8.2 Is Heating Up


The. Look, the frazzle report shortfall cast by me, the awesome Nome about the world of warcraft. So the mid fire festival starts this Friday across Astra, outland brilliant, fires had been lit to rekindle people spirits and ward off ancient evils each year. New guardians are chosen to watch over the sacred flames and ensure that they are never extinguished. Last year said torture hundred NASA by savant thankfully, had nothing to do with the fire festival cities across the stone. High alert though, Savannah's has been banned from participating in any of the festivities and they've also been given a restraining order by the sentinels from approaching any world tree, and the simples are gonna be on watch twenty four seven until the end of the festival. It only takes spark to get a fire going and soon all those around will burn up in the glow. Please be careful with fire while participating in this event and this year, there are now bonfires and co tears and Endo are. And they've also added a fire eaters, heart stone toy and eight point two is started the heat up. Even more severe face in two is ending soon. And a season is Peavy p dungeons mythic plus in different things. The end of one of these seasons. Usually means that a passionate. Well, while had mentioned that the first release candidate build of eight point two has hit PT are on June fourteenth. So eight point two could be this week, though, highly likely probably be next week or the week after I hope it's. After that, I won't have why fight, but we haven't even gotten the patch download yet in the background down letter though, who knows by the time you hear this report, it may have made it to the download her, which would explain why you're getting that lag. All of a sudden, in that group, you what that wiping that rate, and all that just blame it on the download her. And while it doesn't cover to change that, if you grew for someone who has turned up gaining XP your experience will be reduced by ninety five percent when you are within two hundred yards of that flare. This is gonna cause Ella fees islands, warfronts and others to become very big places for trolling. This was apparently to stop. Twinkling or someone one ten is able to help boost someone from one ten to one twenty in short period of time though, this changes kind of worrying, hopefully, we get clarification, soon now a non worrying change. Full peer have showed up at an allied race and some code used for bringing your player character into cut scenes. This could be Oko or something that portending us finally getting these cute and lovable people at the playboy race. I am so excited. And I hope that this becomes a reality. You know. You're a cute. Little heartbreaker, VO Pira. I wanna take you home high. Yeah. You gotta be mine. All mine oval here. Let made up my mind. Yeah. Higher wasting all my precious time and before we in today's broadcast some people have received an Email with the survey that ask about their reaction to an upcoming level. Squish the wording of this is if it has been determined to happen. We have had no official confirmation other than various statements in the path that it is an idea at the desert thinking about either the news over my head, or it is happening. And they want the initial reaction I well, this, the XP Nerf of appear have definitely started fires discussion across the internet. On things cross them recording this. Okay, so push. You're just clarified that the X PF will only fly when you manually invite players Ella fee and Ella fire will still be normal. This will still make refined for invasion, assaults quest very frustrating. Hopefully, those get exempted before eight point two lunches or get added it has a hot fix. Well, as we end this report, I wish to remind all listeners, we did it start the fire. We tried to fight it. But we did it ignited the fondest did. So, so next time be awesome. The froth report is a fan pot guest covers blizzard games. We are not affiliated with wizard Entertainment inC music, spread by the host and guests are their own with the art music and found effects come from wizard games and are owned by visit entertainment. inC. No, copyright infringement is intended. Bye. Had jogging powered studio dot com.

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