why listen to the DAD from full house? I might take direction from the video guy. He just states the obvious as loud as he can. and. He also knows the secret of quiet when you get real quiet how you draw people in, and then he just. Instruction of things as amazing Oh. He's the best opening joke I thought when he hosted SNL. After he got fired, and then they ended up bringing them back. Because, yes. I got five for this show for not being funny enough so now hosting it so evidently either. I gotTa Lot. Funnier this. You have sex. Open. At my roast. He says sagging I can't I can't rose to. You're my friend. That's a real good impression. It's just it's me with a slight less base. And I go. Just do it in curse a little bit I. Don't want to curse. I'm GonNa read jokes from forties. Joke Book. normal I don't know so he sits there, and while everyone else is roasting meat. He's reading the sports section. That's what he did. His little Andy Kaufman weird off the rails kind of thing, and then he gets up there, and he does a fifteen minutes set. It gets cut down to about I. Don't know seven or eight or nine minutes words really amazing, but there was silence in the room because he just like Johnny Carson was just reading cards these old jokes and then one point he went. You got a face like a flower, a cauliflower. No laugh because I'm saying fucking dog face. Okay and I'm gone. Yeah that any gets a huge laugh. And then he started to curse a little bit, and then he got emotional, because we're friends and he started saying I love you I. Don't like to make fun of by friends and distinct the world. Then we man hugged and made love. I saw that I saw that that roast me derosa loved it. Thanks so is. It called me because you've got to see McDonald. He's just doing jokes from like sixty years ago in stays committed to it. That's the brilliance of him. His last his special on Netflix was amazing, and he wrote a book. That's amazing. I mean he's. He's very prolific. Funny. He's always about the joke like everything is about like I love comics. Were you? It almost seems like he's never turning it off like it's always. There's always a joke. He we were going to do. My special came out. Hey, big boy, you know. NETFLIX's all. My special came out. Belches? When I was GONNA do. Work Show at the store and Norman spayed we're GONNA. Do it. Everyone's going to do it. Norman spayed. We're GONNA come by, and then obviously now the pandemic it and and we and so the day my special dropped its stay at home orders. no-one's leaving. So. The morning of the of St Patty's Day was which is everyone. Stay at home and that's the day we're going to do the concept work door show. I get a text from norm or DM from norm. Show Salon today. He ended up doing. The brawling to himself. You know like the. Last night. I watched that documentary. It's on who that's about. The Dana Carvey show. You guys watch that. No, I have to because I kinda walking unbelievable level of guys. Were writing and acting on that show, yeah, and the sketches that they did and then the first sketch that they did to kick the show off. It was just like Chapelle show where it was like. This is our mission statement and we're not backing down. It was one of the it was such. An inspirational thing to watch. Resent that the one with nipples. The nipples Clinton had. Nipples was breastfeeding than added Duck's ass, and it just kept going and going and going, and was breastfeeding head real milk, coming out of office will licking it. This was on prime time right after Tim Allen Show on ABC never they just. A moment where they were going to do it on HBO and like now now now now you WANNA be 'cause. He was so big. They put in that place and just watching the balls that Dana Carvey had just. Just. That old school fucking fabulous is funny in this is what we WANNA do in smile and Louis C. K., and all of these guys that were on a Steve Carell Stephen Co bear. It's just It was like they had the Mount Rushmore of fucking. Comedy Writers and performers in ninety percent of America myself included I. DON'T WANNA fuck. I was missed. It was only like eight episodes. It's sixt at, and he's of the most talented. A! At this moment he should just be celebrated I'm looking forward to him doing somethin'. Shows he, so he's in anomaly. fucking like it all worked out because 'cause con snatched Joe didn't like. Like do what they thought it was going to do. He got to see kids growing up because that is the trade off that. To say. Matt Stroke. I know I. Know But I get bummed when you hear stories like. This sounds silly, but I'm sure sure sure someone can understand that, but like when you hear stuff like Rick Moranis boss his wife, and then he raised his kids you, that's great, and then you go but I also loved him in movies. You know like I wanted I still want to see him work. I WANNA see at work. I don't WanNa see. I don't want to lose the artist I still you know what I mean. I was directing summit a couple of years ago and I made an offer to rick. and. I heard back from his attorney. And really polite. And it was verbatim. wrote to me. That he just doesn't WanNA. Do it anymore, but he is. He was so honored and he said he he loved my work, and he wanted to the nice get outta in. Not Do this thing, but it just. It meant a lot to me. 'cause he's another one person. That's just so fucking funny. fucking residents, which is at first movie he did that the Canadian wanted, and they will play in hot rate strange brew with David Thomas. Increase he was in the crease. Those guy slammed into and those were SETV characters. That was a sketch on SETV again Dave Thomas. He's in little shop of horrors. He's like I. You can't picture anyone and it's a musical rights. As some people just get turned off to right away, but he just pulls you in Sioux. Besides it's a great musical. If you like them, some people don't but. He still lovable and ghostbusters. He's just so so lovable so funny as I feel when you say Bert. It selfish to to love someone's work so much and go I know. You've had a hard time, but please don't stop you know. Because you, we funny people are so many didn't stop. He kept he kept doing Dana. Carvey kept doing up. By Rick, Moranis let's talk about Danny Dana out there and is doing it, but He's he's a real one. Lover. What was the movie he did with Danny Glover where he? It's the silliest movie. That's Martin Short. It's pure luck on remind. Martin Sheriff Martin Short a kid talk money Andrew Lloyd fucking gave. You for a guy sitting, in Malibu, with the fucking little son had on your pretty quickly and give him a break. I thought. He should've kept doing. Stand up by need more contents. And Know You lost your wife. Please make me happy. Because the name of that movie, and he just Talia like Oh there you go. Look Good Martin shorts been through, and he's one of the funniest people alive and he hasn't stopped. He's not going to stop. So I didn't know he had been through something. I don't WanNa. Hear it though I. Don't WanNa. Hear the tragedy. It's the same as Rick Moranis. Rather. You. Say about those guys. I've had two beers. I shouldn't say a fucking thing. Say You, see. Interesting thought there. Seems real interested you like you know what good guys they are. When they lose their wives, and then they go stop work I'M GONNA raise my family I'M GONNA settle down around lost my wife. It'd be like okay. We're moving to Austin. Getting a new white, he's going to be younger hotter faster quicker. She's not going to think much like I just like I'll be on the road nonstop. The girls are going to boarding school. I'M GONNA fucking. Party my Dick off like those those guys do that, and then you're like well great guys they are. Our recommend your wife. Not Watch this episode. I can't wait till lose my wife and I get to partied. Go to Austin. I'm going to be so hammered and so many violent I've. Never, heard from Bard. We we one time. were out on a date, and we were talking about what we would do if the person died today like where what would you do? He was like I'd want to. I'd want you start over. I'd want you to keep moving your life I go. I will I will. He was like wait. What made you want me to keep living my life? Not at all like I want I. Want like it's different. I'm bigger. I want you to really like. Hold down the vigil for a few years. You know like ten years and then you know. Me Ally. Keep the memory of me a lot. I don't have happiness yourself make a documentary about me. Documentary about me. A back to the Dana carvey documentary that you saw on Hulu of wes. What what's interesting about it, too? They show the making of as you're behind the scenes footage got all of that stuff, and then they have stuff that didn't air. And then they have all the cast members talking about it and they they had like one of the great to. They had one of the network executives. was like what the fuck you guys doing. He was explaining his position, which was really great. And just the overall. Like just the amount of talent that was in that room that it didn't connect in that they didn't stop doing what they were doing. And they went out on their own terms, and whenever you student minds me of like when Steve? Raven doubled trouble in the Monterey Jazz festival and they got booed. And Steve he could see was affecting them, but every song. When he went to play he, he was just tearing into everything and they just they just still did their shit. Is something about that that it's it's. It's almost. It's more inspiring than watching. Great people do something. The general public likes to watch somebody doing when you're doing that is actually good, and nobody's getting it right you still. Stay on that track and you'RE GONNA. fucking the momentum Dana Carvey had then where there was talks to him taking over letterman spot after he went over to CBS. They. Groom this guy like he was just company man, and he was just like all right, I'll do fucking sketch. Show up, and just because it's on ABC units on at nine thirty. I'm going to do exactly what I want to do. and. It was just an smuggle. Was You blew me away? The whole thing was just an incredible I. Don't WanNa. Ruin it. Just just check it out if the chance muggles Bryant. Yeah. That definitely comes across and he could see it really. It's still hurt them. It seen that he felt that he led Dana. Down is how we took a date. It's like no, it's fine. You know we did what we wanted to do. It's impossible not to love Dana. Carvey it's it's actually impossible, and and if you hang out with them. Is just. We won't talk for a while, but we've known each other since before. We got a job I auditioned for us in L. E. addition. He got it. I didn't I thought I'd never work again I didn't. But we would, we would go to dinner. We were like twenty, four, twenty five, and we would go with our wives and we would say. Why aren't we making? We both did music in our acts, and and he did impressions that I did my my weird, but ever the fuck I did and we was your both so talented house gone and we commiserate. But he was beautiful about ms all the shit that he's gone through his life. He's just a very positive person, so we'll talk every once in a while for a couple of hours like a year or two ago by them, it'll be okay. Call me back and it's like this is what it's turned into for. You know the cats have with your friends. It's a podcast. You don't go. Hey, let's have a drink will face time. That's not that often, but with carvey it's a three hour phone call, and I, it's always special. He's just. Adam Levin. I love it. Doesn't get the respect that he should get from like like our kids know. Like. My kids will know certain certain guys from SNL like you know the Will Ferrell's and whatnot, but man. That guy was funny as fucking Shit like is one of the greats whether he will he will. It's not done. You know he's. He's about my age. A little younger I think I'm sixty four fuck? Would you guys or sixty four in your careers taken off, and you left your wives and all kinds of fun shit happens can be great, but Bill will have his action movie would serious drama and not care about his kids anymore. You're sixty four union looking great. Yeah, that's because I aware vice I. Wear Clamp on my Dick like you would. It holds in all my youth. You know what you would like jumpstart. I'M GONNA. Continue Jumper cables that think that's I always have that on my Dick so when you see me on stage, look, you'll see the ended tation and then wire coming out of the bottom of my pants leg hooked up to a battery. GUYS STILL ON. But. Rodney was fifty eight. When he got in Caddyshack, he I loved Asteroids Gene. Hackman was fifty four before he got his first movie. That's the real deal and Brian Dennehy. Who just lost he? He wasn't where he was the acting, but he wasn't like the third lead in everything then fifteen years, he was in everything I talked to somebody years ago the when? When he was at his peak and Tony Damnit he's an everything You didn't have a part till he was in his. Fifties until things started to open forum so. I, can forest guys like. Like Dana Carvey because. I just feel like guys have his level of talent. Don't need to campaign nor give a shit. About that pecking order stuff I mean everybody wants to be respected whatever but I. I also feel that like. People that are are good, but sort of. Good just campaign for the shed there on the red carpet, tweeting that just really, and then they sort of become when they talk about the whole the whole. Whatever the pecking order they move up all of these lots in like the draft, and then he's like this Tom. Brady guy that goes goes goes drops down I just I've always found that. This is weird thing that people who are really at his level of talent. Don't give a shit. About. That playing that old game to be what they're doing, the top whatever list of Blah Blah Blah. Do you WanNa, do the interview for that. Say I feel like they just don't give a shit about that, and then the fuck can. Say Hats But The okay comics or whatever sort of people that learn how to work the stage, and they walk around at market like a lion. 'cause they've watched you do it because they watch you know prior Carlin Everybody Chapelle Rock. You know start moving. Don't just stand there. I mean Chris Rock mid used to stand at the Mike when when I used to bring them up on stage at the comedy store he was, the throttle was not opened yet. You know he's talked on quieter and Eddie would bring them in and thank. What are you writing the book? You'll like the forest gump. Every fucking major comic of the last four years you like. A distant to admit. But I was suffering I'd have a job. I was eight years at the comedy store or hosting. You're doing that again. You're incorrect bill it is about. But you were great the lawyer in black or white you really were. And I don't think you're getting the credit and you're good. Beat Davidson's Dad Actually same sex couple if you take the time to watch. The movie. Are you twins? That'd be hot. Yeah they do each other and incestuous kind of way because. We. Off Happen to us when you've got to be connected. That's weird because we both were there when it happened, but we've still never talked about. Your connected so that you're facing in different directions, so yes, reveal is they see each other for the first time when they are separated. and. They're not attracted to each other. That! You've presented that burt like yes, I've seen this story line thousand times. What was? Is you're giving bill what he wants because there's the drama and the comedy. My daughter just brought me a beer. Right raised right, thank you. Allah, or that's the game of the family. Let's you know. Let's let dad get drunk. Having pass out so then we can all fucking chill out and enjoy. A. Man, all, right, that's those are the three sales in the old man's. That means this podcast. It's reached attending I don't. Where it's going on his third beer all right well, that concludes the podcast but I want to tell you. It's been so much fun to finally see the inside of your house, which used to be the nickname ass which you showed me when I first started comedy when I hope that it used to be a full. How over me? Always. Will over pay a bill bill. You can't be overpaid now. Because you're such high rent, you get you get a big check bill. You're you sell out places in foreign lands. In goes right to the wife. Whatever doesn't go to. The government goes to the wife well for whites gonNA. Get Nia deserves it. She's the best I can. You had a fun time hanging out with your wedding now, but Kelly and I just love her, and we'd like to get together with you guys. Once all this insanity stops. It'd be really nice one day. You don't want conveniently. Throw my back out. Right. Then you could just have dinner with her 'cause I. Know that's what you want. If your back is out I'm coming to your house. Just wanted to be you and me because you're incapacitated. That's how I want you and then cruising comes back. That's the movie I remake with you. Play a test dummy. Sagging everybody brother. Love burdens I'm GonNa, be on an episode of it. It's it's called. The BOB SAG it. in your face man ain't taking no shit because he's talented. Lang it is, that's the name of it. It's got Bob Saggy. moving on up to the site nuts. Bob Seconds here for you. and. What Yawn at Bert I'd love to. I'd love to Bob Bank I'd love to I. Want You drunk I want your kid get y'all liquor up. We're working on that today. And Bill you stop smoking cigars. You're not smoking them, no more. I smoke one every couple of months. Okay, we'll ridiculous. When it's like a special occasion. I can do it. How about when you throw your back out over your place? Can we smoke afterward? Spoke Out Rodney's pipe. Smoke Ronnie's, pipe was. Think. Let's say yes. That's one hundred percent. I love you, guys. You guys are so. Really honored and happy I was on with you guys today. It was a really nice way to spend my afternoon for Real I. Don't think it was an ounce of sincerity and that this is what the? Suck you. Making you're listening to the bill? pod! Outright Robert I love you, brother. Break guys thanks. I love you too and burdock. Grants in the mail.

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