Summer House Scandi with Hannah Berner


Hey, girl. Hey, welcome to taste of Taylor. My we podcast. I'm your host tiller. Stricker of the live daily talk radio show was the Taylor structure shown. So here's the deal on my radio show. Where like vary up there pay like till death to us part or till you want a divorce Toby was podcast where we date. Yes. You you like, you know, MU try beyond you feel me out. And this is where I get to Rousselet taste makers nip winters into new anyone who knows me knows. I'm like a professional. Visit bomber and yeah I wear that title of honor. But heels my favorite part of being in the radio industry for twelve plus years is getting to meet interesting inspiring in exceptional people and gigging them to talk with the heaviest things of the world. So if you love your POC with a touch cabinets and a ton of Lavers than your in the right place. I hope you enjoy this little snack. Hey, girl. Hey, welcome. To another episode of my weekly podcast Tuesday. Taylor. I am your host Taylor Strecker. And today, I have a guest who actually. Not only a friend of mine, but also a regular guest on my show Hannah burner. Hey, girl. Hey, welcome to the show girl. Hey, I'm so happy. You're not sick me yet. Well, yet, I mean, I think your fame is getting to your head. I know. Probably seen me everywhere. Haven't been you three days. It's been maybe seventy two hours. I'm not counting though since there was since we announced that since we like, I'm a part of it since Bravo announced that you are one of the three new cast members of some. It's so crazy 'cause we filmed centuries ago, but you have to, you know, continue living your life and not tell anyone the weird because I can't keep my mouth shut for shit. So normally on the show, and we'll actually so always on the show. We have on taste makers influencers celebrities. Bravo liberties. And now that we finally fucking announce you're on summer house. I can have you on the podcast. I'm like, no, you're kinda legit. You are. I mean, first of all your social media numbers have been crushing and the show hasn't even aired. And so that's that. That's a testament to you. And your skill set when it comes social media. So I wanna get into that. And like, I think people are always wanting to know how you go viral. How you develop presence Malaya best with veracity. I'm obsessed with it. So we're gonna get into that. This is also an important podcast because it's the first podcast. I've done where I'm a little drunk. So welcome. It's literally three pm. Oh, okay. And okay. And I had my friend, Alex, the MAPA co host with me and went to sugar fish. It's my first time ever going, and it was through the cool kids go, I just went to church. I just found a new religion anti just had sex in my mouth. And it wasn't with Alex. That's on. It's so disgusted. You orgasm? I- I- taste, bud. Orgasms so many times over what were you drinking sake you have to? It's like it goes hand in hand. Physicist took a sexy name. Let's go to sugar fish is the best Susha of a Honda onto high alive. It was it's life changing. So anyway, not sponsored by sugar fish, not the other than they should I've done stop. He's podcast drunk a lot. Like actually there was one idea where I was blacked out. And I didn't even remember what we talked about. But the audience, and I was so embarrassed audience was like, you just like cried about how much you love your dad, and your brother, and I was like the doorbell knows we were to sauce. Now, we're talking about good guys versus bad guys. And we're like all the. Are so bad. And they're like putting our? Our our brothers. My dad kind of a douchebag, but I love. We can start with my daddy. Whenever you want. Chicks. You hear that? I know my dad's like my favorite dish beg in the world my favorite, but my dad's sauerkraut now he's like a grumpy old, man. And you know, what I plan to be rubbed? You'll man when I'm is h two. Using a lot of people like to show up at meetings and smile like it'd be grumpy and just like talk shit afterwards. Talk shit off to get to be grumpy women have to be like sugar and spice everything nights. And then get talked shit bathrooms. We talked ship one hundred back which I feel like I think that's worse. I think it's better to be because we're mental terrorists men are just like. So welcome to the podcast. It's so hard for straight men right now. Sorry, I'm white straight. Nobody really are very upset about it. They're very upset about like, all baby way, be isn't Hof you. Is that we not Hannity Sali. I can't deal with that shit right now. Like, I feel like all men are trash, but I'm. Oh, we're going to get into that to your dating. Life is epic. I mean, it's actually a big part of your online brand. I would say as well. Right. So it's all about well, it's not even your dating life. It's just like my thoughts about my dating line. Also like scumbags that want to date you that you refuse to date. So you just put them on blast. Put him on bless is the best strategy when in doubt. So we have a lot to get into. But of course, first things first, we gotta talk summer house because that's why you've landed on this podcast. Bravo levered. My only goal in life was to get on the test. I just did it by way of Bravo. And I'm pretty sure I'm going to call it and say, I'm good. No. You're still gonna come on Mondays. Right. Of course. I am kidding. For wakes me up on Mondays who wants to start their week. So for any of you who don't know Hannah burner has been it's like a year now. Happy anniversary. Oh, happy anniversary. My love Hannah. I met about this time last year. You co host with me you ate a skull knee entire time to go hosted. And so then I said I don't want to have her back on again. Because if she doesn't note or not eat on air, then what fuck semi doing with her. And then we have mutual please. No different constructive criticism. She'll get better. So then you came back on and then you Darren cart made fun of me together. So then I also put you in time out a guy was testing, you the whole time I wanted to see how your test. You did I'm so proud of really called teach. You got me on your podcast. And I was like, how do you think? I did. She goes. Did you fucking Scone? Pastry, you could find into the microphone, and I was like loves hungry. And she was like, yeah. You fucked up you might as well have just come in with a jar of Elmer's glue and can soon add the entire time. S Amar Taylor. Okay. So when I get drunk. I laughed like an hold Fokker you're making. I know you're like. That day we had so much fun. She's choking on her laugh right now. And I say anything. Oh, isn't it me drunk fun? Yeah. I'm not drunk. I'm just like like tipsy. I feel like when people say they're not drunk. It means there. Walk around sober going. I'm not drunk. But that's because you're so I'm just jealous that I've self control of my dog. You're just sheltered. I can handle I'm jealous partying. I can't. If I was drunk. I would just be like locker Tova clause just fall asleep. Well, that's what I'm going to do after the podcast today. This is my weekend. You don't have to. Now, I'm getting defense. This is going to become like a contravention. No. But the funny them every day from the obvious true. Summer house is about people's cool jobs who go to the Hamptons and get drunk and get drunk and fight. And whatever this is what New Yorkers do this. How he blow off steam by us Henny? You're not that big of a drinker. I'm not a huge drinker. So that was the hardest part. I've just say so how was that for you being like, okay? So let's talk we'll talk somehow. So you came on the show. Like a year ago? You have a regular segment every single Monday on the Taylor Shekar show. You can subscribe a Taylor trucker dot com. Dand you do it's called millennial mayhem with Anna burner. And you talk about being millennials dating lingo social media anything that pertains millennials. You gotta covered and never let he'll whisper or even like our translator. If and sometimes I feel like I give good advice. And sometimes I think I'm just rambling about what I don't understand. I would say I agree to both those facts. Yes. Yes. So I wouldn't say I'm the whispered representing the owes at all. Who has? Yes. So I'm very qualified. So you were so you were on the show. Probably got it must've been like six months, and he became like a regular staple of the show audience. Love. Gee, I'm grew on you. You did. Honey. That's that's how she does. Anyone hasn't seen her yet? Or you don't really you're not. You're not gonna hit the jive that is henna burner. Jive? I did. And I said send my last book has to which officially makes me hold. But you I'm interested to see how the audience response to you in the beginning of the season. And then how they feel at the end because I feel like you are you're like a barnacle in a good way. Interesting because I get DM's from to- striker friends, literally saying, I love you so much, but I used to hate you. And I'm like, thank you know. That's the thank you. I mean, all my best friends. That's how I start my conversation with them. I remember when I hated you. And then I loved you like that girl who you always think is a bitch. And then you talk to her and you're like I want her to be my bitch yield. I always I think the people that I'm the closest with in life when I first meet them. I normally. Dislike them, and or hate them. Why do you think that is why do you think people maybe don't love me immediately, which is pretty fucked up? I feel the same way about myself. I think it's because you're like like you are a presence. You're not either love Hannah. Or you hate Hannah. There's no in between same with me. I'm like love hate. There's really like no like the Warno. So your audience is a little older. And I think millennial girls are more easy to be like, oh, I wanna be friends. I have talked about this on the show, and I'll say it on the podcast too. I think that and obviously the podcast is probably more millennial podcast, although I will say gen Xers and even baby boomers listened to the podcast. But I mean, I have my dad's friends. Listen, my podcast. Parents are cool. Forget it. Parents are cool sometimes, but I do feel like I think that I'm kind of like the bridge to tear Busia, if you will okay between millennials and gen Xers, but I have noticed in my tenure of working in between generations and also kind of myself being like, I I feel like gen xer. But I'm technically. More like an elder millennium. So I think I can speak to generations. But there is a very subtle silent war between gen Xers and millennial women's specifically. And I think what it is tell me if you want to jump on board with this theory. But I think that gen X women were taught that that we have a lot of rules a lot of boundaries. We must follow them. And if you follow the rules, if you're good girl, you will have a good life and the millennials come in sound like agenda now, and they're all like foot the rules. I'm going to do what I wanna do nine to five I'm home, and we're like you can't do that in survive. And then the do and that has some animosity. But I think what's happening is genetic Sers are starting to realize the technology shift and the change in the idea of work. Yes, he used to be amazing to rise the corporate ladder until we realize that their ceilings and for women. It doesn't work it yet. So now funnies it's does sometimes it does sometimes. But like, my mom did the corporate ladder in the department of education to the point that she was. The principle of the top middle school in Brooklyn. Wow. And looked at me and goes I want to be adjusting her right about to retire next year. And she's going to shut up like you. Can it doesn't matter. How old you are your dreams are always valid and can happen. Don't understand why gen Xers who are talked to all the rules. I was one of those the only reason why I stepped out of the rule following because I picked the life on paper that was like checking all the boxes, and I was not happy. So I had to get a divorce, and then I became a less. Sometimes you have to fuck up to do you need the universe to kick you off asked. What did they say? When you make plans God laughs, it'd go shit. I mean, I was my I wanted to be a professional tennis player since I was eight years old. That's a really good point. We never talk about this. But I literally was that kid who just played tennis tournaments every weekend. I was playing nationally internationally who was your role model. Would you say like who was your like I'm gonna be blankety blank? Everyone loves Serena Williams, I'm going younger. Now, I think she's kind of a kind. But well, we have addressed that on the tiller Shekar show. If you want to listen to that episode subscribe on cast too. I think we talked about this is actually Reno has drama in terms of how she carries herself. But I think she's such a mover and shaker yet female athletes, period all respect goes to her. But I just love the idea. That tennis. It was like I was an entrepreneur the more. I went in a matter of house rich poor, you know, how tall I was how strong I was tennis you go up there and just create your future. So I felt like an entrepreneur. But then I realized just because I was really good at it. Didn't mean I wanted to live my whole life on the road competing and he just ailing life. It really is fucking lonely, and it's similar and it's a solo game say most part, no one hundred percent. It's the loneliest sport. You can call time out. You can't pass pass the ball when you're nervous. So I did that I got I played professionally I played for the university of Wisconsin. And one day. I was like I feel should be enjoying this. And i'm. I'm not because the winds didn't get me high anymore. The losses would make me depress for weeks, and I just felt like I was fighting for this idea of me like playing professionally in idolizing it. And then being like who cares? If you do what you thought you wanted when you were eight with it doesn't make you happy right now. Why did you get even get in the first place was it your dream was at someone else's dream? I was a hyper child, I was very athletic. You were, hyper no way. Yeah. It was my parents were like she's either going to be a serial killer or she can hit a tennis ball. So I decided is benefit. I went into tennis, and I chose tennis over other sports because you have control, and I'm Taipei personnel. It made sense. Why chose it? But I had to sit down and decide like just because you thought this was your dream doesn't mean it's your dream anymore. When you're twenty two I went into sales. I did cold calling cold calling. That's pertile. So I was feeling that mindset of like you have to be a masochist to be successful. And my dad who is my best friend and he's a douche bag, but like the funniest guy I've ever met. How is your data douchebag? He is just like the funniest guy in the room. You could tell he was a player when he was younger got you boys. My dad was my dad's kicked out of like every like campy joined for like sleeping with the nurse. Or like like when he was young. Your dad was pacey. My dad went to four different colleges. Like, he just was he didn't give a shit, and then you into sales because he's smooth. And he's funny. He laid up any room he could sell he could sell like ice to an eskimo one hundred percent you'll and he's and he's his biggest sale of his life was marrying, my mom who's actually an angel brother and Ireland. How did this? Happen. How did you lamp mom like, and he goes, it's the best sale of my life. I love that jazz adorable. But then now I'm attracted to guys who are like my dad, which is something I'm working out. Okay. So then you leave the sales job and you end up working at betcha. So we'll leave the sales job I was selling digital marketing and making a lot of money, but crying in the bathroom every day fair. So then I decided instead of taking from people I want to create so I decided to go into digital marketing as a strategist. Okay. And that's where I started learning strategy for going viral. Working for a t shirt company. So I learned about SEO I learned about social media. I learned about blogging. I learned about working with influencers, I saw this life. And part of me was like these fucking influencers are living the life. But I don't have the ability to post photos of myself every day. I think it's too narcissistic of me because it's like, oh, I want people to tell me I'm pretty and I don't like people told me on pretty right? I don't like glorifying being pretty I don't think. That's what girls should aim for not like I hate when girls see each other in the first place as you look so beautiful. No, you look beautiful. You're so cute. You're so pretty it's like guys don't do this, bro. Hot today. Have you been working out mostly through tro? I love your jeans where did you get enough? Have you seen the Mary condo Netflix special, but tidying up now? So it's baseball. Yes. This angel little Japanese women who speaks massively broken English someone want to show, but she it's like a therapeutic to watch changes people's lives. She yes. Her whole you're a big fan. Watched it. I haven't watched it. I was not her whole. I don't care to watch. It thing is don't keep things that don't bring you joy. So I think with Instagram it's like marketings about emotion. Why would I post a photo that I don't excuse me? We are going to make my point. Anyway, I disagree. I love. I have high brow humor. So I wanna post a photo that brings joy to people me boasting a photo of me show LOL or me posting photos of me Photoshop trying to just look hot is a trying to get a guide assigned to my DM's, which I cannot stand or be trying to make other girls. Feel jealous of me right or my three friends who actually loved me. Oh my God. We gotta talk about that. So Katherine McPhee not. Now, I can't talk about this on the radio show because I want to save it for this. But Katharine McPhee one of the moment of my listeners sent me she's into my DM's, and she sent me a screen shot of Katharine McPhee's Instagram where she is like wedding diet, and she's at shake shack, and she's got a salad and a burger and fries and a shake, and I'm like, it should be illegal like if Instagram is going to wipe people's accounts because they showed their but cracks for their nipple, then you should definitely wipe accounts for things that are going to create distress and anxiety and depression and women Katharine McPhee Ferragu to singing, you're not a comedian. And it's not. Funny to post you looking skinny eating shake shack that lives finish if she didn't finish that shake shack and she had two photos. One was her eating the salad, which I've leave who gets a salad from shake shack. No one girl. No one, and then she's swipe left or right. And then she is taking a bite like shoot has taken a bite of the burger. And I was like this is the most disgusting thing I've ever seen. You know, what you don't the girls if you're a skinny fit girl. Okay. Listen. And should we probably your body bless I much rather? She's like I'm going to Tracy Anderson fifteen times a day to look for my wet air the end of the day. Be like I'm so hungry right now. But I've really want to look for these photos, and I'm just posing. This let you know that it's not perfect. I would suspect that so much. And honestly, some people would say, oh my God, that's like promoting an eating disorder. But you know, what you're creating when you're posting. I'm so skinny and perfect and the comedians burger, you're creating eating disorders. I mean, I'm not saying there's like h she's adamantly every order in America. It's a fact when that post in other ones like it. I feel so strongly about this. It makes me so Live Aid. But what you ain't that he was going on in her brain to one post that like to issue insecure that she's probably cure that she's sending people think she's eating disorders for this is the way of showing people that she doesn't have an makes thank Javanese disorder when you feel an emotion. Try to think why they did what they did. But here's the thing is I feel like I just want to send a message to all the thin fit girls who wanna let everybody know that they eat French fries and fucking shit, food and still look awesome. That is the equivalent to me being a rich billionaire like it. Listen, my parents are rich, right? And all I do is post pictures of me in a bath tub of money. And I'm like, I can't solve rich. It's like guys there's things you should brag about money, beauty and skidding. Right. But also be truthful it's like shores full shit that you're doing that. You're you're on the grind. And but this goes by a why do I post tweets, and I've gone some hate of some lobby like tourist. But that's something is thank you for being responsible in your posting. But it's not bad for people to post photos. But think about why you're posting the photo like sometimes like to celebrate my friend. But I always try to think it's a public network. This isn't you in a group chat with your friends? Why are you posting something do you want when you get more followers? I really like to think of everything I post as how I'm sending a message to people. Right. And I really think that my tweets people have been like tweeting on Instagram. First of all motherfuckers every fucking meanwhile, actually, unto your friend originates from Twitter. Let's talk about that. So like in this podcast, obviously, I wanna talk more about summer house. I know we talked about a lot a time. We went deep in on. My radio show. Sorry, I'm very passionate about my Twitter. But I think it's also, but you're also like your social media game is so incredible. And I feel like this could be like a learning moment for people as well. So explain the whole I'm in scramming, my tweets thing. Okay. So I didn't love posting foes myself. I was working at batches as the video producer where I was writing the rectory. Learn a little bit about social media skills at this teacher company. Right, then go to benches, and you really learn at batches I got my camp. I betcha. I was dating a stand up comedian. And I was learning the benches voice, and I started to create my own comedy voice. And I started to get confidence by seeing the benches audience respond to my jokes or right? And they have an audience they have an audience wants six million six point four at this point. Jeez. Louise, I mean such a huge brand. It's funny when you post the video, of course, it's going to get a lot of us a bunch is. But we know which ones people actually like able willing right? Got three hundred thousand views. That's not good. But if it got a million views, you're like, yeah. We crush thing missing. This is just lucky. I feel so fortunate that I had a platform to to show people. Yeah. And I tried to get other female comedians who had really small followings, but we're really fucking talented to get on the benches platform, and I learned from them to surround myself with people who are funnier than me. And then we inspired each other lesson number two of the podcasts. Always people who are as good. If not better than you. Because it you it will elevate you. I think a lot of times people out of insecurity, and I get it. I'm in his comparison. You want to be around people who maybe you feel like are at your level or slightly beneath. You don't do that. They always say like, you know, how you're doing by averaging the five people around you or something along those lines look at your circle and see if you want to change it must go. My soap that keeps on growing up to go that was a drunk. No one understood. My boobs are sweating. It's a little hot. Okay. So you work batches. Yes. So I start constructing these videos, and I start getting this started doing horoscope into stories and people are giving me confidence because they're responding. They kind of like it and. However, you get your confidence. I don't care but get that confidence and just go don't wait for things to be perfect. And also be honest, all it did was sit around. And honestly was like what am I really thinking? Okay. I didn't say that's called related ability. Okay. So authenticity, so important. And also does it bring joy, well, it spark joy for other people. And then that third thing what did you just say? Well, it's kind of like authenticity thing is confidence in yourself in yourself hosts some stuff, and I will never think I might delete this. If it doesn't get enough. Like, no, I really am happy with I made me laugh. I I've seen so many friends like if they don't get a certain amount of likes by certain amount of time. Whether they're big people or like, just like regular average Joes I've seen friends across the board across the spectrum delete stuff. And I'm like why delete who gives Sheng you guys humor. Unsocial media is the greatest thing because humor is what connects people humor brings you joy. So even if you're posting Thurs trap post, some funny shit. Because you wanna make other people smile, and everyone has a different than pretty contentious is a really good rule to don't post things, you think is funny now post things that well reword that as I know what you're saying something that thing people think is funny. Like, oh, people will think is. Yeah, posted if it makes you laugh people like my stuff because they know my actual humor to the point that you could hear me saying the things I write I'm not just writing what I think is funny in general, right? We'll send me stuff about tall. Guys, horoscopes cats. Well, that's your brand that you create and that's why people follow me because my brand is different than other issue because it's you so it's not the Tanna burner. Now, just because it's specific to one person. So if you're listening at home, and you have a fucked up sense of humor, you show that since if you're off because it's you don't write lime in the widely in the club crying right now. Because everyone else is writing it, right? What you think is funny, and it's all good. You know, it's so funny that you say is because when I do Instagram store. And listen, I need to get my Instagram and Twitter and Facebook game up your work in Neo gonna help me help you. But I will say that when I do go about posting stuff tape, my girlfriend, always says, you do realize you're laughing yourself right now. Right. And I'm like, yeah. Because it's fucking funny. I just wanted to real quick break. Talk about a live show. I have going on. Yes. Honey, bunny taste of Taylor live. It's going to be said, he wary eighteenth in New York City at Caroline's on Broadway. Yes, darling. My name in lights on Broadway, but in all seriousness, get your tickets through my website. You can go to Taylor Strecker dot com under toward H clicked toward eight since right there or go to my Instagram at tiller Strecker, there'll be my highlights just click on Caroline ticks Teac. And then click on that. And then go twit swipe up, and it'll take you right Carolina's page to get your tickets. I believe that the IP is sold out. But general initiatives are still available. So go Honey by them for yourself by the for you and your best friend make your man, take you for Valentine's Day. It's going to be so much fun live taste of Taylor. Live me live. You live us together at Caroline's on Broadway in New York City, February eighteenth, I hope to see you there. Like, I love to laugh at myself. And also, then your followers become cultish because they're not just following you because it's funny. They're following you 'cause they like your sense of humor Lamer connects with your humor like my followers. Make me laugh so hard like right, something funny. And they'll write something funnier back at me. And I'm like, I can love you. So you said people don't follow me because and so I've seen your Instagram grow from like, I dunno like single digits wouldn't say thousand it's grown twenty thousand the last two months holy shit. Which is really in in Hawaiian. My only plan was to hit ten thousand followers by my by December. Because I wanted to do swipe ups for my podcast, right? And a couple tweets went viral. So I started posting the tweets, and then if the people want it, you gotta give it to them. Yeah. Just kept doing it. And it kept growing, and then it wasn't really planned. And now, I'm at about thirty five you're really rapidly approaching surpassing me, it's gonna make me real that's gonna change your whole relationship. We're not friends anymore. So. You'll be like, hey, can we do the story real going actually very comfortable being second third fourth even tenth? I don't care. You know, at saucy has taught me very well. Well, I am reading on you to be reality. These different ballgame. The funniest thing is like dossier. Treats me like such an equal. You know, it's like so ridiculous because you are an Nasi is so humor like Scotties whole murder shit. Oh, like, how do we? I was a weirdo. And she was awesome. I know. I love weird people like you just said people, follow my social media. According do yours because it's funny and relatable not because I'm Han burner. But girl, you're about to enter into a place where people are into social media because you are Hannah Byrne were from summer house so Howard investing because people follow me now from my funny tweets, but then people are going to follow me who want to see like me do summer how shit so I'm a little worried that the audiences might be like, I don't like this. I don't like that. But that's okay. I don't worry about it. I'm going to try to be offensive. And if it sparks joy, I'm gonna post it. So like I was saying Hanan I've known each other for about a year. Now, she's been on my show for about a year. Now, I mean, we met on the show. So there you go I force her to be my friend by going on her show. All the time my four she be my friend by coming on my show. And then I found this summer that you were going to be on summer house now for people that don't know. I'm just going to say this because I feel like it's a part of the story. I have to say it. But so I was close with Stephen gay from summer house, and I found out. That he was going to be on the show. And honestly, the reason why like I don't even know that I know the full story as to why like how it went down between him and Bravo, and there's a handful of creation. That's why he's not on any more, right? 'cause I'm not gonna say the word fire 'cause I don't even know if that's the appropriate language, just like you the get renewed. Or not exactly or like or like, maybe like he didn't like offer that they were giving him and he walked away. I honestly have no idea. I really don't know. But he did call me when he was saying he was off of summer house and very upset. And of course, I had just been fired from serious lost my identity. So I know I was able to epithets with him like it's fucking sucks when you lose that. You're so proud of it is such a big identifier for you. So I got that. And I felt that and then like three weeks later, I would say I went to batches do I think it was the podcast, and I saw you because you work there and. You were like guess what? I'm not supposed to thing. But it can't hold it anymore until he was secret. I was like what you like. Oh, no. 'cause I knew that. I was like, oh, God media reaction was not happy for me. You were like over in trouble. And I was like what what happened. What I do. I remember being like I knew it was going to break, his heart. You know and only knowing it because if I found out that somebody was when I found out somebody who who will Michelle Collins is replacing me on serious. I have no beef towards Michelle. But it was like who you. A little bit entertainment. But it, but it is containment. And honestly when I got fired from series. I was ready for serious to offer Carly will Nino and the Willman clay Aken, rob shooter. I mean, all my co host. I was literally Aloi D'amoto. I was ready for for for them to offer it to any one of those five of my co host. I was emotionally prepared because I thought to myself I can't be mad at them if they're pleased with the co host because this is this business, and I can't be mended goes for taking an opportunity, but I knew that it would still hurt. And it went up business. New many opportunities. There are a lot and you created your own career making more money than ever get and learning more than ever. Now garage. Just got my my w nine and from my mom, biz talk. I was like going to the most money its own. He'll go this way. You went to sugar fish. It's actually really inexpensive. Really? I mean for sushi froma CASA, okay, you're so. I wasn't that expensive. So I mean, you couldn't afford it. But I remember when girl I paid for me and Alex. We get it. You're rich. No have you writing that shit off? We have your own business angle that with serious I'll thousand percent. But the thing is is that my my I don't want people think not supportive, but my initial reaction was like, oh, no because I just had a friend who was no longer to be on that show. The I knew that. I I had already I had a crystal ball of this could cause some problems children mental strength is understanding that sometimes life goes in waves. She goes back and should is good for someone else. But in a couple of months, something good happening to you. And you have to ride the wave and realize that you can't take things personally in the entertainment. I know and I agree with that. So I want to officially here publicly apologize to you that that was my first reaction wasn't actually it was. Oh, no. What what's going to happen to me? But I mean, really I feel like it, really. I mean page six when it first came out that they had gotten rid of fifty percent of the cast they referred to the summer house. Whatever you wanna call overhaul as a bloodbath and water. Her. Ruutel? So how I want to go back to that time in place. And like I mean, you weren't able to even come out on the air yet and say that you were on summer house. And so it was a secret that you knew for while. It was secret. Then you told me this summer, and then we have to keep that secret together up until recently on my show. Bravo doesn't want thirsty people. Bravo doesn't want even if you're getting interviewed you can't like tell people in this industry that you're interviewing Earl get back to them, and they'll be like this girl's annoying. We don't want her on the show. So my job was to just do my work. Bravo, keep my head down and have a great summer. So basically Bravo said you though, like, you are not to speak of this change until we decide, and I and then even know who was getting fired while I was being interviewed. Wow. Like, I just I you probably thought you were going to work coli or cast was excited to be on the show Steven I mean, I'd only met him three times. And and Lauren and Lauren I actually never met Lorne, but I interviewed student cares about a meat. I don't know. I know who need is. He tried to make me my girlfriend can make out for him. So I threw a drink at him like thirsty thirsty trap that. I am. Yeah. You didn't make it on. I was that would be so embarrassed they sit. Yeah. I'm I didn't get to see so you so you just thought you were just joining the cast. Yeah. I am. So what was your reaction when you found out that there was the quote, unquote, slaughterhouse whatever you wanna call it the bloodbath. What was your reaction? Well, were you scary confused? We're you like I mean, I knew that had to go out for me to come in. Okay. Fair enough. That's all I knew a meet your place to meet a me. Let's just go with that. So actually was not a surprise me because she lived in California. And she was kind of barely on the show second season. Any I I am an avid loyal watcher of some our house, and I didn't yell was part of the bloodbath yet in yell ended up coming back. So explain that to all of us. I think that that's something that like no one's really like even questioned and or address it's like, so she was part of the bloodbath. And then she is gone. You never actually know with entertainment. The only thing I knew that. I was told that I was going to be on the show. Danielle surprisingly got really close to Lindsey when they weren't filming over the winter. So can ask a really fucked up question. Do you think that that was a strategy move on her part? Would you need to move or do think that was genuine friendship in yell actually doesn't give a shit about fame, and you can tell by her Instagram actually met her one time, and she was like the most down to earth humble person reason why that she didn't get so much trash on the shows because she's so normal, right? But she's really a really smart like product manager and technology, she can like code and shit. She's a genius, and she's gorgeous, and she's from Hoboken. So she has she loves to party and her in Lindsey got really close to when Stephen and the two Lorant and the two Lawrence the twins. I know what you met on the twins left. Lindsey was kind of left without a friend right in the house. Right. Because it wasn't this happens in all reality shows if you look at like Vander palm or you look at like the housewives like there are alliances. I think that that's a fair way to put it in procreate. Teams Stephen could be back next summer wouldn't agile. He added Vic. You never know. And yes, you burn bridges with people. Yes. Yes. So well, I'm here for that. I would love to watch. I actually yeah. I joked with Stephen because he said congrats to me. And I was just know what he's congrats in the very beginning. He's like I heard you're on and back then. Yeah. It's a very dot com. He Geno to do. He said congrats. When you I I don't know how you heard, but he heard well, I'm sure I'm going to assume that like when you're on Bravo. You have friends that probably are also like their management and Bravo or like production and Bravo's there's probably like office people non talent people that like, you know, keep relationships with talent. And I just said to him like if you're going to burn the house down just wait for me to be in the pool. I don't know if he thought it was fun. Yeah. That would be what Stephen I go try to like house on fire. That's so funny. I wanna jam funny. Word. Bravo would be like God damn it. We have to get a new house, then I. We got insurance. So so going into it. I feel like, you know, it's always tough on new cast members. But I feel like because you guys had that kind of press around like your own trae foray into like being the new members. Do you like have you had any because I mean, the news literally like just came out just dry. I mean as the time that this podcast will air it will have been like about a week today. So have you had any backlash from it? Like have you had like old summer house like followers fans who are giving you shit. I think that the change was something that Bravo had done a lot of research on. Yeah. And like logically decided they want to change. And you never know what the season would have been if they kept the same cast. But I'm just so excited about the season because there's three new people. So we didn't come in the one new housewife, we came in with a whole new energy that changed the chemistry of everything and seeking alliances. So you guys the three of you came in all having known each other. So you kind of came in like did you do like? But I mean, we didn't you them into a broken house in a good one. We came into a house. We knew was kind of divided. We also give some fun. Are you don't have to like have sad depressing dinners every single weekend? We just wanna have a good time. And we did. And you did. I mean, there were some bad times. Of course, there should be in all good summer houses and good reality TV shows. Honestly, I grew a lot from the summer. Tell me how I've actually seen it. But I wouldn't be able to pinpoint what it is. But I feel like you have different level of maturity that I've seen go through you also, you know, our loan no longer patches. And I think that you've even just from that small experience, and that was like what a month ago, you've grown even more. So from that as well. My biggest advice in life is like when you're scared just do it yourself into situations that challenge you and see how you grow from it. You've lived a lot of life in one year girl, and it's funny because my lawyer was talking to me and he's like how's your family reacting? And I was like I was a tennis player, I was always dealing with drama in. I was kind of in the limelight. You were kind of like prepped for this very well. I mean for me. What stresses me out is like, you know, matchpoint down much point second serve five all in the third set. What's what's what's the analogy? In reality. Tv relative is like Lindsay's mad at you. And the. She's drunk, and you know, she's going to talk to you because she's mad at something. You said. And you know, she's about to go down and the whole world's gonna want. And your armpits are sweating. And you're wearing a greater I wish I didn't wear. That's where my baby blue. It's funny. Because in the beginning, you're like a national TV. I was most stressed about my outfits. Oh, girl. I I hear that like a her because that's not my priority. Realism not your personality. I well. That's why I was worried I was not prepared. I didn't have alphabets for twelve weekend. This is something that like people don't tell you about to television. But like there's not a stylist on their run on you here in makeup. You have to do your own hair your own makeup gift to Stalin yourselves. I mean when you share houses coming exhaust a couple of times in the summer not every weekend, and you don't have legitimate, amazing dinners and events all the time. Right. And this show we did. And it was amazing. How much money did you spend on wardrobe invested in my business? I also found all my most thyroid invested in my business. So my friend was like look you got it invest in. How you look. And just be like, okay. I whatever you got paid put them into wardrobe, and that's what we're doing for real. And I think I pulled it off you guys can tell me dear. If you hate in my office or not, but I also have a unique style. And I try to not be tomboy. I didn't want to be Hamptons, basic, I wanted to bring some Brooklyn to the Hampton. Oh, we a girl. How'd you do that? You know? I just want. My hoops. I also want to talk about. So I actually had what I, you know. So when Stephen was on the show, I got to go to summer how thanks to him. And you invited me this year. I want to give shot up to that. But I felt like I don't know. I kind of felt like you being on it was one thing. But me going physically to it having how the past relationship. I kind of actually never talked about this with you. That's why I said, no, I think I did I tell you. I think you you said like, I'm sorry. I'm busy. Okay. I lied. I've never busy. You're like, I was drinking alone watching banner pump pretty much. I I didn't want to go because I just felt like I felt like that for me was a line of loyalty that felt would be and you invited me just simply to be nice and how hospitable you're eating on my podcast again. We've come full fucking circle. It is genuine oatmeal. Yes, sticky. Yeah. Like paste. What's your fucking deal? You're on brand the girl likes eat pays to like do. You want me to have a low sugar level. You're welcome. But I definitely remember you invited me. I thought it was so sweet of you. And honestly, if you had a vitamin in fucking mad at you. So good job. But I didn't take you up on the offer because I felt like because when I went on when I went there and see what was on the on the show. I did get some airtime with my Taylor. Because meat was basically around you saying you can't come. No, I think it was the better thing to do. Because let's say I had again like been on. I think I would have looked like a total summer house Thurs trap. So I just went out to the vendor pump house this year instead, but but doesn't what I want to say. I'm ready to come back. You're going to have to think about it. But we got to hang with stuff. See and the verlaeger pump crew. Guess thank you for reminding me hand, it was everything we know. We're going to get to see that on the show airs March for. Yeah. I think it's going to air at the end of independent like they're less episode my going to ours. But I don't know. Okay. Proclamation of said that fuck it's fine. I it out if you want me to know, it's okay. I love you. What I was going to say it was when I when I dig it to go there when it was you know, when Stephen invited me I with my girlfriend in pulling an outfit for it was the most stressful thing of my entire life do Zion. He had to do that. So I from like from a very, small perspective point of view. I can only imagine like cow overwhelming stressful them, it's been and also I remember thinking, I've extra hate this. Because it's like the summer so everyone's aid bathing suits running around. It was like I mean was that in some source of insecurity or girls love and guys love putting their office together for nights out. I'm that friend. That heat that shit I'll show up in black. And that's all I wanna do. And then summer I can't wear my black on black now. So I had to do a whole thing of shopping, and I also gained ten pounds from I think stress drinking more than I normally do. And just so how did you deal with that? I just figured that. I can't change it. I can't change anything. Also, I told you I pulled my back. You've a lot of a lot of confidence which I very much. Thank you. I just admire whatever I'm doing is. I wanted to show that if I'm going to be on TV I'm not going to try to be the perfect version of myself because I want girls to understand that just because I'm on TV doesn't mean that they have to look up to me. And I want them to realize that they can relate to you. You're not gonna pedestal you're down on earth with and that's why I was open about depression relationships. Like, let's talk about it. Because I think with some our house was lacking was people on the show in the past have tried to make it look like they had their shit together. When everyone watches the show because you clearly don't you're just look like a fake motherfucker. Right. So you so you you just you throw your dick on the table. Oh one hundred percent. And I fight with Jordan about his dick. I saw the trailer. And it was amazing. It's like a whole storyline. I'm so I wonder why I have I literally can't even begin to predict while you're talking about Jordan unless you were near it in a sexual manner. You're going to have to walk. Oh, you tease of UC's. Well, anyway, I'm so fucking excited for summer house season. Three guys premieres March fourth Hannah burner is one of the new three cast mates grow. Congrats. I appreciate it. I'm so proud of you. Thank you. You're going to be sulfates. I'm so excited. God, I don't even feel that way. Because I'm already like, I did your my tone. I'm like, I'm more excited about new projects that it gives me the ability to do like, I have my podcast burning in hell, which I'm so proud of you for two years and make sure to check that out to burning in hell every single Wednesday. Taylor was one hundred percent. The reason why did it I'm outdoor. Thank you. You don't have to say that. No. But you do. Check when people around you who are like killing the game who believe in you the new start killing the game. And and then now I want to create more videos on my own Instagram because I have more time to actually started doing that. And I am here for them. They're so good. It's like, you know, I mean, I I must be doing video. So I'm happy that you're back doing that. Again. It's like find gives you joy and a way to do it without a boss, breathing your neck all the fucking time. We'll go you bring me joy all the time. We're talking single because I'm trying to stretch it out. Because if I don't I'm gonna ask you more questions, we're gonna go on for another hour, and those guys what they're gonna fucking kill me because we're gonna go into their time. They're waiting. What time is it, humid? You have Hannah. Thank you for joining me. I love you. I love you so much and also guys make sure to follow her at being burns. Listen to your podcast burning in hell Wednesdays and don't forget some fun house, March fours, ten pm on Bravo. D'oeuvres the only only network I religiously watch ever. Seventy. Oh my God. Don't say so weird. If you get a big head, I'm never fucking talking to ever get a very little head and like little legs and long torso. Guys. That's for us. Thank you for joining us. This week's taste of Taylor. Make sure to check them out every single Wednesday. And in the meantime, if you want to check me out in a more intimate way, then make sure to go to my website, tiller, Stricker dot com and subscribe to my daily radio show, you guys. Thank you so much. And. Dot com. Might be.

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