Interesting If True - Episode 40: Doctor Yeti, That's Who!


And welcome to interesting true. The podcast that believes laughter is the best medicine if these are your only other options. I'm your host this week. Aaron and with me is the ever impressive shea. Hey i'm shay. And this week i learned that if you take the threat out of a sewing machine it becomes a stabbing machine. Oh god. I learned that early on in project runway. Karen make work the first time you see. Somebody run a fingernail through the machine. That's that's the moment you decide how much he really wanna be able to work on your own clothes. Oh comfortable. I can't that that's just but now it is time for another todd. Retails of terrible tree is the to for. That was a lot of teams. I'm an illiterate myself into a corner here pretty quickly. Well good. Because i like the starting. Because i always like to start with tease. We'll get tt's later and it's a shame that Jen couldn't be on this episode. Yeah we miss her. When last we spoke of the yield e medicine it was pre plague when we all get together and now having quarantine for what feels like forever we might have some idea of the desperation that drives someone to wear pigeons in the hope that they're healing power will at least get you to polian back in one piece so personally i've been carrying around my fox back heater bag fox's and your shoes of patients if you wear enough animals covid can't get you it because no one will come within six feet of me. That's why right. That's the best way to enforce social distancing right there sir. Are you wearing rotting pigeons yes. I'm just going to stay over here. Yes i am. And i am not afraid to fly their pigeons their bullets sickly sound. But yeah if govan doesn't get you. One of its mutants spawn might apparently but enough about jubilee. it's round two of the medieval ish medical nonsense. And this time it's personal or you're gonna find out if she knows enough about yielded doctrine to be proclaimed if true studios new resident on-call physician and aaron did assure me that i would get a certificate if i win that's right and i promised to use mostly not comic sans. He did promise mostly. I wasn't excited if you were dirty. Dirty villager in the before times. You're probably worried about yield a european super death or as you lay people may know it your senior pestis way. Howdy was it. A past is this is it. This is the plate. Is that as the play by the end of the second plague had killed nearly a third of europe and yes i did say second plague turns out that it had three runs. What runner we at right now. In america you're quickly working on number four. The i was actually known as the plague of justinian and it affected the sas immi empire or you know the neo persian or the last persian imperial dynasty empire and they apparently had be. I didn't know this. Apparently they're enemies were the byzantines which had also ravaged so these were all black. Death plague all plagued proper. Oh wow because i guess i just. I wouldn't have assumed that it was that old. I just think of dark ages. And that's like the big one that is that is the only one that you think of. But the initial outbreak in the byzantine and persian empires killed an estimated twenty five million people and then over the course of the following two centuries it's recurrences and spots here and there killed another twenty five million. Wow did this job. The jobless feeling wanna kill him again. The second was the black death which ran wild through europe on flee covered rats rather than the noxious odors attributed it to but refused to really do anything about until august of eighteen fifty eight so that was the more traditional one that i think he. Yeah when you when you think of the black death you think of europe probably and that's why the plague doctors were those stupid masks packed with things that spelled nice to ward off the plague. You're gonna wanna keep that thought okay. And that's mostly because in the west we think of that one but the last or the third leg was in china so apparently it always kind of moved around the area and then stayed in the southwest. For some time before infecting guangzhou or guangzhou or canton is western name. Which is a water source for nearby hong kong apparently in the first month that killed like twenty four hundred people but in total it would kill some twenty thousand people becoming known as the eighteen ninety four hong kong plague. Ooh yeah and because hong kong is a port city it's spread around the world becoming the first kind of proper pandemic. We really paid attention to or at least according to these articles on globally infecting people with icke black death but also a ton of anti-chinese anti-haitian bigotry and in played a huge part. Apparently in the gary act the chinese exclusion acts. Oh i can't remember those here in. America is bad. that was bad. Yeah yeah and so closing on that nightmare which actually itself didn't prop up on paper until nineteen forty three and given what you've learned about the plague and our discussion if you wanted to avoid the black deaths faded grasp shea. Where's the best place to store your farts that that was a very long preamble to a very silly question on. Where should i store them. I'm going to say inside of me. I shouldn't fart. I just got to hold them in until explode. Just blow up like the blue kid from wonka. You gotta put them somewhere. I do have to put up. So i can. I just cut them. Put them in my hand. I do that to my way. I'm surprised she's still my wife. Honestly i guess you could jar. No that's right. The correct answer is a mason jar. Specifically emesa chart. Brandon is such a ball only mason jar. But i keep my thoughts in a ball jar select. Apparently if you had jars or containers around your house the medical advice of the timeless to keep your heart's in those jars back if they if they attributed the black plague too bad smells. I guess actively not putting bad smells into the world. You're getting there would make it safer for you to breathe right man. You are well on your way to a yield medical degree. That is actually the logic. Are you serious. So those masks that the yield plague doctors were the big beak on them was full of like rose petals and things like that my asthma or the bad smell away and so this is the poor man's version of that. Like if you can't afford a plague masks you can you can in a jar. So so what. I'm hearing is dutch. Oven my wife or farting under the covers and pulling it over. Her head would probably be a crime. I know that's protecting your family man as as the head of the family unit. You have to do that. I make breezy inside. That's the truth. No no physicians using the word loosely. Tell people to trap. They're terrible tissue turbulence. The goal wasn't to stave off the lingering effects of an all boiled cabbage and sadness diet but to build upon stockpiles in the event of an incursion of black death. These lifesaving jars of your own literal farts were to be used as a breathing. Apparatus not unlike airplane masks or cartoonish. Lee holding upside down canoe on the ocean floor. It would provide you with the breathing gas that you need. I'd wait breathing. Farts makes you healthy. Thought breathing farts made you sick Well because it's a fart and not the black death ese. Oh area go difference smell and because it came out of you you know. Let's say it's sterile to your own body or something. So do you have to label your heart. If i breathe my wife's parts. Do i just die do naturally. Just i'm like yes. It's like mixing medications. You don't wanna do that. I did actually do a little googly duly on this as you know you've got to. Yeah but it turns out from reputable sources in the show notes that it was basically one of many smell based hail marys. This one in particular would later be known as the therapeutic stink like like yours like erin. Oh my god so the idea as you said on the face of it like the face was full of roses. And if you weren't money having person you could avoid these stink of death by chasing it away with an equally pungent odor david halla van author of why you should store your farts in a jar and other oddball or gross melodies afflictions remedies and cures which by indefinitely buying on amazon yet. Kind of what. Let in two thousand eleven said quote it was believed the plague was caused by deadly in the air so many doctors thought it could in turn be cured by bodily vapors they figured an equally foul vapour like a fart combat the disease so they suggested patients store their farts and ajar this way when the plague appeared in their neighborhood they could open the jar. Inhale the fumes to ward off the bad vapors that came from the disease knitted made sense to them into quote so beyond vishal just being poppycock. Yeah this did not l. baby one and and have to smell it like a week later. Nobody's later than oxygen you. Would you would have to do a handstand jar far but let's still smell like fart. I think we might have to do some science. You have a mason jar and a fart. Steve lives really close by. And i have both well. If you're going to do the science you best get a sample. you won't mistake. You wanna make some french. I what smells like the french surrendered here next week on mythbusters. So there you go. Basically you wouldn't get the plague from the miasma if you deluded the infected air you breathe of something equally oracle so y'all warmed up now shea hike guests so that was your warm up. Your medieval medical spidey senses tingle. Ari'el let's do this all right good time for a bowling old white man to have his say in this medical show. You're looking to receding tell that to ashley. She told me bald yesterday. Oh no this is olds leach book. No no it's a big old notes in the text is right a line of course and it does appear to be written in some kind of elfish. also it's got a bunch of lv stuff in it so where you go. I guess the book takes its name from a random phrase at the end of the second book which reads a bald habit heck liberalism seed quayum consulate Ish blah which according to wikipedia and my amazing linguistic skills translates to bald owns this book which he ordered clyde compile. Well good old. Clyde what languages that is like old anglo-saxon it's actually kind of a compendium. It's like a collection of stuff so it's a bunch of different languages. But they're all like yield a european languages. Okay so it's nothing spoken nowadays. That's why i mean. None of that made any sense or had any sense down. No and it does genuinely look like elvis kind of rooney elvis. I mean even just written out in just written out in typed out. It looks kind of elvis. She it's unfortunately. Of course that is a lie because bald is almost certainly dead in the book now resides at the british library of london. So there you go ball. It should have been bald. Owned at. this book is a white that and put a little carrot in there with a bic pen. i'm sure historians will love as long as your penmanship is good with that. Let's dive into our medical tests are sha- are you ready to be called a doctor by at least some people on the internet yes. That's a qualification. That could get you a government position. In times of your. This is the test of baltimore. Good bonds book is a compendium of medical knowledge and it was translated as part of the same maintain. Manuscript digitization process has inspired our last episode. o shea. If you needed to cure your work you would. Apparently you would apparently crush together. Some beet root and honey then smear the juice all over the patient's head then have the patiently face down in the sunny area until the mixture melts and runs down the person's face. And if that didn't take you should repeat but this time add the additional curative elements of laurel oil and vinegar. What pray tell was bald seeking cure. Oh this makes so you have to wait until you get hot enough to run down your face. You said that right right. So this is how you cure. Giuliani's verbal diarrhea. He might have been practicing that day but it clearly didn't hear anything obviously didn't add laurel oil and vinegar yet mabley naked face down in the dirt that well it will. It will cure some extreme cases of julian azam but now this was designed to cure headaches. Okay so i guess you put it on your head. So it'll cure your head. Even though it sounds like something you'd spread on toast. nothing else. At least you get to lie face down and nobody bothers you which is probably good. If you're having a photosensitive migraine but you also then have ants crawling on you. I would imagine so. That's not ideal this on your wife. Next time she gets a headache. Oh you're not feeling well honey hold on. I'll go get the honey and other stuff in our how is nine percent. Sure you probably have all the ingredients in your house. Probably do bald was a big fan of mixing things with honey he He really fancied that particular route. He had a sweet tooth. He did it. And it was from a fox any wrapped it in the hyde of a fawn. And would press it against you if you had muscle soreness. That's i didn't put any. Oh yeah. Wow yeah that's that's where that to. The headache is caused by a head injury. What then should the doctor apply to his patients head I'm gonna start with honey since he liked that. Yeah and it's a good place to start so honey probably not beet root cause you might confuse that for blood you need to be able to see the blood so You honey and what. Some gross ingredient from yielded times bull urine. Okay well you. That's the wrong part of the bulb. But not by far was going to say the other thing and i didn't want to because i was like we're a pg show right. Yeah it's not. I mean it's bad so initially you would want to muddle the honey with bayton. He leaves which is a cousin of meant effect and rub that jazz. Just right into the open wound and if they're still not better after that in augment their i'll say treatment course by jamming some crests knows crosses the short leafy herb. That's kind of looked similar to bean sprouts. Okay so far neither. These treatments would seem to do anything. But i don't think they do any more harm. Honey has been known to be like anti microbial antibiotic and people have used on wounds. I feel like the addition of maine is gonna make it stink quite a bit as you are not wrong and then bean sprouts up your nose. That's you're just gonna look like a fool. But i mean you're still alive and actually that your wound should be cleaner. It'll be sealed and you will have had a no salad so really. Everything's coming up yield terrible so well so far so far not terrible yield less tara. Yeah and you're right. Anytime coronial properties of hunters because it can naturally contains a small amount of hydrogen peroxide. Oh okay you need to step things up a little bit. You should put the ash of burnt periwinkle flowers with the honey for treatment of what. Oh sewer this is a new medicine and now what am i carrying yup yup saudi taking your money and your other nonsense. You've added ash of burnt periwinkle flowers. Small blue purple flower. You don't know this one and the asthma. No right too much for you know it might hear that. But that's not what we're going for. Rippling anxiety will definitely cure that. 'cause nobody's gonna wanna be around you know so blindness that to their you forgot three-strikes. That's how medical exams work right now. The crippling zayed he comes way before the blind minutes it comes before everything this was for cataracts or other misty of the is yielding milk. Guy yale the milk bonus bumblebee honey and periwinkle ash might be the common curative. But it wasn't the most preferred perhaps due to expense but we'll never really know what else could yield e people take to cure their misty. I so it was honey. And specifically periwinkle ashes just money and yield the ashes from the fireplace regular. No easy answer. We were looking for here. Was rabbit gallbladder that that was my second choice. Then you wear a mask no nope no you know. I don't know you to your bull. Comment bull gone bladder and hair gallbladder. They just call them goal and deer and elkin and everything that they could find gallbladder in goes and something that goes on your face. Oh great. I love gallbladders on my face. Straight treatment so delightful and they specifically mentioned bowls as being particularly potent. What with being bowls all great. I'm gonna get you buller ladder for your birthday. And of course if you if you can't manage that as the replacement for the honey by the way as the mass stop juicy insides of rabbit. I'd rather know. I want the honey i want. The honey is getting the money on the hunting. Well if you if you can't find the ash on the other hand because periwinkle doesn't grow everywhere bald lists appropriate substitutes in the form of quote. The fatty parts of all river fishes melted in the sun in the quote rancid fish fat aaron rancid rancid fish oil. Yeah that's gonna be good for your eyes yum and just rub that in there. It's gonna make line faster. Right will resolve the problem of going. I well you're not going blind anymore. You're blind their graduation. So yeah. regardless of ingredients the mixture was to be painted onto the face with a feather. Apparently that was was also really big into that. Everything gets painted on the. This is some hippy. Dippy crystal will be s sky beliefs and frankly crystal woobie. What's no matter. How many shade eggs is this guy. I have inside around to actually looked at the source material on this one and so on page x v. i or in the english translation. That's one fifty two for information not given in the list and found that it was to be applied morning noon after dinner and before bed until your is had a healthful dried crust on them no healthful healthful drag. I have never heard of a healthful dry crust. Not what you should be going for it. I think those words belong next to each other. So you've gotta let either rancid fat and ash or or honey and fish and old rabbit crushing crust over your eyes for days until you develop a healthy ice scab other than finally. It's time to rinse your is clean for which he will need a recently pregnant woman. Oh good. I'm glad i always keep one of those in the cupboard You'll you'll need to find yourself a milkmaid unwilling to rub her nips into your eye crust while you ring out her breasts like an old bar towel power milk washing your eyes. That's the green door. Cheyenne that service exists. It's only on thursdays. Yeah he He's specifically lists the milk of a woman as a cure for a great many things. But you gotta just you know conveniently get your i wash with those bubis. Wow if you are a person of means he also suggests rubbing coriander into the boobies and or your eyes beforehand but that data science. That's sounds very stinky. Yeah this guy got his his medical science textbook and has weird can book mixed up one night and took way too many notes in the wrong place. I think he did. Yelp having cured our eyes of venus we must now turn our attention to the maiden whose teats we just juice. Oh okay he uses the word use to oh. He uses the word juice. I mean it's a weird funky spelling of it but yeah there wasn't one hundred percent my joke. Oh my and i thought healthy crusty is was bad. Y'all not yeah all right. So she surely her eyes doth be swollen and to return them to luster. We need what to apply directly to them. Why are swollen from crying. One presumes get okay from boob ringing out related sorrow. This is a woman crying now so the best way to fix that would probably be a not a hand job. It's not that time yet. Chili powder because it's for a woman and we respect them backing yield. Times will give her our best. Read sprinkles no and in fact what we need are the eyes of crowds. I was i mean is of crabs. Chili powder are they the same thing i mean. They are very similar. They both going in old bay direction. I see where you're taking. This medical journey crab yielded crab. Is he'll be grab is like cures like crab i- stocks. Y'all like yours like so one is to catch a live crab. Snip off ice stocks. And then return the crab to the water alive in the books. Dick move as a real dick move especially since crabs are cannibals and they will totally just eat an injured like member of the group. I move then you prepare. It's is a mortar and pestle with honey until the result can be resolved directly into your boob maidens is and then she will no longer cry and be happy about this whole transaction. Good no none of this works. And she's really unhappy. I promise you say so. Mr bald trust me. It totally works every time. I took a book so it must be true. Thanks for listening to interesting true if you like what you heard. thank you. Friends might two sheriffs on the socials or leave us a good review. Wherever you're listening you can always subscribe at patriots. Dot com slash. It where for as little as a dollar a show. You'll get patron story each week. Outtakes on the regular show and more you can contact us. Find out more and see what else we do. It interesting of true dot com takes to the patron supportive listeners. Like you interesting of truth proud supporter of wyoming aids assistance a registered five. Oh one c. Three charity that provides support to wyoming is living with hiv aids. Find out moria. Yo aids dot org and thank you for listening sharing and cooking tasty food garlic onion and goose fat. All go together. Well if you're making a mere plot but why stop lasseube. When mixed and cooked down the concoction will use to alleviate what condition hunger no wet. Nazi vivat garlic onion. Goose that sounds delicious fashion. Or say right like we're we're well on our way you put a potato in there and yeah but but it's alleviating condition it is alleviating conditions. Not gonna help with altos. This i can tell you that in his not wrong head hall. I'll give you that. Close goose fat. That's it's going to help with constipation. Well that is not in your head but yeah there. There was some goose fat up the but stuff that took place. I skipped over most of it. Apparently king henry the something rather if of this time area had like two thousand four bile animas over the course of his life at the sound pleasant A terrible situation something something microbiome but like that's a bore man and that's not what you want. Are you looking for truffles be. I'll give you a half points for that because there was some talk of putting it in the bum. This this goes in your ear. This is for earaches. Didn't i guess that when. I read garlic onions. And goose. Fat has goose down pillow. Support your head while the fat d. h. your ear Plus garlic that makes sense man wanted to be a doctor. I think i'm having a stroke. So is how about dr yield. Dr man the good wow was was drizzled. Liberally into the air. Celtic to cure ear aches. And while this may sound more flavorful than helpful it was a damn sight better than the other options without goose fat you're left to substitute ingredients from other selves. Like drippings from crushed ant eggs that was if he didn't have goose fat. You went and got yourself some ant eggs and then cheesecloth odom. If you don't have goose fat you go get goose bat. You don't go. Let's go find some areas. No no one ever makes that jump. If you have goosebumps darnall go. Buy some goose goosebumps at the next door not I'm gonna go dig backyard for loads of tiny little ant eggs that i'm gonna need use. It's true it's time there's skis everywhere in bird. Skull-crushing rocks are free. No one would substitute that for that. That's ridiculous chelsea. You were to go get some antics and you couldn't find that you could again go with mashed up again liver gunk of a bowl a buck or the aforementioned board. Those are all easier than your aunt juice. All of which was then poured into the ear for the sake of carrying the ear ache and not at all causing a ton of infection. I love just other bodily fluids not my own into my orifice. Oh man just as many as you can get and it doesn't matter from where that's flavor town. At least at least the light soup sounded not terrible right. Like yeah we were. We were doing pretty well with this one until we started pouring it in your whole side. Man is not do that and speaking of head holes if blood runneth from your nose too much because it was after all the yield terrible times on a little bit of blood leading out of you is totally standard. But there's too much when it becomes too much what might be applied to stop the flow of satan's face juice. Oh i know that one. That's probably gonna be. What's that stuff that you helped the blind person. You stuck up their nose. They'll call craze. Called call crass press yes crest. Some nice watercress up his nose. This is bethany Which is just a purple flower. That's from europe. And some honey mashed together. I forgot honey. Always honey i mean at least get a half. Something's gotta glue that health back in there and that's what honey's for honey in my nose. That sounds like some sort of mediaeval torture. It sounds like the world's worst stuff knows doesn't it like that generally sounds on plaza. Waterboard you with honey. No yeah please. Don't honey and pope are- sweet be stuffed up nose should bleeding continue and again need to be staunched. It's best to quote put way board into the ear of your patient That's just common green leafy plant and you put it in the ear. Even though the blood's coming out of the no you take a bunch of those leaves and you're all them up and you stick them in their out rolled up toilet. Paper works so much better than any of us. they had fabric technology. I don't understand what the dilemma here. So what you do with your women during the menzies do that but up the nose because even a tampon works pretty well to alleviate the you have any idea how much it costs to go. building knows. Blood huts all willy nilly. These are poor villagers. That's right that's right. No you go bleed over there. You mr nose bleed. The city budget includes funding for one year. And it's for the gross gross women so bad that's not where is by the way. Listen we didn't butter in the two broke out. She's terrorizing the town at all. If again this time hoke into the ear a whole ear of beer or barley. So he'd be unaware of the nosebleed. Oh my mom. Used to use that technique. When i'd complain about something like armor. She's like camaro charm leaving it out. Yeah yeah exactly. It's the major pain school of of nosebleed prevention. Yeah if somebody's nosebleeds. Third time you just take a big old handful of barley and jam it in their ear and they will stop worrying about their sales. Stopped coming to you for nosebleeds. Yeah exactly that is exactly. They'll never have to deal with their nosebleed again. Bonus fact i looked at the source material on this one. Two and chapter one. This time V. i or fifty five. You can use this on horses. They loved it. Yeah yeah if you if you ever wanna make a horse your friend and have your day go really super good find one in jama bunch of barley in its ear. Only if it has many knows. Aaron come on no unnecessary procedures year. I'm trying to get my medical lights for science ethics. Do yeah those are going to get in the way all lot. I'm afraid shea when dealing with quote next sicknesses okay. Is that like a goiter ya. It's anything between the jaw wine and the collarbone Sore throat swelling. Quincy tonsillitis basically. Just whatever discomforts you win your knuckle region So for this. This suggested you guessed it. A honey based south. Of course this isn't the only ingredient. So what do you mix with the honey for troubles of the neck. When i got to remember this is a south which means it gets painted on the neck. It's not something you drink so right. My answer is not going to be like a nice black t. That you then sip which might actually alleviate your sore throat. Those is going to be something crazy like. Oh let's think here's the funny thing though share your answer is actually a nice black t. If the patient is a woman you all you got that half correct in. Oh in advance. I'll just go ahead and give you that bonus point all right all right. So so what else could it be a swan's trachea dried and mashed in pestel like cures like it's from an animal it's white and it's gross. So you're you're on the right track. Okay it's not no i it it. It does need to be mortar and pestle k. So it's white. I don't know the fat from something gross. You know what. I'm gonna give that to you know. It is a white sauce which is dried and crushed. Oh what is the white sauce. I'm sure you're asking. Yeah is album. Garcia air kiam. I don't know how to pronounce that. A better known as dehydrated dog or hyena crap. Oh yielded dog poop. That used to turn white right. Yeah you know. Sometimes you'll see like all white dog poop. That's because of oxidisation or or oxygen exposure and that's called cost and that's called the austin and that's what we're looking for to cure you of neck at least i don't have to ingest this one. Just gonna leave it there you know what. At least there's that and it's it's on my neck which hopefully doesn't have a gaping wound so yeah hopefully or at least it already has some jammed into it. It's not gonna do any worse now. It's important to note. Though that like any good prescription there are considerations for example per bald. The dog it comes from quote must not abon air. He dropped the thoughts. Otherwise your neck will keep on necking so to translate that you need to find. A white dog. Poo left by a dog who didn't mind chewing his treat next to where he dropped yours. So you have to find it and the dog owners yard lately. Yeah like all you have to go to the to the dog park otherwise known as the medical ingredient farm okay. I didn't realize that any of this any of this. I didn't realize any of the other words. That's the that is the complete and full stop in that sense. I have never encountered an injury. Where i was just like. I should rub some on this. But specifically specifically who that was picked up around where that duggar hyena lives gross about it only use the white stuff and then crush it up first and mix it with some honey. Because apparently they've got plenty of that. Wow yeah but if you're a lady it was honey and tea. I would rather be a lady. No no no. No i take that back. Nope with this one treatment. You're batting one out of one thousand. Yeah don pretty quick. Now yeah so. For our froemel treatment bald recommends quote. Take crop leak. In garlic both equal quantities pound them. Well together take wine and bolic's goal and both equal quantities mixed the leak put this into a brazen vessel let it stand and nine days and the brass vessel ring out through cloth and clear it. Well put into a horn and apply nighttime with a feather. What was he's looking to treat. So you started with a nice casserole. Sure and then we put it through some cheesecloth in have casserole. Jesus you have you have gross uncooked animal. Gross insides and enemies employ and that. That's right just because it was in a brazen vessel doesn't mean it was cooked was never cooked right. No it was fermented for nine days. Great yeah the. The structures are to put it in a thing and then let it sit for nine days. What am i looking to treat. Would you brush that onto. We put soup and might here earlier. So we're gonna put casserole gross casserole juice it's just rubbing their eyes. You are a doctor my friend. Let that correct answer. I pronounce you. Dr yeti over is gonna rub it there is again. I mean why not sounds horrible. Infections of the is. What else would that be for south horrible. So let's rub it in their eyes. Bulbs prescription garnered some recent attention. Though what i can only assume was the request of the manuscript marketing team. The passage was translated by dr christine lee. So the researchers at nottingham university center for biomedical sciences could give this the old college try. They wanted to try it. I gave this a go. No apparently it was used for when you get like an ingrown infected eyelash eyelid last like a sti- or something sti- burnley. This was the common here for the for the sti- and so i'm sure they were just like let's have a make one of these and then test. It was science so they set up three batches and tested them on cultures of three commonly found in hard to treat bacteria. Oh i just gonna. i'm just gonna watch this. This is gonna be a fun words. The first one. I'm pretty sure. Staphylococcus are s and the second one is staphylococcus epidermis and then probably sooner mateusz arjun. No sec- us. I don't know what the third one had on at. Although the third one. But i think the first two the first two. I'd say you got right staphylococcus right. That's common enough. I honestly didn't think you'd get that dermott is like this like some kind of skin based staff affection. I guess i think. I think that's actually the thing that is the common cause for like trench foot. Okay and this is what pseudomonas aerogenosa arizona. So yeah that one. I i have no idea. Yeah i don't know but anyway they applied the salve in three different batches both to synthetic wounds which i take to mean petri dishes and in wounds inflicted on mice and they were infected skipping ahead a bit. The ingredients themselves did nothing of note but when combined described the mixture was starting legally effective. Only about one in a thousand bacteria survived application and for reference. Vaccine my ascend. Today's go to for. Mr essay has approximately the same level of antibacterial activity. What so if it can't keep it left so thousand bacteria survived. That's what ninety nine point nine percent effective pretty good. All things considered. Yeah that's that's not. This is just a this. is you. Find all the stuff in your garbage and then you leave it on the shelf until it becomes garbage. That's next the scientists diluted the south to test its advocacy in concentrations and they were hopeful uncover its mechanism of action and interestingly they found that even win too diluted to kill the bacteria directly the mixture still interfered with bacteria cell cell communication or quorum sensing though so they can't talk to each other so they kind of break down anyway for it stops. Some forming bacteria colonies. Oh yes so. Quorum sensing is critical to biofilm generation. And a biofilm is more or less what it sounds like. It's a film that bacteria generate of biological matter. That makes a bubble around an infection. A bubble for lack of a better term the inside the bubble the bacteria to form march colonies while the film itself is impervious santa microbials. Antibiotics detergents given that something that blocks. The formation of this film could be invaluable in treating antibiotic resistant infections. What so what. You're telling me is that eventually i might be asking for some some crop leak garlic and and more leaks and some gall rotted and applied with a feather. Well i guess if you were to tell me. Hey i'm gonna all this wheat and then i'm gonna toss some bread in it and i'm just gonna leave it in the corner for a month. You wanna drink that you probably be like no no no. I'm gonna go ahead and not do that. He said sipping his beer. Yeah it could be good. Dr freya harrison who led the work in the laboratory nottingham commented that they were surprised when they were hopeful. That quote balls ice hall might show some antibiotic activity because each of the ingredients has been shown by other researchers to have some effect on bacteria in the lab. Copper and bile salts can kill bacteria and garlic family plants. Make him goals at interfere with bacteria's ability to damage infected tissues. But we were absolutely blown away by just how effective the combination of ingredients was in quote. Wow so they don't even entirely know why it works. They just know it does. It sits an ongoing kind of situation. Their work continuing the scientists are hopeful that this could lead to breakthroughs intriguing. Things like methicillin resistant. Streptococcus m. sra and if you wanna know more about the project or check out the show notes. I've actually included a cool video from the project and there's a bunch of links to read. If you're really interested the entire leach book has also linked like you can go through. It is essentially a pdf but yeah they have a little three minute promotional video. That explains like the work that they're still doing and what they found. And so you know what broken clock twice a day and all that he got at least that one right. That's kind of really interesting. that's cool. Yeah it's real cool. It's us real cool. Mercy kills lots of people. So that's like his about one. It could be a really really big breakthrough and something. That's not is it considered a breakthrough if it's thousands of years hundreds of years old as a little over a thousand years old the. I have no idea that's cool. I guess so rediscovered in maternity like you know maybe now we can figure out. What is that like causes these effects because certainly just like gutting something out of an animal and letting it rotten putting it in your eyes a crapshoot but if we can figure out what in that mixture was better more often than it was a bad and we can isolated. That sounds delightful. I think that's really really cool. Yeah so there. You go -gratulations dr yeti nice now certified to rub gross stuff all over your body. You're now a pod. Certified medical professional and with that a quick reminder to our listeners not to take medical advice from podcasts. yeah or schedule. An appointment with me. Don't do that don't do that. Don't show up at the studio. I'm erin and i. And i hope y'all learn how to take care of yourselves this week. I'd like to thank all of our listeners. Our supporters and my delightful co host. Dr shay the yeti yes it is doctor thank you all right and if you want to find out more about the show our social links contact information or other great episodes visit interesting if true dot com. Oh that was good marketing. They should've stuck with that. Final hour of the show. 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