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RHOC: The Nightmare Before Christmas


Watch what happens would like to think. It's premium sponsors. Just saying okay Christy. Dougherty Jamie she has no last name he lets go. I WanNa bed with Lord Vendor Dip some Scott With Jessica Trot. See Sony Noble Nonni. You don't touch. The Nicky. Morgan Ladder Erin are in McNicoll is she. Don't Miss Nutricula. Meghan the slayer Taylor. Kelly Barlow when she goes barlow. We go hi Lo Mecklenburg. You can't have a burger without the Bernie no thing like Alison King. Thank it's Jessica. Dang he makes US Queen Ritchie Dis. Eric Greenwood she only uses her power. For Good God I love that Banana Anderson Higher Than Hi Rez. It's Lauren Peres of Nikila Weber Lisa Wallet. Now that's what I call containment. The Bay area benches ads and are super premium patriots subscribers. Let's take off with Chamula plane. oop She did it again. It's Britney Montano Miss Noel L.. Always ready for Nicole Passer Ready Day. You're Rachel's in the next day you're out Lord.. The Lord of the rings were taken the gold with Brenda Silva. She ain't no shrinking violet. Kuchar let's go on a bed. With Lord Funder yes we can with Howley Caroline and we should with Kerry bridge. Would you're the wind. Beneath our wings. Joe Wyndham Nancy season. Desisto League grant the grandmaster. Somebody got US Tennessee's of Betsy. MD Let's get racy with Miss Stacy. Shannon out of a cannon Anthony Incredible Edible Matthews Sisters and Meena Coochie Coochie Coo. uh-huh craft have been sweat so much as long as much Hello and welcome to watch crap ends podcast but all that crap on Bravo that we just love to watch. I'm Ben Metal. It'll curve of the real housewives and kitchen island. It's a cartoon that you can watch on Youtube. So go check that out and joining me is a wonderful wonderful man. The man I'm proud to call my work husband. It's a lovely adorable. Look if if you're watching this on crap is on demand just look at his face right now. 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It's GonNa be so fun. I lost your audio. Ronnie sorry I was muted. Oh yourself house I could drink water and I could you know make mouth noises. Okay so here we are with party okay. Part one on if this reunion brilliant loved it died this part say film the same day. Everything's still brilliant. Still funny but as part two so I'm in part to slump. We're we're on Mike. Okay when are they gonNA kick Vicky off even though she was a hilarious and the swan and I think it's because I know that there's another one coming up the day after Christmas. Yes surprise Andy because Andy at the very end is like and next week the day after Christmas next week. It's like three three days from now because I got so when he said next week I thought did Pravo. debravo switch it province which is next to dot com slash schedule Agile. I looked up every single schedule. I was like Oh my God. Oh my God is this true. It's not true not true. Okay that's how lazy they are with this reunion. They didn't the change of voice over. I know and not only that. They didn't even change the bug in the lower left hand corner. Did you see the entire episode. They had a bug A.. Bug is when they have something on the corner. That says like something's on at ten pm tonight so they had a bug in the lower left hand corner. That's a blind watch blind date or something like the blind date but they never took look it off and so everything that they tried to promote a quarter like real housewives of Dallas finale or reunion part one. Next week it was covered up with blind dates as we just look a scramble of words as well looks like everyone has gone on break except for Ronnie me. That is so funny. I know and then the Dallas in the season finale. They put everything in all caps for some reason at the end of the cards. Where they're like unbanned? Stephanie Got Richer and hotter or was it more or GIS and announcing not proof-read at all not prove res- misspell staff Bravo. Come up proper there. That's what me and bang. Keep telling each other almost almost there. Yeah we're recording this Monday night. The reunion episode aired a few hours ago. It is like we're Ronnie as it is like approaching one a m Like we're both exhausted. This is like our fifth thing that we've recorded today but we are determined to have a day off tomorrow and we will not record anything tomorrow. Okay we have to push this all out although breakfast dammit if it kills the both I'm going to dim so I'm seeing horace. I am going to dim sum. Okay I am determined. It's not my holiday on Wednesday but I'm treating it like it is yes But God what a Christmas Jeff too you know like a lot of people like this is where we look back on the year and we talk about all the good things that have happened to us. This Vicki just having an epic three hour meltdown on it goes up. They're definitely thanking every Lord various. Jesus God all of the Lord's because this was Great Ronnie. You know you know what I want to say to you. I wish you the best owner should've asked this. Great grandkids are great. You're son-in-law's gray grade. I mean did you have great people around. You need your terrible but you know. ooh This is so housewives eat. This episode was ruined each other's lives and the next day seconds always really liked her so there were like three times. When I didn't just like laugh I gue- Fahd out loud? Roud I go on. I called Dom in and made him watch. I was like you gotta see this. It was just whole. This has been an amazing reunion as much as as much as I'm bitching about how Bravo's Kremlin down on throats. It's been amazing. You have delicious food too cramped or yeah so welcome back one. Talk about the miracle at mirror of you guys called a truce Kelly. What happened to the drills the phone with Vicky and a lot of fun Vicki I really have I really love seaward Coke snorting the the we get a montage of all the Fun Times Kelly Vicky have and just when when they first met? Vicki goes oh you like to whoop it up and Kelly said Yes oh whoop it up you what did you hear. Vicki's coming out with the PODCAST. CAST this is. What's so great Vicki's coming out with the podcast called whoop it up with Vicky God? This is the same episode that she says attitude podcasts. I don't guess issue just GONNA be talking about insurance. I mean how like I just don't know how it up applies to like term life insurance so so then Kelly so we see this whole montage you know and then Kelly is like yeah we had a real real real friendship. You'd like lie in bed and and talking about how these two are so meter. It's like just like even in like a nice he's GonNa Throw Tamarind Shannon under the bus and Cameron is Shannon. Just looked so bitter and it looks like they put on even darker crinkle era base like during the like foundation during the break or something because they just click the more and more tired as it goes on and more board Intel. It's their turn to talk in their animated and then whenever it turns off them they're just like Timur spent the entire time Her mouth is doing this thing where she looks like. She's like reading along to like if you don't like stage mom stage MOMS when they're watching their kids on onstage and they start seeing the lions with so so timbers like mouthing words silently hard hard time like. She's like saying butter over and over again watermelon watermelon pickles Barbie. Whatever you when you're in the winter and the chorus you would think I would know by this point eight roles this is an ensemble else show? The NABET is in the chorus. Where all the fall? We all get a team brand daughter. Cheer practice well. Oh you know what we were. Close the big game. Go can't let me it'd be ugly. I don't WANNA I don't WanNa be because yeah it's healthy. It's healthy because it's Saturday and then Andy's Shannon like what was the turning point for her. She's a quail L.. Honestly you know what I didn't like I'd like that when Kelly turned Gina and San. Shut the fuck up. I didn't like that you know what I am. So tired. And this is where Shannon starts debut her new hand thing which is she starts calling timeout. She's a referee. I am tired. I'm so tired of Kelly. Dodd getting getting a pass but she does like a weird thing where she's like doing time out but she's also like poking one palm with their fingers like the more angry I get the more this time it becomes hassle. I am so tired of Kelly died getting a pass for appropriate com aunts comments. I don't you know I wouldn't throw Stones Shannon. You've gotten a lot of passes on this show just your bizarre behavior last year and then this year like hard times now I better. Everything's better Jenas. Got Nothing but a giant pass for me for her entire time down. She's done so many terrible things and been so terrible and I'm like but I love her 'cause I do I just can't help but love Shannon door no matter what so. So Andy's I think we've given more passes on this show than any show we've ever covered. Yeah because like that you get will become Kelly giant Pat Kelly Shannon vote and Vicky. Frankly I mean I can't even I believe we still both are like. Wow He's great on this past yeah they just like. It is Christmas time. And we're giving up past past. I've given bass the heather to Bro. I've given given passes the Gretchen in the past I've given passes to like I've given pass pretty much every I've given past the emily like really across the board. It's like I don't know what it is. I guess it's Christmas Christmas in Orange County. At least everyone's in church so andy is likes you think Kelly. Do you think you get a pass for bad. Behaviour shows behavior stupid car. He's looking you know get so yeah. She's like wow sorry. I was scored back to part. You were already talked about. And so she's like yeah. I don't get it passed. I don't have bad behavior in that So saying like fuck you use stupid whore. Face isn't bad behavior responding to train rumor. I mean they they did it to poke the bear. They poke the bear the rare. You can't book the beer. You ever bear before you ever. You ever stupid fucking non bear poking Essel and then what you're supposed to do is say just say shut the fuck up. You sound like a gangster. Well wow it's like a gangster a real life gangster gangster dangerous gangster right there. She'll learn you. You sound like you went to jail. L. Kelly Dodd jail. It's it's a gangster from jail and who says bad words gangster seabed where it's it's so Shannon. I thought Oh the trip to Mirasol. You worked everything out with Kelly. When that was all over happening with that well we worked did how but unfortunately Kelly likes to talk behind my back? Tom Burke Okay Kelly only dad. Oh Oh here's a path for writing one out here and you are colored. After I am just going to insert. This quarter are inside. This machine like my fortune please and my fortune is. Oh Kelly Dot Tacoma pack I guess Oh wow what fortune even the even the machine knows so then Bronwyn Bronwyn and her eighteen thousand kids. Yeah hanging out with kids isn't child's play. Hey so bronwyn kids sean doctor. deb All the whole thing and then we come out of it. And he's like should I say Ashley I say it I'm going to say it's a lot to unpack here. Gene is like the envy Newman again announcement Eh. One of the I just have to mention one part that clip of Dr Dab complaining when Bronwyn is complaining. What a bad mother she she goes? You know in the scheme of things you look at refugee camps and you know I mean I think Bronwyn got it pretty good just measuring everything against the refugee cows house. We see on the news era refugee camps. So you didn't get enough of mom is attention because you're too busy being a professional with an advanced manse degree. Oh well there's refugee camps are you in a cage on the border. nope Ron Man. You're so andy is so Bronwyn how much he's been Hon. Gross or she's like Oh you know. Let's actually it's a lot. It's like four to five thousand a month. I'm like girl okay. It's called Pasta. Look into it pasta one. They're all theme. You know that's the other thing. They're also healthy. But you know I guess. Healthy food healthy food costs more. And that's important like look. Were Gluten. Free Vegetarian she counts it Vegetarian Vegan. And I'm like yeah but that's still you know nothing's or not that expensive okay. Yes I'm like. Maybe it's time to like reconsider where you're shopping. I I mean like I know you've got all those dietary restrictions but four to five thousand dollars that's like Cosco we are. WE OPEN TO COSCO. Can we can. We spun it. Why don't you visit Hammers? Mom I mean it just seems like there are solutions for this shopping bristle farms or it's probably a whole foods. That's that's that's what it is. That's still too much so anyway. The three Amigos searches like every time problem talks. They just like glaze over and start staring off into space race. You know they're just like so bored with it. Yeah and and he's like well. How did your kid feel about you sharing her struggles and I asked her auntie she said yes? Ask and we sold some sweaters with Cute Font and her name on them. So that's you know it's been great. It's been great so he brings up the fasten fashioned so event and they all start cracking up at that crazy lady yes. I was actually a little disappointed that that event did not get more time on those reunion reunion. I wanted that lady to be brought out on stage. I want them to discuss that. With her name was like that was really glossed over ver- way too much and that was one of the best episodes of the season. God they just glossed over. I mean it's almost like blatant you know Fuck Ary by Ryan Dan. I know we'll get to in a little while. I'm sorry I have to interrupt okay. I got so mad about this five thousand dollar thing that I broke it down down. I'd I divided five thousand by nine. That's like S- purpose. Oh per person in the household and divide that by four. That's one hundred thirty eight dollars per week for each person in that household including the baby. No no no no. No no no fix this fix this. Yes they're six this so Andy's Kelly this fight with his crazy lady at the modeling thing on the boat which who does that. This was one of the rare instances you showed restraint and she goes there were children. There were children. Andy Children Elder. Someone made a huge mistake and having children at this fashion disaster. That's the problem I know. The producers got fired tired for leading. Yeah never again. Never get no more children around a nosy fashion show. Thank you so question. Bronwyn Ron Wynn. What was your reaction when Vicky calls you boring wind and Vicki's like wet but I I heard that before I've never heard the Broadway I was just trying to think of something with the B Vicky the Queen of owning it? Yeah exactly yeah. The Miss Accountability. Some problems like Oh. I've been called a a lot of things and most of them are true but boring. Now I am not the cameras are okay sorry so Yeah SR ktar cubby. And I was like okay girl. You Watch for thirteen years. I was like docker. I'll cut that cover girl girl. Yes I never. I never heard the umbrella before I didn't know how to pronounce it in whatever it's strange Brown win. It's spelled B. R. A. A U N W Y N and I am a very respected woman. Who knows how to pronounce things and put together letters to spell? But you know I looked at those letters and I thought that say a Bronx Tale. I can't read it. I can't bronx tale a proxy. I thought it was Rockville. Genus like Yeah Yeah I kind of agree that she was just watching the show and then coming. who asked You Gina? Shut the fuck up okay. Gene Pick Lane. I know seriously what did you do last year. She's Emily's like well. Didn't you say that you don't like Vicky Bronwyn. And she's like yeah. I don't I can't stand her because the same to you same to you their respect your respectful girl. I really get a bad vibe Mariah. Just I can't stand her I I can't stand her Vicki's like Oh. Yeah well sheets under husband. Anthony is still on fire. This reasoning goes You cheated on your husband like why is it. Okay for you to cheat on your husband. I admitted it. And it's not okay. Okay and you didn't admit it bring on an outage you on national television. You got caught like exactly so then Vicky is really about bringing and people into their into their relationship. That's like I can't do that. That's like I'm just like way too conservative and prominence like well just because they're conservative doesn't mean you get to judge my marriage and she's like grabby you have preconceived notions about me so respected woman. That's all you touch me without. Even knowing me. She goes well. I didn't like us. Because that's stretching judging edging and she's like well in our world bringing someone else in isn't cheating which anyway it doesn't matter because that's not what he was talking about. She said you cheated. Then she moved the goalposts just because she lost that point. That's what Vicky does this whole time. She keeps losing every point so then she just changes it to be about. That's what about that's not what I bet you got is. And you're still Alabama functioning robot face little food popping out of her face. Hey what's the deal with Sean. Stay and Lebron's Brahmins leg. Well we spend our summers in Hawaii and there's There's a there's an artist there that called the carver and So like every year he just sort of like make something for. Sean Blesses Ed and just like you know. It's like really special to him. Everything at and had like Andy Andy Shane. Shane wanted to know if Shawn's necklace needed a ticket to Bravo on on. You don't recall that. Oh no no no no no no auto emily secure nobody. Could you imagine a necklace with a ticket to a convention inch by humans but at the necklace so eleven addy just repeats the dumb ass of era questions when he reads like the dumbest question the pile he goes so Bronwyn. Sarah from spokane wants to know what's up with your your mom's hair to see where it like that when she's treating patients hey any ads. Hey Spokane K.. Their dreads with like Sony sown inherit. No she she unsold her. Every time she goes into the office. Yeah she wakes up six hours six hours before before I appointment and undoes and then does six hours afterwards like she's like the Rock and then in the movie okay dirac another one. He's known for extreme. If it with the hairstyle I was in my mind and my mind. The Rock was getting into like prosthetics for something but like they released you. Do I love wrong. So the amount mattis disappointment that doesn't registered in your voice. I'm my foot was itching and I was like should I bend down the stretch really out of shape so then scratching it with my other but I have my socks on. I was like maybe I could take off with my toe. The my sites are my socks are really tight. Because I've been eating a lot of socks. That's disappointment in mute disappointment in my sodium intake. I understand that I've been eating nothing but carbs for the past week and a half it's terrible anyway So Dr Deb are addressing in her shoe basically. She went to burning man sixteen years ago. which is when everything changed and and apparently she used to wear? We see a picture that she's to where like very conservative suits had the Rachel Haircut and everything and so on wind has like the best explanation for it. It's such a passive aggressive. DIG At her mom. Like oh I love of like passive aggressive mom daughter stuff and she goes well you know. She reached an age and lost her looks and she got a lot of attention validation to her costumes so she just likes me in the center of attention I was like Ooh I guess you know she got older. She lost her looks. You know about forty nine fifty years. I saw the camera. Just close up on Vickie like shorting out just going up the process of putting a giant top hat on her head. She's I admitted Midhat Pat. Save me this so furious. Okay so then fucking Ryan Brian. Let's hey andy I got a great idea. Why don't you question Tamra about Ryan not bring up the fact that he suggested murdering transpeople or any of his racist? Just fucking terrible Bolsover IPE and still try and further this victim right if you just don't bring it up. Yeah Yeah exactly Why why are we spending? Why are we wasting breath on Ryan when we could be talking about the lady from? OC fashion fashion show. And whatever she's doing these days so what's smart. It's not like it's okay that you guys didn't address it. All season anyway and gave him a whole victim storyline but now to even rehash it. Just let it go well either way. So so he asked like through with the deal with Spencer in Ryan is Ryan back to getting free shots of Espresso at starbucks and it was like yeah. She's like yeah. They're fine they're fine they just don't really see each other. You Know Spencer's in college. And he also works and Ryan you know he gotTa sure so and and the astronauts camera. CBD Line and she's like yeah we named it after Vena Cava which is at its heart condition. Lacks the fuck. Are you even talking about Tamra. Sheesh of called counter batch oh by the way also important announcement Ryan might be back together with Sarah. Wow and she says it like that. So self destructive for Ryan. How's IT for Sarah? Yeah exactly ackley analysis. Tamra says it in a way like I don't know they don't tell me as like she's a victim in like in like America's sweethearts keeping on the outside so the only the really the only thing goods come out of this learning. Sandy works at Costco now and she doesn't just because she's bored. Yeah well according to the camera setup we put her and every time it community munity and she works at Hopscotch. She thinks this fine. Mikey I'm certainly thinks is fine. You're probably like injecting her with something she just wakes. Up with a tray of gelatinous lattice chicken or Ham. I just like you WANNA try some chocolate silk milk. She just works right across the hall from Kelly's Salaam anyone cal. Hey who wants them and do we leave sausage It's real good. T's like peppers in New Orleans Orleans. Have some have what we. It's not quite ready. You'll just have to wait one minute. One Minute Larry maybe talks the makes it so hard to see. Your friends really are like wet so then he just makes a bunch of Plastic Surgery Cami jokes. It's like sometimes the need to lift and sometimes you need to implant your heart into some friendships with you can fill fill like we're about to do with this clip lassie so thankfully it leads into Tamara's fucking evil montage and now it is so good ed watching her just like just watching all her lies and her evil all the evil shit that she does these montages were just like on point. Point this episode yeah. She's smiling during her speed fish. Eating fish food faced. Bob Glimpse thinks he's ever seen big invisible straw moment so So Vicky Nikki. Do you think that Tamra let you take the fall about that. Whole train thing and Vicki's basically like yes? Instead she says well I just wished hammerhead admitted that choose one who said because I remember expected woman. I don't feel that I'm not respected right there. But she said well this. These editors are little fuckers. Okay because then they insert unseen footage because timers. Like I did tell I did tell Kelly I was the one to bring it up. And then they show unseen footage of Tamra telling Kelly. Well I mean I brought up I said was that the train okay. Now you wait till the whole season now doesn't make any less of an asshole. She's still a win to bring it up APP but they're shade and they didn't always well Tamra always. She always quotes relatively accurately but she always changes the tone because at that dinner so she was like. Are you talking about the train. Like sort of relishing it. And then when she tells coaches yeah I started to train a set of real quickly like that clip like a train full whereas Trae I talk about the truth and then when I got mad because he thought I'd say Tran and I was like neuron allergies so then emily. IBM at Tamara's like well. Listen I did that was because Vicki everytime I filmed with Vicky she was saying the things I do the things that things on a sandwich worth an idea and a sandwich sandwich. I thought that was to say that that was going to say. Yeah and then they're like well where timbers you here at the train from Shannon from just like throwing Shannon under the proverbial train and then they all start blaming each other. I didn't in here for me. I I heard you. They'll just start over there and then meanwhile emily's just openly talking to Bronwyn across a cat. She's like twenty nineteen. If can lead to the train. It would be on video by now. It's twenty nineteen. I remember when I made that. Joke about Sean Statement Necklace. So good it was on video. See see what they mean. Twenty teen so Kelly. How do you in the show is not going to give as if you're purposely do the work and I sweat a gods? It didn't did some purpose Wa Matt. Drunken Stupor of their Gauguin's hammer was drawn. It doesn't count. It's like we're still talking about below deck so she's like honest and my junk step I respected because everytime them back Blah Blah Blah so then the next question is so the Tambo. What about when you were calling Emily Shrek? She's like well the thing. Is Emma deliver sending me this fake account and it was people calling track but I mean it was account with no followers. There was no name and killing us to screen. Shot was of view calling a strike in this camera changes. I was so confused by all that the takeaway is basically. Tim recalled her Shrek. 'cause Tamra was the accusation or the tax was showing that Tamra was talking to somebody on. DM's Oh yeah and they were saying something about emily and said that she was Shrek in this DM so some a screen shot and send it to whoever okay got it changing sweater like us on twitter set a game with somebody with no followers. No name it was like a troll account and Kelly. Yeah but even if you're the one thing that she was Shrek and ten because you called Fiona setup bits only talk tall so then what a camera think of the big like what what did you think of when she watched that big that big dinner where we felt like everyone had finally caught onto Tamra. What was Kellyanne? Emily Brahmin whatever and temperance. Like if it's ridiculous I mean I was so hurt by Emily and Bronwyn and Brahmins like yeah the night before you called me up a liar. So why were you so our amber. Emily will I think that. Really the reason Bronwyn was upset. was because you called her a ringleader and Timothy Yeah. I shouldn't have said that that was wrong. And she's like what the Hell and she does it but she just like quietly does it and then just sits there. That's not giving let me live. I mean she's very well practice. Tamra you know she makes me crazy. She's very good at this housewives game. I know Andy Goes Earth. Seems like you're the bone collector of the season she gets. It's like free range. You know it's like free range if it's on camera and it's free reigns and they're like me and Kelly's like free rein free range of three brain tumors a free rein and you just see Tamara's mind ticking. Like rain is free. Why would not be acid rain? But the CHAZ survey now she was having a hard time figuring that out out so then what about that funeral comment. You said you weren't going to say anything to Vicky. You told you told Shannon Shannon wanted to be a bitch she she would say what Kelly Kelly's funeral comment Vicky and then an hour later later Tamra said the comment was like oops sorry drunk again drunk drunk again and Kelly's like with a high it was. It was hot she goes. Oh yeah yeah that was it was it was it was hyperbole hyperbole hyperbole purposely because he's like you say that coq so then Question Kelly does the group Rag on camera a little bit you too much too much. Blame and Kelly's you know what at least hammer can own it. You're andy some people. Get the point fingers as you know what I'm saying like are you listening to me. David David she goes off. You say you got a bill to you. By the fact I'm alluding to so Like wow well I would love to know. I would love to know what I did to hurt you. Okay I would love to know how does a good friend Jessica friend add commercials very important and then we come back and Santa's like well. I take responsible bowl bowl like she's so frustrated can't say responsibility and Kelly and Andy Kelly with did Shannon due to hurt using. So you like Jenin's like I appreciate it. Our friendship and I thought we had fun going out together. And I say all the time in interviews that we do that. I am sad and disappointed for what's happened to our friendship is blossoming. But I I know that I'm a good friend and and I'm not gonNA prove it to you or anyone else and you don't believe that I had your back then. I'm done than than I than I am. That I'm dying. It's it's like what I said. That Peleton Mike I am done now. How do I get out of you back with me? Well if only David held onto me as much in his path on bike did so Kelly just keeps yelling. I'm getting it sounds like I didn't even that Andy says so. Do you think that Shannon had anything to do with the train remember like nobody talks about the other time and then we get a montage Osaman not really sit talking Kelly but just being like well you know Kelly just says things and she should not say things like I do not like saying that the thing is like Shannon loses her shit at things like the only party. I'm going to his funeral. How could you joke about somewhat? Well then Tamra goes well. You have to challenge that. She has motherly. She's motherly which was her way of defending Shannon and also declaring that she's much older than everyone else it works on two different levels tavern. It does that we like every comet. She's also dissing her friends and then less than the other people deep also exactly Kelly goes. Just lean advice your relationship. That's just a friend that I am and if you don't want friends sat trying to make you into a better person and take my friend. My friend told me that she she got a private investigator on me. Ooh Ooh a China because she was like a shadow has like she heads go they just stare at each other at the same title. They know about Robert so yeah so Shans get is insane. I don't have time for that. I'm seven cream. Cheese into salmon was found. Ira We are a private investigator and I'm happy. I'm a happy person. I don't do that. What unhappy people do? And she's like I've worked for. Are you Kelly cats I would never hire a Pi on anyone and Kelly's like Oh. Don't worry about me I have my own life. I'm jet-setting rather he's like. Well how do you say that they don't bother you when you just set your being attacked all the time she was good run a TV show. It's like a beret. Andy ask the bereaved of tax. BARADE- smiles like yeah So so emily is like but like do you. Ah I think it's emily says Jewish miss your friendship with Kelly or something like that and then enchant after what she did with a lawsuit that I'm involved he talked about Las. It's it's going crazy over there. Vicki is has made the new rule that we're not discussing it since Vicki's already gotten gotten like ten lies about the lawsuit that she filed but it wasn't a loss but a restraining order even though she'll sue you if if you talk about her yeah okay so then here we gal this the fucking editors okay. I well I was. I was GONNA jump to just so I don't confuse anybody. They are so shady because Kelly Tax Jimbo. Lean out this whole. They've been making it one little tweet that Kelly just tweeted something and it's like innocuous it didn't seem like anything but Kelly actually sent cymbeline attacks which was a lot more significant mm-hmm. Yeah but that's a lot more significant than tweet and here we are being like. Oh she only tweeted that sort of like annoying. Cause I've also I feel set up by the show. Yes they're tricking us. It's not cool so so anyway. That comes a little later but first of video leaks about a video league starring Tamra saying that Kelly allegedly pushed her mother down the stairs. And that that spurred the tweet about the lawsuit but she saw was just a fan video taping. That was video of a fan. Yeah that was taping. You the edited down okay. Well we saw the full video and Timbre is still purposely on camera bringing up that Kelly through mysterious awesome. Yeah we look like what's the difference like a pretend defense. She's saying like people talk so much shit around people when they're not when they're not there. It's like when Vicki said that Kelly Kelly the mom down the stairs. Yeah well this is supposed to be you talking about how people are talked about Kelly. But you're also like you said you're also like kind of just staring purposely bringing it up on camera and give it to someone else. Yeah so so Kelly's based like look. That's just what I saw I saw. I saw that video and I reacted because it looked like it was saying that about me. You know. And she's like you know what the worst part about all of this is. I used to cry on the phone to can't we Mike Shannon who do not cry on the phone okay. Like you call up Domino's just to cry on the phone to them. Yeah no kidding. And you're not doing anybody a favor by being their friend and calling them up and crying to them for twenty hours or whatever you know you're like please. Yeah I was friends with. I would call her crime every day about this good riddance and kill whatever Shannon. You gotta dismissed and she goes. I'm still the two years out from this. This quarter of a million for years of my children's College. Yeah I didn't do anything like you sent a text Timbo Lino you offer yourself to be a character witness years you say. Did you like why so cheerful about it. Just dropped that in like what was it. Empty Threat doesn't MP3. Kelly you can't do that. It is a lawsuit crying out loud. You gotta be careful of Emily's like Kelly would never be a witness to anything. Nobody you know that. Sounds like she's saying what we said like. Nobody's GonNa Call Kelly to the stand. It's like Kelly. What did you see all pig Kelly? Sorry I'm just want the. UC's not a nice guy so Totally backfire so now Shannon is doing this whole sob story thing. She's like back. Let me tell you something please. When I tell the story please please try why not to remember the fact that I just one one point four million dollars and I'm getting ten thousand dollars a month? I have lost four years of tuition wishing money. Okay that's two hundred fifty thousand dollars. Okay my daughter can still go to college but can't go to college as easily as it was for her to go before okay K.. Guess what's happening right now. Okay so what is this lawsuit about anyway so terms like okay. Okay have the McDonald's answered some questions ask some questions. We answered there was about pop culture. And things like that. And then like we're just to ask you about beliefs and now we're talking about divorce and we answer them and he didn't like what he said. So we sued US Kelly who found something echoes full. And then you open up your mouth yet. Kelly's like sucking on offense because I know my stupid mouth and they're like they were. They take accountability and they were like an so victim mode like they're like oh no tuition left to send a child to school. ooh Oh two years out and you open your fat. And they're like look I. That was my moment one of my biggest moment but I mean and just to further the point. We've made a million times. Kelly had nothing nothing to do with this story. They way Outta podcast. They were asked equestrian. Jimbo Lino didn't like the answer. They got sued. That's you and the person that sued dude you. Okay Yeah. Kelly offering to be a with a character witness. GimMe a break anybody with a TV could be a character witness to yokels. Give me a break I know. Oh you guys really concerned. Are you really concerned I tell yeah exactly. There's like hours and hours of footage. Also why this case still going on by the way that's crazy. Listen listen I'm Shannon and this yeah Montana infanticide with this case. Don't get me wrong but I mean like why is this case happening. Why is this case? Not how how is it not been thrown out. Yeah this is ridiculous. So they're just Kelly's eating your losses Shannon's having a fit now because Kelly's just shitting all over their victims story and she's like take accountability Santa's like well at least I don't tell people to shut the fuck after their face. Really do you want me to count the amount of time. So you've said GOP or fuck you bitch today. It's been a lot and we're only like in the first part of this is that it's not my fucking plate. You Bet you bit so so anyway. So now we have the Vicki versus Kelly segment and this montage is on real housewives of New New York levels because the roadies montages are just like every single one of them put them in the Library of Congress. Okay this one between Kelly and Vicky I was just perfection like I think I wanna like just save it and somehow put in a frame and have a playing on on my wall at all times. I mean it starts with Vicky Walking Party and Kelly going. WHO's the SASQUATCH? It is so low. Oh I would this point. I was like well. Why why am I sick to hypocrite? Like why is it. I crack up when Kelly does this. I would freak out if somebody else. It was like that and I don't know it just makes me laugh. I think it's very. She has such conviction odd. Yeah she just she just goes so low with such conviction and like like so shamelessly. You know it's like last week when Vicky was was was like you know they when she's talked about my appearance that was nice like how many beauty pageants and she has like. I look better than you. You don't like she just cuts through the bullshit yet so wrong but awesome. It's hilarious and just watching her yelling Vicki and being like shut the fuck up there before like you saw fuck is just like it's like a parade of insults and it is so funny Gosh so Andy Psych So Oh guys okay. So then he's like God Vicky. I've seen you get pushed to the limit on. This show is just like do it right. There disrespect disrespect disrespect. And he's like so but you in Key West on the street screaming and she's like so because after by the go on your knock on your tallies like whatever Vicky Kelly Abba question about this. Dm About your child so how can someone DM your kid did she does it. And that's how instagram works. Vicky has figured out technology can't wait for that podcast. She's like I. I love it had to save up for the whole time like our big theory. Yeah Hi this is inspected Vic Vic Lee so I I have. It's impossible that that tax Kim from a hitter because you would have had to know the hater for right to get through privacy like know. How could you have written a letter if you didn't have a pencil like she's holding a pen? Take your question if you wrote this letter. Why is there another version of it? It's called the Xerox machine. Oh really if you wrote a male then how come it came on a computer Vicky last time I checked snails can't send mail so expression of God so and he's like. Yeah so that's kind of how the Internet works and she goes. Well I think the crafted it Kelly. Absolutely not absolutely not because you have to be capable of for some of the things you've done Kelly writing her own daughter at fucking die letter letter. Yeah so Kelly's like okay. Now you know she starts choking up that the how the cocaine allegations really hurt her daughter and he's like Oh okay okay well let me speak as if about apologize do the opposite to you. Many people have said including her brother that she has done cocaine okay uh-huh and he goes so you're doubling down got it got Kelly's like that's like yes he probably did because you and your brother hated each other and and got down and dirty in the mud and Vicki's like oh so okay okay so you say getting wet and what this big Dick and like you. You think. That doesn't hurt your daughter. That is not doing cocaine. Stop Vicki like she just moves it again. Apparently hyperbole. It's it's she's I'm accomplish published woman woman. You're not a couple yeah. Stop giving me a Baroda so Sarah from Chapel Hill wants to nil so Vicky you have a list of all these rumors that Kelly's not allowed at school. Kelly contracted rabies. Kelly ones knocked over building and saved a lady named Fay Wray Sill. Jeff any proof for these rumors back to that back that back to that. I've ever said Kelly highlighted cocaine. I said I don't do okay and then I didn't say she did a train. I said Lady Hairdresser said there was a time a week about about to go through the ladder school. That's what I said. Wait what and then Kelly. What do you mean there was never a ladder school lunch lady? We Kelly was a lunch lady at the school way. What what sort of school is this? What sort of lunches Kelly making? What is this lady? Like what Ellie and you know Kelly was sitting there with like some baked beans ends daylight beans. Are you GONNA do. Tennis Theater told Dorky. Your beans God uh-huh so then questioned the camera. Dammar Vicki is spread vicious rumors about you in the past. The Eddie was gay. uh-huh uh-huh that's like that was Tamara's big thing. I think that this currencies wins for the young thing. But she's like any advice for Kelly and tempers like He. You know that's one. I think the problem is over was headed back there because it's hard to yes. We didn't talk because that's not got as and at a gay guy. What could be worse than piano? So then they start talking about this whole thing. The alleged bar fight and the woman with a broken wrist or the maybe broken wrist. Whatever Vicki's like well you know when you break Simmons? Simmons had a problem with like you know that she broke the hand. Because you don't know anything Bronwyn can it's just like screaming and Vicky just like. Does the straw thing like Hammer. She's like well. Could it be on cameras if it was a private building. Start that show. I did that start that job. Why are we talking about that job? So Vicki's just like confused and Co's like you're full holy Shit and then Shannon goes calm. Kelly be calm. God's Shannon Shannon is just drank to get a brick thrown it or she is so then they're asking and he's asking Kelly about the pig Emoji that she sent Vicky and Vicky Vicky Texted Kelly. Kelly saying don't talk about my looks. She she said that my face lift like SCHIMDT killer goes no I. Didn't I said malfunction I said malfunctioned your face lift malfunction. I didn't say your physical legit functioned. It looks like it was supposed to be pretty phase malfunctioned and became a very very oddly. Face she does look click a robot that's about to explode it does work but you know instead of writing it down. I just decided to do an Emoji and she's like trying not to laugh. Oh that's funny Kelly That is very funny widow. She Goes Oh very funny. It's another joke okay. Another job because he wasn't a joke wasn't it wasn't a joke. Gino Lenny. You think who cares what fucking Gina. The things he has nothing to do with this gene is like Oh. I think it's horrible. And what do I think this is horrible. And Kelly Zorba and Vicki's horrible title and they keep saying you're about to both wore blamed the right you know. Stop doing horrible things I think. They both lack accountability. Yeah Yeah and when I say lack accountability I mean the actually lack sinuses accountability. Okay but I found one so then amicable for everything. I know. That's because listen. I want her to elevate herself. She's getting married and everything and I want to be happy. I want to be happy and have a job. It'd be happy in a job. They happy job the happy jobs. Because I want you to be happy. Do you like your family. You know like your in laws you know like your son in law to which is shocking. Because he's pretty terrible but I like him and I even like aw God does Cactus at all you had also family and the Vicki's like for you to say that you want my relationship to implode coming at me me because oh well do not come for Kelly died Laney's as your setup Senate chiming in doing so annoying com okay. I'm just going to point out every time you make excuses. Okay Oh Boonchu Jacobs you drunk. Let's talk about at the time. Your daughter called me at three in the morning and San Diego Gas. Because that's awesome. I found she's yeah. Because you were drunk driving around withdrawal with guys. You're drunk driving. Draw guys. I was like Whoa. I am tired of every season people trying to make it out like like. I'm some drunk because guess what I lost. Forty pounds forty pounds. You don't do that if you're a drug case closed now. Let's discuss games. You Know Drunk Alcoholics Shannon Drunk thin people we have bravo like. Are you kidding. Every hugh literally every person on housewives as skinny alcoholic like ninety eight percent. Yes so she's like forty pounds. How can that happen? Should be tight. Body has in my case is tanks and then you got liposuction and my book. My ex-boyfriend did did it. Change like close up on Emily's face like crack you go out and try to exonerate ourselves saying listen okay you know what when Abbas going through my divorce there were about eight times when I got blackout account drunk okay. I'm like defenses. Saadi at best I was I was hammered and there was one time where the only thing yeah I can remember. Was Kelly Dodson number so I had my kids. Just call her. He was a massive pat. I'm like why are you trying to gloss over. As if like one time you went to the store to get some some polio string cheese and came home with like Swiss cheese instead. Know what this story is crazy. What are you talking about? This is a crazy story. It's like you putz. I am tired. Oh you put something out there. Kelly and south like it just happened. It was so here. I'm GONNA use Kelly Talk Kelly talk shut the fuck up. How does that feel cozy? Take Care Not in my character. I can't I can't curse like that. Does he goes you kidding me myself because your drink drink drinking and driving trump with guys like like this this. This is actually where Vicki. More Kelly's like you know what I just wish the best for Vicki. You know she's got great kids. Great family I wish the best. I don't want any will. Was I wrong long. Yes today by thirty. I absolutely absolutely absolutely. I'm sorry I love the clock out and go home or she was thinking is the end of the Vicki Mickey segment. So she's like okay. Here's what I feel about Vicki. Oh okay she's great so her segments over now right. Maybe it'd be hard worker. She serves happiness stuccoed. She has a job. So that's good shipmates taxes. Andy so you know she's done well by your kids that's and she deserves. Happiness does does Vicky. Do you take that in. It could just. Yeah and Kelly's at crying now. Yes Oh so. What do you think about her Vicky and Vicky guarded he? I was talking to my sister today. It was like I just wanted reshuffle. The deck haven't added Privilege Life Heart and I'm respected women and I feel like I don't get it here here and I'm glad that Kelly said that but with stuff to certain behavioral stopped behavior let job in the city working nine to five for night and day. Wait a minute. You're mixing styles for the private answer Denver the money. I'll do what you want me to do. Get No respect doubt with folks who broke the big because basically doing Rodney Dangerfield or field by the way. Let's not forget that I respect. Yes I did have it easy. Abby childhood with B.'s. Okay Vicki. Oh you're you're the biggest. Got Easy having timber as a mother. Wait a second. Are you stealing Ryan's lines off and Kelly thank well you know what the back and forth has to Stop Ambi. It's ugly. It's gross almost as ugly and gross as Vicki's picture the insurance monthly hopefully magazines which I have dark in my house. Look its ugliest grows but at least work out of all I A- all all I did was get shit faced and tell my daughters. Their dreams would never come true. That's all so you know what all of us need to be accountable. We all debated effort like even emily. Emily we're not close but have respect for you and I hope you. Bert survives the place to be in relationship and I wish she would shot. I'd be changed whenever I wish you the best. Okay Ben and you know. Did you know you're going to help Brown but I hope that you're able to enjoy your life before that happens. You know what you're going to help but at least you know there's other slotted how because also back the house so you'll do other slots at least that's so many amazing threesomes in how because he gets up on that you know. Everybody cheats other husbanded hell. So you're gonNA have a really good time. Yeah probably so. Emily is and then like emily starts talking about how like victims close with Vicky last year because this year close Tamra whatever. I don't know this is like empty chatter there and then it's time for a break and prominence like I need to when you've had seven children you need to be Eh Vicki's grossing out lack we haven't had to hear about Vicki's Fucking Love Tank so oh Bronwyn sex but somewhere getting tight. I'm getting the Vagina. Tie defaced side. The elbows tie the back of my knees tie everything. Everything guys doc backstage Kellyanne Vicky or like hugging now and like Vicky swing everything but it has to me be nice to me. Okay be nice basically they do. I just wish you the best I pick thing up over a pig over to be nice record. You look great love dressed like a million bucks Vicky. Funnier such Hammo. Not No not like that. No so we're back us. who had a moment back says a dead? I said we did with that. Eddie I heard uh-huh and Kelly will. It's over it's done. Vicky goes takeoff social. Yeah you've done a great job with that you you don't even know how private accounts work. So now we get the Florida segmented we see all the craziness and Florida Florida et Cetera. And then was this trip success and promise I know everyone goes. I have fun. Actually I mean it was a great time I had the bus. I haven't. I've never laughed so much okay And and it's like well and then Vicky got to go in the ambulance. She loves to take take you know cars could. She loves to take automobiles that could be used by people who are actually danger. That was fun. Vicki Oh yeah we had a moon over Miami and we moved over Miami. You just see Kelly like biting her tongue like Oh oh I really should wear to the end of the episode bigotry. Vic Is Vicki's like I don't know who called the ambulance. I don't know I don't know why there was an ambulance. There goes a huge demanded it. I was struck. I was struck. So then Kelly like back to Kelly screaming and going crazy Agai- a daily. You made Shannon mad when you criticized her hair with the problem with having hair extensions when you're fifty. You have eric sentence she goes. I'm not fifty Shannon's like well you know we were all in Miami and everyone was wearing some racy I was wearing shorts. Yes very racy insurance. They just barely covered my upper knee area. Wow how was that was woah. See and he set of wearing just socks. I wear those socks only come to ripen a your ankle so when I was wearing my sexy see tennis shoes. People thought she barefoot until they got really close to me and realize I was in fact wearing socks under my shoes but they can see a racy. Andy Wow wow boehner you haven't you haven't lived until you've you've exposed your wrists in Miami. Wow See real racy Bronwyn. convy seemed to bury the hatchet because there was a hatchet hatchet. I just don't think that she respects me. And that's a big deal for me. If Vicki shut the fuck up why do you you don't you don't just shut up Vicky. I'm so neither moral majority of anything that anyone respect you Bronwyn. Yeah because basically Bronwyn thought they were good place and then Vicky Trash Bronwyn in an article. Basically saying that she's classless slutty for like enjoying three ways as with Sean and Brahmins like basically like like what the fuck and can do it off camera dude off camera. Fifty years started the show fifty it is. I started this show. We don't do that. We don't do that Dombrowski and turn you could say the same thing about Tamra I did I did I did. Not because she literally said kissing girls girls kissing girls and like the kissing an adolescent nakedness. Okay it's classless. I'm like you just. When was the last time you guys were making on on this show? You just lifted up. Your shirt was last season or the season before Ireland it was about her tits Ireland Ireland Ireland Arlen days. Come on you said your every year Tamra at she's had ever naked every year and driving. How about that's what have you have? You seen some of the t shirts that your son in law wears on instagram. How about that? We'll talk about class. So she's like fifteen years. I started to show week. We do not do that. Turn it that and it's like next week. Is the conclusion Vicky like a trapped wolverine in her dressing room. I'm screaming out the camera. Losing your Goddamn mind. Perfect omarosa beautiful beautiful episode beautiful. You know what you you guys are happy holidays. Happy Days Ronnie to you and your family being thank you. I hope everyone has safe and happy. Time get lots of presents or doesn't get presents. It does something like I. DuNno like like Masturbate Masturbate. I was GONNA say charity like how. `Bout like help out the how about the needy. Maybe your mask masturbate survey masturbate the less fortunate. Yeah Bait wouldn't be masturbate. I don't know how the less fortunate less fortunate lend the helping hands lender helping hand there you go you guys thank you so much. We'll be back later this week to discuss all sorts of other shows and we will be covering Orange County reunion part three. That'll be on Friday so wonderful time. Merry Christmas Mary Hanukkah Mary everything thanks bye.

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