Fasola Says 22 Highways To Be Completed In 2020, 2021


You're listening to the news on Africa Business Radio the minister of walks in Halston about today flash on Thursday, said the Federal Government will complete twenty two major roles in twenty, twenty and twenty twenty one. Fash allows stay to the non Jerus-, currently constructing a bridge to link the country with Cameroon. The minister who spoke in a live television program in the noted that non-jury lost one year of construction due to the reduction of the national budget in twenty seventeen, he said the plan to complete twenty two major roads between the twenty twenty and twenty, one lost about three good dry season months. Do you recall in nineteen? The minister said. Who could not state all the roads off hand, but noted that a major routes virtually all political zones would be completed. And that was the news at this time in Africa Business Radio you can't continue to this in life. Online at www does advocate business radio DOT COM or A mobile APP. Thank you for listening.

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