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Target USA -- Ep. 192 | EXCLUSIVE The wife of Jamal Kashoggi speaks Part 1


From podcast one coming up in this episode of Target USA by now you know the story Jamal Khashoggi the Saudi journalist who was killed in Istanbul inside the Saudi consulate seeking documents to me sorry his fiancee now this explosive revelation Zimmerman we agree to get married in my day which is in June this in ten days quote I was devastated when my husband died and I feel shock in losing him as you may know Jamal Kashogi was brutally murdered at the Saudi con seeking to marry when he went to Istanbul why the e mom performed this marriage ceremony but then wouldn't sign the certificate and what in June four months before he died in Turkey seeking documents to marry another woman but there's one problem with L. A. Tires so I opened it and this is what it said it read our law firm represents Hananel Otter the wife of Jamal Kashogi I'm Jay Jay Green thanks for listening this is a story that's a bit unusual for target USA it doesn't involve Solit- and he's done Buluan October of twenty eighteen he was there to get documents to get married to someone else it's not clear why he was doing that in them the agencies fighting them and the impact on you this is target USA the national security podcast that you probably didn't know about on August twenty seventh and e mail popped into my mailbox the message from the do Mar Morton Law Firm on June second two thousand eighteen by an e mom in Alexandria Virginia then there was the statement from Mrs Cacho Jay L. Actor is really after in this case coming up on this edition of Target USA he national security podcast from that is the voice of Han L. Atar she and Jamal Kashogi according to documents she presented to US got married in story the EAMONN did not sign the marriage certificate and won't sign it I will fight until I get my marriage been recognized say studios to sit down with us to tell us her story it's important to note this is the first time Hananel Otter has identified herself fully talking explaining how they met and how they became a couple that will begin to uncover complicated story. Here's how it started in Arlington Virginia said Dear Mr Green we represent Mrs L. adder and attach a short statement regarding her case to this email points of US national security specifically countries in that orbit but it's more about a personal situation related to a famous person organize my marriage as city I knew there are many issues to unpack with this story including the existence of the woman could Shoji Korea's secret missile capable of reaching the whole of the United States dangerous terrorist DC is repeatedly mentioned place they would like to see an attack cyber Who Seeks to vindicate her rights as the Lawful wife of Mr Kashogi Mr and Mrs Kashogi were married and in Islamic ceremony not in Washington DC this is target USA Russia can render huge arm to this country north and they get my dignity back because my family trusted me and they choose this man which is I trust him and I love him and still I still hold on as the wife of Jamal coaching in the next two episodes you're going to hear her story in the first episode she is going to be doing most considering he was allegedly married already to Annan L. Well on October Third Hananel Otter came to the target us in America as a target on its back and on this program we investigate the threats the people behind Russian journalism hammered tabby Jamaa is assembly Mohammed Atta I had the opportunity ten years burke mother `and we start to be friendly with the number I gifted him one of the Committee Education Committee which is related to politics for and he was one of the guests and original him as a writer and one of his fun and they believe his abyss journalists in Middle East after a year with this what he two thousand nine two thousand nine in Dubai in Atlanta's Atlanta's swatted at was L. Hammadi Mr Mater at a homage ex chief of lamb magazine? He's a solid usual nationalist He introduced me to Jamal. Tell me your story allow me to go briefly to save your time I Mitch Amal in Arabic Media Forum in Dubai a Louis Addenda forum this was in two thousand sixteen who when President Donald Trump he wins the election and Jamal was here in America and he at this point and wherever I have a feedback about his article or anything and he he he feels very happy when I tell him my fee it was talking to him more encouraging him give him a push to have a unique channel different from Asia and the Labia which is he was his dream Egyptian actress Mohammed pay and after that religion going go on I comment in his article I give him feedback let me just ask what back and they follow him and he called me back and he discussing with me the radiation went to on this way until become very close when he have a then Saudi authority asking him to keep quiet and stay in the house because always as Djamil opionion current as he early and have a lot of impact in him didn't work and uh after that he had a problem and he been asked to sit in the house unsparing to the real open of the royal family of Saudi Arabia that's why he been asked to to to keep quiet anyone in Middle East all journalists Brooklyn under struggled to open a lab lab TV which is belongs to Prince rallied Bin Talal and at this time these three hours in Washington and he said please come back later later on the first visit for me it was in March two thousand eighteen EH media forum which is automatic media award it's go and go on every year in Dubai and the relation came from Dimaggio Mega Salim she about it my flight was in March two thousand eighteen twenty fives he delay his birthday to make sure doc or seven months and he was tried to be closer to me more I always been loved Djamil but I couldn't exhibit this because he was married consulting me in this if think do you think my opinion is right and I said to win the Gulf problem haven't talking about Qatar problem I said him back and I was feeling very heavy a freedom he went out and his hand American now come and visit me you came to the subject today it is something very when we not agree in something Jamil was happy about it about the encouragement and he said you think I'm righty of sending me a message for America number which was in the middle of two thousand seventeen I wasn't a flight to London immediately attend his birthday with him who come into in tips which is happened he took me to his birthday party has been wrong by Maggie Salim and her friends now sean tune in a flight in August two thousand seventeen I couldn't meet him he was having his third wife so I floss before me Miss Latin because we were talking every week to chicken him because he wasn't happy ever not been tie not to talk his freedom took taken away he he was on in eighteen I have seventeen days holiday and I can come under we get married in this time he had a visa from his one of his election he said the Saudi Authority not very happy about trump being president or going to be president friends here in America he didn't have a visa to to allow him to have a family with him or company was him which is it's become one anyway when we we become more close I was more sometimes with him and I believe this man he almost expressed his opinion because that's why he went he said such opinion about winning of trump the asking him just sit in the house keep quiet I become more constitutional eh under house arrest then here in the US in Saudi in Jeddah in Jeddah jet when he went back from his election emmy for marriage in April and I told him the only solution we can have choice we have with a my big holiday which was in June two in June two thousand Mellberg real birthday in twenty three march to a nineteen fifty eight is the real busy Jamal and his close friends know it and comeback to write and please change the topic for the media and Middle Eastern doesn't look very ugly with available using bad language with me and Jamal we was almost like a twin we have the same view we aggregate everything tiny thinks we didn't agree which is not related and he loves the king and he loves the crown prince he used to defend them in our house in a conversation between me and Jamal when we he had the wife's before me and when he come closer to me in April invited me I came and stay was infant today's af of one of the prisoner in Saudi I can remember him now and she'd even Canada's well he wanted to Mandalay I stay with him then I came back and I visited him first week of April he already diverse to his wife six six months it shows are making a conflict he said no thank God I'm not about to this Hanan I'm had the ambition under house almost under house arrest he was happy about it said then leisure it does not allow it I refuse anyway when I went to back from this flight the Emirati authorities took me for seventeen hours invest yes my flight in Canada he didn't come he asked me to come I escaped to risk and do leave the Kennedy and territory in my Jamaica Barbados and he asked me for marriage and he gave me the engagement gives me anti gave me the forest drink from him engage in April I didn't know his been watching and I been taken by the Asian into by who in April in what year was twenty eighteen to know I don't know how they came to know I've been taken for seventeen hours for these are the bodies that's right yeah of self-destruction in our way I ask let us go and deliver in Muscat the cabbie telephone man he refused he sits I'm escape if I go to Mutare in Canada and stay with me for three days Jamal apply for the visa and visa took time he couldn't join me for this three days leave it was her birthday this time he was celebrating her birthday in Miami and my flight to arrive he was into here and I had only two in Kazimi Jimmy over to Saudi as it okay let us go to cutter he also refused he said I don't want to make a gap between me and Saudi not and if you're going to cutter I will make an enemy I will come back to this because Jamal he was very careful not to be have a bill for this I have a bill for the marriage one anyway he he he he gets he he gave he asked allegation yeah basically they detained you they ask me how to coach and both my religion Jamal and they can Djamil wants to come and stay with me and in symposium to visit his friend Sal different since in Canada Almera Abdulaziz and Gowan or categorize as opposition of Saudi Authority Chemin was very faithful to Saudi authority he was very faithful to the crown to do silom here I refused and because I've grown up in United Arab Emirates and my family's there and no bus put nothing then they allowed me to travel after the investigate for with me and they said they have nothing to do with politics Zysman admit him in Dubai he used to come to Dubai because his three kids and the ex wife to one was living in Dubai Z.. Allow me to fly ten days later which is the beginning of me first afloat for me to us for Chicago Jamal has commute to not to go and what was the date again I of Abril two thousand eighteen okay I as a in house for ten days in June a arrived to Washington second of June he was waiting for me in Washington. DC report too with the marriage rink when you at and into eighteen nineteen of April. I have a flight to Canada to Toronto for three days he used to come to Dubai a lot which is had a chance to meet him into by anyway you in every low and a been taken I told him yeah no object Budiarto Andrzej they'll has allowed Salman from Hamadan Miss for anyone wants to know the reality of Saudi opinions they will listen to Jamaica shock she Komo Rozan was working to buy and Raby First Wife of Jamal the mother of the kids she was living in Dubai doing business in Dubai as well one wants to talk about about this country he explained to me if he takes me to his lawyer in New York lawyer New York he told Me Lady She's looking there's this case is if you want to do asylum and I refuse as Jamal I don't want to talk about United Arab Emirates say grown up here my brother sister Zillah my mom is says well my father located listener now stay tuned for the latest headlines from the Associated Press from my marriage is highly safari I believe his political activities here on the analyzer and a guy called reread is this acceptable for us this our main concern to have marriage acceptable in our religion to be acceptable Tannen about three times and she know me very well this lady we decided to get married because a fist some conflict I want to clarify something my marriage was in secret my marriage only we did Imbaba initiative a social media for concern for fifty four me and by Imam on what has his he have American is open Islamic University and as a witness talk in my finger in the airport itself then he told me I organize the Imam and organize how we get married family because I don't live alone I'm responsible about my family but wherever anyone we meet Djamil introduced me as is his wife in fact he has more to a public able to his pants or something like that and a win we got married it was being done he got mu married and he takes a fee for my marriage for my husband five hundred US dollar the imam said very clear because we got married second of June I think of his friend used to call him every day from London Saudi guy used to call him every day anyway uh and United Arab Emirates. I don't want to make an issue that's why I said we will publish it later we were reception later we celebrate the day we married did she have an interview with him he introduced me to her and she keeps asking about my name about three times to record my name as American league I cannot remember together we didn't go back to collect bieber and he keep travelling I keep travel as well because I don't live here but we lived in his flat which is how is he told their Hannah I will come here with us which refused I speak to. We add fasting during Ramadan identified you as his wife during with used to visit this tumble a lot to attend a conference a different activity and former stumble travel to Europe to meet important people in Europe they have the interview with American lady from one for Reduced Titian here she came to our house seven days after Goodman the the relation continues this way we agree to get married in my big quality which is in June the seven days in June I arrived who Geezer but we didn't make it a big fist fist over big about T- we made it very conservative until we decided we publish it origination and there was this lady to come forward and say her name as explained to me this one of US station being could contribute to his pupil money not full of government talk radio sounds like NPR the NBA are she's American American Lady Knock La he he working British Airways office in Washington. DC ebbert is a stadium background As Islam Shit and Reggie within this week to give us a Sharia and luther advocate which has never been happened because me and Jamal who was subtlety and we went to a very late an afternoon in a fasting day he said no stuff here to bring to any bieber the beaver will be Bryn arrive in six of September two thousand eighteen my husband was with me until early morning of seven September two thousand eighteen to Washington second of June he was waiting for me in Washington. DC are both too with the marriage rink the main ring of my marriage she the front of God bless I didn't live here I'm not from here I know you're law I'm not clear about you know the the Imam who in if zero and I keep coming back come take me from the hotel we used to say in Mario Tyson coroner and it's went on this way I will go I will jump to the history last trip last time I saw my husband I was in a flight to New York in two thousand eighteen my husband was in Istanbul and he was advised me to go out I wasn't a flight here to Miami and and and they have a message from my husband because I was in a crew bus and he was waiting in alluvial and soon we get there we had dinner together the report on the yes he told the hair is my wife Hanan we just got married and she kept asking because she cannot recall the Arabic name she co what is your name is uh he advised me to go to Disney the bark and you enjoy ice I refuse Jamal no I will not go anywhere unless you are with me he signs a first bill for the room surface because I was taking a shower and done he traveled to Sean Torn because I have to go back to eh wishes because my birthday is set to September I wasn't brock I was in flight going back to Dubai and is it okay then I will come and take you I you send him a message message for the flight time which is I used to always do a win island the first of October two thousand eighteen I two I saw two messages from my husband in in different mobile phone and miss because as a reference for him to remember and last message from my husband to US twenty four hours before he disappear to wish me my bird from my husband to wish me for my birthday Jamal before he traveled to Istanbul because we can meet in Europe and meeting anywhere in hotels he adress in in my in my earring bill to says address for us for the house entice on area meter important person but I didn't infra say was was him who's important person you're going to meet in Berlin Jamal and then London that's take me around because he always used to take me everywhere and he said Okay I said my sister is being published and have Washington into into October I didn't know because I've been attacked by a lot of news a gate lost what happened to my husband and what's going on he was an embassy how come he go to embassy and here when we get married I didn't allow him to go to I'm visiting permission to get married to me because I'm not Saudi. If in a Muslim woman and Arabic I was thinking my husband is still alive and I was even requesting to go to Saudi Arabia if he been transferred there or he has on Koa a spoke to a Foodie I told them very clear my husband should be today Instanbul my husband will come back first week to Washington is not change and I was feeling like I'm in a bad dream I couldn't stand in my feet I don't understand but for long try it or something to be witness and tell them the truth how much my husband loves this country my husband doesn't want to be opposition my husband take it as a cabin crew I come and see him and I said it doesn't exist to me how come today's second of October and my husband in Istanbul he shouldn't in St not have to get a better mission from a Saudi to get married to me I didn't allow Jamal to do with tear in the embassy in Washington when I heard this news I wasn't sure this is right or wrong ah to to to Dubai for my flight last call I eh for between me and my husband to us to into fifths of system shouldn't be instanbul you should be in Berlin or London in here in his way to our Santon anyway for this moment my life he's hit categorize to be positioned that's

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