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Full Show ('The Last Dance' takeaways, End of the Bulls dynasty, Reggie Miller's Pacers, MJ's flu game)


Welcome to the undisputed podcast. I'm your host Jerry Taft. This podcast is the full show from today's episode of undisputed from start to finish. They've got a busy slate. So Skip Shannon. Let's get to it. Good Morning welcomed undisputed. I'M JENNY WITH FAILS. Shannon bream weekend doing today have a great week Alvin? What happened last that? I'm sure we'll be able to feel on everything. I could not believe what I saw and heard at the end of the last dance last night and I wanted to talk about it now. We're bowman how bad it. Wow is all I have to say about the LAST DANCE AND SKIP. You mentioned it. There was a surprising revelation at the end of the final episode of the last dance. And that's where I would like to begin today. Bulls owner Jerry Reinsdorf let Phil Jackson. No he could return after the nine hundred ninety eight. Apn ship in pursuit of a seventh ring. Reinsdorf said that Phil ultimately declined. So what was your takeaway from the end of the last dance last night and heard Ginny. It made me even sicker than I was at the end of the nineteen ninety eight season when I was there watching the last dance from the inside out as the columnist for the Chicago Tribune. I told Ginny and Shannon on Friday show that I had made a video that we posted yesterday in which I suspected that still Jackson was the real villain. I'll the last dance. He called it the last dance because it was his last dance and it should not have been Michael. Jeffrey Jordan's last dance. Everybody in Chicago called. Fill the ZEN master but even late in the ninety eight season I referred to him in print as does spin master. And when I heard what Jenny just referred to at the end of the documentary last night I fell out of my chair onto the floor. This was a bombshell. This did incriminate still Jackson as the real villain nod Jerry Krause Phil Jackson. I had lengthy one on one interviews with both Phil and Jerry late in that season in Chicago and I walked away from my interview with Phil. Not Trusting him at all and this sort of spin. Golly hold this way that he could hypnotize Michael Jordan and get him to do what I wanted to do. So we heard the bombshell last night. Never Been reported that Jerry REINSDORF OVERRULE JERRY. Krause HIS GM win to fill after that sixt and what became final championship and said Hey Phil I want you to come back. After Jerry had opened the season by telling the media could go eighty two. Oh and he ate coming back the owner. Thank you God's came to his senses overrule the GM and said Phil. You've gotta come back and fill said no. I'm done Jerry Reinsdorf. I need some time away so I told you on Friday that even though Phil kept saying all along that trail in play offs michaels had enough. He's burned out. His tank is empty. He needs to walk away now. When I asked Michael about that quote from Phil I asked him this. One on one he rather coldly answered. That's fills opinion and I thought okay. Good maybe that means you're going to come to your senses. Michael a come back without still Jackson. So here's what I can't this chanter for me. That complete and utter sad. Sorry disconnect. Why did Michael Ever have any dialogue with Jerry Reinsdorf? After the season was over he said last night at the end of the last dance. Michael Jordan said we had no dialogue. Why did he fall for Sill Jackson's spin master ploy that let's have a grieving ritual? Let's all come together at the end as a team. And let's all right down or thoughts about how much we love each other. Michael Even wrote they said appoint. Let's read it to each other inner circle and then let's throw it into a trash can and light on fire and burn it so we can hear you let it go. What are you talking about? Let one go. I convinced Phil Jackson already had some kind of handshake deal with the Lakers shocked and very young. Koby and Phil took one year off and then suddenly he was back in Business Back. Right in the saddle coaching shack in Kobe. Three Straight Championships in Los Angeles while Michael Jordan sat out the finals. Three years of his Prime Ages. Thirty five thirty six and thirty seven. Why Michael didn't you wake up and go to Reinsdorf and say you know the truth is we. Don't Need Phil. We saw again and again in this documentary the motivator for this team really the ultimate head coaches. His team wasn't Phil Jackson. It was Michael Jordan so all that Baloney about krause having fallen in love with Tim Floyd at Iowa State Forget it. Why couldn't Michael Gone to rise? Orphan said Egg Jerry. Let's let's go. Gator REAL COACH. Somebody with experience. Let's go back to Doug Collins. That was his coach. Obviously for three years pre Phil Jackson and obviously Michael ended up taking doug calls with him to Washington in the end. Why not do that? Act And so Michael is saying it's maddening. We didn't get a chance to run it back. Well it's maddening because you didn't seized the opportunity to say this Phil Jackson stuff's a bunch of Phony Bologna pocus but no. He had some weird kind of hold and Michael talked about it at the end he could get you to believe just anything he could pull you into just about anything when it involved the team. Well why that team as Michael said would have all come back if Michael said I'm coming back. I believe Scotty everybody would have come back on year deals. That team was not too old. The Knicks won the east the next year. Without Patrick Ewing my spurs. The shortened season gives lockout season championship. And that was pre Tony Parker. Prima new pre obviously Leonard. They would've won again. I think they would've won two championships and in the end. It left me sick and and saddened that that. Michael's own documentary actually. Unwittingly exposed Michael as being naive to this whole situation. Shannon and he got spun by the spin master and spun right out of town to retirement. Understand why you and others that were so infatuated with the Bulls and although you covered the Salt Spar Inc soft spot in your heart for Michael Jordan and the Bulls. But I don't believe one word that Jerry Reinsdorf said you know why because this is the New England patriots situation. If coach coach Belichick missed the craft had one. Tom Brady back. Why do sign here? Why did you only give him eight million dollars wide? I give him an extension of two to three years when you took your but to Montana and Utah field comeback for one year. Why do you only offer one year deal? You really want him back. Why not give him a two? Why not give him a three year deal skill? Bill Jackson knew he was not sticking around or bill. Jerry Krause also save Steve Kerr Ron Harper and others. Their market value wasn't worth that to us. He was not bringing them back and they were not coming back with a one year deal. That's very convenient for Michael Jordan and said Yeah. They'd come back on one you deal. That's easy for you to say because you making thirty six million on a one year deal. You're making forty million dollars a year from Nike on that one year deal but hold on. What about these other guys got? It had been badly underpaid for the last eight years Scottie. Pippen was not coming back on one year deal Scottie. Pippen had been underpaid long-time Scotty needed to get paid at that point in time skill. Once you win one two three rees wasn't fourth. Would the there are only two people re another ring would really help it? Only help one Guy Scotty pippin if he won finals. Mvp everybody else did nothing to gain. It was going to get Steve. Kerr the hall of fame in that the reason. Why Steve Kirk Got A head coaching job? Ron Harper twenty coat. Who's lonely with any of those guys going to get in the hall of fame if they got a green absolutely not so therefore at that point in time we feel a lot with football player after one or two rings. There's no system is standing around third. Let me go get that big payday. Secure my family for perpetuity and make generation will law so skip me Jerry. Reinsdorf that very convenient. Because he knew Jackson was not gonNA come part of a rebuild and Jack. Umag said she noticed. Tim Floyd hanging around ninety six ninety seven. What the Hell is another coach hanging around your team or an ninety six ninety seven still this jerry? Reinsdorf knows how this comes off for the law twenty years before this documentary came everybody painting Jerry. Krause of the Jerry. Krause BROKEN UP JERRY. Krause broken up but as we started delving into it and got a little deeper we realized Jay across the team. Jay CROWDER DID JERRY. Rive door bidding for him Jerry Reinsdorf when he went to Montana and signed Bill Jackson for that one year deal. He feel we're going to keep this thing together at the bare minimum two years two years. That's what we're GONNA do. But he didn't do that. He led Jerry Krause all year long. He could go eighty two note. This thing is not coming back. Not One time did Jerry Crawford hold on. Wait a minute. We haven't made the final decision. Why would he even allow Jerry to say that he could have said? Look we going to valuate this thing. After the season this is a big season for us. It will be the second about three petes. And everybody's going to be. I'm sure GONNA be exhausted. But we'll cross that bridge once we get to it. Jerry Reinsdorf never. Once in the entire ninety eight season said hold on guys. Wait a minute we're GONNA see how this thing plays out and they will circle back and get back to you. At a later date and time skill. He was not going to resign. Scottie Scott was not going to sign a one year deal after being five debate is killed. That's the same thing what we've seen with day. Thirty two thirty. Three million dollars is a lot of money. One year. No question but that won't you I find years? So why would I me one? You deal with a four or five you deal. If that's what you're asking these guys to do give up market value three or your deal to take what your deal for another ring. Another ring is not going to change in my life but five six seven million dollars a year compared to three million dollars. Nascar SO I do not believe that. Were Jerry door per se. I believe give. This is wishful thinking. I think he's what buyer's remorse I guess. You can't have settled remorse. He sold something skill that he was now. No brought a realizes Jerry. Krause it can be as him or I can rebuild this thing because remember it was organization organizations win tidal not play this organization and he can visit Jerry Reinsdorf J. Dealer Manager. I can rebuild this thing and guess what they'd be picking in the lottery every chance. So I do not believe Jerry Reinsdorf. I do not believe they were bringing this thing back because they couldn't that in the bud by giving me a two or three year extension. When he took the Montana to begin. There's nothing not to believe. Shannon he said it and sealed corroborated it last night in the documentary. We know that Jerry Reinsdorf said I came to my senses after they won six role because as he said in episode one Jerry Reinsdorf. He let krause convince him. This team was too old. It was hitting the wall so Jerry Reinsdorf went into the last year with Phil Jackson on a one year because he did not think they could go win a six championship and third in a row and as he said last night and by the way I was shocked in the beginning with episode one. Jerry Reinsdorf even sat down for this documentary but the reason he did. He wanted to exonerate himself and intern the late. Jerry Krause who obviously couldn't defend himself. He's no longer with us. God rest his soul but the point was he wanted to take both Jerry's off the hook because he did come to his senses he did call still right after the six championship was won and say Hey. I didn't see this coming. Let's do it again next year. I offer you a one year deal. And he was prepared to offer everybody else at least a one year deal. I believe they could have paid Scottie. Pippen because they could have mixed and matched all kinds of spare parts on a team. That was top. Heavy as bleep is Lebron one set of his cavaliers. It was not a deep basketball team. All those Steve Kerr's will produce in. Joe Klein's Judd Bouche lers. You could mix and match any or all of those and by the way they did have a chance they did woo Tracy McGrady. Who was then a young player like in his third year was a free agent. If in dire need you could've probably sign Tracy McGrady. If in fact Michael had stayed but Phil told REINSDORF. I don't WanNA rebuild. Because he knew he'd already talked Michael. Into walking into the sunset with him. That's all you need to know. They were going to have not. There's no way Scotty. Or Ron Harper or Rodman are gonNA come back with no Jordan but Jordan says yes. I'll come back because I liked. The next coach doesn't have to be filled. It could have been as I said Doug Collins could've been any made man in the NBA. Who'd WanNa come coach them? One one more time I think they could have won two more in a row to make it five in a row but the point was there's nothing not to believe because reinsdorf did offer instill agreed last night on the documentary. Yes he offered me a deal. They blew the whole. Tim Floyd thing right out of the water because he could have said yes. I'll come back to do that. He would have swallow his crow. He hated Jerry Krause and he wanted to stick it to krause by being able to spin. Golly Michael Jordan right out of town and leave them is and they were Tim. Floyd Loyd had three straight terrible years and then got fired in the year. A lot of other people had for some terrible years with the exception of and then had run afoul with them. Hold on wait a minute. The guy the strongest guy that had the strongest man. The sprawl mentality got spun back Phil Jackson. So don't condone job eight. No no no not that dominant. No no now. All of a sudden somebody can run. Can Run game on Michael Jordan? Would I heard you in everybody else? Michael Jordan has the strongest manageable. One guy didn't he wasn't even on the core. Skill mapping yields. Why would you? Why would you allow okay? You know you're going on this journey. Why would I wait until the middle of the trip? The realized that I don't have a spare because that's what they did. They went all the way down the road leading Jerry Crossley. This is the rich not one time. Do Jerry Reinsdorf hold on. Wait a minute. They asked him. He didn't say at the door deceiver no point time during the season that was ever here as I remember old enough to remember that was in. I was thirty. Did I hear Jerry? Reinsdorf says Oh. Hold on wait a minute is. This is a bit premature. We'll see how this thing plays out and we'll go from there. All he did was he propelled. No no no no. No no no no. Don't tell hold on. He was waiting to see if they won or not. He was shocked. They won six championship. Slammed thing Mr Crab had they wanted. Tom Brady Tom. Brady was still being New England because the footage of giving him eight million dollars the last contract they would've gave them a two year extension. That's not what they did. After the fact now. Tom Brady is about to leave with Tom. They realize that bill. Jackie will go to walk out the door intake Michael Whitty now we want to build said no out plus he also said still he's dead. I thought that would be very very unfair to Jerry Krause because they disliked each other because one bold guys wanted credit. Maybe like you said maybe might deserve all the credit but you have to give pills some credit because they feel their that t winning squad so you can play where the college got over the Hawk. But he didn't Bill Jackson got over the Hump. Just like the same thing with shacking Kobe. You can anybody. Anybody didn't do it. Because shocking colby had other coaches with Barfield and none of them got it done bill. Got It done so gift. Bill do no matter how important role you thought he played. He played a significant role and he got it done. Jerry Reinsdorf all of a sudden oh I went to feel. You should've went through head. Feel that in Montana. Why did I give to your extension? You will of what you believe. It doesn't do that. Michael Jordan Jerry. Krause Jerry Krause had convinced Jerry Reinsdorf. We're too old. Were hitting the wall and then Jerry. Reinsdorf realized my. Gm misled me. He's screwed up. He missed read. How old we are. All those players went on Scottie played seven more years. Steve Kerr later. Five more Rodman played two more. I'm sorry they all Ron Harper one two more championships with the Lakers. All those guys played at least two more years so let let me ask you this question. What do you think would have happened if Michael had called Jerry Reinsdorf and said Hey Jerry please go get me another coach somebody with NBA experience? Maybe Doug I dunno maybe Gregg Popovich for that matter who had not won championship in San Antonio whoever he could have gotten even elevating one of the assistants. I love Frank Hamlin. People don't know yes. He was Phil's number one assistant that year. Let's even elevate him into the head. Coaching Chair because it dinner. The head coach was as long as it wasn't him? Floyd from the Iowa state cyclones. That's the one who wouldn't work for Michael Jordan. So my point is what would have happened. Shannon what Michael had had some as he said dialogue with REINSDORF said. Just go give me another made man coach just somebody with some NBA clout. What would have happened with skilled easy? Eases say that's been twenty three decades ago so it's really hard for me to say honestly say what would have happened. But but what I gather. Is that Michael Jordan Jerry. Reinsdorf really never had any dialogue the only dialogue that I saw that claim in the documentary skip is that when Michael Jordan says he wants to play baseball and because Jerry arrived own own. The white sox that will they no brainer for him other than that. I can't see a situation where I ever heard Michael Jordan and the owner Jerry Reinsdorf really having dialogue so at this juncture Michael. Why am I having dialogue with you now so I think? That's how lipids for me. That's what that's what I gathered. I could be wrong. You would there and there were others there. But I don't remember a situation and the doctor meter this part series where they ever said Michael Jordan. Jerry had dialogue. I guess when it came to contract David Paul Hammer that in and he and play basketball but when he came for him to retire and he says. I want to try my hand in baseball. Well the white sox because the owner of the Bulls on the White Sox so for me. It was a no brainer so I am not surprised. That Michael Jordan didn't have dialogue with Jerry Reinsdorf because he had never had that low with separate that WANNA K. Cajun but I can do from everything that I saw last night. Okay and that is a good point and I agree with that premise. They had no relationship before so. And you brought up David Falk. Maybe it was up to David thought to try to moderate. You know moderate the situation. Try to the referee. Maybe he should've talked to Jerry. Reinsdorf expected last night Shannon. I thought Michael would sit there. Drop his head and say you know the truth was Phil was right. I was burned out. My tank was empty and I was done. I thought he would give in to the premise. That it was the last dance. But that's not what we got. We got my Jeffrey Jordan. Is saying we could have won seven. I think he believes they could one eight and for him to say that everybody would have come back and then it's maddening for him to this day to think about. It is devastating for me. I'm as big as fan. It got. What's the what's the basic premise of all sports shannon is? If you win a championship you get to defend it. It's like the essence of competition. They got jerked out from underneath them. It they didn't get a chance to defend when Michael wanted to defend his title at least one more time. I believe all of them because I thought that was one of the again. I told you it was the greatest defensive team. It was a juggernaut and if they were a couple of more you could've started making the case. They were the greatest dynasty in the history of sports. So that's why it tears my guts out today to think about in didn't have to be this way still lead them down a path right out the back door and into the sunset with give. I think the thing is that you coverage for forty years. Let me playing the biggest thing that you can have in is regret and I think Michael Jordan has regret now looking back decade that we should have been given the opportunity. I believed that he holds. Jay arrived in. Jae crowder responsible. He does not blame bill. He says because you guys started this all rolling down the hill because you started this. He can go because he said he said. They said he could go. Eighty two bill wasn't coming back. He made sure he mentioned that. So at no point in time up leading up until the end winning the title. Did you ever try to clarify that? We would premature. That's not what he done and so I believe. That's one of the reasons. Michael Jordan came back even after three years because it because most athletes would tell you. There's nothing you'll be able to do in life that can replace the competition that you had in your said sport and that's what might came back. I don't think I mean deep. Outta hip mine Emma Lee could want to get. That's why he came. And he really believed that he could channing Frye title with Lebron and also taking his side and the goat debate fry said Michael. Jordan's only job was to score and his opinion. Lebron is the better player all time. Oh any also said the guys. Today you know really wouldn't want to play with Michael Jordan so Shannon does he have a point. I mean maybe his job he's only job was to score but he did that clip that we had never seen before. And I don't think we've seen since Do I believe that channing? Frye on something else. I sure do because I don't believe that might Michael Jordan had the responsibilities night in and night out bet. Lebron James had the shoulder for the last seventeen years and and it's really unfair comparison because they're so different Michael Jordan so different than Lebron the brightest so different than what. Michael Bradley comparison would probably be Colby Michael and they then magic and Lebron because both appoint both mainly run the team. Skip because if you remember even Kobe Years Derek Fisher really was the point guard. Derek Fisher did you know you got everybody into the offense but since we're debating this topic I do believe that Michael Jordan job with to score and play defense and he did those things maybe as well as anybody ever especially plant the Combo. Now the scoring aspects guilt. We can say well that was a different area. And I'll give you that in the sixties early Seventies. That was a different era. What Michael played in but to play offense at that clip and to play defense at that clip because he didn't shortchange on either end of the court is what made him unique because we saw guys they were great offensive player but could play defense like that then is Rodman has got paper was a hell of a defensive player but they could play off. It's like that so we've maybe maybe will never ever see another guy that can combine what Michael Combined. Colby was the closest that can score. You're thirty and diesel. Went up but I will agree with channing. Frye Michael has never had the responsibility on a nightly basis to do what Lebron has to do for the last seventeen years and I get what feel feels. They'd be you know we didn't ask him to do that. Of course not. Because you had Scottie Pippen that you had other guy there. Bj On stronger. John Passionate that was running the point. And so Jacob just focus on scoring so I will agree with channing. Frye Michael has had the responsibility that Lebron has had to deal with over the last seventeen years. Well you know you know why staying on the goat debate so whether or not that makes Lebron better. That makes join better because she was able to score more and play better defense. Y'All debate that but I will agree with channing. Frye Lebron had more responsibility on a nightly basis for seventeen years magic. That Michael. Had you open your remarks? By saying channing. Frye was onto something. It sounds to me like he was just on something on something. Because this is the this is either the funniest quota of twenty twenty or the dumbest quote of Twenty Twenty Shannon. Had only one job and that was to score. Are you kidding me? You sort of just swept under your little carpet up there in your palatial estate up in. Belair the fact that Oh yeah. He played defense. He play. Defense is a defensive player of the year. He defense nine times barely. You can just sort of snuck it in like an old by the way just a little tiny mentioned Shannon nine times first team all defense when they needed a big defensive stop or quarter or play he made it and I told you earlier in the show in eighty eight. He averaged eight assists a game. It's hard to average eight assists if you're a non passer key wasn't a gunner. He wasn't a no conscience ball hog shooter. I told you still kept telling me if he wanted to if they needed him to. He could average in easily. Which is what Lebron's averaging. Finally this year he could. Do they ask you it to be done in price point? You're making price point. Because he was not asked he didn't need do that. Lebron is asked. Abroad needs to do that in order to help his team win. But you're making chain price point but Shannon. It wasn't his only job if that was his only job. He would've average zero assists. He averaged six for his career that he he could really keep everybody involved. We saw what he did getting in the ball. Late against the Lakers. Getting Curve Ball against the jazz ninety seven late. Setting the telling Steve Kerr in the huddle. Yes I'm coming to you and Kerr Yellen back. I'll be ready. And he hit him right in stride he split the double team and hit him right in stride for I is he approached the free Zeleny. What right up into his motion. It was a beautiful pass. Capped off by a beautiful shot by guy who's just a spare part wasn't even recruited out of high school Jordan won championships with Little Steve. Kerr so don't tell me he had only one job. He was the leader in the motivator of that whole basketball teams. He led in ways. I don't believe Lebron is capable of leading. He was the guts the soul of the whole basketball team. Yeah he wants ten scoring titles but he was a defensive demon. Unlike any I've ever seen so offense defense to your point nobody's ever played greater offense along with greater defense. That Michael Jeffrey Jordan so Janning One job no yet about seven jobs and he did them all at gold levels. I was I was just thinking I remember. Lebron James Split the double team little triple team kick the ball to Cali- before three and usually that with a terrible play Michael Jordan split the double team. Yes you know. Why Kyle comment was skill skill? You don't ruin play skill. I can assure you you dye grandma plate. You don't diagram that plays like miss it? You Diagram the best play possible and you live with the result that that's what Tom Brady does. He'd called the plane. He's like if element. Drop this path or wrong brought this past. You can't call play you can't diagramming. Plays thinking about what might not happen. So you make the possible play and you live with the result. Skilled all of alternative prize trying to say. Is that the responsibility that Lebron James has only nightly basis for the last seventeen years that was never owned Michael Jordan's plate for that extensive overtime. Were the Games get because I think there was a stretch gift? He had like seven eight. Maybe even nine triple double where he was asked and he had to do that. But I'm saying on a nightly basis nine at night out year in year out for seventeen years. Nobody is well first of all. Nobody played at the level that Lebron Infla- get for this length of time and to have had that responsibility. So I believe. That's what chaining prize getty. Michael wasn't asked to rebound the ball to assist the ball light. Lebron while the Brazil averages twenty seven Jordan averaged thirty so if you look at the rebounds total substantially lower you like well Jordan every six rebounds and six assists. But you do that. So Lebron done insisted. A half or two rebounds per game eighty two games for seventy years after a while that adds up. You'll just how. The discrepancy is between Lebron and Mike far as everybody and assist in the basketball I believe that was the point that channing. Frye trying to make in a very compelling argument and I happen to agree with it because that's the argument. I've been yeah well. Then you're as wrong as channing. Frye AND BY THE WAY. What are you always tell me? When relatives or close friends speak out. Four star against another star. What conclusion do you believe to that? They're hearing it from the star himself. I believe channing. Frye was simply repeating. What Lebron James is told him just had one job. Yeah that came straight from the. You know who's mouths and not the goats mile distance now or in this case the horse. What no he was bill. How is just flat out wrong? Now yes he is. The fact for channing. Frye that Lebron will do his podcast. What once every two or three months. So channing. Way to go your podcast is saved. It's okay because Lebron's going to be on your podcast from here on out earned here points with Lebron. You did what you do. You accomplished your mission. Remember saying is that when somebody heap praise. Oh Michael if he has Charles Barkley her. What did he say? A or magic. Johnson Larry Bird who the player may be. That's great but if anybody anybody say anything positive about Lebron James That's Lebron James Lebron James told him say so. Why can't someone have an opinion about Lebron and it'd be positive was all opinions and that's what we've seen mainly since the documentary come out. Is that all the opinions about. Lebron has been negative of opinions about Michael has been positive and I get. It is his documentary. And that's what normally happens. Movie comes out. People say positive thing about people. I got no problem with that but this notion but all of a sudden that now review the Dr Meter May Lebron James or worth player how is still Antilles Open? Eyes of even the blind witnesses out there the billions of blind witnesses. The Lebron lovers. They're saying Oh my God he was that he was that we didn't get that he was really that and I think every Lebron lover now knows what the truth is. The truth is Lebron wasn't in this man's league and in the end channing. Frye even had to reach four guys today would not WanNa play with Michael Jordan Baloney Navy. You wouldn't wanNA play with him. Because of you channing. Frye channing. Wait a second channing. Frye was off seven footer. Who only show your average four. Four point five rebounds a game at seven feet for his career he was sought. Yeah he he might not lasted with Michael Jordan. Michael where a torn him up. And maybe you were tossing them up. Or maybe channing. Frye would have run out the back. Door crime. Somebody give my mommy in the end. Exactly the kind of Guy Jordan. Didn't one on his team. So I'll give channing that he wouldn't have made it with Michael Jordan for sure of now is that you know having covered the game. The thing that coaches do you know skip code us to grab the and Bradley Guy. The collar and do all things like that. That wouldn't fly in today's game and I don't believe Michael Jordan. And you saw in the early two thousand skip. We try to take best out to Washington. They resented Michael Jordan. Just go ask those guys. They resented Michael Jordan. Best style would not work is hard because you got so many guys. The difference between banding now skill everybody the eight gallon. The roster is trying to build a brand with Michael Jordan play. He was the only guy on the team trying to build a brand. Now everybody's trying to build a brand. Everybody has a podcast. Everybody's trying to get a clothing line. Everybody tried to do a Schwiekard deal. GotTa deal with the Bulls. That was Michael. Jordan's way nobody else was all. Even the road skip his Cadillac. We being quarantined here for the last two months. I do with centipede. Like six miles on the ball. Five Whitney your car because that was Jordan late. Now everybody's still gotta bring it. Or they have a brain Shannon in the end. I'm sorry channing. Frye is so out of bounds and I will give you this that today's NBA is rampant Lee softer than it was in Jordan's era with navy. He would have sent a lot of these players into mutiny or revolt today because we got too many wissies playing pro basketball off channing. Frye knows it well. It's just the truth. I'm sorry but you saw the force of nature that he was you saw how he molded that team into tough mindset. That worked through the postseason. All those Scotty Burrell's and Stevie Kerr's they all made little plays for him down the stretch in one thousand nine hundred ninety eight because the way he mentally tough them during practice. I'm sorry it would work today if you put the right guys with him. If you put a pat bed that he put a P J Tucker with him maybe even Trevor Rees. I know he's later in his career but those are the kind of mindset that would work around Jordan and they would tear arise pro basketball today. We Indiana Pacers took Michael Jordan and the Bulls all the way to seven games in the nine thousand nine hundred Eastern Conference Finals seafarer. Her said that game seven was the scariest game we ever face and then shared this story that he and teammate. Bushel were so nervous driving to that game that they didn't talk for the first fifteen minutes of the rise. So Shannon how big of a threat Reggie Miller and those pacers Jordan's bulls really think there were serious threats but I think the thing is that the pressure start getting into the Bulls and realizing the enormity of what they were going for a to to finish to try to get to second of three petes they needed to get past Game seven and they have they just skip. Wasn't this the only the second game seven they had ever had to endure in that run and so scared what I look at it. But differs between the and the Bulls. The board had a ball that can detonate at any time. And go get you. Forty fifty and the Pacers relied on Bala scoring in order to beat the Bulls in. That runs KIPP. You had you have a guy that could dead mate and they didn't have that Ridge only scored twenty points in that series twice the average about Seventeen Rick Smith with about sixteen a game. They pride themselves on toughness. They had a big big big team. Rick Smits the Dave Davis Boys and so that's what they tried to. They tried to to out tough because they drive. Take a page out of what is when they had a Patrick old their Charles Smith Xavier mcdaniel Mason. So that's what the pace has tried to do is kill Larry Bird with the head coach and that was a style they were team. People don't realize not only were the celtics talented and big. But there were physical. That's why the Pistons really didn't have any. They didn't have a problem with the Pistons early onset and do these started breaking down. They started getting no going to finals and go into eastern garbage championships. Every year starts to take. It's toll I I don't maybe we come our only outside looking in but I didn't really. There was no doubt in my mind but the Bulls are GonNa win this game seven because I really never failed skill but they were going to win this game in Chicago. Maybe not if there had been in his kill okay you you could miss me any headed realistic chance and I thought early on. They had an opportunity to steal some gave the Chicago and they let them slip and so that was their opportunity. They had to get one of those games and then close it out on their home because they were ever going they were not going to be. Michael Jordan was not to let that happen. Was Not GonNa let Reggie Miller and those places beat them in a game. Seven Chicago so skip reme- I'd never say this that they were going to lose this game seven to the papers because I didn't think pays has had enough story and they can only give scoring from one place that was Reggie for once. We're going to agree on something but for different reasons. So I've as I've told you I was there in Chicago Com for the Tribune and I covered all seven of those games home and away and let me tell you they were. Knock down drag outs. You're right those pacers. Were the bad boy pistons all over again in the later nineties instead of the late eighties and that Pacers Team Reggie Miller said was better than the Bulls. I'll give Reggie that top to bottom the pacers. Were better. Yeah they have deep. They were tough. They were physical they were sly and smart and they were beautifully coached by Larry Bird in his first year as an NBA coach named coach of the year. But to your point Shannon. Larry couldn't play is he could apply eight. I believe the Pacers won the series but Larry could only sit and watch and try to maneuver his chest pieces against Jordan and even though the game seven score was way down. Low is eighty eight eighty three. It was more football than basketball but in the end what did what did we see. Ahmad. Rashad say back in the Bulls offices sitting with Jordan before game. Seven you remember. This is a moderate shod was Jordan's best friend on with him before and after every game played pro. Football as you know is a very good receiver in pro football as Bobby Moore origin but Ahmad at Oregon Ahmad said to Jordan is Jordan was was trying to focus for the game some can and some can't and then he repeated it. Some can in some chant Jordan said some can and some can't he was talking about Reggie because in the end in a game seven Reggie was going to have to rise up above Michael and even though Randy said I was the one. I was the only one in afraid of him. I don't believe that Reggie Reggie was rookie. The he dared to trash talking head good first half against Jordan in the second half and then as they walked off the floor he said you don't trash talk black. Jesus rumor that is great life. Don't trash talk black. Jesus said Michael Reggie. I believe in Reggie's heart that he believed from that point on. I'm up against black. Jesus here and I don't really believe I can beat black. Jesus so Shannon. What happened in the fourth quarter of game seven again to your point at the United Center in Chicago Jordan and Reggie were both sent back in at the same time by their respective coaches with seven thirty nine to play. It was a nit tug seesaw game but from that Mark on Jordan guarded. Reggie and guess what Reggie managed to get off one more shot a three point shot. That missed badly. That was it for him for the last seven. Thirty nine of the game. Reggie down the stretch scored zero points. Because Michael Just said No. You're not going to do it in my house. And in the end the Pacers were going to win unless Reggie went off the way we saw. Go off against Spike Lee's Knicks. That time would they went crazy at the end of that playoff. Remember that and he's capable. He was capable. He made a big shot on Michael at the game floor member. He pushed off his lights five times. More than Michael. Pushing off Brian Russell at the end of game six making the last shot but in this case away with the big shovel off and made the three that one game four so he was capable of doing it in game four but when it comes to game seven some can and some can't in the end. Reggie Hood not so. That was the difference in that series that that was very it was extremely competitive and a lot of the national media. Were there because they thought it was going to be the end of Michael Jordan. A lot of people believe that game seven would have been his last game and you know the rest of the story you everything bill. Berry a network will allow someone to get like Ahmad and Mike. Do you think a network would allow of his own personality to have that type of relationship with another player again? Yeah sure if it gets them interview every time well listen driven. My younger like four. After every game a lot has do hoods at everything. He knew he knew every there are some things again. It's a their sacrifice that you have to make because some things but Ahmad was really i. Nobody's really good reporter. He would report yes. We had up to the edge of the cliff. Everything that he could about Jordan. So I think it been rooted in D. C. at the time with that fact have their side skill about. I don't know if I'm not mistaken. Skip write this down last night. They were on the sideline and feel saying we're going to switch and I say I'm not switching. You know what I'm chasing everything. Somebody's like well. We those with look makeover shoulder like shut up. We're switching like I'm going. I'm fighting over every everything. I'm not a switching. Nothing no right exactly. I believe I believe it was about Reggie. It was like I'm h his. You know what there and take it out of the game because remember how they would run. Reggie off the back line. And they've running through picks and Jordan says I'm fighting through everyone and I'm going to wind up in space when he shoots his jumper and he did he will get his job off down the stretch a game. Four give you gotta realize they have several four. Rick Smith and then you gotTa run past one day you gotTa run past the other Davis originalist Reggie with doing. Reggie was doing what Ray Allen is Steph. Curry Rip Hamilton. Did Reggie was doing eighties graduate aware before those guys even thought about basketball again on an NBA court so he was continue was multi and what? They're trying to do skill with trying to tire him out. Taking those body blows okay. Take a forum to the chairs. Here you take a hill to the hill there and we're trying to tie them out. Buffet Jordan sustained level. Then you wouldn't you would not ask your best player to guard the upholding team. Best player pick at the peak at the peak. Because like you said switch it okay that might survive which Jack. I'm fighting over everything. Nothing and allow me to conclude this discussion by making one last point there was a crucial jump wall in that game. The Pacers I believe three wanting to go up from with six thirty nine left in the fourth quarter and yes Jordan Against Rick. Smits who was seven seats four inches tall versus Jordan. Six six six six versus seven four in Jordan. One that now I think he went up and SORTA hammered into his arm a little bit and got away with Lonzo but that was Michael. Any that was another play. That doesn't show up in the box. Score so channing. Frye he did have other jobs besides scoring. Thank you if it were right as the her who already headed feats it and he launched a three boom. We're from possibly being a five point. Game to a tie ballgame and the look back and we over. There was a surprising revelation at the end of the final episode of the last dance. That Bulls owner Jerry Reinsdorf Phil Jackson. No he could return after the nineteen ninety eight championship in pursuit of a seventh ring. Store said that Phil ultimately declined so Shannon. Who Do you think was most responsible for breaking up the Bulls prematurely? Who's at fault? Here derives door and he used across all these years that shield in a lot of people blame J. Across and I think some still do because of the way his treatment of Scottie Pippen and some of the things that he was actively trying to to shop Scottie. Pippen he wouldn't renegotiate Scottie. Pippen's deal but he that they're gallivanting all across Europe trying to follow Toni Kukoc and so. I think that rubbed a lot of Scotties teammates that definitely rubs got it the wrong way but that rubbed a lot of his teammates. The wrong way and at the end I was glad scale this pipping gave jade processes coudl. Now wish they would have given the MD flowers while he was alive. He said you have to give credit because he was the general manager. He didn't put this together no matter what you think of him he put it together. But Kill Jerry. Reinsdorf is the reason why this thing broke up. Because he is the head of the owner of the ball club and scale model. The problem is is that when you took your but in nineteen ninety eight to say this is GonNa be you know. Come on come back. Their wartime give a two year deal been field decided to walk away. Mike we got. We gave them two years. And you guys wanted a I got no problem bringing it back skill but I don't know I don't believe because you remember only got five years thirty million dollars to go to PHOENIX Steve Kerr got five years. Eleven million dollars to go to San Antonio Scotti got five for sixty seventy go to Houston is hard for me to believe those guys would take one year deal to come back and try winning ring win the money that they're going to make only the open market or the money that they got from their perspective teams was going to secure them for the future. Another rings gives us not yes. That's why I got four ring. The skill or ring nobody to private school is not going to secure your future. Put the rest of your life and I believe those are life changing moves. Got It pippen for sixty seven new. Got Five for thirty Scott. Steve Kerr got five four Levin. Now I don't want Harper live so I don't believe there were coming back skill. Jerry Reinsdorf let this narrative out there that Jerry Krause Jay said it. Bill can go. Eighty two zero win the title. He's not coming back. Jerry Krause Convince Jerry REINSDORF JERRY. Reinsdorf believe is that it was organizations. Not Player Michael Jordan. Went out of his way like I was in the organization played with no one hundred degrees able I. What did they do that? And so for me. Skill is being now. I would j crowds but in the process of the first documentary and hearing hold on. Why are we blaming the guy that doesn't own the team but doesn't have the? I agree that belongs the door. He is a now scale all of a sudden he wanted like what I told. Field knowing field was going to come back or rebuild knowing those guys wasn't going to accept a one year deal. I don't believe it's killed and micro say those guys would accepted a one year deal move. Lonely was not coming back on a one year. Deal for three million when he got five. Thirty Steve Kerr wasn't going to come back a one year. Deal for a million dollars when he got by four Levin if got pimp dams or coming back so feel it was over because Ryan Door. Let it be out there early that it was over so no jerry arrived off gets one hundred. No we'll give him ninety nine percent. I will give Jay across one percent because he actually thought he was foolish enough to think that it was organization that when champion shield. So you're telling me that Jerry REINSDORF wanted Michael Jordan took leave and he did not want to win the championship in Nineteen Ninety nine the next year. That's what you're saying. This woke up one morning and said I don't want to win another championship. He he wanted to win the championship. No there's no question about that but he didn't WanNa pay Michael Jordan forty million dollars a year that that's what was going to cost you. He didn't WanNA play Scottie Pippen. He didn't WanNa pay all that money. You Charles Barkley telling the story that. When he gave him the last year he was like making. You believe that Mo phone. Don't want to give me my money. He's like what are you talking about whereas door don't want to pay that money underpaid all the years he didn't want to pay forty meal and what it was gonNA cost to keep all those guys together for one more year title. They all would have come back for at least one more year. Depending on how little Jordan would've taken and I believe you would've taken much less as he often had a full work to make sure that tip got his money. And Ron Harper got his money and Rodman got a little bit more money they had it. They weren't too old. That's what Jerry Krause Convinced Jerry Reinsdorf before the year started which is why he allowed Jerry. Krause to say could go eighty two know and he will not be. Back is the coach next year but reinsdorf watched it happen and unfold to the playoffs and said wait a second. We're not too old. We can win in one thousand nine hundred ninety nine my GM is wrong. I'm going to overrule my GM. I'M GONNA call still which he did ride after they won game six at Utah and I'm going to say sill. I want you to come back next year. I doubt that he would have given him a two year deal but who knows. Let's just deal with one year and still said No. This is why I now give one hundred one thousand percent of the blame to Phil Jackson. I told you I had a long sit down with him. Late in that bulls run in the playoffs and I walked away from that session with my my radar going off in the back of my head that little alert that that red lights going off in the back of my head. This guy is not to be trusted so I started writing that the guy called the Zen master was actually the spin master and Shannon being Jordan's biggest fan. I've applauded and lauded everything. That's come out of that documentary until now I am holding his feet to the fire. I believe that Michael Jordan so into Phil's Sony Baloney and it's a Lotta con artistry a lot of tactics a lot of silver undamaged. I believe Michael Boss so into it that he got duped by Phil Jackson in the end and I believe unwittingly Michael got exposed last night in his own documentary. It made him look foolish in the end of his own. Doc The last dance because the guy who named it. The last dance was the coach now. Michael Dell coach called it the last dance because it was for the coach the last dance and the last means to get even with GM. He had completely fallen apart from that. Was Jerry Krause and the only way to get even was to convince Michael that Phil Walks into the sunset. Michael's gotta be arm-in-arm with him. Still repeatedly said through the play offs. Michael's Outta gas. He's burned out. This is the end for him. He's had enough. Every good thing comes to an end and I once asked. I forget which I think was in the Indiana series. I asked Michael after world gains. Are you with still about? Your tank is empty. And he said very coldly to me. That's stills opinion and that's what I thought Eureka maybe we got a chance to hear that they would part ways and that Michael would stay and Phil could walk. Still wanted to walk. I am convinced. He had some notion. Some handshake with the Lakers that he was going to coach the shack. Kobe Lakers as they came of age which he did a year later. He's winning his first of three straight championships in La. The spin master took Jordan for a ride. He spun him right out the back door with that. Grieving ritual Steve. Kerr talked about last night in which they put down their thoughts about how great this team was. Michael Actually wrote a poem. Then they read them each other in a closed door session and they all tossed them into the fire and burned and grieve the process because it was finished well. It was for the cold complicated. Wanted it to be finished for everybody including Jordan. I'm sorry it's Phony Baloney and Michael bought into it. And what was the quote from Michael? Last night. He said no matter. How big you were under Phil. He had this knack to take you through the process to pull you through so he could convince you that they were all doing this together. When it was actually a lot of spin a lot of hocus pocus and Shannon in in Michael swallowed it. Michael quit for the next three years. Thirty five thirty six thirty seven. The last three years of his prime he sat out allegedly because it was out loyalty fulfill Jackson whose whose off winning championships with the Lakers. It just makes me sick at my stomach to even think that this happen to Michael Jeffrey Jordan. But I'm on holding his feet to the Fire Shannon. I'm calling out Michael Today. He could've gone to Reinsdorf at that point and said Hey. We don't have to have Phil we used. Don't want tim fluid from the Iowa. State cyclones give somebody with experience give. Somebody was stature. Bring Back Doug Collins would coach before obviously still came to the Bulls and then was elevated. Anybody but but TIM's Lloyd would've worked and I think they would have won the next two championships and I do think there is a way to fit them. All under the CAP is Michael. Ed taken less and with the money. He was making his sneaker deals. He definitely could've taken last to win. A seventh from heaven was killed. He was making. He was making money from Nike and he didn't take less than ninety seven. He may thirty million and then that went up to thirty three thirty six million. So you mean to tell me he's GonNa make thirty million thirty three thirty six million and then all of a sudden good that back down to eighteen or even ten million. What are we going to take a game like? I said I gain skill while skill was Scotty pippin be so outraged to call Jerry. Krause name that he probably wished she didn't call them. Delayed the surgery trying to get the money that he thought he deserved to sign a one year deal and leave five years as sixty seven million on the table. Lonely still got thirty billion dollars killed. I know these guys love reads but when you have as Kim I can now maybe if they had gotten close and then win the ring or they had no rings. Maybe you've got a compelling point but they have three rains. There's no one if taking a one year deal for one million to three million and leave thirty million leave a level on the table. Skip that's not gonNA happen. Their ages won't allow that to happen. It's not gonNA happen. It wouldn't have. And he would have gotten his money the next year and then he could have been a free agent. The next year Scottie dog he was gonNA play forever and by the way how many more rings did Scotty Win. After he went to Houston and Chicago Zero. He won skill. He may know rings but he made a ton of money because guess West here in the process of him winning winning ring they couldn't took those things back dislike Luc Longley he went to Phoenix. How many more did he win none? But he got thirty. Bill Ron Harper did that the two rings Ron Harper and L. A. Did that change anything. He's not going to the hall of fame. Steve Kerr he wanted to more ring. Now go to the hall of fame as a coach but it didn't change me things like I said. I don't see the scenario BA- jerry reinsdorf still employed by. You've got to wait to Happen Win. Michael Jordan the MVP. It took you to gain six. So you went through three rounds. That didn't do anything for you. But was you win gave this? Oh Michael Field. Play he won the MVP. That's why Jerry Reinsdorf sole responsible for this. He broke this up and he'll allow Jerry crowds now. No this is all on your door so it in the end. The Michael I'm seeing in. The documentary is a little hard for me to watch. Because he seems like a sad figure at age fifty seven we see them with the cigars we see them with whatever drink he's sipping beside him on the little table and his eyes look sad to me. He looked very sad at the end of the dock saying that it tears them apart. It's maddening that they didn't get a chance to defend. What was there's in the in the in the reason they didn't is because their coach wouldn't come back with them. I believe Michael. He he had a hold on the rest of the team. The way still had a hold on Michael. It would've worked. They would've won a couple of more and there's value in playing with the greatest player who ever played in winning maybe five straight championships for a grand total of eight there. There's there's magnitude to it. There's history to it and I believe it would have worked if still hadn't duped all of them into a greasing ritual to say it's over for what reason no reason Phil because you called it the last dance and it makes me sick at my stomach to think of what got left him on the table. What the last dance concluding yesterday. We got a behind the scenes. Look at just how competitive Michael Jordan was. He had a will to win along with the drive to push his teammates really to the brink at all times. So she and do you think. The last dance changed anyone's opinion on. Who would go really is Michael Jordan on the Front? I don't Jenny because I believe people are dug. In and there are third situation we see not only society. Skilled people are dug in the matter. What transpired no matter what happens. How many times it happened. No matter what it said. We're dug in. That's that's some people got in the same situation. Michael Jordan is their guy and they're not moving. Not that Pence Lebron James Guy. They're not moving up that fence and I don't have a problem with their skill. I think the thing is that if you needed this for me like I said I grew up watching Michael Jordan. Have a lot of his shoes and things of that nature but if you needed this documentary to remind you how good Michael Jordan will. I don't know what you've been especially if you own enough. You're my age a little older and saw Michael Jordan where you've been skill. I don't mean to see I guess ten years from now we're GONNA have to have a documentary to remind us how great Tom Brady would. I don't need I don't need to see that document escaped bit. I witnessed it. I played against him and then I follow basically his career over the last fifteen sixteen seventeen years so I know what he represents skill. I think the thing is is. That is just like anything's guilt. These new You listen to these. New Wrap was and the baby a little baby future. Oh they better now. They better than better than be stop. Stop just a new fresh and the other guys haven't put out anything in a long period of time so let's stop this and I think that they get a liberal or to do a documentary. Let's say fifteen. Hey if colby documentary skipping the next decade help people go back. Bad Colby. I'll skip. Kobe might be the goat. Kobe by beating goat and Lebron. Follow that up. And then it's going to be another cycle. I love this skill because we're always have something to debate along long as we have something to debate. You and I will be gainfully employ by the way in your rapper analogy. You failed to mention the goat little wayne so I will just off your analysis. Yes thank you very much. But that's the Thanksgiving people forget because Wayne just dropped albumin. He legal. He had Luda got a something skill. You'll know how skills like. We haven't seen you okay so outside out of mind. Okay Shannon. I have bad news for you. This last dance documentary. Was your last dance with your argument. That Lebron is the goat. It's over now your goat mass that you often wear on. You can wear only on Halloween only on Halloween. Can you wear the gold mask or or maybe if you happen to go back to your hometown in rural south Georgia you can wear it out on the farm. You can wear your goat mask outwear at any more on national TV on undisputed because Liz Shannon got really really bad news. This ended the debate. It's over and I believe that billions of what I called. Blind witnesses out there have. There is opened by this documentary. Maybe they're too young to have seen Jordan and all his glory. I think now it's going to have a muting affect muting effect on their social media presence. I think they're going to be a lot quieter. Because in their heart of hearts they now know what they just saw and they know that force of nature in the last dance is above and beyond anything. Lebron has ever been. I believe that those blind witnesses witnessed a cold blooded killer and leader beyond anything. We've ever quite seen from your man Lebron James. I believe that they witnessed athleticism quickness acrobatics quickness of jump spring explosion. That we've just never quite seen from Lebron James. I believe they witness the greatest mid range jump shooter. We have ever seen case closed. And that's always been Lebron weakness. He has no real mid range jump. Shot game for that. Matter is a poor free. Throw shooter on top of that. I believe they witnessed behind the scenes. What a force of nature leader motivator that he was in ways. Lebron's not capable of being told you Lebron's almost too nice of a guy and I think everybody knows that I think he's a fine guy off the floor but he doesn't have enough of that killer. Will that that psycho drive in that drove Jordan so in the end Shannon. I'm sorry that it makes you step back from lebrons. Croon saying wait. A second Jordan was never accused by his owner of quitting in a series against the Celtics playoff series. He he was mad over to accusations. W melting down. Well I did. It ever happened to Michael Jordan rise. Say he quit. No I mean it's unthinkable and it's unthinkable that Michael would meltdown in an NBA finals. That went against the Dallas Mavericks Chosen. One becomes the frozen one and finally. It's unthinkable that Michael Jordan would miss a series south final saving shot and that his legacy would be saved by rail and from the corner on on land rebound to Chris Bosh. It's just unthinkable. And it disqualifies Lebron because it forces all of us to sit back and say the truth is it's not even close skill. But here's the thing. We thought throughout this documentary. That Michael Jordan Miss last shots in finals game in playoff game. And we saw Steve Kerr. We saw John. Paxson it shots and nobody's ever said they say their career nobody saying Meta world peace on that three point shot in game seven say. Kobe's career is only Lebron when he has a teammate. Now Michael Jordan teammates up make plays will be what they should do. They say they own. That was Michael. See that was Michael's leadership they're force them to make those shots in the ball. Winning Lebron does the same thing and reality say this career and this one saved his career. Nobody of career has gotten fade by teammate. Only Lebron that's what's so frustrating for me. Is that fair Michael Jordan got do? How does Michael Jordan The guy? That's mentally talk. The JETER mandrake master. How does he get do by Phil Jackson? So now what either. Michael Jordan is not as strong as you would have the belise or you're not telling the truth. That Phil Jackson is responsible. Why the Cook with one of the other. No I you know this. We all have our little weakness. We all have strong intelligence or ear and we over here. Jordan has no weakness. This one ADL slow. He bought into Phil's Phoney Baloney that was the only weakness I ever saw only line that scale. I think the thing is what made feel. So unique is that you must be able to convince the strongest Guy Your best player to buy an in. That's what he would do. That's what he could do better than any other code coach. Michael and Scotty and that's why they were able to do it. That's what he was better to do with Shaq and Kobe. No one else can tap into that. Get these guys to buy in and be one. He was able to do that. So whether you could say it was saying whether you say at the board job or whatever the case may be burning poetry and coffee canes. I don't know what it was but it worked so now I just need to note was Michael Jordan as mentally strong as you said he was because laws yellow way we deal with the team or okay okay so okay so now the point although shots by Little Stevie Kerr and little John Paxson. They weren't do-or-die shots. They weren't have to make it. Shots like Ray Allen's Braille. Shot doesn't go in if it lips out the way joins did at the end of game for at Indiana that lips rabbit having a whole different discussion because Lebrons two and seven in NBA. Finals and Dennis. Rodman say heck. What had Scottie? Pippen say when Jordan stole the ball from Carl Malone at the in Game Six at Utah in the five did is Rodman. Said I knew that you know what he's GonNa shoot it. We don't know Lebron's going to shoot it. He might pass it to George Hill. He might pass a decal over in the corner. This one is get out of my way and let me do what I do. This is do or die. We are down along with seven seconds left. I'm going to do it Jordan. Had scored forty five points in that game in forty four minutes. The rest to the Bulls wound up scoring forty two total points in that Game Scottie. Obviously with was sick and or had some back flare up where he had them back spasms. So the point. Was You saw what? What Jordan did Lebron? Just wouldn't do that. Lebron hand at that same situation at the end of game one he had the warriors dead to rights in their home. Arena with little staff switched onto mid six three. Just go up and hold opposed. Lebron a win the game. Now I gotTA kick it to George Hill so he can get fouled and go miss a free throw way to go. Lebron who thought that an NBA player would can miss a free throw. Wow I mean while Giorgio the best my only problem is that whatever join dead was right if he oh he made a guide missed shot where he made the right played as Michael Jordan. Lebron Jane what Mike took that shot. No HE DIDN'T Steve. Kerr took a shot. John Paxton took a shot. New Lonely took his bill wedding too. Dull bow so stop this notion skill. Stop this cold. It is called teammates. Remember teammates were. We got all right guys. Rick Bucur talked to several NBA personnel. About how Michael Jordan would fit in. Today's game they all agreed he would still be considered the best in the game it was. Mj's intangibles that would put him above everyone else one eastern conference GM said quote. There's nobody with his drive. Nobody with this killer instinct. Nobody close and one. Nba Trainer said he'd Imagine MJ would an even quaker buying today so shannon awaiting to think about that second. How good would Jordan have been playing in two days and the well he'd be great? I mean I think generational players would be great many error. But it's hard for me to imagine but see the problem that I have. Is that when people say only Jordan would have been great in today's game? What about Larry? Bird Larry Bird was twenty. Four ten and six and shot listened to game with his ability to shoot the three. He was almost ninety percent. Free throw shooter. Would he not being Great Dominique? Wilkins would have not been great one. On one with the fourth bread remember scale the eighties might have been the highest scoring decade. I think the sixty eighth with one of the highest for decades NBA history. So only Jordan from that era would have been great. Missed out this of course would have been great but did not have training so we didn't know anything about training. He's your with the Tim Grover. Would he wanted to train to get rid of the Bulls? I mean for the Pistons. So let me ask you a question. Okay with the advent of training and nutrition is Michael Jordan. Still going to have some of those habits that we saw the documentary. If he's going to be smoking cigars cigars and Locker. Room before the game skip. Is he going to be smoking out the game? Is he still going to have those habits about going out gambling late at night and drinking? Are those going to be a part of repertoire. Oh nobody off was a trade. But what about the other habits talk about that? We're GONNA talk if we're GONNA talk all the way real live talk all the way real so for me. Yes Jordan would be great now but do I believe Jordan would be fifteen more points better than Kobe's high scoring game average no Jordan's scoring fifty a night. We'll did that that's it. Nobody's scoring fifty Shannon Sharpe. A this about Larry Bird or magic or whatever else you want to throw into distract our audience. This is about how Jordan would do today and by the way my take away from Rick Googlers. Excellent overall peace is that Jordan would tear rise in dominate today's NBA. Even more than he did his own era now back to his bad habits he had the same habits. All the way back to the first three peat if you start in ninety one but he also had workout habits. That were unparalleled. I know because I know Tim Grover very well. Tim is right at what he does and he was great and staying ahead of the curve and in the end he kept Michael Supremely fit even though he did smoke cigars did he drank. Lebron drinks now. Lebron's a big wine. Connoisseur is wine all that different from hard liquor not to me so and they had what they called the breakfast club. They had it every morning at Michael's house and Tim. Grover routine after every home game was to go into the locker room and catch. Michael's glance just to say you. WanNa do six or seven or eight meaning. What time do you want the breakfast club? Depending on how the game had gone tonight how much it took out of you. How much you think you needed to start earlier with your workout Scottie. Pippen Ron Harper and of course Michael Jordan win at it hard. Every morning he was in supreme cicle shape he would have been if we'd taken the ninety eight. Michael Jordan at age thirty four after years of having the same off the court habits as you call them and dropped him into today's NBA. I'm sorry that quote that Ginny read is exactly right. There's nobody right now with his drive. Nobody with his killer instinct. Nobody close that. That's the essence of what he was in ninety. Eight and heat. Michael said last night that was his greatest year because he could beat you with his mind as well as his body but he had figured out the game from a cerebral standpoint as well as physical standpoint so now he was virtually invincible when he needed to be so. I'm sorry it dropped him in today. I believe shack would be right. He would average forty five game. It's possible David Falk. His agent would be right. He would average fifty a game but with no hand-checking open floor lots of run-and-shoot and three point shots emphasized remember the most three point shots in his biggest year of shooting threes. That Michael Ever average was three point. Six A game if feels like James Harden takes three point six shots three point shots per possession. It's like he averages twenty a game so if you had my twelfth threes a game yeah okay. You don't think Michael's average would go up because he could shoot it and he would have perfect. Everybody knows I'm sorry you do it. You see what you're doing. Everybody automatically assume what he's going to work on it and he's going to be able to shoot a three like steph curry. So why don't we get to automatically assume so? What about the Bronx? Lebron came? Whoa WHOA WHOA. Wait a minute. So what Lebron had had the emphasis on the three point shot when he got with Lebron so proud of Steph curry because I got into the NBA. What two thousand and eight thousand nine? If I'm not mistaken two thousand nine so let's just say. The emphasis was placed on the three point shot will Lebron had gotten to the NBA at he perfected that you see. Everybody wants to give the benefit of the doubt Jordan were Joe Jordan was a mid range shooter. Now he's mid-range game was the best all time no question about that. I'm not here to dispute there. Well we can't automatically assume because he works so hard he was going to be a great three point shooter get. Why do we automatically assume everything? Okay you said he worked really hard. But Rick you can feel if you had the training that they have now was different. That was some trainer that said Yeah but but again that was tim grover. Tim would have him in in each shape right now with the new training method. Remember Tim. Tra- Colby Tim trained dwayne Wade. He's trained a lot of the pro football players. I'm sorry he would have Michael in quickness shape overall supreme athletic shape. It hard for me to believe that might have a personal show all those years so he was eating. I mean he was eating healthy. Obviously we know more now guide. You know everybody. Everybody has a board timeshare. You don't have to be Lebron or Kevin Durant Steph Curry James Hill. The the seventh and Eighth Guy have personal shift and gathered training. More now scale because the money is so great. If you'd be foolish to not play fifteen twenty years if at all possible but scaled back then guy didn't take care of themselves. Let guys take care of themselves now? So look would Michael Jordan still be Michael Jordan skill? I believe Michael Jordan was still be Michael Jordan but I do not believe he would average forty five fifty points basketball back. He was still be great. By the way why hasn't Libron perfected? The three point shot the way into twenty twenty. This is not about abroad. Stop Brady Librado well. Nascar is back tomorrow night. It's expanding series racing Toyota two hundred presented by Geico then Wednesday night. Finish up Darlington northeast Toyota. Five hundred presented by go live in primetime only on F S One and Sunday. We're back on Fox for the Coca Cola six hundred live from Charlotte so good to have massacre back in the mix. Okay guys one game before Michael Jordan's flu game which we'll talk more about. He had to check them out of game. Four of the nine hundred ninety seven. Nba Finals due to severe cramps. The Pram stemmed from team trainers mixing up different types of gatorade accidentally giving him a different. Drink called GATOR LOAD. Shannon Jordan have gotten the same criticism that Lebron got for cramping up in the finals. It was a different time. It was a different air. Skip you understand. Now that there's cameras everywhere Things that guys could get away with back in the eighties and nineties. Guys can even can't even dream of getting away with that. I've had before and it would skip it. Were tear your stomach up if you if you have too much of it trust me. I know I I can attest to it. So by the Jordan ingested too much of this who cramps a year the prize the ballgame with. I go into the locker room for data. If you don't have me yes that will measure stomach up if you ingest. Do much of it but just goes to show you. There's a different set of rules. Michael could could Michael. I believe at the time he plays could have got away with anything. Especially when it came to own the court and nobody would have better than that and because now is because they didn't get reported anything that he's superstar player does now the first thing they go. Michael would've never come up the game. Michael would have never done that. Michael would have never said that so everybody gets compared to Michael not knowing that there were things that went on. That Michael Actually did this very similar. Things that super star players are doing now. So I'm not going to criticize the guy we didn't know about it. Then we're only finding out ex post backdoor so let it lie. I'm not GonNa let this live because this is a big L L for me. I'm sorry I also tried gator load one time and I agree with you not to be trifled with especially if you're going to go running to ingest and. I cannot believe that an assistant trainer had got it in his head to go. Gator over gator aid. I have no idea but the point was we're talking about stomach. Ramps VERSUS LEG CRAMPS STOMACH. Burs leg so now. Let'S FAST FORWARD TO GAME. One of the twenty fourteen finals in San Antonio win some some way in the and center the air conditioning went out in the second half. There were eight players who played in that game and only one cramped leg cramps. That was your man. Lebron James who struggle do the fourth quarter dragged his leg. Ambi Rebbe can me out. I can't drag my leg up to floor anymore. Lebron what are you doing? You're up six early in the fourth quarter but without Lebron down the stretch. He scored only two points in the fourth quarter. The heat fell apart and lost by fifteen so at that point in time I knew of the trainers for the Miami Heat and he told me the next day that they were having some trouble with Lebron cramping under pressure he told me it was more psychosomatic than actual physical cramping that the stress sometimes made Lebron cramp. And if you don't think he did you can look it up because I wrote it on. Espn DOT COM. So that was completely different than a gator load stomach cramp. This is some kind of weird leg. Cramping 's it was an fuel on Lebron's part and what happened the rest of the series they lost by a record finals. Margin to my spurs if you don't mind me asking so you can't play with cramps but you can play with food poisoning. Stayed up all night. You can't keep anything down Jenny. You remember the story Jamie Cope abortion. He had a full game so you can play an entire game with poisoning throwing up. But you can't stay in the game recover gate alone now but if you look at Little Lebron the only one that have on leggings. He had the tights on it. I think that caused this because I've seen right though. I don't know if you remember this fight. But I remember fight which Klitschko the trainer put too much Bassolino name but he instead of just putting on his face. He put it over his whole body. Where your body can't perspire. So a lot. It in he overheated got knocked out. So you live and you learn if you notice the next game. Lebron James didn't have those leggings on skill. If you want to beat him up if you want to buy something about Lebron have at it but I do believe abroad. J. Cram well. I don't believe I had an issue with crampy. I've always had issue with cramping I was always leading and I did like a whole lot of stuff on my stomach and Greek Ma Appalachians theater novels and even when I went to a Baltimore Bill door would always try to get a drink but skip. I couldn't drink because I didn't like stuff flush in the riding my stomach so I drank the bare minimum in practice. It could be a hundred degrees. I wore long Li. I said maybe a half a cup of water for two and a half hour that practice because they on my stomach and I headed probably cramping I still do. Give the pig the guy the guy the guy locked cook it happened is not the first time the cramps have happened. Shannon with the Bulls. A number of bulls had stomach cramps and had to go to the bench for a little while before they went back in the game as did case. Mark White. Okay okay but in this case eighteen other players are going in and out of the game in the second half and apparently they all drank while they were sitting on the bench because the air conditioning broke in. It's summertime in San Antonio. It's going to be one hundred degrees every day. You better drink. Or you're going to cramp because you're gonNA completely dehydrate and bad things are going to happen. So why Lebron was the one guy who didn't drink some kind of liquid. I don't know but he was the only one in all of game cramped. It was a bad look at it. Set a bad tone for a heat team who collapsed against the Spurs and that was of course the end of Lebron in Miami as he took his talents back to Cleveland. I think the thing is like I said he had leggings zone. And when you have on leggings you have to be really careful working out and with extra leary. Say WE'RE ACTUALLY SKIP SKIP? It needs to be caught in that. That fabric needs to be able to breathe. And Lebron you asking Lebron's gift you remember in eighty four Well that was game seven when the heat went on the air went out in the Boston Garden and they said it was like a ninety s with ninety seven degrees. But you have to understand scale. Lebron James is two hundred sixty two hundred sixty pounds and he's running up and down the field. That's why you see more times than not you received was running back. Bb's cramp as a police officer but when you're exerting more yeah is hot is one hundred degrees for office line but when you running like receivable or DB or running back quarterback never cram because they don't crap because they're not exerting the fame of the players. If you believe those players everybody out there exerting defame case in you know that last night we learned that the infamous flu was really food poisoning. That Jordan got the night before from a pizza delivery while in his hotel room and Salt Lake City. I'm Jay said he was the only person who has the pizza and within hours. He felt sick. Jordan's trainer said he had a bad feeling about the pizza when five guys showed up to deliver that pizza so Shannon. Do you actually believe that those guys put something on the pizza but made Jordan Sec auto game some bad the game some bad cheese bad beat or something skip bayless because like I say i. I'm surprised that when they ordered the peace they just didn't give one of the other guy's name dot saying but I guess you know you go into that room that time of night. They or an athlete. But for me I would. I would have never said who the pizza was four. I guess that time of night you up. There's not a whole lot open. I guess in Utah that time. And so you gotta you gotTa roll the dice. You roll the dice his stomach and he's seven and he paid report. I have to believe that pizza. Got Doctored in a way that forced Michael Jordan Manitou. Am to call. The doctor. And I was both surprised and pleased that the Great Tim. Grover went on record in the documentary. Suggesting how suspicious he was that styve guys delivered the pizza now want to the Marriott in downtown Salt Lake City and I agree with you. It's too bad you have to give the name. Michael Jordan's should've been for Tim. Grover but apparently named Michael Jordan. And apparently they had to be led up onto. Michael's floor with Michael's name obviously so in the end. Could we presume that those guys were jazz? Fans in one thousand nine hundred seven. I would assume so so to your point. Can we presume that somehow they put something on there that they knew would not agree with Michael Jordan? Yes because they dearly wanted their jazz to win and they probably thought we got him until he scored thirty eight bucks night with the quote unquote flew. It might have been a situation that the only way they would've delivered a piece of maybe they weren't even deliver. Maybe they were done and the only way they deliver it that for my Jordan. Oh this is Michael Jordan okay. We covered right away but now tim grover. Y'All eat at and after two minutes we'll see what happens when you got nothing gets in the way of MBA. Just wish there were more episodes. Good stuff today guys. That's IT for undisputed. We'll be back same time tomorrow.

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