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The phony in France podcast is sponsored by renaissance period. Ization or our peace strength on Instagram. They've been helping me with my diet for the past few months to dial things in I get to eat more. I'm feeling great in the gym and recovering better. It's great to eat for performance with their help. Their best known for their RPI, diet templates would serve as a blueprint to helping you reach your fitness goals. Whether that's losing fat gaining muscle or improving performance in the gym, check them out on Instagram at our strength. Sewed sixty three. Inside tracker here. What's going on for having us? Thanks for having us. And we have Trist on the symbols symbols. That's enough. Maybe he's a future drummer. There's a future for sure we know that. Of something. But it's something trice NATO, right? Tries NATO tries, man. Trae sastre. Today right around pretty close to looking. He's like what? Instead what's that saying to me? So today when you guys were working out he was carrying the Fritos around. So I'm dumping don't amount on the floor. See trice trice kind of eats. What tries wants to eat wherever it is. And and so my first thought was okay throw all that away. Right because it's on the floor. And then I was like, nah, pick it up and put it back in the bag that the boy roles strings. Bush is the upper limit to the ten. Second rule doesn't exist to him. He's more like a maybe like thirty seven minute rule. He will have an immune system that is bulletproof in his life. Oh my gosh. Without question. I would say as long as it keeps them happy. But he seems like he's always happy. So the five percent of the time. He's happy. So he's not tired. He's pushing the upper limits of tired right now. He's a little nap. Like, I said, you can really tell when that left is starts going on in the left field. Cute. When he was real little hit a lazy eye, and then the the longer the older he gets it's kind of fixed it self, but you can tell whenever he gets tired. It's just like often completely. I just love how he loves you. And he must be around you, dude. The one will thing I'm freaking out. Yeah. You just picked him up, and he just takes off. He's excited to go. He lives right in that thing. Sure. Hillary loves to see that. I don't know if she's actually seeing that listen to this either. Do you guys have kids? I do I have one and a half and a three and a half year old, okay, t boys. So you understand. This reminds me of my second a lot. He's so happy super chill. They're both boys boys. My three and a half year old is such a diva. Since the moment he came out. Older daughter's that way. Yeah. She's she's fun. But she's the same way. Yeah. No kids from are you married to just got married months ago. How's it going? It's not too much different. I say. Still to still good. No, it's great. I love married life. Also. So long story short. We had inside tracker came in a lot. How long ago was it? And we wanted to bring them back and talk about our results in everything that happened. Well, they're still a lot to learn to you for everybody. I said also what the benefits are for everybody for sure. But for my first thought was do you have any crazy blood draws stories of like people just we couldn't get traded take blood? Well, Haley late. Held her while she was. Entails ya. I think we're you know, I've been with the company for almost two years. And they were there were definitely my worst worst experiences. Blood taken. Yeah. You know was panicked. A little bit late. I mean, it was kind of funny. The story that we had a lady local eighty that drew blood. She actually drew blood from me when I worked at the fire department. That is really funny. She was great too. She's awesome. I actually have a lot of people that rape before they get their blood drawn or they had just gotten their blood. John. They'll call and like it was wildly like unprepared. The night before I went out on a bender. A huge cheeseburger, wait before the blood draw and I had worked out like an hour before will affect my results. Yes. I just want to kind of summarize just what insight trekker is in an what people might use it for before. We're going to ask you some more questions about it. Sure. So really high level we are a healthy company. And we're looking at key biomarkers in your blood that are scientifically tied to performance overall, healthy and lunge vity, what's an example of like a biomarker for. So we look at. Lipids minerals. Vitamins and hormones, so we're going to look at your glucose, your triglycerides. So your cholesterol, an example of the vitamins and the hormones would be your testosterone or your as will look at b twelve we'll look at cortisol vitamin B a full CBC panel. So we're pretty much giving a really comprehensive look at what's going on inside your body. And then we'll create an actionable plan for you to incorporate different recommendations through foods supplements lifestyle changes that you can make in order to try to get those biomarkers that were analyzing into optimize zones for you. And those will be based on goals that you'll tell us that you have for yourself and certain characteristics that you're already doing how you live. How you eat. How you sleep how you train? Pretty cool. It's really giving you. I mean what we say. It's given you the inside look of to what actually is going on inside your body. How is your nutrition? I was your training house recovery actually affecting your day to day life. It's you're getting out black and white answer. You don't have to second. Guess you? Don't have to leave that up in the air. Wondering am I eating the right things is my training too hard? Can I push it harder thought dancers? Yes. On both of those. Snow's cool about mine too. Is that I'd had a blood test couple months before. And so I got to you can actually upload those results into it. So it was pretty cool to see the difference. Because I mean before then it wasn't intermittent fasting. And then to do the intermittent fasting was pretty cool to see just the difference in some of the stuff. Lot of it wasn't didn't change much. There were some things that changed. What did that change for you saucer own which I don't know if it's was how much training games like new baby at the house, whatever. But my testosterone jumped pretty good, my free testosterone is not great. But my actual just testosterone numbers of trying to look that up. But it was jumped like three or four hundred points, whatever. And then, but my free testosterone still not that great. We of talked about a little bit. The H BG is high. So that's something that most everybody at mayhem is paid attention to this was just kind of like a master's level of detail that was really valuable. Why thank you. I mean, if you look in the cross wits base in just sports in general, so many people are into the macro counting and things like that. Which is awesome. And it was just kind of another layer to add to the sports background. But this to me is really the highest level or Pitta me of like, if you're really if you're in your diet, and you're going to all these great links. Why would you not be looking in your to actually see because you can't be hitting your mattress every day? But if you're not if you're deficient in these certain things that you're still going to be suffering from a performance standpoint down the road and the Crespin industry as a whole is really a metoo industry. So if people are seeing that, you're. You're an accomplished athlete and you're taking the supplement. Or you're eating this way. You know, chances are they're going to like I need to take that supplement. I need to drive. You may not need to take all of those supplements. You can just dial it back to one or two single ingredients supplements like vitamin d if you're low or deficient in that area in incorporate certain foods that you made, you know, not be incorporating into your diet. Even if you know you really need though. So it is nice to take the guessing game out of the equation. And to be able to compare it for sure, right? What are your guys backgrounds? How did you guys get into inside tracker? So I come from more of a sports background. I played sports my entire life. I played tennis in college. And then right after college worked at ESPN, and then I worked for a nutrition company in international sales there fast forward a couple years. I moved to the verbs wanted to start building a family found cross it with my sister who actually works in the crossfire industry as well. And she said, you know, the CEO of inside tracker, which she had used the product. Before she said, he's looking for someone with sales experience has worked for nutrition company, and is cross fitter, and I would say. The loosest sense of the word kind of aligned so. Yeah. So that's how I found the company, and I would say ten years ago. If you asked me what my goals would be with inside tracker would have been performance based. But now that I'm getting older my goals are just to live longer. So I can be there for my kids and just be a healthier person. So it's been a really kind of like a soul searching and finding myself journey with the company. So I've been a lifelong athlete hockey player. My whole life always been into health, fitness. I played at a pretty high level through prep school in college. And then once that stopped I was kinda looking for that so competitive edge, or you know, the next thing that can kinda keep my competitive wheels turning and cross. It was a super easy in natural transition for that. My cousins got me into it. I was definitely skeptical at first with like, I think everybody is. And then I tried my first workout and from that moment on. Murph was my first workout. Sorry, say Murph was your was my first work. You're crazy. I was at the university gym. And my cousins were texting me, and they're like it was it was Memorial Day. We're doing this. This thing called Memorial Day Memorial Day, Murph. And that sounds pretty cool. What is it? And he told me what it was like, oh, I could easily run on the treadmill? Pull up art can do everything there. So I did that and the treadmill was on a different level. It was downstairs to go up and down the stairs. And I remember I was he told me what his time was. And of course, he had a vest on. I didn't wear best. So as if I can just be our I think, it's think it'll be okay. So I set the treadmill to a certain speed knowing that if I just keep the speed the hour, I almost passed out. I just didn't want to be that guy. Got shut off the end. Almost that guy today when? You guys very similar feeling. Actually would have applauded your efforts. Because you go that hard, and you fly off the back of a treadmill really given it you're getting invited. So I wish you the back of the treadmills morning. So you're. So that was that's like, my sport background and. I'm almost done with my PHD in -nology genetics field position to play hockey. Sorry backed up said what position did you play hockey events? Okay. Those defensemen didn't really have a headstone hands. Escape though, I was always one of the bigger guys. So. Slam the people into the walls most people. Office offense and defense and hockey other than the goalkeeper ignorance, right not to sound integrate. They have sticks and they go around with the puck and the goal. So no pun intended goal to achieve. People around the ice. How many? Kind of a trick question. But not really gonna say nine nine on one team. Yeah. Eighteen total not even close. Really? Five aside five and five, but then you have a goalie so hold on my guess, total Hafeer guests whose twelve but really only six people on you'll have five guys skating. Yeah. And the goalie usually two defensemen and three. Let's seems odd. And it gets pretty tight out there. Yeah. That's tough. Yeah. I what's the thing. When there's like, it seems like no one's on the other side in the one guy can like flick it and if it can like stroll across if it goes on the goal. He's gone. What does that the goal is an extra scare? So then you have six and then how come Huck ends up on the other and alone. And no one's to get many way that play. I think. Look. Just slow down the blue line on either end the centerline the blue line the puck if you're on offense. The puck has to go in before anybody can on offense on the blue line. The puck has to go in before anybody on offense can go inside there. And if the puck is inside that blue line and stays inside that blue line everybody on offense can be within that blue line. But if that goes over the blue line everybody has to clear out, and so what happens is you're trying to get if you pull the goalie you're going to put six people inside there. What happens is somebody will try to flick it over because there's no goalie and scored a goal. Anyway. That's like my favorite playing baseball is when the shortstop gets catches it on one foot and throws it too. I that's like my favorite if it makes it into the sickle. Hockey is your source is my sport. I've been doing cross for seven years while I was while I'm doing my PHD. And so just naturally inside tracker is almost a perfect combination of my science bathroom with my athletic with my background. It was a really really perfect. That's awesome. I love working with the athletes, and I can I can still kind of geek out a little bit on the science while still talking about performance. It's awesome. Would you say is in cross-fitters? What do you find to be the greatest deficiency? If there I mean that might be too general. What is there something that you often see so we can definitely I can cross out someone's name or cross out there at all? And you put one in front of me, you could probably I could say across athlete. Probably a lot of times. What we see is there overtraining markers. So creating kind as it's a muscle breakdown marker liver enzyme markers, which are also a sign of overtraining. Those are probably pretty high just Aastroem probably is going to be low at the same time your cortisol, which is stress hormone could be kind of high as well. You know, every workout is a pretty significant stress on the body high-intensity draining optimized, so which one is that is was high. There was one in the testosterone. I had one that was high one was low. Oh. Another thing. Interesting. Interestingly that we do see and maybe not so much anymore. But some of the nutrition markers, like your blood glucose might be off probably pretty high triglycerides might be pretty high because you know, I think that couple years ago people had the notion that you, especially if you cross cross fit you out Trina, bad diet. Yeah. Who's who's this? Job dumpster diet over there. So not so much anymore people. Everyone's really realizing how beneficial it is to track for nutrition and how much more of a competitive edge. That gets you is there any. Is there anything that you often see is deficiency? That's eas- that when fixed improves performance dramatically like is there like something? Like, I dunno say up just making it up. It was like vitamin d say you saw a lot of people deficient this. And you see people you can change that quickly. What we see a ton is glucose is high for people because. Yeah. And it's just comes down to. I feel like when paleo used to be very popular diet people got away from incorporating. Whatever I want. Yeah. So something that we literally tell everyone like eat oatmeal, just eat oatmeal. And that'll help you glucose in it's such an easy fix. And it's something that you can even if you have no time because that's what I've been doing. Imprint cereals. Anything that has a curious soluble fiber. And that's not going to just affect your glucose levels. But that's going to hit like we tell people oatmeal because it hits four or five different biomarkers to help improve your triglycerides, your cholesterol, HDL L the own that really hits it there. When I got my first blood test, my blood glucose was high and that was one of the things that I had a recommendation was eat oatmeal. So I started doing that. And I could definite- see a big difference in my training. I just have more energy. I always Trine usually at four or five in the afternoon. So I didn't feel sluggish coming into the gym a long does it take when you adjust something nutritionally to really see changes? You could probably see changes like a month out. We really say because you have to figure it takes time to implement those recommendations and then once they're implemented at a consistent basis than it takes time to see that in your blood. So we would never recommend anyone getting their blood work done sooner than maybe two or three months. Two months at the absolute earliest, probably right there anything that. We was there anything that. We gave you that. You started implementing that you could feel a difference with maybe not nutritionally, but supplement wise are stored the back strap molasses that was. No. That was who was that vision? Kristen. Did you do whatever? So gross was high country coaches make all the runners do that. Because there are so many. Yeah. Your blood? I started eating Chia seeds in oatmeal. And the other big one was the magnesium for recovery when we talked about that new gave me that brand of magnesium that you'll use. And then I started helps me sleep and recover better. I started using it eating it eating in the evening time that was one of the recommendations, I was taking it at the wrong time. So to optimize use it on an empty stomach in the evening time are most things. So when you're looking at these markers and things are most of the things that you guys suggested people nutritional or are there other? I mean, they just mentioned supplements. Are there things like that? Are there more drastic things? Or is it just usually? I mean, I noticed a lot of this. You guys give the foods to try and things like that. But is that your primary Goto I would say what like seventy five percent of our recommendations are probably nutritional based the they definitely have the most research backs backing those recommendations, they're probably some of the easiest ones to implement. But if you did scroll down like if you get your results, and you see like the top three or four recommendations if you were to expand that and you can scroll down the other ones you will start. Seeing things of altering your your training style. Which like when we deal with high competitive athletes, that's a really hard one for them to change, you know, like for them to change their training or or implement extra rest days like chances are they're not going to do that. So we do definitely focus on the nutritional ones, but there's other lifestyle factors that that we give recommendations for to one of the things I really appreciated was I mean, their their goals and cross bitter way different than mine trying to be trying to win a world championship. And I'm just trying to I'm just saying. I'm just trying to stay fish. I stay alive. Stay live. It's about it's about health and lifestyle in in. So, you know, you're able to take that person's goals, you know, and implement it and make it specific to who. They are. Yeah. And we take into consideration. Like you said what your goals are? And then your nutrition lifestyle how you're eating ready. And if you're willing to take supplements what supplements yard be taking. So that if we are giving you recommendations, they're not going to be a repeat of what you're already doing. And they're not going to be. I'm useful to you. If you're trying to eat in a certain way, so we really try to make it or cater it to make it make sure it's personalized to what you have going on in your life. And what you're looking for the cool thing about the supplement recommendations are for things like white in D, like we know that really the only way you can increase your vitamin d levels is to get more. Sunlight, and and for someone who lives in the northeast, you know, you're inside for the majority of the year, even or even if you're living in the south. When you have a desk job, you're inside. So when we give the supplement mundane based on your bloodwork and based on your current nutrition. We actually give you the exact dose that you need to take to to optimize values. So that's really useful. That's awesome. What were some of the things that you on yours? So we're I think. I had I had really been paying attention to my blood work and something I had been really paying attention to. So I wasn't really surprised about anything overall other than the details. Like, we talked about some of the recommendations glucose was one of the things that was high. And so I was able to start eating a little bit different implementing that. And then the recovery piece was the big piece for me. So remember, I had just got over the RAB dothan. Time for one test. He you're like a different human being now. No push. The key looks different than the last time. We told him when he walked in. I was like, wow. Jim a weird way. It was like, wow. Jim looks like we might have aged Becker. We need to get into that a little bit later. The inner age we need to talk about that. We'll get to that old. So I had just got cleared, and I was getting ready to take some more gets more blood work done, and then they came. So that was really good timing. And I'm interested in my hormone levels. So that was important to me to have to understand what that was and the pay attention to that. And then just the details recovery. Details work super important to me. So I don't know for me. It was some of it just confirmed. What was going on? The whole internet thing really threw me. I thought for sure I would cross all of you. Or were you on ninety three or something? Swing twenty ways in one direction the best that we've seen is Dave hip and steel he's his biomarkers are always out of control for. Mousters? He's always an unbelievable shape. But his was I think is eighteen years younger than he is. He's sixty three. And I thought honestly I like doing it. I was like man mine is going to be the worst of all these guys were younger like half a year younger. It's like a year younger and nine or ten. Nine or ten years older who talks about how great these different accident says she takes parabens. Fifty seven forty. No. I just started taking Jim termi onto these like mushrooms. Let's. That's true. That's true. That's not one of our. Sidetracked. What they say in what Jim says different. Mushrooms today self I'm not a superhero by the end of the week. I'm going to be Jewish rooms. What has taken shrew? For us. There was this kind of a. What's the name of the company? Stig matic. Stick force Matic. They have a coffee like a macho copy that has some mushroom stuff in it. That's supposed to help with lion's mane. Lion's mane is kind of mushroom. Has no or like doing inside trafficking of animals. That. Taking the only do need any help being super weird with that. No, I wouldn't do anything. Honestly, I was just doing what I'm doing. She's down the rabbit hole. I wasn't going to do the lion's mane thing because I don't need to peers real lion's mane just before we have. The mushroom. Come clear about what we're talking about these understand. I've actually never heard of. Before four Stig Matic is like sigma. It's. Like. Or I can look it up. I have the computer they're all their products are some sort of mushroom based product, and they so they do coffee lion's mane fungus. They they do coffee tea, and then they have some like. Four sigmatic. What's that? What's that product? What's that product called? It's kind of like a mind clarity product, right? What's called you? Have it up on the oh, there's I don't remember what it's called on on. It has alphabrain Brown. A brain. Okay. So basically, it's there it's another SuperFood. Type thing says you're saying like these certain food that will die in a year. Memory. So I did the saying this adapted Jin Moscow national gone done. Something else are deputy. So I got that blend along with this. That's just like supposed to be overall. And it's teaspoon. So you just mix it into anything. So I mixed one with like, my super greens. And that's fine. It's still tastes like dirt. Water don't taste good. Some of my coffee at lunch. And I'm like, I asked KM when like him can I just put this in here, it'll taste bench. She's like, yeah. It'll be fine awful turned around. I was like. Good spam. Lines may protect against dementia. Reduce mild mild symptoms, anxiety, depression, help repair nerve damage. It also has strong anti inflammatory antioxidant immune boosting abilities has been shown to lower risk for disease cancer ulcers taking. Taking. Mandible? Yes, I'm an animal. Very important to note that our recommendations. Years. Mushers track. Channels with dementia. It does I don't know crazy mouth she injected. See what happens apparant until wall and try to run off a bluff, so maybe lion's mane, and we get down that road. So sorry. I know I apologize. I need that. I need that. I would can we go through some of this test. And just maybe you guys give us some insight on I would love to just kind of we can compare who's better at on this chest. I didn't bring my I didn't even think. Sorry, ask you to print it out. But I'm sorry. You can pull it up. If you want to pull it up. I don't really want. Okay. So the first one on there is the sugar group metabolism and energy. I'm just gonna let you do it. If you want to I mean, we don't have to go. So this is kind of like what if Jimmy's doing consult, this is pretty much how it goes. Anyways. You just go through the biomarkers Jimmy. We don't mean me. Just do this. Oh, yeah. But I want to understand I want. Each of these has your numbers as grain if it's good or read if it's bad in a yellow if it's moderate or whatever. So I actually do I like looking at the groups because it's your essentially grouping several biomarkers that are all involved in the same physiological process or they could all be obviously group together. And it gives you a quick glance of that group as a whole instead of going. You don't have to go individually biomarker by biomarker, some people love to do that, you know, to geek out on the numbers other people just like looking at their overall like where they stand overall in their groups. So yes, oh, you're sugar group. That's going to have obviously your your blood glucose levels. Mine says needs to work. So you're saying eat oatmeal. Yeah. So you can see I know like we're on camera here in they can't actually see it. But. You're gonna have your actual biomarker result. That's going to be on the left, and then on the right is going to be your recommendations all the food base base ones that we do, and it's actually going to give you the specific foods that you can implement in your diet that will have an effect on that particular biomarker. So enrich said green yellow red. He was talking about where you're biomarkers fall in relation to a graph red. Meaning you're at risk. Call your doctor yellow meaning needs work. So here's the recommendations that we're going to give you in green means, you're demised. So these optimized owns that we create for you. We're going to be different than a normal zone that you would get from your doctor just because you're normal Dona doctor is going to be the same as a sixty five year old lady who may not get off the couch. So we've created the zones we take into consideration the characteristics that you've told us about yourself age ethnicity. Again, how you eat. How you live. How you train and what your goals are? So. Yeah. So that Kerry said that yellow that yellow range, that's the clinical the clinical range that any physician us. So if you get your number your doctor, and you never get a callback because everything's normal. You fall somewhere within that yellow zone. But we take it a step further in we're going to say, well, that's okay. But we can get better for you. So when you see here like your sugar group, it needs work that's taking into account all the biomarkers that are in the sugar group. So you could have for example. It's not that. I not that. What four mine was. I just actually to that earlier. I think it was eighty nine. Seventy nine pre-test L. Eighty two is mine closures. Still pretty good. Pages are kind of cut off the fine witchcraft corresponds to glucose that was eighty two. Gotcha lipid group. These have metabolism in weight control in our. It's just up. Okay. Yeah. That's cool. So how so what did we shall we started with sugar group? So overall, you're sugar group. It says you that needs work. So then if we flip the page, and we're that sugar group has your fasting glucose levels. It looks like we have right under that is your lipid group. So your lipids are going to have your LDL cholesterol, your HDL, cholesterol, your total cholesterol. So even like your lipid group is a little high as well. So that's taking into account. Why do I have I see here that your LDL, which is considered the the bad cholesterol? L deals a little high. You need some oatmeal. Hi, this kale. I don't know. I think the mushrooms are going to heal it. Yeah. Are your LIPA tie? Why are yours? Hi. Didn't eat enough. Open. On the test before I was one twenty six and this current test was one forty two. And I was actually eating a lot more oats and stuff like that on the first. So I'm interested to see if I do other test because I have been trying to eat a little bit more. That's often. See it lowers. But my was one forty two on this last one. So it's high it's call to when you take these tests and. Your next test will be another snapshot in. The comparison you're gonna be down my triglycerides went from ninety five to seventy nine on this list so window, and you can make a little notation of what was going on in your life. So like, oh at that time, I was like either training super hard or it was very stressful time in my life like that can make a difference in. Hormones of right. So if we look at like, your liver group, your liver enzyme group overall again that says it needs some work. It's it's yellow I guess I'm not trying to pick on. I'm just going by paper. That's taking into account that you're a OT is high. Is pretty good. And that's one where if you were alcoholic that. Actually like for for liberty. Alcohol. It will. GT's messed up ratio between I think ESPN Giudici, which is how a doctor would say. But you're is a little high your ST is high. What does that mean? So these are your liver. Enzymes anytime that your liver is taxed I guess or your liver's working hard has to produce a lot. Lot more enzymes to do its function AST and AOL tea are also found in your muscle cells to so when you break those down it can Leach out into your bloodstream, and it will be detected by test. So I'm going to say I haven't looked at your creating Tiny's which it's a little high. It's not too bad. But you can say that maybe maybe the day before you had a print intense with the conversation with hey, we're gonna run they say, maybe we should go light today. Well, that's good. That's. At least you didn't go on the bender the night before in a huge. If Donald figured it was best to see what our body, actually. That's great. I worked out hard. You looked up pretty hard. Okay. Are you looking at the the liver function and talk society of LT. Hobie Mun AST GT out. What's your ASC? That's not. Thirty four thirty four. What patriots? Mine was thirty one. So you worked out even harder than I did. Now, the values actual the number value is going to be different for a man versus for on. So. Yeah. So I even tell a lot of people like maybe don't focus so much on the number. You don't really have to focus on the number because our graphs make sense of it for you. Okay. So yet. Okay. So I just have to remember. I've good GT. Totally. Okay. So creeds doesn't mean that you should drink more. Doesn't give an excuse. There is river fill in red wine. Which is what I'm saying? So I state. Australian is optimized in a lot of people think that you know, only men should be conserved should be interested in test Ostrom, but it's just as important for women to especially female athletes. So that was that's very good. You're s h ok sorry. Can you explain that? Yeah. So is the perfect. Okay. So S H G is your it's called sex hormone, binding globulin. We don't have to worry about what that scientific Russia. But essentially the way that testosterone for like, Richard. We're talking about your free testosterone the way works for a man is your testosterone is either going to be free more. It's going to be bound to a protein that transports it throughout the body. So S H G is one of those carrier proteins. Your testosterone level is going to be literally the total amount testosterone in your body. So it could be either free or could be bound so total is is the whole picture. And then you're free testosterone is what's bioavailable or what can be active if it's bound to a protein that's being transported at the body. Can't be used for its anabolic functions. Building muscle in increase in Europe. Every so if your total testosterone is optimized, but if enrich said his free testosterone was low most likely, you're S H B is high. So I went I had free testosterone pre-test was four fifty eight this test was eight ninety six Gs however by HP g went from sixty to one seventy seven right. So we do know that really high bouts of high-intensity invol- training or a really tough workout will increase your S H BG levels that causes all the testosterone. In your body to be bound to that carrier protein. So so you're you're total testosterone remains the same. It remains optimized, but now we have a difference in the ratio of free testosterone versus bound testosterone. And for women we look at D H E S, which is the precursor to testosterone or estrogen. It's DJ S. I did learn however about the S H B g that parabens in like shampoo and things like that. That's why told you if you don't pay attention to the stuff. No, you use that gets bound up by that. They it was some study that they did on a football team that they all had really low testosterone. And they found out that it was because of all they were all using the same shampoo in the locker rooms, and it was binding up there. I'm going to mess up the increasing their levels and turn that binds up all your free testosterone. So yeah. So that's why you know, these groups like we said before like, it's. Cool to look at the group as a whole, but you get even more information when you dive in biomarker to biomarker because if we just looked at your total testosterone on. That's really cool. But you might not have like in your case, your DJ S was a little low in most likely, and like we saw your SHP Jew was high. So you don't have as much of that hormone bile available to be used for the purpose that needs. Awesome. And you know, it's it's cool to see this is the first time. I'm like really seeing results laid out in front of me. But we saw the liver. Enzymes were a little bit of a little bit high S H G was high Hortas all is also on the higher side. It's not optimized it's not terrible. But so you're kind of seeing a trend here. Like, all these markers are everything. That's is that your training just killing you in here. Yeah. So maybe like like you said like the day before you had an intense string session. Well, these biomarkers are telling me exactly that. So if you didn't tell me that I probably would have came to you and said, hey, so what's your training like the past week like, we're recovering. So this is where we tell and it's sometimes hard to talk to athletes or athletes this, but you know, recipes are important. Whether it's a complete rest day or an active recovery day or you get out of the gym. And you go do something else do yoga like those are important that's going to allow these biomarkers to to become optimize. And it's only gonna give you more energy. Or it's only going to put you in a better place going into the next day of training or into a competition. So let's like we we recommend like for for you guys. Like if you get tested like a week or two before the games are are we to before a Sanctional event? So that's going to give you enough time to implement some quick changes. If you need to give a couple of weeks. But now, you know, exactly how you guys are how your body's are going into a really important event, and to Jim's point with all of the mindset work that he does we're starting to look at incorporating more recommendations for lifestyle with the mindset approach just because it is so important. Yeah. So like for cortisol. I it's I think everyone knows like cortisol. We're not just talking about physical stress here that can be emotional stresses. Well, yes. So it can be both like cortisol level your cortisol levels will go up if you have stress or increase stress on your body, but that stress can come from physical stress. Like, I would say this is probably physical stress looking at your liver. Enzymes looking at your CK levels, your hormone levels. But if for example, if we have someone client that comes to us and those physical stress markers, like your hormone levels your liver. Enzymes those are all normal but your cortisol through the roof. I'm going to say man, you need lacks back. What's going on in your life that's causing causing this like are you getting enough sleep because cortisol is the first thing to go up when you lose sleep. And we see the cortisol has shoot up and testosterone gonna Plummer up. I think for me when I first started doing blood work that was this was exactly what the doctor told me because I was in space, and it'd be tuna half years ago where I was super stressed out. But I didn't I didn't even know. I thought I was doing fine. I don't feel stressed out. We talking about kind of thing, and he was able to use some of the book and tell me exactly what you just said. Like, yeah. What's going on here? Lifeless day little bit deeper because it's not something physical were dealing. What else is happening, and I was under a ton of breast stress and emotional stuff, and that was important, and it works the other way too. When I first got one of my my personal test on I felt like I was extremely stressed. Like, I think it was maybe right before the open started a couple years ago. So like, I was kinda stressed about that I had a lot going on at work a lot going on in my lab. So I felt very stressed. But then I got my blood. Worth back in my cortisol is optimized so it can go both ways. Like, oh, maybe I'm not as stressed as I am. It's also the perception of it. So that's why like knowing this. You know, seeing it on paper. Now. Now, I have a good. I have I have an idea of what's going on inside my body, and I might not be doing bad as as I feel. Well, that is big. That's really big the stress information, inflammation levels are really good surprising giving how much we work out. I thought everyone was just walking around inflamed. So we actually did this really interesting study where we took twelve hundred cross-fitters that are in our database. We compared them to the rest of the people who have done inside track in our database, and we have a lot of fit people who are in database. We have a lot of professional athletes a lot of endurance. And we found that cross-fitters were generally more healthy than the rest of the population who has done inside track. And there are you looking at the overall marker of inflammation. You just you're so we so that was lower across bidders. The LBL was lower HDL was hired triglycerides were lower. So it was just so interesting to see that cross-fitters doing what we're doing or impact way. Good way is is a global inflammation marker in your body. So basically, what is the overall level of inflammation body? It's pretty it's pretty simple way to look at that. So we do know that participating in regular exercise will help lower those inflammation levels. So the other markers that we looked at your liver enzyme CK, your your sex hormones, those could kind of be more local, I guess more local look of exactly like how your body is handling the day to day dresses of your training. But HSEN takes a lot more time to change overtime. But overall, your body is in a optimize state in terms of inflammation. And then even to turn the page. The next ones we look at this is like the CBC complete what cell count. So these are looking at your white blood cells, those are the cells of your immune system, and they even go into depth of the actual specific types of white blood cells. Mine rob demised, h CRP actually dropped from point six two point three between tests. So it was optimized yet says the might total neutral fills was twenty four hundred is optimizes us. So when we look at your white blood cell counts. This would be a great marker of like, if you were sick view, if you had a cold or something like that we could see that in your white blood cell count. 'cause you're in your immune cells are activated. There's probably more of them in your body. Trying to fight off whatever infection that you have. Yeah. So that's that's cool. That's cool. The sea any glaring things that come out of that. That would be more of what you need to consult your physician about that. If we see like, plummeting levels of of white blood cells or or something like that where it really really high levels that's high. That's the an e o Sino fill is. That is part of your. You're a neat innate immune response. So if you have any type of virus, it's like one of the first responder cells to encounter that by us into attack. It why that's high that wasn't about to get a cold. Yeah. That one I don't know because all your other flew the next day. One. That's an interesting one because all your other white blood cells are perfectly optimized every single one except that one. So I'm pretty sure you need to see a doctor Tim silver treatment nation. So I know it looks bad because I'm the expert in in the immune system. But yeah, I can't answer why that single one is high. But every other one is for what was it which precursor for? Yeah. What was your is seen officials is it one thirty? It's a precursors optimal. No, it's just a just another type of white blood cell another type of immune cell in your body. But they would be heightened if you were if you're sick. But I wouldn't say that you were sick because every other immune cell is perfectly optimized, so maybe that's maybe I don't know you're an anomaly isn't bad too high unicorn. Or your free. Just can't. I'll take jokes. I know that fills are not they're not very abundant white blood cell in your body. There's very very few of them. They're involved in the allergic response of you had an allergy to something. So that is weird. Sorry. I can't Helen. Still on those. Okay. So now, we're into some of the vitamins vitamin d is it's optimized, but it's just on the low levels of being optimized, so I think. So you probably wouldn't get a recommendation to supplement that because it's often missed. But you know, I would it would be interesting to see like when you test again. Like is it still right on that that line or did that increase? Important is involved in so many things so many different processes new body. It's involved in calcium uptake, so strong bones. It's really involved in creating healthy immune system again. I like to take my vitamin d at night because if item indeed is a precursor to well, it's a high level precursor to alternately melatonin, which makes you sleep or indicates or initiates your natural sleep rhythm article told you not wear sunscreen. That's not true. He says at sunscreen gives you cancer article that I read said likelihood of you getting cancer versus heart disease because lack of vitamin d is worth because we don't most of us are only out in the sun for three or four months tops yet. You're not gonna get skin unless you're just like getting completely sunburned baked every single day you need the vitamin d versus the amounts of skin. There's an article that I read, but I sent it to them and she freaked out because she's all hippie about just protect my skin. I'm a hippie about skin care. So like vitamin d like in terms of the sleep. That's such a good tone. Supplement vitamin d supplement three days ago. I started an Niagara ham. I don't even know why I read something about it. And I was like well. Okay. Perfect. Well, trying things lines main. Yep. De scoops mushroom and vitamin d have been. So I should do that though. Right. I would like to see like where your your levels are at now like is it still riding that low line, or, you know, just be interesting to see where they are because you wouldn't get a recommendation in this case because it's the mice might be low. But it's. Optimize, forty or sunscreen. We get into twelve that's involved in cell production. So especially red blood cells, you need vitamin b twelve to produce red blood cells that's optimized as your b twelve. I feel like rich at a lot of optimized biomarkers which I was secretly hoping it was going to be a little bit. Like give me some red. The only real one had that was way off was all my my HDL L, my LDL, mainly my total cholesterol. That was my real read stuff mostly of green. When I went to prayers off, I laughed out loud because it was like your foods guest. Cuttlefish snails, and I was like go. Oh. Up under for what for what biomarkers? For. Both. You you can switch those out disclaim could get recommendations for things that you are definitely not gonna make like I had one for cuttlefish. And I. Microwaving a lot of food and my husband. So I switched that one out. So. And then we kinda rep up your with your electrolyte levels, sodium, potassium, magnesium all optimized, those are all very good. Let's see which ones are in the red was or anything on there for you. That was like glaring. That was like I'm not seeing anything glaring other than that Yosano figure that out of. Yeah. Choice took a couple of months. I just have highlight ones. I'm like, I said the red M. My C was read what's that? It's an oxygen transfer and blood function MCV. It's mean, corpus killer volume. So how big your red blood cells? Yeah. Says minor too big. Ninety two is the range ones ninety seven so the size. I'm not super solid on the so much that goes into red blood cell production and iron metabolism. But your red blood cells are some of the fastest cells that are producing your body, and they rapidly die. I can't wait so richest testosterone w huge red blood. But what was the total number of red blood cells normal members that. L red bliss on the the end without. So on. Okay. So point six to six point one says that makes sense. So like, I said red blood cells turnover very fast. So if you have an optimized turn red blood cell turnover and they're being produced diet at an optimized rate, they really don't have an opportunity to get big. So you have a low used as you have a little bit of a low level of red blood cells, so red blood cell turnover could be happening or could be happening faster than it is right? So they're they're growing too big. They're not dying fast enough because there's not being there's not more being produced at a. Yeah. As far as yellow was Myron was yellow my fair. Tin was yellow. T percentages yellow. Let's TES percentage that your transference such ration-. So so like, we talked about SHP, gee, that's a carrier protein for the sex hormones transferring is a carrier protein for iron. Yeah. So iron iron is super important for your body. It is a or it's it's really critical and and making hemoglobin he Hiba Goldman carries all the oxygen in your blood cells all throughout your body. So if you don't have enough iron or your iron levels are low. You're not gonna have enough hemoglobin transport all that option throughout your body. So it's very similar to what we talked about with SHP. Gee, if transferring levels are really really high, it's most likely going to be binding all that iron. So I am not going to be available to be used to make human Golden Globe. And also in there as well. So you're going to get, you know, just like we see free testosterone. You'll see like is is that exactly what's going on. Yeah. Especially women. We see a lot of low iron levels. Come back. Mom, and one of yours is ferret in which is which is low Ellis, your mine was not optimal. Okay. Yeah. So that's your iron stores. And we see that, you know, come back and people who have that low level will say, I'm not feeling I just don't have any energy. So it's nice to get that level back in in to understand. Why? I mean, I feel like most of these this is huge if you can, you know, adjust these things, and it's less we're going to see like a major output changing the gym. No if you optimize and yours are pretty good. But you know, if you optimize. Those red blood cell levels. You're going to see an increase in energy. You're probably see an increase of endurance in your workout to be able to go longer. So. Yeah. So why did you guys choose or why were the the biomarkers for inter age chosen to be the one that indicate that? Yes. So those are five biomarkers your inner age. I it's your blood glucose levels, your AOL, t it's testosterone. Triglycerides, Dale T H E R P in vitamin right, entre paean, vitamin d so those are all those are five proven biomarkers with backed up by tons of scientific research that show has an effect on longevity. So if we're optimizing those biomarkers chances are longevity is going to be increased for you, so biologically, you're younger. So that's and that's how it works. And we just inside tracker just package that nice with it. They put it through a computer algorithm, and it spits out a nice easy number that you can look at compare your inner age to your chronological age. And it's it's kind of a fun tool to will as you guys as you guys not, you know, compare with your friends, and I'm gonna have to change. Should we re-test all the stuffing? We say between if you do the ultimate test. We say every four months. Every four to six months computer with selling me like we were supposed to do it in a couple days from now. And that was the perfect time zone. Yeah. I mean, it depends. What's going on in your life? But we say four to six months, and that will give inadequate amount of time to see your biomarkers move. If you're using the recommendations that we're giving you. In just to see them. You know, move at all if he wanted your next snapshot, you should be able to see a difference in you know, what you saw before if people just listened that want to do this. They just go inside tracker dot com, and they would they there's different levels, obviously. So what's optimal for them? I guess. Yeah. So we I mean, you can talk to anyone at inside tracker. But what your goals are? And then we'll help you decide what plan really works best for you. The alternate plan, which is the one that you guys went through analyzes these forty two biomarkers. And if it if you have the means to do it, and it makes sense than recommend that one one hundred percent just because he won. Yeah. You get the greater baseline look at what's really going on. We have plans that focus more on performance and recovery markers. We have which is high-performance. We have another plan called essentials, which just gives a greater look at kind of your overall health, but with less biomarkers, and then we do have that inner age plan. So if you're main goal is, you know to live longer, and you want to try to turn back the hands of time logically re-test, every three months or so then, you know, maybe in arranges the one for you. But we're more than happy to are happy to steer you in the right direction because everyone's different. So. Thanks for having us. What for to the re-test with? We'll have to test again. And then have you guys back and figure it out? See what we screwed up. What we got right back on the air runner. And hopefully. That last interval where we sprint or sprint. I headed up to a so I really leaned into the machine and it got up so fast. And I was like I'm gonna fly. Yup. Down the trough trying to convince a music comeback to a train with rich workout that was more of a pacing workouts? You guys did you know that wouldn't really I wanna see him get after. I want to see him. Let's put him in something where he's just has to go to work to pour concrete, Pat. Oh back to so bring some roller. Also, I'm not shy of going into the pink. Nineteen point two was one that I want to forget. With the way I felt after that we're so. So. Guys. Thanks, guys dot com. Thanks or strength. And try these.

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