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MBA1378 Must Read: The Trillion Dollar Coach by Eric Schmidt


Look one hundred dollars show better business lessons you can count on everyday with our daily tentativeness lessons for the real world I'm your host your coach Teacher Omar uh they value each other's opinion any seek each others opinion you as the leader of the business the CEO you're the coach you're the person who makes sure that they do the things they need to do and support their progress and I love this metaphor because it reinforces the idea that you need to make your team but hitter you need to give them challenges you need to give them the opportunities to step up and your job is to keep them focused and keep their eye on the prize so easy to use learn more about the all in one marketing platform at MAIL CHIMP DOT COM this book trillion dollar coach Donahue from Ebay Mercer Mayer and Yahoo Dick Costello from twitter and Cheryl Sandberg at facebook so Bill Campbell is the go-to Guy Dr Coach by Eric Schmidt if you don't know Eric Schmidt is the CEO of Google but this book is not about Google or hurt Schmidt it's about a man founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin also guy named Steve Jobs from apple he also coach Brad Smith from intuit Jeff Bezos from Amazon John His all about Bill Campbell probably the most well known business coach of all time the interesting thing about bill was that he didn't really need to understand the look at bill really emphasize the power of team and had to make sure your team works well together that come they come to a solution together everybody goes to for advice for coaching when it comes to business excellence and leadership and this was great because shared all the insights the field I want to share with you the overall insights I got from the book but more importantly the impact it made on me one of the biggest themes that is shared in the when you read the book on TV the juice I wanna give you really the impact it made on me so let's get into it let's get down to business I'm Bill Camp Bill Campbell was a former American football coach turned business coach for some of the best business minds in the world what kind of minds the goals that you're trying to set out for the business your job is to give feedback her job is to allow them to have opportunities to ask questions so this theme it is throughout the book the idea of being a coach and not just a leader not just a manager is so important now there's a lot of strategies that you can dig into in the book inner workings of every little thing in a business to help the business leaders used lot of the concepts that he learned as a football coach in American football coach on well the book is called trillion dollar coach for reason he's helped the leaders of businesses worth more than a trillion dollars not only has coached Eric Schmidt who's the CEO of Google but also the fan here with you a book that I've read that has greatly influenced me as an entrepreneur share with you it's takeaways insights and why you should read it to today's must read is the trillion on leadership on management that Bill Campbell pass onto many of these people this episode this mystery is GonNa be a little bit different from other must-reads I'll explain in support for today show comes from mail chimp so you're ready to make that side-hustle your main hustle now was in detail but I want to give you the general takeaway from this book and really focus on that there's a lot of great insights tips but ought to save that for you cert- with the all in one marketing platform for Milton that's what it has everything you need all in one place to give you a new business strong start with the right marketing chips fall back on every time you're a little unsure about how to approach a situation on your team using this analogy as a coach instead of just a manager remember you might be a little bit loss especially if you're new and it can get more confusing if you're not just clear about what you expect Bill Campbell was also talks about management we talked about how to lead a meeting talks about how to evaluate people how to make decisions all that stuff is in the book and you're going to dive into it and find out for yourself they get straight to it they just tell them what they need to do and they sandwiches with motivation with her it's clapping or good job or a panel back raw comes from this analogy and I really love this analogy and it keeps coming back to in the book because it's a formal you can follow it's a formula that you can really a man of very high character there are many mentions in this book of what a warm and kind person who was how he greeted everybody with a hug visits with easy to use tools like the number one emails marketing solution website builder and social posts schedule. We've been using show for over five years and I love it because it's you can apply to every aspect of your job even the way you communicate with your team when a coach is on the field and they need to tell their player something treated everybody with a hug in fact the book actually opens up with a scene Noble Campbell has passed away in the scene was at his funeral all the different types the point here is is that as a coach you need to course correct and you need to just tell people honestly and transparently what's happening and what they need to do if you're really impacted me was the emphasis of valuing his relationships in his life he really valued relationships of people that were at his funeral from highly successful CEOS to his golf caddy at the Golf Course everyone he interacted with felt special employees whether it's with other businesses or our clients or people in the media or whatever it is this is happening all the time people are really evaluating his net worth right how many deep connections he can make with people so much so the everybody thought that he was closest to them the bill Campbell had was clarity yet clarity and everything he did he was clear about what he expected from his team he was clear about the yes I want a manager I want somebody I can learn from I want somebody I can have as a mentor it would help if I knew it was on track I would help if somebody can help mm-hmm but he was close to everybody any time for everybody which is very interesting how he's able to convey that feeling to people and I find that very impactful because you know we title and they felt like bill was their best friend who is a man of integrity who's a man that always return people's calls he made time for people and one of the things that isn't managers and making sure that the leadership was doing their job I'm gonNA share a little story from the book Larry and Sergei from Google founders of Google when they started google they said them in Google he said no you need managers this is not healthy for the organization to have no managers in place the engineers and to ask them to also be really good management is asking too much so we should take that off their plate so they can focus on the superpower and give them a manager give them somebody most of us are doing google searches and not Yahoo or bing searches you know bill kind of talks about you know innovation is very important but everything has a cost at what cost who we are as a people on a regular basis and if you want to leave a legacy that matters then is a good idea treat people nicely and I really like this underlying theme the sometimes we don't have clarity on the why why are we doing this why are we working so hard every day and this is why he really loves doing all hand meetings treating everybody I'm interacting with WANNA shift my focus in today's listen with the overall impact and Kinda takeaway I got from the book and I think the gift the book that he treated everybody so well so nicely with warmth with care and he was genuine and heartfelt it makes me think how so ask yourself as an exercise anytime you try something new or something different what's the cost what's a trade off just so you're aware of what you're losing and gaining ever lives you try to accomplish our goals in business we try to achieve great things tree great products but the relationships we make along the way whether it's in business whether it's are we going to innovate to what extreme larry and sergey wanted to innovate to the point where there was no managers what's the cost of that didn't even perceive that there was a cost me and guide me throughout my career Larry and Sergey realized bill has a point these engineers are really good at engineering that's their superpower what's the engineer's a see what they want and they went in the asked the Google engineers hey do you wanna manager they all gave a resounding yes as a response who can help them organize their projects as well as be their mentor and course correct them when needed and they say the book because of that decision it was very clear there's no ambiguity there's no reading between the lines and this is so important as a leader and as a manager your team buddy sees their role their tasks and how it contributes to that goal how they're actually moving us forward in their own way why do we need managers managers let's just let the teams decide what they want to do and what to work on and let them just focus on the product they really didn't have any corporate experience instructions he gave the people he coached whose clear about the decisions he made and this is really important just to be clear Bill Campbell was a high power exotic as well he was going back to my biggest takeaway of clarity sometimes things get busy in a business like currently our software business manager is super busy where a growing team and and we can do it together as a team everybody's doing their little job everybody's doing their part of the task but those little jobs in little task come together to a big support for today's show comes from honey book I don't know about you but when you dreamt of starting a business did you dream about all those adventists like drafting proposals and contracts and or I should say all hands meeting which is basically a meeting with everybody in the company and he tries to do as frequently as possible we've been doing this for a little bit now for over a year and it's basically once a month we do a call with every single person at the video call face to face our team is remote but the point of the all hands is to the chairman of the board of intuit who was on the board apple he was on the board of Trustees of Columbia University so this guy definitely walks the talk right but in everything he did really needs to understand what they need to do what's required of them how did he succeed in their jump big touching base with his team members touching base with the you remind people to align people with the the goal the prize keep your eye on the prize right what are we trying to accomplish here as a team would perform better in the company overall perform better if there was management they didn't audit and they couldn't decide so bill say hey listen don't take my word for it less especially if you have somewhat of a long commute voice actors actually quite good changes his voice when he's quoting Bill Campbell to resemble his voice one of the things that's what I mean by clarity there's so much clarity and coaching you want people to go to work and have a clear understanding of this is why I do what I do this is why I loved kept on thinking about when I was listening to this book is how can I apply what Bill Preaches and teaches to my business but quickbooks the G. Suite Excel and Jimmy no wonder it's the number one choice for client and business management for freelancers and business owners listen you need to focus on rush NBA for fifty percents off your first year that's try honey book dot Com Slash Mba to wrap up today's must read episode the trillion Zolt. I might be doing a little thing here writing a blog post south the whole business but it's supports the goal and we need to make sure as leaders the ever when I'm running some errands and it's really an easy read to listen to things about six hours long son about a week or ten days you can finish the book nice and easy important it's an online business management tool that organizes your client communications bookings contracts and invoices on place honey book makes it simple to run your business allocco marketing things go on content engineering is working on projects customer services working on their own thing there's so much stuff going on it came straight out of college and they just adopted the model of a university were students is really produced the work so when Bill Campbell came along and was coaching walking down payments organizing invoices that wasn't part of your vision you need honey book I know it was part of mine so this is what honey book is dollar coach by Eric Schmidt I highly recommend you pick up this book I picked it up on audible I really like it in the Audio version I listen to it in the gym when I'm working out the story of Bill Campbell is that he coached all these execs all these very very successful people for free he never asked for a dime now she don't miss a beat so you get the Knicks episode automatically to your device also very special announcement I'm running a live workshop alive training on how to build your own the product the service whatever you offer the customer the value of Your Business Not Adleman lead honey book take care that for you and right now honeywell is offering our listeners fifty percents off when you visit try honey book dot Com slash NBA payment this flexible in this promotion applies whether you're paying monthly or annually good honey book dot com slash better yet it's that cool we're talking professional templates e mail signatures and Filton automation keeping everything track and heritable can even consolidate services you already use the he never charged he did well professionally and I think it was part of his effectiveness people would listen to him because he had nothing to gain leader to reinforce and to clarify the meaning behind their work more on today's most read trillion dollar coach before that let me give love to today's sponsor he's episode I'll see you in tomorrow's episode I'll see that take care automated webinar system all the steps to get automatic leads and sales for your business just go to whether Ninja dot com slash class so how can I be more like Bill Campbell make that kind of impact in the world that can impact on others what I realize is I start with my business I got to start with the this is why I continue to do what I do. You never want to have a moment where your employees wake up one day and they're like what am I doing what is this all about is this just a hamster wheel. It's your job as the Lee to register for this live Webinar that tapping October twenty third again that's wilder Ninja dot com slash class before we go on a leave you with this the craziest thing about this book in work with me I got to be the best coach possible to them then I can move on and try to help other people business owners then hopefully when I'm long gone present home I'm also the CO founder of the Hundred Dollar Mba business training and community online and today's episode is must read episode on our must read episodes by giving this advice other than to help you he's not on the payroll right. I just found that interesting how generous he was

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