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It, bubble Wallace didn't back down at Talladega. Whoever was gonNA take away my smile neither did his friend race winner Ryan Blaney. Concerned. To deal with and Nice to hear him before the race, it wasn't dead. Quiet chanting BUBBA. ARC HEROINE PRN's garage. Now, a game of commercial chicken brought to you by progressive. We see how long flow can go without talking about insurance. Ready Go, so the the weather is just all over the place lately right one day. It's hot. Next Day. Windy for a while. It's like make up your mind already. Drivers switched to Progressive Save big. Bird okay you win. We can't help but save customers money. Progressive Casualty Insurance Company and affiliates. We want to help extend the life of your vehicle at Zemach Micro Louver into the fuel and oil, where it uses the fluids to reach internal parts as it soaks into battle Xamax. URSUS harmful carbon buildup to help improve performance extend engine, life and increase fuel mileage. Buys feedbacks today at the DOT com or your local auto parts store. Day after a noose was found hanging in bubble Wallace's garage at Talladega as a sign of solidarity before the rain delayed Geico five hundred, every cup driver helped push Wallace's car to the front of the grid, followed by every crewman from every team and Wallace's team owner Richard, Petty Wallace would run up front lead for a moment, and eventually finished fourteenth. Then the sports only African American, driver walked to the fence where it's fans were waiting and told NASCAR on Fox the deal that happened yesterday. Sorry, I'm not wearing my mask, but I wanted to show whoever it was. You'RE NOT GONNA. Take away my smile. And I'm going to keep on going one of Wallace's very best friends Ryan Blaney wound up winning a wild finish beating. Ricky stenhouse junior by only seven thousands of a second out to let it eat away at Ya that some wins those people win so I think it's great that everyone rose up of included. You know really came together. I don't want it to be remembered as a terrible day or a bad day at Nascar, I wanted to be remembered as there was an incident and we all over came together. Show that we're not gonNA. Take it anymore. Man, get sick of. Something that he should deal with meanwhile, the investigation into who hung up. The news continues according to NASCAR President Steve Phelps we're GONNA. Use every effort we can determine who has done this whether it's a single person or or multiple people and I know that the director of the FBI is. The, Birmingham Office to use all their resources to find it as well so. They will be banned from the sport for life. There's no room for this at all. We won't tolerate it and they won't be here. I don't care who they are. They will not be here you wanted. You got it. Thank traffic jam rewind the extra ter-. Car all-star races come into Bristol. TUCK great John Nascar's battle for bragging rights and one million bucks is on the line Wednesday July fifteenth at Bristol. Motor speedway Johnson Ricky stenhouse junior experience it live for tickets and information. Visit Bristol Motor speedway dot com. Five thousand fans were allowed into the grandstands at Talladega the biggest crowd. The Cup series has raced in front of sense coming back after the coronavirus pandemic runner-up Ricky stenhouse junior nice to hear. Hear him before the race. It wasn't dead, quiet, chanting bubba start pretty special to be able to hear that when Bubba took the lead, and I looked at the stands in you know. Why shall the people jump up and cheer? That was pretty pool, so those are things that we haven't had in a long. The garage pass presented by Progressive Insurance Watch new shower sessions now at YouTube dot com slash progressive.

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