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To of course we're going to look back on york during these pious cast so much high quality action to review. We're going to take all pick a bit and see what the louds i think. Rules are going to have a look at some of the action mid week from the lexa tipperary on the sundown on this lawyer steaks on saturday of course that's what we've got to look ahead to and but i as i mentioned let's get started with your gonna go through some of the sort of high profile races and then i'll give you guys trump's to solve interject. Wherever have you like. Let's start off with the great voltage then on logistician who seems to smash the ledger market sort of walk right up his street. I guess tommy looks the only real live certain contender at the minute. Yeah he's seven to four favors favors from sevens after the performance in your book. I there's probably i dunno. They're still you wouldn't know what's lurking in ballydoyle with with the the ledger in mind but hey sixty four at the top of japan as a two one second favourite alongside dragon il paradiso who coincidentally random blinder during your as well and there's a whole host than their intense but yes seven to four favorite <unk> him and then a whole host of as they say japan and ballydoyle horses. We don't know what they're going to win the race just yet. Maybe something could come out of the woodwork. How impressed with the grays beautiful looking horse needs bayton style. Yeah impressed whilst he's still was like he was attended eleven favorite in a four and a favor on race so like obviously ozzie he did it well and did what he was asking a group to us as annoyed by tinky sharp at the moment and even though he is is unbeaten. He looks just torture to me now. Do you think he could be a war or the chinks in his armor potentially in a laser asia is a it's a it is going to be affirmed task. There'd be all sorts of pace angles by the door run as many as they liken us. You wouldn't know am so look. He's still got another question to answer. He's an extremely good horse. He's never group to inner bus again. Five runners ten to eleven trevor like he'd want to be doing that <hes>. Do you know what i mean. Look time'll tell yeah exactly <hes> what's real thoughts on logistician. People seem to be getting carried away but there's plenty to like about him. You know he's a bit sexy as and as you know he's boyfriend collegiate gray. John gallstone is very good. I thought it was a it was a winnable rice. <hes> norway was put into the fractions and no-show constantinople is he's a bit of that. I wouldn't be surprised to see him in joseph's yard. Come to windsor <hes> doing another job <hes> and giving that to go see him. You know beating him as being anything. Amazing look great. I'm not even sure if technically remember postponed winning two voltage or a few years ago really impressive style and he he didn't go to the ledger because they saw mister fantastic middle distance prospect in that's what he turned out to be and i wouldn't be surprised if addition was exactly the same so if he goes then obviously he's the rightful market leader and throw it will probably come onto japan both always thought the his win. You'll probably rose this because he might have other fish to fry. It'll be about aiding brings over think anthony van dyck not the likely one of these go to build a reputation restores in the last couple of starts and he he hasn't really warranted a crack at the offer anything that anita sold about stamina's the he might be the one who goes from megan's law but i wouldn't be totally surprised if legit missed this race and <hes> you know they took the long term view with him and the bit light perspire nakas sort of us. Okay yeah okay so we get too carried away with logistician just that yet then well see you mentioned japan that he's the host. We're going to talk about next thrilling jordan on international. Tom same such a long time ago now but he got the better crystallization in a great finish. I mean you probably say won the race the week but so much help enough to that that maybe a lot of people forgotten about it but he looks at top class colt now knows it was it was a great week but yeah it was fantastic race and and credits a- chris lotions well who went down fighting but japan looks looks very good he goes five from ten and in potty peres our market at the moment so that's a possible target for japan. Do you think he could be able he. He could <hes> but i. I don't think he will <hes> no. I think we're probably on to talk to her about her in a bit more detail. I just can't see it now. Am i think she's absolutely incredible okay. What did you think of japan did win. Surprise you at all. It did slightly yeah. I mean the full there. I i saw a loan to other people. Crystallization just have enough to hold on <hes> and went on his soldiers always. Does you want to make station. East is fantastic so consistent you always have a concern will prevail notable. I mean he's got a little twos next to his name now. He doesn't doesn't do anything wrong. These racist troy's absolutely heart out. You runs over malta mouthful. You wonder if that race against the naval taken out of i'm asking last time out because really put up to he would have been straining every sinew in that race. Ask it so it's come back a couple of weeks later and fundable off again. It's not an easy thing to do. It's a slot the unlucky wilson racing being the third wholesaler cam who just went in yeah he was just kind of working up a bit of a head of steam in but he couldn't get out he couldn't get out when you needed to get any breathing space and you know jim crying out to stop were arguing for a couple of strides just to just to enable him to fund that kind of route through and it happened happen too late for many finished on the heels lead in third. I don't think it would have taken a lot for murphy managed to get out of it quicker for him to be rotten thames with him and he was the one con of not to take out the race japan. Obviously you start with him and all options ripens in. I wouldn't be surprised to see him in yawkey wouldn't be surprised to see him. In the go-to. Ask on champions day. A champion stakes maybe possibly but certainly ruled out the legendary mcconnell see any circumstance would which they would take japan for legend when these proved his class i remind auden to any point in that when they've got others in the altar fulfill the ledger ledger objective but yeah i'm being going forward. I think it could be really interesting. Rematch between him annella ella cameras really come of age in season yeah certainly house. You mentioned jim crowley here next week of course but more of that later usually on these postcards. We wouldn't cover a sales rice in such a way that mom's tipple took the breath away when winning back on earlier in the week. We have to talk about him. Tom i mean as he moved in ante-post markets for that year twelve show for for the commonwealth cope and something similar in the the two thousand guineas they'll just bring it up there now and double check if and he is fourteen from twenties in the two thousand absolutely absolutely incredible. I'm not a fractions expert but i would. I would be a believer in in kind of what what the clock would tell us and apparently his his sections are absolutely incredible so look time will tell but a at the moment very exciting but <hes> as you say it's a sales rose so he needs to goal kick on and do something as at the end of the season but <hes> yeah very very exciting. It's going forward yeah sure is this sort of. I think there's two different camps when we look at this race to sort all the time and sectional boys who are going while the best juvenile poems is in the season well as people who are going. It's a sales race. People might be getting a little bit carried away. Where where do you stand difficult to get a bit carried away and they wouldn't have you seen <hes> and you put your lengths on your rivals. <hes> you know they might not be in an exceptional exceptional bunch and nothing tons right. You'd like to do in an autumn races well to truly kind of gauge where he's by. I mean i would go back to his maiden win. As well adler substance to is well nothing. You'll me the time you came from that bayden soon. I think four of come out one since then so you know what maidens were account that they tend is be good showing again on his second. The overseas is very talented. You know if he was pitched into one of those big. Autumn races degree braces with two year olds then <hes> <hes>. It'll be very interesting to see how he goes. Yeah i'll take a positive view of the performance saw you know. Sometimes these things it's good to be true but i think he deserves to be pitched into a into a big autumn rice. I wouldn't be surprised that's what if you could design an impossible even the season unbeaten yeah there to the whole thing as well as the so he carried a penalty he carried too fan penalty andrey so and to give everything wait on still do what he did like. It's all well and good for something to go off and just bold up and kind of don't ever hear them again but i think the combination of ways and time is very significant in the nicole yeah richard nicole threats win the smart juvenile during the week as well. We'll talk about some of the other younger horses to win a bit later on but i think he's got big plans for both of them. It was quite funny. Actually speaking to charlie ali fellows yesterday for monday jury described him as frank less can also wall people are gonna get upset about that but he was very very impressive. Mums tipple triple another little who impressed shea always does was of course enable when winning the yorkshire actually meet magical again and so modern about you but also the the aftermath was as sort of touching as the race itself because that was last run on british soil we think and frankie dettori he was in tears. Yeah no look. She's obviously an incredibly especially am and is four to five at the top of the market but that's irrelevant. I think in the context of racing racing and and history and and people are looking for that kind a horse of a lifetime you here. I think the very good about always talking about mcabe video fire lap and wings of course enable is that now i think <hes> i think she's she's carved out a place for the record books and at she's she's just an absolute incredible mayor like there was a litter where we were watching it in the offices of fleeting moment where we were like oh hang on a second but then she just turned on the afterburners and does what she always does and just win well and she's just incredible really incredible <hes> but yeah amazing to be alive to see it unfold yeah exactly and i think we will echo those sentiments what sami in terms of what we learned. We didn't learn a great deal. You know she didn't have to improve revolt anything fancy. It wasn't that sort of show stopping performance book ironically. She cheers magical. Every time she runs isn't she. It's not affect she has nothing having built sequence now and having done it on so many different kinds of track senior left handed right handed uphill downhill golden to america last season done that i'm being franz twice on that you know she's really he traveled and you know to its ties itself in knots about comparing him frankel and all this kind of stuff you know the two different in frankel pulverized opponents opponent. She doesn't do it in quite the same style in terms of longevity in terms of her being able to travel to different destinations and produce exactly the same kind of performance <hes> the season indices now is just an exceptional feats and you know she is important for racing tampa was that she featured in a news bulletin. I was watching the news on bbc and she actually featured on the whole tracing very ready. Does it takes a big horse racing story and two featuring the news and often it can be negative one too so the fact that is a positive story about a pretty nice about the show even is frankie dettori that was on board whose interiors <hes> is fantastic and you know going to france aigars. Tom said on the process isn't gonna float your boat particularly. I think the fact that she's going. There is a potential three time winner in the the buzz in the noise always around that race in the first weekend okhta will be brilliant for the game and refined tastic for salsa to see how she gets on and hope she does it. I don't want to be picky. Gabe some people are saying. She's not quite as explosive as she was in a three-year-old seasons and do you buy into not. Do you think she's just as good as she got a bit wise to it now. She's getting older is complete complete relevant to be honest. She finds a way to win. She's she's probably learned the the reason hoses can build up sequences like she has the pro. I believe that you know maybe they do. Keep it will be back for themselves. She isn't flashy like franco. Was you know she went to win. By five or ten she'll go and do what's necessary and that's why oh you are able to reproduce the performances time in time out and that's watson able to to <hes> you know overcoming. She did law season comeback when it comes in deok. Wouldn't that go to america to everyone. This season is kind of money to take her only wanted to take her on in eclipse but she just does what she does. They wanted to take on the next based on ascot she just does. It and i'm really not particularly concerned whether she wins by a length or five links. It doesn't matter the fact is that she's built up a brilliant sequence of wins. That can't be taken away from another thing. It should be yeah. Certainly not you know i'm sure people would agree with that sequence of wins another also built up a really strong sequence is of course stratovarius wounded alone style his second million-pound bonus. Isn't it funny when this was first introduced as people say oh no one's ever going to win it and he's now done it twice. Watson yam similar sentiments you recor about him about neighborly. He's certainly not flashy again. He won boss will margin and yoke but again. He's running overstaying trips which will always you know. It may look like it but it would always take the fact that he just wins. Boss wool margins again suggests that may be just keeps it a little bit back from so does what's necessary and that's enables him to go through the season going from moscow to goods to your winning these big long distance races and you know i mean i suppose the says would say impeaching the same horses and d._s._p. Up again and go big again and maybe you know it's not a very deep pool <hes> but again. I just think nothing it negative to look at it like that. It's not nothing to win these races. It's not easy for him to build up to sequence the has done you know is is very praiseworthy in the top of the tree at the moment and the long continue necessarily see moscow on on trump installed yeah as you say we'll see next year as well fingers crossed that he stays sound tomorrow a mix between the two things whilst he's mentioning but i admire this will cease brilliant but i just like to see something a bit different from him now and you know he's unlikely to go to the ark but i want some fresh off position or i want him to travel. I don't know what do you still decide on the stratovarius issues. I see rear colin from but i think you're possibly being overly harsh. I think i think he's probably one of the great stairs of of the the modern era i would say <hes> he's kind of. He just does enough okay yeah. He's beating the same opposition but a bit like any good kind of football team or whatever you can win and styler when ugly it doesn't matter he just wins and gets it on. I think that's probably the big comes from campaign is an incredible and it it as you say about that stairs bonus thing and people were thinking oh it was never going to happen. I i think that's something that's a policy that i think the the powers that be weatherbys etc going to need to stick behind for it's gonna take five years plus of kind of breeding industry to be influenced to maybe consider acidic breeding astaire to kind of go for those targets particularly the owner-breeder so i i it does a fantastic initiative and and things like the million pound e were help as as well but <hes> yeah no. I think stratovarius and south is fantastic sayer and <hes> i i wouldn't have crab won't have owned listen to hey. Hey i'm just doing this in the interest in balance i really liked is bit of a legend really now isn't it from one end of the distance spectrum to the other will go to to the nunthorpe ampato. She blew them away new course record by by deja anti punish those york down swazi you did a fantastic performance wasn't expecting knows on the show last week and say much ought be with with agencies very disappointing at ten now yeah but yeah and it's kind of because he's guilty and gives them the freedom to go for these kind of things because commercial considerations on a factor for him say the fact these. He's failed twice in other circuit if they didn't it for connections to go. We're not going to wipe some of the tailgate. We're going to give it one loss. Go and it paid off was kind of brave but like i i said because he is a gelding it gives them the freedom to be able to do things on that because they've got no worries about future breeding or anything like that so they can roll the dice as as many times as i oh i can and this time it would add to absolute perfection and think what is worthy of praise way charlie hills is trying to source because obviously it must be very headstrong especially in his younger days i mean having gelded presumed whose hearts control <hes> always had the speed but he has it kind of channel it into the right areas and all that kind of stuff and that sometimes being his downfall. I think this reis book to absolutely perfect night. Odds blasts off from the front and you you know he's just able to sit in behind us. I pretty cruising speed and and and then you know <hes> the rice absolutely perfect perfectly for i'm so showed that there's demons in the track whatsoever. <hes> shows the settled down mentally because he's a gelding office. I think we'll see him for a few more years yet because there's no <hes> insensitive to retire him at this stage is keep going and i think they'll be very very keen off. I think the last horizon for them is royal ascot because it's the one place there's beaten him. So far. Maybe it's that stefan furlong no but blue points always just how does measure ascot but they'll get another crack of the whip hopefully next summer and if he can win if he can win their kingston's go alongside nunthorpe in the abbey then you know i mean he's already in the top echelons of course in the course record at you'll say absolutely fantastic antastic but i think the cherry on the cake for connections will be a royal ascot winds him yet tom i mean it was hard to believe that that was just a second group. One win people are talking about it was one of the fastest horse we've seen in an awful long time and hopefully now we can really start to keep that consistency. Whatever truck is running out. I think the big thing for those sprinters is a bit of maturity innovative age. You can often see before the legs of the communist coop came along the kind of three and four year olds vendors often fell off the radar later a little bit and kind of came back on the scene when they hit five but hashes is a five year all night which is actually a scary thing favourable yelling. He's got a number of seasons on still left in them please. He's got if he stays sound and he's got the best is yet to comb potassium becoming a little bit more reliable. No i would have been very much of the opinion that he generally you went off very short. I think on his five runs last season he was odds-on and three of them and the kind of is generally favored a very short in the market just just found himself found a way to get beaten often <hes> but but this year is shown a bit more bit more consistency only eaten only beaten the ones in his four owns essay joe second back into blue point royal ascot so shown a little bit more maturity showing a bit more professionalism and a year at the best is yet to come from him very exciting going forward it certainly is <hes> we'll get onto the feature of the weeks and the wool million-pound ebl one by mr j in pretty emphatic stall ultimately tell jerry lines of course the prize went back to ireland absolutely bolted up to a still to be seen what the plan is. I was kind of ebor. Everyone thinks the amendment cope is the next step was bought by australian bloodstock cousin and in a fair share so i think he will go that way that is the if that is the case he goes into the to the melbourne cup market at sixteen to one but yeah no it was a great performance nonetheless and and <hes> very very very impressive caught me completely off guard yeah no but did it well. Yeah i mean fifth in the race last year. I think it was full. Force yet. I stand corrected and some good runs this season. What so you wanna mind for the race but then also the plump with rain how sued title no shows and that was frustrating book. I think such a good rights wasn't it and also it was really easy. Yeah well see he did it very comfortably. It's funny how these things work out thomas ago <hes> was just talking to the weekend the <hes> last week about codeine because post and does it's gone on so fantastic result for him and he was just utilizing about cutting keen last week saying what a fantastic jokey is and <hes> you know he obviously he's the best around moment and presto he goes and win win big saturday race on on on mr j fantastic tastic result fantastic win six hundred grand in pocket so so great for great for connections <hes>. There's a couple of hard-luck stories in behind. You always get in football all sense. He was unlucky not finished closer and held up a couple of times finished with a bit varietal but i think they would have had to speak mr jerus- really good win on the day yeah i mean i was speaking to knowledge early on saturday. He was really keen on raymond tusk and he jamie spencer special whichever way you want to slice it. He was very unlucky. Nothing you'd be frustrated if you back him so commiserations. We'd nile anyway before we move on to the mid week action. Let's just quick chat about some of the juvenile's else we've not mentioned vowed immoral living in the past we also had action from ireland so armory in alpine style when the two teams over there and then threats and alligator alley as well who you most impressed by what sounded up bunched you think we ignore staple yeah. No i think the voice is heard more significance long-term than the wants to your class week. Threat one noise to me just seems like a workmanlike honda who <hes> who eventually will find his level may be they don't seem as potential guineas winner the moment put it that way and the irish races on the whole week <hes> yarmuth looking very good indeed and and i think long term they would have more significance than than maybe the york win is living in a pass one nicely again unless she takes a leap forward autumn which he may do you never know so. I wouldn't be too overly infused about your racist but very enthused about the irish. Also we think yeah i would agree with you may not much to strengthen the my did like the performance of baltimore though he was sort of one in the mount of really nice horse but remains to be seen how strong wrong up for mr tom. What did you think of the action very impressive arm arena. I have to say i think he's his seasons point kind of a slowly <unk> gently approach. It's coming together quite noisy no and i. I was very impressive him. I thought he was the one to take out of all the all the two year election over the weekend and he's the second favourite for the two thousand guineas next season armory tend to one in pinatubo fantastic as promise. We'll take a break now but if you wanna get your hands john's on the racing post data to study ahead of those classics or indeed for the weekend then make sure you join our members club everything you could ever want in. That package was see you in a moment. What's my horses. Handicap the fuck that your name everyone loves a newbie. That's why poti power games are giving new customers. Sixty free spins on daily jackpot games games customers. Only one per customer says he's applying agent plus become louisville talk. Welcome back to this woman a post cast wigan look some of the action amid week. Now now on a lot of its irish dominated this week on thursday tipperary six twenty five is the coolmore stood fairy bridge stakes a group three for the phillies amazed over seven seven and a half furlongs last year's one by one master he went onto win the prix love for a group of course there could well. We were following. We've got into the high profile naming hearing that scotus gutter could be returning yes. She's she's entered here and <hes> in the car on roy. This'll be interesting to see where she shows up. A lot of people waiting for her return earn but there is philly here when a putty to me is called silk forest that wanna leper sound a couple of weeks ago. She's a kodiak philly and i thought that she was very very good and she'd be willing to keep onsite here. She does wrong worth noting that. I think english horses that are brought over for for these type raises particularly to ed group the group and listed races in tipperary on on thursday night generally have quite a good record as these kind of i've level of of raises a lot of the decent horses that level in ireland get sold at this time of the air <hes> and end up leaving the country and so it can be sometimes sometimes at depleted kind of population so it's it's there for the picking in terms of of death for some of those english arses keep an eye out for some of those that do come over good point very very good point indeed interesting that some of them sold at that point. We'll take a good race last year and who took you ride this time around well. Obviously tom sawyer mentioned schizophrenia schizo sketch. It will be interesting to see how she does not run. Since <hes> she turned up for the one thousand guineas beat one then suddenly wouldn't want to be taking taking a short price about her and how she processed mentioned she'll start favor on the count what she did a two year old and you know she's back to pets you probably win but there is that big question while she hasn't can be seen what over the summer and she's making kind of big philly. Either ish is a belated return isn't it obviously things went awry for her. In the spring <hes> she must have had little initials something maybe just being left for awhile to to fund a self but sam yeah who who has been winning lately mom rometty surrounding <hes> one loss to who starts one of the three at fairyhouse listed race at galway much more recent full which is what you want to see rather take that on board the whole satanic after a long absence evening though she didn't show huge amount causes a two year old yeah indeed in the south behind her motion that one thousand guineas at newmarket will be good see skittish scott's. That's about anyway fingers crossed. She appears one of these races. We're going to look at the six fifty. Five is rice homes already mentioned. It's the aba goon stakes. Hopefully i'm pronouncing that correctly a listed race over five furlongs and again some classy sprinters ended up here hit the sergei prokofiev toma just want to touch on him because they seem to hold him in really anyhow regard as a juvenile and even at the start of this year but thinks some really happened for him. He put in some very good performances. Even as you say just hasn't really gone to plan. This season isn't whatever about english ours is coming over and kind of <hes> being quite successful in those at three year old and a kind of screw three raises particularly in sprints. The irish aspirin division is isn't the strongest and this looks really for the picking for for an english horses well <hes> the one i liked here was intense moments for michael dods. Ed's hasn't quite inspired wouldn't inspire you with us to run so far this season but i am the ground at the moment in tipperary according to the racing post at website website is described as a heavy now we did have quite the joy weekend here so the droid a little bit intense romance the intense focus mayor. She's she likes an digging even the ground looking at her farm from last season so she could be one to keep an eye on mr obama really big fan of hers and you're right if that range us fallin is soft ground she will absolutely love. I thought say i'm an agreement with you on intense roy msa what see i mean. We'll go back to sergei prokofiev because we've seen him in some contest save a hair. I think he ran behind maps crossing the palace south start the season i mean he's a bit of a funny one isn't he is he good on occasions and he's obviously go. You know a lot of speed this. This is bebe crouse rage racer him for me because his loss to run. Something disappointing dropped him in the levels. You know this is done through listed racy for you think he'd be competitive but you know you might not want to testing the <hes> so whether he actually turns up on we haven't you know fallen will decks as we speak at the moment so after what shot one to see if he's actually entered a not another a disappointing rodney <unk> be tempted to put him on the sweb list you know because he hasn't quite achieved what we thought might do. One stage you did mention hit the hit the bid he would be the more interesting one for me. It does have absence to become he's run since may down in march but he was a very second in this race on season so i don't know if this is being the plans to reintroduce him in this race and go good truck foam could cause for an rents wouldn't last year he would be of interest to me but <hes> let's see the makeup of the final field before yeah yeah as you say the bit irregular the made unconscionable really talented sprint strongest. Maybe this could be one for him to pick up. Maybe it'd be a prep <unk> things on friday we have the six twenty out the courage the snow fairy philly steaks agreed three over amal and one furlong again no confirmation comfirmation say but some really interesting entries. <hes> tom i mean is there. Jose don's hours someone could be favorite is a good little race this i am i would say this will probably real revolve around weather. Red t runs are not for joseph m. I'd say she might be close enough. The top of the betting <hes> she is the highest ratings at the moment on one away but the one i toss might be were taken a chance with again was that richard o'brien's dean street doll who got a lot of things wagon when she finished second in the one thousand guineas royal leopardstown earlier in the year now ryan in the car and finished v <hes> but then settled ten furlongs enlisted arrest last day was eased own so obviously they have her kind of some way right again and if she runs here she could be issued be interesting she. She looked quite a talented fairly early in the season and she could be. She wanted to keep onsite fantastic. You mentioned some others run off breakdown. Just randomly i got s._c. Was impressive last time encapsulation who now on his trained boundary boating raw all as well and what say the one i thought was interesting was amount offer william haggas. He does quite well in these irish racism progressive helium one quite nicely last time so i'd be interested safe. She turned up at least. What did you think there's a few interesting british. Watkinson told me because really good point. This is probably concert to come over. British trained runners a show of imagination and get mentioned in these races because it could you know you can win some decent pulse and they need that this week <hes> ruled one was quite interesting around macaw while in the goodwood lost time in the nascar dadri finish that go to fee places to nine <hes> banging ahead against a little bit on the highest level dropping down to a group three from a group one lost on the race that she could easily win and get involved in and get off the mark for the season so it could be reduction for her but said early days in the week we come go the final text. The mine are wentz then cutting off chintzy for her. Yeah really consistent that this sort of level ruled. She deserves a wind doesn't she. <hes> we won't go into any great detail but the big race up to look forward to on saturday is of course the solorio stakes at sundown its to twenty-five group three seven phones when in recent as i mean to don hot last year we had massar we had kingman raven's pass before but it's actually does a really good stepping steinem last couple of seasons two big race success and the entries have just come out. I mean we have the likes of al suheil ca meco visine ari thunderous positive will be representing not pinatubo hubei form of course from a good so be interesting to see finally turns up some and getting this race is is to keep an eye on with regards to feature star <hes> yeah definitely i think i think we've we've kind of seen a lot of decent forum. Ryan's committed this larry decor. Messiah wanted a couple of years ago and romanized running behind tim so like it. It definitely produces quality and yeah definitely won't keep an eye on yeah. Well see i mean i said these inches. Just come out so we have an odd chance of a real good. Look at them yet but it's got a good pedigree this reysen. I'm excited for you. Hit the nail in the head. You can easily be blindsided and weeks like this because it's very quiet generating. We've just come off the back of a major festival in kind of just your off a little bit but as you mentioned it would be unwise to do that because the salary as producer fantastic courses you're after look back not to mention go to don houghton sarin <hes> ravens pa so it could throw up something good <hes> also interesting visiting off a very interesting because you talked about the figures boys later in the program and they were upset. He you know going mental after visionary one on debut new market <hes> this bean looks kind of big kind of awkward holes that needs a bit of telling since then. Maybe we'll happening a bit too quick for him but they write them and back then this was is uh-huh mustard so maybe he'll give him an opportunity to to get back on track. You know he's but definitely a race to the old cliche. Set the video recorder four and make sure you tune in and watch it exactly. I'm sure many people are going to be interested in how also focused on you spoke about him really really impressive yarmuth win last time but plenty of others promising in their briefs on the team. We'll be back on friday in more detail as well as the rest of the saturday and i tv card so make sure you stay tuned inflow checkout parties rewards club simply place five beds of ten pounds or more across any sport a week and you'll get a free ten pound then next week teams play plus begun to welcome. Oh come on this funny installment of friday post cast and we've looked at some of the irish action mid week but i'm going to spend you through the meetings now a tomorrow we have epsom rippin botham also brought by roy wednesday is lingfield muscle broadcast rick belly's tom wasting camps and the is fox last chelmsford. Call blues townfolk well said food and tipperary. I'm fridays bangalore india thirsk sundown wolverhampton hamilton newcastle and the curragh now before we get naps what sooner you only go to not this week so i'm hoping it's going to be good at tom. What do you think i mean. There's some good racing at bala tomorrow with lots of moon over germany repairing against ordinary world and horses like that yeah. That's a that's a great little race. Actually my next best band of the week is in tipperary. Horizon is in the twenty five affiliate dermott. Wells called florence camille meal who finished at third in car debut and i thought you'd take <hes> she that was something to build on and she takes good step forward so i think she is the most likely win her on a temporary thursday five twenty five if she runs fabulous. Thanks very much for that. Tell them we will get those naps as promised now this will aw be be very intrigued. What's he take it. Away is running down on fraud in three fifty cool tempests. <hes> comes mm some really really good family. Damn passage of time is a woman in her in her racing career produced contest. I think it was a very good horse as well for roger charlton rudy really good long good pedigree <hes> running in a handicap off ninety one <hes> one last two starts last time out. I'll be amazed. I used if <hes> if tempers didn't prevent the ninety cat prince on so should be winning off ninety one on friday yeah. It's interesting you. He caught my eyes well. I think he's got a bit of a break cousin. Ian roger chan see per day sources as an a._c._o. Short tempest will be one to keep an eye on for the future and tom yonap care <hes> <hes> in the four forty and balanced thursday <hes> she won a rough common bumper on her third start and then was going very well in a maiden hurdle in the goal with <unk> at the galway festival at one combed down. She won her maiden hurdle in s logo on the twentieth winning very very well and she's in fourteen four forty percent on thursday and i think she could go very very well fantastic. Thanks to woolsey onto tom for their contributions today. Just remind up before we leave you to download the racing. I stopped scotto. You need on that old. Race calls exclusive sawn of offers from the bookmakers. No need to leave the app. If you only have a bet so make sure you get hold of like if you haven't already not sits it's for today as i mentioned. Please make sure to rate review unsubscribe and we'll see party. 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