RTCD #164: Week 7 Preview


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Code one, they strike and listen to Russ Tucker, and Philadelphia goes film junkie Francey breakdown the top college prospects on another tasty edition of the college draft. Yes, it is daddy soda time, and it is hard to believe. We're going into week seven of the college football season. He is Fran Duffy the video scouting guru for the Philadelphia Eagles at f Duffy three on Twitter. I'm at Ross, Tucker, NFL on Twitter and Instagram, longtime, NFL, offensive lineman. Now I got a bunch of podcasts including this bad boy where we get to talk about the week that was in college football from a prospect standpoint, as well as the week that will be friend. Let's get right into it. It feels like the biggest game of the weekend was Texas, Oklahoma. What did you see there. I mean, it was certainly the most pertaining one that I watch. I watched a good amount of that game, and there were a few guys that really stood out to me on Saturday afternoon Rossio from Oklahoma standpoint. They've got a ton of speed on offense. I mean, Cuyler Murray, the quarterback. I don't think he's gonna play in the NFL. He's going to go ahead and be a baseball player if if he's smart about it, but this kid can absolutely fly the long touchdown late in the fourth quarter, third down, I forget if that tied the game or if that brought them within a touchdown. But my wife and I are watching the game together and she couldn't believe what she saw either. I mean, the kids just got some wheels. He had a turnover in this game that was really bad, really unfortunate trying to brace himself going to the ground under pressure in the pocket, and he coughed up the football, but he was pretty impressive. And the game, Hollywood Brown and CD lab. Those guys can fly to as receivers on the outside and in the slot. And you'll Lincoln Riley really knows how to leverage the speed of those two guys. They just got they have so much speed to the point where you know my wife was asking, how can we change the channel once. Texas was up three score, and I told her, I said, you know, not yet because these guys can come back at any point and they certainly did that Oklahoma ties the game, but you gotta give a ton of credits, Texas, man. I mean, they did not flinch. Sam etlinger the quarterback for Texas. He had a good game, big, strong, kitties, thick. They relied on him in the quarterback run game. He converted on a number of short. Yardage plays in the middle of field is a well as a number of touchdown runs as well. I thought Texas won both sides of the line of scrimmage to me that was one of the big keys to victory. Oklahoma, they've got an impressive defensive tackle Neville Gallimore whose long and explosive Canadian kid who's really getting his first taste of long-term action. But overall, I thought Texas one on both sides. We've talked last week about char- who the defensive end for Texas and how excited I was to see him in this game. I thought he really showed up stat sheet only had three tackles and a sack for him. But he he kept getting his name called. He was so disruptive upfront in the run game in the past game. You know, I don't. Who long term is going to be a high pick. I don't think he's going to, you know, be like this big time, double digit sack guy in the NFL. But I do think that he's gonna stick for a while in the league. You know, he's got great length. He can win at the point of attack. He's got a high mode or he plays with a ton of urgency. There's a lot to like they're on the outside for Texas little Jordan. Humphry certainly stood up. But Colin Johnson is the big name that a lot of people are excited about. I haven't done a deep dive on it, but he's a big kid made some nice contested catches. He did a nice job in the quick game of winning one on one on a couple of those slant routes for crucial situation catches there in the middle of the field. That's the kind of player. I think he'll be in the NFL. I haven't studied Johnston yet, but just watching him on TV over the course of his career. I don't really think that he's kind of a game breaker that's gonna win down the field, but more looks like a salad possession receiver. He's six, six, two hundred twenty pounds. He's a big kid. I thought he showed up in this game. So overall it was it was a really fun to watch the Red River. Shootout did not disappoint for sure. I can't remember what game it was that I was watching earlier in the season friend and I should've tweeted this, but I really think Mary might be the fastest quarterback I've ever seen and the guys that come to mind or Michael Vick RG three, Lamar Jackson, and I don't know if you would run a fast forty time like those guys, but he looks that fast. I mean, he is absolutely electric out there. It's really, really impressive when you watch what he's able to do. What about what about some other games? Anything. Anything from Notre Dame Vitek. Yeah, I kind of bounced around a little bit throughout the rest of the night and the rest of the afternoon. Yeah. Watch the Notre Dame VO tech a little bit. You know who you know who stood out. We've talked about Jerry Taylor who I think physically this kid's study at four sacks last week against Stanford, senior defensive tackle great run defender who coming into the season. I thought had athletic upside to be a pass rusher but seems to have. Put it all together from technique standpoint and also from a motor stamp point when it comes to getting after the quarterback, the issue, he's been really productive. Yeah, he stood out the linebackers tavon Coney drew tranquil those guys plenty of town. They stood out, but the junior pass rusher Khalid Corinne you know, he had a sack fumble in this game that was taken back for a score kind of a critical play. That helped turn the tide. I haven't done a deep dive on him yet, but he's flashed every time. I've watched the Irish this year from week one against Michigan all the way up until this week against Virginia Tech. So he certainly stood out to me in this game a guy that I'm excited to watch moving forward. I watched a little bit of Auburn, Mississippi State as well. We've talked about this little bit Russ, but both quarterbacks of this game jarred stood him for Auburn, Nick FitzGerald, Mississippi State. I have to watch more film of both these guys from this year, but I don't know. I just don't know if either of them is a guy that we're going to be looking at his big time prospects whenever they do declare Nick FitzGerald is a senior. So he certainly going to be in this draft to, but stood them. Just holding onto the bots who long and clutch moments. The BAAs gotta come out quicker FitzGerald. On the other hand, you know he's got a hang in the pocket of bit longer just watching TV, even you could just see that the I read if it's not there, he drops his eyes. He's looking to run like I said, FitzGerald, senior, he's going to be in this class. I hope he decided to go back to school. I mean, people are going to argue that he's not going to get better for the NFL and auburn's offense. Yeah, that's that's a fair point. But I think you need to master that offense. If you're going to be a high, pick like that scheme can make things so well defined for a quarterback with what they do with misdirection in the run game. It's very well defined reads, they opened things up to the point where short you may only throw twenty times in a game twenty five times, but you should be going if you're a top-flight quarterback prospect that offense, you should be going nineteen and twenty five. You should be going sixteen of twenty. And I, I'm not box scores scouting Rosso you know that, but cinnamon that offense the way that they play the way Gus malzahn plays. He that's a QB friendly offense. He should be completing sixty. Of his passes every week. If he is that big time guy, we've seen guys like Shaun white, Jeremy Johnson, and Nick. Marshall other quarterbacks in that scheme, put up similar numbers and everyone will say, oh, well, his numbers aren't worse than that. Yeah, but none of those guys reviewed as big time quarterback prospects if you're gonna view Jarrett stidham as being that guy as being a top fifteen top twenty pick in that scheme, which is much simpler than what he's going to be running at the NFL. He should be completing passes at a higher rate. He should be putting up bigger numbers just overall. I mean, that's just kinda the surface level thing, withstood them just watching them on film last year. I saw some of those red flags as well. Doesn't look like they've gotten better so far. I mean, the numbers this past week obviously weren't great and just looking at of, I'm just not sure that he's going to be that guy at the next level. I haven't seen it yet. I'm hoping he goes back to school for another year, feels like he's been pretty disappointing. I know our guy Dane burglar at the athlete. You know how to piece recently about some disappointing SEC quarterbacks instead them as a guy can just tell on Twitter that he's not real high on what I am high on friend dose equities. Number one, it's beer. Number two, their commercials are hilarious. Number three, they are genius date sponsor the Ross Tucker football podcast, and the college draft podcast. That's all you need to know about their beer. Plus they keep it in Tara Sante this college football season because they are the official beer sponsor of the college football playoff. Of course, Fran is, you know, it's the taste that led former president, Ben Franklin to tear down a goalpost. That's brise favorite thing. And the inspiration behind Steve Spurrier's nickname, of course, the head beer coach dose AKIs. Absolutely. Awesome. Make sure you're getting some dough Sekiyu for your tailgate. Or even if you just having a couple of daddy sodas while you're watching the games on Saturday or Sunday, or Thursday night or Monday night or whatever drink does ecu's responsibly imported by surveys us, may he kind White Plains New York. Speaking of other things we need to get to did how much, how much of Florida LSU did you see. Only a little bit. I always try wash the three thirty CBS game because I just love their broadcasts. So I watched a little bit of the game early and then got away from it and then watch a little bit at the end so much left to be decided hoping to go back and watch a lot more. I'll tell you the one guy that did stand out was Jakob polite when I was live from Florida, and then even seen some of the clips that are going around on Twitter from him is really, really impressive. I'm excited to dig into his phone. That's what I was gonna say. So first of all, a couple of things stand out to me right. You know, I'm not one of those like I am not one of those SEC bang the drum for the SEC guys. But first of all, nobody gets hit. SEC quarterbacks get hit. Is this year's those guys get annihilated fully bay Franks and Joe borough. We're getting it. So it's not even like not even a consideration of Bellamy. It just it's it's hilarious. They both. I was watching Martinez Ivy and it's interesting as watching him. I was thinking about him and Mitch high it and kinda surprising. You know, both those guys are seniors and both those guys playing in the US army bowl, and they were the top two hundred tackles in the country. And I remember talking with you about them. I think they both started since they were true, freshman. It just kind of interesting that neither one of them, you know, felt like they were good enough to leave after their third year, and maybe we've set the standard to hi Fran, but that was just what I was thinking about watching Martinez Ivy. He was getting physical. He was finishing and trying to be a bully with the LSU d. line which I liked to mazing how many of the corners look like what you want your corners to look like in that game, but your guy. I don't remember us talking about before the season, his change of direction and his movement skills. He doesn't look like he's very heavy polite, but while he he is impressive. How big is he offhand? And I don't know off the top of my head, but here's what I do know he so he's not a like every week starter for them. It seems like he's the guy that's of coming off the bench and playing and pass, rush situations which look that we've seen. We've had this discussion with before with guys like Tim Williams and guys that are built that way. That's great. And if you've got that one trick, if you've got the ability to get up field to get after the quarterback, I think that that will serve him. Well, I'm just excited to just got to get into the film and just see what he does look like as a run. Defenders. Florida does have a lot of town on that d. line. So if he's not starting because they like these other guys more, you'll be able to hold up a little bit better and he does compete in the run game. Then that will go a long way with me if he just looks like he's a non-participant in the run game. I will be a little bit worried that being said, I mean that first step, his accelerate his ability to exceleron running the hoop is rare like that. There are a couple of clips that I've seen where you know he's just he's able to win with that. First step turn the corner, and then just like a race car at top speed just fly around the hoop to the quarterback is really, really impressive. Greg McElroy from ESPN just posted a shot yesterday from this game to where he's able to win inside. And to me, like if you've got the ability to win both outside and inside a tackle, doesn't know which way you're going. I mean, you could speak to that like, that's when you've won as as as a pass rusher. If you've got the ability to win both ways at a high level, you've got the speed rush, and then he's got a wicked spin inside spin move and newly. That's all you need. If you free any, you know, it helps toyed Freenet surprising power to, but really if you're just fast you an inside spin move and you get enough power that you really put in off at the tackle in a bad spot and to your point the Notre Dame Virginia Tech game as well. You mentioned Jerry Tillery. They were disappointed in him. I could tell when I was there for in the spring game a couple of years ago, but he's gotten a lot better. I thought he would end up on the offense of line, but he's gotten better. The other guy that stood out to me again, watching that game. I think he actually is draft eligible. I don't think it'll happen. I want you to check out Damon Hazelton the wide receiver from Virginia Tech at some point, really impressive. Physically, he's from Baltimore was like a five, ten running back who went to ball state. And now he's like six, three to fifteen wide receiver head a big true freshman year at ball state. So big that he's like I'm transferring. And now he's clearly Virginia Tech. Receiver. I'm thought that was pretty impressive. I was at the Fordham Georgetown game, which is funny because Bill Polian was there because his granddaughter goes to Fordham. So we were talking about four forty minutes a tight end. That's pretty good. Georgetown has a defensive lineman, Christian Tate, who's a junior who is hill end up getting a shot. He's a three technique. I think all the way they thought maybe even a fullback. He's a little salt off like six foot two, two, probably six one to eighty five. But he reminds me of like three technique defensive tackle, but Fordham has a tight end is as right, and he had three really, really nice catches where he used tremendous body control number one for Fordham. So that's kind of my my FCS scouting report of the week. What about the news about Miami wide receiver? Amman, Richard really, really stinks, just terrible and. Just terrible. I look the kid's been battling a bunch of injuries the last couple of years and we didn't. We haven't heard anything about the neck, but you know, I think it was a hamstring he's dealing with this year. Last year was ankle and knee stuff. He burst onto the scene as a freshman and was so so talented and I went back and watched this film last year. And even though he missed a bunch of time with injuries, you just saw the talent there. I mean, it was a big kid who could run you showed flashes route one or super competitive. Great. Blocker really just showed a lot of urgency with everything he did, whether it was as a route runner going up eating at the catch point. There were some drops. There were some inconsistent play and the production wasn't always there, especially over the last year and change, but this kid had loads of talent. So obviously the health is most important. I'm glad that they caught the condition before it became even more disabling, but certainly terrible news from the. What about some other guys you've watched? I've got Akron at UB on Saturday at noon on CBS sports network, which is convenient. 'cause you get a chance to check out Anthony Johnson recently, right? Yeah. I watched him in the summer and I kinda I, we talked about this wide receiver for UB by the way for the listeners. Exactly. So he's the wide receiver and he was like first team. All MAC last year was his first year as a starter, and he just ripped it up with production like his numbers were so crazy, especially an a second-half last year, like they were things really click. I would say this year he's been a little bit kind of in and out of the lineup because of injuries. I think he's dealing with a hamstring as well. So he's we kind of in and out of the lineup, but I watched a couple of games this year and just knowing how I felt coming into the year. This is just kinda feel like this. This is a kid that's got pretty good size. I mean, he's he's only six foot six one, but he's I think he's like two twenty. Like he's. He's really thick. He's strong and that shows up on film. I think what I watched Johnson. I see a guy who could play the ball on the air. You know, I mentioned that strength. He's a big physical kit. It can out-muscle kids at the catch point. But you know, in terms of his speed, his quickness is overall athleticism. I think that that's a big question Mark for me. You know, he still works in a dropper to that. I'd like to see come off the board. I'd say the big thing though overall that I really liked in the game that I watch from Johnson this year, and these are the kinds of things that stick with scouts playing on the road at temple just across the street here in south Philly. Third and ten twenty nine yard line a minute left in the game. He came in motion to the slot and he ran a quick slant from the right side. He broke a tackle at the twenty five and he raced across the field of power throw tackle inside the five to the pylon touchdown. They win the game. It was oppressive just to see him. Come up big in that moment, and those kinds of clutch plays do count and a little bit more and stick in the minds of evaluators a little bit more. I do have questions about Johnson athletically. There are times on watching them, especially with the ball in his hands. He almost looks like an undersized tight end the way he moves. But there is something there. Hopefully he could just get healthy just finish out the season strong. I'm excited to see what you think from when you get to see him in person. Just, you know the the quickest standpoint and the ability to create separation on the outside. That's a, that's a major question for me for him right now is AOL as he guy that can line up outside every down and win, or does he going to be more of a rotational guy or an inside slot, big slot guy and be that type of matchup guy. That's something that I'll be looking at. Get that question answered over the next eight months and I'll be looking for you guys to check out the new show on the CW. So I like drama. I like TV shows when I get chance to watch them. And yes, you know, I love football and that's why I'm checking out CW new show all American. I love it because it's based on a true story of Spencer pacing her, you know, he went to Oregon played there. Then he was drafted by. The giants played in the league for a while, and it's his story as a young kid growing up as a high school football FINA. I'm in south central, getting recruited to play in Beverly Hills. Tate digs is the coach plays a former star player in his own, right? And here's the thing, Billy promises Spencer Billy's coach days the chances someday go pro and that relationship is everything between the coach and the player, both the good and the bad. Don't miss out in the incredible new series. All American. It's Wednesdays only on the CW and the CW app. Again, the show is called all American. All right, Fran. Let's go head to head. I feel like we talk about it every week, but we were keeping track of these quarterbacks against the defenses in some cases, top defenses they're going against. Yeah. So my number one, senior quarterback drew lock big tests this week they go and they take on Alabama and they've got a loads of talent at all three levels. I mean, whether you're looking up front at rake, Lon Davis, the junior defensive tackle who's just a freak show, kinda reminds me of deforest Buckner type of player, like in terms of style, Anthony, Jennings off the edge pointed Williams. I haven't studied this kid Quentin Williams yet a nose tackle there, but he's getting a lot of buzz now is AM bugs at defensive end is kind of a Jonathan Allen type kind of a Squatty defensive tackle who can light up a number of different spots and win. And then you look at linebacker. MAC Wilson, you know, his eyes are a little bit slow, but he is an explosive athlete. It looks like Reuben foster in the open field. He's just doesn't see things like Reuben foster did at the linebacker level when he was at Alabama and the Deontay, Tom. The free safety. They've got a young secondary there, but Thompson shows up weekend and week out with his range and his ability to play the ball in the air. So I'm excited to to kind of watch, drew lock against the scene. We watched him against Georgia a few weeks ago, and you saw his supporting cast was kind of overmatched expect that to be the case on Saturday, but it just interesting to see how he matches up against that unit out west. Justin. Herbert obviously is the guy that a lot of people feel would be QB one. There's just a lot of buzz about him. Just he's going that he would go back to school. So we'll see if he does decide decide to enter into this class, but big test this week against this Washington defense, namely that secondary because they've got a ton of talent Byron Murphy as a redshirt, sophomore, who's getting a ton of buzz as a potential first round pick if it went, he does decide to enter the NFL Taylor wrap it safety is a guy that I've heard a lot of good things about Jordan. Miller's, a senior who was on the senior bowl, watchlist is a very talented secondary as is usually the case there in Washington. So good test there for Herbert with. Oregon, Vanderbilt, go back to the Vanderbilt. They take on Florida. So we'll see Jakob polite and the rest of that Florida defense. They've got some talent up front there for the Gators going up against Vanderbilt quarterback, Kyle sherpa. This is a good test for him. The senior quarterback four year starter, the son of giants quarterback are giants. Head coach, Pat Shurmur. We'll see what he's able to do their against the Gators and then starting to hear a lot of our buzz. Continuing about this kid, Stephen Montanez from Colorado, you know, he's, he's put up big numbers this year. They're starting to win some games and they go up against the US kind of like the buffaloes in this game going up against the leg supporter Gusta and camp Smith biggie Marshall at quarter marvel. Tell at safety. A lot of draft eligible players a lot of senior talent for USC. So good test there for Colorado quarterback Stephen Montanez in this in this matchup. What about some of the running back linebacker matchups this weekend. Yeah, we'll stay in the big ten and AO. Michigan takes Wisconsin, Karen Higdon and Chris Evans, for I know Chris Evans has been banged up there kind of hoping that he'll be back and fully healthy for this game. But Karen has been putting up some nice. Some nice performances here so far is a senior. I don't think that he's a supreme athlete. He's not the biggest or strongest honor. He started last season as the third string back and kind of worked his way into the role. He's got now, but to see what he looks like against a senior Laden Wisconsin defense, and they've got talent at all three levels as they always do at linebacker. I love TJ Edwards, a guy that I feel could be three down player in the NFL. I know a lot of people like his teammate right next to him in that three or four steam Ryan Connolly. So both those guys matched up against these Michigan running backs. I feel be really interesting and then Michigan state and Penn State. You got LJ Scott who I think has been into that. He's been in and out of the lineup, and I, I know they're kind of hoping he's going to go. If he does go, that's going to be the big test for Penn State and this front seven, you know, we know about felt David. The wide receiver he came through big for Michigan state this past week, but. Scott is in the game. He's the guy that you have to account for. I'm excited to hear what you think about that matchup how those two sides kind of face off your this weekend. Well, I would have told you before that. I thought it was a major concern for Penn State. Their run defense has not been good this year. They were okay against a high of state. They're coming off of a bye and last year, the worke absolutely lit them up. I mean, it's amazing Penn State last year lower-key and j. t. Barrett. I would say both guys had probably the best game to their career against him. I don't know what that says about Penn State. They're really hurting for depth the defensive tackle the even switched over an offense of lineman. So I think that's going to be a good matchup and Michigan state's had enough issues throwing the ball this year that I think that they'll try to lean on that offense of line and they'll try to pound Penn State and also keep the ball out a trace McSorley hands. So that's going to be the key matchup in the game. Glad you highlighted. What about some wide receiver tight ends against DB's friend? Yeah, we'll start in the big twelve and we talked last week about Texas corner, Kris Boyd a little bit on the shorter end. He's not a supreme athlete for the position. I do worry a little bit about his recovery speed, and his boss skills are a little bit up and down, but good matchup this week against Baylor and these two receivers, you know, Denzel mims guy. A lot of people are high on, but you know Ross a few years ago, you and I, we talked a lot about Jalen Hurd the running back from Tennessee. He was there with Alvin Kamara, and then he decided to leave the team mid season. He transferred out there were issues with the coaching staff and Butch Davis. So he left went to Baylor, had to sit out last year now he's a receiver, and there is a buzz on the scouting trail about this kid. I mean, at the end of the day, he's six four. He's to twenty. He's going to test like a freak show in the spring. I don't know that he always plays to it, but it'll be interesting. I haven't studied him yet it receiver I'm excited to kind of dig into a good test here against this Texas defense and an opportunity for both mims and. Heard to kind of get on the national stage with everybody talking about the longhorns. So that's an interesting match up to watch in that game. You go to the SEC Georgia takes on LSU so that talented receiving corps for the BULLDOGS Terry Godwin's a senior to meet your s- Robertson the transfer from cows at junior. You have the younger Ridley brother, all these guys going up against LSU greedy Williams obviously can't cover all three, but watching how he matches up against this group. I think we'll be an interesting game within the game there in that matchup and then go to the two matchups to watch here. Louisville takes on Boston College in Louisville, they've got the senior wide receiver Jalen Smith who a lot of people were really high on the Spriggs. Some people had him in the first round of mock drafts. I don't see him as that kind of talent, but certainly a guy that can make waves in the Strath. I do think they can be kind of an early day three selection and Boston College. They've got to senior safety, so those guys will be charged with trying to match up with him at least over the top. And then also when he does side of the slot because both of those guys will line up over the number two or number three receiver at time. So Lucas. Dennis, and we'll Harris from Boston College. The two names to keep on there with Louisville wodge Seaver, Jalen Smith. And then for Jinya verse Miami, we talked about Miami last week in that match up with Florida state. I like the senior corner, Michael Jackson, and then Sheldrick red wine is the free safety there. He's a senior as well. Red wine will match up on slot receivers at times, and that's where you're gonna find Allama day zacchaeus from from Virginia. He's at under-sized slot guy. He's got some quick this. He's not truly dynamic. He's not explosive, but he is a guy who's got quick to send out a breaks. He's a former running back as well. So good after the catch there. Some toughest there with this kid. I kind of liked what I saw from zacchaeus. I think he's going to be an NFL player. So when you watch that batch, that's an interesting little battle there to watch in the slot between Michael Jackson red wine, and then also zacchaeus, most importantly, Olin d line frame. What are you got a match up that you and I have been really looking forward to since the summer and that's Wisconsin. Verse Michigan, this Wisconsin, offensive line Mike. Deiter David Edwards, Ben Shaul. I mean, all those guys up front for the badgers going up against this Michigan defensive line and chase win Avik the high motor senior off one side shot. Gary missed last week. He gets Maryland, but they're hopeful that he will play this week against the badgers. I think he probably could have gone last week Gary, but they were hoping to just kind of hold them off. Make sure that he was good to go against this this badgers team. So this is going to be a fun match up to watch. In the trenches. I guarantee you every play every time. Any evaluator goes to watch anyone from either side of the ball, they're going to go to this game, whether if they're watching Michael or they're going to see how did he do against one of Gary and vice versa. This is going to be a big matchup for all those guys in the trenches in that game, you look at Alabama, Missouri as well. I could say the same thing for Terry Beck near the defensive tackle from zuri. He's got some holes in his game, but going up against Alabama. That's an opportunity to kind of prove your wares. How is he gonna look against Lester cotton in Ross Pierce Spock or the rest of that into your Alabama, offensive line, and then staying in the SEC Zack. Bailey is a guy that I like he's out his natural position of guard going up against Texas a. and m. they've got those talented emptier guys Dalen MAC as well as they've got a senior down there as well. So keep an eye on that matchup for that game. Love it. I am very, very fired up. And for those of you that like to make the games more interesting, you know what to do it is bit online. A g it's the code podcast one, and it's how you get fifty percent of. I've told you before about the other contests. I'm in podcast one sports net dot com or on the podcast, one sports net challenge. But for right now, the key is we give you great information about college football. You can choose if you'd like to use it information to place a wager to bet online dot AG, using the code podcast one. And by the way. Way the word this week for the phrase that pays on the college draft. It's just is just the word is, is this week's word on the phrase that pays the code that pays for you guys with the fifty percent? Welcome bonus. It's bet online dot AG. It's to code podcast one. Make sure you were checking out everything France, Twitter handle is amazing. It's go to for me for so much eagles information and college draft stuff. Make sure you're following him on Twitter at f Duffy three. I'm at Ross Tucker. NFL, of course, if you're a Facebook, dude, Facebook dot com, slash Ross Tucker and fell. Other than that decay is kicked. We are all tapped out. Enjoy rusty one while listening to the college draft Chuck Chuck, Chuck, Chuck, Chuck. Make sure you're also subscribing to the rust Tucker football podcast, fantasy feast, and even money podcasts, all available on I tunes and Ross Tucker dot com or wherever podcasts can be found.

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