January 24th, 2019


The following presentation is brought to you by the realm network. Those Burbank news in common. The longest shutdown in history just got longer. This is Thursday, January twenty four th twenty one thousand nine hundred thank you for supporting this independent news by patronizing, my sponsors and through the pay pal. Donate button at buzz, Burbank dot com. Welcome to the thirty four th day of the Trump government shutdown. We could be in for sixty more days each with worse consequences than the day before despite a vote today in the Senate. It will stay shut down a while longer. And the president is subtly threatening to keep it closed into March on his orders. The White House's requesting a list of federal programs that would suffer collapse. If the shutdown were to last say, another sixty days, it has been a long standing Republican dream to shrink government. This just might be their moment. Trump budget director, Mick Mulvaney, says he wants that list and his hands by tomorrow. Meanwhile, the ramifications of the shutdown are spreading wider and hurting more deeply food stamp money. Runs out in a week. Also when a week federal workers who are still getting health insur. Benefits will start having to pay for their own dental and vision insurance because of its urgency, and it's important will examine the shutdown thoroughly after the latest look the man being investigated as a possible agent of the Russian government who's at the center of it. All. People have been telling lies since before. There were words politicians made an art of it some lying more artfully than others. The lies of politicians in modern American history with some stark exceptions have been more like exaggerations half-truths and innuendo to sell themselves to the voters or to push their political agenda often financed by special interests. We got used to that figured. That's how the game is played. And for a long time. It was sure there were the occasional big. And sometimes deadly lies from I am not a crook to WMD's in Iraq and mission accomplished. But for the most part half truths were the stuff of politics. And then came Donald Trump who as president of the United States, sometimes tells the American people over one hundred lies a day, he talks or tweets a lot the more. He talks the more. He deceives often just out of ignorance of the facts. But also to deceive as in no collusion. And he repeats himself a lot driving up his count exponentially. Because he is the president someone should keep track for historical reference. If nothing else perhaps for a future psychology textbook. A lot of someone's do. Keep track of Trump's misleading remarks, but keeping up with an itchy Twitter finger is more than a full-time job since the tweeting starts well before dawn and continues past midnight thirty with a lot of tweeting and talking in between as Washington Post fact, checker explained to the guardian you could wake up and the president may have already had five or six tweets that cry out. For fact, Jack's it's exhausting said the fact checker at the New York Times, we haven't had a break said, the director of the nonpartisan fact, check dot org and people count on. This fact checking now more than ever fact, check says its web traffic roads three hundred fifty percent in two thousand eighteen in October in the run up to the mid terms in which Trump would receive an electoral beating by. He said twelve hundred false or misleading things that's an average of forty lies per day, assuming he squeezes in six hours sleep somewhere. That's just over two lies per hour. He spouted well over eight thousand falsehoods in his first two years as president. I would like to write about other things as fact checks director. But it is what it is. And accepting. That's the way it is is a dark turn for the nation to take. Trump also has a lawyer to do some of the talking it's his TV lawyer Rudy Giuliani chosen and tasked by Trump to go defend the president on TV that seems to be Giuliani's main. And perhaps only job he has it appears one job, and it appears he's not doing it. Very well, not at all not the TV part. Not the lawyer part Republicans loyal to Trump called the White House to say maybe Rudy shouldn't go on TV in the evenings. After he's had a drink or two. At one point Giuliani blurted out that he'd heard the tapes while he was denying. There were any tapes when called on it he corrected himself to say, he meant some other tapes, not about this Newsweek reports Trump's been advised to ditch Giuliani, but although Trump said to be disappointed in Rudy's weekend. Appearances insiders, say Rudy's job is secure for now in an extraordinary interview last week on CNN Giuliani blurted that he'd quote never said there was no collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia, but Giuliani's client, the president himself who can statistically conclude is probably lying has denied it. Dozens of times. Absolutely, no collusion. Trump told reporters outside the White House last month that he said has been proven. Trump himself has repeatedly indirectly denied that his campaign had no involvement with Russia. When in fact, the campaign manager was giving election data to Russian operatives during the campaign, and while Russia was cyber attacking the US Rudy had started out to twenty minute interview doing his clients bidding attacking what he called false reporting of the Russia investigation, and repeating the falsehood that collusion is not a crime interviewer. Andrew Cuomo cold out that lie prompting Giuliani to walk. It back. The next day saying he's the president's lawyer and only speaks for the president not for the campaign. In other words, Rudy was saying there may have been collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia, but the Trump knew nothing about it, which is another way of saying that Trump's key campaign people which include his son and his son in law might be guilty. But not the president who Giuliani says didn't know anything about it. And yeah that there might have been Kalou. Asian. It was just after the two thousand sixteen election that the Trump White House declared there were no communications between the Trump campaign and Russia after that declaration was repeated in February of two thousand seventeen Donald Trump junior revealed in March that well, yes, there were communications. But no meetings were planned out of that in early July. We learned there was a planned meeting with Russians that took place at Trump Tower. But that it was about adoptions and not about the campaign by December Giuliani started claiming that collusion isn't a crime officially the crime is conspiracy. But prosecutors commonly used the synonym collusion as well collusion is the crime of conspiracy in may of two thousand eighteen Guiliani claim that even if the Trump campaign got usable information from Russia. It was never used meaning no actual collusion. In July, Trump claimed there couldn't have been collusion because he said, he doesn't even know Putin. Later that month Giuliani was repeating the falsehood that collusion is not a crime and the president's not guilty because the Russian attack was hacking, and Trump reason his TV lawyer doesn't know how to hack. But Trump wasn't shy about accepting outside. Help months before announcing his candidacy his company hired a contractor named John Gaga who tried to rig the online polls at CNBC and the drudge report to make Trump appear to be a business genius. And a top Republican choice for president for his work. Which by the way, was unsuccessful. John Gaga, build the Trump organization fifty thousand dollars what he got instead of payment in full was a blue WalMart sack containing the boxing glove of a mixed martial arts fighter and twelve or thirteen thousand of the fifty thousand he was owed. But a story about a stack of cash in a boxing gloves to WalMart bag wouldn't be complete without a televangelist in there. Now, would it. It seems Mr. Gaga got this gig. Because he's the top IT guy at liberty university the Christian college led by TV's, right, Reverend Jerry Falwell the WalMart bag. Oh money. Complete with boxing glove was handed the televangelist employees in Trump Tower by Mr Michael Cohen who was then Trump's trusted fix it lawyer. We learned this through some excellent reporting by the Wall Street Journal, prompting Cohen to confirm that he had in fact handed off that WalMart bag and regrets. His blind loyalty to quote, a man who doesn't deserve it. Cohen said he paid that man his money at the direction of Donald J Trump bless responded Rudy Giuliani who went on a single breath to say that both the story is not true. And that if it is true, our president knew nothing about it. So it's either true or it's not for Giuliani. Any news story is ally. Unless it's the truth in which case, it doesn't involve Mr. Trump, those who know Trump's micro managerial style suspect he does after the attempted poll rigging at CNBC failed. Trump tweeted in frustration stupid poll should be cancelled no credibility. It was a week ago today the BuzzFeed reporters Jason Leopold and Anthony Karmet reported the President Trump had directed. Michael Cohen to lie to congress about the Trump Tower project if true, it means the president committed the crime of obstruction of Justice through witness tampering which would oblige congress to start impeach. The report took the nation on a next napping and emotional rollercoaster that lasted into the next day and midway through that ride. The spokesman for the special counsel. Robert Muller did something he rarely does he spoke or more correctly asserted that specific statements in the BuzzFeed report were not accurate along with buzzfeed's characterization of what Muller has specifically in terms of witnesses and documents Muller's office did not say that the conclusion of the BuzzFeed story was wrong. Just that some of the supporting material and it was. But it gave Trump and his supporters and unnecessary opportunity to again, call Michael Cohen Aligarh, even Trump and Giuliani believed. The BuzzFeed story to be true at first when it later appeared the story had a couple of things wrong. They were back to claiming fake news. But now week later BuzzFeed is still standing by its reporting, and it's to federal law enforcement sources, according to those sources, which appear to be from inside the Muller's fear. When Michael Cohen suggested Trump meet Putin face to face to seal the Trump Tower Moscow deal Trump replied, quote, make it happen. Buzzfeed says it story will be born out. In the meantime, BuzzFeed is asking the special counsel office to explain exactly which parts of its reporting are inaccurate. That's not likely to happen considering Muller's close to the vest style. The rest of the news media pounced on the BuzzFeed story. All media emphasizing the words if true in their reporting and with. Hopes and fears dashed and raised in one twenty four hour period. America was taken on another wild ride. One way to gauge the overall accuracy of the BuzzFeed report is to put an alongside things. We already know we know that Michael Cohen did lie to congress about the Trump Tower Moscow talks during the campaign Cohen has since confessed to that and apologized for it. Cohen testified that he acted out of loyalty to Trump. He did not say at the time. Whether it was or wasn't at the direction of Trump. He didn't say it wasn't. We know that Cohen has pleaded guilty to federal felony charges. Congressional perjury. And that he is go operating with prosecutors on that and numerous other things in hopes of getting his sentence reduced and clearing his name to the extent that that's possible. We know that Trump supporters like to point out the Cohen is a proven liar and can't be trusted. Now. Even though what Cohen saying now, we'll decide whether he watches his kids grow up or whether he spends much of his life in prison because Mr. Muller knows the truth in sentencing recommendation for Cohen Muller pointed to Cohen's, credible and consistent information, so Muller. Believes co and is not a liar at least not about this anymore. Muller? Also said in that court filing that Cohen, quote, described the circumstances of preparing his response to congressional inquiries quoting Muller in that document, the information provided by Cohen about the Moscow project is consistent with and corroborated by other information obtained in the course of the special counsel's investigation, which is what the BuzzFeed story was saying. It's Muller's reason for not going harder on Cohen for lying to congress, and it's buzzfeed's reason for believing it's very much on the right track. We also know the Coens cooperation is so valuable to Muller the special counsel recommended. No additional prison time in spite of this additional serious crime of lying to congress. Former federal prosecutor Chuck Rosenberg now with NBC news says his take is that Muller is not disputing the core of the BuzzFeed story. And in some ways, reinforcing it Rosenberg says Muller is only pushing back. On aspects of the BuzzFeed story, and that Muller likely held back from his court filing things he may know, but he's not yet ready to reveal either to the public or to his persons of interest Rosenberg says that the BuzzFeed report were category wrong, special counsel's office would have said. So and Rosenberg says Muller is still playing it close to the vast. But says he's not sure why after all the many journalistic scoops on the Russia probe why the Muller team would push back only on this one other reporters at other outlets tried to confirm or disprove the BuzzFeed report, but they could do neither Cohen won't comment perhaps because he's not allowed to under the terms of his plea deal with Robert Muller with Trump calling. It a sad day for journalism. There was a lot on the line for all reporters and all mainstream media outlets. But after all the ups and downs and up against of the BuzzFeed report that story is not dead. And BuzzFeed may not be wrong. And if true, then the president would have committed high crimes and misdemeanors for which congress has an obligation to impeach one way or another. He would mean the end of the Trump presidency. So did Trump talk with his otherwise strange fix it? Lawyer just before Cohen lied to congress Rudy to the rescue once again Giuliani, sang Trump might have spoken with Cohen about his testimony. But quote, so what if he talked to him about it Giuliani says it was probably an attorney client privilege thing. And that Trump did not council co underlie. So so far as he knows quoting Trump's TV lawyer. I wasn't there. Then Guiliani wasn't around when Trump and Cohen we're talking about building Trump Tower in Moscow, and while Trump was lying voters that he had no business dealings in Russia. There those lies again that may just be pointing to the truth. When the BuzzFeed story, first broke Democrats up and down the ranks were demanding investigations. And in some cases, they were talking impeachment. Adam Schiff, the head of the house intelligence committee vowed to investigate a similar remark from House Judiciary chair, Jerry Nadler. Mark Warner the vice chair of the Senate intelligence committee wants Cohen back for more testimony. Now that Cohen is telling a different story and thinking Muller had found a smoking gun down the line one congressional democrat after another called for impeachment, Texas, congressman Joaquin Castro tweeted, if true President Trump must quote resign or be impeached. If a president cannot be indicted for a crime as some scholars claim then impeachment is the nation's only remedy otherwise. We get a president who is above the law a president who's campaign conspired with Russians tilted the election toward himself. A president who's been under FBI investigation for being a witting or unwitting agent of the Russian government, and who has lied and obstructed that investigation. Every step of the way, a president who takes away notes from interpreters after meeting with Russia's president while praising Russia's president. A president of the United States lies about nearly everything. Michael Cohen us nervous. He was scheduled to testify or congress and on national TV two weeks from today vowing to answer. Honestly, this time all the questions put to him. ABC news has Cohen's told friends he believes Trump's repeated attacks on him could inspire some unstable person to harm him or his family. Trump even brought Cohen's wife and her family into it saying investigators should really look at in father-in-law because quoting Trump that's the money in the family. But there is no indication that Cohen's. Wife's dad is the subject of any criminal inquiry. Go and says his wife has been threatened as well. Cohen himself has been the target of Trump name calling week a liar and the mobster favorite a rat. Still and takes that as intimidation, and is now delaying his testimony until he feels it is the appropriate time through his lawyer Cohen says he is still cooperating with investigators. And that he looks forward to testifying when the time comes no indication of when that time might be lawyer Lanny Davis points to ongoing threats against his family from President Trump and his attorney Rudy Giuliani as recently as this past weekend. Trump says Cohen is quote only threatened by the truth. But Cohen and his lawyer may be making a case for witness tampering through intimidation. And the new Democratic Congress is listening and investigating the possible witness tampering and obstruction of Justice. So we'll Michael Cohen ever testify oversight chairman Elijah Cummings and intelligence chairman. Adam Schiff, say Cohen's family has been threatened repeatedly by Trump and Guiliani for the purpose of discouraging him from testifying and they are offering Mr. Cohen extra security for himself and his family, but comings and chef say voluntarily or by subpoena Cohen will testify. Stay tuned. Might not have been good news for Donald Trump when his choice for attorney general told congress that if the president tried to coach the testimony of anyone that would be obstruction of Justice counseling. Witnesses was the first charge in the impeachment of Richard Nixon William bar had been chosen by Trump is the person most likely to protect him in court. Trump's still failing to understand that. He is not the job of an attorney general Trump appears to have chosen bar because bar had written a memo critical of Muller probe. Trump could not have known that bar would promise congress obstruction charges against a president who suborned perjury or discourage someone from talking Trump also didn't know apparently that William bar is a close longtime friend of special counsel, Robert Muller. I've known Bob for thirty years bar told lawmakers last week, adding we worked closely together throughout by tenure at the Justice department under President Bush, we've been friends since I have the utmost respect. For Bob and his distinguished record of public service bar went on ad that he had confidence in Muller's work all along up to and including the day of his own testimony bar said he wouldn't be bullied by anyone including the president. He promised not to stop the investigation not to fire Muller without good cause and to release as much as he can of the Muller report still questions linger about bar as Trump's attorney general who stands to play a major role in the future of this president and this country. In a memo written by bar last year. He claimed Trump was not obstructing Justice when he asked the FBI's Jim Komi to see his way clear to drop. The investigation of Mike Flynn Barr says the president clearly left it up to Comi and that a normal subordinate in his words would not have found these comments obstructive bar. Also wrote in that memo he believes the president has broad powers, including the power to act on a matter in which he has a personal stake. Obviously in this case the Russia probe except for California Democrat Dianne Feinstein. No lawmaker asked for about these things in answering her bar said that when he wrote that memo he didn't have all the facts of frightening mode of operation for a would be attorney general bar. Also has said he won't necessarily recuse himself from the investigation and that he won't necessarily abide by the advice of the ethics officials in the Justice department. So they recommend he do. So. Still bar is likely to be confirmed as our next attorney general, stay tuned. But we also learned this week that Robert Mueller likely FBI has taken an interest in the NRA a and its ties to the twenty sixteen Trump campaign. Former Trump campaign aide Sam Nunn Burg's Bill that news on CNN. Neither Muller's office nor the NRA will comment on that revelation. The NRA was already under FBI and congressional investigation for its ties to both the Trump campaign and Russians including Maria Bootma, the spy who's pleaded guilty. The infiltrating US gun groups and other conservative groups on behalf of the Russian government to try to influence American policy. Congress founded the NRA had gotten cash contributions for more than twenty Russian nationals in two thousand fifteen and two thousand sixteen the NRA then made an unusually large donation to the Trump campaign thirty million dollars more than it had ever donated to any presidential campaign before. Donald Trump junior met briefly with a Russian banker close to Putin at the NRA's twenty sixteen convention as banker Alexander torsion dried to establish backchannel communications with team Trump the meeting never happened, but junior did meet later with Maria Bhuttan. As federal investigators close in on this president he continues its tax on the FBI and former director James Komi, and he conducted his recent attacks with still more lies and misleading claims that the FBI broke in to Michael Cohen's office. When in fact, it had a legal warrant Cohen himself noted at the time of the FBI agents were respectful professional and courteous, but in late December less than two weeks before he would shut down government Trump accused the bureau of doing the unthinkable and unheard of when in fact such rates are very thinkable and absolutely heard of among sane normal. People two days later, Trump lied again falsely accusing the bureau of intentionally deleting thousands of texts between former agent Peter Struck and former FBI lawyer Lisa page and again, call the FBI investigation into him a hoax. Just after the first of the year FBI agents arrested a man in Georgia who was allegedly plotting to use an antitank weapon and other explosives to burst or rear door of the White House and then kill as many people as possible. By sometime last year. Georgia's twenty year old hasher Jalal hab turned radical and decided to become a martyr for his beliefs one of two halves neighbors contacted the bureau to report the young man had become radicalized and that the young man was planning to travel abroad. So undercover agents went to work getting an informant to get close to him and ultimately selling to have what he believed were the weapons he needed three semi automatic assault rifles three I e D's plus a remote control and a single shot antitank weapon. He reportedly offered his SUV as payment to the undercover agent tab allegedly showed the agents diagrams of the west wing he'd drawn in a notebook. He allegedly shared his plans to also attack the Washington Monument, the Lincoln Memorial and a synagogue in these e when to have received what he thought were weapons from the agents and after they explained how to use them. He loaded. Everything into a rental car. And that's when they arrested him. This dangerous work was carried out by F B I agents who weren't getting paid at the time. And they haven't been paid since not getting paid their five figure salaries while they try to raise a family and the cities where their field offices are located those agents who dealt with a potential terrorist are not even getting reimbursed as usual for their expenses that can include guns cars drugs weapons and frequently airline tickets the bills from the FBI credit cards aren't getting paid and tomorrow those agents like the folks at homeland security and the TSA and the secret service will miss their second consecutive paycheck as the Trump government shutdown continues. Now solidly into a second month. Morale is low more than ten percent of our T as agents are calling in sick. That's more than three times the usual number that, by the way is the last count you'll hear since TSA officials have ordered their subordinates airports around the country. Do stop reporting. The specific numbers of call outs. Among the eight hundred thousand federal workers. Not getting paid thousands are finding other work as substitute. Teachers and Uber drivers. Also, not getting paid federal corrections officers who protect us from the nation's most dangerous criminals members of the US coast guard the first time in American history. The part of our military force has gone. Unpaid morale is low across the board. But nowhere is that more dangerous than among the people who keep us safe, those who can leave their furloughed government jobs are doing just that and recruiting good replacements won't be easy. Now that the nation has just seen. How insecure a federal government job can be when it comes to the FBI file this under Kim Wilde down public faith in the FBI has eroded, but especially among voters in the Trump publican party more than three out of four Democrats still like the FBI, but a Pugh center tracking poll finds that in the past two years, the number of Republicans and Republican leaning independent voters who view the FBI favorably has fallen sixteen percent fewer than half. Half the conservative voters trust the FBI fewer than half voters in what once claimed to be the law and order party. This is convenient for Donald Trump who's made it a point to continues attacks on the agency that's investigated him and with federal law enforcement straining under the weight of this shutdown the Trump attack on the FBI had just gotten a lot more intense. Aided and abetted by Senate Republicans, President Trump took hostage the US government thirty four days ago, refusing to sign any funding Bill until he gets money for his border wall. Giving the wall the government gets it early in his presidency. He had taken hostage the dream act and executive order by President Obama allowing a path to citizenship for many of the undocumented people brought to the US as children the Obama order protecting millions from deportation starting with an executive order of his own Trump has labored to completely kill the program known also as Dhaka this week hoping to lure Democrats into talking with him about that wall. Trump offered to bring back DACA temporarily for three years, but only if they give him the five point seven million to build his wall, if the president couldn't get wall money for the government he'd held hostage. He'd offer up a different hostage the dreamers at least for a while. Democrats won't talk about a wall. No way. No how and they've continued to pass house bills to reopen. The government knowing Trump would veto them. Even if they did bass the Senate, which they wouldn't the Republican controlled Senate would not until this week even consider voting on democratic plans to reopen the government if it's something that Trump wouldn't sign and Trump won't sign anything unless it has that nearly six billion for wall instead of acting as a check and balance on this president instead of acting as a co equal branch of the government and not as an extension of the executive branch. The Republican controlled Senate was shirking its constitutional duty. And instead doing the bidding of a man who now defines their party and one who is under investigation for collusion with Russia. Most of the blame was heaped on Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell who refused to even allow vote. Opole of Republican Senator showed that forty of the sixty would vote no on reopening, the government, if the Bill didn't have that wall money. So McConnell's point about a vote being pointless had some merit. But the Senate was finally coming off the bench today for the first time since the shutdown began, although the measure to reopen government was expected to fail to get the two-thirds majority voting needs and the same fate was expected for a Bill to fund the wall, but agreeing to vote on both or each of these things marks the first time that Republicans and Democrats in that body have agreed on anything in thirty four days. And it's bond hope that under pressure to end the shutdown both parties will try to negotiate a way out of this Trumpian loop. The Trump fight to kill DACA had finally made its way to the United States Supreme court. Trump was expecting a quick answer. And a ruling that Obama's executive order granting protection. Kids who grew up American was illegal or unconstitutional. The Trump administration had asked the court to review DACA and ruled that he has the authority to end it with an order of his own that lower courts have struck down for being baseless and legally sketchy instead the United States Supreme court put off hearing that case until sometime next year. That means the dream act that the president had taken hostage will stand until the case comes back to the court to be heard. He was wrong about getting a quick ruling. He was wrong to think the court would immediately ruled in his favor. He was wrong to think that he's ordered to end DACA could finally go into effect, and he had also lost bargaining chip one of the president's two hostages had escaped and he was down to just one. Those eight hundred thousand furloughed federal workers. Trump could no longer dangle the dreamers in front of Democrats to get them to build his wall. Nothing is working and he's running out of options. And besides the personal affected has on those furloughed workers, it's damaging Americans faith in Trump's ability to steer the economy, his favourite bragging point, there are increased calls for Trump to end the shutdown and to end his trade wars, both of which stand to damage the economy this past week, the university of Michigan's consumer sentiment index fell to its lowest point in the Trump presidency, and well below what was forecasted the recently slumping and a Radic stock market had some impact on these new numbers. But most of the blame for the confidence drop goes to Trump's trade war and his government shutdown, according to university, researchers their work is born out in a similar poll by survey monkey for the New York Times economic confidence surged after the midterm election in November, but fell sharply. When Trump closed government to hold out for his wall. At the start of last year fewer than one in four of us thought the economy was worse than the year before at the start of this year. Nearly a third of us think the economy's gotten worse as we cite the shutdown in our survey answers, you're not gonna make a major purchase. If you're worried about the economy about to take a major downturn wrote a guy in technology sales, my income, he says is pretty directly tied to how the whole economy is doing and when people stopped buying things the whole economy suffers and it all starts with eight hundred thousand unpaid federal workers, it ends when it starts to affect Trump's voter base. When it comes to shutting down the government over a border wall. Seventy one percent of us disapprove, according to a new CBS news poll that puts Trump's base on this issue at twenty nine percent at best. Two weeks ago? We examined numbers that show Americans blamed Trump and his party much more than the Democrats for this record setting government shutdown this week, a new mattress bowl public broadcasting shows that Trump's net approval rating dropped seven points over this time last month and a lot of that was in Trump's precious base of supporters while most Republicans and nearly all evangelical still cling to Trump his support among white suburban man has dropped eighteen points in the past month among men without college degrees. A key part of Trump's base his approval rating has dropped seven points in the past month. In the words of man shopping for coveralls at WalMart. I was doing fine with him until his government shutdown. It's ridiculous. He told a reporter for the Washington Post, adding you're not getting the wall and Mexico's not paying for it. Fatigue is also setting in quoting a woman who voted for Trump. The wall is getting out of hand. I'm sick of hearing about it. Something miraculous has to happen. She said for me to vote for him again. A Michigan man voted for Trump because like others. He was disgusted with politics and wanted to shake up things. He liked the idea of turnover. The tables kind of president. Now, the forty nine year old says what they F were we thinking? But Trump listens to his base. What's left of it? And members of that base speak loud and clear about their shared desire to build that wall. And they say loudly and clearly that if Trump folds on this he will lose their support Trump is taking cues from conservative media, and from his dwindling base and his immigrant hating advisers. He had I agreed to sign a Bill to fund government without a wall until it came under attack from the likes of Breitbart and Ann Coulter, then he offered up the dreamers to entice Democrats to fund the wall whereupon conservative media tore into him about allowing the amnesty. They dread for undocumented residents. Having already alienated the rest of the country. Trump is now trapped in this shutdown loop between reopening the government and angering his base which consist of fewer than four out of ten voters. Trump's disapproval rating has hit an all time. High fifty seven percent nearly six out of ten of us. According to a poll just out from politico. Forty percent of us approve of Trump while even smaller numbers support him through the asteroid. But history shows Trump always sides with his base still his every move now made without what's been described as adult supervision is costing him politically. He's begun to upset the only people left to support him by hurting their economy, and by showing weakness and threatening to abandon part of a tough immigration policy. Tomorrow marks the second bay check this month. Best by eight hundred thousand federal workers and thousands of government contractors to all the places. They normally had lunch are now empty at midday. The best and brightest government workers are now looking for something more steady and those left behind are looking for people who still think a government job would be a sweet deal. Oh, and with so many IRS workers. Now calling in sick go where they can earn some money. Your tax refund may be delayed. Sixty percent of IRS workers in Kansas City who have a hardship clause in their union contract are refusing. The agency's ordered to come back to work with no pay hundreds of IRS workers simply are not showing up as the first tax returns are being dropped in the mail by tax payers. The IRS workers who process lose refunds at twelve. Bucks. An hour cannot afford to go back to work at a job with no pay salon dot com's Bob Ceska believes. He knows why the Trump shutdown could go on for a very long time. Bob. Thanks baas. We should probably brace ourselves for an extended Trump shut down. Because there's ultimately no reason for the president to end his ongoing temper tantrum, he straight up needs. This even though his poll numbers are crashing the longer the shutdown continues, the less. Time we're discussing the other catastrophes circulating around the White House. There's continued news about Trump Tower Moscow, of course, with BuzzFeed dumping a series of documents showing how much planning had gone into the project along with the details of Michael Cohen's footwork to line it up. There's the so hilarious. It hurts my stomach meltdown of Rudy Giuliani, which happens to be my personal favourite news story of the month is accidental. Blurting of the truth is becoming legendary with the word befuddled barely sufficing as a mean to describe Rudy's bizarrely worsening dementia. His remarks to the New Yorker are especially weird this quote in particular cracks me the hell up quote. I am afraid it will be on my gravestone Rudy Giuliani. He lied for Trump. Somehow. I don't think that will be it. But if it is so what do I care, I'll be dead, unquote. And then there's also this exchange in which Rudy Giuliani said because I have been through all the tapes, I have been through all the texts I've been through all the Email. And I knew none existed. And then basically when the special counsel said that just in case there are any others. I might not know about they probably went through others and found the same thing to which the New Yorker replied, wait, what tapes have you gone through? And then Rudy said, I shouldn't have said tapes, I've never seen an old man shoveling so vigorously there's also news on Wednesday that the number of Americans with health insurance has dropped throughout the first two years of Trump's presidency. According to Gallup around seven million adults have dropped out of the system. No shocker there. Of course, given how Trump and his enablers in congress. Have systematically undermined the Affordable Care Act, including an especially the untimely death of the individual mandate. A cornerstone of the law that made sure everyone had skin in the game. There's also distressing word this week that Robert Muller's grand jury will run out of money by Friday. Likewise, the shutdown is impacting the FBI's ability to do. It's thing per Reuters. FBI agents have lost irreplaceable sources joint terrorism task force. Officers can't get into bureaus computer systems federal investigations are being stymied by a lack of resources. The partial government shutdown has become a serious national security threat. The FBI agents association said on Tuesday, make no mistake. This is fantastic news, if you're the president and you're being investigated for a variety of crimes several of which involve not just you. But your children crippling the ability of the FBI, and the DC federal grand jury is a huge bonus. For Trump any one of these stories would have lead every newscast and appeared above the fold on every newspaper front page. Were it not for the shutdown and like most shutdowns this one began as just another temporary glitch, but the longer lasts. The more treacherous gets not only is it superseding other chunks of bad news for the Trump's. It's also sending a thrill up the tiny legs of Ladimir Putin who. Absolutely getting his money's worth with Trump's constant disruption of American democracy, culminating in the indefinite closure of the entire US federal government for Putin. It's the gift that keeps on giving his compromise stooge in the White House closed the government until whenever and among the myriad upsides. For Putin is news that various government agencies haven't been able to update the security certificates for the corresponding websites leaving the sides vulnerable to. Yeah. Hackers and just as the twenty twenty presidential election season is warming up in the garage, knowing the landscape, there's absolutely zero reasons for Trump to back down. Now, it's keeping all of the affirmation bad news out of the headlines while sabotaging the investigations into his crimes. Plus, there's bonus points from small government conservatives like Grover Norquist who stated goal for decades has been to drown the government in the bathtub at some point soon. We should expect to hear Trump and FOX. News downplaying the impact of the government being closed. Indeed one. Anonymous, Trump official is quoted as saying he'd be okay. If most federal employees don't return to work. Furthermore, I can totally envision Trump appearing at a rally arms outstretched as he tells his disciples. Anyone here missed the government being open. Everything's just fine. Isn't it? Police are still patrolling the streets. MS thirteen is still being rounded up. Don't worry about it. Believe me. Well, it goes without saying, the red hats are totally fine with it and should Trump ever decide to capitulate on the wall. He knows that most of his racist. Supporters will surely look around for an alternative candidate in two thousand twenty given how his basis literally the only thing standing between him and the first impeachment conviction in American presidential history. He needs every screeching cultist, he can muster without happy red hat's, the Republican party will definitely cut bait with Trump at least enough Republicans to make. Difference in congress, unless the Democrats, and or the Senate Republicans decide to stick it to Trump with a funding Bill that passes with a veto proof majority or unless the House Democrats cave, this shutdown could extend through the winter, and perhaps even beyond with commensurate disasters dropping every day. I'm not feeling very positive, obviously about the trajectory of this thing. Not within a rational maniac on one end of Pennsylvania Avenue and Mitch McConnell with his Russian cash and his slippery obnoxiousness on the other end if Putin's goal was to blackmail, Trump into disrupting the functioning of the entire US government. Well, then mission accomplished I'm Bob Ceska for buzz, Burbank. News and comment. Thank you bomb. Get more of Bob with a subscription that patriot dot com slash Bob Ceska show or Tuesdays and Thursdays at round network dot com. He'll have a fresh edition this afternoon. I joined Bob on his show every Tuesday. Congressional Democrats led by house speaker, Nancy. Lizzy are fighting back acting as a check and balance as congress is constitutionally obligated to do at first Pelosi advised Trump that perhaps it would be best if he delayed the state of the union address she'd invited him to give until after the shutdown has ended she cited security concerns, but it was also about the shutdown tantrum over his wall. Trump tried to bully his way and sending in the usual advanced team and announcing he would speak the congress this coming Tuesday. Despite Pelosi's polite advice to stay away. But then she told him he would not receive a formal invitation to speak, and that he would not be officially invited until government is up and running. Again, she told him the speech heat announced was off. If Trump could take hostages so could Pelosi and a speaker, she has the authority to refuse to invite him. And she did it is the first time since Woodrow Wilson's day that our president hasn't been invited to give this annual address. Trump was caught off guard and stunned and accused Pelosi of not wanting to quote here the truth the truth as told by consistently lying, president team Trump scrambled to find a new venue to speeches were in development one for if he speaks in a rally typesetting the other for if he speaks from the East Room of the White House. Trump reportedly wasn't crazy about either idea a rally he believes as too informal for a state of the union address and given the low ratings of his recent Oval Office address, he's not excited about another one of those either. So late last night Trump conceded to Nancy Pelosi bowed. To her insistence that the speech be put off until after the shutdown his ended if or when it ever ends. In the meantime, Trump is weaker now that he has a congress that isn't entirely run by Republicans. Democrats now plan to take the lead by offering Trump money for border security, maybe even the old five point seven billion dollars so long as not a penny of it is spent on building a wall, and so long as government is reopened immediately. That would show the Democrats are far more serious about border security than Trump has claimed. And it would give him his five point seven billion dollars a possible way to save face. Just wouldn't give him the wall. The president could agree to end this shutdown, but it would be awfully disappointing to Sean Hannity at Fox News. And so far that means everything to Trump. In the midst of this chaos. The Trump anti immigration policies March on is administration had already reported that about two thousand seven hundred children have been separated from their parents. But this past week we learned that the family separations actually began shortly after Trump took office in two thousand seventeen that means thousands more than the twenty seven hundred have been ripped from the arms of their parents since Trump became president. And if that news can get worse, it is in the revelation that there was a week system for tracking kids in the early days and as a result. There are no hard numbers on how many kids were snatched nearly thousand children were never even identified as congressional Democrats wrest control of the immigration issue away from the president they plan to investigate the cruelty of Trump's immigration policies, plural. And the American Civil Liberties union, which has helped us learn much of what we know about the family separation policy says that with these new revel. Nations. It'll be hauling the Trump administration back into court Twenty-seven-year-old, Jill mar Ramos, Gomez wound up in a Michigan immigration facility where he was held until he could be deported. What immigration officials didn't know or didn't bother to know is that Mr. Ramos Gomez is an American citizen and a better one than most born in Michigan Jomar was suffering post traumatic stress syndrome after being tank crewmen in Afghanistan for the US military. He has since been released by ice. But the ACLU says the detention of this American marine needs to be investigated in the Trump regime. The Pentagon is now taking a second look at every recruit who has a green card and connections overseas. The idea is to screen out potential terrorists and spies, but the policy is similar to one from the Trump administration. That's been blocked by federal judge some. Eight thousand green card holders in list every year despite that and a reported shortage of recruits, the Pentagon has also tried to end program that gave non-citizens relatively quick path to citizenship. But that program remains in effect as its proposed and this challenged in court and just before handing him an immigration defeat on Tuesday. The US supreme court gave the president what appeared to be a small victory in his quest band transgender people from serving in the military again in the midst of a personnel shortage because it is court made up of five conservatives and four liberals and no independence. The vote was five to four to let the trans ban. Go into effect at least until it could be sorted out in court lower courts, not this one most but not all of those lower courts will likely condemn the ban. They were after all the courts that issued the injunctions to keep the trans banned from going into effect before. Now those courts. Ruled that the administration has failed to give any logical reason for the ban which to bypass discrimination charges now targets most, but not all trans soldiers. The DC appeals court, however, voted to uphold the ban after a persuasive argument from then Defense Secretary James Mattis now the revised trans ban will circuit its way through the courts, again only to land back in the laps of these five and four supreme court justices, the new policy is complicated and intimidating thousands. As many as seven thousand trans troops continue to serve their country in a Trump military that makes their service on wanted. If you don't laugh, you cry to more immigration notes, I walls don't work along the part of heiress Ona's border with Mexico that has a wall around Yuma. Emigrants just last week tunneled under it and then turn themselves into border patrol all three hundred seventy six of them from under a wall. Also last week Trump told reporters that El Paso, Texas, went from being one of the most unsafe cities in the country to one of the most safe. He said it was because quote, they built a wall about all that first crime is low in El Paso, just as it is in a lot of happy quiet towns along the Mexican border this one a couple of miles north of the actual border. A woman who's been a public defender in El Paso for the past three decades says it's always been a safe place to live before. And after offense not a wall went up there. Ten years ago residents say they have seen no one carrying backpacks. Much less. The backpacks. Full of smuggled drugs. Trump has described Trump's claim about crime and drugs are at the heart of his bloody battle for a wall. And those claims like nearly everything else he says are lies. There was another mass gun murder in the US yesterday. When a man barricaded himself in a Bank and see bring Florida nearly ninety minutes south of Orlando five people were killed before the gunman called police to give them a body count. A swat team moved into the Goshi it with a twenty one year old named Zaphon Xaver whose father says he wasn't raised to be like this Xaver was in training to become a correctional officer. The supreme court. Also this week agreed to hear its first gun case. In nearly a decade gun groups are challenging the law in New York City that limits the carrying of firearms outside the home this second amendment case will be watched closely for clues about how this conservative leaning court will rule on future gun cases, and with that conservative majority. There may well be more cases. It takes the votes of only four justices to get a case on the docket vote was five to four in two thousand eight when the court ruled that the second amendment guarantees the right to a gun in your home for self-defence. Stay tuned in Chicago. A former police officer has been sentenced to more than six years for killing of look on McDonald. Jason Van Dyke was convicted on multiple charges in the fatal shooting of a seventeen year old who was holding a knife Van Dyke who is white fired sixteen shots in the young black, man. He's now been convicted of second degree murder and will now spend years in prison. The day before Van Dyke was handed his sentence. A judge acquitted three officers on charges they'd conspired to cover up the circumstances of McDonald's death. Dash Cam video the killing does not show us what the officers. Aw. They claim McDonald was advancing toward them. It is the same video. However that convicted former officer Van Dyke. The Los Angeles teachers strike ended this week and classes are back in session after a week off the teachers agreed to come back on smaller classes, more nurses, and librarians and the promise of better pay starting with a six percent raise. They also got the standardized testing cut in half and a cap on the number of charter schools, no sooner than the L A's drag had been settled teachers in Denver voted to strike after a year of fruitless talks over a new contract. The vote to strike was ninety three percent. And as in L A, two thirds of the teachers belong to the union in Denver, it appears to be all about the paychecks. I term California Senator Kamala Harris is the latest democrat enter the twenty twenty presidential primary race in a field of candidates already featuring minorities and women Harris's both the daughter of immigrants from India, Jamaica, if elected she would be the first female, president, the first African American woman and. The I also of Asian heritage at age fifty four Harris was San Francisco's DA and California's attorney general and she says she will fight for Justice decency and equality Republicans. Call her unqualified, so now there are nine Democrats running and look for Cory Booker Colorado's John Hickenlooper, Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders and former L A mayor and prosecutor Gil Garcetti to join the fray of the nine candidates so far for our women at least nine other Democrats are maybes Romeo, the frog and emotional support gator and a snowman defeats a bullet in the final segment of mex-. Thank you for using my Amazon link at buzzed bag dot com for Valentine's Day and all your shopping year round at home and at work, your use of that link helps keep this newscast going and free for the listening. So please book market as your permanent shopping button. I get a little commission from Amazon for every purchase you make that way and for every Amazon prime membership purchased through me. So it really helped power this free weekly report just look for the Amazon logo on my website, click that and land on your very own Amazon age, and then bookmark that at your desktop that logos in the upper right corner at buzzed Burbank dot com on your phone. It's just under the title buzzed, Burbank. News and comment. Now, if you'd rather not use my Amazon lengthen, please support this free independent journalism through the pay pal. Donate button. And thank you. Even if we do have bigger environmental problems consider this a bleary eyed wakeup call coffee is going extinct. It's the coffee that grows in the wild. That's disappearing and intentional coffee crops. Depend on those wild varieties to survive but diseases climate change and the bulldozing of our forest to raise hamburger meat are killing those wild coffee plants sixty percent of the species found in the wild are on the verge of vanishing already. Seventy five percent of them are in danger at about a fourth of all species growing areas that are unprotected from human endeavors, a British researcher told CNN that coffee plants grow in very specific habitats. So rising temperatures and more rain from climate change may growing coffee impossible. She gives the wake-up beans and other Tanner twenty years. And as coffee vanishes. The researchers say we can expect coffee to get more expensive and taste worse. The thing goes Iceland is green and Greenland is ice. The twenty nineteen version Iceland is green and Greenland is melting the Arctic is warming twice as fast as the rest of the planet. And the Arctic circle includes Greenland where the speed of the melting increased by four hundred percent between two thousand three and two thousand twelve scientists say Greenland is now melting some more and quickly. Another recent study found that the oceans are warming faster than earlier estimated, and that water is warmer than we expected, and the ice is melting faster than we expected, and that means sea levels will rise more quickly than we had feared. And that beaches and parts of American towns will begin to disappear show record number of Americans. Now about three out of four of us concerned about global warming concern is heating up as well. People are also taking action recyc-. Doing their mattresses instead of letting them languish landfills altering their diets to eat less coffee killing hamburger and matchmaking for a frog. For the past ten years say Hank was water. Frog has lived alone in a museum in Bolivia conservationist carefully cared for him as he appeared to be the last of his kind on the planet. He was a Romeo without Juliet until he signed up with match dot com. The conservation of setup Romeo's account and believe they have finally found a mate. So that his species can survive. A blind date has been arranged chaperoned, of course, on Valentine's Day. She has beautiful is said the museum director who has the girl. Frog quarantined until the test results. Come back to make sure everything's a okay, no fungus, mainly and they're optimistic species will survive, even if the two frogs don't have chemistry. They have since found more and younger, Rome. Goes in case, this guy doesn't pan out. And there's always in vitro fertilization. Yes, they have it for frogs. But as I said domestic so much. So they've named this newly found girl. Juliet. News about life on the far side of the moon. However, isn't so good. Remember, the cottonseed that successfully sprouted on the lunar surface inside a Chinese biosphere? Well, it died it happened. Once the lunar night fell which did for the first time since China's probe landed on the far side of the moon the lunar night last for two weeks. It gets cold nearly three hundred degrees below freezing the probe itself is in standby mode. Waiting for daylight to return for what at the moment is the dark side of the moon Justice and now science a debt of gratitude comic genius. Larry David and his HBO series. Curb your enthusiasm in recent years footage from the show shot at Dodger Stadium cleared a man who had been wrongfully accused of a serious crime. Now, brain scientists have tapped the brains of college students watching that show to understand how the brain time stamp. It's memories using a special MRI, they studied brain patterns, synchronized with the events and images in the show. It helps scientists find the to exact spot in the cortex where we record the what and the win and the order of events quoting a researcher. We chose this show because we thought it contained events that were relatable engaging and interesting, adding we also wanted one without a laugh track in a week that saw RCA records drop our Kelly after a documentary accused him of sexually abusing underage girls. A note about last week's top movie in theaters the upside with Benedict Cumberbatch that was a Harvey Weinstein project, and you haven't seen the last of them Weinstein was forced out of his lofty Hollywood purge more than a year ago by sexual abuse allegations, his company was sold for scrap the movies in progress landing in the laps of others hotel by premiers in March, that's a Weinstein joint. So our leave. No, trace and. Captain fantastic. Keep those in mind when you see them come up. Samuel Jackson, and Bruce Willis have the top movie this week with 'em night Schanz glass, it took in nearly forty one million in the US and Canada. The upside was down to a strong second the Ruth Bader Ginsburg movie on the basis of sex is hanging in tenth place and still in theaters to find it and all the movies, fandango logo buzz, Burbank dot com. A superhero movie is for the first time among the nominees for best picture the Oscars this year, that's one of seven nominations for Black Panther, spike. Lee's black clansmen got six and it too is on that list along with the Queen bio-pic bohemian rhapsody green book, a star is born vice Roma and the favourite best. Actress nominees include the interesting combination of Glenn Close lady Gaga and Melissa McCarthy for precisely played dramatic role by Melissa Rami. Malik of bohemian is a favourite among the best actor nominees alongside Christian bale. Bradley Cooper, Willem Defoe and Vigo Mortenson. The Oscar ceremony will be telecast live and in color Sunday evening, February tenth on ABC. The nineteen year old son of the late James Gandolfini will play a younger version of Tony soprano in a prequel movie by sopranos director David chase. It'll be set in Newark, New Jersey, nineteen sixty seven when a talian. At African Americans engaged in race riots. Michael Gandolfini says he's excited and proud to play a role played by his father who passed from a heart attack at age fifty one nearly six years ago now. A sideline federal worker could drive for Uber or they could drive the Oscar Mayer wiener mobile you have less than a week to get in your application for the job of hot dog. You'd have time to get your affairs in order since the Weiner doesn't begin it's cross country track till June. It also ends with the arrival of autumn. So it's temporary work. Maybe the shutdown will be over by then. The Kutztown police department doesn't want you to drive afterward. But they would like you to drink for training purposes that apartment wants to train its officers to spot various levels of intoxication and teach them how to administer field sobriety tests. When they put the word out on Facebook that apartment was overwhelmed with responses from people who wanted to get drunk. They got more than one thousand shares in less than a day the volunteers are being screened and make sure they have a clean record. And to make sure they have a designated driver. The drinking begins April fourth if your hair looks like it was cut by a seven year old and your barber is probably Elijah Hernandez of Houston. Texas Elisha is the daughter of barber father, Frankie Hernandez, and she's been watching dad cut hair since she was a toddler. He says that by the age of four she had skills. He added instruction and guidance. And now Elijah is giving great haircut. It's the age of seven a fade explains. The seven year old is when you're cutting hair, and it shows the detail of your cut. She's already made her Mark in barber competitions across Texas and her family's now scraping together. The to send it to the nationals. In moose jaw says catch up Canada way. They're determined to take back their crown for having the world's biggest statue of a moose MAC. The moves held that record for thirty one years until nearly four years ago. So Norwegians put up a bigger one not far Ramaz low. It's not even a foot taller than the Canadian moves. And yet things have not been the same in moose jaw since those Norwegians put up. There's the town is now taking suggestions for legit ways to help MAC regain his crown as the tallest moose speaking of crowns, once gestion was that Maccabi outfitted with a hat. Put him on skates was when idea, but the top suggestion has been to give Maccabi Iraq to make his Antlers bigger. An antler extension fundraiser is now underway. Although both countries have reason to honor moose concerns that is in moose. Jaw says Canada's national pride is on the line. And we can't lose it to Norway. Over a moose. Police were conducting a search when they found the alligator at home not in Florida, but Long Island New York, the SPCA is handing off the foot long gator to a sanctuary and Massachusetts, and Pennsylvania Ammann's is his pet. Gator is an emotional support animal. Most of the time. Wally gator hangs in the three hundred gallon pond in his owners living room is hobbies include hiding in the cupboards and watching TV Joey Henny who did a decade of TV hunting and fishing shows has a four and a half foot long alligator as a pet and sure he he's attached to Wally. But he also takes Wally on outings to visit the elderly at an assisted living development north of your PA. He's just like a dog. He tells them. It was dogged that ultimately cornered twenty nine year old Dominick multi after he took off running a traffic stop in the land Florida, but it was the horses the Jays Dominic into the canines clutches Dominic tried to hide under a tree after fleeing his car that didn't work out. So he took off running through a field of horses who gave chase until he found a fence to jump just in time to meet up with the police dogs, a police helicopter, the whole thing on video and posted it on Twitter humans machines and animals worked together to capture a young Dominic multi in Chicago lands Lake County, Illinois, they were looking for a man who had endangered the life of a child and the lives of others. The best news is no one was injured. The nine year old girl is okay. But the thirty one year old male relative being sought by police had ridden shotgun as the nine year old girl. Drove herself to school school employs saw. Aw. Her pull up to the drop off. He had the girl drive because his license had been suspended. It's still is. On potty Vedra beach in Florida. A Honda SUV was swept away by the high tide as its owners were distracted by this week spectacular. Lunar eclipse they were in the at the time but managed to escape before the vehicle is lost to the sea. Until it could be towed out the next day. Tales from the eclipse, Florida style in West Palm Beach, Florida a couple in their mid twenties laid down on a darkened road to get their best view of the eclipse. That's when the cop ran over them. It didn't see them. It was dark. The officer was only doing about five miles an hour. So neither moon. Gazer was seriously injured this time. And finally don't take on a snowman. You can't handle Kentucky's. Cody lutts was proud of the giant snowman he'd build with the help of his bride to be and her sister Lucy and her sister help design the construction of the snowman it turns out their contribution was genius. Because as you may have heard over the past hour, there are mean people in the world one of them used a truck of some kind to try to vandalize the snowman built by Cody his fiancee and her sister, but karma can sometimes be instant the tire tracks Cody found a few days after the snowman was built confirmed that someone rammed. A big vehicle into it. Only to discover that. It's base was built around a sturdy tree stump him plus Burbank. Thanks for listening and for supporting this free. News buzz, Burbank dot com. I'll be back next Thursday with another buzzed Burbank. News and comment. Preceding presentation was brought to you by the realm network.

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