EP169: Best of: The #1 Thing That is Sabotaging Your Success as a Health Coach


Welcome to the wellness business podcast simple strategies to cut through the online noise to fast track the growth of your wellness business with in. Paddock, and Kathleen legris. Welcome welcome. Welcome. It is here paddock and I'm hanging out with my co-host Kathleen aggress. Hey Kathleen it carrying those thinking. What they miss you like I know it gets a chat on on zoom, but we normally get together in person at least three times a year and we haven't been able to do that makes me sad. The last time we were together was right before all hell broke loose with covid nineteen were together in San Diego. And I know I. Don't want to see you again. I know you're reading my mind because I have been having those exact same thoughts lately like usual a. At the very beginning of July usually within the first couple of weeks in July we we have been the last couple years meeting up in Arizona, and obviously we're not doing that this year and yeah, it feels. Disjointed and discombobulated and not very good. Just one more thing that we can all chalk up to the changes were making because of a global pandemic gas. But yeah, I don't know when I'll see you again and I mean it's highly likely not any time this year my town. Yeah and just a little behind the scenes when Karen I, we get a lot done on zoom, but we intentionally get together at least twice a year usually three times a year to plan out things. There is a totally different energy right at different dynamic when you're in person and we're usually together for two or three days only break it up and we have fun and we go places and. So and we were even It'll be passed by the time. This episode goes live but we had. Seriously been talking about going to try blyth in Toronto together. I went last year and I loved it so much. It was such an amazing conference and really wanted to share that experience with you this year but I definitely met going and you certainly flying out here so. I was going to take you on a whole a whole trip. I was GonNa have you come here? You can see my house in Michigan in my house near Zone, a couple of times. But in then we were GONNA do a road trip to Toronto and over the bridge into Canada carry and trying to make me cry. And so yeah. So it's definitely a no, you're not a road trip person but I was GonNa make it fun for you for you. If I can road trip with you, it's fun I don't like on a road trip by myself. Yeah. So guys only got your twenty twenty one we now were preaching to the choir here. We know that all of you have had to give up things and change your life around and so I guess just there's we feel your pain. We're experiencing it to when we're trying to keep a happy face and look forward to things that will be coming in twenty twenty one. Yeah. Sometimes you wish you had a crystal ball because right now we're recording us, but it's in July and this is going live the beginning of September. So I know a lot of your also. It's up in the air about school whether it's public school or college. There's this right is all this turmoil. So hopefully, by the time, this goes live your set with your new routine, whatever that is, and we're just we're happy to have you here with us. Yes we sure are we so appreciate each one of you. So today we're actually bringing back another best of episode for you and it may be coming along at just the right time as summer is coming to a close who you're me crying the blues. That is definitely sad if you're struggling to know exactly where to focus your time in your business to get results such as billing your programs in getting new clients, you are going to love this best. Of episode we see so many health and wellness owners focusing on the wrong things which leads to burn out and disappointment when you know the right. Areas to focus your time and energy. You get more things accomplished that actually lead to growing your business, and so that's why we're sharing the number. One thing that is sabotaging your success as a health coach. On this episode, we share how we make decisions and how we take action. So you can use this for inspiration in your own business, and this is something we've learned over the years. So we think that you will find it very helpful because it should short near a learning curve and you can apply these strategies really quickly starting today. Yeah we love that and we also put together a great free resource that will help lay this all out in the clear and concise roadmap. It's called from follower paying client health coaches roadmap to profitability were giving you the five step formula we've used for years and we continue to use each and every day in our businesses. This guy gives you a very simple but effective. Process that will have more of your followers signing up to work with you and you can grab that by going to WB PODCAST DOT com forward slash one thirty. So one, three, zero when you know the formula and you take action on consistently, you'll start to see much better results. So Ah, let's go ahead and head on over to the replay. We'll see you there the. Hey everyone. Welcome back to another episode of the Wellness Business podcast. My name is Karen Paddock I'm so happy that you're here and I'm also so happy that I'm hanging out with with my best friend and Co host Kathleen Legris Lane. Hey. You left out partner in Crime Shenanigans Sister Lady Oz lady. Yeah. I know we were saying before we hit. Like we have recorded an episode in the while. So it's nice to beyond here with you and we've got a good episode day. Yeah we do tell us about it. So this is the title is the number. One thing that is sabotaging your success as a health coach in this is something we see all the time we see it, you know Karen I e each have our own facebook group. We also see this inside the wellness visits insiders club. So we're pretty sure this is something you're dealing with two and I think ready to dive in. I think so too. All right. So if you're struggling to grow your business, this episode will most definitely be very enlightening because we're really talking about the biggest thing that is sabotaging your success rate now. So. If you had to gas, what do you think is the number one thing that's holding you back right now you may be thinking Gosh. I don't have a website yet or I'm not sure what software to use to launch my program. Maybe you think you don't have enough training or certification or do you just can't figure out your perfect logo or the right social media strategy, but really the number one thing that sabotaging your success will probably surprise you because it's not anything like that would it is is. That you aren't focusing on the right things and due to fear. You aren't making decisions and taking bold action consistently. Okay. So I think right now somebody is going on Oh Kathleen. I know I'm focusing on all the right things because I'm doing what you're telling me in this podcast and I'm super busy Yup exactly allowed to organ go into right I'm glad you pointed that out but here's the thing to this is not exclusive to wellness business owners. This is really the case for any type of business owner. Regardless of what industry or n so this is not just Yael and here's a perfect example when we went to James Webb morts event back in October it's called business by design live one of the guest speakers was Jen Casey and we're actually gonNA have on the podcast soon during her presentation one of her slides really stood out to us and it was her quote that said staying busy is the illusion of progress. Oh my gosh right how true is that? Do you feel like you're staying busy but you`re Not, making progress with the growth of your business. Right you're you're in the hamster wheel, you're doing things and doing things but you're not getting clients. There's a good chance that you're not focusing on the things that will actually get you clients and that's really tackling for you today. So you have a better idea of wear. You should be spending your time to see results and build your business instead of being busy but not productive being busy but not seeing the results that you want this is a big deal. Yeah I mean we're also much more comfortable staying in that space of the busy staff right the logos, the freebies, the social media stuff that keeps US hidden behind her computer the stuff that does it put us out there in a way that we could be rejected. And that's where the fear comes in. Right so we we say we're doing all the right things and we're keeping super-busy and I'm following what you're telling me to do, and yet I'm not getting clients but really the thing that's going to eventually get your clients is where you're going to be in your our I should say outside your comfort zone right. So true. Yeah and we experienced this to Kathleen and I we push each other all of the time we call each other out on our es and you know it's nice when you have someone that is so intimately familiar with your business s and it's it's I. always appreciate when she's like you give me a break you can do so much better than that and I think she appreciates that from me as well because we are meant to do bigger things. Absolutely. So we see so many health coaches. As we said, focusing on the wrong things, they're putting the cart before the horse. So we knew that, this was something that we needed to talk about on this podcast because maybe you're in that situation right now I know. Many of you don't probably yet want to. Say Hey ask raise your hand. This is me but listen if you aren't making decisions in Your Business, then you don't really have a business yet. If you aren't making decisions, you're staying stuck and you're playing small at I, want to give you one really great example from the wellness business insiders clubs. So in October October lesson inside the club charter members, how to plan schedule and profit from the holiday sales season and one of our members she was really reluctant to. Go through this process because she hadn't ever done a sale before but then she said, okay, I'm going to go through the process. But I'm going to do all this that you're telling me to do. But here's what I think and what she posted. She said, I, know you recommend not to schedule wall a sale during a vacation but to be honest I'm expecting the sale to be a flop. So it's going to be so much easier. If I'm away not focusing too much on work, it's my first launch and my first sale. So it's more like a trial so that I have experienced for the next time. So. She absolutely no expectations now why? Because she was fearful of being rejected if you get down to the nitty gritty of why she said that. Why I would say that it would be the fear of no one signing up. She did the lesson she went through we give a lot of worksheets and templates inside the insiders club. And she walked through the process. So we were super proud of her for doing that even though she felt reluctant, she walked through the process she did the worksheets used our templates and the good news is that even though she was feeling unsure about the process, she followed that simple step by step lesson that we gave her. Thank goodness. She did because just a couple short weeks after that original post she posted this our group she's update. My biggest concern was that I would get two or three sign ups. And this would have to cancel the program and didn't know how to do that in a professional way my minimum to run this program was four sign ups I. Guess I was secretly hoping for six I ended up getting nine yesterday. So I'm going to run two groups. Thank you so much Kathleen and Karen for the October lesson I would have not launched that program at all without that lesson, and this is so important for all of us to realize that it's the decision she made a decision. What we're. Talking. About here today she made a decision and it wasn't uncomfortable decision because she'd never done this before and she was fearful of being rejected but she did it anyway and she had great results. Now imagine when she does this the next time she has all this experience and she she knows the places that she needs to improve which one of the places she said she's really going to focus on in twenty twenty is building or email us because she knows that if our email us was even bigger she. Would have had more registrations. So these are the types of decisions that actually move the needle in your business, and typically we found ourselves and our clients that the decisions that take the furthest outsider comfort zone and feel like the biggest stretch are usually the decisions that give us the biggest results and we thought it would be helpful to share how we make decisions, how Kathleen and I make decisions and how we take action so that you can apply a version of that whatever you feel is perfect to your. Business. And this is something that we've learned over time and I would say it's evolving over time I think you know we keep adding little pieces to it as we get more and more educated and more experience and business. This is us up leveling. So what do you think Kathleen? I know you. I know you know her story from the insiders club, but it's a example of just doing it even though you're scared. Oh my gosh, and and that is that's what it's about because you don't feel confident sometimes, you really don't even know what you're doing and it's scary. We get it. We we've been there. We all started with zero email subscribers. We both started with no social media followers and each step you take feels a little intimidating sometimes, it can feel petrifying depending on what you're doing, but that should always be. How not always how you feel necessary. But whenever you do something new and you're challenging yourself is going to be uncomfortable and that's okay and really is. So. Let's talk about how how we make decisions that helped us focus on the right things that doesn't mean that we're perfect at this because everything we do is a trial it's a task I don't like to use the word failure to Oh that was a failure I just like that was the task what can I learn from it and what can I do differently next time? So I figured out a process that works really well for me because it helps me filter out the things that are not relevant because we're all bombarded with so much information, the latest greatest Barclay thing you know. So. For me, I get to filter out what's not relevant what may seem distracting? Not. The right time right now and I'll share one example is. One of my possible goals or projects for next year at some point. now I've now I've changed my mind but it was going to be to dodd host a summit. So I was actually approached coincidentally around that time that I was thinking about this to co produce or Co host a summit. And at first I can't that sounds perfect. I wanted to do that anyway. But once I saw what the timing was. I realized that I can't even know it was very enticing very appealing. This I couldn't do it just because of the time I had some other things going on. So sometimes you have to look, is it the right opportunity and also is it the right timing? So when I'm when I'm making a plan to map out the next ninety days, that's kind of how I like to do it. Now I ask myself four questions. How will I show up to serve and support my tribe? This is about building trust building rapport. Sharing my authority on my knowledge number two, how will I grow might email asked that's part of building awareness as part of building my brand number three, what do I need to have emplaced to reach my revenue goals? How am I sharing my offers in what way and how often and number four? How will I find networking opportunities, support colleagues and or make new connections, and then the last one is M. I getting? In front of New People on a regular basis. So number one, however, I show up to servants support my tribe number two how allegro email est- three, what do I need to have in place to reach might revenue goals and four? How will I fine networking opportunities collaborations? How can I reach out to support my colleagues? The keeping these four things in mind at all times makes it so much easier to filter out? The other things that are not part of this process or the framework. And not that cyst that really helps put blinders on. So I don't get pulled in a million different distractions and before you know it yeah you're busy busy busy every day but you're not making money and you're not getting clients right back to Jen right create. The illusion of going to go back I just WanNa make sure I quote her correctly staying busy as the illusion of Iraq Ross. Yeah. Oh boy if I been in that space. So what about what what works for you Karen? So my is a little processes, a little different than yours. So I've mentioned many times on the podcasts that I now make decisions through. The Lens of will bring me joy and happiness because they've been down the road of building a business that wasn't making me happy. I wouldn't have known it didn't make me happy until I did it Just goes to show that there are no wrong decisions and no regrets. Saying Kathleen. So. But when I say joined happiness, I'm not saying that it. It oh well then that means it's going to be easy and it's going to be comfortable. That's not what I'm saying I'm saying that if I think about it in a way that if I accomplished this thing if I, take it to the finish line, am I going to feel joy and happiness that I did it Almost regardless of the results, of course, the results are positive. That's a bonus but am I gonNa feel really good that I took myself through this process so. If the answer to that is no. Then it's a hard. No right from the get go by if it's a yes, it's going to bring me join happiness I'm going to feel really good about the process than a move to a more analytical approach. I ask questions like how will this move my business for word? Is this going to contribute to my email list growth to networking to sales to brand awareness things like Kathleen, had said is this going to grow my facebook rope right things that are important to me and and the things that I put milestones on my business each year around. Next I consult my promotional calendar to see if the dates work. If this is something I'm doing or someone has brought me an opportunity it has to fit into my calendar. Amongst the other things that are already there because those things are usually pretty much set in stone and just like Kathleen I think you mentioned Kathleen that you usually do this in a ninety day window. I think I think ninety day window is a really good. A really good process simply because it's so hard to plan a year in advance we both used to try to do that and things change and opportunities come and things don't work out that you thought would. So a ninety day window is really really good. and. Then next day determine if the amount of work level of risk versus reward is worth it to me. I'm going to give you a really good example of this in just a second, and then if all those things are a yes, I go for it. And here's an here's a great example that in two thousand nineteen I didn't know was coming I was able to promote Amy Porterfield digital course academy the last time she did it in October and. The deal was that this came basically about thirty days maybe a little more than thirty days prior to I. Guess I knew in August we were I had just found out when we were in Sedona because we talked about it there. and. It was like, oh my gosh she's never done this before she's never opened this up to affiliates like I really WanNa do it and I I knew I was going to do it like it was a definite. Yes it was an opportunity. It was a chance to work with amy I wanted to see behind the scenes like I knew that part of it but then we're Kathleen pushed me way out of my comfort zone is sad. I never this I said Oh. If I make five sales, I'll feel really good about it like that. That to me would be great and you're like five sales what the heck are you talking about? You need to go for fifty? And I was like, Oh my Gosh, fifties sales are you kidding me and I knew that was a huge stretch. But whatever like you put it in my head and I just started focusing on and and then. I. Think we both kind of almost came up with it. At the same time. We said this would be a great way to have amy on podcast, which has been a bucket list item for us since we started the podcast. And so it was like at that moment. Oh, boy was I so far out of my comfort zone I knew there was gonna be you know a lot of her amy's colleagues and peers people that are much further along in their business than I am promoting as well. We'll little do they know how intense this is going to be like we were all in a facebook private facebook group just for affiliates. There was a lot of smack talking and all in fun. I. Mean it was all in fun but it was intimidating to me and I just kept remembering like in the very first call with amy she said. She was kind of she's very competitive and she was having fun with the smack talking to but then she said something that really stuck with me and I loved it. She said you guys no matter what like this is all in fun but just run your own race. You're all at different points in your businesses. You all have different sized email lists, run your own race, and so that's What I did in every single time I started to feel outside my comfort zone I just thought I'm just running my own race I'm GONNA just keep my mind on fifty I'm GonNa, just keep going you or super supportive. Kathleen, you kept telling me I believe in you believe in you and I did all the things I created an amazing bonus package and I ended up with twenty three sales. twenty-three sales by here's the cool thing. Amy had like one, hundred, fifty affiliates. I-. One one of the prizes it was five, hundred, five hundred dollars for being in her top ten for promoting one of freebies, and then I was actually tenth out of a hundred and fifty affiliates in sales. So. I was thrilled about that amy text messaged me. I was able to talk to her through text messaging and it was I, felt so good about it and then the very beginning. I said yes, this will bring me joy and happiness I was scared out of my mind I was way out of my comfort zone but I took it to the finish line and I felt so good at how I approached it, and that I just took it all the way through and I didn't let any thing or any sphere back. that. Was a big thing because there were like multi multi. Yeah Line Business Owners in there for you stayed within the top ten, the whole entire time I know. I was blown away. I was seriously. Like I was I came away from that. So proud of myself and feeling. Like I up leveled in my own head as far as what I'm capable of doing because I'll tell you when when that trash talking started I, wanted to like. Tucked my tail between my legs and run out of there and because I just that's not how I am like I. Just that's not how I roll. So like that doesn't motivate me it actually like intimidates me. So it was really really nice to just hear that run your own race and I tell you I can't. I can't even begin to tell you how many times I just repeated that to myself again again. So The message here is we all feel it no matter where we are what we're doing if this is the first sale, you'll ever make if it's the first discovery call, you'll ever do. Whatever it is. We all feel that fear we're all outside our comfort zone. That's how we keep growing. That was cool about that was that kind of ticked all your boxes it fit in your calendar and definitely was rejoin happiness is even though there was an element of fear the a with the amount of work in the level of risk be worth it absolutely. Amy On the PODCAST TACO Bell is cooperation. Is Great Networking, because there are some people that were in that affiliate group that we now want to have on our podcast and twenty twenty i. they wouldn't know who I was before that and they do now Yeah. So and obviously you know the whole experience was just really really good and and really what you need to do here is to just trust your gut or your intuition and make quick decisions like that was a quick. Yes. For me the how I was GonNa, get it all done I didn't think about it in that moment I just said we'll the spring me join happiness yes. Okay. I'm going to figure this out. And, Kathleen and I both believe that making quick decisions is a key to success. Remember that there is no wrong answer ever. You can't like do the wrong thing making a decision is the right thing no matter the results even if the results aren't what you expected or wanted, you're so much more educated now that you can make a better decision the next time and. Really, what we what we want to encourage you to do and what we do in our own businesses is any any business decision that you need to make make it within forty eight to seventy two hours you don't need any more time to mullet over than that. It gets murky after that you just make a decision yes or no you're going for it or you're not in forty eight to seventy two hours and just do your research gather information you're never gonNa know everything you're never gonNA know how it's GonNa. Come out and then just move forward. When there are so many things that we could be doing. It can feel really overwhelming and sometimes to figure out what you should be doing feels even more overwhelming and when we feel frazzled and confused making decisions can feel hard having clear and intentional strategy for attracting your clients and turning your fans and social media followers into loyal. Paying clients is what's really key and they need to see you being a decision maker showing up right coming at them in different ways. That's because you're making decisions and the good news is that that's not complicated to make yes or no decision in seventy two hours that's not complicated. It's actually quite simple and when you're doing it consistently, you'll build a profitable business. So Kathleen anything you want to throw in here any additional examples or or thoughts of words of wisdom? Yeah, I had. I forgot what was. Actually. Let me share an example. Just what you said that really struck me is make a quick decision and I'll give an example of a quick decision I made and this usually comes up when it's you know maybe I'm invited to speak at something which I was I was invited to speak on stage last year and I was I said, yes, because I knew yes I wanna do it and then I freaked out afterwards so. Don't mull things over. So long you talk yourself out of it because you feel the fear say, yes to it run towards the fear and I promise you will figure it out. Yeah. Exactly. Same thing with with me with amy right we both said, yes but we didn't have the how figured out yet but we knew like in our gut that this was something that would up level us as women business owners, human beings like it was good for us to be washed out of our comfort zone. So guys we knew we needed to put together the this feels like a big topic and we knew that we wanted to put together a free resource for you that would help you lay this all out in a clear and concise roadmap. Didn't WANNA leave you hanging here to help you know to figure this all on your own. So this is why we created a brand new guide. It's called from follower to paying client a health coaches roadmap to profitability. We want to help you make those decisions, quick decisions, and what we're doing is we're giving you the five step formula that we've used for years in our businesses and what we continue to. Use each and every day, and this guide will share a very simple but effective process that will have more of your followers signing up to work with you. They're going to trust you more. You're going to build your brand awareness more. They're gonNA be nurtured much more quickly because you've made some decisions and you've put this process in place and the way you can get your hands on this is by going. To W. B., podcast, dot com forward slash one third be so one three, oh the podcast dot com forward slash one thirty, and when you know the formula when you get this formula and your hands and you make some decisions, you're going to be able to take action consistently, and this isn't the the illusion right that you're busy. This is actually the decisions and the consistency that will bring you new clients. and. This is the perfect time for you to get your hands on it right at the end of the year before we move into twenty twenty and you're GonNa Start to see much better results. Yeah. Because you're going to now what to focus on as far as what are the income generating tasks and projects I can be working on every day every week every month because that's what's going to get results. All right. So want to cover before you recap. I don't think so I think are good. All right. All right. So to recap. Really we're encouraging you to make decisions and take action on the things that will either grow your email asked get you in front of your ideal clients help you build trust and rapport with your audience allow you to serve your clients. So you can earn the income you want, and then decide does this fit into my calendar right now will it bring me joy and happiness is the amount of work involved the level of risk? Is it worth it to me right now? And then research gather the information you need make a quick decision and really trust your gut knowing that even if it doesn't go perfectly, chances are like even free Karen it's No? Fans very often I mean some things sometimes things don't do go perfectly well, a lot of times they don't and you just pivot and adjust course as you go. That's normal right it happens to all of us, but here's here's what it will tell you. It's going to give you information at a what do you want to change for next time? That's all it is considerate data don't attach a meaning to it such as on my Gosh I'm a loser or why did that happen to me or you know? I'm not good enough to do this because that's not true. You have to put it out there tested. Try It. You'RE GONNA learn from it and grow from it. I. Love It. So gang guys get your hands on this Freebie. This is a good one. And you're GONNA WANNA have some time set aside on your calendar over the next few weeks to work on it periodically. Again, it's called from follower to paying client a health coaches roadmap to profitability and to get your hands on that, you can go to our notes page at WB PODCASTS DOT, com forward slash one three zero. And we just want to invite you to come on over and say, hi to us on instagram. We both hang out there a lot. Maybe you didn't realize that but here's what you can do. You can take a screen shot of this podcast episode as you're listening to it posted to your Insta- stories, and then tag us I'm at Karen Paddock and Kathleen is at Kathleen Legris at Karen, Paddock, and at Kathleen Legris, and let us know what you thought about this episode we would love to hear from you and if you dig in. And you're ready to just move past your fear and twenty twenty we wanNA know it. Let us know that you're ready to move past your fear Oh and and listen by the way be sure to click subscribe in your favorite podcast. APP. For this particular podcast we have some bonus episodes coming out in the next few months that are only going to be available. In side the PODCAST APPS we're not going to be posting on our website or really driving them and social media. So you're GonNa want to subscribe and that way you'll get the bonus episodes and then our regular episodes go live every Tuesday. So make sure that you're subscribed. Tell your friends any tell your colleagues in your peers that if they're building a wellness related business, this is the podcast they should be listening to you. Yeah. Hey, if yeah if you're enjoying the PODCAST, we would love it. If you actually left us a on I tunes, we read everyone one we love it and we'd love to hear from you like what what do you think about the podcast? Yeah Our guys have an amazing week. Don't let fear hold you back. We love you and we can't wait to meet you back here. Next week I'll see you next time. Take care. Thank you for listening to the wellness business podcast for show notes, three resources visit WB PODCAST DOT com.

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