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Are you hiring with indeed you can post job in minutes set up screener questions than zero in on your shortlist of qualified candidates using an online dashboard get started today at indeed dot com slash ABC. That's indeed dot com slash ABC. Brought to you by the Capital One venture card when you earn unlimited double miles on every purchase your next trip is closer than you think. What's in your wallet credit approval required capital? One Bank USA an a subscribe now to our podcast to get hot topics delivered every afternoon, and while you're at it rate us in labor review. Make Mondays better because the view is live too close for comfort the former vice president response to allegations of inappropriate touching. I helped powerless. I felt like I could move. I I just didn't even know how to process it who this derailed his presidential run before it begins creator and star of insecure e suray and blackish star Marseille Martin talk about joining forces in the huge new comedy, led all and spring into a brand new view your deal here come hot topics with Whoopie. I'll be huntsmen joy Behar sunny hostile and Meghan McCain. Now, let's get things started. What what are we can? It's been the my goodness. You know, Joe Biden's presidential campaign hasn't even fishery begun and people are trying to knock them out of the running woman Vanna politician Lucy Flora's claims that Biden was out of line when he campaigned for her back in twenty four teen take a look out of nowhere. I feel Joe Biden put his hands on my shoulders, get up very close to me from behind lean in smell, my hair. And then plant a slow kiss on the top of my head to have the vice president of the United States do that to me so unexpectedly and just kind of out of nowhere. It was just shocking. The reason why we're having these conversations about vice president Joe Biden is because he's considering running for president. So now Biden responded that in all his years on the campaign trail never. Believe he's acted inappropriately. So he'll listen respectfully Flora's when it was never his intention. Now. Should she have spoken to him about this before she went on television about it or I mean is it, you know, listen in the old days, we would call Joe some folks of a certain age would say, he's a little overly familiar. Okay. But most politicians when they're doing this with you. And they are and Joe is Joe is a hands on kinda guy. Yeah. What no one? I've never heard anyone. And she says she felt violated, and I have to take her out a word, but it would have been nice if she had turned him and say, you know, what Jay I'll really like this to please don't do this or not missing vice president. I'm not really comfortable with that something 'cause he's standing right there, though, it's hard to say to somebody who's somebody touches, you inappropriately. But it wasn't. That's the point. I didn't we. Does not say it rises the level of sexual assault or anything of that nature. She does not claim mrS immune to moment. So I think we need to be very clear on that. Because I think some people are interpreting it. Well, that's the point. That's the point is to get people to think about it like that it does not rise to any of those. No, it's a long way from smelling your hair to grabbing your who Har. I mean, let's tell the. But she's annoyed. And so we have to that. But I don't think it rises to two point. We've been listening to about Harvey Weinstein and the rest of these people it just doesn't look like that. And you know, we don't know Joe Biden his been here. I remember when I met him in Florida before he was vice president, and he was so friendly. He's the close talker. He comes right up facing thinking. I hope my breath is good. You know? More important. I hope his. Yeah. And you know, so he talks close. He touches what he's like, I feel it would be really unfortunate. If we got rid of everybody who was just an affectionate kind of person. Those are nice people to he's also been in public office for about fifty years of his life. I do wonder if she could have sent him a letter, right? Like cinema personal note to say, hey, this happened a few years ago. Now, I feel confident and telling you about it. I don't wanna make this public. I always wonder when these things come out. What is the motive for this person? Is it is it simply to let people know uncomfortable, which you could have done in private or is it because you maybe want someone else to win. And you want him to have doubts about actually announcing presidency. I've had concerns about the me too movement from the beginning about getting to this place where you can't have normal interactions with each other that is to say like this one was comfortable, and that's her place. But are we going to get to a place? We can't shake hands. We can't hug each other. Because that to me was uncomfortable. I worry about that. I do. I'm sort of in the middle on this in the sense that I do believe that with this particular situation. There was a power dynamic. You're talking about the vice president of the United States. He was running. I think for tenant governor. So she may not want to want to have offended him. And I know a lot of women get put in that kind of situation where they're offended they're uncomfortable. But they may not say anything. So that's that's one thing. But I do appreciate his response to the criticism. He said, I may not recall these moments the same way, and I may be surprised at what I hear. But we have arrived at an important time when women feel they can and should relate their experiences and men should pay attention, and I will and I think that is the appropriate response. Respond very well, very perhaps this intend to make her uncomfortable. But she is saying you did make me uncomfortable. And he's saying I will listen. So I don't know that we will see anymore smelling of hair and kisses. But. What? Misses me off. I tell you. Well, I don't want Joe to stop doing. I don't either, you know, I'm just gonna sit on thing. There's a certain kind of retail politician that loves people I would pull Bill Clinton in that category. I would my father in that category. I would certainly put Joe Biden in that category. When he came on the show is the only politician other than my father to go into the crowd and shake every now that means something when you're in Iowa, and I'm sorry. But I just when I heard this I read her entire statement. I do agree. Women should be heard. I'm sorry. I worked at Fox News during the Roger Ailes time. There's a very big difference between things like that. And things like this. And Mika Brzezinski said this morning Democrats have to ask ourselves. What exactly is the me too line? You wanna draw because you will live and die by that line. Joe Biden is a good decent. Man. I do not believe he's never made me feel uncomfortable. Once I've been around him a lot. Not hurt him. I hope not. But I think Democrats what I said on Friday about Democrats cannibalizing each other and eating their own the part you brought up about politics. She said on Jake tapper her politics it was politically motivated. She says politics was definitely impetus. The impetus is the reason why we're having the conversations and I'm sorry. She was a Bernie Sanders supporter in two thousand sixteen. She was just seeing baby. That was that because he's running under a livable thing. She's a she's a Bernier beta person ABC feels more inclined. Now, I don't know. But all I'm saying is that I've outed for his character and my personal experience. I'm saying what I'm doing. Ed want Trump in for another four years? I Don I is this is for me. This is these things are not democratic or Republican veasley are about listen, some people if they make you uncomfortable. And I know I'm pleased. Don't Email me or text me. Please. Please either my point I want women to get to the place where they can say, hey, you just made me uncomfortable. This idea that you have to tip toe away from this or you have to carry you do not have to carry if someone makes you. He came down to do you favor. He came down to do you a favor. He was at your fundraiser. You had every right to say, you know, what that said, I don't do that. Joe? Can I think the media is doing some of this to Stephanie Carter who is the wife of Defense Secretary ash Carter published a blog Sunday defending Joe by over a viral photo. Jiggs misrepresent you nervous in this experience. And he kept his hand on my shoulders as a mean of offering his support and said that she said to him. Thank you for letting him earlier in the day, and it made her feel frantic fled is not forgot these that that picture Joe Biden knows them. Yeah. Right. He was behind a whisper into so you have to stop characterizing stuff. Mischaracterizing, it that's comfortable experience for the other woman. It was not, but don't sit and wait and say, I'm uncomfortable on national television. Right. Because it makes us suspect of your listen be we're probably get heat over this. But I. That's all right. Yeah. I've been a woman a long time. I've been a woman a long time. My mother said if you're not comfortable, you tell them to stop. She she instilled that in me, and I'm trying to share it with you will be right back. Still ahead. Rossing Conway how Kellyanne Conway hit back at box newsmen Chris Willis for asking about her marriage. Did he step over the line? Or did she bring it up firs? Now is the time for strong women to speak out. And when these women come together watch out 'cause we have argue. If you want to get out and make it we have our voices every single one of us who have immoral compass have to speak up and listen to women. That's why when it's time DeVos your view. This is where you come varies is not as it is worth. He only place in daytime taking it all on a lot of healthy debate. At this able the are a lot of women around the stable you strong. Be bold all day long. And that is wide all the view on ABC. Dila had ISA array and Marseille Martin on the big buzz over their new comedy little and a brand new view your deal. Well, the back saw the war of words between you know, who and George Conway has been playing out on the public stage in Kellyanne Conway is weighed in about it several times in the past. But she drew the line in the sand on Fox News this weekend. Take a look has this hurt your marriage out. Chris what are you open out? I mean, what am I gonna couch and your psychiatrist I think that's really inappropriate question. Here's why that's the point. That's the line over which nobody should have crossed. So if you wanna talk about a policy issues policy disagreements the fact that my that fact that George Conway my husband would prefer that I not work in the White House. I guess you can ask questions of president is weighed in I've waited as modestly as I can. It is what people are talking about. If I fended you. I'm sorry. I'm sure. So which part of the question was in a pro, I don't think it's appropriate. When the president of the United States has weighed in has waited on Twitter weighed in on Twitter has weighed in publicly that makes it part of the discourse. In fact, the president has called him, Mr. Kellyanne Conway and the president also called him the husband from hell. And so since the presidential wanna know yet, right? President Twitter account. Those are official documents. I think it's part of the discourse I have to say I feel both ways because on the one hand. I really don't think that Walter Cronkite would've asked this question. I don't journal on the other hand is like who's afraid of Virginia Woolf in public constantly tearing at each other. So it becomes news. But in the back in the day Walter Cronkite would never touch this. Well, this would never happen back in the day. Like that people had a whole different. Yeah. Because his day these k- the Kennedy family was out of control, and nobody knew about now. Who is one of the great political? Journalists of our time has a piece out in the New York Times called all stuck inside. George and Kellyanne Conway's marriage and professor Troy's that this marriage represents the train wreck. That is our current political culture where all intertwined as Americans like we're all in this marriage together and constantly colliding against one another and whether they like it or not they have put their marriage their children their life out front and center in public. Giving interviews talking about it on TV. So you can't have it both ways. But there, but there's this feeling in the White House that they're zapped from when they make it public. I just wanna give a shout out to Chris Wallace. I think he's one of the best we still have living. He didn't wanna ask that question. He was very uncomfortable. That was ever watched it. I mean, should invest it. But we were all what we're all uncomfortable all the time with this. And they're doing it while, you know, impart, we're all uncomfortable because we have all put ourselves so far out there on Twitter and on Instagram that we tell everybody everything. So it's not a surprise that. We're wallowing in it. But oh what? What you what you mean? We what to mean we well. We gotta talk about it. About it. Bernie's birthday. Can I say happy birthday to my dog playoff? Four. We're always willing to give a bitch a shout out. Charter school charter day school in North Carolina had dress code requiring girls to wear skirts because the school founder Baker Mitchell claims that quote preserved chivalry and respect among young men and women now the girl said they spent so much time adjusting the start suppose wouldn't look up their dresses when they going up and down the stairs. They just couldn't focus in the classroom. So they took school to court and won. So. Do schools like this need to pay attention to things like that. A skirt should not invoke wh-, whether you're going to be chivalrous or not chivalrous because it's the right thing to do if that's what you're into but dry, and you does wearing to make that happen, right? If the skirts the problem, we've got a long way to go also on the weekends. If he noticed the new fashion for you, probably do with your kids. It's like belly shirts and shorts that have your juche out. I can't buy as where that not bad. But I I went to private school. I went to actually four different high schools, we move so much. I went to public and private I like the idea of a uniform because it taught me consistently, and I like not have the girls pants or or scored which I think the school had the option as well. Which is you know, what that is like the shorts under the skirt on. I don't have to hot. It's Carolina Vince too hot blend. The girls were pats going to be on the ground moving around uncomfortable girls wrong, comfortable going up and down. Because people look it up during the Catholic school. The nuns years ago, the nuns didn't want you to win night never went. But they couldn't wear Pat. They couldn't win patent leather shoes. Because the boys could see like a mirror distract. Gosh. I went to Catholic school, and I had skirts. Yeah. All the time. But you know, as as a mom of boy and girl, I just think it's ridiculous that they're blaming the girls thing again for behavior of boys. Teach your boys to be chivalrous, and that sort of the answer to the question. Right. Where spent challenging I remember, how do you go? This is the place round. Yeah. It's about teaching children. How big word. Respects, the diversity honors gala was held this weekend in Hollywood, Florida. And we want to congratulate who own. Oh, yes. Watts. I'm glad to Mason things. Yeah. And Stuart milk who is Harvey milk nephew Harvey, the great American icon who was assassinated for being gay fascinated for his political beliefs. Try opened it up saying it's I wanted to make sure they wanted to give me this award because I straits his gender conservative women. But honestly, my activism with the LGBT community goes back more than a decade and the love I have received back in return from LGBT community dedicated to my gave friend, Josh. And I just had another wonderful time. And the Harvey milk foundation is just an incredible organization. That's transforming lives for algae BT youth. If you wanna get involved really incredible organization, I had such a fun time. And thank you to the hard rock seminal hotel and casino. I had a great time. Thank you. We'll be right back. When it comes to hiring. You don't have time to waste you need help getting to your shortlist of qualified candidates fast. That's why you need indeed dot com. Get started today at indeed dot com slash ABC. That's indeed dot com slash ABC with the Capital One venture card. You earn unlimited double miles on every purchase every day, and you can use those miles toward travel expenses. Like flights hotels, rental cars and more capital. One. What's in your wallet credit approval required capital? One Bank USA an a. This is a cautionary tale for the times that we're living in because the twenty one year old university of South Carolina student Samantha Joseph Josephson, but she was getting into her Uber that she had called. But it wasn't an hours later. She was found dead. So we want to say to anyone listening. If you are out with friends do not split up. Everyone should be together. You must pay attention. You know, we get so lackadaisical. Sometimes that we just happen. We assume that it's all done. And by the time, we have done what we've done it may be too late supplies, just pay. Attention, y'all. This orients one of the things that bothered me about news when you get in a car like that the driver can lock all the door because it's called childproofing the car. And there's something about that that I don't like that. There's Rhona cannot open the back. Yes. And he was not the Uber driver. Right. It was I was not thought have paid. My grandma always said nothing. Good happens after midnight. I think if you are. Hey, grandma's have great advice, and it's still to the state travelled together. If good things happen after night forever. You wanna be with somebody? If you are young how many times, I get an Uber and wait for that say your name. Yeah. I do check your license plate. Yes. People. Are they whatever whatever listen over has a lot of things in place for you to check that you you are safe. And you're ok in this unfortunate incident. It didn't happen. Please pay attention and girls, I'm saying to you young ladies if you're out with your friends do not split up. Yeah. You must all travel together or or you don't go when you hang out at home. But it's it's rough. And this is also another sad start where heartbroken to hear about the loss of rapper entrepreneur, philanthropist, nipsy hustle, who was only thirty three, you know, he'd been pulling the neighborhood and the police and the gangs together and saying we have to find a better way to exist together. And sometimes when you try to do the right thing bad things happen, but we cannot. Let it remain bad. We have to then continued the work that he started. Yeah. So let this inspire people will be right back. Marseille in our new movie. I played my face personal assistant. Also term become technically to my Bach real life. It's please. I don't think nothing that way. What you about a one? Gotcha. And we're next. With all that water. Sweet strong women are bringing their views right here. Chelsea Clinton to Rushie peon sin Kiernan ship up. This only lives in daytime serving up our political views. This is what this show does and tomorrow. Valerie Jarrett hits the table and holds nothing back. Congressman Tim Ryan. You don't wanna miss the view this week on ABC? Tomorrow. Former senior adviser to President Obama Valerie Jarrett, it's the table with her political view on the funny. Mothers behind the hit web series. I mom so hard Kristen Hensley and Jen Smedley unwrapping through the lunacy of parenthood. Blackish Marseille Martin is now the youngest executive producer in Hollywood history for her new comedy little. She also starts stars as a grownup ruthless tech mogul who wakes up in the body of a thirteen year old. And ease array plays her long suffering assistant who still has to cover for her take a look. Say what now is enroll this child in school or somebody is going to jail. That's what now say what? But somebody you mean. You know, it'd be you now enroll her there today, and I won't be checking that you do. So no look here lady. I am a business woman. And I have a company to run those cookies, really. So I don't have time for child services, and I sure don't have time for school. Okay. Let me be clear. I will have you in foster care and goofy. And over here in jail. If you don't oh. Martin. Hilarious. Congratulations number one on your two and NA. NA CPO this weekend. And you are not only executive producer of little you actually came up with this story. Hell us what happened? Oh, well, it's a long story about give you the short version. Well, of course, my parents usually show me like favorite music favorite places to go. But one of my mom's favorite movies growing up was big starring Tom Hayward. So I saw big, and I was like, well, what if we do this in like, you know, a different perspective more of a modern take on on, you know, what's going on now and make it a female empowerment all black women castes. So that's really how it came to be. And he's talking about it. My parents were really into it. And we talked to Kenny bears, which is creator of blackish. We talked about it. He loved it. And then we went to will Packer and then universal. And now we're here. Yeah. We just amazing. I remember meeting you at the dreamers academy last year you were talking about it. And this movie is about female empowerment, it has so many women of color front of the screen behind the screen, and you're such a role model to so many kids. My daughter included. What does that mean to you? How does it feel it feel surreal, you know, growing up? I didn't see a lot of me on the screen like a lot of young black girls that looked like me that can look up to in the industry. So me having opportunity to create things that I love and that I want everyone to feel comfortable in and be accepted by is. Absolutely amazing. And I'm so happy that everyone is looking at it and being inspired by. So I'll keep on moving forward. Congrats. Actually what I also remember about the Disney dreamers academies. Your parents are always close by that they have to be and I love that because they're so involved, and you just are so centered and have your head on straight. But I heard that ISA it made filming one of your scenes a little tough because her parents are there. Yeah. There's a theme that we had to do were fighter where I'm basically trying to whip her give her this banking that she deserves because she has a really. And as long suffering assistant. I wanted her to get what was coming to her. But then we had to like actually do stunts together. And it was like our second third day suiting. And I I haven't heavy handed. So I was deathly afraid of like really hitting her and I felt like I accident we hit her for real one time. And I was just like these fire me. But she was really tough backside. This movie brought back Watson memories of being in middle school, and you are known for HP show show and secure and you're west. What series the misadventures of awkward black girl? What what inspired you know, when you were a tween because a lot of the title insecure, and the misadventures of an awkward blacker where you cool as the younger person. Or was there angst inspire? The way this was. Right. Many. I didn't do that are open. But I see me I grew up watching you. I was not. But I was just you know, I didn't brace it for a very long time. And it wasn't that. I got older while I was just like, you know, I am. I am at the end of the day. And if you like me, you men the me great if you don't okay? Factor. Well, we saw. You're on the cover of women's health and essence just looking absolutely stunning or. Did you ever dream about being on the cover of magazines growing up? No, I was just like this is not gonna happen for me. And it's fine. Like, I'm contained getting the these magazines in the mail and. Myron who ever on the covers is just a dream. Come true. It's absolutely surreal tease. Marseille's worry. Like, I just didn't imagine it. But I am grateful. I get it in the mail to and I will say like, she looks gorgeous. And then I notice the ring on your finger. Do you a lot of rings? Schori, you know, putting it out there wanted to text you. And marseille. You are also on the cover of teen vogue. You began acting before you could talk. Also used to like to imitate beyond say when you were younger because who doesn't love to do that. Oh, quite right as everything she's everything. So with varying degrees of success, though. I also heard and lucky for you found vintage clip of you singing along to her hit. Roll it. I. Offing the coughing when you hit those I was matting. Who knew what you doing had all hang on going at you. That's cool. That was singing like man, but camera like. Jets. Let's do this love it. Actually got to meet beyond say, yes. And what was that like on my God that was everything? It was real. It was crazy is oh gosh. He's clean. I started crying. And I never cry. I do cry. But I never cry like when I'm meet like people. But her I felt like I had to cause us is beyond course. Okay. Now. After say ready. I just. Take much longer had one western which was you know, as to the women who are moving folks forward. What's your plan? What your next step more producing moisture tell me really fast. So I can say thank you. Bye. Okay. My goal is to just keep on creating things that I love to do. So definitely more producing. I wanna get into directing writing and learning new thing, and you're gonna want her to hire me. At Marseille winless in theaters next Friday, and we of course, we'll be right back. Spring fling undo your deal, we parted with enders for at least half off the Bronx. You want this season next? Motivation to get around to screen cleaning. You're gonna wanna make some room because we partner with vendors for at least half off product you'll use all season long lifestyle expert, Gretta Monahan is here to show him off. But it's only while supplies laugh last. So let's get shopping. Right. Oh my God. So starting off kicking it off literally with bionic spring open toe shoe season. So you an amazing classic flip up that has extra height and is engineered for extreme comfort. 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