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Welcome to the undisputed podcast. I'm your host Jerry Taft. This podcast is the full show from today's episode of undisputed from start to finish. They've got a busy slate. So Skip Shannon. Let's get to it. Good Morning undisputed happy Friday everyone Jenny. Tafoya skip bayless and Shannon Shar. We're doing I'm doing great. I am doing great. It is drizzling. Rain here up in Belair but other than that I am fine. I've been winning the debate. Everybody's been blowing me off tape you give. I think I Shannon is go day here on undisputed which means fortunately. We don't have to talk about Lebron today as usually have on my little wayne. Shane Goat on top of jump. Man Go and we're about to talk about goat. Brady Good Luck Shannon. I'm going to say a little way to message after this. I don't know what he's start with this gold own-goal but it needs to stop immediately. I personally love it and both of you guys look green sound great confident today and get mentioned it but we are going to start things off by talking about a different vote. Because I'm in the mood to talk a little. Tom Brady and the Patriots. According to multiple reports the Patriots did not know Tom Brady was planning on leaving New England until the night before. Well it was also reported that the Patriots were willing to match the buccaneers offer. A while back so Shannon I start with you. Do you believe it was. Brady's choice to leave New England or checks choice to von from it. Nope this is. This is revisionist history again. What I'm starting to see because I remember killed. Betas told me something about will. Lebron James had lost and and his campaign put out. He had to be sedated hard watch. They didn't know to the night before actually. Baid new three using advanced when they did not extend him. You see what is what is happening here. And I like to acquaint new situation to a relationship because coach Belichick and Tom Brady with any twenty year relationship scale. Because you don't do the breaking up. Does that mean you didn't want this? What ideas give? If I don't come home I come home at three or four o'clock in the morning every time. I'm doing things sneaky and the girl is a breaking up with me you don't say when. I broke up with him. I said the chain of is the notion that was coming home at three o'clock in the morning. I was the one that you can hear whispers about without seeing somebody else on the other side and then all of a sudden you get the courage up. Done this for the last three years. Oh no no no no no because what Brady did not want to break up. What Brady wanted was what I didn't give the girl the commitment. They did not expand. Tom Brady Tom Brady wanted a commitment. They were unwilling to give him back. Bay could have made this thing work all they had to do with extended Brady. Tom Brady's peppy when they didn't do that. And we saw this at the beginning of the year. They gave him a little extra eight million dollars. He got twenty three million but no contract extension. Tom Brady is trying to rewrite history. I wanted out. I well if I keep on doing things to show you that. I'm not interested. You should lead. And that's exactly what happened. Shannon Sharpe to inform you of this but I'm afraid you're wrong again about Tom. Brady. I've been trying to explain to you. This from the start was Tom. Brady's choice to leave now. That has been confirmed by another report from Ian Rapoport of NFL DOT COM and NFL network. Who's saying that a the Patriots were holding out? Hope that when Brady visited Robert Kraft's house on that Monday night of free agent week that they could talk him into. At least Robert Kraft could talk Tom into staying that they were still holding out hope. Two days later win he began to talk seriously with Tampa and once. He was offered a two years at twenty five million a year. Two years for fifty. Total million. That Robert Kraft according to Ian Rapoport was again willing to match the two year. Deal to keep Tom Brady in New England so it sure sounds to me like bill belichick lost a second time we know from the ESPN report of three years ago. That bell check really lost the first time when he wanted to go forward after the twenty seventeen season or during the two thousand seventeen season with Jimmy. Garoppolo that kraft said No. No you're going to trade Jimmy G. at the trade deadline and we know belcher basically gave him away out of spite to San Francisco. But but here we're hearing now. That Robert Kraft was not on Bella. Check side again. Do I think Bella check wanted? Tom Gone yes I do and to your point. Do I think that craft was trying to play down the middle to keep both sides happy by going year to year on the contract. Yes I do. Do I think Brady ultimately was alienated by year to year? I do but I remind you Brady was the one who negotiated going into last season. You cannot Franchise Tag me going into Twenty Twenty. So Brady was saying to them. I want to be able to cut ties. It's my choice. It will be my choice to walk out the door and you cannot stop me and remember just the other day two days ago. Brady told Howard Stern that he was pretty sure he was going to leave. Going into last football season and is bottom line to Howard. Stern was it was just time. The truth was the bridge had been burned to the ground between Belichick and Tom Brady and it went back to his. You Know Shanta starting with deflategate. When Bill Belichick actually called his own press conference on the Saturday ahead of Super Bowl Week and even went into remember he did. Is Mona Lisa veto speech about referring to my cousin vinny the Marita till may character and he was trying to tell everybody. I don't know much about football. A she knew about cars in the movie Baloney you know everything about football and he was trying to say. Ask My quarterback. I don't know anything about deflated. Footballs Nobil you got busted. The first time around for spy gate got caught cold cold-bloodedly old handed with red handed with with the evidence. In your hand. Thanks to Eric Mangini. Obviously you're former assistant coach. Who was in the jets head coach? Who blew the whistle on you so you already caught once and I think you got caught twice with deflate gate and then we go all the way into everything that started to unfold between bill and Tom you know all the rest of the story and finally got to Brady decided. Well you cost me one super bowl by not playing. Malcolm Butler and you gave up forty one points. Well I was throwing for a playoff record five. Oh five then you cost me a number two seed and a bye last year in the final home game. When you let Ryan Fitzpatrick eighty yards for a touchdown in the last three minutes. And finally as you said Shannon I think Brady looked at the roster and said you just let it get old before our very eyes and he said I don't want to stay here. I can't win here. I can't win with the coach. Doesn't want me here so it was Tom. Brady's decision to say. No I'm going to Tampa Bay scare. You said that he negotiated the thing was that he wanted the contract extension. They said this is what we'll do. We'll give you eight million dollars but we're not adding years to it. Tom said if I accept this eight million I won't be ability for. I want you to have the ability to franchise me. Okay if that's the case why not? After the season they extend Tom Brady if they want him. As much of this report said they did. Why did they wait till I gotta go because remember? They extended a week three agency. So in other words you had a week extra to talk in shape. Why not give them the contract extension Dan? Why not in two and after the twenty seven th twenty seventeen season? Why not the twenty eighteen? Why did they not extend Tom Brady if they wanted? Tom Brady as much as this report said. They wanted Tom Brady because they didn't coach. Bela chait the chain of a bitch in motion scale coach. Belichick with coming in at three or four o'clock in the morning when she knew he wasn't at work coach. Bela check being seen around town with someone else. That wasn't his girlfriend and she knew she had had enough so coat yet. She broke up with coach. Militate wanting to coach Belichick. They won't that on his resume report. Tom Brady because at least you. He does have little cover. Well Tom Lab and you rapoport and everybody else putting it out there like they broke up but now now now this chain of events was set in motion by one bill belichick because it started in two thousand seventeen and they did not because skill. Let me tell you what would have happened. Even though Tom Brady was really really upset that they wanted to move forward with Jimmy Garoppolo if they had extended Tom Brady after the two thousand seventeen season you and I both know he would blandly accepted. He would put his name on the dotted line and he played three or four more years in New England. But that's not what coach Belichick warning and Mr Crab could have easily said no. We're not doing what year year bill. We're giving it if he wants three years. We're giving him three years in a temple. We're not even getting to Tampa. We're doing three years. Tommy we'RE GONNA do three years at sixty million dollars fully guaranteed not Mr Kraft's it's okay. Billy what do you call them? Billy Billy by you know. Everybody knows that's how it played out with Tom. Brady wants say face. Legacy doesn't mean anything. Whatever so by the way Shannon and it sounds like you speak from experience about being out at some years with somebody. I don't know it. Just keep bringing up. Let's you know exactly how that feels see you in jd. Always on me. I just saying skill Betas. You know what I'd do. I speak for personal experience. I know people that know people might have done that in the past. Well here's what I know. I know that Robert Kraft said after that Seitz Little Monday night meeting. That was the first day of of sort of informal unofficial free agency. It started on Monday when when you could start to have contact with each other's representatives. Tom Brady went to Robert. Kraft's House and Robert said the next couple days that hey I thought we were going to have the same meeting we always have. We're we kind of Hash. It out and see it out and we would come to an agreement that we would go forward for another year again when you get to age forty two. I get it that the owner the team is saying. Let's go year to year just in case. It doesn't go well next year. Maybe things go wrong. Maybe you get banged up. Maybe you sort of lose heart. Maybe you finally decide. I just don't want to do this anymore. So there's no reason to go for two more years and Tom Brady was still willing to go two years. But Robert Kraft once again a lot of times negotiations if suddenly there's quote unquote another woman. Involved you say oh wait. I'll do anything to keep you. And according to Ian Rapoport Robert Kraft was willing then to go for two more years. Guaranteed at fifty million dollars so that signals to me that no matter what bill belichick wanted he lost again and he should've lost because Tom Brady is far more valuable than bill. Bill Jack Ever hoped to be and Robert Kraft knows that Robert Kraft Bat Dana White said. Oh Robert Kraft badly wants to keep Tom Brady. He did again in a best case. Scenario for one more year just to be sure but if you're forced to because there is quote unquote. Another woman. Wants Tom Brady well. Then he was willing to go two years and fifty million guaranteed and I don't blame him because the joke is going to be on New England and ultimately on Robert Kraft for not being able to keep the goat. Tom Brady skip. This is the contract. If Mr Kraft wanted Tom Brady when he comes before that first unofficial meeting you say. Here's Tom Harris three-year sixty million dollars fully guaranteed if I won't you got hair Thanksgiv- again when you tell her that okay. I'm not going to do it anymore. Anything that you heard about me. It's not true but I'm not gonNA come in at those hours of the morning. I I'M GONNA put your mind at ease gives you already fed up. Tom Brady was bed up at that point. No He's not going to you in a loud you because he was fed up. He's saying if you wanted me as much as you show an interest in me now. Why didn't you do this three years ago? It's always the case. The person always want you the most what someone else chauve interesting. That's how it works if you want to become so pot. Why number because populist I started working with you and all the women that let me go here. The go they won't. You still told me not to come back and say keep your mind focused on this show and I don't want to deal with the women. Is it okay so out? That's what happened with Tom Brady. Yes we could have. Had Tom Three years ago if we really want him. But we didn't and it wasn't entitled. Like I've had enough. I've had twenty years of Y'all marginalizing Meeks guilt. Because that's what it is because any other quarterback coppedge bitcoin parade. They've already got a statue up of it but coach. Bela check has minimized marginalized and sometimes openly disrespectful. The man has twelve pitch stitches in his hand in the palm of his hand on his throwing hand and instead of saying hey that was a gutsy performance. He didn't have open heart surgery. I mean what are we talking about here? Okay Tom. Here's that. Make the big appealing you. Don't you think he was born but he was like hold on? Wait a minute. I got twelve stitches in my hand. I got him staged built. I got him glued up. I'm going out there playing my tail off in the cat of reception that that's the kind of response I get. I didn't have open heart surgery. Okay and then you stay still no contract extension. I'd go to win Super Bowl no contract extension now if I get an opportunity to get up out of here or I'm going I'm gonNA show you guys but skip. The chain of events had already been put in place about one. Bill Belichick so. Tom Had no choice but to move on because bill had been blatantly. Overly there's only so much disrespect. I don't care who you are. I don't care how a person that you think you know what sometimes enough is enough. And he's Oh that's the lay lay by personnel and people look at Tom Brady be laid back. Golly Gee Whiz but even the most laid back of people will reach a breaking point. Would they said enough is enough twenty two. I'm out okay. I'M GONNA use one last because you've been doing it relationship analogy here. Here's what happened in reverse. You can't see from your vantage point. Remember Tom Brady. Who is in a twenty year relationship and last year? He woke up and looked at who he's been with for twenty years and any decided. Wait a second. What I'm with is getting old and fat and ugly because cover was bare. Am I right because Tom Brady is looking at what's left in New England and is old and fat and ugly and he's saying what is this Guy Doing? The Great Bill Belichick regarded as the goat. Coach had led his roster even according to the hall of Famer Shannon. Shar get old right before your very odd. And when he went to make a move at the trade deadline last year he went for an older Mohamed. Sanu that even the Great Shannon Sharpe concluded quickly. He just can't play anymore he can't separate it looks like he's running with the proverbial piano on his back. So that's all Bella. Chick could do to help Tom. Brady obviously a B. flamed out quickly then. All of a sudden Belgian cuts Josh Gordon. And I'm not saying that was the wrong move but he did have a little bit of success before he flamed out in Seattle and you look around and what's left. There's no GRONK. It's the worst collection. It's the worst tied in unit in the NFL. You're only go to receive or by the end of the year was broken down beat up. Julian Edelman with three different injuries. One in his shoulder there was going to require surgery. He led the League in drops. They they were second in the League. As a receiving corn drops they were ranked twenty third as receivers by pro football focus. The Keel Hairy. I thought was going to be a stud. He was gone for eight games and when he came back. I I didn't see stud at least yet. I know it's unfair because he was a raw rookie but I don't think Tom Brady logged twenty saw from the Keel Hairy. So he's looking at next year saying I. I can't win there. And he's looking at another woman to use your analogy down south under the sun in the sunshine the ocean in Tampa at least on the Gulf of Mexico. And he's saying wait a minute. They're much younger and much prettier. Because I have four weapons all better than any single weapon I had in New England. So it's Tom Brady's choice to say. I want to keep winning super bowls bell checker Nobel check. I JUST WANNA win. I WANNA compete at the highest level. And he's not holding up his into the bargain in New England. He's not being the go team builder anymore. Because we got nothing. And what isn't a go team? Builder done in Free Agency. Next to nothing I. I don't know what they're doing i. I don't know where they're going in New England. It looks like they're dead in the water. I know Belshazzar could have five aces up his sleeve. We'll see what he does with the twenty third overall. Pick in the first round of the draft. But I can't see any more than eight and eighty ish and I believe Tom Brady saw sabotage hitch last year. Were he's thinking. Maybe bill checks trying to do me in so. I can't win and I'LL WANNA leave and bell check. Probably got his wish but it wasn't his doing. He wasn't so to speak pulling that trigger. Robert Kraft was trying to keep Tom Brady much to the Chagrin of the goat coach. So I believe Bella check. Lost twice to Robert Kraft but it was Tom. Brady's call to say sorry. As you said. Twenty twos DEUCES. I'm out still babe. I've never been married but I play fourteen in the NFL. And I know guys that have been married and some have been caught doing being dirty now when you get caught doing burke being dirty you at the mercy of the person that catches you now. I know there have been big body. Mercedes been purchased. I know they've been six seven carat diamond rings being purchased. Okay they stay talk code. Bella got being dirty with Jimmy G. now to make Tom Brady state give him talk tracked extension. He didn't get the contract extension. Twenty two out again. Maybe I'm telling you how to work. Tom Cannot write a narrative. That's GonNa that's going to say coach. Bela check warning me. Coach belichick goodbye. Because we know that's not true. We know Tom wanted to play all of his you but skill he said. Oh this hero. Who was his favorite childhood player growing up and I told you if he's not careful you'll be just childhood hero again. Joe Montana really wanted to go to Kansas City. Right that's what he really wanted. No he did not he wanted to pay the San Francisco Bay Fair. No is not happening. Speed young is going to be quarterback moving forward. Well I don't know if jared did M. E. Joan but coach Belichick says. I want him to be my quarterback. Moving Forward Tom. Brady says enough is enough Alma. That's how it happened. Turned up okay but wait a second. The Patriots didn't trade. Tom Brady Tampa obviously he. He had it was of his own volition. I choose them. He could have chosen the chargers I believe he could have chosen any one of six or seven other teams that were interesting but he chose Tampa shocking the world but the more I look at it the more I realized why he chose Tampa. I think it was and he did say go ahead. Nobody chose Tamper too because the lie that he told the other day. Janney about he didn't care about his legacy. If you don't care about the legacy Cincinnati's a quarterback there's a few other teams that me quarterback but you care about your legacy because you went to a team that have opposite weapons Galore. You went to a team. That has a head towards this officer mastermind. Who Do care about your legacy? Because if you didn't could there are several other teams that do not have the power power that Tampa Bay possessed. We saw something last year. We talked about it. You remember Tom Brady. Will thousand career yards rushing? And what did he do at the end of the game down and deported to the official best the spot? I don't WanNa be nine ninety nine. I WANNA make sure it stays at one thousand two miss me. You didn't miss me with autism. Tom Brady stuff because revisionist history joke. I've been there the whole wild. What all twenty years of this man career as a matter of fact my last pro bowl in the NFL was Tom. Brady's first pro bowl after the two thousand. One season peyton manning. Tom Brady will warm our quarterback. There you go trying to put yourself in the same sentence with go Shannon. I'm sorry as great as you were a dozen work and what you're missing is he chose the Suchan ears. He went to the worst franchise in the history of sports as far as winning percentage right now nobody in any sport is any worse than the sucking ears and he said I'll do that. He wanted a great challenge at age. Forty two and he's taking on. A great challenge is that they were nine last year. If you don't mind me asking where the sucker nears opposite scale people where would they rank in the NFL pro? Football focus whether they have Chris Dodd with Mike Gavin break in OJ. How were they rain okay? As a franchise bay might suck but offensively they were number two and scored. Dame's led the League and pass it still stop this notion. You'll know better than that. Well all I know for sure is I. Now know for sure why you never got married to realize. Yeah it's always good to know Shannon. Keep your relationship. Analogy is ready in case you need them later because we hit more. Tom Brady later. Shaw undisputed after dealing Hopkins to the cardinals. The Texans are now acquiring receiver brandin cooks from the rams for a second round draft. Pick so Shannon in your opinion on the tree I really think when the trader there because they got rid of a running back they didn't want and they got a top receiver in return. But they escape. If I'M GONNA say between the Texans and the rams proud of the rams gift because you get a second round Pick Brennan. Cook has been good but if he has issues with concussions and so in the skip the rams had to get they went for it and the last couple of years we see them shell out big dollars photography the shield up big dollars for Aaron Donald and Jerry. Golf got paid Remember they made the train for Dante filer. They signed Klay Matthew. They went and got a keep delete a couple of years ago. They traded for Jalen Ramsey scale. When you pay your top players top dollar and nobody is willing to give you a discount business. What's going to happen? Even if they had won the super bowl they were gonNA have to break this thing up but at least you got to shoot a super bowl to show for it. Well unfortunately they only have super bowl appearance Q. Show for this scale for the money that they're playing paying me. Brandin cooks and The receiver they got macabre. Cobb could ahead of the Hawk rental car the money they paid him. And plus you take a million dollars for David Johnson Johnson. You got caught hide so let me get you. Would you would rather have brandin cooks and carb Randall. Cobb as opposed the D. hop the hop is a topper by any metric pro. Football focus or whomever you want to you. He's a top three receiver. Julio Mike Thomas and diop order we can debate that another day in times but he top receiver. And you were unwilling. It's GONNA cost you thirty nine million dollars over the next two years for brandin cooks and Randall Cobb. You don't think the is worth thirty million over those two years so for me. I will go. I'M GONNA go with the rams still. Don't believe Bill Brian General Manager because that's his role. Also he'd served do rose. He's doing a terrible job bill. O'brien to head coach. I'm going to say that the Texans won this trade but more specifically that does Shawn Watson won this trade and yet I am completely with. You obviously what happened with Andrea Hopkins was the all all time abomination trade. It was spite fueled because bill. O'brien got sideways with de'andre. I believe it became personal between the two. He tried to dismiss it as well. He just wanted more my no. I think he got real personal and Bill. O'brien the GM and coach said. I'm going to get rid of that guy and if I have to give him away I'll just give him away and he did and he took on a David Johnson who we all know in twenty sixteen which is now four years ago. He was first team all pro. Since then in the last three seasons it took three seasons for David Johnson to pile up enough stats to equal. What he did in two thousand sixteen and they still owe him a ton of money. It's two point ten point two next year and then about eight million the next year so bill. O'brien thinks that he can salvage the career of David Johnson. I don't De'andre Hopkins is going to put Kyle in the Arizona cardinals on the map. I think they're going to be a wildcard team in large part because of De'andre in the new connection that he will provide for a keiler. Who's going to take a mahomes light jump in year two? A Lamar Jackson like jump in year two and he was obviously an above average quarterback last year. So I'm with you on that Shannon but given the abomination that was that trade. I do like it for Sean Sake. That then bill. O'brien tried to salvage his team by saying okay. I'll go find somebody else for dish on that. Somebody has concussion issues. We know that he's had five concussions. In six years we know he had a concussion early in the second quarter of that abomination of a super bowl in which bell check blue eyed and let Nick foles obviously be Super Bowl. Mvp and hang forty one points on the Patriots Brady even without Brandin cooks remember. He didn't have brain cooks for three quarters. And he's still to refer playoff record five. Oh five and put up thirty three points in a losing cause the most points ever scored by super bowl loser but he did so without brandon and then last year branded in L. A. With the rams had to concussions that cost him a couple of games. Is that going to haunt him? Going forward maybe but remember. He's only twenty six and Houston will only eight million. Even though he's going to count is happening is sixteen. Point eight in the rams are gonNA eat like twenty two million in dead money next year. That's on them. It's not on the Texans eight if the Texans like what they see if he does have concussion issues they do have an out in the contract where they can cut bait without cost after this next season but I do like the fact that at only twenty six brandin cooks can still sly remember. He ran four three three combine coming out of Oregon State and again it now. At least Sean has somebody. And they did go over. Pay for Randall COBB. Who had a terrific year last year? Making FIVE MILLION IN DALLAS. Now he makes guaranteed nine nine nine million over the next three years and Houston way overpaid. But at least two Shaun's got him. He's got brandon. He's Got William Fuller. He's still as Kenny stills. So those four not bad. I'm not saying there Tampa Bay's receivers but but they're not bad. And so I'm happy for Sean. I root for Sean. I'm not a Bill O'Brien fan. I was not a fan of bill. O'brien long before the world became not a fan of bill. O'brien I never liked him. I can't argue with the fact that they've won that division for the last five years. It's the most winnable has been the most winnable division in football but I can't condemn him as a coach but as a GM he's disastrous but at least he he went out and tried to to salvage something. Brandin cooks and you have to ask is brandin cooks better right now than whoever they could draft. Yeah he'd probably is. If his concussion syndrome doesn't keep him out of games so in the end what were they. Go ahead those people. I need to give people context. Because that's what I do. I like to provide context. Let's let me explain to the people at home. Wide-scale bailers headed Apple Bill. O'brien from long long time ago. Because he's the only coach to Reema. Tom Brady on the side. He's sick your butt down. Tom and Betas his head for that may and fit because Tom Brady was picking on little one Tai Kwon Underwood who deserve better treatment than that coach Bill. O'brien Donald Tommy. Now you're not going to do that out of the COQ sit down before may change for you. That's what he did it. You had one day but still if you look at what the Houston Texas. They don't have the first router because they gave that up for Larry Thompson now. They don't have a second rounder because they traded for Brandin cooks. Now they did get I think they might have to. Third round is because they got one from Seattle cloudy and so they might have to because they have their own and now they have maybe two hours but scale now is being reported that they might be anywhere between eight and twelve receivers go. In the first two rounds you can get some. You can get quality at that position in this area. So for me. Look I get it. The rams had the rambles salary cap. Hail give you mentioned. They're moving in a building. That's going to be somewhere between three and five billion that salary cap and even billionaires skilled. They look at it they probably. This probably is too so you know if you know of a billionaire squeezing his pocket the Caterpillar that is having noble people skill and so for me I still believe the ramp one because they get because the rams. Don't have a first rounder. They gave that up a Jalen. Ramsey can't remember. They traded for Jalen Ramsey last year. So they gave up their first round. And so they're trying to they still have Cooper Cup. You mentioned you have Robert Wood. I bake every tidying so they still have some quality piece. Don't do it running back defensively. You Got Aaron Donald on the Front End. They bring back step. You Got Jalen Ramsey on the back end. You should be pretty formidable on. The defense was out of the football now. We're GONNA see how good you know. He he was labeled at the genius. Skip for two to three years. Sean McVeigh we go to see if he's still advancing. These still smart as people say that he was in. Jared Goff reportedly loves Josh Reynolds. I'll see about that. I'm with you. I believe the rams are in decline. Quick point of order about bill. O'brien as the offensive coordinator at New England on that day and I believe it was at Washington. Taekwondo under ran the wrong route in the red zone across the back of the end zone and Tom Brady waited until they got to the bench to let the young receiver know that he ran the wrong route. The young receiver pushed back against Tom. Brady and Brady did not like it. And he was reading him the riot. Act when Bill. O'brien got involved to try to break it up all I know is that Tai Kwon underwood lasted only two more games and got cut. So who is in the right there? I think the goat was in the right there and the goat every to tell a kid who was going to get caught then he ran the wrong route. Thank you very much wo wo. Guess what now I insert myself. I like to think that I can acquaint myself the taekwondo underwood one Shannon Sharpe Young Shannon Sharpe. I'm sure there are tied the game but I ran the wrong route. John Elway who had gone to Super Bowl. Who Bear accomplish. He never read me the riot at because only played a year to human being. That man got a mom. And Dad got solicitous brother you don't know and you're going to be ugly disrespectful bill. Brian Red Hill. The ride ED sideline and Tom Brady Buck back. Bill Bradford coach here. I do the correction not to Tom. Let's not forget coach player. You are the exact same thing you're more accomplished than talk one on the wood. But you're the exact same thing is talk one underwood ape lay. So let's not get it twisted Tommy. So Shannon Sharpe just put himself in the same sentence with taekwondo underwood. Oh so now. We've gone from comparing ourself to Tom. Brady to share in the same boat. With tycoon Underwood well. That's probably more where you belong is down in the Tai Kwon underwood level right op. Driving compare situation not per se. I was probably would rookie. Shannon short with a rookie tried to learn to play moving to a different position. I'm sure because they got so dr with having detailed me the play and they put me in motion for the entire game. I'm sure they're scared. That man is a human you can. You don't have to address the man publicly. You could say look Brown. You ran the wrong route. This is what I need you to do. But when you come up there and do it. All these entities history. When Teo did that all he team obliterated Tom Brady does he. Showing great leadership. Now don't come up with all these emotions because I got some to. Hey do that now. Shannon bill at Lee on the Beach. It was out of the public eye. It wasn't as they were coming off the field. It wasn't standing up on the sideline. Tom was doing it quietly while they were sitting on the bench and only when Tai. Kwon pushed back at Tom. Brady did it start escalate and get a little eat it. That's when Bill O'Brien went over there and my last point on Brian is. He should wait a second. Wait a second. He should drop to his knees bill. O'brien every night and thank his lucky stars for Tom Brady because without Tom Brady. Nobody would even know who bill. O'brien is and bill. O'brien would not have a head. Coaching job in the National Football League and he would not have had a head coaching job at Penn State. If not for Tom Brady. Yes best true. A lot of great quarterback look many head coaches Brett. Farve got jobs from from a Mary. Yuji to Andy Reid to John. Ruin to Ray rose. Yes Ray Lewis. How many Rex Ryan Jack? Del Real Marvin Lewis like Smith Year skill. That's how we work with a great player in you coke say players. Yes you gotTa get opportunity. Tom Brady is not the first quarterback. There's been great this guy coordinator or position coach ahead job. So stop this notion because that's what you're trying to do to make. It seem like Tom Brady. Is the only quarterback or the player this other coach of jaw head job? No but still. All I'm saying is who said talk while. Read the wrong route. That would you see. That's what you see. Eight say that even if he did run the Royal Route Tom Brady. There's a a write in a wrong way to do everything and that was the wrong way. Come on Shannon. If Tom Brady says you ran the wrong route you ran the wrong route in in the or all I'm saying about this trait is I believe. Brandin cooks can be a little better next year. Four does Shawn Watson than fifty seventh overall. Pick in the draft. Which is the bottom of the first Sorry the second round can be as a rookie receiver for the Houston Texas or leaving it now. Because we actually have to talk about some different quarterbacks. I have a feeling you guys might enjoy this. One is to a tunnel by Loa already a better thrower of the football. Aaron Rodgers and Dan Ram is no mercy by lower prepares for the upcoming NFL draft. Deal for believes that if it wasn't for his hip injury he'd be the consensus number. One pick doe. I said quote to throws better than Aaron Rodgers and Dan Marino's so shannon to I is your guy but these are strong words. Do you agree with this nutrient bearing well? I played a year with them in Baltimore and he came in off the bench and he led us to a super bowl and even when he wasn't a starter skift he would in his playbook. He's watching film and he was always asking where sharp. Why'd you do this? Why did you run the route like that will let me tell you what I'm thinking? So I know trans done his own work. I know he's studied and watched a lot of failed on all these guys. Because that's what he does he really. You know you talk about another guy talk about Tom. Brady living to watch film. Trent really loved the watch film although he wasn't the player that Tom Brady is scared but man. I'm not willing to go there yet. Skill I mean Dan Marino if you talk about one hundred year history. I believe Dan Marino and Aaron Rodgers are the two greatest role of the. Footballs that I've ever seen now. Dan was in my era so I played with the problems with Dan. I played against Dan. I watch Aaron Rodgers up those at the Super Bowl super bowl that they want against the steelers out wants to the sideline for the first after that. I went up into the box. The second half and that's what I said. He's the best throw the ball ever seen. Having seen having watched Dan throw the football having watched Aaron Rodgers football. I said Rogers is the greatest football that I've ever seen and try to say that this kid right now. Coming out of college is better than both of those guys. Come willing to go there. I do believe head toward not gotten hurt. He will be the consensus number one peekskill because he can play out spinning his accuracy his ability to anticipate. That's what you need in the pro because guys are not going to be running Scott Free and all that sprays like they are in college. You'RE GONNA have to fit the ball into tight tight windows and he can do that as well as anybody that I've seen in a very long time. Yes they are flags with mainly with the help of the of the. We'll talk about that a little later skill but he is good for all of the football. But I've seen coming out of college in say the last decade okay. I'm GONNA use your favorite word that you always provide here on undisputed which is context my contacts for. Trent dilfer remark was in a story. I read last night by the Washington Post. It went back through the history of how tread got to know to at trance quarterback camp that he runs for all the best high school quarterbacks coming out each year in the summertime and because of that connection to his father than called. Trent. I don't know maybe a month or so. Maybe six eight weeks ago and said Hey I need you to train my son because he loved you at the camp and at first trend said No. Because he's the coach. Little Lipscomb Academy in Nashville Tennessee. Where his son has played and transit. I'm too busy here and win. The father persisted. He said okay. If you'll send him up here no social media no posting pictures every day about. We're doing this that and the other. Let's do it in secret. That trend said okay. I'll do it and I'm sure did a great job with this kid. Getting him the best he can be before this virtual draft that we're about to virtual. This is going to be done by electronics. Obviously so the point is Trent was then paid to get to heredity and and clearly. He's being paid to help sell in going into the draft when a lot of people think he could be damaged goods. So was Trent more prone to overstatement. Yeah he probably was because to me. Dan Marino was the greatest store the football ever. I'll never forget our conversation. I had with Troy. Aikman back in nineteen ninety four when I was covering the cowboys about. Who has the strongest arm in football and I said Detroit? It's John Elway. Obviously Shannon the guy you caught passes from in Denver and Troy said no no. It's not John It's Marino and I said really he said Oh Marino has a can it not only did he Hannan but had swagger and panache even try any throw at any time. I've never seen anything like what he did. In one thousand nine hundred four his second year when he was the league and lead them to the Super Bowl that they lost Joe Montana and obviously forty niners just a better team than the dolphins at that point but come on. You can't compare him to Dan Marino. Who was six feet zoar? Inches tall even Aaron Rodgers is six feet two inches tall to is under sized. He's only six feet tall. He's he's barely taller than short to me. He's just like an inch taller inch and a half taller than than keiler is so again. I love the quick release. But here's my problem. The release to me. I'm just watching the TV Games. The two are released is so compact that he has trouble getting that much velocity on it. There's not a lot of mustard on his throws. There's not huge zip on his passes. There's nothing like off from Marino or elway or any of the quarterbacks you'd say had a gun. This kid is accurate. I will give you that. But he also gets a little frenetic in the pocket. He gets a little frantic and in some of the biggest games I thought he lost his poise. He unraveled against Georgia in that twenty eight. Sec Championship game. He was ten of twenty five for one hundred sixty four his. Qbr was twenty nine on scale of zero to one hundred and he got yanked then he came back against Clemson and through two more interceptions in the championship. Didn't remember Jalen. Hurd saved him in the SEC. Game but Heathrow to thirty two more interceptions against Clemson. They got routed. He had A. Qbr of fifty-nine barely above average. And then I told you I carefully watched him against Lsu last year obviously Tuscaloosa and he barely completed fifty percents of his passes. He was twenty one of forty and he missed a Lotta throws he. He made a lot of throws too. But I keep also reminding you to ahead. I think the greatest collection of wide receiver speed and route running. I've ever seen on one college football team. I'm not saying they're the biggest strongest bunch of stud receivers because there have been some clemson. Groups are receivers. As we've seen that were just all world be harbor walk. Yes thank you. But but I'm talking about burner speed track speed in rugs and Devante Smith and even to a degree Waddell and obviously Jerry Judy that they can all run routes style attack and sometimes that can help to look a little better than he should have looked and there were also gains later in his career. Rex Ryan is reporting that he had styve's surgeries and we know about all the injuries the litany of injuries that he had even had a broken nose. And concussion are broken finger and he had to ankle surgeries the tight rope surgeries and then the career-threatening hip surgery and I think he had some knee scope in. The problem is as we got into last year. I thought he started to flinch a little bit in the pocket. I thought he was getting a little antsy and get rid of the ball a little sooner than he needed to. So my point is overall idea. What trends doing? He's trying to hype. He's trying to do the job that he's paid to do but I'm come on Dan Marino even the workout video that I saw yesterday I didn't see a lot of juice on the ball. I didn't see Canon. I didn't see gun. I'm sorry I I get what he's doing. But but that's just laughable go to Dan Marino Danny Danny with as good a pro football but wherever see? Obviously Patrick Mahomes is going to have something to say about that when his career is all over? The thing about Danny Danny release was so quick and it was so compact is that you I mean. Haven't played with him in the pro bowl yes he could spin the ball but John was a different animal. John John Being a rightfielder for the Yankee then play play baseball and I think David played some baseball in high. Schools are just different and having into practice with him early in his career and went into the broncos. I John John was only like eight years into his career is still headed while he was in his project. Yeah seven eight years into his so I got him and his crime so he yes he could spin it. Spin it spent for re-appropriate if but daddy the ball just came out so quick remain. Db's would be right. There's giving like he's not gonNA throw that because he sees me right here at receiver has the football running where he threw it. Yeah he threw it John Roy scale because he had so much confidence is that you could be imposition. If you look at the skip on third and six in the play that I caught in Pittsburgh that helped us advance to the super bowl. The guys in perfect position. He has his hand here and by the time he comes down. I got the ball spinning in running. That's how I mean he's right there fever he don't play cover five but there's nothing you can do about it scale. I love to know I love to but I'm not willing to go Marino and not yet not yet. By the way I used to read stories that Elway in practice through. It's so hard that receivers would constantly get the webbing between their fingers split open and that ever happened to you. Did you ever have your wedding split between your fingers? Where because you're trying to catch the data going right there. What about Gobi right there every time? But I'm Kelly. I'll tell you what he would do. Now you try catch up all with your chest. You could hear that it would sound like somebody hitting a drum. Will you try to catch up with your shoulder pan? It was it was found and you got good. You got very proficient at catching the ball your hand because it was going to get cold and Joe and the thing is the thing that I hated most was warming up with him in the game because NASCAR is your adrenaline is starting to pump. He doesn't realize how hard he's throwing it. So when I first got to Denver they would only give you one pair of gloves okay. I'll warming up with John. He's my glove before the game so I had to learn to cut it up and if you notice I taught when I played with him. I call my parents in warm of once. I got past that. We know gloves because he would ripple and I was only going to get one pair. I wanted to gloves for for the game. Not Warm enough. But what's really going? Skip in a big guy late in the ball game. Everything was coming. Everything was coming one thousand miles per hour so you better get your head around quick and you better get your hands up because there have been times guy. Slow getting the hand up and guess. What's the ball? Hit Him. Side the head and they're almost in the middle of the field in the ball's going out of bounds. That's how hardy PRUITT. I'm sure he gave a couple of years receiver and running back and cushion because he proved the ball so hard and he hit him upside the head. I just remembered and I'm sorry if I put you on a spot but the sharp brother with the best hand was obviously the older sharp brother named Sterling. Right they don't the no no no no no no no no no. I'm conceding. I'm the second I'm in the hall of fame but I'm the second greatest player in my own. I will concede that. But Hey right here's guilt. Nowhere if they touch it he was a better route to a little bit more a little bit more. Okay I'll I'll give you this. You got great hands but she got bad opinions but that's okay okay. No sorry Shannon. We're going to break no mercy when discussing Tom. Brady's departure from New England to Tampa al-Samra and beloved member of our Fox Family Terry. Bradshaw said he doesn't see Brady as the greatest of all time hit it. He's one more super bowls than any. Qb But is not better than the likes of Roger. Starbuck Dan Marino or Joe Montana so Shannon. Do you believe that Brady is the greatest of all time big as a two horse race? I really do Let Me Start Cherry scale. We are very very protective of the era in which we played in if hard for me to believe about played with elway and Marino and Montana and Bruce Smith emmitt Smith and dion and all Yada Yada Yada so skip. I don't like saying someone from the eighties or the to do after I was done in two thousand ten and all that would have been 'cause I'm very protective of that era. Played that there. I know what these guys are capable of doing. But it's hard for me and I get it if Terry would have said you look. I don't like saying anybody degrades. In limited that okay. I'll have been cool with it but it's hard to say guys. This never won. Super Bowls are better than the guy that has six no matter what you think him personally and I don't know if they have any lights of dislike against him but I believe is a two horse race that you look at Joe. Skip Joe is foreign knowing super bowl three. Mvp and who bullied? He's eleven touchdowns zero interception. Now when you're looking at are we looking at a guy that's won the most superbowl because you told me the reason why you say Michael Jordan to go is like an all the great all those finals. He didn't lose well. Tom Has three lonzo resume. Now Joe has signature moments to the catch. We still talk about the catch. I don't know if you're at that game when you watch that 'cause I know it her because it happened to give the cowboy one of the clutch drives in Super Bowl. History is the drive that he had to give the bingles give. I think it was at Miami and that he goes ninety. Two Yard field. Goal wasn't going to do it the matter of fact play with if I'm not mistaken it with two excellent. I knew that that's the West Coast here. John Taylor on the backside of the slant route to win the game winning touchdown look and who knows what he could have been. Joe had he not because kept ninety-one ninety-two he had won back-to-back. Mvp in eighty nine and ninety. He misses the large part of ninety one in June with the Elbow Injury Steve Jones steps in with. Mvp We know how it ends up today. So who knows what he would have done. But the number not going to be comparable because they didn't throw the ball like they do now for me. I'm not if someone says Tom Brady. Is The goat quarterback skip out? I'M NOT GONNA fight with bill like I fight with you. Will you say? Somebody's better than James. But if you say Montana I'll look. I'll go with that if you say Brady I. I guess I mean six six nine tries with all. He's accomplished the regular season. Mvp'S THE THIRTY PLUS playoff win skin. I'm not going to bite you but I will fight. You better go james. I told you we're not talking about Lebron today's show we're talking about real goats not phony go so you just broke the rule that. I sat at the top of this show. So you were doc. You can't talk for the next four minutes because you're fine one minute. I get to talk an extra minute. Here let me say this about the Great Terry Bradshaw. I love him. I have known him forever and I know a lot of our younger viewers only know Terry as sort of funny old uncle Terry on Fox talking football. Let me tell all the kids out there terry. Bradshaw was flat out all time stud of a quarterback in the national football league. He went to source super bowls and won all four of them. He led what to me was the greatest. Nfl team in history. The seventy eight nine hundred seventy eight Pittsburgh steelers. They had five hall of famers on offense and five on defense and two more pro bowlers. Were Not Hall of famers. That's an impossible embarrassment of riches on one team but guess who was the MVP regular season. Nineteen seventy eight. Terry Bradshaw Guess who was the Super Bowl. Mvp OF SUPER BOWL thirteen against my dallas cowboys. Pittsburgh one thirty five thirty one in the all time. Greatest shootout in Super Bowl history. Thanks to the Terry Bradshaw. Six feet two to twenty to twenty five athletes. Stud and what he is saying. I appreciate it. Because he's saying if you're talking about. The most gifted quarterbacks ever was the first name out of his mouth my all time favorite quarterback as a kid growing up Roger Staubach. I got to know him in Dallas. I covered him. I get to play a lot of basketball against Roger in the off seasons. I knew him inside and out and he was an all time. Stud athlete with a great arm. Dan fouts was one of the great passers in the history of the Game Dan Marino. We just talked about greatest thrower of the football. Ever Joe. Montana was an all time great combination of accuracy and Athletic Lucy. Excuse me elusive. He could really move and groove in the pocket and he could escape and hurt you with his legs in ways. Tom Brady never thought about doing. But here's my issue with this whole premise. I feel like to your point. Shannon that a lot of older players just that. They can't put their arm around Tom. Brady there's something about Tom Brady. They can't give into there's something about Brady. He doesn't speak the right language for them. He's not the typical prototypical Stud quarterback he. He doesn't carry himself the way. All these other quarterbacks did in days gone by. There's something weird different about Tom. As I always tell you he can be cliche ridden. He can be lame jokey on g he can be the nerdy dad next door all too often. He doesn't fit the mold of the classic franchise quarterback and yet if you look at what he's done on the highest level more consistently than anybody by far is he's played the position. Better than any of those other quarterbacks ever played it consistently on the biggest stages in the sport even Montana didn't go to nine Super Bowls. He went to four and he was great in those four. He probably should have won all four. Vp's but in the game you brought up against Cincinnati. They gave it early with two minutes to go to Jerry Rice because he had two hundred plus yards receiving yards net game but joe hit John Taylor with the game winner he should have been the MVP but the point Shannon about Tom Brady is no one has ever played. The position. Better been more effective especially in the clutch over unexpansive. Twenty years the way Brady has. He's also something that nobody ever brings up from from the older quarterbacks. He's the greatest leader in the history of the game. I'm sorry just wasn't ray. Lewis is up there and Shannon. Sharpe is up in that conversation but Tom did it against bill belichick. He had to reset the culture and try to keep that team together with a dictator. A tyrant of a head coach and Tom. Lead that locker room for twenty years. And he's the one who set the tone in the culture that allowed ballot. Check to thrive doing what he did best which was coach defense and then Tom to do what he did. Best which is made plays in the Clutch in AFC championship games and Super Bowls. It's just extraordinary that he has six rings with six fourth quarter. Come FROM BEHIND. Game winning drives that's impossibly great and Shannon when you look at the yards that he threw four in the AFC championship game against Jacksonville when he split his hand open before the week before the game or the three third and ten he converted at Kansas City against Mahomes team or a hundred twenty four yards passing against the Legion of boom in the fourth quarter of the Seattle superbowl comeback or two hundred forty six yards passing in the fourth quarter and overtime against Atlanta in that epic comeback or you could say epic failure by Atlanta but still. It's hard to throw for two forty six in the fourth quarter and overtime and Terry Bradshaw was all time clutch against my cowboys in Super Bowl. Thirteen and he gets the rand in Super Bowl. Fourteen look at the two big third down conversions. He had in that come from mine game but he didn't do it in nine super bowls the way Tom Brady has. It's just it. There's something missing here and I'M NOT GONNA call it. Brady hate it's just sort of Brady dislike and I think it starts to border on a little bit of jealousy and a little bit of resentment because all these quarterbacks terry brought up including Terry had to stop prematurely. Terry had to quit at age. Thirty five and now Brady's talking about playing to forty eight. Roger only played ten years and have stopped because of concussions and Dan fouts was gone at thirty eight Joe Montana at thirty eight. You know how it goes. That's just life and football and I think there's some resentment this guy is still going at first. It was forty five and now connors reporting the Brady's making noise about playing till forty eight. Well it inspires a little resentment on their part and after a while it wears on me that they can't give in to Tom. Brady Skjei of I think the I think the thing is is that they're not resemble a Brady. They're resentful of the rule change that have been implemented. That is protected. Tom Brady in these other quarterbacks because they can't because you remember Cleveland with Turkey Jones slammed Terry Brash. On his naked almost broke his neck the way they played in interior and dance and Roger. Days is even different was more violent more physical than when they play and I got into the when I came into the nineties. It was still a physical game. It was still trying to not. Somebody's block off steel. Try to impose your will on someone to break that man. What now the rules have been implemented skill. And they're like hell. I can put up those numbers if you protected me like they protect him. I put up those numbers. If you protected by receivers like you protect his so skip. I think the thing is that when you look at it like I had just ability as Tom Brady. But because the rules was so constricted that there was none of this quarterbacks there was no late hit on the quarterback. There was no going below to me hitting somebody. You can do all that you. There was no defensive. Receiver there was no helmet-to-helmet contact. That's why these guys retired early skipping. They might well hold on. I don't feel Terry gift created that he deserved because as you mentioned he had all other than hall of fame is receivers and is running back and then you got five guys on the deep inside. That's an hall of fame. L C Greenwood could easily be hall of fame head coach and the owner. So you've got like twelve thirteen guys in the pro football hall of fame of one team. So they were held. Terry would all that you should have one or through Bo so I don't think he gets the credit that he deserves because he played with other great players. And Maybe. Tom Gets a little more credit than maybe he deserves. Because when you look at it ran in Boston Gronk only hall of Famer that he's going to have on the opposite side of the football and I don't and they didn't intersect so for me. It's like I said I'm not. I'M NOT GONNA fight. You're somebody says Tom Brady the gold. Okay five but you better not say that in the NBA. 'cause you already know who to go deal skip bayless. It happened to be the back lied. Okay I'm not sorry. I'm not going to go there. We're talking about the national football league and before I leave this. Be My favorite all time quarterback Roger Staubach if he had had brady's rules and again been brady situation do. Do I think he could have done what Tom did? For twenty years I do but remember. Roger went to Vietnam and served remember Naval Academy. Won The heisman there so he did his Vietnam Hitch. He didn't even start in pro football until he was twenty eight. He had to stop prematurely at thirty eight because the doctor told him. You're going to have big issues going forward if you try another year of this. Because he was getting his bell wrong because to your point which is a great point. The rules were there. Were no rules. Basically it was open on the quarterback. Yeah so so the point is I'm with you. Tom Brady did what Aaron Rodgers has often done. Tom Brady last year. Led this whole league in throwaways. You don't like what you see. You don't like the pressure coming. Just throw it in the third row and yet it's the rule change that happened after the season it was the Bernard Pollard rule because remember Pollard. Hit Brady and the planted left leg in the of the season. It was the Texans at Foxboro and wrecked raitis knee. Acl AND MC L. And because of that because they lost a meal ticket the NFL. Did Tom Brady for a whole year. They said you can't do that anymore. And they continue to modify the rules to further. Protect the meal tickets. That are the quarterbacks. So I'm with you right. Tom Figured out. Hey if you could just give me little bit of time. I can speed read with the best of them so so I can still speed read and if you give me four good receivers in Tampa. I'll find somebody open like that. I'll get rid of the ball. We can go empty in the backfield. I don't even need a personal protector back there with me. I'll just get somebody. If you send five receivers out in the patter. I'll find. Somebody opened within five yards and one point eight seconds. And I'll get rid of the ball and that means Y can I play until I'm forty eight and that inspires some resentment so I yeah go ahead. You're absolutely right if you remember Beth. Kurt Warner Start. Because Rodney Harrison hit trick green the very play in nineteen ninety nine in blue his me out. It wasn't until a full year after it was almost a decade later. This happened in ninety nine. They changed the rules in two thousand nine. Because Tom got hurt. In Oh eight. They Changed Russo basically ten years later. They instituted no more below the waist on the quarterback and so they had a lot to do with this because guys are saying the Autobahn skip past this. I want to. There's no speed limit. Well the quarterback say well hell if you get protected like that. Yes he's going to play yes he's GonNa have number and yes you're good because these guys that he mentioned skip they're great. They're in the hall of fame. He believe they could have done. That could have played longer would have had more opportunity to possibly get to a super bowl if they were protected. Like the receiver in the quarterback in today's game. But I'm not willing to say scale you know. All these guys are just better than Tom. I believe it's a two mayor. Race is Joe and it's Tom Brady so I'm not gonNA fight you say Tom Okay. Well Hey I call it. Well I didn't catch any pants. Tom But I did cut one from Joe so I can say I taught me and my guy I ain't taking my guy told jokes I have. Joe was on my radio. Show skit without doing Sirius satellite radio and it was talking about Joe. I love you. Played Pro Bowl with it but I'm not taking over seven seven. Got Me to the hall of fame. Got Me some jewelry. I'm sorry job you know jewelry and you didn't give me a hall okay. Bottom line to this discussion. I'm so happy. We had the opportunity to point out. Terry Bradshaw was a great quarterback Terry Bradshaw has to Super Bowl. Mvp's and Terry Bradshaw. I pay homage to you. I bow down to you today. You beat Roger Staubach twice in Super Bowls. Way To go terry recommen- javelin or something care where terrier world class javelin throw. I believe so. I think he wants to great athlete. What CAN'T TERRY DO? Honestly he's an actor. He's a performer. He's amazing on our shows. Just lucky to have them in the Fox family but Shannon actually wanted to talk to you a little bit more about your guy. Patrick mahomes mentioned yet. Today rose to a new level and we have video to show you. That's not guys get this Patrick. Mahomes released a highlight video of himself working out and it was also mixed with some of his famous plays in his short career. Some of the plays included his passes and the touchdown scramble against the Titans in the playoffs. So Shannon this is your guy. Do you like the homes releasing this video. How do you feel about? It doesn't bother me because sometimes I don't think people knows what goes into when a guy does something on the field majority of the time I would say ninety five percent of the time they practice said play that you see on the field. There's no way Patrick. Mahomes goes into a ball game and attempts to do something that he hasn't practiced. That's the that's why you practice therefore when it becomes second nature when you get into the game now I know. Skip doesn't like that but the man is affected. I mean how you can look you know. Look to the right. And we throw it about enthroned on the money skilled. Look I know you don't like these height video but it don't bother me. It just goes to show you that little guys. I know we might be in a quarantine we're deal with a pandemic and everything is locked down. But I'm still putting it work because I believe that we're going to have an NFL season. And I'M GONNA pick right up where I left off. They're going to be the. I believe there will be the favourite to get to and win the Super Bowl again and is one reason and one reason only Patrick Mahomes. There's no doubt is the best quarterback in football. He's the best player in football and they're going to be the deal with for the foreseeable future so I don't have a problem with it. They need to have talking in the background. But other than that this go. So you're you're auditioning. You're campaigning that you should be do. Mc of his hype videos from your on a great. She'll be awesome for doing the voiceover. You don't have the have the narration of you know somebody like a football life you know in the guys talking to the background. That should be me talking about homeboy. Yeah like Leon Schreiber on all the hard knocks in leaves. Great Ray Donovan. I hope they bring it back but I am. Always increasingly suspicious of a rising star. Who has to keep telling you how gradients I thought? This high video was a little beneath the dignity of a kid who just won the super bowl now. The point was in the Super Bowl. I thought he was pretty ordinary again. To the victor. Go the spoils but really were you. That Great Patrick Mahomes in the Super Bowl were you revolutionary in the Super Bowl. Did you complete two or three no look passes in the Super Bowl. No you did not actually used threw two interceptions late in the Super Bowl and actually your qbr was only sixty one point six which on a scale zero to one hundred is just barely above average. And actually you threw for only two hundred eighty six yards which is not exactly mahomes esque sort of passing numbers and actually Patrick. The play the game was was third insists teen from your thirty five and that came with seven thirteen left in the game. And if you don't get away with what you got away with you're going to lose that super bowl because you were behind it that point and you're down twenty to ten and what did you do. Patrick Mahomes. You had a Russia right in your face and I guess you did throw that as a no look but not buy designed you just. You're a pass. And a prayer you just flung it to nobody us through it up into the flat where you hoped tyreek would be and and the truth was used through up punt that tyreek had actually come back to catch and actually waived for a fair catch because it was so high he was hoping he wasn't GonNa get blasted by DB so he hoped he could fair. Catch your pass. That's how lucky that pass was. And if you don't complete that one for forty four yards. I think you're going to lose the super bowl and by the way speaking of that there came another play by Jimmy Garoppolo late in that super bowl with one forty left in which Emmanuel Sanders if we could see this broke wide open and Jimmy G. missed in just cold mist in here. It is and if you don't Patrick Mahomes if if Jimmy does it miss this. Throw all of a sudden. They're going to be ahead. Twenty seven to twenty and there's going to be a minute and a half left and maybe you come back and win it or maybe you won't but that's how close you came to losing a super bowl in which you didn't play that great so so w hite video me off that. Super Bowl because I gotta tell you. I'm not that impressed. Will you should be very impressed. And I know one cache of Klay later became Muhammad Ali every riding superstar. Told you how great he was out there and back it up said I am the greatest K B B. I'm pretty has them. You're not that he was a bad man. He told you that that's what he did. Why do you do there now? In the Land Mohtarma Brady won the he play. Revolutionary was he outstanding no zero touchdown an interception but they won the game. It is to be under party. His far super bowl was he revolutionary. No but they won the game you said he made the plays witty had to be Patrick. Mahomes not make the place when he absolutely had to absolute me get a man from credit and he did this at twenty four twenty four year old bold. Mvp Yeah. Did Tom Brady put out a high video after his first super bowl or his second or third or fourth or fifth nope NOPE NOPE. Nope nope you know and I know it is mostly let his actions speak is performance. Speak for him Cuesta by his third year in the league with. Tom Brady thought over the best quarterback the best play football absolutely. Not You and I both know head. Tom Brady thrown for five thousand yards down season. Absolutely not Tom Brady by his third year throwing for more more than any other quarterback in the NFL history. Absolutely not so stop. This is Tom. Brady's first three years they start. I review than the lead and Patrick Mahomes I. Three years are not comparable. You know that so start. Look Tom Rate. We don't know what Patrick Mahomes is going to be. Ten Years Fifteen years from now but he offered unbelievable star. Tom Brady we know what he is what he became. So this notion that Patrick mahomes if like some chicken beat in his first year and Tom Brady was this. Mythical being is just not true. Tom Brady was. Nobody thought Tom Brady would go on to be busy. We're going to be disappointed if we don't go on to be even better than what we've seen the first three years. I can see four five. Mvp peyton manning or five super bowl. And then we're GONNA have to have another discussion now. It might be three. Shadai conversation goats in Tom. Brady's first six years. He didn't have anywhere near the weapons. That mahomes has had from the start in an offense run and called by Andy. Reid that is a bombs away. Throw it and throw it in. Throw it offense Patrick. Mahomes cell right into the heavenly lap of Andy Reid and I give Andy all the credit for trading up to draft him but you know and I know he was in the perfect spot to do what he has been able to do and the kid is gifted. There's no doubt about that but I don't need to see a high video and more important the audacity of this kid to also include that run that he had late in the first half of the epic comeback or epic collapse that tightened suffered at Kansas City in the previous playoff game. As you know eleven seconds left in the first half and this put them ahead twenty one to seventeen this is the most overrated run in playoff history. I have never in my life watching pro football or any kind of football. Seen more miss tackles or more bad angles on any ron. It's only twenty seven yards. It feels like it seventy seven yards because Patrick mahomes is not very fast. He weighs around two hundred and forty pounds. He chugged up the sideline and it was like the titans. Were suddenly playing flag. Football reaching for a flag. That wasn't there down at the goal line. They weren't even trying to get him on the ground. I have no idea. Maybe they just quit because they saw the handwriting on the wall. I don't know what happened but that was shameful. The missed tackles and bad angles. That we're taking on Patrick Mahomes. That runs should never have happened. And that kids should never include that in his high video. Because that doesn't qualify still. I've never seen a quarterback change hands so many times because he starts with the ball in his right hand because he's right headed looking to throw a pass and then he throws the head fake on the linebacker. Then he's on the sideline. He pushed the ball to the Lil. Okay he's running. He's you know what there's a guy on my left. I'M GONNA have to step on him so he switches the ball back to the right arm. Heisman pose the gap spins. His way into the end zone is slammed the ball. All of the in line like Dave Brat tried to do with the Green Bay packers touchdown. Bow a all. I Know Shannon is I gotta get a new TV. Because I I saw something very different than you saw but up there you're palatial estate and bill air. I know you've got the greatest. Tv's ever made the latest TV's ever made. I need to start coming up to your palatial estate to wash these games. Because maybe I'd see something different that I didn't see in that run. Just picturing Shannon with all these lovely. Tv's surrounding him for all of his viewing pleasure. We actually have to talk about a different guy. That Shannon seems to be a big fan of that has to but one former NFL GM things drafting to it in the top ten would be irresponsible skipping. Shannon despite releasing workout videos guys there is still concern over to Tung oil as durability heading into the draft former NFL exact. Mike Tannenbaum said. It would be irresponsible for a team to draft to in the top. Ten so Shannon you does. He have a point. Guess what skip all the reason that Miami then position to drive to it because because they played it safe with drew brees. They had an opportunity to signed drew brees. They chose the guy in Dante culpepper who had medical issues but it wasn't with his shoulder with his me so now they find themselves in this situation. Still Looking For quarterback took twenty years at the dam. Arenal wrath play a snap or the dolphins still say picks. Don't win you Super Bowl when you're drafting in the first round you just mentioned that the segment before what did any Redo move up. Seventeen spots to get my homeboy. Was there not risking bothered? That's absolutely from taking in Houston Texas. Move Up to get shot Wasser. There's risk connec scale. There's risk sure. I'm sure everybody would like to sit back and says you know what I want. A pig like elway manning. Look I got it started for three four years stayed the whole time in college. No flag no medical out. John had at toward his acl in college so he was playing without an acl his whole career so he tore. That never got to replace guilt. But there's risk involved. I mean what would the reason you selected burning goals? That's still a top by bus in. Nfl history did that did I. Did My boss them. What about quitting coppell under my cannonball? The dolphins had one winning. Season Limited. What happens when you end professional sports? You Play Basketball Football Baseball. You either player or your general manager when you make mistakes guess what you become an analyst. That's what you become when you make mistakes and analyst. You're no longer in the position of putting a team together. You talking about team shouldn't do no. You gotta take two. If you don't take to go regret it okay. Back to your opening point about drew brees. I saw drew play live when he was at purdue and I followed him closely at purdue and to my knowledge he was pretty injury free at purdue in college he had a shoulder injury that he suffered at San Diego. As you know and the dolphins I believe Sabin was in charge at that point. Nick Sabin Lear. Him and you know the rest of the story so so the point is it was just one injury and he did not have an injury history now back to Mike Tannenbaum to me. I was surprised that Tanenbaum stopped at top. Ten to me in good conscience. You can't take to it in the top twenty of the first round because of a horrifying college injury history. It's not just here and there it's everywhere it's Rex Ryan reporting on ESPN that he's had five surgeries. It's concussion it's broken nose. It's broken singer on his throwing hand. It's pulled quad. It was needed. Probably required a scope that we never heard about. It's too ankle surgeries called tight rope surgeries and then. It's a hip injury that required surgery. That could have been career-threatening. The doctors that too has been able to go to have cleared in but again we're in a situation right now obviously because of our pandemic that we're all fighting in which no team can get a first hand objective physical onto so you are literally whistling through the graveyard. You're shooting into the dark because you have no idea about. How healthy is and Shannon? Even if he's healthy right now how do you know? He's going to stay healthy for very long. Because the history would scream to you. Something's going to go wrong. He's not the biggest man. He's a great kid. He was seemed like a great leader at Alabama again at six feet. Tall he every time he took any kind of a shot. He got hurt. He is what the old cowboy teams I covered back in the eighties called. Brittle he's he's eggshells. He's what you call fragile. He's what you call injury prone so again to me even where you want to take too is in the second round on a flyer. The way the cowboys took Jalen Smith when it looked like his knee was wrecked at Notre Dame in his last college game or when you took Randi Gregory because he was a drug risk at that point. Those you take flyer but if you're going to take him with the fifth overall pick good luck because buyer B.'s. Wear skill unless you ray. Lewis or Lawrence Taylor linebackers. Bekker's don't win you super bowls quarterbacks. Do All David Smith is come back and played well. Randy Gregor has a rip legs and come back and play well but they're not changes. They're not life changes. That guy is a life changing. I believe he can be a life changer. And you don't pass up this opportunity skill you say. Quarterbacks are the most important the most valuable position in all the pro sports. You Bet if you get an opportunity. And plus they got three. I runs so if they've made a mistake. Here you got to you got to next year. So you'll be you'll be fine. I'm OK dolphins. Yes remember there have been numerous reports that the dolphins actually favored Joe Borough. So if I'm the dolphins I would take my three first round picks have including number five in next year's first rounder. And if I had to throw in a to throw in or to to say Cincinnati with the number one pick let us move from five up to one. Let us take Joe Borough Number One and then you can have styles and you can restock. You're covered with two other first round picks in next year's I and maybe this year is second. That's what I would do man my Mike Brown. Don't WanNa play autumn. First round picks that money cheap is he won't one guy he had to pay money to pay five guys. Give them my energy. But here's the thing who's to say that Joe Borough is not going to get hurt. A Herbert is not going to get hurt. You play professional football. There's a great risk you can get hurt now. Understands that some guys some guys are injured. Pronin College and they get to the NFL and they don't have anything. Some guys were healthy as a horse in college and they can't stay healthy in the NFL man. This is a violent game. This is not a contact. Does the collisions more. And you're running a man at a high rate of speed. I'm taking too and I'm not looking back. Am Sorry History tells you. The odds are stacked against to staying healthy in the national football league. Okay all right. I'm stopping you guys there. Because I want to talk about this. The giants may just throwing some shade at Odell Beckham Junior. We will dive into the latest. Welcome back to undisputed then giants released in informal twitter poll asking their France to weigh in and select their all time favorite giants receiver. But you know who wasn't on the list Odell Beckham Junior even though Jay. Second in team history and yards and fourth in receptions and touchdowns so she. Did you have a problem with the way the giants are handling? Odell. Give this a so. Petty is hard for me to believe that Sterling Shepard Victor Cruz. Akeem mix in front of him. Okay you WANNA MART. Amani toomer complex goal. Because they wanted was I get it? I get all that come all skill. I mean where's Homa Jones. I mean people don't realize I know you know who Homa Jones who is credited for the spike. But he Bob Hayes. What is too fast and football? And he's not on this list. So what are we going like you? If you're not on good terms you can't be on this list out of the best receivers kill. Stop this Shannon. I'm so with you because I never thought I would see the day. The New York football giants a cornerstone. Nfl Franchise would you to this level of pettiness. This is the mayor of family. That tisch family. And you're trying to do this. You're trying to Scrub Odell from from from memory like like. He didn't even exist. A New York football giant and Shannon. Obviously even after he took the receivers to South beach for the yacht picture. On the week they were going to play on the frozen Tundra at Lambeau and even after that Paris Video. They gave him his big mega contract and the next thing they knew he was talking about wanting to play in. Los Angeles and I think they never forgave him for that so they tried to to shipping to know where to Cleveland. And now they're trying to actually expunge him from their records and they're just better than that or maybe now they're not maybe they've they've fallen to this level. Sterling Holloway Dow Jones. Honestly at ten am eastern heard is coming up right after weekend at home. Stay safe everyone.

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