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i'm john mitchell. Welcome to fate a fact season. This series is about how and why fact became a casualty of war in the united states. Please listen and follow fate of fact a presentation of shining city audio jon. Truman c thirteen original studio available. Now for free on odyssey apple podcasts. Or wherever you get your podcasts. Good morning boomer. I know how you are not good angry. Note i will say this though. The next held another team under one hundred points and he's late night. Games are killing me. That i did end up going over but that and and the agitation that that i have going into that game i think we need to put jewish ran on ranger uniform. Actually show some toughness but yeah a couple of things a couple of things number one. Tom olsen should be kicked out of the league and should not be allowed to be played. play in this year's playoffs. There's absolutely no way it's a disgrace. It is an absolute black eye on on the nhl. And i'm sick of it and i think most. Nhl fans are sick of it and the crap that he pulled last night against my team. Who's you know out there Icecapades selves around the ice. Like it's it's a it's a thing of beauty. As opposed to the grid you know now gets hammered twice now by two teams that are headed them in the playoffs and they're out of the playoffs now because the bruins one last night they beat the devils. But so i have. I'm so picked off at this guy. By the way that he plays in the fact that the capital put out a tweet last night said violence and then all of a sudden had to take it down because they were getting hammered. Tweet and idiocy. That's associated with it look. I'm all about the neanderthal. Get you out to play physical. You wanna play gritty. Some would say that. My son in law is an anglo but my son in law plays within the rules. He respects the game respects the other pliers and even if he doesn't mike somebody he's not gonna do something cheap where he's going to go after somebody and swim their head into the ice about punching navid twenties down on the ice and assigned to the head. I know this is not like mainstream sports. Talk and all this other stuff but it is when you see it and you look at it and you know the perpetrator in this case tom. Wilson has already been suspended five times. And i mean it's got suspended earlier this year for a hit on carlos defendant for the boston bruins for seven games suspended if he is not taken out of the league. And you know it doesn't affect my team anymore because my team's not in the playoffs. There's some bit should be. Add the league out enough. I don't think forever or the rest of the season look is coach. You know after the game they asked him about it and you know. I don't know what coach is supposed to say. All i know is that the coach were the coach of the other team. He'd be pissed off. Of course no. Because he's the coach of his team. He's going to let it fly and even the micheletti last night Valiquette last night. You know all the people covering the game last night all said the same thing. I turn it over to the radio to listen to don and don maloney kenyan domino's when even they said the same thing i mean everybody knows that what. This guy is a habitual offender. And it's going to end up killing somebody. At least that's what larry brooks wrote in the paper day because he could've slammed pinera new ways all about one hundred sixty pounds down the by the way for him to abuse our best player that way and then have nobody react. Kinda shows you where my team is while strom strom reacted when something like flies out there. Compared to like a tyrannosaurus rex. I understand but nobody nobody on this team. That is going to do anything. I got eighteen and nineteen year olds running around out there. I got glorified. Ahl team playing defense. I got the best defensive player that we have or the most says best but the the most senior defensive player we have thrown the puck in front of his net last night. I mean it's a mess. Ever since the matt morton hit in the first island or game a week about ten days ago this team is like a shell of itself. Afraid and i understand. They have injuries but soda soda. So the capital's capital soon for their top players. So here's the thing in the off season enough. We got enough skill. You better start finding somebody that it's going to react and react the right way. This is why this team doesn't have a captain. They have all assistant captains. There's no tapped in on this team because nobody has the ball. So be the captain. Yeah well. I think that that sort dan. This is about my team thing. Yeah well that that's something that they'll have to address in the off season officially limited from the playoffs yesterday. But really to me. It's about it. Does the nhl have the guts have spend. That's because the capitals even hurt. Sam say last night with micheletti on the broadcast that you know if you talk to the caps players in the organization you know they love this guy. He's a leader and blah blah blah. And this team's going into the post season so will they have the guts. Now i've seen them feel about this guy way. I've felt about john randall. On guys out a guy just a little bit little tough guys out the hurt. Somebody on randall was never suspended by anybody. In the guy was hall of famer. That was back that was back in. I mean we're talking to. Let's compare it to some guys that are actually in the nhl one guy that popped into my head. Was matt cook. Mac cook was someone who for whatever reason who was a view talked to him straight. You and matt cook. You'd think he was the greatest guy in the world family man hockey player but something snapped in his brain when he was out on the ice when things weren't going his way and he throw elbows guys temples and he would do all sorts of dirty stuff and the nhl had to come down hard on him and suspend them for playoff series. Now the nhl also by the way us has a reputation of only suspending guys harshly. When someone is injured they don't look parents done for no. He's done for the season couple of games. But i just hoped on because this to me because but you know already been suspended seven guys ready and listen. I'm with you on all of this. But i'm afraid of nhl being pussyfooting around this. That's what i'm afraid of like. It should always be intent not result of injury because pinera could have been ten times worse than he was going to be knocked out. I mean he's laying there and he's getting punched in the side of the head defenseless. It's two guys on one play. Yeah guys on one play. What else to tell you. Who's he fighting against. Who's he going after i. He's going to have to arranger in red white and blue jersey. It's probably a very nice person and is got perfect manners and doesn't want really hurt anybody but Yeah it's a whole nother story. Like i said that's something for the offseason for the rangers of bigger out and figure it out very quickly because what we've learned about the rangers is that when you play against teams that actually do have a physical presence which all fourteen in front of them in this particular division. Have a basically run roughshod over the entire team and there's nobody react. Nobody there's nobody. Does that even even like even if chris kreider out that he's not gonna react. You know it doesn't matter you know. Maybe baby jacob trooper would react. But he's you know he's not going to play in the rest of the year most likely. You're actually confident that the nhl is going to do. They have to asking us. How right there. What do you think they will. They better suspend them for the they better. But you know that there's a chance they need suspend him for the entire whatever. Their playoff run is enough is enough. It's one thing. If it's the first time i can even i can even if it's a second time and it's the other teams agitator if you will have an edge agitated anybody go i mean. Hey what applying the garden. Come on in skate around. It's nice here look at this. It's beautiful great. Look lookin coach. Everybody looks fine and we're great everything. Don't even start now. Have a tom wilson to after his jersey's off in the penalty box he stands up and starts doing things maybe the key then the organization emboldens him with the tweet after the game. Thinking that there's something okay with that. I mean it's a fine line between being physical in this. I understand but this is just anybody who's ever i mean and i'm not watches much hockey as i used to. But anybody who's ever watched. The nhl understands that this is about as humanly possible. You have a guy that's been suspended five times you. You have a guy that was suspended. Seven games this season. Four something that that was bad and it was bad. Yeah it was bad against boston. There's no question about that. This is ridiculous. This is like goon stuff. This is broad street bullies. Right you go back to the dopey flyers of the seventy s those idiots. I mean so now you have this and this is almost like slapshot your the guns and this guy in really the sad thing about all but guys actually turned himself into a pretty decent hockey party. Doesn't have to do crap like this but it doesn't have to but he does and you i looking at the social media world. Last night i saw a lot of even non ranger fans talking about how. They're tired of it now. I don't know whether or not their teams may end up playing against the capitals in in the playoff. So you never know how that's gonna work out but you know this this is just reprehensible it's embarrassing and it's an a repeat offender so when you think will find out about the discipline. I don't know if they'll call a man. I you're going to find out to me. This is one of those things you really need to call them and talk to him about it. I mean this is one of those deals. If the nhl is all they told you aren't a short leash man who came. So let's see. I and i've watched other games. They have played on national tv where every time he's involved in something. Whoever is doing the game is saying that he's on a short leash that he has to watch him. Let's see the guts. Then let's see let's see from. There's no reason to even wait. It should happen before off the air today. It should capitals will argue that the rangers were reacting. Well the rangers reacted to one thing and one thing only and that was him throwing bouche navid on the ice and pounded them on the ice when he's down and that's what the rangers. That's what the rangers reacted to. And then he got up and then he grabs him by the hair and then throws them on the ground like a rag doll. Yeah i don't know what to tell you other than that. The guy has attic is completely out of control right and someone who's a liability for the nhl. He is so the nhl as we talked. Many times doesn't get the type of coverage and it's going to improve their new. Tv deal that some of these other sports do last night. Now this is thrown into the forefront. So like everybody's going to see this. They're not going to see some of the skill in the league or this guy scoring a goal or that or this. They're not going to see so much that they're going to see tom. Wilson doing this and the nhl hates that they hate that that is going to be on display. nhl would rather have every team play like the rangers. Nice real fancy and make nice passes and and look good in your uniforms and make sure that your neatly quaff when you're helmets off. That's all great but that's not the way the game is played but the game is played somewhere between what tom wilson did in somewhere where the rangers are. The game has gotta be played in the middle of that. And i thought that's what the islanders showed the rangers. This is how you play you. Play defense gave up four goals. So the lowly sabres brutal but this is just it adds insult to injury for a ranger fan because there was a time where i knew they had to get off to a good start. They didn't they had a nice middle of the season. There was a nice little run there against the bed teams which was fine then they had a bad loss of buffalo another bad loss to philadelphia and then they get their asses kicked over the last three games. I mean literally ass kicked and they have a lot of kids running around out there on the ice and it's all about now the kids and all the kids that's why we're losing because we got this kids point. His first game. That kids wanted his first game. And by the way. Adam fox got us up reading the headlines about how great i mean. He's like a two on waiting to happen because he's always pinching now he's gotta learn and it's frustrating because now it's three years in a row that were that we're still learning and you know it's three years since you know the infamous letter that were i remember man. I was sitting right next to. I told you the day. I told you the day i said you know what it's one thing i understand okay. This guy's getting better. That guy's getting better. You can see the skill but it's another thing getting run over by the islanders and getting run over by the washington capitals and your frigging building. Because you know what these teams thank you. Do you think that you saw think push around. Yeah that's the thing. Yeah they got infuriated it. It just absolutely drives me crazy. Yeah i mean tom. Wilson did that last thing because he thought he could get away with it. That's why you know so and we'll see to me. There's no reason to wait. The nhl has got to react right away. They play again in two nights or another night. But i just it's for for the ranger fan of watch out last night man. this is just. This is like abusive behavior. This is like a we. Don't care who you are. We don't care what building you plan. Where kicking your ass and you are taking it. Yeah all right. We'll have of this how we'll take a break your cool down a little bit. Then we'll scream about how the mets laws. There'll be plenty more talk about with tom. Wilson did as a show rolls on. We also have some good stuff. A frigging for instance new england or can i mean i mean you know striking out now. Not being number one. Get out of the tool whole. He does not belong in there. Are you aware of. I mean to me. I is that even analytics anymore. It's all see it well. You fire the hitting coach tonight. You know maybe maybe that arkham of course it always works whatever. But here's the thing until he starts hitting again. He is an automatic out and in some cases. He's a double play waiting for his last twenty. Twenty two twenty two. So you know. that's another thing. Go from this game tech game and finally just watching knicks at least somewhat satisfying. How would they the savior. They leave the bar the same upside down. They are somehow the savior. Jon meacham the host of cadence thirteen new podcast fate of fact on how america and its political parties. Got to where we are today available now on odyssey apple podcasts. And wherever you get your podcasts innovation resilience agility. It's how michigan businesses worked together and continue to build a future our expertise talented workforce and collaborative environment are making a difference. Now and shaping the future. Join us and make your mark where it matters. Visit michigan business dot org slash radio to put your plans in motion. That's michigan business dot org slash radio the morning show with boomer esiason in gregg giannotti boomer and geo the first movie they release was one. That was the first one that they released. Why would it be if it was the first movie. They released where it was at a six part series. If it wasn't onto it wasn't in the movies. Wait how do you start part four if no wanted seen anything before they did my first movie but how is it for what was it four off. How could they start with four. What was it four of four. What if it started with four. How was it for the people. What did they see it in what what realm that they see it or did they read it then. I was informed of them but the point is how did something before if no one's seen it yet if no one has seen it how is it for them. If it's for the fourth volume of a book and you started four and then you moved back and made one three. I understand that but if it's not a book what would it possibly be okay but one two three what i mean. What made it for never seen it before. In his realm. We're going to count differently. We're going to start with four four five. Six one thousand three is that we're going to count because if it's not a book how was it for quite yet. How did they go from one. What did p is so. If you wait a second. They started with four. How would you know it's four. If no one's ever been introduced to the information before may the force be with you boomer. I know i think that means only something to eddie right. I don't think the rest of us are real star wars fanatics that's the fullest with you right the force. What do you mean. Four hundred sixty eight four four five six. may the force never source star wars movie. You got a lot of those man. I tell you and then later on. We'll see how he is now. The expert on store. Oh of course the you know. The someone talked to back newsroom. All of a sudden he turned the george lucas garner gunners huge star wars guy. They may darcy dress up as the hell was she. Stormtrooper fifth layer princess leia. Right exactly for for halloween like three years ago and then all of a sudden now. She's like a star wars geek alaska. She wasn't into it before they met now. And then all of sudden dress ups came man all halloween parties and all that other stuff. Yeah you know. i'm jealous. People who are that into things like that i am. I don't look at them as i go. That's a nerdy thing to do. Whatever i think people were like that can suspend reality that much dress up to go to a movie about how 'bout comecon. Yeah that's great. Yeah comecon the furry haris. Yeah why not. People think that animals and they dress up and going litter boxes in hotels and stuff. What yeah all right. The jerry recco is here and there was a lot going on last night. Jerry people getting fired people getting thrown to the ice the knicks winning again so well. What do you got for us. All right guys. We are brought to you by winters. Brothers waste system's long island's number choice for all your waste collection and recycling needs visit winters b. r. o. s. dot com. Where you wanna go guy getting fired. You want to start with the knicks. You guys did a lot of the rangers. I'll get to that to which one you want. Let's keep the negative role in. Why not. I'm feelin our fire and hitting coaches and losing games all right so the mets did both last night pitch o.'neil lines to our left center that's basin that's going to score. Diong he rows third comes home. O.'neil heads for second. Tom and expense grow is late sliding rbi. Double for tyler. O.'neil cardinals take the lead. It's six to five and that is wayne randazzo. Wcbs eight eighty six five. We were in the third inning. That was the final score. No more runs the rest of the way of saint. Louis takes the first from the mets last night nolan. Arranhado did of the game tying three run homer prior to that joey. Luke ac tariff. I mean this stupid her. She has a pitch for eleven days. Hand awful one hundred rhyming. Exactly yeah Louise roe is things were okay. And then they weren't having great. Things happen to outs. Gigi salmonella been warm up but not getting time before everything everything happened. Here was luke. Adam wainwright was a great either. No he was in and If if francisco door would just get one key. Hit about one. Hey let's take. he added. Start small you got to move managed to hold don't you jerry come on man. He's batting one. Sixty one right. Sounds like a two hitter to me. Hey let's give him a three hundred and fifty million and the way. It does look good right now. I understand that they will turn it around. I it well. This has been a rough twenty three games though it has version. Yeah here's lucchessi. Not exactly what he expected. Jim this game feeling really good. And i don't know i felt really well but wasn't new was not to. He got screwed there a couple of times more foul tip. That wasn't it. Also pull are almost made a great catch to end the inning and didn't on the foul tip thing i i shouldn't say he got screwed because apparently almost neto said after the game that he did need erin auto hit the ball with the bat in the small. You can't even frequency the ball move in slow motion but those guys heard it. Our nado hurt at the hurt nido heard it so whatever off the go with that and then bang gone seal later pretty much and see you later is exactly what they did to lucchessi and see you later. is also. We're going to say chili. Davis and tom slater. They didn't coach and the assistant hitting coach. They were fired. We always fire guys when we're on the road. Haven't they ever figured that out. Like just fire the guys when they're at home at least weren't across the country this time even even this ownership doesn't get it. I mean just five guys at home. I mean you're gonna fire him. Did you hear the gm. Some of the stuff that was from zacks. Our job is to support the players. Put him in position. Succeed is baseball operations group and we just felt like the players needed a different level of support a paycheck. Go check about this. Maybe we heard a rod on sunday night baseball. We figured that he was right. Because watching francisco indoor warm up before the game and go through batting practice was not the right way to approach this. A different level of support is what j. Rods comments had something to do with it. I don't know if it did or not. But i mean the the process. He threw that out. That in this Call the process four every general. I was the real process guy. Well lucky for you. You guys got cuanto bomb. Yeah quavo bomb. That's your new hitting coach quantum bomb. The mets made up a name. That sounds more realistic. Maybe that's also has something to do with it. You see a lonzo is selling dude's name. The made up the guy. I already donny. Mark no johnny. Dean wasn't hansen. Who stevens donny. Stevens alonzo selling donny. Stevenson shirts and maybe that had something to do with it. Maybe like they're saying don has something to do with it. I i actually think it's a There must be some fan out there. That is either tweeting. These players could be a million fans for that matter. And they're all overland door and all that other stuff so in the players. Mind that there's some fat guy that sitting at a bar that is really you know making them better hitters. And that guy's name is donny stevenson. You think that's what it is. That's where it comes from my big inside info falling this you just piece together in your listeners. Credit evan like they were trying to figure out exactly where this is. All coming from. And i was just thinking like if you're an athlete in that locker room and you guys are getting hammered and i mean lindores getting hammered. He is getting booed already and those players are like very sensitive these days so i would think that that could be a i can made up met fan johnny stevenson. Who's sitting at the bar tweeting at somebody in. Maybe it's just a metaphor for that. Yeah what about quantum pots. What about him where you come from this guy come from. They hired him this past year in the minor league hitting coach. He's part of the new regime right. Where chili davis was a holdover right. I don't know where he came from. Prior to that. I'm not sure what organization guy waddell bomb came from. Oh i did read this wonderland. Now know the padres as he was with another. Maybe the as i forget i gotta look. He's only forty two okay so maybe quantum can turn them around. I don't know. But the mets eleven and twelve on the season. You got degrom facing johan oviedo tonight in saint louis yankees back at it they take on the astros yankees fourteen and fourteen houston fifteen and thirteen dimicco herrmann. Zack greinke the starters. Brigham coverage on the fan game coverage full game coverage on sports radio sixty six wfan am also of note. Yesterday phillies did beat. The brewers four three as of the blue jays. Five four tough night for stephen matt's took the laws jed lowrie three for four with an rbi. Double for oakland. Come on this. Is this what he did. I mean you're all over this guy. I find it very interesting. I will say that raise. Beat the angels. Seven to three tyler glass now six innings for the win and dodgers pitcher. Dustin may having tommy. John surgery today. I did not see that Before this morning Nba will get to the good and that would be your knickerbockers. Forget the four seat. Hell let's go after the three. Why the hell. Not mike breen tells the story in the final seconds on. Msg with this win. The knicks will clinch their first winning season in eight years. Improve to thirty seven and twenty eight with just seven games to go. And the knicks are now twelve and one in their last thirteen games and remain in the fourth spot in the eastern conference with seven games to go almost incredulous there at the end. That's right. they've played great thirteen of sixteen as well as they win. One eighteen one four- so they've taken the first two on this six game road trip. Julius randle at twenty eight. Derrick rose outstanding with twenty. Five here is coached. Sibito played well against a good team on their home floor attacking the pain. You're you're you're water thing. They did it. Well aren't sluts. Still the classic. Would you sign for boomer. Nuggets sons clippers lakers de assigned from one in three in those next four. I like to see too but I just wanted to take. I wanted to get one possession. One quarter one half one game. I understand well. They played the son's really tough that before they lost at the garden the nuggets. of course. We'll actually the lakers beat the nuggets last night. I think he did. Yeah it is correct. I will say. I lost their point guard. Yeah i mean this is this is gonna be a didn't play last night either to back and anthony davis was like flexing calf and it doesn't look good over there Philly did beat chicago one. Oh six ninety four so philly leads brooklyn by one game now for the top spot. You've got new york in denver tomorrow tonight. The nets are in milwaukee again on the fan at seven fifteen. Also you mentioned the lakers. The final score that game ninety three eighty nine over the nuggets and lebron is getting clobbered on social media for that whole play intake because apparently march twentieth of last year he was discussing. How the teams that are. Seven eight nine. They should have to battle it out. To get was the guy who came up and so people have. It's screen shotted. And they're basically tweeting at him with the video from him. Two days ago thing to remember they're playing seventy two game season so where they make. Most of their money is going to be in the playoffs from tv so they basically cut the season down ten games and now they added this play in series. Because it's worth more for tv and it's worth more for the players goo goo just doesn't wanna bees. He was slipping. Where y senate it hypocritical. Good for everybody else but not us. Yeah he's been out for eight weeks anyway. The i know but you know where it comes from. He's saying because he doesn't want to fall into the one game playoff you know. He's this team is slipping. He's freaking out about it. He doesn't wanna come down to one game and he's going to bitch about it so you ever came up with. It should be fired. But i think it might have been him. That came up with my very well could have been right now. They're in the fifth spot but they are only one game out of seventh. That's how close portland is to them. Dallas is a half game behind them. Portland is one game behind them. So you do have that Also speaking of the blazers. They lost the hawks last night. One twenty three one fourteen and then. Also the wizards beat the pacers have about the score. One fifty four to one forty-one russell westbrook fourteen points twenty one rebounds and twenty four assists in finance position. You got to be able to make somebody around you better. And i feel like i take a lot of pride in effort energy and time and watching film and to be able to make others around. Better four assists. They've had a bad an unbelievable run their to the next head. There's thirty and thirty five now. I think i'm trying to find it. Yeah their last twenty games. I think that they finally figured it out. I love russell westbrook. He's the mvp. Yeah they are right now. Intent three full games ahead of toronto. So they're going to be in the plan. This run is put them into postseason. Play if you will To the rangers. Let's get to this mess. last night. They lost the capital six three. That's one part of the story. Sadly the other part is that also doing right. Great question. sam rosen. Joe micheletti on. Msg just no place for this. This nonsense that happened. Espn has Bhishma vich down has got his. These gotta say one hand on the back of his head the other one is pounding away is dislike and then of course the rangers responding and then i think you know preparing comes in. They're jumping in like a fly on. Don wilson's easy. I know these a moron. This whole this whole arms out flexing thing i mean. He's a maniac. Lost his mind. Anything you know the organization building in emboldening him. They say that. Right after the game with the twitter account Just shows you. They love it. They love it over there to grow. It also goes to show like the different medias too. So i went and found peter laviolette. Post game yeah. Any lee spoke for five minutes. Do you know it was the last thing he was asked about really. Yeah and now unless they unless they started the video after he discussed it. But i don't think that's the case it was. The last thing they talked about so here was the question. It was at the very end of the The zoom meeting was kind of physical. Play that no not not much there. What was your view. I thought it was just scrum. Like physical and then he continues to go on. I mean i'm reading between the lines but it almost sounds like he's blaming the rangers for starting the whole thing. There is something going on originally with the you know the goalie in the jamming at the goalie and we had a hunch players jump in there happens. Yeah okay happens a lot. Sure does and by the way the way that the question was asked to the physical play. Not much there leading. Maybe you can find something. I'd like to hear quinn had say here's david quinn's is nothing new at this clown. You saw what happened and time and time again and again rather than just the stolen necessary and it's It's just y'all saw what happened. And it's just She's zero respect the game and players and everybody involved meek as bennett. Jad also with reaction. I don't know. I don't know why why i'm just four. Yeah so whatever. Rangers were officially eliminated from playoff contention with the loss. And the bruin shutting up devils. Three other it's and the sabres double the islanders. Four to there you go. That zack martin singing. I think it was yes whom it looks less than pleased right now. Was that something that you had for a while. You had recorded just for this moment. No no we we did. A bunch of us are some people who no longer work here have been recorded is going to save. You went out of your way to get zack martin to sing. It's over for this moment. That would have been one real screw job there but okay very good. It's over boomer. You knew that. I do that to you on the vikings lost. I do anything i think i played that. I think you're emboldening these guys. Oh you okay. Maybe but i don't care as much as you do about it so it doesn't hurt me more about the viking. I'm not as much they. I know they're going to lose that. Make fun of it. When the vikings lost you could now that i didn't okay 'cause i know bothered you know it didn't really. It really does not real fem. That basically not. Oh no not anymore. No i've got bigger priorities than bunch of guys who were younger than me. Running around making gazillions of dollars to lose all the time. So when you have a family you have a different perspective on things. You know what. I'm saying so anyway. I'm sorry for your rangers That they're out of the playoffs. But it's good for us because we won't be talking about it as much each morning show with boomer esiason and greg boomer and geo i was doing some swaddled bomb googling after trying to figure out where he was prior to joining the mets organization this past year and now being promoted to hitting coach after the mets decide to fire. Chili davis right after the offense wakes up. But anyway. So hugh quavo bomb was with the seattle mariners. Hugh quantum obama's on twitter. He doesn't tweet a lot but he's on twitter. Joined in may of twenty eighteen. And you know who. Hugh cuanto bombs. Avatar picture is on twitter. It's a picture of somebody. Seattle mariners picture of somebody. Who could that be ken. Griffey junior a good guess. That's a good guess. Not ken griffey. Junior john olerud no it's journal A suzuki each rosa's no it's not each euro. It is not your martinez. Not edgar martinez. Yod eight is none other than the great one of the best. We've seen robinson cano. That is twitter avatar. Funny is that like why is a guy like waddell bomb on twitter tweet a lot know it just gives fans a place to go and just scream at him. Get off of it if i were advising zac. Wilson for instance don't be on social media to offer social media man. Just worry about one thing right now and that is becoming the best quarterback you just sacrifice the next two years to become the best quarterback that you can become. Don't don't get involved in any of that crap. No matter how much you think you wanna be a part of it. How much me. Just stay off of it. Yeah i mean. He has only tweeted twice since november and the last tweet was a tweet he was on. Somebody's podcast and you re tweeted that podcast. Of course he was on. somebody's podcast. Quavo bomb play somewhere. I believe that he did. Yeah is a picture of him in a baseball uniform. Making a catch. I don't know where that was. But the media page or something. I don't know if he's got a wikipedia page. I'm pro baseball reference. Hugh quadrille bomb. I did find his linked in. Does kind of neat these abbreviations. Hq that's neat. Yeah kind of neat q. What would you call them keel. Yeah quavo quat stor. That's what i call them. The the big quat. He's a big guy six four to five big. Hq baby so. Quantum obama career minor leaguer. So he played in only onta. Sometimes those guys make the best coaches yeah. True choi davis's a great player at one point in time for his coach. Guys lacombe but only janta western michigan lakeland and then he was opened ottawa. And frederick so quantum a wrote a book apparently to quad bombing. Yeah so he's he's the new hitting coach. We'll see we'll see or do you really believe a hitting coach. A major league baseball makes that much impact. I think coaches do make impact coaches. Did i think all coaches do every sport. You know maybe. With the exception of the head coach in the nba. Well what about tom. Pivotal this year. Well i think he has definitely made an impact and simply because he. He's got a motivated superstar in julius randle. He's got a rising young star in Rj barrett and then. He has says somebody that he basically has gotten something out of that. nobody expected. And that's derrick rose. Yeah i mean. But i think that a lot of that derek pivotal go way back. So sorta taj gibson who started last night and new orleans was brought in for different reasons to robinson's been hurt. You know outburts has been great. And don't he got hurt last night again. yeah. I think he got hurt. Hopefully that's not too bad. I think if you're a super team you don't need a head coach because you saw. What steve kerr and the warriors and luke walton was in even lose a game barely right. I mean i think. That's where i still think coaches definitely have impact as long as they had the respect of the players in every sport for that matter and i don't know maybe they lost respect for chile. I don't know so you really think that quavo bombs got a shot at coming in here and turn this thing around for the mets. You think the big quad gonna come right in here and next thing you know. Mets are gonna skyrocket average. Six runs a game. I mean i think hitting coaches. It's really about the individual. I mean don't you think francisco been told just about everything but again sunday night. They were showing francisco endure in batting practice. An era just went off on it and said this is not what i would be doing. He's struggling i'm not. I don't have him swinging for the fences in in batting practice and all that stuff so there isn't approach that is taken and maybe quavo bomb. We'll have a different approach when he is talking to franscisco endure. Maybe that's what this whole thing is about. That's all. I don't know how that relationship i'm just thinking that's if you're wide receiver and you have a wide receiver coach and wide receiver. Coach is telling you how to run routes how to get into route how to get outta routes. You know what you're looking for. How you're trying to read defenses and things of that nature. Maybe that's exactly what the hitting coach is doing for the baseball player. All right. let's take a couple of calls tom. Wilson going absolutely insane on boots knavish and pinera and last night should be suspended for an extended period of time. It's amazing to me. Capitals broadcast didn't say a word about of thought there were no issues with it. The capitals media barely asked about it after the game. The coach said. Oh yes not much there. You know what. I mean stuff happens all going to say that because they know how come on there but they know he's on a short leash and that he can get suspended and then half the league is going to be screaming for it. We think that's fine. You know what i'm saying like you think everybody's watching this is stupid. You don't see it. I mean david quinn said it right. We all saw in the nhl is gonna see. You can't just brush this under. The rug is not not video of this everywhere. I saw one video of this morning. It's got almost a million views when you think the last time that an nhl game from the night before there was a play or a moment and then a million views overnight. You doesn't happen. He's throwing around the nats of the rangers. Yeah that's a that's an issue just took. Your best player slammed him to the ground by. Could you imagine if arranger did that ovechkin well number one. They wouldn't be so bad she wouldn't allow it. Yeah or sidney. crosby right. He wouldn't allow it either. Or i don't know if honors lee was healthy at that he wouldn't allow it either all right. Let's go to riley in bridgeport connecticut. What's going on riley. Hey how you doing. what's happening. Great in middle island is going on. Anthony guys boomer preface. I'm an island. A fan and i was watching that because his in between periods of the alma game. I was interested in the game. My blood was boiling. What what needs to happen with this guy boom forget about the league suspending them so in the league needs to take matters into their own hands with this guy. Way clark gillies did the dave schultz in the seventies. That needs to happen to this guy. 'cause this guy's a punk and a boeing and and someone needs to take one at him and do some serious damage. I know anthony. I know i understand. You're thinking that's how i used to think when it was back in the seventies and it was the broad street but they played like this guy like an idiot but the nhl is not that nhl anymore in the nhl. Doesn't want that. As much as i would love to see my son in law. Go after the guy. It's not what they want you know. They're trying to get away from this kind of crap. Oh you know what that means. Though that means that if the players believe that the nhl didn't do enough and they'll go after then they will. So that's why the nhl has to do more. Brian shirley my walk up to slap him in the face. I don't know before. In pre-game warmup. Or something i have no idea because there's nobody on the rangers that will do anything now. One thing i feel like you're bothered by that than the fact that tom wills did what he did. I think you're more disappointed in your team in your angry tom wilson. I'm angry at both of them. Actually because this group of executives and everybody that's putting this team together that's fine and there is young talent there that you know that hasn't really totally shown itself and it takes time for eighteen and nineteen and twenty one year old kids to learn how to play a long nhl season as we see country. Miller and adam fox telling off now because it's a long season and they're making mistakes and they're out on the ice for so much of the of the time because of the injuries all that other stuff they have to learn. So i'm woman to let it learn but i also know that you have nobody out there protecting anybody and you have to have somebody like i hate to say it. The capitals have fourth line that scored goals last night. Our fourth line is all over the place. You know they're disconnected. They're not playing together and you know why because they're young and they don't play on the same line. The ford line for the the capitals has been together all year long just like the fourth line for the islanders. Just like the fourth line for the bruins. Just i don't know about the penguins. But i'll tell you one thing. Those other three teams kick the living crap bat each other. And when you are the softest team in your division you may be the most skilled but you're the softest team division. You're going to have a winning record. I'm going to have lots of goals and everything's gonna be great but one to meet metal meets the meat as they say it's right you're going to find yourself on the outside looking in and then just you know slap fighting with people. They're going to have to sign valentine's perfect in the baltimore. Colt more would never allow this to happen. Then that's a fact so credit card purchase cast fat. No one else gets these rewards. What intern nation. Sir penn fits Awards card isn't just for military members. Anyone can get cash back on all purchases. Gan's you've ruined my favorite song pen fed credit union visit penn fed dot org slash power cash to receive any advertise product. You must become a member. Et insured by. Ncua pete's the morning show with boomer esiason in gregg giannotti boomer and geo by jon meacham the host of cadence thirteen's new podcast fate of fact on how america and its political parties. Got to where we are today available now on odyssey apple podcasts. And wherever you get your podcasts.

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