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NYC Season - Ep 1: Zachary Quinto


Hello and welcome to table manners. With a slight twist. You probably can hear sirens in the background. Maybe the steam of a what they called it. The manholes we are in New York City, baby. Stop looking at me. Like a moment. I'm trying to make it for the solitaire's really weird. You sound like extra from Pretty Woman. Two. The beginning. Yeah. Well continue. But okay. Well, I was trying to make New York what better place to come the New York City where I've eaten many beautiful meal. Basically, thanks to Benko who we used to send me all around the restaurants in New Yorker, meet and eat and eat and everything would be panned. Forget about the song we writing it was about what where we were going to go for dinner, or what takeout get so have so many fun food memories of Neil. We've got some really exciting guests coming up on this series from different walks of life and professions. And I'm so intrigued to know what their favorite spots in New York are first up. We have the fantastic Zachary Quinto, yet can't wait to meet him. He's been on Broadway. He's been in films. She was in a film with my sister is how I got to know sacree, he was in the very very popular at heroes asylum, the serial killer, he's most famous for being the young Mr. spoke. Yes. Okay. Well, he's saying the new misled he's hugely. No his youngest book 'cause I've gone back in time. I didn't Trekkie I'm not. But, but that's what I know. He's famous for we have kindly been given the apartment of my friends who has lots of gadgets, and gizmos and tables and chairs so we've got one two three four five six seven eight nine ten eleven atolls and the massive teddy bear at least four pianos and about twenty keyboards, and no tables and chairs that's what teddy. What's the menu? Today. You very favorite my favorite chicken. Yes. Slight twist to put my slant on it. What's your slant? Mixed up the dried fruits rather than just prunes put as well. Fathy? Yep. With pesto rice lovely and a solid new made the dressing. Yeah. I've kind of done radiant doing accurate in my things at the moment. Mustard ash. Asche Dijon mustard wine vinegar oil salt and pepper, Honey. And then -alex who's been also flown over putting bay is here in New York breaking hearts left right and center you see partly having heartbreaking. Not sure he's made coke nut Macarena danton chocolate. He did just needs the far long. Okay. By trying to Mark wave melts. Doctor Fritz dip in and I was really worried who can have to evacuate this whole bills. Exactly couldn't take coming and take billions. Xactly contain. Thank you so much for being here for having me such dulcet tones why it's just fruity his voice freely. Yeah. I feel like you could have the voice that you could play King Live without voice. You know what? I mean that would be great love that Glenda Jackson's currently the anchor King Lear here New York. Your women. Yeah. Yes. Gee that she say. She's as ING choice in London. Go for it's a new production of different director samples. Here. Yes. To play mind wasn't the production. She didn't learn all women. Yeah. Okay. Is not all women. But there are other nontraditional other like, you know, women playing male roles, but the she's doing it here and there little young as well sounds. Sure. All the time. So is that part of the pool of living in Neo -absolutely? I lived in LA for twelve years before I came back here. But I've always loved me working always imagined myself. Like when I when I was in when I was younger and in drama school. I always imagined. I would come to New York. I never thought I live in L A. Actually, I I remember when we were graduating from school. They took us to LA to showcase we did want here. And when LA and I remember driving the showcase in New York with friends from class who were like, well, maybe you'll go to LA, and I will never I loathe such a. I grew up in Pittsburgh PA because of the cynical. Horrifying. I was just there yesterday. Canvassing campaigning there. And and that synagogue was you know, like very close to our grew up right around the corner. Yeah. I mean, I grew up in in a suburb on the other side of the city, but it's so small it was like less than fifteen minutes away from my house and very near one of our dear dear friends, who you know. I'm sure she's passed on now. But she surely would have known some of the victims families of them. Campaigning and come sing. What you up to this moment? I'm doing I'm sh- I'm working on a TV show shooting a new TV show. So I'm living in Providence, Rhode Island right now going back and forth. Tis redeye Rhode Island a little bit. And it's like getting up into New England from here. It's on the coast. So accent like strong accent on I think it was actually to my understanding Rhode Island and Pittsburgh. They did a tournament of the ugliest accents in America. And it came down to Rhode Island in Pittsburgh. I think I don't know which one which one prevails, and so has it been ounce the TV show? Yeah. It is. It's on AMC. It's a show called enough for ought to. Series. It's the first year familia Nosrat those route to historically is a very old vampire like a German. That's bigger. Shaved head like. But in this version of it. It's actually based on a novel. That was written by Joe hill, who is Stephen king's, son. Yeah. It's really real proper person with children, right? Right. So massive is a righty. He's sort of monolithic as an office. But yeah, he's got. I think more than one child, but Joe is a really interesting author in his own, right. And and so it's based on a novel. He wrote. What's the current to you you playing like? Doc, lovely. So I was just I went to visit my mom when I was in Pittsburgh yesterday. And we were funny conversation where she was like giving me she was like you. She's like, are you evil? As like, no, I'm not evil. But yeah, I do I play a lot of dark character. Silent killer. I mean, you and also in patient voice. He wants to kill Hannah in the end. I don't know what it's about it. Really don't. But this is this is an interesting choice for me because you know, I've been away from that for while. I specifically didn't continue on with American horror story because of that. I was like, you know, what I really wanna take a little break from this. And then this came along it's been about five years since I've been on television. It's been a minute. So I kind of thought it's very well written. And it's it's a really different kind of character, even though he's evil, but he's this kind of he's a vampire of sorts, but rather than he doesn't take blood, but he kidnaps children and steals their souls and taking their souls gives him vitality. But so he he sometimes he's like my age, and then sometimes he's one hundred and thirty five years old. So I have to play the kogo through these real since we're gonna podcast I could show you younger than stealing. Children. So I don't get younger than I am. Because the age that that, you know, the age that he is at his youngest the characters youngest is the age that he was when he began to do that. So he doesn't get younger than he. Because I steal souls. If I ate young. Twenty. Twenty six. That would be my best day Chan in the last five years. I mean, you you soak off so missed it boys in the bone boys in the mountain it with the five unit. Unit nine actually there's nine nine members of the old in the lineup of the photo. Okay. Well, I was very Jones the guy from girls was in injure Enel's Andrews grave, and was it fun to do that. Because. Back. It was really important. Play was. Nineteen sixty eight it was the fiftieth anniversary of the play this year. It was the first American player that really dealt with gay relationships in psychology openly. It was actually written by Mark Crowley in response to an article in the New York Times that year by a theater critic name Stanley Kauffmann who wrote this incredibly. Homophobic, article in a sense that impugned the playwright the gay playwrights of that day who are Tennessee Williams Williams Albi? Oh, yeah. Then super all these craven witnesses. The interesting thing about the article in the New York Times is that it was about how these gay playwrights take their homosexual experiences, and then appropriate them to heterosexual relationships and women and Mark Crowley, read this article and felt really impugned by this this this critic, and so he wrote and so he wrote the boys in the bedroom response. Yeah. So it wasn't really seminal play in the late sixties. Yeah. Yeah. How interest? I mean, you've done Broadway few tomes. This is my second Broadway play. But tennessee. The glass menagerie. Yeah. Have you ever have you ever done? Really want to when I go over to London last time. I was in London was last October. And I sat down with a lie. I made it a point to like sit down with the people that are making theater over there. And you know, just seeking them out and letting them know that I was offered to the production that we did the last measure here move to the West End. But it was two and a half years after we did it here. And I felt like I had moved on from the experience. And so I didn't I didn't go back. And there were other were conflicts that prevented me from doing it. Okay. I will do you have brothers and sisters one older, brother. Yeah. What does he he is a photographer and furniture builder? Actually, really talented. He just moved. I think he's kind of re configuring his life just got married last month at two months ago. And yeah, and he's just moved out of the lay lived in LA for a long time. And now they've moved to just outside Tahoe. Oh nice. Yeah. They're really like. Yeah. Totally. And now he's kind of refigure what he wants to do there. So so the three. Yeah. My dad died when I was young really you really seven spend on. Yeah. So I guess you're going to be up to boys and she did ever remarried never never dated again. Never remarried nothing. It was very that. Part of it was challenging to watch her kind of like switch that part of her life off after my father. She was only she was basically my age when I am now when my father died, which is like crazy to think about is older, you know. Yeah. She did it all yourself basically needed a bang-up job. If I do say, so myself in terms of you know, what she provided us with and and you know, the opportunity she afforded us. And the fact that we never we never wanted for anything, you know, as kids even though she really. I think struggled to make it happen. But at great sacrifice at great personal sacrifice. And that's something that now is I've seen the way that it's come back to the fact her life. She kind of there was a part of that shut off after my father died, and that I don't think she ever fully processed the trauma of it in the and it's difficult when he was fifty when he passed. Yeah. Yeah. What to do? He was a hairdresser. Maybe. Yeah. Yeah. He was an incredible artist musician visual artist, he was kind of a renaissance, man. Yeah. Died of cancer shit. Did he know we you kind of interested in acting that I so he didn't know about that. I'm sure it was very dramatic child have any kind of boundaries for it or outlet for. Maybe you knew brother, basically, kind of definitely feel that, you know, my father and my mother both had artistic sensibilities. But interestingly, I think for me. Acting became a bit of a way to cope with the trauma losing my father. You know, like a place where I could explore an emotional end. Scape safely and also because my mom, then became single parents. You had to go unit. She was a stay at home mom and till he died, and then she had to get a job. And so from a very young age. I was kind of fending for myself in ways, and so- theater and acting became a place for me to go for her to know that I was safe into care of. And you know, what did that start with kind of off to school? And did you have an amazing acting co doll Matete person you remember that one teach you Wadsworth. Yeah. For sure I'm still in touch with her. She's still in Pittsburgh teaching and yes, she really shaped me in terms of what I was capable of. I think in what I and she also taught me the most important thing that I learned from her was that being a good person is as important if not more important than being a good actor because there was a period of time in my adult scence where I wasn't a particularly I was like a little snotty bratty kid. I think you know. Yeah. Volved from that. But partly because of her, you know, I was like snarky. I was like a little okay? I was. Someone who is you sounds like a good person. Sorry, how rebel against a good little ways that it would come into the light that I felt like she recognized. And she was like, no, no. That's that's how we are. And she really, you know, she really instilled me with the understanding that being a good person and being compassionate. And being generous of spirit is actually what's important in the world. Did if you mum was working. What did she do? She what she got. Yes. She worked first as a sort of a very good friend. Who was a neighbor got her job at like, an investment brokerage house, and she was a sort of, you know, I don't even really know what it would have been advisor not not a financial advisor. It was like a more of like an executive sort of managing accounts kind of thing. You know, she worked there for years. And then she worked at a local magistrates office sort of running the office for years until she retired. Did she cook? When she got home. She did. Yeah. I mean, she wasn't my father was. Yeah. Attorney. He was he was talian. And he he would get very interested in different types of cuisine, and sort of like, I I remember when I was young he got he became very interested in Asian cuisine. And so he bought all this like Asian cookware. There were walks in the in the hang. As a kid. I was like, wow. These are really. And so he would he would work on different types of cuisine. But talion certainly and so was coming from talion family and the extended family right his. Yeah. His my aunts and uncles his older sister who was born in Italy. And then came over. I mean, there was a lot of food around that side of the family and holidays, we're big food events, you know, big feast on the T celebrate Christmas Eve like talion, we like the seven fishes we didn't do that. But we had. Seven seven. Do this fish road the night before right on Christmas Eve, not? This more important than Christmas day. Earn Christmas Eve for us was about midnight mass, and we would open our presents on Christmas Eve, actually. Yeah, we're Catholics raised Catholic and you have it. So my father was a cook. And then my mother, you know, she cooked to feed us. She didn't you know, it wasn't a lot. It was like very like grilled chicken on, you know, on the I would go out and grill, the chicken, and she would make this of the vegetables or. Yeah. Yeah. I don't. Yeah. Russell Tovey was on the Poku few weeks courage, and I do know Russell. And I listened to that episode. I. He was saying how mom grew treated food like in hurry up. And it was just like, you know, it's not about being called. It was like each it. They kind of eight to live. We live too short. I love. I mean, I'm more like him move feel. I was you know, like as a kid. It was I would say like dinnertime was always a time to communicate in our like, we always sat down for dinner. It wasn't so much eat it. It was like let's eat. Yeah. But it wasn't really like I remember like my fav-. Like, I'd be like I want chicken tonight, which was like a software jar that you like. Like that. It was the tips. Chemicals jar delicious. So it'd be like that kind of thing, you know, it wasn't really like, but. Yeah. But then I don't know. So I don't I'm not I'm not a huge cook. Now that you've you live in new involved, and you now, you sure you've experienced plenty of good males through agents and fancy schmancy stuff is thought do you feel like you you you kind of still haven't? I love a good meal, and I love to share food with people and what the experiences of it. But I'm not like, I'm I'm somewhat of of a finicky Penick picky eater. Jesus. I'm worried about. I'm worried because it's not it's not it's divisive mail. It's my failure. Pizzas. Looking my mom's just looking at me because he doesn't like I said I hype Zachary isn't one of those doesn't like sweet with sour. And he went a God what we having. I said do you hate that MU? Okay. Jerry Williams chicken. Okay. And Jesse it's probably quite Halsey meal lunch. But today's false thing. I don't do as thing. Sometimes that's not. What was it? Just because you know, I just didn't. I I went to bed very late last night. And so yes. I didn't go out. I was home watching how cards Dave canvassing. You went time watch the president landed landed at like nine thirty. And then we watched house of cards until we just started. Lisa what else night? I'm just interested. This is what I do the cost for eat less. Yeah. Did you get takeaway miles enough miles is amazing. Schism is the beautiful mile. He's the calmest. I mean, you will come like, he's even common. The new oversold. He was out campaigning. No, he didn't go with this weekend now, but but I came home, and he had he made dinner which was so sweet. So we had a mushroom and spinach for Totta. Simple. But it was like really say the cook percent. I'm really hungry. Are you hungry? You must be living. So we we won't chicken which didn't if you've ever had to. It's this meal. The I don't know why I love it so much it just I think it gives so much flavor. It's chicken with you marinate overnight in. Garlic. Or Ghana organize now here and this prunes in eight. Cape is sort of like. Influence. Spain. And then mum's always to serve to pest. I rice it's very much put peste rise. Solid jesse's made the dressing. Honestly, this is not been talking about since the fest series. And we haven't done it says, especially the Keisha. So it's like a gourmet chicken tonight. Tonight. It's like a real like. Show look made with love chicken slave. Love to prune. Giving. So table manners. Do you believe that you have to take this? Yes. And is anything that you see in other people? The you just it's like, it's a no go. It's like hell, no. It's it's I company they just did that. Hug blowing your nose the table is pretty I mean, I think there's like we. Nice with a napkin, some talks Vick was very unhappy Sunday talks shin incredible woman. She's she's everything she founded the women's equality party. And she's not she's not Christian. He's. Yeah. Yeah. Presents a Q. She said blowing up Kennedy, just apps cloth. No, yet, even using food. Like, she's just like. That's horrifying. It's like, absolutely. I mean, if if you're at home, and like you're having a casual meal with your friend, partner, whatever maybe, but no. Come on. That's just like go strip away. Anything spicy my nose row? Well, there's a difference between white bang or jabbing discreetly blowing your nose at the table. Right. So that's one. I don't know what else. Judgmental? I tell you what we find different in in the state from Europe. We would never remove the plates from the table till everyone had finished eating and here in all the way to this. Hummus was good service today. These take away. Yeah. We've never done. We. Finance she'd have even lights out. You're just everyone. Interesting because when I'm done with my play at a restaurant, if it's like, a, you know, either either there's some food still left on it. But I'm done eating, and I put it aside. And I'm still talking to somebody who's eating kind of one back on. We feel it so rude to do that really makes the passing fill. The vast minutes, deleting. Korea. Jesse use would be going. I 'cause you cry. I have a second look at me. Delicious pay. What would be you'll desert island male loss? Still have the death penalty here states. Hey, yes. The last meal, I really love Mediterranean, food like and. Awful and HAMAs and like just like eat a lot of the Greek food. And so I think if I had to use it would be like a really robust Greek salad. I don't like tomatoes. So it would be I know, right? Trouble. Ball and kicks don't like rotten tomatoes. I like tomato sauce. I like, you know, I can eat that can be like that. Very. We know who the person. Ralph awfully hate tomatoes. I mean, sometimes heirloom tomato, that's perfectly ripe with some mozzarella, Barada, whatever, you know. I'll do that. But yeah. So I would say like I love I love Kalamata Allah's council. Trodellos fettuccine met says or HAMAs. Maybe it's his gene I could get in on. This is this is this. Definitely Moroccan by. Southern span. Put put his generic term for you, right picking. I know. But I mean like. I know. But I mean, like, pitting means putting is different thing than desert specific desert. Right. Yeah. Okay. But we put some put tonight it's just kind of lazy kind of funny way of saying it's moving way of saying desert rose. That might be what debt let's snow. Like a dull chain electric? I'm we also everyone. Abe rating. What's my? Yeah. We need tonight. How do you find out? This is the best thing. I told him I told him and he meant. So much the lowest anybody's have funded on your health. Okay. You get five star. His my. Okay. Here. We couldn't what is your Uber rating four point seven. Enough is that low super high? Famous. That's the only reason tell what was Russell Toby's. Three. Posse window lot. That you're going to kill them because maybe you'll still yet. And so. What's the last thing? You say to Uber driver every time you get out of the car. During mum. What do you drive safely? Want? Drives come from miles away line. Sure. Some. Toyota Prius is like they do in English getting exact so when you do hear you either do Uber. What is it? I do. Uber black Uber. Black VIP like I'm in it long enough. Now that I have this different. So it's like you get the best car in the area for the same prices. Uber. Uber black. I'm you know, I will say this about myself. And this is something I've come to know an embrace like, I haven't I don't think if you ask people who know me, I don't really think that success has changed me all that much except when it comes to travel. That's the one way that I've changed my routines and my patterns, and like I just have come to that's one way that I don't ever compromise or like. Yeah. Yeah. Get on. You think it's worth it? Yes. We've we wouldn't. Fly I fly in the US. I fly jet blue. But JetBlue has amid class. You know what I mean? So it's like, it's not the nicest air like American sort of the flagship airline of the US like jet blues considered like a user friendly airline, but they started amid class a couple of years ago, and I found it, and it's like amazing, you know, and I love it, and it makes me feel comfortable and taking care of. And like that's just one way that I feel the same Uber. Like, I don't I'm not interested in like, I want the I don't know. Sorry. Would you know as the plane food too thing? And I'll eat things on planes that I'll never eat on the ground. I'd be like oh, lobster tail. Sure. Like, I would never eat a lobster tail. Order. Shrimp. Okay. Look, I don't have no big show fishers. As famous words when you stick with the champagne Maya say. That was when I drank that was my favorite place gun planes. I'm playing. Last plane. Uh-huh. May twenty third two thousand sixteen see any been obstinate for about two years. He's been really interesting journey for me. And I feel really grateful for it for sure it's been really did you need to for myself. I did you know, I think, you know, people who know me or, you know, people were surprised like people in my life. We're kind of like, wait what like you, you know? But I also smoked a lot of pot. So I felt like just the two things and the combination of things I was just you know, I was really unhappy. And I couldn't account for this happiness when I step back and looked at my life and saw how much abundance was in it. There was no gratitude the imbalance was shocking to me, and I was really really miserable. And I thought this is at least this may not be why? But this is preventing me from getting at the why this relationship that I have to haul into pot, and and yeah, so I made that decision, but I have incredibly fun memories of it. And and particularly on planes because they never let your glass get more than half. And have to say, we didn't I didn't drink Estee because we left Silla, and I felt so much better drink Li when we were like press tours and stuff it's just like never end. So I have a really, you know, all of my my memories of drinking and partying are really fond ones, actually. But I think that's where they need to stay. I won't go to no nonsense. Not fancy schmancy doesn't need to have huge reservation. Let you go to neighborhood restaurant that you love. Yup. There's a few say Tony. Okay. I would just great Italian impressions in my neighborhood in particular. There's one called vix. Which is to me. It is my it's definitely are like haunt. You know, we go there probably more than any restaurant in the city Vicks. It's on great Jones street. The great jury street is go Alvin Tari ill ill. Tari? So there's there's there's buco and bond street, which is the original buco, which is like elevated Italian which you might wanna try if you haven't been. Tari which is like family. It's a little casual. The heynen. So that's my live like, right but vix to me, I like it better. I like the shaft she changes the menu all the time. She's very like she's very there. She's like, it's cool. People for that loss supper say that they would lie special only I didn't have to cook. It can you cook it a- shellfish? You one thing that we do, you know e- entertain they show, but you have to tell on the plane when he's strong. No. Recently when I'm on a plane for some reason, I'll try things that I wouldn't try not try up style. Obviously doesn't make any sense. Allow meal kosher meal. For me. It was pregnant with Alex on Idi ended up in hospital. So a case vix. This is good tonight. There's another great restaurant called Narciso, which is in the standards. Darling. It's not a talion. What good is? I mean. It's what I describe it. I mean, they haven't really good brunch. But their dinner food is like they've got like a really great curry. They've it's kind of just like, I don't know like. Gastro fusion cuisine curry they do like a like a weird like it depend they changed the protein sometimes. And it'll be like a they serve it. And there's rice and veggies. And then whatever protein the new poor the curry on. It's really nice I like, nurses a lot. Those are the those. There's a lot of Italian place. And did you cook Italian? Oh, yeah. Just a lot of pastas, and you know, putting different things in there. He loved like, Italian sausage, and pasta and sausage and peppers. Awesome. Hampers that was a big one. Yeah. For sure in Italy's, you'll family from a little no outside Rome northeast of Rome, a little town called Leno LA. I've never been there. I've been all through. My old. My aunt my dad's youngest sister has been contacted the family there. So I definitely want to go. Yeah. What is that area? Nine fours kind of sausage. Jim. I don't know. I don't know. Not discovery. I'm doing this show. I don't know if you guys have it over there. But it's called who do you think you are? Yeah. You know, like they've come. We've talked about it. And I've done my DNA thing and they're like in touch with members of my family and kind of exploring. I don't know. They don't tell you anything. Chill because sometimes I gather that like they go down this whole path. And they don't find anything interested enough to make an episode about. Found out that he was Royal? Yes. Yeah. You can find out some pretty remarkable. So you know with your interesting, you'll you sisters in. Well, they've gone radio. Silent. We can't be like, wait what's happening with that. And then they were like they're on hiatus. And okay. And then like I've like I asked my assistant. What I was like what's going on with that? And then choosing. I don't know they won't respond. Like that. That is so annoying. Would you like coffee and deserve? Sure. It's no Stradey face. Mom. The dishes can sit down today said, yes, we we had an Darby that you coming for dinner, which doesn't no no, no, no. It was a it was a mistake and ministry anyway, we found so I was going to this mom. It's really heavy lunch. Thank you very much. No. It was delicious very light on the. Which is I mean, it's literally Macarena and a coffee. So I'm so don't be sorry. That's good. Let's just try this and say hot guys. Have to. Yeah. You might. Good. Case did seeing Alex didn't who's doing this moaning prepared. This ready thought about good? I cook Pesci. What does she proud of the econ- cokes? If somebody was coming around for dinner new to be a mild was out of town. And couldn't do take out. What I make. I would probably be a chicken tonight. No chicken tonight. But I would probably do let black rice I love black rights and coconut oil and probably like a stir fry like simple. I'm not I don't go complicated. But I would probably do like a chicken stir fry with like a two he needs sort of dressing top like a bit of a that would probably be my simple offering we like to make soup a lot too. Fresh soups carrots, injure mushroom in the winter, especially that's a nice way to do that. When people come over because it's a simple way to kind of gather around share something. Yeah. Exactly take the time to do this. I'm saying legally and. Louis and. Absolutely. My pleasure. Thank you for delicious meal for really like I feel like you set me up to not like that. And then I love. Yeah. I would make that that'd be easy. Yeah. I would. Totally. Takes it at all and leave in the fridge, not fool Bish bash. Both of it. Well, he was a delight. To sell up. You like is always undersell. And then. Yeah. It was such a good dish. And he loved it. And not she a right. It wasn't too heavy for lunch. You've denied me of that dish for four seasons. Are k an is an absolute well, we're now the sock. Quinta wants the recipe, and he doesn't cook doesn't cook? Because I think he sold the potentials guests are gonna be so happy get pumpkin soup. Yeah. And they get paychecks. Yeah. Well, someone needs to him for the West End pretty good seavy. So an own my goodness. When you see him in this TV show, and you see how he looks. It's horrific Ruth. But yet such a pleasure always the most wonderful passant speak to and just so glad that we got to spend a couple of hours with him in New York. Thank he's accurate. And thank you seem to office New York spec. Take me that you have been enjoying his by Pete phrase pizza Duffy, and I'll do editor and producer is Alice Williams.

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