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Live from NPR news in Washington. I'm Laurie London. The US has surpassed Italy to have the most confirmed corona virus. Death in the world and Paris Jason Bobbie-ann reports more than twenty thousand people in the US have now died and more than a half million are infected. According to researchers at Johns Hopkins University the Corona Virus Pandemic has now killed more people in the US than anywhere else on the globe. The most intense outbreak continues to be in the New York Metro area and accounts for nearly forty five percent of all cases nationwide outside of Newark New Jersey. There've been surges in several states over the last week. Michigan has the third highest tally of cases of the last seven days confirmed infections nearly doubled in Massachusetts Pennsylvania in Louisiana the revenue cases however slowed in Washington state with first domestic case was detected in late. January globally Spain now reporting the second most cases behind the US although the death toll in Italy remains higher than in Spain Jason Fane NPR news abortion providers in Texas have filed an emergency application with the Supreme Court. Trying to block part of Governor Greg Abbott's executive order banning almost all abortions in the state because of the corona virus as NPR's Nina Totenberg reports. A federal. Judge has twice intervened to allow some abortions and the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals twice. Reverse the judge's order abortion providers are asking the Supreme Court to allow the continues of medical abortions with pills in the first trimester of pregnancy. Roughly one third of the abortions in the state or performed that way. Nancy Northop CEO of the Center for Reproductive Rights notes that these procedures can be done via telemedicine. Texas she said is blatantly abusing its emergency powers to obliterate the rights of women seeking to terminate their pregnancies while the ruling by the Federal Appeals Court based in Texas is an outlier. The Supreme Court itself is now dominated by conservative justices including two trump appointees who have largely sided with abortion opponents in other cases Nina Totenberg. Npr News Washington as the UK. Heads into its third week of lockdown. Queen? Elizabeth has made a rare televised address. She urged people to take heart in the message of Easter. It's a way of showing how the good news of Christ. Resurrection is being passed on from the first Easter by every generation. Until now this year Easter will be different for many of us but by keeping apart we keep other safe last Sunday and only only the fifth televised address in her sixty eight year reign the ninety three year old monarch said the corona virus outbreak can be overcome if people remain resolute in the face of isolation this is NPR. Saturday night live made history last night. For the first time the show's ninety minute episode was written and filmed remotely from the homes of the cast and producers and Paris TV critic. Eric Duggan's has the story. Saturday night live at home kicked off with his biggest surprise host. Tom Hanks who was one of the first celebrities diagnosed with corona virus in mid March since being diagnosed. I had been more like America's Dad than ever before. No one wants to be around me very long and I make people uncomfortable. It wasn't a live show. The material was filmed in. Advance with many sketches. Making fun of the video chat and social media technology so many US while sheltering Larry David showed up to play Bernie Sanders and Alec Baldwin dropped into weekend update as president trump. The show's most touching moment was a tribute to sketch music producer. Hal Wilner who died a few days ago with symptoms. Consistent with Corona Virus Eric Dagens. Npr News. The Kansas Supreme Court has ruled against a Republican controlled legislative panel. That tried to overturn. The Democratic governor's executive order banning religious and funeral services of more than ten people during the corona virus pandemic. Easter is typically. The busiest day on the Christian calendar in terms of church. Attendance judges in a hearing via video conference said the panel had exceeded its authority. I'm Laurie London and you're listening to NPR news in Washington.

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