Dillian Whyte: I Saw Klitschko Knock Deontay Wilder Out Cold in Sparring


Aug- acids intended for mature audiences. The views and opinions expressed are those of the panelists engineer. Reflect in any way those are the podcast partners. Sponsors or affiliates enjoy this is Michael Buffer. And you're listening to the voice of the people. Let's get ready for boxing voice in Denver. While the way you want our thing now forget tonight. I'm reading time next June. I'd say I can't stay hungry. Stay humble remain humble the introduction. I just wanted to go on a great box of his the best great. I love what Tyson I became different. It's crazy of me as you said nursery shooting good morning. TB A B welcome back TB five fans. Would it do do good morning. Welcome back to another edition of the box. Invoice this radio we are back and we're GONNA be talking a little bit of the deadly and white. He's non stop with it I guess if he can't get the deontay wilder fight he's willing to Deontay wilder on social media and in interviews And with numerous Marissa's just got numerous words for wilder or about wild. You know it's quite hilarious areas. Actually I think While the set at the best I called them a Pesky fly mandatory like pesky flies and you gotTa Take Care Air them and I think deleon white is doing the right thing by keeping his foot on wilders neck reminding everyone there You know because it even has me at the point where I'm begging the champ to handle this you know I mean I'm just like how long are we going to let them talk. How long are we going to let them say things? And then it's so many the people that are taking him seriously and it's like I'm just being honest here I mean can we honestly believe dillion. Why if he says that he he physically witnessed deontay wilder being knocked out by I Vladimir Klitschko and be twitching on the ground? I mean is he a reliable source for this type of information information and I don't know why take ten years to to leak it. Why haven't you been came out and said this like you were there and now is when you're saying I'm so lost with this? Honestly how many times have we heard. Aj hit knocked out in sparring. You Know How many times have we heard Floyd get a black guy. bronner knocked out in spun. I mean we've heard it before. But I don't hear anyone bring up fluids black guy or bronner being knocked out in in sparring from ten years ago this is actually actually hilarious that the UK fans are grabbing at this. They're they're happy you man was twitching. You gotta see my inboxes you. The man was twitching. That's that's why said you. Man was twitching on the ground. He was knocked out properly. Knocked out and it's like my man will properly knock out your man. How about that? How about dealing away? Stop talking about with Vlad did and start talking about what he he can do. Don't we got a decent level. You know why is he. Talking about with. Vlad did Mike Michael made me death with that Shit. Why talking about with all I want to know why can't be told my way? He's going to do what he wants wants to do. You know every day with this guy is is an old rumor that we have to discuss something you know that he feels All of a sudden and I don't know man I'm just saying for all these years and all of a sudden now he's coming coming out with this I I just. He's not a credible source to me. I'm sorry you know I'm stop clout chasing his how I'm seeing. CNS Man but listen. Looks like we got the main man. Mike Gross the boss in the building. we're going to have an interview with with a big Stephan. Shaw heavyweight at ten zero five. This morning will have Patrick Tech Syria on Thursday and We possibly going to have dominic Brazil Thursday as well We got a lot of stuff cooking for you. So make sure you stay glued ooh to that Patriot on page. So you can actually questions to everyone that we are interviewing But yeah let me head on out to Indiana gross the boss you you know the number to call in one four two five six nine fifty to forty one press one one time voice your opinion right here on the voice of the people hotline. Don't forget ad. Nestor Gibbs on skype to be part the conversation. Let's go I speak it. Believe it receives speaking believer receive receive it at Nova speaking up to tear handed band Vogel Pico. He shot miss tool to stay overnight. Look win the building on. Let me check my instagram. Might be at a com- Yo Yo Yo yo good morning good morning good morning shut out to everybody out there and TV universe. Backwater Netherland dealing away man dylan white weapon to the dinner I did. I seem to recall about a year ago. It was going back and forth twitter with this guy. Name Lawrence O.. Coley Coley came out and said Matt touch the dealing white inspiring Get Bidding Della White. Come out man. Sports deal seekers vote be held inside. Can't be barring now. You WanNa come out and throw us out on the day of the press conference the day of a negative event man. This Guy's cloud chasing We we heard from his mouth early on Lash Dude Sacred in secret. Now he want to change his tone. Because it's wilder. I understand he's allowed a fan. Boys Allowed Fan Club member. Don't send so big up to away and thank you for making my champion more and more Famous Day by day. We're going on this but I'm I'm with you. I'm what you meant. Every day is new dylan white comment a new insole new slander a new. Oh crowd chase man. The fact that people can't see it's cloud chasing his crazy but at the same time he's building the fight he's building a fight he's keeping his name he he's doing what people claimed. Aj or AJ or wilder was doing to each other. You know what I mean like he's using his wildest name Amos stay hot absolutely man and I gag got get out of these farces saying I wanNA got knocked down by this guy ad that guy like Chris Knight amount of sparring on saying like we. We ain't gotta get on sound like we knocked out on say we sing. We Sing Parker had drunk at and around we see three was hit. You would cut their punch you in the show so I I don't get this guy man I I I don't don't don't get it twisted. I like them say he's funny is a village and he's a guy was always coming like you said he definitely. It's been building the site but at the same time I think sometimes man like enough is enough nor has been over three years to a a two and a half these guys come on campaign streak going out the water day in and day out and I just wanted to them is wider on sand. CNN In the years like what. What is his reaction to IT S? That's where I'm at would it. Br I mean obviously we know while does reaction and he said he ain't paying him no mind you know He don't care what he got to say. He's not focused on dealing Wi- until he needs to focus on dillion white Tom But Bor. Can you see any any. The reason why Dylan would hold this information for so long gives a fuck Japan really. I don't give a damn what Doom Brian Let me see the reason why did for so long. Maybe he was waiting for the wild and in theory press conference. Maybe wait for that date known. Santa Nelson's hates news on his youtube channel whether the Haley announced those guys sports wherever they Kayla said but man. I don't know man like maybe. He got a long list of check point that he wanted to say about wild and he got a he got checkpoint listener on every repair for Moise. Got Some coming out. Who knows I'm just trying to make sense of it because it's like if it's true? Wild wild is so close to your chest for so many years you know And now only release this now. Only talk about this. I mean it's funny Lido. Then he also say that he dropped furious barring like he knows he got a lot of smart room. This dude he say it'd be the spirit I they say. Drop theory three times a some shit like that. Come on man. I know I make this up but doc I'm telling you I I remember him saying he dropped them to do. Maybe do he got all becomes Barcelona's that's what it looked like so you label straight clouds chasing. You're you're you're you're right back in August I didn't want to drug theory in sparring three times right three Ta now now now now entergy strange he talks about. Aj getting dropped. He talks about dropping fury. He talks about while the drop in twitching but when he talks about himself he dropped fury three times. He got kicked out the Vlad camp. Because he was Ruffin Vlad up so he'd only small part litigate in really everybody else getting knocked out out work but dillion giving everybody business. He gave the Leanne Champ to business. And he gave the the former lineal chapter business so much so they kicked him out. Man Do away is amazing. I'm trying to just be fair here because I I'm I'm communicating with heavy. We wanted his people's man. I'm trying to get him on his show. 'cause we definitely need to talk that his man is I just find it comical North San Today at a press conference today on one of the biggest fan events For this bill for the site. You're GonNa say you know the media president going to be your heavy. What what questions come out when we seniors dealing away arguing handed down so you know that's GonNa play out but I think the other. Why did it on purpose? It was nice. And I don't know if how how factual his recollection years. But I didn't purpose thank today was strategic not gic more than organic in. I just put my literally into what delight knowing San said about this bar. I don't know maybe there. Where see what he saw? Maybe not down theory may be dead Who knows man by in the day when the when the lights on in Matter most we will get knocked down. We we see who could knock out simple. That's what I'm saying. You talk sponsorship but my champ knocking people out right now. You know in the ring but really quick quake. Just want to remind everybody The sixteenth three days from now we will have Patrick Tech Syria on at seven. Seven thirty on the twenty third next Thursday twenty third Thursday. We'll have Mike polite coffee and today we'll Laver Stephens Shaw a big shot show heavyweight Also working on just just tons of people man. is just about hammering out the day's work for them. You know we really only do evening. Shows on Thursdays and Sundays so I'm trying to keep all interviews to the morning warning. But it's hard to get a guy like dominic Brazil who lives on the West Coast to come on his show at six thirty. Am now check it out. My hands are Texan this early. I just wanted to hit him up. Like Bernie might as well. Just come on. Now you're right you. Would I think the the aggie going back and forth okay. She would've yeah but he like. This was the best for me. So you know whatever that's was we're going on a lot of people oh man Callum Johnson also said yes. It's just a matter of figuring out what works for him easy morning show 'cause he's like UK right. I mean you would figure but We haven't hammered out out of time yet. Even even Joel mccrea ski is ready. But still you know from Sony to hammer out a time. Frank Smith back from Bali so again another guy the hammer time even Clayton. Why no one's a morning person? I'm trying to get Clayton on like mourners man. They boxed at night and they fight running your mouth at that time. Put your headphones on talk. TV fired up in the morning. She running measuring rated these negative. Thank you Dan Rea at midnight. They buy the get up at no six in the morning to go rhino run at six just as well and I can run at ten thirty on saint like Rambo. Now here you definitely hear you but for us it works better in the morning in an amazing and We need to get the morning. Guess but go to article equipment guy with over there twitching and shit. Oh you're going to read the actual close close. I mean we twitching and Shit a brick and I quote Vladimir knocked him out he was roughing Vlad up yup going. Wild Vlad Baxter changes footwork. Faint Jab left Hook while the head is has he was gone. Knocked out cold properly twitching as well. That's what he told sky. Sports moment woodhead would hit me. I was just going there and trying to learn then I saw him knocking people out and I said you ain't GonNa not me. I'm ah he'd Superhero Bra. Everybody else get her out of here putting it in. I went in there. After after him he brought he made to say he broke the nose. I said Whoa you lied knocking down coming. So then he says he roughs him up and they kicked him out. Come on man Komo's on damn chance. Stop Experiment I'm trying not to while on his hardcore Dylan White Joe Tita Shit everything you need to stop it man this guy right here get cape no no he he. He took it upon himself to take take a private party. Candidate happened last month. So I'M GONNA go out. Take a rubber them up a little bit I. It seemed like a nice. They're going saying I never even heard Klitschko break-up doesn't white when we talk about spahr earned break a tight therion Bra. Aj Wow to but but let's talk. Let's take the rumor out of it though like man we need to Kinda eggs. Wow the about this without the knockout. Cause that to be a fucking crazy. Fill in the being there I with. Aj Wilder Sam Sexton light or was it separate times the way while the does because you know while the mixes up the SPA SPA was they all there. Because I've seen a picture of dillion and AJ at the same Vlad camp. I just don't know of while it was in that same flag camp on a maybe he's the one with Johnny Nelson Barely Crisco Wahdat with body shot to according to beg today could go not wilder down with the body shop here though in two thousand seven eighteen. Oh okay video. The guy with every took years. Yeah Oh man. I wish I could give Vlad on a show. Somebody's dudes you know what I mean. They didn't even beat. Yeah I I WANNA see some video come out like how to fuck is it the Tia fee Mo Debe Haney Vassil they got libraries were for spawning. And there's like the little small stories have no video. Let me get some video. But again man Vlad man little low intelligent or yeah everybody cloudy in there. That's what I'm talking about man. See Vlad knew how to do it man. That's why he was champ for so long breath he had dillion. Aj a UH wild out even know what he has sex info the pharmacy doing Osama Zia heavyweight. He we beat Ya. Yeah but you gotTa mastercraft nonsense gotTa know what's coming up coming your way as white part had conflicts. There's no saying going to. The Joshua probably knows did call out wide world champion Probably why they never mentioned dilling. I night so yeah I mean you know the for the daily and white fans. They say that's while while the never was ready for flag because he knew he got knocked out in this fake spun. Whatever Sanford Narrative Abo out of Van Gogh against the grammy with the Green? And if you are a water added then you probably go again so it is what it is now these stories with no actual footage by at least what we got to keep them in the in show importer rumors in back and forth known San we got footage actual foot. I got here but but but wh what did he say. This fight was flagging ready for do we know we know how many years ago to see what came I. I don't think he said we're we're fighting. would be honest with you. I just don't think it's a very big deal I just think it's more Is More than white trying to steal discerning and these websites trying to trying to have a UH clout chasing at his finest Mike like back in the day was in his prom. May whether article on every website. You could not talk about Mayweather Pacquiao like if you did in you were losing like winning is talking about the Paco. And I think that's while defines himself right now. You know what I mean like talking about him brings attention and awareness. I mean come on Scott. Sports sat down with Aj to to review his fights and talk specifically about him after his win. So when. When did this energy happen with Scott? You didn't like with the same time we probably and you know they just probably broke it down. But the Lincoln's on Benson's twitter may probably everyone called him a bitch. Today and got mad like Cacique is Benson reported on us and so did the sun and so the box unseen you know that whole both of them bitches comment is is is is is really picking up some steam on the Internet so You know shot out the wild for coming on the show and Hooking up with with the rather very Official and he said I I look back and say look at them. Bitch Let's go out to the phone lines. The final thoughts are men look This is if this was recent spawned the way that we got rumors of. Aj being concussed. I by Joey Velko Right before the big fight with Andy Ruiz. Then I would be paying more. You know attention to this is but he's he's talking old sparring just clout chasing like this thing. Got Nothing to do with nothing in an I mean this new He just trying to stay relevant in my opinions. Are My final thoughts started again and Stephanie Shaw but Mandela White is in no saying saying he's he's entertaining he's a character known San Making headlines dating on San on the water free press conference date so it is what it is but yet man I don't read much into it so Yeah Man I guess. I'll look forward to the callers. All right well let's go out to city sponsors and then Calls up your a now. Remember to write his five stars on Itunes. These calls are brought to you. You Buy El Camino electrical services experts in electric vehicle charging stations for consultations and turnkey installation. visit us at El Camino electrical services dot com. David big water. That's the new alignment right. Do Right yeah. He's managed while it was up. Who is his wife who is on? Sounds minute eight. A manager of age of of. Oh Yes yes yes yes yes yes you know what's funny is Stephan. Used to be with Heyman and now. He's sure it used to be. We're having night show used to hang out. He's wall to wall to all right. Let's go out to mastermind. Kells would've do good morning. All right. Curls dropped off on Boomerang J. Matt Ano- Gamonal Jay Matt busy arrive. We going to boomerang stainless standards. Let me let me check Google. Let me try to or somebody available. What's going on you you there? Can you give me a new. He man no never I should have just went straight to your intro but the other two guys had me nervous egg do it on my boomerang. We'll be real special conversed off what's up Mike and this you'll happy Monday tee off fellas man yeah right back at it man. That's that's why everybody stay on. P. B. ON TB the NBA born Allah recipes cats the anabal white sand and water guiding knocked act out in sparring with cliffs. Going was twitching on the floor. And she a wish you at just the drugs affecting billion white brain at this point so wrong with that. Do Man I. DOC was Bipolar now in. He just suffer from fucking schizophrenia. He's he's way off man and the fact that the UK press is actually giving us due. Romans say stupid shit like that man. That's that's a really bad look man to the UK callers and listeners and stuff man it's up to the people we talk Donka lot of Shit over here. Man With our press would never allow somebody to go on a news. Make false statements like that. Slander me plus. We all know what's going to happen. You want that fight show. Let them get that fight. Lay his ass out on a stretcher to you know what I'm saying. That's all the asking folks in. I don't like to agree with daily white but I agree with Delia White Man. He waited six hundred days six hundred days given by so he can give flat starts cut. Cut Cut the stainless man. Good Morning. So I'm trying to reconnect with this bomas block and You know Once that happens we're going to get Chris Colbert on but that might mean we had to go to the bat signal on skype and use that line to get the more time because You know we don't want to ruin the interview. The young beat up it'll be Well Nice on time. He when he went from little beehive the golden child the prime time but we need the axe him since he we used to use. Labib Hobbes's his guy. Would he think about. What do you think Joe? Smith's belt I the mass mass. Now Jesse eight you you should just go by the The boxer formerly known as Kiss Colbert Boxer for various. Let's see if there's workman I'll change bows now demand that damn math. Why the explanation like like Malcolm X.? On it was like one. No got the Those actions knows you put on the frigerator saying well you manage to it. But Anyway Mash was created eighty man and Jesse the whole city telling you you gotta get Joe Joe Fuck you up is a good man back to the store for me. I was thinking man now. I'M NOT GONNA go overboard the American media wanting somebody come on. TV and spray is. 'cause I mean Shit. See Oprah Guy you're out how do all kinds of stresses on the chain they damn story up in the middle of the interview. But I digress Oprah do better anyway man Yemen dealing why this guy is. I can't I can't sit here and say he's not. He's he's one of those guys you need in boxing He'll he's that that person that gets under everybody's skin if you're out of there he's what you need. Our standards may make their site. I want to didn't happen. Both guys get started to there all right so starting today of views my calendar did you get my calendar. Invites might the I got. I got one one should have got to but but the the point is of started. Use My calendar. So we go. We're going to get this together and we won't do what I did. Which is double book book so we wait all Salida call and we ain't gonNA call primetime yet? 'cause we talk this Alita First Salida uh you call it in. What Jan retreat here to fight? Friday courses shoes talk about settlers leader. Lot to talk about. I want to If he does he have the maybe a a fight. Next fight option on a set of rules on Santa Monica were where she's GonNa go from here. Then we also have evolved his fighter. Or what was it somebody. WHO's just working? Well we by the accent right now because we have a promoter good friend great guy. DMITRY SALITA online Dmitri how are you good morning. Thank you for taking out the time to come on the show and Happy New Year to always be on with you and you guys hear me. We hear you perfectly. I said you know yes we hear you. Good Morning Mr. Can you hear US okay. If there's no we'll try to reconnect you I'm GonNa call them on a bat signal do that. But he hasn't been like I was saying about Senate Rousson awesome. I would love to see her back and rain like against like since they were trying to line up the Polian on sale for her light. That's Rousson may be getting the The Design Cruise. I think that'd be a good fight for even brain bekker's and Hammer. I think Sweden Germany. That could possibly be like a big fight over Backyard could bring him over in Germany off Like a nice pay and the a big fight. Both women guessing good technical skill. Saying I don't think that routes is on a level of shields right now so I think that My imagine arable shells it. It could be like cutting off too early but ham. Miami's swim all right. We definitely have Salida back. SALITA SALITA how are you. I was saying happy New Year and Thank you are you there okay. Ah Okay all right so I would say happy New Year and thank you for taking the time to come on the program. We truly appreciate it and you get to be with you. Perfect perfect so let's get right into it. US Clarisa Shields Made Her story fantastic performance. A true outclassing. She continues to set the bar higher and higher a- and and carry women's boxing on her back. Just give me your overall thoughts on Columba's performance Friday night and Where you see her today in women's boxing Orissa data fantastic job getting better and better usually walking? Wait we should you hear coming down awake. This is quite challenging. She always Ashley She's GonNa be Named the grace like Muhammad Ali yet can Robinson Serena Williams Michael Jordan And so on. La She's really a phenomenal athlete. And she's raising the school swirl in particularly women's boxing to new heights and never seen before. I'm very proud of our very honored being involved Inner Journey and to be a part of it to be a part of of of progressing career to all time highs man. I love the fact. That you brought up Serena Williams man she'll get enough recognition but Kinda like Serena Williams like Krista shield like every time she gets in the rain it seemed like she. She's getting better and better and better in the competition if like a a nice little gap there between her and our competitor. How hard is it going maybe to match up with With somebody possibly is going to be like do we do. Do we look at the girl who just won the won six eight pounds from Offs Jimenez all zone or do we look towards the UFC while the breakfast would make a lot of staff would megacycles pricing. Come down to forty seven ish. An option can make forty seven. Possibly there could be a catchphrase. Maybe she can make such a big fight. I think they'll be just an incredible fight. Her newness would be one of the biggest witnessed sporting events of all time that makes a lot of sense So you know it'd be Serena Marshall who who is the only I'm schloss she's climbing the ranks Salita the major WH- whoa. I think we just lost. You Want my mouth thing just froze my skype. Did we lose well if this is right now. To the Second Hour Smith thumbs a button working working very hard to get Mr. Back on the air man man man but I think she'll have them again. I don't know we have a spotty connect. That's that New York connection over the autumn building so they do you go you on our way to so what so. I don't know exactly where we lost. You might do. You remember He was saying. Amanda Nunez is a super fight. I wanted to interject and say okay. We just asked Clarisa on yesterday. Thank you so the champion. I mean I can't even believe that she was grateful. I mean not grateful humble enough to come on the show on a Sunday But she definitely gave us her take and she doesn't feel that Amanda has fight. Is Anything realistic anymore. But the fight that I'm excited for her would be Alejandra Geminis. What do you think of that? Did you watch that performance between French. Cruising Jimenez What do you think is is next for him and his do you think she does the rematch with friends? Sean or do you immediately negotiate. Because I'm thinking that's a super fight. The public is going to be afraid. Yeah I mean I was afraid afraid resume. That's why interviewed. I'm like man. You move down to one fifty four. Now you've got this ex heavyweight two-time champion Colin you out nonstop Margarito. I mean that that's easy to sell for you. She wants to the current unified midway will champion so it would make sense for. I don't know if I can make one sixty Coming down from heavyweight. I reading a lot of different different posts. Well let me let me interject. Let let me manage. Give you some facts. She did say on her design. Post fight the she would move down to middleweight. which is one sixty but she did weigh in at one sixty four so she has absolutely absolutely no problem making that way from what it looks like Clarisa also said on this? Show this she'd be willing to go to Cancun and beat her in her own backyard because Aziz that easy. She says she doesn't understand. Why French Sean fought the fight that she French? Sean has better skills but clarice lateral movement will be a nightmare for Jimenez minez according to Clarisa Chris to see trace Gregory fighting she. That's definitely one But so that is definitely a possibility explore as the chips will lay where they may That's that sounds like a big fight. I think Congress Star so even though she has shown the The ambitious you know that whole whole hometown of forever Add beef should be in Michigan or Detroit. I think that makes a lot of fours happening. It's good that they have and it went. Why would you put that in flint or or or do uh-huh a good amount of Mexican fan like you gotta you gotTa capitalized? Men is did you see the amount of people cheering for her. I mean you gotTa copy condemn based there's a good amount of shoes fans I'm shield and and I wouldn't go to Cancun Mexico. Of course the five bye. Bye Bye hometown but we can. We can talk about you. Just wonder what what if I happen. but it is it is. It is a possibility and I'm very excited acute as a Boston. Journalist are well a update on the fighting and are searching for for exciting factual. That means that the sport of women's boxing. You know it's going to the next level and Seven Open Cruises Wafer commotion on them. Do you have a next fight. Option on Ellen Set of Bruce like she's a very very impressive Friday night against a at least Napoleon Espinosa do not but the five and I'd like to explore they'll be good for us as well at the next one and I'm not. Yeah I was just GonNa say do you think you can change set of Russa's mind cause she seemed pretty sure of about not being ready for Clarisa Sir in her post fight interview. We haven't really we haven't had any real discussions with thirteen I. I heard that that's what she said that but you know I could win said From UH motorist Hambo some that we have to explore and kind of flush out if she's new possibility on either Mitri UH I watched the interview nonstop. I believe he was with fighter Q.. macgyver and good off. He said that Maybe Milica possibly be on the router theory car. If that's still a possibility. And what kind of opponent are you looking for for for big baby on their car. Well not certain about the date of the next fight but Jerusalem. I'll wait for Over a year. So you know she seems to come back in right away And we'll see you know we'll see what happens next day. There will be something up. Starting soon may be backtracking. Cardi Kirk I use. It was a pretty good chance that it could be So what's the deal with big because there's been a lot of smoke no fire man you know I it was He's possibly going to a CO promotion with with top ranked. Then that kind of went cold the now it resurfaced what you're saying he might be on the undercard and now here you are again ice in that up. So when is he getting back in the ring and and what. What really is the whole diet? I I never I never. I don't believe in anything about an exact exact words were that ah that would be a good assumption. The report said is a safe to assume while the fury on the car. And you're like well that would be safe assumption or good assumption. I believe is your worst words. So they've been different days in different possibilities phone around Nothing concrete and you know and and hopefully will Will March together as a team and making the best possible through a confronted situation but why nothing concrete with the heavyweight booming. Look like we all understand that he had whatever issues he had but everyone you know serve their time in a and then they're allowed to continue what really is his hold. Hold up Because Eddie is invested in heavyweights top rank is invested in obviously PBC. How can't you get this marketable guy back on TV? The at least for that one tuneup not saying that you can. But why can't we get a day or at least a timeframe you in the very near future all right. So what's up next for Clarisa because She sounds like she believes. There's nothing available. Barack kisses injured. Napoleon lost so she kind unmentioned possibility of doing mandatory. Is that an option. Do you think that's an option. That is an option the the Brecca side is a non reality. And I think that it's not even though records as many times in interviews expressed interest Orissa when we shot her There was no substantial conversations. Happening Clinton has expressed an interest in defending unified. Yeah will farrow. And you know. We'll talk with their next coming days and I believe that may be the next step. So what's going on. I'm sorry I knows one for one. But it's like you got all these little gems right like this has been a good year for you last two years years. But I feel like some of your guys aren't like violin did so well and we have no return date eat and suffer a cut in his Zay. The guy that got cut already has a scheduled pay per view fight. What's next for older were Odor Violin. That'd be big big news on other wailing in the coming days well Trying to trying to work the best possibility for him and you hear something about him. In the next base he's especially in Europe sitting out Stanford train and can also the rule in the very near future while we I believe is one of the you you know. It's it's kind of roughly speaking new name and a heavyweight division and the someone who was arrested everyone so He's GonNa be back in the ring soon in a in a in a great place and I believe that it will be a twenty year. Perform you are not releasing anything. There's going to be an announcement for big baby. There's GonNa be an announcement for violin. This what are we now I'm knowing you're not today. Radio show next we grew Jamaica. We gotTA show. We've gotTA show back breath on January seventeenth for Brad. Admission why Penn to attend the world shorter kind of your favorite union walked away. Ah Quin the best super proud across wing so I urge baggage. Check that out. We're going to show. I want to know about Jemaine. Franklin heavyweights hot right now. Can you walk out. We'll get back with your man the minute you see after. You've got to be on the Carlson show heavyweight Russia's training sugarhill Jin big strong guy big puncher excited about him as well Jemaine Franklin. How do you pronounce his name Dimitri? Okay okay okay. Yes yes Jamaica Franklin We're planting okay DOT COM in the first quarter of the year. He's backing gene trainings. I believe the best American heavyweight prospect has shown improvement crewmen and investing in a roth fights which were on showtime and I also believe Never GonNa be a big year for him. What twenty twenty vision is next for a aggressive gonNA find a sprite actual box And he's betraying him before for two and a half months is blocking really got to the next level of training sugarhill and I believe that he's GonNa perform a very impressive. Performance wants And occupied we love to make the biggest fight thrown. The problem is that we try to make it with the chance. Even with Josh Taylor and folks like that they all kind of wore them but but Opportunity and I believe he's GonNa Shine then happens the first step between thank you look exciting that that will be on Friday night boss robots and how likely will I say his name but the guy who just find demarcus ware how likely will he get a title shot this year. Shishkin I dropped again in it. I know he just talked about him but he delivered awesome Back all right go ahead. I was asking I don't know how to I'd say his name but he just thought The markets were not not demarcus ware. But some wear own a Andre Andre. where she's how likely will they get a title? Shot this coming up year at twenty one. He is so impressive in June. I mean keeps getting better and better He's only gonNA know. Boxing Champ. Look at him. This Friday Twenty nine undefeated contend on show box. I believe that he is ready And were keeping busy and keep marching him up the ladder games to Are you looking to make any new signings tonight. People that we should be hip two or becoming a people that you may have a I on that we should be like having having to look out for I just signed Joseph Boneless Joseph and Jacob Bonus two twin brothers from Detroit national champions. Joseph was the Outstanding Fighting Tournament woman who won the National Olympic some years ago A. He's the link between the old clock on the new crime. One of Stewart's left last project. If if you will. And I know Stewart and Joseph Jacob Bonus interviews where managed painting them and now they're trained by his nephew sugarhill also community Pretty Awesome story there really defined as both in the heart of the Chris Ash. Show excited about them You know as you guys know always been kind to bring the big destroyed I think Jacob Joseph Bone Mister Quinn You know we'll have a nice team and then Germain Franklin To bring boxing back in Michigan back in the truck So I'm excited about those guys. Last question wet weight classes. Are Those guys Joseph is making his way back down to Walter and Jj away so you need to be well Dimitri man. I want to thank. Thank you obviously for your time. Thank you off. Put It on a fantastic event with Clarisa shields on Friday You know having you know Napoleon on on the undercard showing that your promoted they can do business with other promoters because I know that's a look at the Bella fighter you know So shutouts thankfully we. We had a great experience working with move. And obviously you know we want to make the best way obviously. It's all about the towers in the boxing fan. Necessarily you watch on TV TV. Good definitely but thank you for your time once again in a hope to get his with the with the meet my name I say go out at all you you frozen throwing came back so what I was saying you can get to answer that you want you. Yeah more and I wanted a little bit more. I wanted to know about your show in all these heavyweights. He's got he's got the older will while in. He got Germain Franklin You know Durell Miller he got a Christian Christian is not Kristina Hamm but That dude Data guy even Samuel Pitas Bro. He's got What other heavyweight? He Got Samuel Peters. Uh I don't even know how to pronounce ISM. You heard of them as e I am ISM is a Baqi. I don't know we got a ten zero five with another heavyweight Lou. Dibella heavyweight we're GONNA be talking to Steph and bigshots show you WANNA ask Steph big. Sean question You can do that on patriotic. And I didn't set up but Dmitri Post because that was like May Drop in a bowl. Hit him up over the weekend and forgot he. But I'm using my calendar. Island is now so we won't be messing up. No Mal in enemy now but yeah so we got a few minutes. We got about ten minutes before we get to Stephan bigshot. Shaw we definitely head back out to these callers and see WHO's rocking out with us. I'M GONNA go to Jemaine. I want to believe Jamaica New Ringo Regimen. It doesn't actually back out slow. Got The feedback loops go. Does Jay Matt Right Jet Germain. Jimmy I believe Jemaine is new Ringa. You GotTa Mute Jimmy. They go. What's up or you to say Jemaine? that should be a ringer L.. No okay. I'll be China call in in the blackout. Jim Through all downloaded skype perfect. That's the best way man except for today a day. We're going to be doing some interviews through here because blog talk atkin funny but yeah man other than that skype is the best way person. Yeah yeah no I had to put you guys on hold because I I needed to use the line of conduct an interview with Dmitry Salita. Fortunately our other land our our land line is not working at the moment. I'm going to try and reconnect with that one. Though soup you got to. I've been listening for a while. Just saying duo McCall sad but the good at Yang's did you start martime right now. Did I style way by the. Don't worry about it go for both talk to our laws. So I think with the The deal white situation. I think it's possibly true because we got to remember that while to start a little late or skilled one it always get these things probably one of the. I don't think it means nothing. Kislyak Vlad right now with with relative ease coming in a billion white. This is his attempt to distract while the dish. You won't win so he can fight. He's GonNa go to sleep Engla- you don't even modern browder. skiles including his skill overshadowed by his pal overshadowed by anything that he's doing is overshadowed by pilots like the Mike Tyson will pricing. You know a tremendous amount of skill anyway. But it was overshadowed by the Powell. Alcohol was booking seats. You know what I mean. That's what's going on with We're wild like now but I got when I when I got cut off when they were to jump back on so I didn't attach the interview with the promoter of what else I s.. I mean none really means leader was kinda close to the chest about a baby next fight and He him not wanting to fight and in Mexico like if I could be better and Detroit or like one around that area I mean plus your chance to go. No no anyone's you need to cut it. Cut It. She wanted to go to Cancun. And I I don't think she said because she thinks is more money out there. I think she said because she said what she says. She says she liked beaten people when they backyard in the main It looks like blog talk is back. We're going to go to the ring rail. What up more than that? I just I WANNA say Disney billion whites clouds as well like for you even bring up scoring like every athlete. Every box spar stays in Jim. Lie Well you bring up. Some citizens got knocked out by clears. Go come on worried about their shit. We dare wear wire. I I mean it's been days where Floyd Mayweather to have bad days as any jim every box. So you know what I'm saying but they don't bring that shit under the light fight night so for you to bring up. There must been blythe talk killed them. But I don't know why what's up with dumb. Probably update it. Shouldn't in a second so you know we we all know like like you said Matt United saying that has any validity. What what he said? But we are hurting on fighters have bad days in gym so so is what it is. That's Barnes don't matter like under under the. The bright lights demanded undefeated if White Mugniyah freedom. So now I'm just. I'm getting all these messages now. you know I'll be. I'll be tax people tonight. Let's let's see here about five minutes. I know I'm actually looking for his number of every list right now. You took took a second round Smith thumbs up button. We have cable the Dibella heavyweight coming on. It's tough in shocking. On San East thirteen with ten knockouts coming up in the ranks ranked number eighty two in the world. I believe in the mid nineteen in the United States. So it's nothing big shot shop. We don't talk to him. Pick his brain about this were division and was on the rise for him. Some callers man. We got a dominant Seattle. Talk to me Boomerang. Mr T.. The fights militant wait believing with the shot. I don't care what I see. Maybe it's no real for and we. We did an interview so we couldn't take any callers and in my mind was freezing up multiple times. Oh okay The News Hello. I think that was back when before. He fired Joe Washington or something like they started bringing up. That news and stuff like at that news is hello hello old and bring up anybody up. And then he's just trying to cloud and he's doing a little press I am shit. So who knows what. He's he got a loss on his record and his interim belt ain't really the real ankh the second version of the WBZ bill come on now is cloud chasing like a mug mess with them. You can't do you know I should do over there. They're just trying to get some attention to fight a forty year old. Same Age is Louis Ot's has my car all right. Let's see if he's right. It's sky boys a his skype in Seattle. Because you know it's always raining j Mac. New Orleans talked to me Jay Merrick and what up. Y'All Gimme you good I I I've been in and out driving around taking whereas route this morning. We we did a of a vote on who the big cloud out of David Miller and dealing white paint the big drought Mila. But I definitely staying corrected shit like this dude talking about Sporran and should happen years ago and on the biggest thing in his life he got his as knock doesn't stop. If I saw in Wilde's biggest we see how those down so there's definitely elite Clown Act Actions again come. I can't do this when in the dictionary airtime. Ah they got his face right by this type of Shitty. Do this put us out of this. I keep the name out there. He just lucky got talked Majit Florida. Cincinnati Right Shit Nah start off. Tell everybody liked the video. Stop Hating own giving you all ever spit and She it'd be honest which I even read honest dealing white talking Shit again cloud Jason He laws against Aj. He taught him about people getting fucking. I've been knocked out in training and Shit I was trying to. You need to worry about his cell phone keep visit. deontay wilder booked up in. It is what it is. UK Need to stop hating support. Roy Bullshit they know USA where it's all all right. Thanks for calling and We're GONNA go to Steve Ringer Talk to me Chicago. Bag Ramona learn how you doing. Good Good Morning yes dear and white you know we you. Who did he just thought that walked locked guy and he didn't even look that good like to me? He's just like a bitch that's what they do over there they dissect like a bunch launch bitches to me. That's my opinion but hey I wanted to ask you something. You made a comment yesterday in since you had a shields as as manager here today. Do you believe that showtime has a bigger boxing audience than dissolved It's difficult to say right. We at least know the showtime could get a million when they got the Anti Dawn. They've gotten at least seven. Oh five with Devante Davis on his last last affair. We've seen consistently get six hundred. You know we are not Given the numbers to design they just said six hundred thousand. US Viewers Watch Cannella Jacobs and then just said another whatever maybe six to eight. I think Mike I don't remember the exact number but stick with six hundred thousand subscribers is so you know they're just starting to do Do numbers which is good. I'm not mad at you. Know I want them to succeed. I want them all to succeed. You made a comment that like The high by being on zone. Yes with that with that of the Mexican girl said I hope I hope people watched absolutely because this isn't Cannella Nello and AJ that make six to eight hundred people. Come Watch at this. Was French Sean Crews Alejandro Hernandez who no one knew IDA in no Jimenez. That is your time. I know him as we knew deserve. But how many people watched deserving in you know what I mean so yeah just I will say in like. I hope that it got watched by a lot of people for for the sake of the women not taking a shot at the network at all. You know let's yes. Well I've been in. Oh yeah he's ready. He's ready certainly need a good mother fucking co-pilot man. I wish yes. We had good fucking Blog some bullshit brought. Hey Hey asked what he got the bad line Johnson you in this guy a fundamental so I think you're probably right when you Hoping that that people go to dissolve zone connect probably would that very entertaining fight. I think with the with the social media frenzy that been going on maybe people have when now in on the accuweather fight into town and I think he's a good site to watch really put up. Put Women's boxing in a good place over the past Kim with all priests is not just that one. The thing of women have a big future. And it's for the boxing it will keep getting Fights like those guys Friday night and Saturday night. Let me interrupt interrupt for one. Second they give it back to you. Go Get Steph and Shaw just want to tell all my skype listening. I'M GONNA have to put you on mute blogs down so we gotta use the bat line for this interview and we WanNa keep bringing you guys interviews Definitely going to have Tony Harrison on on Thursday so I think we had the bump tech Sharia off Thursday. I mean 'cause like he's a Spanish Sony so glad to translate in enemies Brazilian So maybe we Bump them up to like the forty five slot or the eight o'clock slot and do Harrison at seven thirty Thursday so skype. I hope you listening incident. We will be back to you. You know what I mean We just got to use that bat. Lana get on with the with the with the man of the hour. So Yeh EH my biggest everybody out notices joining this stream of data with shout out my my my regular out the needle Brown. You know what I'm saying as a real big got you. Cyp Can Nello on saying Jr.. Core Bob Bob Jones as as to UK. Box simply to attend a lot. juryman remember when Tony Harrison on saying complex the Mike you always want him on of stepping. Sean I'm ready to hear hear from this Guy Johnson and a lot of things that I really don't know about him say I haven't really been able to catch one because they've been UFC. Fight Pass but From from what the bill says don't saying he is one of those guys that that there's GonNa be a player later on this division. All Right Mike we're back and we are live with Stephan big shots. Shaw Mr Shaw how are you good morning. Happy New Year and thank you for having the taking the time out to come on the show. Talk to the box invoice and just let the public know little bit more about yourself in what's going on with you man. Search Stephan Shop Stephan Big Shot Shaw. Thirteen and ten knocked goes twenty seven zero undefeated heavyweight prospects wanting to be a tender from Saint. Louis you know Ready you know just not my thing. You know she's been a process you know but signed up for it and God is great so I think so you from the show me state now how how has been from Missouri I did you. You get the Connection all with what do my manager taking the waters. You know I'm I'm signed I'm one of the fighters under the split. T management banner On he made that you made a Made A business forum so are credited to my manager you know in Lieu Lewis Interested in you know walk in every sense. You know it's been it's been great man has been one of the good moves for you man because You know we got a chance to meet you early in at one of your visits to the wild camp but Lou has been having you busy. I've been able to watch your fights on the pass and you know he's keeping you busy man. What do you think about the activity and you know how how has that been has been great? You know we live in a new new always knew how to move young guys you know from when he started you know. HBO Boxing After Dark. You know what I mean like like he like he's always saying you know Always saying a vision of the future in boxing and the future you know I remember Being a little kid and you know are found out late late teens all the two thousand games and took the not hyphen with him. You know Got Him up that contract Don King. So you always pretty much knew gotta move guys and you know make you know make guys into into something you know so like I say I'm proud I'm proud to say you know I'm still I'm still hurt. You know undefeated you know and It's it's only GonNa get better you know it's the beginning you know Twenty years the heavyweight relatively still so like I said he's beginning you guys just really getting a glimpse of what I can do and like I say in the beginning of a long lushness career. How long have you been boxing? When what age did you pick up the crap? Well I've been around boxing since age appears all man. I'm going to pretty much. You know boxing already Terry Sporting family. You know Grandfather Winston Buddy Shaw. You know he's mentor Some of the most or over now coaches in America Of this of this generation. You know what I'm saying He was good friends with the mayor. Stewart you know he was alive he. He introduced me to menu. You know He is is from Saint Louis Missouri to become fighters under the CROCK banner. You know And he may multiple national champions on Amateur level you know and you know you pass it down to my father and my father passed it down to me like I said. I've been around boxing my life but I actually actually started training for like boxing to fight was when I was seven years old and I had my first Friday nine years old. So you know I've been doing my thing got a third round knockout l.. So He's been looking at your development. What would you say is your biggest asset for those who haven't seen you like? What would you say like man I had you hear as Mississau- Bichat Mr Shaw definitely drop them? Hold on man. What's going the guy? Maybe he needs to update some boxing. Since three years old Ben Round in that that like I always say man like that Kinda Shit in boxing. It needs a lot when you miss as guy always say like They start from that early age. Man Kind of gives you a gives you a more of a advantage over some guys who started late because of the whole just knowing how to do it for such a Young Age it becomes muscle memory about that connection. I was GonNa ask you what you what do you thank. Your best accent is and the rain like for people who haven't seen you fight before. What should they be looking for? From from my best my B- my best asset is Pretty much I think we lost again. Am Man that answer. No bigger we got to know what's going on today. Show busy sometimes fucking weather or company Non San however giving you all the stuff sometimes we have delays. But we'll get him back home nonsense to get get this interview back and Yeah breath pointed live from a Smart how absolutely. So what do you think is next for you in two thousand and two hundred. How fast do you WANNA know saying? Get your name to like being a challenger for a tight award because I get into like a eliminate or I think they still where we still building. I'm only thirteen now. I say that I did it for five more five. I'll be also my name and start. It'd be mentioning up the top Ken Thompson team. Then eventually the top five and you know he. Mrs Might be the next three weeks now. You've been busy now but even three weeks you know okay. And that's the thing you know. That's that's the plans you know. Twenty twenty one to be a busy year so you know you know just so it could be a busy here you know so we can slide into something and opportunities bro. You know and you know and I'll be ready for whatever man you know. Give rank and all it. Just keep building my stock with. He's probably like I said. Just keep them stocked with each. You know what I mean. Go out there and do what I do. Keep keep keep going to keep getting in the best shape but I could possibly getting getting keep keep approval. You know keep good on and great. Mr Shah got some questions from the public we got one come from L. Dog in New Zealand says out of what I refer to. As the big six herbage Dubois Yoka Joker Joyce and dyke show. Who Do you believe is the best? And why for me. It's Philipsburg Yoka mind and keep doing your thing champ. So you have to be well-versed in the heavyweight division. Do you know her Dubois Tony. Yoga Iraq knock on the last man. you know out of the out of all those guys The best one I mean you got to know all those guys you know they bring something to the table. They are big guy. You Know Nice big strong strong guys. You know The the boys. He's strong big strong. Young Kid Hege Vich he's around. He's like my age you know he's he's he saw it. You know what I mean. Olympic bronze medallist. Yoko Olympic. Gold medalist Days Co Limbic Bras. Melissa GIACOBBE DOC Bay puncher out in Nigeria. You know But but the guy the most most skilled I'd say out out of all those guys around on it I really don't know you know I do my head up up to all those guys you know but when the time. Come face in your those guys I got into the mall. Wow that's That serious okay. You think you take them all So we know for sure suppose was never supposed supposed think nobody to beat me like I say all those guys you know they're credible now I feel like I feel like I would have been in the class. You know I for life I would have been an Olympic Olympia in two thousand sixteen. You know but you know opportunity time pro. You know I tell you know twenty twenty one twenty one years old. You know so but I feel like a WanNa talk. I'm going to see all those fun of Fisher for sure. All right. We got another one coming from mad. Bet Who says. Why haven't we seen you on TV yet? you gotta ask the powers that be to hold on to the TV. You know I had I had one TV. When I was out heyman and PVC you know? I had a good fight. You know boxer guy hit off you know No I think you know the TV. They won't knock outs and stuff and I'm giving people goes so until two thousand twenty you know people see and now you know now now a days you know you don't really get to see boxing really on TV it's really did everything just streaming in I mean we we can say Condello Camello. Hello Prophet Powell fighter in the world and he doesn't really fight on TV vice on flights streaming networks. That could be you know your phone. That can be your laptop. Well I mean so. There's nothing really got what I mean now definitely understand the streaming APPs all the wave. Goodbye I wanted to know what's the best bidder of advice that you've gotten outside of the box and rain on sand lake gets from night. Maybe former boxers or like corn boxers trainers. There's like are in China's This the biggest advice man You know you know just just to just to typically work hard on GonNa work our state Hambo you know. Stay focused and even even even when you even when you make it to certain level in Boston. It's always stay grounded and remember where you can't make your retirement fashion to make you keep working hard if you remember where he comes from a remember when you didn't have the final thing when you didn't when you wasn't in a situation where you're gonna live through so When he was easy you know it seems James Easy you know? Just you'll number also hard times you know so you can keep the Mova motivated and keep working hard and you know You know like I say. Stay grounded you I know I have a wife. I have two two signs. You know my father's still a lot of remorse and principles amy my mother. You know so I was pretty much reading writing so I talked to my parents so now correct me. If I'm wrong did did you train release for his last. How was the training? I did you see anything in their training. Kim that that made did you like you said. They gave me a reason to do what caused like. Say Damn Andy might be able to get the jabbed his Aj this time Well well I was originally to be An account with Andy for three weeks but for some reason They are pretty sure to two weeks and They say car art galvanise fruit or something like that and we didn't end up sparring bought in a Raphael's on Bono And then you know and then I just I just I. I didn't go home. I go home. It's Lewis on man. Come out in his foot. Are we supposed to spy on the last day I I know they say because garden his foot and he couldn't Sparta Day so me and my father. We went through a homeless sparring session. I mean me and my father. My father went through a whole trying to station where we get the page. We went through all their work. Originally you know and other swamp partner was has came in you know got up to seventeen loss we we came in and China too and then they and we was me and my dad we we were about to leave and they told the other part and get out the car. You know what I mean. They just told me that was my last day and they said you gotta call. John is fruit or something but I was boxing. Andy Andy I the man and the strong about about eighty. When I was twenty years old and all right up I want national championships? You know in in the difference I wasn't I wasn't too poor raw man when I was twenty games. You know what I mean like like I can handle I can handle it. Awesome out of the Party and just to know how because I've been in we're multiple guys and you know just being seizing seizing professional off or our rule will will homer. We've all so we got some more questions from the public. But I WANNA get your thoughts thoughts our main topic today. would discuss and dillion white starts. He took the sky's sports and did an interview where he said he witnessed list. deontay wilder get knocked out in sparring and he was twitching on the floor. The only reason I'm even bring it up so you because you've spar deontay wilder you've I've been in plenty of camps. Can you imagine him being knocked out and twitching on the floor by Wladimir Klitschko. Imagine imagine it. I mean anything happening anything. Trust me Bro. Let me tell ya anything happened is for but you know anything anything happening smart you know. Yeah Yeah I know how boxing anything. I'm not saying it's GonNa Happen. I'm not. I'm not saying that it happened you you know but you know. That's that's the. That's the rumor that they take saying that that's white saying why. Say he seen himself he said man and I walked into candidate. Vlad was knocking people out. He broke Sam Sexton. Knows the next thing you know you know. He knocked out wild and I seen him twitching. I'm like I think he clouds. I you know you know you know. Yeah you you know you know dealing y you know he'd be talking about the anti you know what I'm saying you now You know I don't know how true that is. You know you know I didn't why. Why would you like to run his mouth about so but yeah man? I know we cloud because if it happened it happened when Vlad was popping by ten years ago but I like why are you talking about today but any looting no he said. He said he'd beat him up so bad. They kicked him out he got sent home. We beat up close go daddy roughed him up. He rubbed they sent him home. UH-HUH I got another question from the public. Cyp in California says is Anthony Joshua alleged long. Now you know do you. Do you see him being a legend out here. I mean we in V. I'm already to the level you know I mean let's look at this time. Hey wait champion. You know Olympic gold medals. You know so the credentials are lining up. I mean I mean that's for but not yet stopped Fisher Climb Oh quite. He could lose his name about good. They've got Joshua was That is true that is true. How shocked were you when you see the the rematch did you? Did you think Andy was going to lose the second time after winning so easily the first time I mean it wasn't easy but he. Yeah well well you can't say it was easy because I got through that third round. It was all envy me so I think Andy's motivation was different. And the Andy was fighting for something more or he wasn't champion. You know what I mean. And now that he's champion so demonic complacency. He came over handy. You know he said everybody's saying it you know you've seen all the luxury car he was driving. And you know you saw the upgrade. It happened and you know what I mean I mean he he he and I can say this. I could say he leaned on that. You know as an excuse flavor I'm just GONNA say I. It can't be me but that's why God made me no fighter. This no way. I'd be happy Joshua in real talk though and then and then and I'm not motivated to function properly. Area ruled Amaru's whole division. I don't understand that excuse like how. Aw Man I I saw it in camp man like I say no no no doubt no. Yeah no doubt and all that and then look at the way ends you know we we saw dachshund came in to thirty seven. Josh came in lane and he came in caviar and he had more time people prayer for despite like so. I mean I don't know. I mean that makes sense in sonically behalf Chris Down Hopping to criminal the heavyweight division. When you people the so called doll all in other heavyweight the reasons you know and if you beat them you know that would have made me crashing to rule last Karma man so we got another one coming from Dominic Aka Mr? PBC who says who's the fight you truly want to make make you a legend the fight to make me alleged Anthony Joshua that's the fight. I WanNa make me alleged. Oh you know absolutely what do you. What are you seeing him that you think you can beat like you know what we'll have? You seen the you know no you can take advantage of will What I feel is he can't deal with the guy that would go that those good combinations you know Andy Ambi through combinations but in all reality and the Andes really crucial the demographics the NBA? He's too small for in all reality. If if if Andy was at least six four six five he would have been able to touch Joshua a lot easier in the second part you know with him. Boxing with with Joshua speaking and moving and boxing don't get me wrong. You know you know what those guys at the top like. Anthony Joshua beyond say you gotta you gotTa go through some. You know what I'm saying the tests. Yes those guys but you know I like you know me being around Bochum for all of my life you know if certain things that these guys. I don't know how to do that. I do just actually I have the muscle. Never been a better than me. y'All honestly they give me goes calling it it a show. You know like I say right now. I'm at the point in my career where I'm not even with my China. Twenty twenty four seven. I'm trying to live in San Diego California and I live in Saint Louis Missouri. Only time I'd be with my training camp for my fight other than that. I'm pretty much much trying to Moscow in China with my father but he's a nine to five minute has to work impressive. He's how cold and my mom you know. I ain't made it yet. You know what I'm saying. No so basically what I'm telling you. I'm up a month on if I started training on the eve. World class elite level like that co brands behind them. And all this and that life. Yeah well I'm glad I met you earlier. That's why we see we stay connected man. I do WANNA acts. Have they invited you back for this wild camp or have you put it in the record. You know all the other bro. You know me and say you know we've formed relationship. You know j you know coach because you know all those guys down you know a car. Car Tuscaloosa. My third home. We're wasting AH home away from home. You know what I mean I'm going down there next Sunday Were actually yeah this Sunday. That's coming up so I'm going down there needs to be what three a yours or yours. going on two years in the wild account so but improving improving. deontay improve me me. You know it's it's been beautiful for how long you down I usually they usually have me. You go down to Just a week you know It was only one other time. They then inviting me down there They've item you down there one week and then I came back down down on the next week. You Know The Washington fight. I came down there and I do. That's that's what I did an interview with you Nester when my father. You know what I mean. I and Then I flew me back out there my coach by sure but that was the last time I did that so I only go down that the good week but they appreciate it and we now it'd be it'd be good work man you know. Be Good quality work against to you know to to to you know what I mean. You know he the blinds bombing. I'm big shot You know and it'd be definitely than and it'd be technical boxing smart you know I mean not not not being stupid you know so what we call on. You know what I mean. I think the entree clip guys. You know what I mean. And I ain't dos offering home so you know it's very workman all right. We got another question coming from rail in New Mexico that says are you ready for top contenders and if so who has defied the gives as you recognition the fight that gives me recognition I feel like I'm approaching the top ten to a EH top ten or top contender status. You know what I mean I just mentioned in the top twenty five Prospects aches on Dan ESPN DOT COM list. So I feel like I'm approaching the top ten list and I don't know man any of those guys is you know I love a fight with you. Know Joe Washington D. Dominic Brazil Any of those guys. You know what I mean to to to to to bike to the top team. You know what I'm saying Fight whoever I'll be ready for all those guys beautiful beautiful. I got question form when you're training and when you work in the locker room before a big fight I what is in your head up into man you know. I'm a young. I'm young guy you know I'm relatively young. You know but I was born on split you know in the early ninety swearing cash. They're good you know still kiss. They good ninety ship off of our list. Some biggie some you know some pot you know I listened to some Some future Some Ghana You know the the new Apple GonNa This this Young a young thug. I listened to the rich Pablo wine list the whole way of music. So you know. I got a different variety of news. I can tell Reggae Acapella turn also rock led Zeppelin. I could turn on a whole bunch of new sound. Good all right. We got one more coming from ruin the final four. The says what's next up for you after your last win well We look in We look in Just you know just capitalize off the momentum you know Moving to moving to fight where well fighter you know Attested you know attested You know fighter you know there's been been around the block you know you well. How do those young of becoming prospects and pretenders you know? I just leave that the good old stuff up to my team. You know we decide for delegate you know Oh and handle our business and I'd go prepare myself mind body soul and spirit. You Know Keep Guy First Guy Body you know you know. Take care of my children going there with my children and my wife and my mom and my dad and my heart you know and go out there and prepare for war anytime. I'll be choice and rain. I should point so so you know a good fight with with a with a you know a veteran a veteran like what a Mirman saw you think that's a good or is he too far out of his the. That's that's the way a box inbred engaged in our in our reality and our reality a name out there for you guys to name out there for you. Guys like I'm managing talking about A Puerto Rican dot vic debatable fighters vickers means. You know thirteen. That'd would be good. That'll be good for you. Know coming up. You know what I'm saying. Highlight that you know something like that along those lines or apart like that. Well you took a a big step up in the Gregory Corbin win and you've got him Outta them in three rounds man so that was impressive. You know they. They should have stopped him in the first round. Yeah I mean Heggers put him down with a right hand. You know he got up and did the wagon. I hit it was way water and they and if you look back at the replay that fight you know. They took the youtube. They took it down but you look back with the replay. That's right the ring doctor stopping the fight in the first win for me man. I like that one into common opponent with big baby box in the book Sinoe to them in a couple of years back around and I took him on a three way. Too Big baby took monitor bric brick very truck. Markan Greg Greg Corbitt Outta there you know. He's a former world champion. Hager beauts Olympic Mos on person. upsize those guys way but a fish. I Love I love the time for this man and I love that you was active this year. Two thousand nine hundred. Do you have any projected timeframe aim for the comeback for this year. Because you know it's well I I'll be. I'll be fighting again probably much. I'm watch you know. A you. Know for discharge quarter. I I WANNA fight East quarter. You're you know so that's at least four times you know and then you know happened to get neither knocked out within those three first round you know we can slide another now to make it five five this year coming in eighteen. No Hello Ready for whoever does twenty one so I watched I watched that Joe that Joel Cato Fly Tudo Chapel. Just a little bit. He was he was the yeah. Yeah yes yes bro. He took some shots. And then you gotta realize who's coming off a long layoff a off. I was coming off a long layoff going through the managerial switched from PVC. Today's make waters trying to get into a promotional company. So I didn't know what my Oscar Oscar wherever it's coming into you know saying two thousand seventeen was real real review for me. You know what I mean and But one two thousand eighteen team. I play When I saw Joe Hill Cardio man is this is this is the rest and then I thought a tough guy you know what incoming off coming off of almost a year and a half layoff you know to fight a guy seven and one you know the only person you get a lawsuit before it? That was Joe Hanks and he was twenty one and two you know and you know he. He he's tough man you you see. He fought the minute man. The reason why the reason why he fell out of that rain we cash Chinese because of his will. He's still trying to fight. But to do was to hurt meeting. where it was goes if I if I if you talk about Jalil Cardio as an active fighter and you know out OUTTA stocking br. But you right on the cusp box. Eighty two. There's a lot got a good games right in front of you. Somebody you know from Cat Roberto Alphonso my JD's fighter sparring partner partner with with wowed. I mean there's a lot of names right. Did we just seen L. Zhang it did it. I'm sorry I'm sorry. What did you think of the Chinese? Heavy wage allows Zhang on disown. He he fought I think for the Rudin Anco right my. I'm sorry I didn't even pay attention. Yeah I ain't even pay attention to their win with that. I don't even know COUPLA weeks ago. He he full. Yeah Andre Rooted. ANCO he's that. He's that very six Chinese heavyweight July Zhang southbound. Okay gotTa have he. He's decent he's decent. And you know you know I don't know man you know those guys decent man. I feel like I can be him. You know what I'm saying. I feel like I can be. Yeah I'M NOT GONNA say no man can beat me and once I get in the ring which I ain't GonNa say what I can do to you because the difference literally awesome. It's a difference looking outside and then you get in there with somebody you say you can you say can get away from that. Shot became all. You GotTa do like branch. And didn't they ring and make proper adjustments that's all it. is you see you you you you you size upon it up. You see what he got and if you believe leaving yourself and you got you dropped and shit on them. All it is is is is right now at this level. Who are you looking for a name or you looking for that person's Rankin well well because you're looking for a name or somebody's ranking yes? 'cause you see name right let me give you an example. I tried to tell you a name. I saw that I feel like if you get them on your box which I gotTa give you credit for Jonathan Rights to be Johnson Rice which he was able to bounce my career early in my career. I mean that was like man to man. That's what I'm saying. That was my last fight. You say you say you say you say hats off to me from fighting. Johnston Rice. That was early in my career man span watch and told me that was my last when I was a TV. That was my last fight. Still Manage your last bomb. Roman oh you know what I mean do do do do the rugged You know wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait. You said say Watson told you this year last bum Johny Rice when I was six but damn at sixty no well he happened to development so what they will do it by the way with next. If that's your lads bum who you up. I don't give me an adult CAMAC What the fuck at six I look I? I would like seventy nine eighty dollars after my odometer wise fight. Wow dallies some good money for that. They didn't even put the price I don't think they gave with the price tag on me. And so just one name they. They wasn't Adam Brazil or this one is l.. All we got us thinking what was now. I hey listen you did what you had to do. An you gotta sometimes at that stage of your career you need to to be nurtured man. We were talking about. How top ring knows how to new fighters and that's why I'm asking you go back to my question? Are you looking for the rank and are you looking for the name Well I'm looking. I'm looking for a boat to be honest. I'm looking for all anything. Dickens Hill Steph and be shot schoff stop first of all. The first thing that's going to help is is by winning and just by keeping perfect record you know. Oh 'cause whatever look good on paper in today's society we won't Instagram to occur out true you are. We do see your name aiming to record and you know I go see a name. Oh He's good you know just like inserting there's rank and you ain't even heard of them but that's fair you know but just just looking for a quality name like you say like you say Like what like gathering like like a veteran veteran journeyman. So so that's what I'm saying so Amasau Samuel Peters. The reason I say Sandra Peters is because he was Salida Dibella. That should be easy to make. And that. And that'll bump you. You always seventy one. You know on backtrack. I mean getting an annual fifteen. But it's still going to move review and a guy like junior who's undefeated prospect. He's only at number forty nine right. So you right there is all I'm saying Y- yeah yeah. Yeah I'm definitely right there on the brink of being right down all those guys. You know what I'm saying but like you say like a good quality veteran name you know what I'm saying like dumber Mansour. He ranks FOB that he ran. Sixty five amendment. So that's a big jump. Yeah man and then you gotta realize you know a minute so eating a lot of you know contenders and taught part of Florida actually quite a couple of guys you know what I mean. So so. That's why he probably we order. You know what I'm saying for me. You know what I'm saying or you know some. I love the gun prospect but anybody liked it. You know what I'm saying. I'm looking for anybody like you know I'd like to start delegated over with my with the business people and ain't gonNA handle it in the public- with while Mr Shaw. We got one last one coming in from stainless actually to new stainless in Detroit. Says all you come into the T.. Appreciation Party in May India are non. Oh man my man. I'm not not mouth probably GONNA take Probably on vacation with my wife and my children man probably take them probably take my wife and my children on vacation and make you know you know. I'm almost family guy man. I really do too much and be with my wife and my children. That's why I a devote my time to you know. Say It's bigger than me. Just do or Rama. So that's what I've been doing. Probably all right last one is from Nelson in New York. I believe definitely by way. The says Since you've been in the ring in sparring sessions with wilder is wilder. The best heavyweight of all time in your is no lot at all all the time the onto listen Young tell you the punch. You could say horns part of our time you can say that but like what's greatest of all time birds of our time what's the what's the worst Qualities or or other standards or the qualifications for somebody to be though. I don't know I don't know what would make you the best heavyweight of all time. I guess beating every Every possible threat or contender of your generation. Kind of the way Vlad. Glad Vlad Vlad dominated for twelve years dominated so much. We called the heavyweight division born in an amine but that will dominated but if he did he did dominate. But if you look at it how many what it was only what maybe people writings people like to say. All those names. The Vlad be all the fight in them right now. Like the Manuel. Manuel Charles of the world. People still fight in you know Derek. Zora's David as you know Tony Bedroom to fight where. Hey Light Vlad's Vlad's resume. Oh He's he's wrong now. Don't get amy wrong. Now you gotta put I mean Vlad Vlad hands brother I thought. I thought the tally was the better skill. You know what I mean I I thought about you know scarcity mentality was the better one you know technical decision what to people not everybody two people in in the two losses to Chris Birdman Lennox Lewis you know what I'm saying You know but Oh no birds of all time man you know you gotta get Hamad. I'll leave me mom Lee. I'm elise greatest man you know. What does one have to surpass? I saw Leeann. Your eyes. GotTa gotTa gotTa the Cultural Weight Sports Entertainment. You know I leave the reason. Why guys give me A? Hey Leo Floyd one for mom and I lied nobody Mama. Tom And I leave with the I fighter to ever got. Nobody came out he was. He was unapologetic spirits. He was real. I mean I mean and then just outside about it and then just like anti box. You know speed you know he'd deceptive. How're well you know? He's nobody was fighting. Ali Win over two hundred pounds. You know what I mean. I love everything scoop. Screw for all right. What Mr Shaw? Oh sorry now I would just say the I'd say but my boy did he on his on his way. You know what I'm saying. He you know he on his way he he's been his legacy you know You know he's building his legacy and a man and he told me he told he told me you know he told me and my father you know they you know he ain't we ain't GonNa ever fight he tell me you ain't GonNa never fight. You know you know you know. They don't hundred logs he's like you know what I'm saying. They probably will probably get it on. But you know you know we know a lot about each other you know a lot about the work would be real in every aspect of good but man. Well I WANNA thank you obviously for giving us an opportunity to talk to you man putting new out there talk a little bit more about you really happy for your situation very a happy that Yeah you don't have lost again. We hear you. That's strange okay. Here's what oilman shot man gravy man. Thank you for having a mob guiding social. Maybe he won't give out go to do so. But I guess s we got disconnected Moment are they still still to this day known Deep deep spot and everybody art. No Sasso the jolly the Like I said wait talk. The way he His provider was that just opening the door for more and more people in a about fifteen minute interview with seven show great and if you have how can we get rain tonight. West west of fight bride. He liked those names. We was throwing out again to the Europeans. Could Fi- Samuel Pitas and make a name for himself off an old old American joaqin American prospect. Make a name ain't from self hyphen old American. So FIS Pitas. Even though he's not really American he's Nigerian. Oh some shit like that who necks vice spoke Kerry no but these eastern European does not rush out for whatever the point is. If I do get the seventy-one fight the other do get the sixty I five. Then maybe you ready for the Franklin's and in the wiliness because Franklin is right there too he right into all dudes is right there between between eighty and low fifties all of them. All of them all those Schwartz. All dudes they right there so you notice guys has got to make the right. And that's why I said it wasn't I wasn't trying to back door is just like yeah. Well you want you want the name or you want to rank him because somebody's due to give you a name name rank and you fill me like look. I respect for John Vice People's Ferguson. Google got four laws like but they don't know he was able able to bounce back he liked the WBZ intercontinental heavyweight chip right. Now you know what I'm saying. But he's he's a he's a he's a he's a local fighter. You know what I mean Buddy Forum early any beat him. I mean that was crazy to offer them. nacchio eight fights. Wow Wow man too early. Oh Hell Yeah. That was early. Brian how Elliot. I was earning But yeah man. Did we ever get a dime. We went into dom once once. We're going to again. Dom what up was I watched I watched the big big saw back in the day like three days three years ago. North of four I think on some showtime or something like that. He's a fighter. I like He gets it in He doesn't really rushing thing but when when he sees someone hurt in like What's his name? John Pascoe Jab you. Don't go for he's a shark. You know what I would like to see him. Fight someone with a name a little bit right now very no areola some You know the divisions getting real smallish wants tastes inferior and dancing while anything Joshua you do. There is done. Then we gotta wait on the young come fighters but Yep could cut it thanks for calling in going out to see uh uh he talked to me what what could connected back For one when it comes to dealing white I'm being I'm being straight honest right here. If you're black brick you should be starting to continue can use to make you graduate stupid. Look down every time they put a microphone in his face he says. Stop at the make the all look like you got the fucking losers you don't go to school advocation. You guys are jealous. I'm telling you just dealing white. Aj makes you all the good in the boxing world. He makes stupid but outside of that he makes all the do uh-huh Guinea white make sure stupid. Both ways job. He could get a contact forever. Talks to him. He'll stop interviewing. He's fucking embarrassing. That's all I'm saying y'All doc mad dog Sam Hating but I'm telling you he's a fucking laugh Scott near I'm being okay. Hobo said that he picks bradberry better than I mean battalion veterans letting them tally go automation looking for tablets. Biggest Win Shannon Briggs He lost the Chris. Berg I mean the county had come a That lost in the RETALI- rather communities. I love bird the bird again. Like let's be real here. The tallied fighting. Oh wait a minute. Nobody so to say so to say all this or who were they fighting in the air. It's monotonous right. Now has better boxers in the Vladimir of Italian era. If you take out Lewis who only one take away with them. Oh gift the boxes right now. I don't know who the fuck with asked. If routed the greatest of all time who the fuck ever said they'll come up with anything to downgrade them even if the eighty minute senate hardest yep greatest boxer ball time not yet like anything to make. Amanda Stupi she is if see why is he fascinating. You're saying both like no. I'm not never said I fucking would good for you. Got Somebody to say no. I wouldn't anyway see roughly out but yeah at least you understood that it wasn't me right. We got the cracker Jackson. Fuck in chat they like. Nestor is totally lost it. How's he gonNA the axe? This guy is wilder greatest like that was my question. That's a paycheck question and I had the accident. Man's question was Nelson. Not Nestor like that. y'All hey dobie big time ano- mastermind audio sound. I hear bag on blige up now stages go for it. I would look. I'll fuck the shore Magic's Everybody they're like man now saying support pull this show. I'm saying like I saw like five hundred seven now. I got like one hundred Sam light light but I'm out. Thanks carbonated. Yeah man thank you. We got Don dummy Don Donny. Don Un mute tip while there he go a bigger nest. We Got Mike done. No I all types. Delia People's champ yourselves down is actively car yet me. He's definitely not trying to fight yet. So just expo bowl show show him saying ain't saying nothing you ain't nothing you know what I'm saying ain't trying to fight. No one good the people are saying never never for a puncture in his life. There's no more runnin. No Mohiuddin time to fight someone. Good me if possible fury which I doughty will highly will this time. That was fury. Two years out. We'll howl when he took a network of flack walk me so in team to however many moves he lost all the way trump two nd beat up wilder will. Let's keep it real. Let's keep it you cut your. That's your sound good in Jamaica and asks way You gotta get daily talk with more of an accident that's it that's just sound good With the Exit But don't mean as believable boo for real bad let me get to ringer row. What what up? What up here earlier? Today I was talking about daily in White and I got a cutoff so real talk on finished what I was saying so daily and white has the WBZ overbuilt if nobody knows that is. That's the second answer them. He got the answer answer. Yes well the whole the whole thing is is not wilders bill so you could sit it there and say you have a replica of it but you know have the actual. WBZ Our number two. He's not water is not ducking billion. Why you K- fans he's not he's already in a contract? He literally tortoise before to Ortiz fight he was fighting Ortiz. Then he's fighting feary okay. so He's already had he's been he has two contracts he's already been obligated to so for daily to be calling them. All Right now is fucking cloud chasing Asie the NIGGA wondering name saw bad of water because he wanNA pay wake up like could they cut it i. I'm with I'm with a man came on. Got The silver fucking anyway. Fuck it fuck. He wanted to. Hey from the trump. Now because does he know interim or silver. They ain't the wild Abell he'll Iseo interviews he say interviews telling people on Scott don't know no better. That's the same belt man. He's gotTa stop that craziness gotTa Stop Batman if he wants if he wanted Chula gotta stop being crazy shown on TV. Stainless man talk and go away right dealership go to know his is the real real one. 'cause Debit Haney told me the same thing when he got elevated the interim is the real belt is the real belt. But you just ain't the real chance of course you ought to real jam if they elevate you but did it ain't line though. He got the water guy they do. I then call his job at eight. Oh Shit the squad glassworks at a stainless told you. Well look at that aim at talking money Komo language. Shut the fuck up Stylus Silas. Yeah that this somehow split in two cars so it was a bunch. The people on the other side on this I just love message will probably have a low overload I like stuff on shot interview. I couldn't really remember somebody needs to mutate Mike Look Sean Interview. It was pretty good. I couldn't couldn't remember who he was until he was talking about how you interview them with his pots for Gerald Washington Fight and I liked that catman. He sounded like he knows boxer. Man I like his confidence might have to go back and watch some fights and really catch up when kids see where he's at. AETNA deleon light clown shit. Oh man those cloudy to the UK. That's a bad representative yourself man. Yeah I need to stop backing. I do because he's a clown he only come up on our champions radar right not as much of a clown is in into wider listening after you stars ars fury go ahead and start a white too so we can see a lot of crying. Jamaicans get that shit up with so I always say. Please make sure you push that thumbs up. Share this every episode boxing voice. podcast is this T. V. for life. And if you I know Patriae is because you still shot out the coming up with the interim Bilton I just saying op do jobs and other. Thanks for Bill. You know what I'm saying. Who the Earl Spencer one do? Oh quad the true low. Ib of interim saint they cry too low and Lipin ads. Yup that's probably because the spence and IBM Mandatory not being called as opposed to fall on the wild card to but they they did it James Gill when he came off surgery for showed that they derailed. But they're doing it for earl because he's doing them he doing. Danny fi I I probably so so rather than we make Quadra Tula wait a whole year is like Yo. You won't make some money with a name fighter. Because his biggest name Luis Collazo ISO he can easily say no say now everybody gives up. He could say no but he could get in there with lipid nets and it's a an it's an it's an it makes you more valuable and then you go into the earl fight. More people go to their. I mean you never know what happened pregnant with the habit. Listening I think allows allows moves better than Sergei Lipids right. Nothing to stop bird punches better but don't you think collazo moves better stopping them. Stop it a man he did. He tells me that. I've seen I guess Collazo Guy. This could not low near me. You say wasn't judging people if they last performance no more uh I've seen three or four or five forms but living next at one forty who daughters who it is to forty seven just knocked out. John Molina Jim in Germany. He knocked out somebody that wants to say. Was it a different taboo. There was record. They didn't right for somebody to these. 'cause we got helicopters helicopters all those calls my my birthday I know now we buy. We buy the job the boom we got a job the drive by eleven eleven Man So we gotta do that. He'd knocked out of the month Peterson He. He didn't make it their retirement mind. That's yeah because for me off of earl beaten the hell I lamar. The man was among and the Ma and the my hat a lot of fights and you know remember he was knocked out by Matisse at one. Forty you norman. Lamont has some time on a man in my head some time on them. So you say you're going with a quick nothing. I'm you know pitching both sides of argument. let's get on man we all we definitely drive by. Get your thoughts together. We talk in thirty seconds BS. Thirty thirty seconds. Let's get this done. There's get this going we're going to Ziggy Zaggi Ziggy Ziggy. I'm sorry don't even you don't even know mu I got it. I'm sorry I'm sorry I got. I got back. I gotTa Ring it right there. We go Killer talked to me Sweden. The what's up. What's up guys? What's up doc? Girl who the fuck is value. Friday night listen. Listen listen this. Let's not speak about rumors. Let speak about the facts dylan whites and his brother Dean whites. Oh wait they are not brothers. They're gay guys following each other around. They're actually not brothers does your so. That's that's the weirdest thing. Delia way to get followed around by a guy who was not even his brother but they act like they're brothers and the guy changed his name so people think I hear you man. We actually covered that But you know we all got friends that we consider you know brothers about the Alana's ness gross host. The words Kayode kept calling from the dust to dawn ring. OCCA- Odi on mute going once twice. Gone uh-huh ballgames earn. We got Steve Ring. And you already got to me. Different Steve Steve. You to chat real time. What are you're once twice Kevin Chicago? Oh Shit the return a kid care what up Care Kevin Haney yes Man is like doing away with all the while the fan boys and everyone thinks they know they're used to heavy weight all the time. Don't forget what Chris they didn't have you ever who Jackie one of the best heavyweight devolved very believable that he's got knocked out by with the weather other did remember while they got knocked out amateur. He almost got the bill by a forty eight year. Old Movement His there's a forty eight year old. Cuban cut it cut extract Kevin. Next time maybe step away from the receiver a little bit. It was a bit muffled but Okay JT NEW ORLEANS. Yeah it was up. Yeah Good Morning Good interview. I don't know who that fighter was. He kinda sounded like the anti while the a little. I've been on a good interview with UPCOMING FIDE Juno shot onto TV You know you keep them good interviews coming through so you know. That's why I always call. Listen I mean to to say about a clown as it. Jt thanks for calling in. Your name is Stephan. Bigshot Shaw Heavyweights from Saint. Louis May from Saint Louis and we got a couple of super chats from Saint. Louis Ken Stone Stone says glad to meet you at the Saint Louis Golden Globes last year. You would've probably said that during interview. And then he came back with another one so Saint Louis. Boxing can stand up young Alexander. Shaw shout out to you. We're going out to Jay bills. Jay Bilas talked to us. Sir My is Jay from Colorado authors at this change my screen. They're doing why talking shit duly white sockanosset because they see they see now that wilders in his car and Y'all talking about crime is when your physical mental. And that's exactly what wilders right. Now we see ever since that fury fight with Dominic Brazil Luis Ortiz Heathrow. Now right way more straight than he ever asked. And y'all remembering the Luis Ortiz fight when Lewis a counter hill and deontay started being just started growling. These niggers ain't ready for vendor cut it cut is a UK. Can you hear me. Yep Yeah always knew. There was a reason why awarded avoided big punches. And what's exposed him big up dylan white for a start. He's pissed a lot wilder fan weather from burst bubble. If you look at his resume if you look look at the facts and the stats then adds up what he said. Oh so you avoid one. Hundred and twenty million is GonNa be a reason for cheating. Can you tell one hundred and twenty million down. Yeah unless you're vulnerable because if he's equally excuse trae talk to us once Twice Ziggys aggie talk to us. Yes and aiming aiming yes I'll make it quick yeah. If consciousness commodities are all right story should always take with inspiring book without being said. I do think it's real. I don't know if you guys heard about ten years ago. When he was training with money jude and he said he witnessed? Yeah well wanted to get a couple of times and really devastatingly video online if you look for James. He said he's witnessed really badly multiple times. Actually put to sleep. And this James alleghenies got no sullivan benefit from saying this. I don't know the cutoff in writing. Peas right. Cyp Third One. We used to I think he he wanted to back to back. One hundred. y'All this fucking show. It has the most losers I've ever seen any show any more. There's a lot the winners but the losers are the biggest loser like fat people on the show. This is the big motherfucker could win on the show. Stand to call it a loss. A motherfucker alive live. You prove it is wrong. It didn't come back the next day and say it over again. You can't win with these guys. It's a supreme jealousy that they have for American fighters. It's asset is to the point where you got so quickly I could tell you. I'm fucking eight o'clock you tell. How do your actual growth for overtime please? Help was not get flags E. P. Cheeses. I like Tom. Oh right your awful over time I may may close out you know. Yeah Man. I'm good. I'm I'm good. I'm good right. Click I I'm a keep it I'm GONNA keep it. PG Thirteen so we give flag but that LS call the man. y'All have six Mokoena's calling right now. That land mine who want I want to say so but man is mad about. Wow the renaissance man Dylan. White is a crown man. Like I I. I baby every nursing in mobile doing that. This cloud got beat by last slide is coming out with the bell is coming out with speculation and man. I can't cut it. We got super coming in from Clifford. Fetus you came fan boys disrespectful. It's onsite in person. I missed Mr. PBC Hey yes. I was wondering as a Patriot member. Can we ask her own questions to the chance. That radio show style that that would do that would be for you. Say even got idea just for you know I mean I I mean that would be a different page. I love for sure because simple fact that I got a not only scheduled to fight and now schedule the caller Paula. I gotta be making sure that the caller what you do is raise them and you put it three people for forever guest and when all three people get their name for that month they could no longer with winning again. You don't have that control of them. Three people sign the card glide. Ain't going nowhere spot. Yeah I giving this shit up. It listen perks hurt. I mean aside assigned to thank all of the bill. We're going to big nickel. UK Talk to Yonex was scandal man. What's happening what a what a listen I just heard? A apparently mixture is on your mind final Senate and the assembly vendors have been a simple to bring him in. I mean I who who. The event has been this type of theory at age eighty. Well let's go they they teaming up in sparring. There's all you got a big day for that short sweet nasty. Te'o grandma always do we got we got the coyote right. Yes no no he went he went. Okay already gone. Once you ring a status you deserve at least a full comeback day go. Yeah could you have to be. I all right Yeah no this is my second. I'm GonNa make you sean sweet. There's a reason why Shelly winker said that. While I want you to fight said she was still the prospect. I wasn't on a pitch. So just letting you guys know that. There's I like. It was not that Cold War and he was too. I would call a champion the prospect cutting cutting jets coming into that moment machine. Why P I am all talk? y'All tight I am the Kathy and we got Steve Come referred COMERFORD COMERFORD. Oh they go. Steve Talk to talk to stay. All you gotTa talk you just gotTa Talk. Just say something. Just gotTa talk any day now the ones hello all right. He's gone all right so Mitzi let's see if we got stone I already stone you can keep talking all of this shit about what happened so long ago but we do know what happened Six hundred days ago when you failed drug tests and still may be sampled. We do know what happened when you stepped in everything and looked like a a fifty two year old man coming back when you default walk if you put that guy you see he ninety Tom by you. WanNa find another forty year old man. You better do that because if you fight wilder that would be last has day that you'd probably want they're going to have to bring them up car to car. Show APP the ring. I'm just tired of talking. The always got underway about could courage strength. Steve Gone Back to you got you there. You go so just listening Dan. We went through all that to hear. You say that it all right we're going to be It's GONNA wind came lit up canals trying to get on earlier man skype now. It wasn't letting you on because we can. We can answer the call because we were using it to conduct interviews Aw I got you okay. I thought I skied A man came you. Dan Do clown man. We lost you for a bit fucking Shitty Internet today. Yeah I don't know. Hey Man I don't worry about a rookie says against him. America's show Y'all keep going you know man. Oh Man I think it might be me or my. I don't know we definitely suffering a day recess a motive. I'm insures me too because this machine. I Dunno skype. Denver said it but What you said about suicide from the killer nineteen shut out? The first box civilian white Stan catch on the next one Yeah man make sure you subscribe go to the Youtube Channel so you get that notification when we go live 'cause we will be going live and We also got a board awards unguarded interview scheduled today for six circle with Morocco. Joe So if you're in the border wars catch US six. PM Eastern piece. Follow me on a geographic. Ten can eleven or on twitter guards to three to check my channel today. Mike on Sports you gotTa Rugby Reaction Video Driving me about the web. Somebody as a line and mad head. He's a purse.

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