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No Spin News, December 11


Welcome to the news. Wednesday December eleventh two thousand nineteen scene two weeks before Christmas. I hope you're all getting ready and a very important news day. Fight for your freedom now today. Hey I started off hand by saying look. I'm GonNa give you a rundown of who had a bad day today. All right you know because let's get away from the minutia and a bigger picture. who had a bad day? The Democratic Party had a very bad day because anyone following following this and believe me most people are not. They're not watching. Michael Horowitz. Just five front of the Senate Judiciary Committee. They're not watching. Gotcha all right but if you are watching it you see clearly. The FBI tried to undermined the trump campaigning painting and presidency. There is no question about it. They did that. The Federal Bureau of Investigation. Now was there somebody higher ordering that I don't know but I do know the FBI to it's everlasting blemish. GonNa say disgrace because the agency is a good agency but combing and McCabe and we'll get to them They they tried to undermine the trump campaign and the trump presidency is no question about it so bad day the Democratic Party in a bad day for the FBI Democratic Party loses all momentum as far as portraying donald trump as a corrupt schemer. Because now the scheme was on the FBI side side and the Democrat Cory bought into that as the media so the second big loser today. That ain't four comcast. NBC We see news. NBC News today ceased being a news organization. So when the Horowitz hearing opened up Fox News took ticket all right but not. MSNBC OR CNN. They didn't take the opening statement by Republican chairman. Lindsey Graham blacked it out however wants Dianne Feinstein came on the ranking minority member of the Judiciary Committee. MSNBC put her on that's the end of NBC being a news organization in America. If you choose to watch them or the today show or any of their properties no no. You're not watching news that is designed to inform you. Inform you right if they did. They would've put on Lindsey Lindsey Graham from the beginning and then taken Miss Feinstein. It's Fox News the worst in covering okay. CNN didn't take Lindsey Graham but they didn't take five nine. They started when Horowitz himself was being questioned by Centigrade so comcast NBC. You see news forever. Can't come back all right. They're not a news organization any Jentzsch John Chancellor Huntley Brinkley off Dover Dover and is always justified that you can't make an excuse they just blatant partisans over there. That's what they WANNA be. That's how they make money all right. I have a quick breakdown that I'm gonNA come back with male and a final thought of the day Which I think you you will like it's about politics and you I roll the tape on the break? So let's go to the mail. Now Martin on the Message Board IF DONALD TRUMP GETS reelected and the Democrats retain the house. What's to stop them from attempting another impeachment? Nothing they can impeach. The carousel can continue nothing. Legally stopping them rick. How confident are you that the dorm the report will be a heavy one very confident? But it Brett you know said it might not be that's the killer wherein when when when will we ever know you know what the system really is going to do about this corruption. There's no doubt as corruption right. The only people that don't acknowledge the corruption of the Democrats and the press. All Americans know this corruption. Connie Benson Hayward California. I'm discouraged. I'm sick and tired of people on the left. Lying breaking laws. And getting away with it. Okay Durham SA- man. We'll have to wait for him. Carlos General Flynn meeting lying admitted lying on address. said it's son was threatened. I think the case should have been thrown out. Since he was tricks you know he and his lawyers the lawyers. They copped it and is nothing you can do. I do believe as I said that. Donald Trump will pardon General Flynn Robert Idaho State companies like ESPN and sports illustrated with total liberal line and basically put themselves out of business. I don't either. I don't know why they would do it. I'm a sports guy a stun when. ESPN started it and sports illustrated. Oh straighted picked it up started Kathleen Hillary back in the fray. Can you believe outlets reporting a crazy Polish. He's heading. I reported Hillary. We still you know among Democrats. She's a factor Matt Gerson Pueblo. Colorado do you believe president trump would be worried to run against Hillary. Get No Thomas Forster Boulder Creek California very excited for killing crazy horse. What gave you the idea to write this one and is there another? They're killing book after it. Yes I have two more killing books To fulfil my contract killing crazy horse out may sixteenth. You can get it the free if you extend your memory chip and all that and the book is rollicking to say the least final book a will be out. I think the end of two thousand twenty funny. But we're not sure yet. I have not finished that seventy percent finished with. Can't tell you what it is yet because somebody will steal the idea sheldon gates your or L. Bridge New Jersey and his comment. That Barbra streisand is Jewish and sings Christmas songs. May I point out that White Christmas was written by Jewish man Irving Berlin very very good very astute but I know you know sheldon that my comment was made out of irony. That Barbra streisand has one of the top ten Christmas albums of all all time. It's just ironic. But thank you for that piece of information. Tracy Bray Crestwood Florida because recommendation to join Ama a c one of our sponsors. My husband save sixty percent on our upcoming car rental great. I'm telling you I vet my sponsors all right if they sponsor on on Bill O'Reilly Dot Com. They're vetted all right. I what you would have a better life. I want to save money. And that's why we have the the Christmas store for Christmas Hanukkah store. We're giving you so much stuff you know because we could make more money but we want everybody to be happy and we've devised ways as like if you buy all eight killing books you get a free membership for life if you buy assign book which is a great gift but you gotta get them in. Now you get the free bumper sticker impeach the the media almost everything you buy concierge membership which is exploding by the way if you get a concierge membership we give me a free sign book all right. I anti bumper sticker. So you got three gifts and give these memberships away. We want to build our clientele. We have the best news analysis program in a country. Boy I mean bragging fact writing to to not be obsequious another quick quick break. Then I'll be back on the final thought on stress you and politics all right is a final vote of the day the survey they have surveys every day. Now taken by a life aid beverage company. I have no idea what that is and says it's seventy eight percent of Americans say politics cinema one source of anxiety and stress in their life. I don't believe that I think money is and then relationships is to and then politics is three all right but to get the headline That's what they put out so but I want to deal with politics. It's your job to be a good citizen. Means to be honest to work hard to raise your children responsibly. To help other people. It's Christmas time all right be generous. That's your responsibility. It's not your responsibility to convince some loon down the street that his or her political outlook looking stupid. Don't do that if somebody asked you. State your case right with facts and with humor but but you know to try to get mad if they disagreed on that. I mean even if it's your wife your husband or your boyfriend for your girlfriend your aunt your uncle whatever maybe stew with you is the way I see it. I may be wrong. I mean look when I go on Sean Hannity. We disagree with him. I disagree with him. Sometimes but I was GonNA simple man. I could be wrong and I could be wrong. I am a simple man. But that's how you couch take take the angst out of it if you have firms. Sincere believes whole them. Hold them but you don't have to use them as a hammer and and if somebody's hammering you with their beliefs and they don't coincide with yours to say. Hey whole I gotta walk the dog get out. That's how to handle it.

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