Hi Jessica War and here are your news headlines from CBS NEW YORK, legendary television personality Regis. Philbin has died known for Co. hosting morning shows alongside Kathy Lee, Gifford and Kelly Ripa Philbin also hosted trivia game show who wants to be a millionaire? His family says he died of natural causes. Philbin was eight years old. Police are investigating. Shots fired in the parking. Parking lot of the Americana Mall in Manhasset it happened just after one PM today. Police say there are no injuries, and they are currently searching for a suspect and Jamal. Adams is no longer a New York jet one day after slamming coach, Adam Gazes leadership. The safety has been traded to the Seattle seahawks for a massive hall of picks. That was just too. Too good for the jets to pass up the jets we'll get in return to first round picks a third round pick and Seattle's starting safety now to our weather. Nice today with highs in the upper eighties tomorrow, heat advisory for all five boroughs and parts of Long Island and New Jersey. Goes into effect. Temperatures are expected to reach ninety degrees and higher setting. Setting up for another heat wave, the next chance for severe storms will be Tuesday. Don't forget. Even get the forecast and local news headlines. Twenty four seven on our streaming service, CBS and New York. It's free. It's easy at. It's always on just go to CBS New York Dot, com or find on the CBS News. App I'm Jessica more with CBS News.

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