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EP77 Paranormal Wales With Mark Rees


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Pm Eastern Standard Time head over to livestream for the cure dot com and find out a little bit more about how to get connected to that but we will also be shown all of the Information Vira social media for facebook instagram twitter et cetera. And also on our website so if in doubt get in touch we can always point in the right direction and until. Then let's get on with the show. Come tune of an episode of the Weird wacky wonderful stories. Podcast hosts Shimmy. Hey everybody welcome to episode seventy seven of the weird wacky. I'm wonderful stories podcast. And telling you we're almost triples. I know I can't wait to get to one hundred. I mean podcasts and we have a really interesting guests for you today so without any further ado let's get straight onto it all. Righty then. Let's go today. We have with us a man who's been on our show twice before and was a hit both times. We've covered some of his other books on the previous shows. Which with the aid of curious Wales and goes of Wales accounts from the Victorian archives. Today we'll be talking about his new often. Paranormal Wales side of print. He's a speaker and presenter of arts based documentaries radio shows and a regular guest expert for national and international media including the BBC He's arguably Wales's leading authority on the curious and paranormal aspects of the country's history. He's also a funny genuine and Nice bloke. Please welcome back by popular demand. Marcus I'm mark. Hello Walked the I. I'm up here via read out aloud. 'cause I've I've seen my publisher used Pittsburgh things but it sounds. It's embarrassing when you're at right back to you have to tell them that down. I'm sorry then Gracie's rubbish really say that you're just trying to butter him up for something but we don't know that something is true lies that's the best the best introduction at Arrowhead and USO. Thank you very much. So you've been busy anyway since we last spoke very very busy. Yes to book since we last spoke only one of them's hit the shelves SOFA which paranormal whales. And thanks to the whole lockdown situation. I'm I'm writing a third book as well at the moment so busy. Busy busy times while I was going to ask you both actually because some of the authors that we spoken to said so this is actually giving them the time. They need to Roy almost without distraction. Another say they just can't seem to write a word despite being locked in the house. I mean my my plan for this year after finishing the last book wants to take a break because out recently and it's weird how things happen is the. I finished the last book and Said Right. That's me done for the you and now I'm locked in the house. Nothing else to do so I'm straight back into it and it's perfect because I am I. I think if you're right you've got to be a bit an antisocial sword. Anyway sit in the House on your own all the time. So being locked in isn't isn't that bad. I mean I'm quite lucky to live in a rural part Wales. So you know it's going to walk in the forests. Come home to some right in so touch word. It's working out quite nicely for me. See I Lake Gung Ho and busy the first couple of weeks. Now I don't care. She creates lists which called honeydews. And it's basically a list of says. Honeydew this honey do that. I and so yes I've had my lists and luckily because she's lost interest in sort of all. All Things House related my list of waned as well. So I'm I'm feeling great. I'm loving life. Houses is spotless now. Then let's been cleared and you've you've done everything that needs at jewel this it's called me being lazy. There's two things I need to do the left to do is I'll get done within a day if my mind to it but I just haven't put my mind to give you a nice prom about it. The other day by painting the whole stays in London. I'll tell you what you saw the two things left and I and I said what are you going to do today and you said something and I said okay. Well I guess we. We won't do that today then or that today than in your late. Now that was that was a reverse psychology thing. You're expecting me to take that where you and say no. I'm going to anyway but I should've known because psychology is study of the mind and well thank you very much. We'll just think about mark. I think you're going to be a busy man this. I think back to work exactly. I'm going to have to get the jobs done just so that I can shut your up anyway. Let's get back onto the book. In the description of the book on Amazon It mentions Wales as being the most haunted country in the world. Is that a true statement. And if so why do you say that so it kind of is although that statement is backed to to the button on the backside a few times now and? I wish I'd left tab I wrote when I was first. Sort of pitching the book to the publish. The idea was is. It's just like a greatest hits of whales as famous supposedly haunted places. It is claimed that Welles is the most haunted place in the universe but it's not quite a straightforward as that it's based on things like Wales is supposed to have the most castles willed Europe or whatever it is and so based on that if everyone of those costs ghost in it then it would be the most haunted place in the world with those told Castles. If you can follow that kind of that kind of roots and they probably all do have some sorta aspect of it don't they. There's always a story. Oh so and so this and I went there and I tripped on the second. Step coming down and it was a ghost that did it because somewhere in its history. Something happened on that. Staircase or whatever. So Yeah I get it. Yeah that's where the Norman Lords had his head chopped off another ladies pushing me down the steps. Yes you kind of argue that whales the most. Hold your country in the world but. I'm pretty sure you used that example somebody in in in Ireland or France wherever you might be probably put a good argument as well Wales. Wales is the most of the world today in the book. There's loads of amazing stories in and you've broken the book into sections new. Yes well it starts with the appropriate. Nfl CASTLES CAUSES. A big part. Whales to be honest I could have quite easily filled. Entire Booklet Castles. But that wasn't that wasn't the brief so then another section on sort of places with historical context to Wales. I mean obviously castles restorick places like those are the connection to our our industrial heritage. This is the places that really make Wales known one on Thompson. Hotels very popular place for Ghost to go pubs and hotels. Let's make the old joke about two kinds of spirits in the pub. Every time I mentioned pubs one on the grants that are mansions and the the visit of real places. The the elite would have lived in in the past which usually national trust properties and wrapped it up with one on cultural landmarks. That's places like the theater and places we're just supposed to be haunted by opera stars and artists and then that side of things you talk about an amazing story in section about Rutland Castle. A legend based around a real data is it and it's a beautiful and yet tragic tale. That actually sort of encompasses a supernatural and paranormal. Can you tell our listeners? A little bit by story. Yeah well in the late eighteenth century when the first gothic piece of fiction was published by Horace Walpole it was published anonymously and the idea was these works of fiction because it was a work of fiction. We're sort of long lost tales that somebody had found put out into the world to sort of schedule with and in Wales. We had this book of Welsh legends. Which was published anonymously in eighteen? O Two it was written by someone called William Hill. It was probably written as a work of fiction. But as with these things you can never know pursuit in or whether it was based in reality and the story is as you mentioned tragic one. I'll also the down slightly for the sake of this podcast but the princess throng. The castle came across this very mysterious night. Use called the night of the blood red plan because he had a blood red plume in the top of his arm old black and he was described as very much like the hero in Rom Com. Or something you know you had those. GonNa Treat me is and that. Kinda thing and when she saw him it was just I. Can you know that magical? Something scary but something. What appeal in about this night but they had a feat and visit. She was singing or playing music. Whatever she was doing all the night and he was gone now she was due to be married and it was quite an important marriage because it had been arranged by the parents by the kings and this marriage would unite whales at the time. Wales was broken up by feuding warlords. Warlords feud in parts of Wales. And the idea was that by her Marianna prince that would unite to parts of Wales however she been distracted by this night with. Greenie is and just just couldn't get this man out of your head as a way to distract us up. She went hunting and who hunting and she was pretty good and she caught a deer with who I think was narrow. T- could deer but didn't kill it in the run off into the forest she gave chase on your host and by the time she found this night had fallen and she found herself lost in the forest totally alone until who should turn up surprise surprise but this night with a blood drive clue emerged from the trees saw this damsel in distress and offered to take her home so when he took it back to the castle and he met the king and the king was very very pleased that this kind gentlemen night had gone out of his way to bring his daughter back safely to him. He was invited to stay in the castle now. Obviously having the two of them together and not castle didn't do much good for helping you know. Forget about this and it was the opposite in the end he said look. I'd I'd better go because your husband vs on his way. This is quite a big word in. I can't I can't stick around a mess this up for you. He gave her a ring. This is what things do get Pasco. You gave her a ring and said look. If you ever need me you can summon me with this ring. And the idea was if she was in trouble in years to come do that. She couldn't use that waited. Minute's pretty much so he went. She called him back and he said look okay. I'm here now. We're going to have to escape. We're GONNA have to elope after runaway because there's no way they're gonNa let us be together that night under the cover of darkness. Ek sneaked out of their room and they decided to then decide. He had a cargo on the revenue by going to escape onto the was. It sneak out the guards. Run down to the corker and sailoff. Didn't take them long. Though until God's were looted they were trying to sneak off and a party of its of dogs and everything's chasing after them and they ran as quickly as they could towards the river as they got their chief felt a hand. The princess felt a hand on her back and turned around to see who had caught her. One of the chases at calder world. Give a knife to defy. Should've mentioned this earlier. Actually worked will get a knife to defend yourself with. I want you tuned without thinking. He shouted stab him and she stabbed this man with the knife killing him. She Killed The pursuer. This is much more dramatic in the real story that turns out it was a father that she just killed jumped on the car. Rental and the two of them sailed off that escaped putting tragic circumstance. Because you know she. She'd killed her father trying to escape and as she was on the Carl. Cryan obviously quite upset. But what happens with world? Just laughter didn't consoler. He was laughing. And it wasn't your normal. It was quite a demonic and turns out he then transformed into a diva who is mission. I know that this probably isn't real but he turned into this team. Yes he pretty much said that. Look this whole thing was a setup and the reason I did it is to make sure that whales fighting with itself. Wales's at war that's more people killing themselves killing each other. That's more deaths. That's all music for the data. That's exactly what he wants and with that he stuck his trident into the princess through a body into the water and was gone and they lived writer not the reason I included that in the book is I mean besides being leader. Put a fantastic story. Even probably isn't true. Is that people have since then reported seeing ghosts there which kind of connect with the princess and with the demon and all kinds of people have seen the ghost of a guilty and chased by some demonic thing around the cast. Also I quite like that. Lincoln's reality infected away. Whether the truth I don't know but it was a nice nice story to include house and it was really interesting to read. I'm glad that you read it or not. Ready recanted it. In the way that you did because in the book it actually mentions that the war told actually told her to blow on his ring to summon him and I saw if you mentioned it like that banished fall off her chair here. I will bite well. I didn't say that to stop. You can laugh and I said that because I I'm I've told the story. I think it's birth next time. I'll lots of glowing. You talk about a few places that we've actually visited one of which is language and this is popular tourist attraction in this part of Wales. Oh into the way. The staff dressed act in character while they take you on the toward the property. This new book. Yeah Kayak is one of the nicer ones. Actually because I tried my best contact. Everyone involved with this book. Someplace places some places I left out actually because they wanted nothing to do with it. They're like no get away from us. Nothing to do with ghosts. Don't mention Kaya very very cool. That's a nice pictures in there. Actually you mentioned the staff dressed up. All the staff dress steph dressed up which they sent me to use what they did say which makes Patrick is. They've got ghost tours and things which was some secrets on and they didn't want me blow in all their secrets by publishing in a book. So what I will say is if you read this and you enjoy the psychiatry Pablo impersonal walks. There are some other bits which which you can only get by by walking around but is I mean I don't know it. It's a museum which has been made to look like. It's still the sixteen forty five inside which was quite an important of the people that This was during the English civil war and was Colonel Edward Pritchard to own the property. At the time and he switched allegiances see was a royalist he switched and this sort of the the museum now tells the story of what was going on and the house. If you if you go to the house you'll find that it's it's really well fortified. It's not like a cozy house. It's almost like the half castle in in the way that it's sort of built to protect the people inside in case something goes wrong as as it could well do do during the English civil war but the most famous ghost weirdly has nothing to do with that period. It's Victorian Ghost it's called Martha or Mattie cold has a nickname and this ghost typical so the float in White Lady's Ghost and she is if you believe the story. There's no proof of this that I could find is supposed to have burnt to death in the house. Some horrible accident and now she comes back to haunt it with all the usual sort of sounds of your clothes. Roslyn and temperatures drop in full operations appearance some people and waking them in their sleep so matty really is the perfect host the whole lot. Best story actually. I found that was it was probably from the BBC about Halloween Yoko about the South African rugby deemed under twenty. One's who paid a visit and the captain of the team broke down in tears in the room. She was said to be holding and he couldn't explain. It had to get out of there and when he got out he said that room whatever was in. That room made him cry. So whether or not that was Mattie put in her her sadness entre Meenakshi had died in quite a horrible circumstances and she was passing that feeling onto him. Whatever it was. I don't know but it's quite nice to have a witness quite recent witness sort of backing up what other people have said for many years. I what high profile one as well. I mean. If you're the captain of a rugby team you know. It's the stereotypical person you might be watching the experts and looking at these things. It's quite a sort of a macho thing. Isn't it rugby sell? You have to have some like that. Cryan twisted as well. Yeah I think you wouldn't have set that up himself he wouldn't have. I've been ghost. Hunts myself when you know there's a couple of people who is always the same people? I just got pinched or just got pushed or just scratch is always the same ones every single time. Same people and so yeah like you said. I can't see this. Big Burly Ropy. Platt only twenty one. So still or under twenty one's so still you know at that time of his life. Where reputation is everything would would WANNA set himself up to to cry in a room? You mentioned the room actually in the book and I know the one that you're talking about the AETNA said I think they were all the people that there's quite a few places in this book but they sort of went above and beyond helping me with it and you know and it's a wonderful place and what I like is as you mentioned. There's there's always the odd person it goes to this place and says I've been pushed Blah Blah. But you can kind of put that one sideline Claire because it's just a cool historical building regardless and it just happens to have these really extra go stories connected to it as well. I've got to say the I learned a lot on that all because of the way they present it the way as I said they were impeded costume. The way they speak to you I it was. It was an amazing experience. I've been there twice. I choose remaining experience. Yes yes. That's my bet. Welsh tourism today accidentally after Hashtag them into the insult. Only when we have yes. You've spoken to about the south stack lighthouse to be honest. The reason I actually came across this is because I think it's really important my books if if it's called paranormal whales. It should cover all of Wales. I can't say I'm from Talbot is going to be a little talbot ghosts you know. I've got a cabin whole lot. And this was the most remote go story I could find writes off off. Anglesey ride off into the Irish sea on on this lighthouse. Which for the last bit of whales you'll see for you to Weiland and the story it's quite again. It's it's an interesting historical story regardless it just so happens it ends horribly and now there's a ghost story connected to it but there was a great storm which wrecked the Irish Sea. Still Great. It was called the great storm. The name of the stolen hundreds and hundreds of people died. Hundreds of people lost their lives at sea. It is said again how much truth you can put this. But some of the people died. Were gold perspectives coming back from Australia. On their way to Liverpool going around Wales that way and rolls and lose their gold actually strapped these basel goals to their belts and things to try and swim to safety with it. Write them down. It's obvious you're so. Yeah I mean it was a horrible horrible thing. Even Chelsea Dickens Kim visit after the storm. It was big news. That you know was attracting people like Dick to come into the pay their respects and things and I think you mentioned in one of his one of his books is not as works affection but one of his one of his ducks pretty much. The only people who could do anything to help the boats see at that time with the people in the south stack lighthouse. That was a keep of that. Always the keeper and they always had their systems now the assistant at the time when the storm was somewhere else on the island and he had to pretty much run as quickly as he could to get to the lighthouse to help out the main man. Although actually say main man there was also made woman there as well so Equal opportunities in the light has actually yes but he. He ran as quickly as he could. And I don't know if anyone knows south stat like us if not it's probably worth Papa. Google and doing a quick look at this because the bridge lead into it is even back then. It's been rebuilt since but back. Then it's like of Bridge Indiana Jones Cross and things would go wrong you know. It was really scary looking for the big drop. You've got like a picture in your book event. Yes I'd pitcher which actually shows looking down. Yeah Yeah Nasty Rox done. That is not a nice place to be folded but he didn't fall luckily but it was just as bad as he was running. The rocks came loose from the cliffs. Above one of these rocks came landed crack on his head and pretty much knocked him senseless than there was. There was blood borne out and also grisly details and yet he persevered got over that bridge. Got The lighthouse and tried banging on the door to get in his bangs not yet over the storm and it wasn't until the next day that the keeping came when things die down a bit and found his body slumped outside not a good way. He wasn't dead by this point and they did get into hospital but the injury and be left outside. He didn't last much longer. Afterwards and nowadays the ghostly things there have all been accurate to him. What she'd if you believe the story you think they kind of add up. The ghost is set to be banging on the door looking in the windows trying to attract attention in this remote spot. I did like one detail about it wherever the ghost is said to be making these Eerie squawking noises which somebody pointed out. There's a bird reserve right next to it. It's probably the PUFF INS whatever puts. They've got their make it those those kind of supernatural noises but it's certainly not the puffing banging on the door to get in so is meant to be ghost did like the fact that you actually included that though because there are a lot of people who write about the paranormal now. We'll just stick to the paranormal elements of the story. If you like offer any other explanations yes most most of the reviews that I see my work. People do say that my approach is very journalistic. Because I'm a journalist by trade and hopefully you just doing my job correctly. Then that's what it should be. I'm not trying to convince people goes to real ought in all all I'm saying is is the facts. You use your own brain rarely in your own mind for going on so so yes all of those pets. They'll go into the book. I thought. Then the story of the hotel in neath where the guys sitting there reading his paper and then you know somebody's sitting next to him or whatever and then lowers pays Susan doesn't it yeah. I should give credit. The niece one is courtesy of Robert. King I've never known anyone right so many ghosts books on one small area really. He published a few books now. Just just on. Letham the ghosts there and I met with world. That's just to make sure that these storks some some of his books were good old now but I met with him. And you're very kind to sort of show me exactly what these things happened and to confirm that people are still seeing ghosts there nowadays so this is all relevant. Bang up to date. And the the ghost you mentioned was what he called the cavalier. Whatever cavalier addresses in this is what this goes to set to be wearing and the man was reading his paper and you can see the legs next trip so he knew there was somebody there and as he moved his is up from the legs he could see the body wherein the cavalier body stuff and then we pay them to look at the person's face it was no head and then they disappeared and they were gone. So so. That's that one but there's lots of other little things the cast l'hotel is quite handy because one of the best Christmas ghost stories that I've come across people love ghost stories at Christmas so I can use this one for Avenue to tell you the story with with Golda Sunshine outside and zip blue. Isn't it weird when this happened? It was Christmas Eve. Hotel locked up. They run last. Orders kicked everyone out and it was just the assistant manager on one member of staff left downstairs waiting to go home when they hear what sounded like someone running about upstairs and what. They went back up to the hotel bit. They found all the doors which have been closed and locked. Were Open again. All the lights were turned on all the rooms and they thought well. This is a bit weird because people in the building just a tad. Yes and even if we weren't why would they be opening locked doors and turning lights on and things they locked up again and they said we'd better tell the owner who who came round to investigate himself he's dealt with him and three of them plus. Doke went upstairs to have a look round. It's open again. The dog bit crazy instead of dot in round Balkan in each room and again they couldn't find anyone and that was the end of that for that didn't happen again but what is interesting. Is that two years later. Somebody again here this running around on Christmas Eve. So whatever. The says ghost or Prankster. They seem to like messing around in the CASTELLINIS on Christmas Eve so if anyone is looking for Christmas ghosts. Neef is needed the place to be ready neath thought cans in London. It would really want me up to be honest with you have ghosts. I mean the kind of goes just alike walks around upstairs or whatever could I could handle but one this actually customer money turn all the lights on would really would really wine the maybe the opposite exactly shelf maybe do Washington you know. Get the loan. Bitcoin and it'd be nice. It's just looking for a place to put a Christmas tree that's all. That's when I was a child. I remember a school trip. In fact most children suppose in south Wales when on this trip? And that was to some falcons remember. Well actually I can't remember a lot about my trip toll. There was certainly nothing. The teachers ready spoke about the I remember. I remember running around with my mates and looking for the next place to buy ice cream but I can't remember much about the facts. Had they been armed with type of stories that you tell about some fans are whilst museum itself. I think I would have paid more attention. Is it true that they actually moved everything from one place to another all the buildings and everything and recreated an amalgam with the stones? What's really unique about Finance You know in the world. What makes it really interesting foot from a ghostly? Point of view is that they had the estate to begin with. I mean that's the name comes from Saint Saint Fag but then all of the buildings inside are all historical buildings that have been relocated from throughout Wales so places that are gonNA connection with the mining industry of the industry wherever they might be been moved from again that triangles again either being pulled down Cardiff and if you believe the stories which some people they feel quite strongly about this ghosts are attached to build it. Roth oven the beneath them. Millions theory if you move in these buildings around moving the coasts around as well and if you go plunking forty at these buildings next to each other all the ghosts and that's a weird collects negotiate you got going on one one small little place and that's in theory. What could be happening swear? I wonder why they started to move them all. It was to make a museum to actually create the museum. They wanted to create the authentic. What were the money involved in that though and that'd be really pissed if I moved to mend. Somebody forgot a brick. Be like look you need to go back. I was I was thinking more. All the Welsh ghosts that would be in these in these properties. An endgame relocated into this to to all intents and purposes kind to stay in the mid. Live in the middle of the ARIZA's walks. I mean you can have people from you. Know centuries ago next to some victorians maybe next to someone from the forties. A mix of a mix of people been there yet. You see so okay. I'll got the hint on accent. Not Check Ruffin castle back to Castles. You mentioned that in your book and I have to ask you this question. Would you or have you ever put your through the wall as you say in your book to shake hands with whatever diabolical entity dwells on the other side. I'm I suppose we will call this the gory hole. Oh my I should probably shouldn't go answering questions. Bookl- Orioles said goal. Yes but in this one even to castle this one is. It's the hotel but yeah I'd give it a go and the ladies walked. Everything's well that even the most of these things are based on based on folklore rather than anything sort of concrete. Yeah you've got to get into the spirit of things you can go along with it and nothing. Castle is a very very popular. Place was until the whole lockdown scenario with sort of organized ghost tours and things as well. So I'm pretty sure if he wanted to go with their loads and loads of events to stick your arm in the gory. Home of. We've we've named that. We should trademark not my. Yeah because yeah that'd be used. I'm sure yes. Well I just got new owners last year maybe if there are looking for new ideas we got the Scattered in next to US or quite near to us. It's only about a fifteen minute drive from where I have taken ballasts Chicago motorbike. This run it's considered to be Wales's oldest pub utilise in the book. Well the scared in a really interesting one and it's one of the reasons. I'm quite glad I was able to write this book and include it because a lot of my work is based on research in the Victorian but going back the Victorian Times. The warranty and older next to find old stories connected to places the oldest story. I can find connected to the scared it is from Peter Underwood who was the ghost. Hunter extraordinaire who covered all the UK in the seventies and he wrote in the late Nineteen Seventies. When went to the scared. It was only supposed to be one ghost that it was put a friendly ghost. It didn't hurt anyone and as such it wasn't really worth mentioning you fast forward to nowadays the skeleton in is the most horrid place in the universe and there's people that have being thrown about and people screaming at at it's just absolutely bonkers there and all this other. Tv shows the the most hold. It's kind of shows or go to scare people fly over from America the because it's so haunted. I just find it fascinating that this place was not haunted at all until quite recently. And now it's gone absolutely bonkers so what has happened to change it and that is pretty much what I was looking for in the book and I spoke to some people who spend a lot of time to investigate it and they were convinced. There's something really not right going on there but at the same time none of the stories quite quite add up like like it's supposed to be haunted by Judge Jeffreys famous ghost there and yet there's no real hard evidence that Judge Jeffreys Atalanta. There's all these of interesting things the Skerrett that was trying to look into as you mentioned the oldest pub again. It said to be the oldest pub but is it the oldest pub. But we don't know. Will we think it was built on some other? Maybe other might be the oldest pub and the so many fs and Buxom maybes that I think that's sort of mystique around it is. What is what's attracting people there. As well as all the activity that people claim is going on there as well but either way it's it's it's a fascinating place it somewhere that I did. Anyone with an interest in ghost things should should visit like youtube. Done is bizarre really because a pub and a courthouse and they hang you as well. Yeah well in scared you can. Actually I don't know if you've done this yourself mark. If you go from the front out to the garden you will pass. What they call in is the hanging beam and you can actually put your hand above the beam and actually feel the grooves of where the rope burnt to the would a world through the woods. And that's that's quite that's quite a thing. I mean I've touched I picked you up. Didn't so you could touch it. It's quite an eerie feeling to feel that region no that ridge was created because someone was swinging on the other end of it. Yes yes. They're kind of things that it would be nice of verifying someway. Because as he said He. That's what the rope was so so you hope that that'd be some some book probably not photographic evidence with back then but you'd hope be some historical record some worth mentioning about these things and then this the Silmi so many blanks to be filled in. Then that it'd be really. It's a shame really that nobody mentioned it until until Peter under in the nineteen seventies before that we don't really know from a ghostly point of view what was going on there at all if anything so yeah it. It's fascinating that you know. There's there's a lot of things that we need to I think too. I think somebody may mean one day needs to really sit down with a lot of time into actually work out where these things come from is it. Is it really where Judge Jeffreys hung these people if so? When did he do a to d? Kill how many did he kill where you hand them from all these things that we kind of need concrete answers to rather than just lovely stories? Why on Earth would you hang people and then is kind of weird? Isn't it just repurpose isn't it? I know I know I'm I'm just saying there's somebody look didn't want You know that's where we used to hang people and that's where to put him on trial. I know let's turn it into a pub. Yes yes There's lots of other cool. Legends attached. The scared like owing Clint doerr apparently got his men that together and again. This is one of these stories that's passed passed on. You know the way to become from. We have no idea so yeah it's a fascinating place to some white radio to spend a bit more time to dig into the facts really. Maybe one day maybe one day a book just about the scared of they let me. What was your favorite story in the book? Look number one favourite. Not just in the book. Actually I think in Wales is Prince of Wales public. Ken Fake Virginia yes I. I don't think I've mentioned this before or attitude again. But what I love about the Prince of Wales is a win away. It's almost going the opposite way to the scared. I'm born raised input-output nearby and when I was growing up in the early nineteen eighty S. There were stories about ghosts in the Prince of Wales TV crews came from American Japan and places to come and find out what was going on at principles and it all started when people hid as an organ piano being played in a locked room locked part of this pub which used to be the town the town hall room the theory that I don't know if you're aware this theory theory of the stone tape theory which suggests that ghostly things are recorded in the bricks the actual BREX building my record events and play them back a bit like a videotape. Said of that happened with a lot of emotion room than the Sultan. The rocks might record record these things in play them back generations later. But whatever happened. They'd all this sophisticated sound equipment. They had there people here in place as all setting up their equipment to record what was going on. Nobody could solve it then. The end it fizzled away. Just one of those unsolved mysteries and the media attention as it does fizzled away. As well eventually of people took out all about it but because it was on my doorstep I thought well I remember these stories pop back down to have a chat with the landlord and the landlord at the time. Very very helpful ankle Gareth moaned. Who's retired since Garrett said no activity it doesn't go away. It's escalated if anything. Unlike unlike a lot of places they don't they don't put the sandwich boards outside saying the most horrid giant. Come and spend an idea that they just keep it on the low. But it's only if you go in and ask leader us. I actually thought about thought it could speak to them. That you the details and some of them I spent many and they're sort of just exploring and talking to the people there. Some of it's quite nasty. This talk things being thrown at the kitchen staff which could could injure people. There's one quote irie story but how the the room used to be the old Sunday school and the lady who started the Sunday school wealthy local would go and pick up the poor kits in horse and caught and bring them back and on one occasion. The horse was spooked. Flip the Carter over the children. Nine year old boy that she was bringing into Sunday school was killed just outside and they believe that boy is now materializing them there. And there's lots of these really really interesting stories that. I let the fact that the landlord at the time Gareth he was saying that you see so much. He says good night them every night and refers to them as friends. He says they don't harm him so much information. I couldn't I couldn't include half in the book. But he was saying that he doesn't want any sort of psychics. They're anyone trying to get rid of them because he was saying that at the moment things are okay. He's aware with them. He he might see the autumn best but the not causing any damage. What his worry was someone comes in clears. These ghosts would then be replaced with other ghosts. Which could malicious in a way. He was almost keeping the peace keeping it on the low not broadcast and not not not making any money from it. You know profited from home. And he's retired since as well. I think maybe that's why you'll be happy to talk about it because we're tied since and leftist friends therefore for the new owners gassner. Why so better the devil you not this new one that some people want? Keep the ghosts someone to get rid of them. But I've never heard of someone keeping them because it slightly worried about what by come instead so wows. You know theories and make sense doesn't it? You know when you think about it if they were almost like the custodians of the property if you did get rid of them with something else coming in it's place I see the logic or would they come back. Slightly annoyed even. I don't know how these things work if they work at all but it's an interesting theory. The thing that's weird is every hotel would love to have a ghost story attached took because that just brings people there. There's a lot of places I go to hotels with my job. And there's a lot places that all go into there and I'll say to the staff is any stories about this place. This place haunted. I always ask because especially if it's an old building because because I'm interested you know so when we and the amount of times they've said to me well. There are things that go on here but yeah we don't talk about them because you know we don't. WanNa become known as a as a haunted hotel because it will stop a lot of visitors but then you look at places like the scared which openly advertise their place as haunted and they've got a room sold most nights because people will stay because they're hoping to find some evidence from my point though like I would go to a hotel that I knew was haunted just to see what would happen. And we've discussed this. I think if you commercially minded you WANNA ghost a May have mine a very very good mine got married and he stayed on. I don't know the name of the hotel. But he stayed in a hotel in Chepstow for his for his. Why didn't know and they weren't aware that this was always they no. I think they were aware that it was a haunted hotel which was why they wanted to stay in that particular one and they got into bed bearing in mind. This is their wedding night. You know so obviously. There's there's a certain level of expectation you know. So they both got into bed and when they looked up on the ceiling directly above them there was an entity looking with them they both vacated the room post taste and in fact even left their cases and everything in the room and his father the following day. I believe when and picked up the cases they left that quickly in the night selected. Night to remember. Isn't it yeah absolutely? Yeah so they didn't get any. I stayed in a hotel in chepstow. Lost you know ghosts that I that I remember while I wasn't getting married either. Put what's your next project you have in mind next. Well the next book that I've already written. Nobody knows what the excrement world right now. But the latest latest. I've heard is that this'll be out in November. It's a companion piece paranormal oils. In a way it's a book called Villa Straight Details of Wales and it looks and feels very very much paranormal Wales same length. Lots and lots of full-color pitches again all that kind of thing but instead of ghosts it looks at the mall sort of legendary aspects. Such things like just stories about mermaids and giants and can author until snap the bad anarchy on the the old metal tros styles very similar paranormal whales but instead of ghosts other mythological creatures we say then instead. No THAT'S INTERESTING. Yeah definitely is well. We'll definitely have you back to talk about that one. Another excuse isn't it. Yeah exactly yeah the another excuse to talk by gorry halls. I've gotta say just as an aside by the way that after we did the of curious wells. Our LADD was walking through town in Monmouth. Where we live with his girlfriend and I was in work He was on his way back from school and I received a text message on what's APP from him which was a Selfie of him in W.H. H Smith with his girlfriend holding up your book. She should've sent me on on twitter or something of a deleted. It pretty quick because he's he's not very good looking but I'm much to crop. That's his girlfriend on the book. The book of mysteriously in the air when I published my first book. My mother would the excitement first book out that would would buy copies and shops. So let's nice end up with a thousand of these things and people who actually won. The book can't get it because you've bought them all initial initial buzzed of A. Yeah up saying it. That's right thank you very much for joining us again this morning. Especially she knows. I know that you had lots to do with this lockdown. All of the jobs that you have to do all these different places. You didn't have to go. I'm not going to go story to write about until after an insult pedia. I'll be very busy with that. Let me go. Excellent job the book again as Paranormal Whales Week on kindle so we know he's available they warehouses available. Sounds under the circumstances. But it's it's the usual all good bookshops and all the online places like you kindle version from normally I would say please support your local bookshop but under the circumstances I think your best bet is to get it from the other big online but who knows who knows what's going to happen but by the time this goes out. Maybe the world changed again and workshops will be open so we could hope but yes all these places and if you see a copy. Smith's take a Selfie with your girlfriend and Boyfriend Jackson. I said that we are twitter. Yeah excellent. We'll definitely have to get people doing that. And if our listeners WANNA get hold of you where can they find out more information on get hold of your Social Media Tag is at review? Wales One Word Review Wales on twitter. Instagram and my facebook page. And if they want to go direct my website that's mark race online dot com. But you know if you just go if you just Google mockery crazy Welsh ghost bloke. You'll find me. I'm quite quite a pro. Google nowadays luckily action. Thank you once again for joining. Us really appreciate it. Thank you for an excellent book as well. Thank you very much both much appreciate it and hopefully city. The in autumn. Yeah when you get your next book out thank you. I always enjoy speaking to mark. He's such a big character. Ni Very cool obviously know this is a worldwide thing you know we were just talking about whales but again. I think that if it's happening in Wales or it's happening in Timbuktu if it can prove or disprove ghosts or the paranormal. Then that's going to have an effect on everyone isn't it? Yeah definitely I think. Maybe there'd be a lot more people that are reading right now because the left town and stuff so hopefully people by his book and it's definitely worth a read. There's some really nice photos in there as well on the show. Some of the next series of Wilson. You know there are worse places to come and visit I like it here. Good here. I'm glad but I did see it through fresh eyes when I got here and it was really cool. Very Green only thing. Is it rains a lot so you concert up because we had a woman complained to us because we said it always rains in Wales while I've gotTa say before she gets in touch again is nice blue sunny skies outside? I'm looking I'm seeing the lovely green trees. I'm seeing a Java jogging across the path in front as absolutely beautiful show to stick a complaint of Sun don't shine because it is shining today and we're stuck here in this little studio. Yeah all right well forget. Mark gave y'all of contact him but you can also contact us. You can contact us via our email address male. We'd like you one full Dakota UK you can go to a website www dot we'd wacky full Dakota UK and learn a little bit more us and the shows that we've produced. You can also look at our back catalogue. All show listened to our back catalogue of all of our past podcast as well. That's a really good idea that mark came up with by the way if you have listened to our shows and on the back of those decided to buy book from any of the authors actually that we have featured on our shows then do a selfie and send them through to us and what we'll do is we'll walk on our website that way. The author gets a nice little sort of compliment. That someone's gone and read their book on the back of our show and also it will be a way for us to be able to entice other all says on our show because we're say look people on the back of their achy. Do go out and buy these books and also give the person who's holding a book a chance to have their face on our Internet page exactly on it makes us feel good because we got you guys. Don't forget to tune in again next time when we will have some more really cool information for you. I'm sure but until then make sure you stay safe and we lackey and wonderful around

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