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Episode 71 - The Failure Into Feedback Loop - NLP Technique Explanation and Session


the hello welcome to the hypnosis and podcast the podcast the teaches you how to tap into the power of your mind to improve your life my name is donald curry i'm a registered psychotherapist master hypnotherapist n._l._p. practitioner and hypnosis instructor in today's episode we're going to be discussing an n._l._p. technique called the failure into feedback loop in essence the goal of this n._l._p. pattern is to transmit failure into valuable feedback and then into success you'll also have the opportunity to experience this n._l._p. exercise for yourself i'm glad that you're here and i hope that you find this podcast inspiring and that it sparks within you the motivation to make your life better be sure to visit the home of the hypnosis in n._l._p. podcast at w._w._w. dot hypnosis dot media on the site you'll find blog posts all past episodes of the podcast as well as the web store that contains if noses programs that can assist with a wide variety of problems issues and concerns failure doesn't just happen it has a structure and to sequence people are creatures of patterns inhabits and this goes for both how are failures and our successes are constructed knowing the patterns that lead to producing undesired states will enable you to make change the failure into feedback loop is in n._l._p. pattern that is designed to assist with exploring the structure and sequence that led to an unsuccessful undesired outcome in the model of n._l._p. we believe that there's actually no such thing as failure that rather failure provides feedback and the feedback that it provides is a wonderful opportunity to make necessary adjustments within our thoughts emotions habits and behavior here's then by applying these changes in the next time that we find ourselves in a similar situation we can have access to a new response the failure into feedback loop assist the brain in perceiving failure differently it assists with changing any negative perception into a more positive one if we look to the history books we can see that many individuals who became successful in their lives used failure as a means of learning and moving them selves toward success thomas edison the inventor of the light bulb was a natural master of this n._l._p. pattern as an inventor edison made one thousand unsuccessful attempts at inventing the light bulb when a reporter asked how did it feel to fail a thousand times edison replied i didn't fail a thousand times the light bulb was an invention with one thousand steps he never perceived the one thousand attempts as a failure rather he learned adjusted and applied he learned adjusted and applied with every attempt that he made when we remember the baseball legend babe ruth we know that he was famous for his home run record but the little known fact is that he was also the record holder for strike outs his motto which is essentially the failure into feedback loop was every strike brings me closer to the next home run walt disney was fired from a newspaper as an editor for apparently lacking imagination and having no good ideas and he allegedly went bankrupt many times before finally successfully building disneyland if any of these individuals gave up and their outcomes would have been very different but they kept going they learned from their experiences they adjusted themselves within their internal world and then they apply what they learned they learned they juster and they applied and they turned their failure into feedback and then into success now you will have the opportunity to turn failure into feedback in this n._l._p. exercise the failure into feedback loop i you will identify time in your life when you didn't produce the results that you desired we will access how this fouled what you believed to be true as a result of this experience what you learned from the experience what skills resources attributes or beliefs that would have been beneficial for you to have in that moment examine what you could have done differently and then imagining reliving that memory with the new feedback and learning ready to begin good you can begin by finding a place where you can relax and let go for this next little while get your body into the most comfortable position for you and whenever you're ready close your eyes rearrange arms and legs and a manner that is the most comfortable for you just allowing yourself to slow down lowering yourself to become peaceful and still relaxing all the muscles in your eyelids just letting that call it a of relaxation madison your eyelids to begin to flow through all the muscles in your body from the top of your head to the tips of your toes just letting every part of you relax letting every part of you rats comfortably and if any part of you is not completely relaxed just do whatever you need to do make any mental or physical adjustments at are necessary so that you can truly relax at this moment just begin to watch and obzor you're in a reality your inner experience watching and serving any thoughts trip through the mind or any emotions or sensations that you experience it's just a thought it's just a feeling it's just a sensation and to pass our in our reality and experience his much like watching clouds in the sky always changing always evolving nothing stays the same for long as everything continues to move forwards let's no further into relax action i will count from ten to one as i can't from ten to one further into relaxation getting now at ten nine eight relaxing more and more safm sakes deeper and deeper laxed fire four tree two feeling so one to flip laxed so wonderfully at ease in this state of rest any ease your mind is open to the work that you're here to do today in your own time and in your own way you can allow yourself to thing of a time when you didn't produce the results and you desire just becoming aware of that experience when you can think of that experience just notice what you saw what you heard and when you think of this now notice how it makes you feel what do you believe to be true as a result of this experience as a result of this experience are there things that you believe about yourself as a result of this experience is there anything that you believe to be true about the world take a moment and look on this experience looking back at this experience begin to notice what you learned from tikka moment become aware of the skill the attributes with the resources that you needed in that moment didn't have perhaps you required courage or motivation or competent develop an awareness of the skills or attributes or resources that you needed in that moment think of another time another time when you experienced a lot of that breeze -ourse attribute or skill if you needed more courage in that experience notice a time when you have the resource of courage available to you if you needed more confidence sink of a time when you experienced a lot of that resource now really reached down deeply and feel that memory remember what it was like to have a lot of that resource what it was like to have that skill or that attribute and notice what you're experiencing what you were seeing hearing and feeling in that moment now let's set up a physical signal to anchor in this feeling this resource attribute the skill so rub your thumb and your first finger together or make a fist or thumbs up or peacein whatever works best for you some sort of physical signal that will remind you of the state so that every time that you give yourself this signal it brings you back to the state now let's bring the awareness act to the time when you didn't produce the results that you desired looking at that time note what you like to believe about yourself looking back at that situation maybe you would like to believe that you're confident or capable or or courageous more loving just note what you would like to believe now looking back at that memory if you could do it again what would you do differently take a moment think about this now take a moment and imagine that you could really live at memory that you could re imagine that memory in a new way with resources that you need if you're self your physical signal and bringing the skills he attributes what the resources that you needed to have at that time maybe the courage or the motivation or the confidence or the love and restructure at memory take the learning from this experience make the necessary adjustments and then see yourself applying what you've learned to memory so that you restructure it in an entirely new way that you see yourself responding differently said that you see yourself feeling differently so that you experienced yourself in k. differently just notice a hunan notice what changes for you the final outcome of the experience see yourself responding successfully and producing the results that you desire just noticing how could that looks how good that feels and let that wonderful feeling flow through your body from the top of your head all the way down to the tips of your toes just letting it touch every part of you now begin to imagine sensory experience in some way being able to take this feedback learning these new responses taking these out into the future into future times and future places where you would like to experience this more positive outcome this future times in places where you would like to have access to this feedback to be able to apply just imagine yourself of it in the future being able to apply this learning being able to chain any failure inter feedback into learning to that you can learn from your experience so that you can adjust your thoughts your feelings your motions your responses and so that you can apply turning those situations in two successes turning them into triumphs so that your mind learns how to overcome any challenger because that's really all that situations are simply challenges for us to overcome to triumph over when you learn to simply adjust your mind to just yourself you can chain and he situation and your response to so you bring back this learning back to the present moment laughing that you've done very good work here today in a moment i'm going to count from one to ten and as i can't from one to ten emerged from relaxation when i reached the count of tenure open your eyes you'll be back in the room back in the here in the now fully awake fully refreshed in every way and feeling better than you have in a long long time starting now at one emerging from relaxation two three coming up now four five feeling revitalized reenergized refreshed six seven eight nine and ten is wide-open back in the room back in the here in the now fully awake fully refreshed in every way and feeling better than you have in a long time welcome back i recommend continuing to work with the failure into feedback loop to really learn the structure repetition will assist the mind to learn the failure into feedback loop and eventually you can find yourself using this pattern quite automatically it can be beneficial to use this pattern any time that you're experiencing unsuccessful outcomes thank you so much for tuning in and listening i hope that you found this episode inspiring and informative if you'd like to learn more information about hypnosis you can visit my personal website at w._w._w. dot donald currie dot com and if you're interested in learning hypnosis so that you can assist others in making change visit the mind institute at w._w._w. dot mind institute dot c._a. take care and be well until next time

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