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I've done so also matter Yeah Bay so yesterday didn't get to these <hes> this blue ribbon panel. I wanted to share with Hugh Gary. Do you have those <hes> colorful persons. I I mean colorful. I mean those <hes> classy group here. <hes> look look as on this panel. I mean you'll notice on the panel is mental health experts physicians that are spur expertise and infectious diseases. You'll notice that there's health experts of various type. You'll also notice that there is you know very accomplished. Developers can help build house. Oh no no wait. There's not a God damn I'm one of those things on the panel full list of advisors including seven elected officials and six institutional representative. It is the very people who've created this problem. The very one Sacramento so Mayor Daryl Steinberg co-chair Los Angeles County Supervisor Mark Ridley Thomas Sars Different Oakland Mayor Vansh Fresno city. It's each one every San Diego county supervisor. The one guy that opposes the Mayor Alexa One guy opposes the mayor elected people Sandiego doing that perfect but it's not one of the mayor's people I'm sure and it's just it's Selanne selected people who have created this horrible rebel situation so I could ease of murderers row rose rose murder people murder homeless people in the street. Allow them to die. That's it. That's the group mustard center a lawn poverty former U._S.. Inter her agency Council on Homelessness Marine Goner He's had some great results so far things well going very well listen. I don't know what's going on with homelessness but whenever they go we've interviewed homeless experts and they're explaining explaining that the cost of living paired with <hes> the <hes> the shortness of of low cost housing has caught and I go this fucking homeless Edward Yeah you can't be you can't be talking about the cost of living a million undocking immigrants found houses in the last year found housing. It's a hoax it's okay but why why the hoax I can't quite figure it out so we tried to explain to me today Mike A._B._C. Show and and it started to make sense to me in terms of the political capital they get from it yeah. It's an interesting thing because two months ago there are three months ago trump goes. Oh <hes> we got a crisis at the border and everyone goes out place. Get Out of here. He's lying. There's no crisis and then a month goes by and they go others crisis at the board and you're doing nothing you're doing. Nothing and it's sort of like I don't are you getting a lot of political mileage out of everything to do is for political stakes I get that's the attempt what I'm saying is. Is You calling everything something other other than what it is but we live amongst it and drive through it and experience it every day. You know exactly how how much capital politically are you garnering from this if this is your mo if so you're mode is somebody says there's a crisis at the border. You go get Outta here. Come on a bunch of smoking Hokum. No one believes you. You're manufacturing that and then at some point you go. Hey there's a crisis divorce. Someone should do something about it. Do you think I go that. Guy's got my phone. I mean it's weird. I think that guy's incompetent yeah. It's weird I don't I don't get it. I'd I'd have trouble grasping it right. What would be good is if but but when there's a homeless less problem and I know Garcetti's an imbecile and he has to go this promised been building for decades? He's trying to get himself off. He's basically in the crosshairs of the blame gun because it's his fault yeah but he does stuff about about how this has been growing for years and essentially being I had nothing to hear them talk about services under their breath and stuff because they can't avoid it anymore but they before they were zero talk about that but still putting housing first just housing I it's like why why are you talking about that. You're in by the way you want to charge five hundred thousand dollars per one bedroom unit because of all the regulation you put on building right and it's funny I was talking of a friend of mine who interviewed some California's who fled California and they specifically she said every single person had this one experience and she talked to people in Houston <hes> and I think Arizona she said and here's the experience they had they were moving into the new house so they went to the county to apply the applications to for the the improvements on their house and their first encounter with the what would they call the the. <hes> there's there's the department building saved and they're playing check but there I think no it's one stop and they looked at each one. The and they said Biharis people that same experience first thing out of the supervisor mouth is you must be from California because the next thing out of their mouth was property. Do what you want right yeah <hes> well listen drew. I've been the APP about this for a long time but can you ma- Rosie was that different in other states the modern regulation a most places this is like property. Why are you here for stamped on Dapo for for light your freak flag fly? They got a lot. They should tell a lot of people what got to tell -tarian thing again. You shouldn't be in love with telling other people what to do. I'm certainly not <hes> you should. I have plenty of Shit to tell people pull that. I feel like I can help them. I don't feel like I wanNA tell them a lot of what they can't do sort of a different mindset I have things I wanNA tell people to try to help them do things it's a lot aww lookout always say all roads lead to narcissism who yes every Jakov fuck stick narcissistic neighbor I've ever had their biggest problem. When it came to me doing something like cutting down a tree branch or adding something on or doing some work they never really set it out loud but the strongest unspoken of their sort of intervening into this thing that had nothing to do with them it was you didn't ask me before you did this thing and then I go with the tree wasn't even on your property so it was dad so I cut the town? They don't speak it out loud completely but basically what they're doing when they show at your house is you did something you do not ask me yeah and if you sort you think about that in swear of Narcissism yes we did not I asked the great and powerful is if we could go on our journey without we didn't didn't clear with you which is more of of a narcissistic thought then I doesn't a stress make me look pretty with that's not even a narcissistic thought compared to something is going on. Somebody's doing something and you're not asking me. I interesting. There's there's a I'm seeing a little difference in the right in the left and that the right is all about here's what you should do what you will not do right. Isn't that interesting. Yes it is yeah here. You should have a family. You should fear God you should study should pray you should Bob. Uh left doesn't tell you what you should do. They will tell you what you're not allowed to do and often with passive aggression honey honey here's any to do here's so the ultimate power in a way is not letting you do what you WanNa do because he would is just a recommendation. Do what you want but here's your should do. It's a good life is a good life. You will not is a is a commandment anybody who's been on the losing using and of that thing where you're like God. I just WANNA finish this. I'm going to get my certificate of completion but the guy's GonNa come by and inspect today and he may not like the Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah. There's an almost anxiety and here's here's the thing it's interesting about the dynamic they get you on your heels meaning. They come into your house and go shit inspectors here and then the guy goes. Hey who's in charge here in bub-bubba. I'm sorry realize you're standing inside your house US apologizing to some government peon who gets forty one thousand dollars a year because he's in charge and he can fuck your shit up and then they just do what they want and and there is no recourse course you if you anger them. You're in trouble. If you get on their bad side then they're really going to make things miserable for you. This weird narcissism to want to make people miserable thinking about that. How I told you you my dishwasher? I hooked up. It didn't have a breather snorkel on top. The Guy said where's the breather snorkel the inspector I said here's the Fisher Pike Cal Manual. It literally had like page thirty one breather snore vulnerable free page now yeah quite yeah page thirty one breather snorkel page thirty one be breather `less installation. I was like well. That's the way I did and the guy went now. I said well the the manual tells you things made in Sweden. It's fourteen hundred dollar dishwasher. They think they know what they're doing. You can do this weird Luke where you do it the water air gap whatever and the guy who's went now. See a breather up top. I said that's from the fifties. It's a code from the fifties this brand new drawer steinke from Sweden or whatever and I just went well. I said look it's in the manual this how they give you an option to hook it up this way. They manufacture the product. I think they know about they'd be liable. If it wouldn't work this way and the guy I won't let me take the manual took the man. I'll show you my plumbing supervisor when Doug It. There's bombing supervisor. Call me tomorrow at Seven A._M.. The other party they fuck your life up. Now you get your fingers crossed yeah. Please please douchebag with salt and pepper and you're fucking mustache gets paid Jack Shit by pay your fucking salary. Please take pity on me. Please call the guy like the next morning is like the show to my supervisor plumbing surprised said now when once that snorkel and put it back puts drill hole in the counter put the snorkeling. I said it's already hooked up. It's fine now. He said no then I remember saying <hes> okay. I'm GonNa go put you know what I'm GonNa do. I'm GonNa take the fucking shope dispense around the whole in the sync with soap so I'm GonNa take that fucking shit out. I'll put it in a fucking bag. I'll take your stupid snorkel thing and I'll put put it through the same whole. I'll fucking hook it up. I'll invite you over you can look at it. You can sign off on it then. I'll take it back out. Put The soap dispenser back out and Hook the loop up like a fucking manual told me to do so. Could you just come over now and look at it and the guy went. No you gotta call before six A._M.. Like he's such a fucking by the way you fuck sticks who these people that they should have more power. They should have more power our you want. These guys have more power Jesus you want these astles fucking made an appointment bought a fucking stupid air gap thing hoped it up took the fuck soon as the guy was back in his truck out. I was pulling the mother fucking can thing out and put back in thrown away but I had to do that for him and he had a manual in like it. That's the national government not by. The way wasn't bureaucracy based on things because he could say now he's Iraq. You Guys WanNa grow that facet of our society when you want more him. That's your plan. Here's anymore. 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We know exactly what I'm talking about. It is an amazing product and it is completely free download or now get your APP store. It is Pluto T._v.. All right let's go to nate listen. I don't mind Vox Dick hopefully dead by now inspector tournus fucking plumbing supervisor. I blame people who want more of that who they go. No I trust US guys get. Are we got into this conversation because that's what's escalating the cost of building for the homeless. Yes created the problem that they're attempting to solve. They could call it all off. Why don't they just reduce the regulation? At least for the homeless bill hurt themselves Madan. Hey Nate nate yeah forty inspector here in Portland just kidding <hes> what's going on well. Hey I just wanted to call you guys because one of the questions I've heard over the years time and time again from you. Is People Dr Drew. Do I know him an alcoholic. You know when do I when do I know that I just drink too much and last summer you know I've been listening to Vinnie for a couple of years now and all summer long. I was drinking way too much and then alcoholic but I decide you know what I'm going die hard. I'm going Dr Drew Style. I'm going N._S._M.. Gee I'm cutting out drinking for an entire month and I did it and I get completely refrained like my whole experience with drinking and I just WanNa thank you guys for just talking about you know the habits in the drinking and it's just you know get up. Take a walk better. Do something be careful careful because two things good job three things great job number one to your lucky enough to have engaged in something called natural recovery which can be done early. If you get out of control really out of control you can't. It's impossible almost impossible to do this and then number three. You still love it so be careful. You're super care if you'll be aware you haven't been able to control I've been able to. I don't think I mean I was doing like free. Three Beers a day. Never got two point but I you know I. I need to put this in. Check the long night at a wedding with an open bar. This is what I'm GonNa take a month off and I'm going to see what happens. I lost twenty one pounds at first month so that won't be keep on the N._S._F.. G. And I've been able to just adjust my entire thinking around alcohol and I just you know the have it for. I think you know there's kind of that. Middle Ground where there's some habit and that was able to change that I think it's and again you guys for what you're doing and binion everybody there's different genetic proclivities and you may got a very powerful. One and jeans aren't destiny good for you taking control well nate and I think knowing you can stop when you WANNA stop for a period of times and important tool the have in your box although don't come the problem is what happens if people go back many times. I control it before well. There's there's that and there's when you come back tripling down right because there's no no I get it but what what I'm saying is everybody has a little bit of this wiring. which is they're good? They're good they're good and then they open a bag of girl scout cookies and they go Hockett John. You know and it's like now you could have three or four cookies and put it back back in the fridge. That's one of the things about innocent G it. It's easy to get back to it really if all that I've ever been on. That's the one thing I've noticed about this one. I can get back in alignment really easily yesterday <hes> but I would call a bad eight a lot and I thought oh well I. I know it'll be back on the beam tomorrow no problem how about that once you regale regale us with that harrowing story but you almost seating donuts at one time almost I put my head and it smelled it took a big victory problem. All connected almost glazed donut scare yeah. I know you didn't do it. It's still scares me about it but the bedrooms Jews this plus eating donut few months ago what so funny I didn't tell you this I- Vinnie Vinnie right now on my podcast was last week last week okay I I was telling him about. Suddenly craving does really missing donuts craving. Does he goes. Hey something's wrong. I heard that he was right. I've got he goes get it back together. I did when away went away. The donut scare was over. I can't believe there's not there's nothing for me to starbucks anymore. Well string cheese and eggs. They've hardboiled egg streets. You the coffee with the heavy cream every crane now now I'm not he wants to cook stuff now. No I'm not saying there's nothing I can eat there air but string cheese hard boiled eggs are not exotic items shoot. I'm saying yes I can go to any supermarket anywhere in the land and get hard boiled eggs in strange. I go to my own refrigerator and go to harpo eggs in string cheese which I think we're all looking for. Is that cool item that you can get boo. Here's an interesting one gary. I gotTa tell you in the N._S.. N. G. Department Hartman. There's nothing I love God damn better than a kind of an egg mcmuffin style. I love there's something about the <hes> English muffin with the egg and the cheese and the Canadian Bacon the P._d.. Sausage this not the link Sausage Patty saw. Here's a question for you gary at the starbucks the egg mcmuffin equivalent that let's go sausage patty and cheese plus the the Muffin the blueberry sorry plus English muffin. How does that stack up against the SUV? Eat eggs now that we figured out the SUV Evita eggs is a bunch of potato powder. I'M GONNA guess a lot worse. You'RE GONNA guess a lot worse what depends on but it's really just to. It's it's an English muffin. Everything else is good. The SUV eat egg is a bunch of cornstarch and whatever potato powder and not that much egg so how could it be much worse because I- per unit wait you have to figure it out right. I don't know I just whatever apples and he doesn't really fit well. No no you buy when you when you order sous vide to sous vide eggs versus an egg mcmuffin or whatever whatever that thing is because also if you take a look at the composition of an English muffin it's got auto Aaron it like. There's not that much going on. Hey if you eight just the egg bacon cheese you're in great shape but I like that heart and also I hate throwing one behalf. Take the top about a fucking fucking live my life preaching satellite. Now you know what your kids feel like when you have railing on them for for the Cheerios in the morning so where my mind went I can sort of back by the way we don't do cheerios honey nut 'cause it's got the word honey. Ah So it's good for you. Sorry if you can figure. I don't know total carbohydrates for the sous vide the Bacon and grew air ones is nine grams and then for the sandwiches thirty four boys. You don't need one's who've remained the same way we said one or one for one serving <hes> what was that one no it's two oh two not bad who told it was so terrible Vinnie Vinnie Vinnie both the same amount of sugar you choctaw Vinnie Vinnie. I inhaled the OH boy or warrior. I was outdoors okay well. That's no good. Did you have adequate fat so the sous vide is only late nine for two of them correct so they do that. Serving thing is I don't know how they do. They're serving thing but it's clear that it's two eggs and the whatever what else we English muffin in a GonNa Pizza Sausage Awesome Patty correct sausage egg and Cheddar and it's just that English muffin that is so offensive. I probably bread bread is rough man now. I get it Predator up but there's a part that I here's what you gotta riddle me this part. I don't understand I see people talk about like deep dish pizza right and then they go oh yeah no that's bad and then you go okay but what about a soft Taco with one corn Tortilla like the small one. No no and I'm like there's not there's not that much volume there. Do you know what I'm saying to me about volume because I I do like there's just saying basically cut a Kaiser Roll sometimes times and then you just talking about Latte Brad not even talking about Muffin like I'm talking about Peter. They're already that that much. There's not much to issues of density. Is there yeah and then cortisone special kind of okay well. Let's stick with flowerlike again. The English muffin feel like light passes through it like why's that then and by the way then when you order foot long sub and you'll get that big hoagie brand. I mean what does that ten billion grams of CARBS ARBS well. I mean you're like if you look at an English muffin like toasting airy light bazant through. I think we're we're getting or even even a flour Tortilla. I think it doesn't feel like much who I think we really have com comparing per unit. Wait you mean per X. amount of grams. Here's within their well if you order. Let's see Gary if you go a chipotle and you're sorta breed all all protein just like meat cheese. Whatever is the Tortilla that many grams of cards because it doesn't Dan how many carbs in a few average flour Tortilla good question let me hit <hes> Tommy versus versus versus a hamburger role? You know what I mean like. It feels like so much more right all right Tommy John Summer. 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For Twenty percent off Tommy John Dot com slash eighty s so what is a what is a flour tortilla versus a hamburger bun. I'll have to get the hamburger bun in a moment but the flour Tortilla police fifty grams of carbon see. That's a lot I I guess but yeah I is. A hamburger is a hamburger bun. Lasts can't be less could be but it just feels like so much more volume. I bet it's going to be around with me. I'm sorry different kinds but I'm going to bet around forty forty forty so what are again but it's a sixteenth of an inch thick con dance MSRP dance. I get it calms. The first thing I've found is a plane hamburger role weighing forty two grams grams or about one and a half ounces has twenty grams of carbohydrates interesting so weird. If you have a mixed green bond of the same size you'll get a little over nineteen mic screen so tortilla which feels like nothing like remember when people were healthy eating wraps. I do remember that and I know but it's like it was it was the same idea just all carbohydrate Caesar Salad rap crabs CBS carbohydrates. That's all mayonnaise a guarantee one more for you so if you go to a subway and you get a six inch sub what is the role all and carbs now. I'M GONNA go nuts if there's more there's more carbs in a Tortilla than there is in that because it's not it's doesn't car to you know no. I'm saying the Tortilla we speak of okay. What do you think there's going to be more? No right always gonNA tell you. I don't know I had it. Why don't you go ahead and do you have something to clean up ahead all right? Give me a second to pull it up on this. I've got this great here but I want a corn Tortilla to by the way I like corn tortillas. I love him that good for Burrito. You just want like the six inch Italian white or you want yeah all right so you can expand this out however you like obviously but six inch Italian white is thirty four carbohydrates. This is before programs this. I'm I'm literally floored so long it would be you know sixty. I'm just saying when you see a Tortilla just feels like a bunch of nothing and when you see subway subban it feels like a big old chunk of carbs density but and you know are Mexican compatriots known for being lean not known for being lean but still and by the way thirteen grams right right now. Here's the deal with that is the same size now is not yeah. The real question is the so and make a big old corn one. That's interesting never see it. I don't think the corn has the same it falls apart. I don't know I guess we're GONNA have to ask Dawson during his green machine right there the whole the whole evolution of those kinds of foods were to concentrate calories. You know to prevent you know to eat done Unin John. I just it again pita Tortilla and like it doesn't or the even again the English muffin doesn't feel like they're stat much there compared to the Hoagie Kinda Bun interesting. I wonder if anything on the preparation this exactly why went sort of just all the protein only because it was just too confusing describes a stick with a protein height Goddamn it what Peter Brad I is flour Tortilla the pita bread. He's gotta be the less concentrated so with this. Felix is more surface thirty five all right. Let me hit truecar sixty seconds. That's how long this is is going to last well. What else can you do in a minute? How about getting offer on your car? Just go to truecar use your smartphone or your computer. Enter your license plate number. Watch your car's details composite on up answer for you questions. Get a few answers. Get an accurate true cash offer from your local truecar certified dealer then bring your car in and they'll check it out with you together. Ask Questions Get answers. No surprises leave with your check or are you can trade your car in you WanNa new car you go at your car. You WanNA use cargo at truecar when you're are you WANNA walk out over the check cash in hand truecar when you ready to experience a better way to sell their trade in your car you you always check out truecar that is true car today. All right drew dot com. It's all their pita is as bad if not worse six and a half inch diameter P._D.. Thirty three grams okay it's about they found that out to the size of the worship is worse sad sad state back to lunch ables and hot pockets for the man so we have those things at our house that the little grape jelly and peanut butter yeah little tweaked packets for the things removed and in the pouch of carbs Elvis things call Mantas Matt go out to your car. Oh No no I'm saying he's got an empty box backseat. I'm saying bring one in. I'm just check what are those things. Call the call like crystals or something like things right open might drawer my house like a viewing unquenchable worst pixar film the last twenty years all right good am corolla dot com check out out all the live stand up shows everywhere and check out court junkie on <hes> true crime. If your true crime family check that on podcast one till next and grover doctors say Mahala. You're this is Corolla Digital Puerto T._v.. The leading being free streaming television service. It's free you're not <hes> hacking into anything or raping anyone off now. It's free you can watch one hundred plus T._v.. Channels and thousands of movies on demand all completely completely free Pluto T._v.. Never asked for a credit card. They don't need to sign up to watch for free. It's the easy and completely legal way to watch your favorite T._v.. Shows and hit movies. So what are you waiting for. Never never pay for T._V.. Again download the Pluto T._v.. FREE APP. 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News Minute Democrats say the Senate's top Republican Mitch McConnell is blocking election security bills in Congress despite lead Russia investigate a robber Muller's warning. The Moscow is still trying to interfere in U._S. Elections A._p.. Correspondent Saga Megani Federal Agencies have moved to address election security on their own amid Congress's inaction Saga Megani Washington and other arrests in Chicago where four teenage girls czar now accused after a video posted online showed a group beating up a fifteen year old special needs girl Chicago Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson. We all have to work together to help ensure that this type of behavior is rooted out of our communities.

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